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calendar   Wednesday - August 20, 2014

Icicles For Peiper?

Cold Snap Hits South Central England

Temperatures between 6°C and 18°C, with just one afternoon high of 22°C for the next 10 days or more. With plenty of wet just to add to the fun.

That’s 42°F to 64°F, with a single peak of 72°F for us Yanks.

Not exactly a blistering heatwave for the end of August.

Better bundle up in your heavy weight hoody, old chum.



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calendar   Friday - August 15, 2014

So Much For Summer Swelter

Heavens to Kitteh Kats, here it is, the middle of August. And it’s 55°F this morning.

Summer swelter? Not hardly. This has been one of the coolest summers around here in I don’t know when. Well, so it seems. Our official state climatologist says that actually, so far things have been rather average. It just seems colder because we’ve had so many bloody hot summers recently.

Despite a general feeling amongst NJ residents that July 2014 was a cold summer month, in actuality, compared to long-term records, it was rather average. The statewide average temperature of 74.5° was 0.5° below the 1981-2010 mean. However, it was 0.3° above the 1895-present mean and ranked as the 45th warmest July of the past 119 years. Even the number of afternoons with temperatures of 90° or higher was close to normal. So why the common misperception? Some armchair psychology brings me to four possibilities:

1) The first half of the month was above average, while the more recent weeks were on the cool side. Our perceptions are biased toward the most recent.

2) People have yet to “recover” from the cold start of 2014. The dubious media ramblings of the “polar vortex” returning to the eastern US in mid-July fueled these thoughts.

3) The most recent four NJ Julys all rank in the top six for warmth over the past 119 years. This was an amazing run of hot Julys.

4) Those sticking their toes in the Jersey surf in early July were shocked by water temperatures in the 50°s and may have equated this to the cool July atmosphere. The cold surf was actually indicative of persistent southerly winds that brought atmospheric warmth. This wind flow led to coastal upwelling that pushed warmer surface waters offshore and introduced cool deeper waters to the surf zone.

Yes, I know, I should stick to my day job!
Also likely contributing to most everyone’s view that this has been a rather stellar summer in the weather department is the almost uninterrupted streak of sunny or at least mostly rain-free holiday and weekend weather. Whether our fine weekends and the overall atmospheric pattern will hold through the remainder of the summer is uncertain. However, by early August average daily temperatures begin a slow descent, thus most often late season hot spells don’t last as early as those earlier in the summer.

Funny, isn’t it? When the weather folks had their panties in a twist over Global Warming, one or two tenths of a degree was Big Deal. Now that things are cooling off, half a degree is nothing to worry about. Personally, I don’t think any of this is anything to worry about. I’m perfectly happy not feeling like a swamp creature for once, and our A/C bill this season is delightfully small for once.

And I’m glad that the massive downpour the other day missed us almost completely. We had a brief shower, but along parts of the NJ shore and up into NY’s Long Island they had 5” - 10” or more of sudden rain. Flood time!


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 08/15/2014 at 07:39 AM   
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calendar   Sunday - August 10, 2014

Climate change?

This guy is good.


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 08/10/2014 at 08:12 PM   
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calendar   Saturday - August 09, 2014


Bet you never heard of this conference of ‘Gore-bull’ warming skeptics?


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 08/09/2014 at 05:47 AM   
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calendar   Monday - May 19, 2014

A bit of logical leftie logic

Stop Climate Change

Boycott Farm Raised Shrimp

Believe it or not, this actually makes a bit of sense.

To make real sense, such a boycott would have to have tens of millions of followers. Perhaps hundreds of millions. And it would put a lot of poor Turd Worlders out of work. Boo hoo.

But other than that, it’s not a bad idea.

You see, nearly all the shrimp you get these days is imported. And the vast majority of that is from the Far East, and farm raised. And all those shrimp farms ... disgusting, filthy, disease infested little shops of horror that they are, notwithstanding ... all those shrimp farms are in swampy coastal areas. The same areas that were once mangrove forests. Since 1960, a huge percentage of worldwide mangrove forests have been lost. Torn down. Uprooted. For no other reason than to put in shrimp pens.

More often than not, these nonnative shrimp are raised in farms, rather than being caught wild. Shrimp farms, essentially huge underwater pens, are built along coastlines, and to make room for them, shrimp farmers have to destroy native mangrove forests that provide a buffer against hurricanes and flooding. Scientists from the U.S. Department of Agriculture have found that mangrove forests absorb and trap more climate-changing carbon dioxide than any other ecosystem on the planet, including rainforests. Yet, over the past 50 years, anywhere from 5 to 80 percent of the mangrove forests in Thailand, Ecuador, Indonesia, China, Mexico, and Vietnam (the five leading shrimp-farming countries) have been destroyed to make room for more coastal shrimp farms.

