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calendar   Wednesday - October 21, 2009

SOME VERY WEIRD DISORDERED LAW. Steal..16months. Gang beats crap outta guy, 6months.

Frankly in both cases below the pukes involved should themselves be whipped, spend a few days in the stocks and then a long time in jail.

The first case is sad and sick.  This drunk comes upon a guy on the ground, he’s had a heart attack. He may have already been dead. Maybe not. But the town drunk goes through the guy’s pockets and comes up with less then $6 saying, he’s dead and won’t need this anymore.  Pretty cold.
No sympathy for the drunk whatsoever! 
What I am having trouble understanding are the standards of penalties for crime.
The drunk got 16 months.

The other story is an update. Group of drunk women beat the hell out of this poor guy. If you read his statement, he was worried about hitting a woman and so held back.  I think that could be a damn hard thing to do honestly. Yeah, you must defend yourself. You can’t volunteer to be a punching bag.  But the idea of hitting a woman is so foreign to many. We immediately think sisters,mothers,wives,aunts etc.
Thing is though, these scags, these absolute scumbags, these mindless sluts WITH RECORDS, one of whom has eight previous convictions including one for battery, these wasters of air and space got 6 months.  SIX MONTHS!  wtf?

You surely can’t wonder why I continually see things through ARCOB.

‘Britain’s sickest thief’ who rifled pockets of dying bus driver to steal loose change is jailed

By Daily Mail Reporter

A robber who rifled through the pockets of a heart attack victim as he lay dying has been condemned as the sickest thief in Britain’.
Peter Watson took £3 from his victim, saying: ‘He doesn’t need it – he’s dead.’


Last night Watson, who is 30 and unemployed, was branded an ‘animal’ after a judge jailed him for 16 months.
Watson had been walking with a group of friends through a park when they came across Peter Lisowycz, 51, lying on the ground.
The bus driver, who is believed to have had a heart attack, had collapsed and turned blue and was foaming at the mouth.

One of the group tried to put him in the recovery position but was stunned when he looked up to see Watson searching through the dying man’s pockets and helping himself to around £3 in loose change.
A jury at Bolton Crown Court heard how the good samaritan challenged Watson, an alcoholic, and asked him what on earth he thought he was doing, to which Watson replied: ‘He doesn’t need it – he’s dead.’

Last night Watson was condemned by both senior police officers and Mr Lisowycz’s family.
His father Walter Lisowycz, 85, said: ‘I’m just glad that they have caught this man and that he has got what he deserved. He is an animal.’
He said his son, a father of one, had been walking up a hill through the park in Rochdale, Lancashire, when he collapsed.
He said: ‘I can’t stop thinking about Peter. I think he was heading to our house that day.
‘He had been married for a long time and he had a daughter. He was a good worker, he paid his mortgage, had bought a car and was planning holidays when he died.’

A police source said that in more than 20 years of service he had never come across such a contemptuous act of theft.
He said: ‘This man has to be the sickest thief in Britain. It was a truly shocking thing to do and an appalling crime committed on a dying man.’
After the incident the good samaritan called an ambulance as Watson sauntered off down the street. Paramedics could not revive Mr Lisowycz and he was later pronounced dead.

The helper was so appalled by what Watson had done that he reported him to police.
Watson, who admitted theft but denied making the ‘He doesn’t need it’ comment, smirked throughout the court hearing.
Jonathan Lally, defending, said Watson recognised what he had done was wrong but said he had major personal difficulties including an alcohol problem-that began at the age of 13.


Oh wait a minute.  I think I see the difference.  Beating the crap out of some innocent victim for fun is only an, “AFFRAY.”
Screwed up country and culture.  Waaaa .... I wanna be hooooooome.

Shocking CCTV images of girl gang kicking a male victim in drunken attack which left him with footprint on his face
By Chris Brooke
Last updated at 8:22 PM on 20th October 2009
Drunk and baying like dogs, five women brutally attack a stranger in the street.


The women - all from the same family - targeted Matthew Campbell, 38, at random, kicking and stamping on him as he lay prone on the pavement.
Their sickening eight-minute assault was captured on CCTV and resulted in all the women being jailed for six months.

