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calendar   Wednesday - February 18, 2015

I like to kill people ….  comment from a girl of 12

A few disturbing things that might cause the old RCOB to appear.

What a world we have.  Yes, I know, down thru the ages from one generation to another the cry goes out that the current one is decadent beyond all reason, and some previous one much better in many ways.  But today, I do honestly believe we have raised what the late author Philip Wylie called , A generation of Vipers.  Not to be confused with the later sci-fi book. 

I have been reading newspapers from an early age.  Not because I was smart but because I was fascinated by the printed word and how writers expressed my world at that time.  I also listened avidly to the news on the radio and later TV.  And of course, the Gillette Cavalcade of Sports on radio and the boxing matches. Especially, most especially, when Willie Pep was fighting. 

Well anyway. what I am trying to say is that with all my reading and listening and watching of later TV, the kinds of crime being done and the age of the monsters committing them, was nowhere near as young as they now appear to be. 

A boy or group of boys as young as nine or ten committing rape of an 8 year old would certainly have made the headlines, just by the nature of the crime and the age of the vermin involved.  And that’s at the extreme edge of criminality, the lesser tho still unacceptable would be robbery and robbery with violence, again done by a much younger group.  Crimes by teens were not unheard of.  The news-makers in that group were generally Puerto Rican and Negro gangs, depending on the state and city. Italians also in some measure were heard from in NY.

Lately it hasn’t been simply a one off article about 8 year olds or 12 year olds.
These days, more and more very young girls, and white at that, are committing violent acts at a younger age. And they are not all from poor ghetto families with no education.  There are far different influences at play today, things the young are exposed to that we never were.  Heck. Porn?
I never heard the word at the age of 10 or even at 13. And I certainly would not have seen any.  Except once when someone showed me a cartoon, a cartoon mind you, that was .... well to be truthful somewhat interesting. But I didn’t even understand what I was seeing.

So ,,,, here are some examples. And these are only recent ones.


Because as she wrote, I like to kill people.  Two girls involved here.

Morgan Geyser and her friend Anissa Weier were both 12 when they were charged as adults with first-degree attempted murder
The girls told cops they attacked their friend to impress Slenderman
Preliminary hearing being heard to determine whether Geyser should be tried as an adult and not a juvenile




And here in the UK from a morning paper comes another story of yoots too young to face criminal charges and will if caught, get curfew instead of having a hand cut off.

At the age of eight, they do know better. Even in my day, a more innocent time for sure, by 8 we knew right from wrong. I think the biggest difference is that in my day, we worried about punishment which we were certain would follow.

So here we have two 8 year old thugs in training who it is reported, attacked and robbed an 80 year old woman as she got off a bus, in broad daylight.  They got her purse and made off, they have not been found yet but might well be, because at that age they are sure to brag to their friends. Unfortunately though, “children” under ten can not be charged with a criminal offense, and can only be given a curfew or a child safety order.  What a joke that is.  Where’s the lesson in that nonsense?

I say break a few bones and fix them so they won’t be physically able to rob anyone anymore. Ever.  Hey …. ya gotta start em young so they learn, and their friends can take note too. 

And then there is this which reminds me greatly of a French TV series I have been watching.  Same thing, thugs on mopeds and very violent ones too, as well as affiliated girl gang as violent as the guys, and maybe more so.  To me, it isn’t just a TV crime drama.  It’s based on events that happen in real life.  I mean, when most of you like myself were in our teens or 20s, were there moped gangs running wild? There weren’t any mopeds I can recall. In this case, three scum get 23 years. But that isn’t 23 each. Where’s the justice in that?

Oh ... please forgive the digression but .... speaking of justice.  Hello and good wishes American taxpayers.

Bradley Manning now known as Chelsea, has been approved for a sex change operation.  You pay, you pay.  Warms the heart to know how compassionate our system is towards traitors.  ( vomit here)



March 5th, 2014 in Park Way, NW11. Victim hit in face with hammer and had watch taken.

April 11th in Platt’s Lane, NW2. Victim grabbed from behind and had watch, rings and chain taken.

May 1st in Farm Avenue, NW2. The victim was approached by suspect with a hammer. The victim was threatened and the suspect took her watch and phone.

May 3rd in Priory Terrace, NW6. The victim was sitting in his car when two suspects approached the car. They smashed the window and took the victim’s watch and money.