Though they lack the celebrity appeal of rain forests, mangroves are critical forest ecosystems that protect coastlines from hurricanes and tsunamis, and sequester massive amounts of carbon. A UN report from 2006 indicates that between 1980 and 2005, 20 percent of the world’s mangroves were destroyed. With their easy access to clean water and tropical climates, mangroves occupy ideal shrimp farming territory. Quarto estimates that “over half the modern mangrove loss since the 1970s has been done by shrimp farming.”

Oh, but not to worry. The problem may be self-curing, as shrimp farms ALL AROUND THE WORLD are infected with a rampant disease that is nearly 100% fatal. And it comes, of course, as you already guessed, from China. Naturally; where else? (Saudi Arabia and Nigeria don’t do shrimp: It’s haram!!)

The disease is called “acute hepatopancreatic necrosis syndrome,” though it’s commonly known as early mortality syndrome, or EMS. Here’s how EMS works: a bacteria enters the shrimp’s stomach. It kills the shrimp’s appetite, and causes the hepatopancreas—the shrimp’s two-in-one liver/pancreas wondergland—to release poisonous toxins. As the organ collapses, a secondary bacteria attacks. Within days, mortality rates in an aquaculture pond can reach 100 percent. The disease first emerged in China in 2009. From there, it crept south to Vietnam and Malaysia before unleashing a shrimpocalypse in Thailand, the world’s largest supplier of shrimp, in 2013. Thailand lost 40 percent of its stock to EMS in 2013.

So if you have to have your shrimp, get it wild caught. You get a choice: the ones from the Gulf of Mexico are tainted with oil and Corexit from the BP oil spill. The ones from the Pacific Northwest ... < ahref="">might merely be radioactive from Fukushima fallout.

If you are planning to eat wild-caught, cold-water shrimp, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch has determined that your best overall choices in this category of shrimp are British Columbia spot prawns, California coonstripe shrimp (caught using submerged pots), and Oregon pink shrimp.

see here too

So, what’s on your barbie?



Posted by Drew458   United States  on 05/19/2014 at 07:13 PM   
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calendar   Wednesday - April 16, 2014

Winter’s Last Gasp

What the heck? It snowed here last night. We were having some rather heavy rain, but late in the evening the temperatures dropped, and suddenly those horrible white things were falling from the sky. I had a rime of slush on the windshield; no real accumulation at all. But still. And this morning it’s just barely above freezing; some water in a planter out here on the deck is frozen solid. I have no idea how cold it got here last night, but around 10 we turned the heat back on and this morning it’s still a bit cool in here. Sweater weather indoors, in mid-April.

But lucky us, we got off light compared to a vast swath from the northern plains states eastward ...

After a taste of spring to end this past week, the East and Midwest are flipping to a wintry feel as colder temperatures dive south the next couple of days. In fact, there will be just enough cold air in place to result in wet snow accumulations in parts of these regions.

Record cold gripped parts of the Midwest Tuesday morning. Among larger cities, Sioux Falls, S.D. recorded a record low of 11 degrees, its coldest temperature in the historical record so late in the season. In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the former city of Stambaugh (now part of Iron River) plummeted to 6 degrees below zero Tuesday morning, also its coldest reading so late in the spring.

Early Wednesday morning, the National Weather Service office in Negaunee, Mich. dipped to 5 degrees below zero. This was the latest in season a location in the Marquette, Mich. area dipped below zero, besting the old record by a whopping six days (Apr. 10, 2007). In addition, daily record lows for April 16 were set in Binghamton, N.Y. (19 degrees), Toledo, Ohio (19 degrees) and Pellston, Mich. (1 degree).

More than a foot of snow just east of Minneapolis. Cleveland OH got snow and saw a temperature drop of more than 42° in just a day. Record low temps are being set up and down the east coast from Boston down to Raleigh. Crivens!


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calendar   Friday - April 11, 2014

No Kidding

Hey boys and girls!! Remember learning about The Carbon Cycle in 7th grade science class? Guess what? Nothing has changed at all in the years since then, except millions of stupid people have become willfully blind!

Report: CO2 Is Not a Pollutant, Provides ‘Beneficial Impacts’ to Planet

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but a naturally occurring chemical compound that benefits plants and thus, the planet and its inhabitants, according to a lengthy report released Wednesday by the free-market Heartland Institute.