Mr Campbell, a commercial diver, told yesterday how he restrained himself from hitting back because he has never struck a woman before.
The video clearly shows him holding his hands up pleading with the women to stop, but a court heard they acted like a ‘pack of dogs’ to pursue their prey.
The victim, who was walking home after a drink with friends, was lucky to escape the attack in November last year without major injury.
He suffered bruising all over his body, heel marks and scratches on his back and head and had a footprint mark on his face.

All the women, aged between 21 and 42, are members of the same extended family and most of them are well known to the police.
They had been drinking heavily at a birthday party that evening.

Prosecutor David Cammies said they attacked Mr Campbell for no apparent reason outside the Lloyds Arms pub in Grimsby town centre at 11.30pm.
Helen Barber, 29, Rachel Barber, 31, Kelly Macdonald, 32, Belinda Tomlinson, 42, and Katie Tomlinson, 21, all admitted affray.

Recorder Rachim Singh told them: ‘The CCTV showed the sickening, brutal and repeated attack.

Grimsby Crown Court heard Helen Barber, who has eight previous convictions including one for battery, suffered a broken nose in the incident. She was believed to have been hit by Mr Campbell in self-defence.

Yesterday Mr Campbell said he had become ‘wary’ of going out in town centres following the incident which left him badly shaken.

Lee Rhoads, 32, also became involved in the attack and was jailed for four months after admitting affray.

The women all live in the Grimsby area. Katie Tomlinson, the youngest of the gang, describes herself on her Bebo site as being ‘born to be wild.’
She adds: ‘Happiest When im all stella’d up n partyin.’




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calendar   Monday - October 19, 2009


Sir Ludovic Kennedy, journalist and death penalty opponent, dies aged 89

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 2:13 PM on 19th October 2009

Television presenter and author Sir Ludovic Kennedy, 1919 - 2009

Distinguished journalist Sir Ludovic Kennedy has passed away at the age of 89.

Sir Ludovic, whose work investigating the ‘Rillington Place’ murders is credited with speeding up the abolition of the death penalty in Britain, died in a nursing home in Salisbury on Sunday.

GOOD .. I hope the bastard rots in hell. I hope his final days were nothing but unremitting pain.  Libtard ass-wipe.
It’s fools and total hang wringing bleeding hearts like this worthless shit, who are responsible for things like this.

I’m only sorry he wasn’t still born 89 yrs ago.

I understand the cops have dropped the ball. I do not say they are blameless in this case.  But damn it it’s the jerks like the one mentioned above who have seen to it that Europe and the UK no longer have a death penalty.

Here’s a case where a miserable excuse for a human being murdered a girl in Germany, gets life there but is released after 15 years and deported back to England.  Where he of course simply does what comes naturally, he kills again.  Those previous 15 years meant nothing to him. Neither will the next 15. Or 30.  Will any of you bet that he will not be out someday?  Would you wanna bet your life on that?

This isn’t a case of circumstantial evidence.  They had the creep dead to rights the first time around. But Germany, especially Germany, must not ever execute anyone ever again.  And of course it’s against EU laws.

I am so tired of reading this kind of thing but trust me.  It is impossible to avoid.  It’s so damn common!  I just do no understand the people who work against a penalty that guarantees the continued future of some innocent victim.  Just what sort of rational would they apply here? Don’t tell me. I don’t want to know. What I do know, or think I know, is that none of the ppl who oppose the death penalty have become the victim of a monster like this.  I wish that they would.

Eight days after a 999 call, police went to Maria Stubbings’ home… to be turned away by her killer

By Lucy Ballinger and Rebecca Camber
Last updated at 12:33 PM on 19th October 2009

A grieving family have accused the police of a catalogue of errors over the murder of a mother-of-two by a convicted killer.


Maria Stubbings, 50, was strangled with a dog lead by her ex-boyfriend days after she had called 999 fearing he had broken into her house.

When officers visited her home eight days after the emergency call they were greeted by Marc Chivers, who told them she had gone away.

At that moment her body was just feet away from the front door - hidden in a downstairs toilet by Chivers.

He is believed to have killed her three days earlier.