May 5th in Wray Cresent Park.The victim was walking along the road when he was approached and threatened with a hammer by the suspects. They took the victim’s watch, ring, phone, belt and sunglasses.

May 7th in West Heath Road, NW11. The victim was on her driveway when she was approached and threatened by the suspect. The suspect took her watch and ring.

May 14th in Asmans Hill, NW11. The victim was on his driveway when approached by the suspect and threatened with a hammer. The suspect took the victim’s watch and money.

May 17th in Winnington Avenue, NW11. As the victim and his wife were leaving the park they were approached by the suspects on mopeds and threatened with a hammer. The suspects took both watches and a purse.

May 30th in a petrol station in Wellington Road. The victim was approached by suspects on mopeds. They hit his car with a hammer and threatened the victim. The suspects took his watch.

June 1st in Kidderpore Avenue, NW3. The suspect followed the victim into his garage. Smashed his vehicle window and threatened him with a hammer. The suspects took his watch and wallet.

June 17th in Hamilton Terrace, NW8. The victim was parking her car when suspects approached on two mopeds. She was threatened with a hammer. The suspects took her phone and watch. The suspects then took her handbag from the back of the car.

June 20th in St Johns Wood Road, NW8. The victim had just got out of her vehicle when she was approached by the suspects. The suspects took her watch and handbag. Police were able to recover this handbag.


caught dead to rights and not dead themselves.  and it’s called a justice system. yeah. some justice. not.


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calendar   Tuesday - February 03, 2015

does anyone believe a 4 year old can commit rape? world may be sicker than we thought.

Takes a lot these days to make me scratch my head when reading a story in the paper and say to myself, self … that can’t really be true. Nah. Too much ott.

I moved on from questioning some horror story a long time ago. Nowadays almost nothing surprises me. 
I have read about groups of young punks who target very old ppl, and not satisfied with merely robbing them, the bastards take delight in beating the hell out them.
Same thing with some poor handicapped person, and like the very old, unable to offer any sort of defense. And sometimes people have died.  But I am not surprised.

Well, today I read something that did surprise me because I had never, ever heard or read of anything quite this bizarre. I don’t even know how it’s possible.

I have read about boys as young as ten, who have raped young girls, some so young they’re hardly out of babyhood.. Does not surprise me. It did when I fist read about it a few years ago, but now it’s just part of the landscape. No surprise there. And 9 isn’t any surprise either. 

But FOUR YEARS OLD and a rapist?  Huh? Four?  As in, 4?

And, an 8 year old girl has, it is reported, sexually assaulted a young boy.
Paper didn’t say how young or what sort of assault specifically.  Not sure I wanna know.  But a girl?  Of 8?  Not surprised really. True, one doesn’t hear of that often, but I am still not surprised.  However ….
I find it very hard to get my head around a 4 year old rapist.
I would not have thought he had anything to rape with at that age.  I would not have even thought a four year old was capable of thinking in those terms.

Child aged FOUR investigated by police for rape: Experts blame internet porn for the 800 under-tens who have sexually assaulted other children

Shocking new figures were revealed by a Freedom of Information request
Experts say many offenders will have been the victim of abuse themselves
No legal action taken as children under ten are not criminally responsible
Disturbing revelation comes two years after PM vowed to block online porn

A four-year child was investigated by police for rape while 800 youngster under the age of ten have sexually assaulted other children in the last six years.

The shocking revelations are a terrifying insight into the child abuse crisis plaguing Britain - with experts blaming internet porn and the sexualisation of children for the rise in offences.

The figures, obtained by The Sunday Mirror, also show that the annual number of sex offenders under the age of ten has doubled in the last three years.

Child protection experts believe the majority of the youngsters will have been abuse victims themselves.

But they are also deeply concerned about the accessibility of extreme online pornography and the effect this can have on children who watch it.



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calendar   Sunday - January 25, 2015

Apologies to Vilmar. Today’s Musical Break.

I really feel the need to raise the class of the BMEWS website. As part of that, I am going to start posting classical music. As an example, here is some Bach!


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calendar   Wednesday - January 21, 2015

not tonight ….. I’ve got a headache

Had an exchange of emails with Drew late yesterday, can’t remember how or why the subject came up, but something about Japan.
Their economy I know is not Japan Inc. anymore.
So during the conversation, Drew said that Japanese men have become Euro-pussies.