“Carbon dioxide is an aerial fertilizer that provides many beneficial impacts,” said Craig Idso, one of the lead authors of the report, when asked him to name the most salient finding of the 37 scientists from 12 countries who contributed to it.

“You can look at thousands of studies – real world data studies that have actually been conducted that demonstrate beyond any doubt that higher levels of CO2 are going to increase the productivity of plants,” Idso said.

“They’re real,” Idso said of the benefits of CO2. “They’re not imagined. They’re not projected. They’re real, and they’re occurring now.”

On December 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a final regulation listing CO2 as one of the greenhouses gases that is considered a pollutant that “endangers public health.” The regulation is part of what the EPA says is required under the Clean Air Act.

I am waiting for the day the entire country rises up and tells the EPA to go fuck. They are beyond merely out of control. They are a clear and present danger to the security of the free people of this nation.

“One of the overall important findings of our report is that atmospheric CO2 is not a pollutant,” Idso said. “It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that offers many biosphereric benefits.

“Probably chiefly known among all of these benefits is that elevated levels of atmospheric CO2 tend to increase the biomass and productivity of nearly all plants and ecosystems on earth,” Idso said.

Some of the other findings in the biological impacts report summary include:

• The ongoing rise in the air’s CO2 content is causing a great greening of the Earth.

• Rising levels of CO2 are increasing agricultural productivity around the world, therefore increasing food security.

• Terrestrial ecosystems have thrived around the world where temperatures have warmed, including amphibians, birds, butterflies, other insects, reptiles and mammals.

• A modest warming of the planet will result in a net reduction of human mortality from temperature-related events.

Not that we’re getting any warmer. But sure, a bit more CO2 means the Carbon Cycle runs faster. Want to slow it down? Breed more clams and oysters. They lock up Carbon in their shells, and after a few million years become limestone. In the meantime, they become lunch. Works for me!

seriously ... what kind of tardfest have we become that adult people don’t even understand the carbon cycle? High school Earth Science. 10th grade stuff. Hello, stuck on stupid, please come in?? 


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 04/11/2014 at 09:22 PM   
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calendar   Saturday - March 15, 2014

Dodging Winter

Weather Veronica


The last storm just a couple days ago came up from the southwest and passed over us just to the north. We got cold, and some high winds, but that’s about all. Hundreds of thousands of folks got a foot or more of snow and/or lost power. A real late winter mess. Central NY on up into New England got hammered.

Here we go again. Tomorrow’s storm looks like it will come in from the west and pass just to the south of us. We’ll get some more cold, and some winds, and maybe a dusting of snow, but that’s about all.


In bull fighting, dodging the bull to one side or another with only a flourish of the cape while standing still is a movement called a veronica.

I’m hoping we can dodge this latest snow bull as he comes charging by again. Another NJ veronica. Or at least my little red corner of it. Let him chase after NYC’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.



Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/15/2014 at 11:20 PM   
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calendar   Sunday - March 09, 2014


OMFG, it got above 40 today. And yesterday too. And it looks like we’ve got 3 or more days of nearly 50 in the queue. The snowpack is shrinking, woo hoo!! The ground is becoming quite visible in many places! Well, not here so much on the shady west side of things, but if we get some actual rain it will really make a difference.

Spring, Spring, Spring, wonderful Spring!


Um, I think I’d better put the daffodil bulbs in the freezer. I’ve got them outside in a box staying cold and dark; I never got them in the ground in the fall. The ground won’t be ready for them for at least a month, and I don’t want them sprouting before that.


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calendar   Thursday - March 06, 2014

Four Hellish Aspects

The winter data is out from my buddy the NJ State Climatologist.

It has snowed here 22 times so far this season, and my area has had more than 38.5” dumped on it in total. Plus rain. Usually, if we get more than a foot, foot and a half, we call it a bad winter.

And while it has been bone snapping cold, 5 of the 6 winters from 1977-83 were actually a bit colder overall. And 1 or 2 were snowier to boot. Right. Fine. Harrumph.

Read all about it online right here if you want to. Me, I pulled my locale’s numbers, and now I just want Spring to show up.


So there you have it: summer was hot as Hell, and wet as Hell. Winter was snowy as Hell, and cold as Hell. Guess that makes life in New Jersey ... a little slice of Heaven.

What, you want the morbid details?

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Wednesday - March 05, 2014

bottoms up, to your health… as dictated by the state and the WHO

The cover of one morning paper.
The next drug war. The enemy is ...