It was only the day after their call that police finally conducted a search of the house and found Mrs Stubbings’s body under a pile of coats.

Chivers, 42, had previously served 15 years for strangling another former girlfriend.

Mrs Stubbings’s family are furious that, despite the previous murder and his history of violence, police did not fully follow up her complaint against Chivers in the days before her death in Chelmsford, Essex, last December. They are planning to sue Essex police.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is investigating Essex Police’s handling of the case.

Chivers was sentenced to life in prison in September 1993 for strangling his ex-girlfriend in Germany and dumping her body in woodland when in his 20s.

He was deported from Stuttgart to the UK in January 2008 after serving 15 years.

A few months later he met Mrs Stubbings in a park, and the pair embarked on a whirlwind romance.

But their relationship turned sour within a few months, and last July jobless Chivers, from Little Waltham, near Chelmsford, was arrested for assaulting her after a night out.

An argument broke out at her home and Mrs Stubbings fled to a neighbour’s home.

Chivers dragged her back by her hair. In October 2008 he pleaded guilty at Chelmsford Crown Court to battery. He was sentenced to serve four months in prison minus time spent on remand.

After he was arrested for attacking Mrs Stubbings, she discovered his murderous past and, fearing for her safety, was given a panic alarm by police.

But her family claim this panic alarm was broken - leaving her with no protection from her aggressive ex-boyfriend.

Once out of jail Chivers is understood to have tried to rekindle their romance.

She called police when she returned home late on December 11 last year to find someone had broken in. She feared it was Chivers.

Essex Police claim they visited her the next day, but despite his previous two convictions did not follow-up with another visit in the days after this.

Mrs Stubbings made further calls to the police and friends also called the police repeatedly to raise concerns, but no one went to see her until eight days after the original call, when they were sent away by Chivers with the body lying within feet of the front door.

The following day her body was discovered during a police search of the house.



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calendar   Saturday - October 17, 2009

on the drink-sodden streets of modern Britain, their paths crossed in the most sickening way

That very old and overused expression, The Road To Hell, etc. comes to mind right now.

I had every honest intension of beginning Blog Saturday with humor, I have my weekend ladies all lined up ready to go, but this double story came up and has reignited a bit of anger and yes. RCOB is back in all it’s glory yet again.

The article here that deals with the dumb jerk who pissed on a war memorial was aggravating when I first saw it this week.  Well, I passed on it because it was just another story of drunk students, yoots, pin heads acting bad and who cares? Then too, I thought the dope did what he so publicly did without any thought to where he was doing it.  I didn’t think that was his way of making a public statement.  Like way too many “"yoots" of his generation of both sexes, this binge drinking thing is par for the course.  Some of these kids have actually died from over drinking.

We get two papers every morning and you can imagine what weekend ones are like. So the DAILY MAIL who somehow knew I was up a bit early and hadn’t had coffee or breakfast (still haven’t) just had to have the drunk and piss story tied to a story of a soldier of WW1, his death in battle and the lower standards since that time. And so reading about that long dead hero and the future he never got to see along with so many others on every side, and the comparisons made and the photos published, naturally I just HAD to make this my first posting of the day.
I don’t know if I’ve done the right thing or not.  I tend to think I have.  I think the “yoot” needs to be arrested and spend some time in a cell. Or be made to do community service.

Since I started writing this, I suddenly realized that maybe it isn’t all this jerks fault.  What standards has his generation been given to meet?  An “ORGANIZED Drinking Binge?” That’s a standard to aim for?  Heaven help us all.

On Facebook, however, some of Laing’s friends congratulated him on his antics. One wrote: ‘Most amazing thing I have ever seen …I’m very proud. LEGEND!’

A tale of two very different Britons: The student who defiled a war memorial and the soldier who died at Passchendaele

By Paul Harris and Jaya Narain
Last updated at 12:09 AM on 17th October 2009

They are separated by the best part of a century and a lifetime of change.

One volunteered to fight for his country and made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. The other became part of a culture where respect has no meaning and courage comes from a bottle of cheap booze.

Edwin Ievers and Phil Laing never met of course. But on the drink-sodden streets of modern Britain, their paths crossed in the most sickening way.