Our news agent delivered an extra paper in error, no complaint, but reading in bed late last night I ran across an article that appeared in both the Times and Telegraph.  No doubt it made papers in USA considering the subject was sex.
But there was something else.  I guess it looks funny in print.  Can’t be too funny to the Japanese though.  Girly men?

Nearly 50 per cent of Japanese adults ‘not having sex’

Tired and can’t-be-bothered couples are failing to reproduce, worsening the nation’s population decline

Nearly 50 per cent of all Japanese adults are not having sex, according to a study, dealing a new blow to government efforts to halt the sliding birth rate.

The report, conducted by the Japan Family Planning Association, determined that 49.3 per cent of the 3,000 people interviewed had not had sex in the previous month.

Of the men interviewed, 48.3 said they had not had sex for a month, while 50.1 per cent of women had abstained. Both figures were up about 5 percentage points from the previous study, conducted in 2012.

Asked why they were not having sex, 21.3 per cent of the married men claimed they were too fatigued after work while 15.7 per cent replied that they were no longer interested in sex after their wives gave birth.

Among the women, 23.8 per cent said sex was “bothersome” and 17.8 blamed being tired from work.

Some couples do not expect to maintain a regular sex life after the arrival of children, while thin walled apts. offer few opportunities for privacy.

Another worrying statistic was the increasing number of young men with little or no interest in sex, a group known as “herbivores” , also known as “girly men”. 

Instead of the high status , adrenaline fuelled goals pursued by men during Japan’s economic boom, they now have low paid jobs, cultivate women as friends rather than lovers, and spend their free time shopping.

More than 20 per cent of men aged between 25 and 29 expressed little of in interest in sex.

The population of Japan currently stands at 126.6 million, although 25 per cent of that total are aged 65 or older, an increase of 1.12 million people on the fiscal 2012 figure. Equally, the fertility rate of 1.41 babies per woman during her lifetime means there are not enough babies being born to sustain the population at its present levels.

If those trends continue, the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research has warned that there will be a mere 49.59 million Japanese by 2100, a decline of more than 61 per cent on the 2010 figure.



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calendar   Sunday - December 14, 2014

must not raise voice in anger or shout at prisoners, soldiers told.

I just don’t have the patience for a long rant tonight. Or even a short one.

That the world has apparently come under the control of the pol. correct left there isn’t a doubt in my mind.  Things get crazier and crazier.
And people are so intimidated by a simple threat of being called ‘racist’ that the authorities go to extremes to prove how fair minded and diverse they are.

Here ... allow me to give you an example.  I give you my word, I am not making this up.
A woman spent an hour in court giving evidence. A whole hour.  Nobody said a word cos nobody wanted to offend or be thought a raaaaacist.
Nobody understood a word she said cos .... she couldn’t speak English and was speaking a form of Creole.  But after an hour someone recognized the language and things came to a tired end. 

Recently …. soldiers were told not to wear the uniform in public as there was evidence that attacks were being planned here.

Last week the police were told not to wear uniforms off duty or from home to work, but to change cloths once they arrived at the station.

Now comes word that “cadets” are asked to not wear their uniforms unless in a group but not on their own.
And that isn’t all.  These are children school cadets and the word has gone out to make searches of training areas and accommodations before setting up camp sites.

There is to be no wearing of uniforms when traveling to and from cadet activities.

The CIA apparently have been very bad boys (naughty-naughty) but even worse, gasp, it is reported that Brit Intel knew torture was used, in many cases while the Brits did not themselves ask questions of some detainees, they passed on questions to be asked by the Americans and so therefore, the (once upon a time United Kingdom) is just as guilty as the evil American outta control CIA.

Even that isn’t all.
It’s reported in the media that Brit agents or soldiers carried out torture as well and an investigation is, as I write this, being demanded of Brit actions.

Certain people are now coming out of the wood work claiming they’d been tortured, civil rights lawyers are collecting evidence, one man says (might be true btw) that after he escaped from Gadaffi ‘s regime and came to the UK, the Brits returned him and he spent yrs in prison being tortured. 
So that’s all a bit of background.  But why quit here?

This is in the papers today, I thought you might be interested.

It’s in our Daily Mail and all can be found at the Mail on line.