And Dame Sally Davies, The country’s Medical honcho, shown here, is gonna lead the charge.


Speaking to the Health Select Committee yesterday, the Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies said that “sugar has become addictive” and that we have “normalised being overweight”. But is taxing the answer? If it really is addictive, surely it will just hit the consumer in the pocket, topping up the Treasury coffers in the process.

The food industry says that it has been working hard to reduce sugar in products – something which can’t really be disputed, even if much of it has been accidental. Manufacturers have long been raising prices while quietly shrinking the size of their chocolate bars. But, of course, this isn’t just about chocolate.

Sugary foods and drinks not only cause tooth decay, they contribute to your risk of diabetes and being overweight or obese.

So therein lies the answer. While causing financial pain may be a short-term answer, education provides a more sustainable solution. Do the two have to work in conjunction? The choices are out there – the incentive of living a longer, healthier life should be enough.

The above is an edited version of an editorial from a pink and liberal newspaper, which we do read. And why not?  Sometimes they have have a reasonably conservative voice here, or even a lib. who says something that strikes a logical chord.  Alright so not everyday. But once in awhile. Besides all that, someone here has to do the hard and dirty work. It often isn’t easy let me tell ya. Interesting as well, to read and see what they leave out of a story that I’ve just read in our more conservative paper.  Contrasts.

What I really hate about subjects like this is the nanny state of mind so prevelant everywhere.

The idea of a sugar tax isn’t the whole story. And it isn’t just the UK although Sally Davies, who is England’s chief medical officer, has said that sugar is addictive.  This story didn’t just appear today.  It continues but the anti sugar thing cropped up at least a week ago under the usual sky is falling health headlines.

Heaven forbid that a free people should be given information and then allow them to preceed as they want to. But no. Manufacturers are being bullied to alter and or lower the things that make the products taste so good, or else do away with them (sugar for a start) altogether.

The Government could be forced to bring in a tax on sugar to help combat growing levels of obesity, the Chief Medical Officer for England has warned.

Dame Sally Davies told the Health Select Committee she expected ongoing research to establish that sugar is addictive. And she said that being overweight had become “normalised” in the UK and feared that today’s children would live shorter lives than her parents’ generation.

Responding to Dame Sally’s remarks, a leading food industry body insisted sugar was not a cause of obesity - when eaten as part of a balanced diet - and said a tax would hit “the poorest families hardest”.

She was speaking ahead of an expected announcement by the World Health Organisation today that the recommended level of sugar in people’s diet be reduced dramatically. A well-placed source told The Independent that the current recommended figure of 10 per cent of total energy intake from “free sugars” - mainly refined and fruit sugars - would be cut in half to 5 per cent.

In September, sugar was described as “the most dangerous drug of the times” by Paul van der Velpen, head of Amsterdam’s health service.

Professor Terence Stephenson, chairman of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, which produced a report last year calling for a tax on sugary drinks, welcomed the idea of a more general tax.

“We would be entirely supportive of the principle,” he said.

And speaking of health, I found this.

Protein-rich diet ‘just as bad as smoking’, scientists claim

MUNICH, GERMANY - OKTOBERFEST This year some caterers offer vegetarian and vegan meals at the Oktoberfest. But as waiters told, most visitors keep ordering the traditionel meat-meals and only some the vegetarian-style. The Munich Oktoberfest, which this year will run from September 21 through October 6, is the world’s largest beer fest and draws millions of visitors.
Middle-aged people who eat diet rich in meat, eggs and dairy are four times more likely to die of cancer than someone who only eats a little, according to a new study

And yet, only late last year we read that eggs were off the killer list. Yeah really. We read (too late for me) that it was now okay to have two eggs at breakfast. Some yrs back we were told they were killers.  I’m all for some moderation, I just don’t care for the state or The World Health Org. (WHO) to do it for me. But no ... info isn’t good enough for these folks and so for my own good, they think a sugar tax that raises the price of food items they don’t want us to overuse, will work in much the same way it has on cigarette consumption.

As for sugar being addictive, for whom? How many?  I’m not addicted to it, hardly use it but not bacause of health. I use it on a few things and not at all on others. But because there are perhaps a number who are, the WHO and Miss Davies want more taxes.

And still with health ... here’s something to ponder.

30,000-year-old virus revived in Siberia – where it could signal return of smallpox
Virus that had lain dormant in permafrost, but has become infectious now thawed.
The cause scientists say, is .... Global Warming. They predict it will cause other more deadly strains to revive.

And there ya have it ppl.