Laing, a 19-year-old ex-public schoolboy studying sports technology at university, was among thousands of students on an organised drinking binge in Sheffield.

Edwin Ievers was the name on a wreath that the soldier’s family had placed on a memorial to those who fell in World War I.  Edwin Ievers volunteered to fight in the First World War

They were linked when Laing, barely able to stand, defiled the memory of the dead by urinating on the memorial. He drenched the Ievers family’s Armistice Day poppies before tottering away to collapse in a shop doorway.

The disgraceful episode was captured by a photographer and highlighted in the Daily Mail. Tousle-haired Laing was identified from the pictures and duly found himself facing a charge that perfectly summarised reaction to his loutish behaviour: outraging public decency.

But it also underlined just how far standards have sunk in a country for which Edwin Ievers fought and died.

Sunderland-born Mr Ievers (pronounced to rhyme with drivers) was a railway manager when war broke out, but was keen to sign up.

The father of three was 29 then, far older than many of the young men who volunteered to fight.

He became an infantry private in the 1st/7th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers. Their motto is Quo fata vocant, variously translated from Latin as ‘Whither the fates call’, or ‘Where destiny calls’.

At training camp in Alnwick, the Geordie lads wryly interpreted it as ‘We gan wor us telt’ (We go where we’re told).

It was here that Edwin stood proudly alongside 21 fellow fusiliers for a photograph before they went to war. No one knows precisely how he died but it is not hard to speculate.


His unit had moved to the front line of one of the bloodiest battles of the war, fighting in the cloying, stinking mud of Passchendaele. The day he died – October 26, 1917 – coincides with a military push that became part of a huge Allied offensive in the notorious Ypres Salient.
Private Ievers was one of three brothers who served in the so-called war to end all wars. Robert Ievers joined the Royal Engineers and survived the conflict but the third brother, Private R W Ievers, was killed at the age of 27 in April 1917 while serving with
the Durham Light Infantry.

Edwin Ievers is buried at Tyne Cot military cemetery in Flanders, the largest British military graveyard, alongside some 12,000 fellow casualties. His name also appears
on a flagstone outside York train station, marking his pre-war railway service.

Yesterday Edwin’s grandson John Ievers, a 49-year-old software consultant and company director, described the urinating student as ‘a drunken idiot’.

Mr Ievers, a former Royal Engineer cartographer and father of two teenage boys, added: ‘It was a stupid thing to do but I doubt he remembers it. He must have been out of his tiny mind. I don’t think he should be flogged in the streets, but there should be some reparation. There’s a certain irony in contrast between my grandfather and his generation and this idiot, especially when there are people his age going off to Afghanistan at the moment.’

Mr Ievers, whose takes his middle name of Edwin from his grandfather and great grandfather, had placed a wooden cross surrounded by a poppies at the foot of the memorial Baker’s Pool in Sheffield during an Armistice Day service last November 11. It had lain undisturbed with other wreaths ever since – until Philip Laing came along.

Laing is a product of the £8,700-a year King’s School in Macclesfield, Cheshire, which he left in the summer. A talented sportsman, he played for the rugby 1st XV and also enjoys cricket. He enrolled at Sheffield Hallam University in September to study sports technology.

Laing is the second of four children. His mother, Kathleen, 53, an ophthalmic optician, and his Guyanese-born father Robert, 57, a computer programmer and IT expert, married in 1985 but split up this year and sold their £450,000 detached home in Macclesfield.

The night he was photographed at the memorial, Laing had been on a commercially organised drinking binge entitled Carnage UK. He was one of 2,000 students on a seven-hour pub crawl through the city while a similar event was taking place in Cardiff.

Half-naked girls were seen passed out on the streets as drunken boys weaved through the traffic.

On his Bebo website, he says he is happiest when he is ‘Eatin ’n’ drinking ’n’ shoppin ’n’ listenin to music’. Although he is in the middle of his course, the student has returned to the rented home he shares with his mother in Cheshire.

Yesterday he answered the door bare-chested and said: ‘My lawyers have advised me not to talk about it until my hearing is over. I intend to plead guilty and issue a full public apology when the time is right.’