Our faith condones raping underage slaves: ISIS publishes shocking guidebook telling fighters how to buy, sell and abuse captured women

The Arabic manual, titled Questions And Answers On Taking Captives And Slaves, instructs IS fighters on how to buy and sell women and girls who have been captured in war as booty.

The document, published by the Research and Fatwa Department of IS, gives its fighters the green light to turn captured women into slaves and concubines, and even give them as gifts to one another.

The document has been obtained by the Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute and translated into English.
British terrorism experts, who have studied the document, have concluded it is genuine.

They have condemned the manual – which answers questions dealing with sex with slave girls, their status as the master’s property, and how to beat them – as ‘disgusting’, saying it harks ‘back to the Dark Ages’.

In the guide, one question asks: ‘Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female slave who has not reached puberty?’

The response is: ‘It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse.’

Another asks: ‘Is it permissible to sell a female captive?’ The response is: ‘It is permissible to buy, sell, or give as a gift female captives and slaves, for they are merely property, which can be disposed of.’

The document says that all ‘unbelieving’ women, including Jews and Christians, can be taken as captives and sold as slaves. However, it prohibits the enslavement of Muslim women, even if they have become apostates.

Here’s more but shorter.

‘I was waterboarded by UK Special Forces’: Pakistani captive details horrific abuse by British troops before being handed to US interrogators
Yunus Rahmatullah, released in May after ten years in captivity, says his British captors beat him, dragged him along the ground behind a vehicle and threw him in a pen containing dogs

And from a very right wing Peter Hitchens comes this headline.

PETER HITCHENS: Corrupted and defeated by our own shameful cruelty
The truth remains that it is more likely that an eagle will drop a tortoise on your head from the sky than that you will be affected by terrorism in your entire life.

I’ll just add this one but I could go on for pages of people confessing as if it were the inquisition. 

I saw British agents at secret torture sites, says boss of CIA’s brutal interrogation programme
Admission by Dr James Mitchell comes after an explosive report by the Senate Intelligence Committee appeared to go to great lengths not to implicate MI5 or the Secret Intelligence Service.

I’m almost at the end , I just want you to know these few are just that. A few example of maybe hundreds.
And all of this has led to something I want you to see.

Here bmews readers, is the result of all the mea culpas.

British troops are banned from shouting at insurgent terror suspects in soft-touch new rules for interrogation

Military chiefs have warned that troops are ‘no longer able’ to carry out tactical questioning, placing the lives of soldiers at serious risk. They have been banned from banging their fists and using ‘insults’.

The new rule of the day .... kiss, kiss


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calendar   Monday - December 08, 2014

Ring of Fire

Been reading the Eric Flint inspired series of ‘The Ring of Fire’.

The ‘Ring of Fire’ involves a small town in W. VA. Grantville, in particular. See, about 6 miles circular of Grantville WVa got dumped right in the middle of the 1631 30 years War. Thuringia. In one of the Germanies at the time. Poor people, didn’t really know… mercenaries killing farmers and raping the women right in front of you?  Michael Stearns, the local union president fixes that. Under his leadership they blow the mercenaries away. But he also has to decide who to join with. Gustave Adolphus? Richieliue? Or Ferdinand II. He knows that Grantville can’t keep it up. They just don’t have the manpower or the tech.


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calendar   Wednesday - November 19, 2014

here we go again.  theirrrrrr baaaaaack.

Well gosh isn’t this a surprise.

Here we go again, and more than likely many of the same who were active the last time are at it again now.

See what happens when they are left alive and breathing?  They come back. Again and again.  Just as I have said they will. But then, you knew that also. Too bad the authorities haven’t cottoned on to the fact that killing these scum would solve the problem. And don’t use Syria or Libya as examples, cos those folks think dying make em something special.
But if you’re dealing with the likes of these scum, killing a few hundred (in the most painful manner possible) really would frighten the face covered vermin.  In the middle east they always expect to die anyway and most don’t have a cushy life to live.
But these asswipes do. These folks not only don’t expect to die, they doubt they’ll even get more than a minor boo-boo and a slap on the wrist.

Look at the bastard about to smash that window behind which are two women bothering nobody and having nothing to do with whatever (false) protest these shits are wailing over. Look at him. Does anyone think he cares about the possible outcome?

Now, cut his hands off, both of them, and he won’t be trying that again.