Gorbal Warming in the news again.

?? I thought they’d given up on that and changed it to Climate Change.  Can never quite keep up to the tree huggers.


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calendar   Tuesday - March 04, 2014

So Cold, Everywhere

Niagra Fall freezes over. Again.

Barely above freezing in NOLA for Mardi Gras. Guess those beads will be ice cubes on strings!

130 year old record for cold broken in Iowa.

More cold records broken in Atlantic City NJ and Wilmington DE.

Great Lakes approaching record levels of ice; Lake Michigan is 90% covered after refreeze.

Washington DC breaks 141 year old cold record.

This almost makes me feel better, since it’s merely in the mid 20s here today. Practically a heat wave.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/04/2014 at 05:02 PM   
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calendar   Monday - March 03, 2014

Weather Forecast: Flip A Coin

Here we go again. Or maybe not.


I thought this latest storm pretty much missed us yesterday, dropping barely half an inch of fluff to freshen up our ever-lasting snow cover.  Guess I was wrong; I just saw the plow trucks out salting like mad, and the local forecast is for perhaps half a foot. Or not. Depends where you look. One local forecast is also for nothing at all, but lots more really numbing cold. Low teens, falling into the single digits. And staying there for at least a couple of days. As if we’re in a heat wave right now, baking away in a blistering 17°F.

Spring? Yeah, that’s those round things in mattresses right? Only kind of spring I know about around here anymore. Crivens.

Up to foot of snow is expected to fall in parts of the mid-Atlantic Monday as a massive mid-winter storm canceled flights and gave a snow day to schoolchildren and federal workers alike.

Snow began falling in the nation’s capital early Monday, and officials warned people to stay off treacherous, icy roads — a refrain that has become familiar to residents in the Midwest, East and even Deep South this year.

The latest frigid blow of the harsh winter threatened as much as 10 inches of snow by the end of the day in Washington, Baltimore and elsewhere in the Mid-Atlantic region. Up to 6 inches of snow was predicted to the north in Philadelphia, while nearly a foot of snow was expected in parts of New Jersey.

“We’re tired of it. We’re sick of it,” said Martin Peace, a web developer from the Washington suburb of Arlington, Va.

Snow headed to Hunterdon but south Jersey may get more

A significant winter storm will affect the region starting Sunday afternoon, but how much snow Hunterdon ends up with is still up in the air.

The latest weather forecasts suggest that the southern section of New Jersey and the Philadelphia area could have more on the ground when the storm is over Monday night.

Whether this change in the forecast guidance “is the start of a trend or a one-time change remains to be seen,” the National Weather Service office in Mount Holly said in its 4 p.m. Saturday storm briefing.

Its latest forecasts say parts of south Jersey could see as much as 10 to 14 inches of snow, while the Hunterdon region might escape with no more than 6 to 8. But those numbers are all subject to change as the storm develops and moves closer.

The most snow is expected “where the heaviest snow band sets up” but the location is almost impossible to forecast.

The storm has already made a nice mess down south and southwest in the Appalachian states. Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio ... a regular festival of yuck.

If I ever get my hands on that damn groundhog ...


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/03/2014 at 09:05 AM   
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calendar   Thursday - February 13, 2014

now it gets dangerous

Ok, fine, we’ve had our 18” of snow. yee. ha.

Then we had a break for a couple hours, with a bit of wind gusting around. Not enough to really cause drifts, but enough to get some snow off of some branches. All well and good.

Now we’re entering the dangerous phase. It’s warmed up, and is raining. Hard. That’s going to soak into quite a bit of snow and weigh it down. A lot. The roofs already had 6” of snow on them before this storm. So now, what hasn’t slid off is getting heavier by the minute.

While the rain is helping clear the roads right now, if ... no, WHEN it gets cold again, we’re going to have ice everywhere. Just after all the road salt and calcite has been washed away. With some real good luck, we’ll have a couple hours after the rain stops before the temperature drops. Too right mate: it’s barely above freezing right now.

A wintry mix will change to all snow, heavy at times by 9pm. Cloudy and windy. Temperatures steady or slowly rising into the low 30s. Winds NNW at 15 to 20 mph. Snowfall of 3 to 5 inches through 1:30am.

Shit. And then?


So plenty of rain early tonight to wet down and compact the 18” of new stuff we got today, AND THEN it’s going to snow heavily until dawn? Plus a good stiff bit of wind?? And tomorrow it gets cold again.

crying 2  puke  shit  censored  cussing 


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 02/13/2014 at 08:07 PM   
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