University officials were said to be ‘deeply embarrassed’ by the incident while the Students’ Union was believed to be holding a crisis meeting to review activities for freshers.

On Facebook, however, some of Laing’s friends congratulated him on his antics. One wrote: ‘Most amazing thing I have ever seen …I’m very proud. LEGEND!’


Here, lets take another look at what a “LEGEND” looks like these days.
Yup.  I would definitely say and believe in my bones that standards have gone to hell.


Disgrace: Before urinating on the war memorial, Laing was in such a state that he curled up on the street in front of a shop window


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calendar   Thursday - October 15, 2009


And you should see yesterday’s headline.  Worse yet because the thieving so and soz have refused the PMs order to return monies.
They say no way Jose.

Just about when I thought things were more or less settled with regard to the dishonest representatives of the people themselves, the Telegraph has opened fire again with banner headlines raking over not just old coals but they have apparently discovered some new scams by MPs.

Oh yeah, and the former speaker, Michael Martin, who was forced to resign but has friends in high places, has been made a “Labour Peer.” A people’s peer the lefties like to say. What it means is that a disgraced speaker now comes back to draw a salary PLUS perks. And all he has to do is show up and sign in. There isn’t any sign out I am informed so he can do as quite a number do.  Come in for a chat with friends and leave for the day. He’ll still be paid and boy he’ll be paid well. 

None of us here at BMEWS are members of Mr. O’s fan club BUT I bet even back home neither he nor almost anyone else (ok, that old bastard Robert Byrd comes to mind) would even dream of getting away with the things the Brit MPs do.  Or am I being naive?

Meanwhile, the wife and I have just today written out another check for house deed and have been reading the lawyers instructions for our signatures
which must be sent back. We’ve been stressed all day but alls well. There’s gonna be a mail strike and we don’t trust the mail so a friend is driving me to Southampton tomorrow morning where I will hand deliver the papers. Whew. 

Don’t have a clue yet how we are gonna work out getting back home.  Sell this place first I guess. When we can and of course once out of probate.
Then what?  Maybe back to warm climes like So Calif desert which we loved but may no longer be able to afford?  And live someplace while looking for something permanent.  ???  Decisions - decisions.  But FIRST ....

Gotta see if they’ll let her back into the states.  Oh Boy!

Another thing to consider ...  LYNDON.  Will they let me back in on my visa if I have to return for legal and or banking reasons?
I paid for the darn thing but don’t know if I can come and go at leisure.  Any ideas?

So then, Today’s Morning Headline.  My scanner not really big enought. Will correct with next one I buy.
The full headline reads as follows.


One the things that are so damn pathetic about this continuing scandal, is that many of these shysters are already millionaires. In fact, one is a BILLIONAIRE and even he fiddled and cheated the taxpayer.



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calendar   Saturday - October 10, 2009

One gay man, two lesbians, a three-legged cat and a poisoned curry plot to kill.

Pretty bizarre and not only that.  What’s it say about queer solidarity?

One gay man, two lesbians, a three-legged cat and a poisoned curry plot
By Jaya Narain

A gay queer man tried to poison his lesbian neighbours by putting slug pellets into their curry after he was accused of kidnapping their three-legged cat.
Gary Stewart, 37, had been at loggerheads with Marie Walton and Beverley Sales for months.
But things looked brighter when he made a peace offering of some curry, claiming he had ordered too much from the Indian takeaway.

When the women started to eat, they found the curry studded with slug pellets.  They called the police and Stewart was arrested.
He appeared before magistrates in Manchester where he admitted attempting to poison the two women on September 22.
He denied a further charge of making threats to kill.

Last night it emerged that Miss Walton, a full-time mother, and Miss Sales, a goods vehicle driver, had been the victims of an apparent hate campaign by Stewart at their home in Denton, Manchester.  Stewart is even alleged to have kidnapped the family’s three-legged cat, Amber, and dumped her in a village miles away. The cat was eventually found after posters were put up with her photograph. She was found three miles away being cared for by a woman who had taken her in.