Police clash with student protestors as thousands march on Parliament Square and Tory party headquarters in anger over tuition fees and graduate debt

Placard-waving students carry out day of demonstrations in central London in protest at rising tuition fees
But the protests turned violent when lines of demonstrators attacked police lines and hurled missiles
The Metropolitan Police say they have made two arrests after three officers were injured in the clashes
The worst violence came as a group of students tried to storm the Conservative Party headquarters
Police confirm that six people have been arrested following today’s protests across Westminster
Two were arrested for assaulting police, two for affray, a fifth for criminal damage and a sixth for violent disorder
Three police officers were injured in Parliament Square however none of them required hospital treatment
A Starbucks Coffee shop on Victoria Street was daubed with paint by a protestor who was arrested for the attack

By Richard Spillett and Darren Boyle for MailOnline


Six people have been arrested after protestors on a student demonstration charged the headquarters of the Tory party in central London.

Armed with a large wheelie bin, a group charged towards police who were guarding the entrance of the building, which is near Parliament Square.

Officers forced them back and pushed people away, before more protestors tried to force their way in. Two people, a man and a woman, were arrested at the scene for affray, officers said. Two others were arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer. One protestor was arrested for criminal damage and possession of an offensive weapon, while a sixth person was arrested for violent disorder.

Thousands of students have been marching through central London in protest against tuition fees and debt.


‘Various missiles were thrown at the officers and protestors pulled down protective fencing around the grass area in Parliament Square. A large group of protestors walked onto and have occupied the grass area. The officers withdrew from the area. Three officers suffered minor injuries.’

A breakaway group later attacked a nearby Starbucks coffee shop and threw chairs from another restaurant at police, witnesses said.

Protestors chanted ‘one solution: revolution’ and taunted police by shouting ‘there are many, many more of us than you’ at police.


50 more photos here


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calendar   Monday - November 17, 2014

How stupid are you?

I’ll admit right now. I could answer all of the political questions. Those are questions that can effect our lives. The celebrity questions? I couldn’t begin to answer. I don’t care about them.

We don’t have an ‘Idiot’ tag. Why?


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calendar   Sunday - November 16, 2014

another sign of the times in the name of diversity.

Well now here’s something to shock all who see it.

Or maybe not.  Perhaps the shock should should be that it’s taken this long.

Or ..... perhaps it isn’t a biggie anyway.

However .... this is the part that gets me.  You too I bet.

Met has already been recruiting criminals to increase race diversity

Convicted drug users and thieves will be allowed to join police: Rules relaxed in bid to lure minorities - and London is already recruiting criminals

Candidates will be considered if they have convictions, cautions or fines

Offences are likely to include possession of cannabis and shoplifting

Met has already been recruiting criminals to increase race diversity

Forces across England and Wales will be encouraged to adopt softer rules

By Martin Beckford for The Mail on Sunday

Convicted criminals will be allowed to join the police under plans to relax strict entry rules that critics fear will undermine standards.

For the first time, candidates will be considered if they have convictions, cautions or fines for offences likely to include possession of cannabis or shoplifting.

The Mail on Sunday has established that Britain’s biggest force is already recruiting those who have been on the wrong side of the law in a controversial attempt to increase race diversity.

It can also be revealed that all forces across England and Wales will be encouraged to adopt softer rules on who should be ruled out from becoming a police officer.

The College of Policing, which sets standards for the profession, is to publish a code of practice in the New Year on the vetting of would-be police officers.

It will set out a relaxation of the current rules – which ban anyone with previous convictions, cautions or fines in all but the most exceptional circumstances – on the grounds that it is keeping potentially valuable people from becoming police officers.

Instead, the college will tell police chiefs they can take on applicants with criminal pasts, as long as they are open about what they did.

Those guilty of relatively minor offences, particularly those committed several years ago and which resulted in light sentences, are likely to be let in to forces.

Applicants who try to hide what they did, or who committed serious crimes involving violence, sex offences or fraud, will continue to be barred from a career in uniform.

And it will still be down to chief constables or personnel directors to make the final decision on a candidate. A spokesman for the College of Policing confirmed last night: ‘We are looking at reviewing the national standards around vetting. The current vetting standards are creating barriers to people who might be interested in policing. We need to look at this and apply discretion for minor convictions.’