Last night neighbours said the alleged harassment had left Miss Walton and Miss Sales distraught. The attempt to poison them with slug pellets was the final straw.
‘It has been nothing short of a nightmare and I hope this brings things to an end because what those two girls have had to endure these past years has been horrendous,’ one neighbour said. ‘He was abusive to them and made their lives a misery.
‘And to cap it off, he kidnapped their cat and dumped it on the streets.’

Slug pellets - which normally contain the chemical metaldehyde - can be extremely dangerous to animals and children.
But the chemical is classed as being ‘moderately hazardous’ by the World Health Organisation and would not normally kill an adult. 

Residents said that when Stewart had initially moved in with his partner, Paul Kleisier, several years ago they had been perfect neighbours.
But over time they became ‘vindictive’ and began arguments with residents over petty matters.
Stewart’s partner, 43, is thought to have become seriously ill and died this summer.
Stewart is due to appear again before Manchester magistrates at a later date.

Read more:


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calendar   Thursday - October 08, 2009

Teenage girl named and shamed. Yeah right. She’s shamed like I’m a rocket scientist.

This is really crap and it bothers me and I want to tell everyone why.

Cos the system is stupid and has ZERO logic.  On its own this story is so empty I wouldn’t even bother posting it.  In fact, I’m not even posting the whole thing. No point in that.

First of all it’s dumb to assume this teen is shamed just cos she held her gang member boy friend’s gun for him. But what got to me about this is that the court decided her crime was so serious (and I am not saying it wasn’t) that the court decided to allow her to be identified.  Oh woo-hoo.
That’ll teach her. NOT.

So here ... just a sample.

Teenage girl named and shamed after gangster’s loaded gun found stashed in her handbag

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 3:07 PM on 08th October 2009

A teenage girl was named and shamed as Britain’s youngest gangster’s moll today after she was caught carrying a loaded gun in her handbag.

Chanelle Merryweather was just 16 when a passing police patrol searched her in the street and found the deadly Browning pistol hidden amongst her lipsticks, purse and mobile phone.

The teenager was stopped after an eye witness told police that she had seen her and boyfriend Sammy Geldard, 19, brandishing the gun whilst they were walking hand-in-hand together from a youth disco at a local church.

The gangland sweethearts were members of the infamous Longsight Crew which has been involved in a bloody 15-year old turf feud with arch rivals the Gooch Close gang in Manchester. 

Police examined Miss Merryweather’s mobile phones and found 20 photos taken of the lovers outside a McDonalds restaurant showing them making hand gestures associated with their gang.

At Manchester Crown Court, Judge Martin Steiger QC lifted an order banning identification of Miss Merryweather, now 17 after she pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited weapon.

It is clear she was mixed up with dangerous gang members,’ said the judge. ‘Gun crime is a matter of very serious concern to the public.’

She is due to be sentenced next month and is facing a mandatory five-year jail term under gun laws.


ok, so she’s ID’d and facing five years.
Meanwhile, this useless, miserable pile of monkey turd has his ID protected because after all.  He only raped a five year old boy a few days after being released by a judge for the VERY SAME THING.  But his tender yoot protects him from being ...
NAMED and SHAMED.  Now that gets my goat.  I don’t understand that kind of logic.  Hide gun, be exposed and face jail.  Rape little boys, pass jail and land on boardwalk?  It’s even worse really because the shit got three years for the rape of a 7 yr old but served NO TIME.  He got a “community order.” And we can all see how impressed he was and what kind of deterrent that was.

Child rapist strikes again days after being let off because victim’s Christian family forgave him

By Jaya Narain

A judge is being investigated after he freed a child rapist who kidnapped and assaulted another youngster just eight days later.

Judge Adrian Smith spared the 16-year-old jail after the first victim’s family apparently forgave the teenager because of their Christian faith.

He was given a community order despite protests from prosecutors and police and went on to rape a five-year-old.

He gave his second victim a Star Wars light sabre toy as a ‘reward’ for keeping quiet.

By chance the new case was due to come back before Judge Smith but he agreed to release it to another judge after Crown Prosecution Service lawyers intervened.

Attorney General Baroness Scotland has been asked to investigate why the original sentence was so lenient.