But critics warned the move risked damaging public trust in the service, and claimed it was unnecessary as there is no shortage of highly qualified people who want to sign up.

all in the name of diversity. just another sign of our times


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calendar   Wednesday - November 12, 2014

What a piece of work

What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how
infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and
admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like
a god! the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals—and yet,
to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me—
nor woman neither, though by your smiling you seem to say so.

-- Hamlet

On the one hand, this today


After a 10 year, 4 billion mile flight, the Rosetta/Philae spacecraft probe has caught up with, and safely landed on, comet 67P.

This is a true first in human achievement, and a deservedly proud moment for ESA, the European Space Agency.

The full story, with tons of pictures far better than this, can be found here.

On the other hand, this today


Her millions-strong popularity and inescapable media presence have made her grist for think pieces galore. She is variously seen as a feminist-entrepreneur-pop-culture-icon or a late-stage symptom of our society’s myriad ills: narcissism, opportunism, unbridled ambition, unchecked capitalism. But behind all the hoopla, there is an actual woman—a physical body where the forces of fame and wealth converge. Who isn’t at least a tad curious about the flesh that carries the myth?

Your mythic curiosity is now satisfied, back, side, and full frontal, in explicit oiled up detail. And it’s so much more than her wondrous aboriginal ability to balance a champagne glass (or a small VW, probably) on the flesh shelf that is the top of her magnum derriere.

This is what matters in the real world. Everyone saw Kim naked today. Only a few even bothered to look at the comet probe thing, and before about a week ago when it started getting back in the science news, probably not one in ten million people remembered it from the launch a decade ago. But you all know that Kim and her [mustn’t say it, mustn’t say it, mustn’t say it] husband Kanye West had the intellectual foresight to name their child North. North West. (and if life really imitates art, North will have a son and name him North as well. North, by North West. Then that North can have a son and name him Cary Grant.)


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calendar   Thursday - October 30, 2014

This IS The Modern Left’s Hero

“weaponized celebrity”; “The Voice Of Degeneration”


Narcissistic and nihilist, Lena Dunham, the sexual abusing child of old money perverts, simply could not be much more disgusting. So run right out and buy her “autobiography”, probably chock-full of lies by her own admission. Oh, the superb Millennial irony of that, FTW.


Psycho choo-choo, moo moo moo.  Lock her up. Looney bin.

NRO’s Kevin Williams writes a superb essay and book review right here.

There is no non-horrific interpretation of this episode. As for stroking her mother’s vagina, having mistaken it for her hairless cat . . .

and this is before the part where she plays tricksy at the keyboard to indirectly accuse some guy - by partial name and by other clues - of raping her while an undergraduate. And another girl too. Yet no reports were ever filed, no medical care sought, even though the walls were splashed in blood.

In Dunham’s telling, she had been at a party, drinking and taking Xanax and cocaine, and went to bed willingly with Barry. But the encounter turned rough — so rough, she says, that she required medical attention — and she noticed mid-coitus that he was not using a condom. She told him to leave; he left.

Riiiight. That’s some rape alright. And then it really goes downhill.

A number of blogs are covering this story as an admission of hers to child molestation. Yes, but it’s so much grosser than that.

Lena Dunham Describes Sexually Abusing Her Little Sister

“...anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl I was trying.”


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calendar   Friday - October 24, 2014

australia does a u-turn and lifts their ban on facial coverings. games up folks.

From ppl I would have least expected comes this.
From Australia …..
Via the BBC …. once again the ppl who infest a more advanced civilization, seem to get their way.

The west just will not say enough. That is not our culture.

Australian parliament does U-turn on ban of face veils

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia’s Parliament House on Monday lifted a short-lived ban on facial coverings including burqas and niqabs after the prime minister intervened.

The government department that runs Parliament House announced earlier this month that “persons with facial coverings” would no longer be allowed in the open public galleries of the House of Representatives or the Senate. Instead, they were to be directed to galleries usually reserved for noisy schoolchildren, where they could sit behind sound-proof glass.

The Oct. 2 announcement was made a few hours before the end of the final sitting day of Parliament’s last two-week session and had no practical effect.
Hours before Parliament was to resume on Monday, the Department of Parliamentary Services, or DPS, said in a statement that people wearing face coverings would again be allowed in all public areas of Parliament House.