Today the latest victim’s father, a 35-year-old printer from Greater Manchester, said: ‘Our son was abused not only by this lad but also in effect by the British legal system that was supposed to protect him. I always thought people who commit such serious offenses like rape automatically go to prison – yet this boy was allowed to go free. He was even allowed back onto the estate where he lived.

‘In my eyes if someone commits an adult or grown up crime then they should serve an adult or grown up sentence – not be mollycoddled by the courts and told to get treatment.’

He added: ‘My son is six years old now but as a result of what happened his childhood innocence has probably been robbed. Heaven only knows what effect it will have in him in the years to come. We should be able to rely on our judges to use common sense to protect us and our children. ‘In this case the judge has let us and in particular our son down. We won’t be letting the matter rest until the judge is brought to book for the original sentence he passed.’

In the first attack, the teenager lured a seven-year-old boy to a bedroom and subjected him to a horrific assault. He was convicted of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and rape and given a three-year community rehabilitation order at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, on June 26.

As part of the punishment he was ordered to go to counselling sessions to address his behaviour and was to be supervised by probation officers.

On July 4 the second victim was playing just yards from his doorstep when the attacker lured him away on the premise of looking for a lost football.

He was taken back to the teenager’s house where he was repeatedly sexually abused.

The boy’s parents realised their son was missing when they were alerted by his friend just minutes after his disappearance. He was found emerging from the attacker’s house as they frantically searched the neighbourhood for him.

The teenager initially claimed he was working for Christian Aid and that he ‘helped children who had been abused’.

But the boy told his parents what had happened and the teenager was arrested.

The attacker, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has admitted child abduction, rape and kidnap.

He was remanded in custody and will be sentenced next month after psychiatric reports have been prepared.


It is not the first time that Judge Adrian Smith has faced criticism over claims he has handed down an unduly lenient sentence.

Read more:


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calendar   Tuesday - October 06, 2009

Italy says yes to Blair for EU president… but ….. there’s a bit of a snag.

See, the Italians aren’t sure of his attitude on immigration. And maybe the French aren’t pleased either but we’ll have to wait and see.
Meanwhile, consider this. 

Britain’s refusal to adopt the euro as its currency - and to sign up to the Schengen agreement - may be obstacles that will prevent other countries from agreeing with Italy, however.

Ah ... the Schengen agreement.  Here ya go ... consider this as well.

Signing up to the Schengen agreement would open Britain’s borders to anyone travelling from Europe without a passport or visa, whether they were European or not.

So bend over and kiss your sovereignty bye-bye.  Oh yeah. While you’re at it, expect more (LOTS MORE) immigrants of a dark hue and especially those who are devout members of a peaceful religion.

Italy says yes to Blair for EU president… but admits Britain’s stance on immigration could be a problem

By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 2:23 PM on 06th October 2009

Italy wants Tony Blair to become president of the European Union - but a minister admitted today that Britain’s stance on immigration might hamper the former Prime Minister’s bid.

‘We have expressed our appreciation for Tony Blair, knowing however that there is a bloc of countries with concerns about him,’ Foreign Minister Franco Frattini told Corriere della Sera newspaper today.

Britain’s refusal to adopt the euro as its currency - and to sign up to the Schengen agreement - may be obstacles that will prevent other countries from agreeing with Italy, however.

Signing up to the Schengen agreement would open Britain’s borders to anyone travelling from Europe without a passport or visa, whether they were European or not.

Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart has long been demanding Britain sign up to the agreement, which would allow refugees who congregate in the port as they wait to sneak into the UK to openly travel here.

We appreciate [Mr Blair] as a person. We realise these limits, we do not deny them,’ said the Italian minister.

The new role of long-term president of the European Council of MInisters is due to be created under the Lisbon Treaty.

Mr Blair’s name has long been tossed about as a potential candidate for the post, ever since it was raised by French President Nicolas Sarkozy back in 2007.

Britain’s Labour government also supports its former leader’s bid - but Mr Blair may find a roadblock in Germany’s Angela Merkel.

Other candidates may include Dutch premier Jan-Peter Bakenende and Finland’s Paaco Lipponen.

The appointment may be made at an EU summit later this month.

The Lisbon Treaty will take effect when Poland and the Czech Republic follow other member states in ratifying it.