It said face coverings would have to be removed temporarily at the security check point at the front door so that staff could “identify any person who may have been banned from entering Parliament House or who may be known, or discovered, to be a security risk.”

“Procedures are still in place to ensure that DPS security manage these procedures in a sensitive and appropriate manner,” the statement said without elaborating.
The ban on face veils in the public galleries had been widely condemned as a segregation of Muslim women and a potential breach of federal anti-discrimination laws.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott later revealed that he had not been notified in advance that the ban was planned and had asked House Speaker Bronwyn Bishop to “rethink that decision.”

The restriction had been authorized by Bishop, who has campaigned for a ban on Muslim head scarves in government schools, as well as Senate President Stephen Parry.

The controversy came as the government attempts to assure Australia’s Muslim minority that tough new counterterrorism laws and police raids on terror suspects’ homes in recent months were directed at countering criminal activity, not any particular religion.

The opposition welcomed the overturning of what it described as a “burqa ban,” and demanded an explanation for why it had been introduced in the first place.
“In 2014 for two weeks, the official policy of the Australian Parliament was to practice segregation and we need to ensure this does not happen again,” senior opposition lawmaker Tony Burke said in a statement.

But Senator Jacqui Lambie, from the minor Palmer United Party, said the ban’s reversal made Australia appear weak and indecisive on national security.

“The decision today to allow burqas and other forms of identity-concealing items of dress to be worn in Australia’s Parliament will put a smile on the face of the overseas Islamic extremists and their supporters in Australia who view the burqa or niqab as flags for extremism,” Lambie said in a statement.

source, washington examiner


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useful danish idiots ….

From Denmark.  That wonderfully progressive place where just recently, ( you can look it up) they made bestiality unlawful; because among other things, the country was getting beastie tourists attracted to the disgusting practice.

Bmews readers (and others) may find it of some interest and surprise, that Denmark provides more jihadists fighting in Syria and Libya than any other country in Europe.

So it isn’t any surprise they have introduced this.

Aarhus:  The Danish town where Syria’s jihadist fighters are welcomed home

The rush of morning shoppers parted to make way for Talha, a lanky 21-year-old in desert camouflage and a long, religious beard. He strode through the local mall with a fighter’s gait picked up on the battlefields of Syria. Streams of young Muslim men greeted him like a returning king.

In other countries, Talha – one of hundreds of young jihadists from the West who has fought in Syria and Iraq – might be barred from return or thrown in jail.

But in Denmark, a country that has spawned more foreign fighters per capita than almost anywhere else, the port city of Aarhus is rolling out a welcome mat.
In Denmark, not one returned fighter has been locked up. Instead officials here are providing free psychological counselling while finding returnees jobs and spots in schools and universities. Officials credit a new effort to reach out to a radical mosque with staunching the flow of recruits.

Talha, the son of moderate Muslim immigrants from the Middle East, fought with an Islamist brigade in Syria for nine months before returning home last October. He still dreams of one day living in a Middle Eastern caliphate and though he rejects the beheading of foreign hostages by Isis, which calls itself Islamic State, he defends its summary executions of Iraqi and Syrian soldiers.

“I know how some people think. They are afraid of us, the ones coming back,” says Talha, a name he adopted to protect his identity because he never told his father he went to fight. “Look, we are really not dangerous.”

Yet critics call this city’s approach just that – dangerous. In a country that vividly remembers the violent backlash in the Muslim world after a Danish newspaper published cartoon images of the prophet Muhammad in 2006, many here want Aarhus to crack down on – not cajole – extremists.

“They are being much too soft [in Aarhus], and they fail to see the problem,” said Marie Krarup, an influential member of Parliament from the Danish People’s Party, the country’s third-largest political force. “You cannot integrate a great number of Muslims into a Christian country.” Aarhus is treating its returning religious fighters like wayward youths because that’s the way most of them started out.

The majority were young men like Talha, between 16 and 28, including several former criminals and gang members who had recently found what they began to call “true Islam”.




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calendar   Wednesday - October 22, 2014

making rash decisions in a pc world

Picked this up in the news and thought it might be a bit of satire or something close. But no.

Writing in the journal, Cognitive Sciences, US researchers claim that people often make sweeping judgments of others based on facial features, which can lead to rash decisions.

It even has a name.


You couldn’t make it up. 


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