Ireland just ratified the treaty last week.



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calendar   Monday - October 05, 2009

BBC wins bid to keep star salaries under wraps (and it only cost us £200,000)

The big deal about this bit of business, is that the BBC is publicly funded.  For those who don’t know, people here pay a yearly TV license and they do try and collect using whatever means necessary.  So why shouldn’t the salaries be made public?

Thankfully, just last week we gave away the perfectly good (for now) TV set as anything I want to see is not shown on television. The set belonged to the wife’s mom who didn’t even use it the final two yrs of her life.  It just stood there in her room, silent. Truth to tell, we don’t miss TV and haven’t watched but one program in five years here.  Thank heaven for You Tube.

Even if we hadn’t given the set away, I’d have fought tooth and nail and refused to pay as others have.  Use my money to help pay millions a year to ONE foul mouthed,rude and crude individual? (pictured) Not bloody likely!

The surprise is how many folks simply buckle down and give up and pay.  I guess addictions are like that and I can only assume it is an addiction as why else would so many watch what’s on offer?  No thank You.

Think of it this way.  What if you were required to pay a license (USA) for a channel hosting Howard Stern? Even if you weren’t demented enough to think he was funny or talented or whatever.  Yes, I know millions do and millions are also tasteless and possibly very sick as well. But that’s not the point.  At least in the US you aren’t forced to get a TV license to fund things you think are gross and in very poor taste. Like the fellow pictured here who thought it quite funny when he and his sidekick made public calls to a well known actor, on air, telling the old guy all about the enjoyable sex one of em had with his grand daughter.  That’s what passed for entertainment, and this guy gets paid millions a year. Well, not with any of our money.

BBC wins bid to keep star salaries and Middle East report under wraps (and it only cost us £200,000)

By Liz Thomas
Daily Mail

Big earner: Jonathan Ross earns a reported £6million a year


The BBC has won a High Court battle to keep the salaries of its stars a secret.

The corporation spent more than £200,000 ensuring those who fund the service never know how their cash is spent.

Three years of appeals and legal wrangles mean it will not now have to disclose what it pays on-screen talent, production staff or how much money shows cost.

Mr Justice Irwin concluded that the ‘BBC has no obligation to disclose information which they hold to any significant extent for the purposes of journalism, art or literature, whether or not the information is also held for other purposes’.

Although insiders insist that details of executive pay will continue to be publicly released, the BBC could still use this ruling as a further tool to ensure it does not have to disclose the salaries of top talent.

The BBC has come under fire for the eye-watering sums it pays stars such as Jonathan Ross, Graham Norton and Chris Moyles.

Ross earns a reported £6million a year and around 40 other stars are paid more than £1million annually.

Jeremy Hunt, Tory culture spokesman, said: ‘We have long called for the BBC to open their books to the National Audit Office so licence-fee payers can be sure they are getting value for money.

‘If the BBC was more transparent about its finances then court cases like these could be avoided.’

Matthew Elliott, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: ‘The BBC’s behaviour is shocking and incredibly disappointing.

‘Firstly, the fact that the Corporation has blown a fortune on lawyers trying to obscure the truth shows they see zero need for accountability, even when it’s rightfully required of them.

‘Secondly, the BBC should be entirely open and honest about how it spends licence-fee payers’ money. If they can’t justify the amount they are spending, they shouldn’t do it in the first place.

‘This is yet another example of the BBC being out of touch with the concerns of the people it is supposed to be entertaining, and who pay its keep.’

The case went to the High Court because the BBC consistently refused to comply with freedom of information requests from newspapers and members of the public.

The broadcaster was taken to the Information Commissioner, and the Information Tribunal, who both ruled that it should release the information.
Ruling: The BBC will not be forced to disclose an internal report on its Middle East coverage, or details of staff salaries

Ruling: The BBC will not be forced to disclose an internal report on its Middle East coverage, or details of staff salaries

But the BBC appealed to the High Court, which found previous hearings had not properly taken into account its evidence.

It also ruled that the broadcaster was exempt from sections of the Act as a public body, and therefore did not have to give out information relating to its programming in journalism, arts or literature.

A spokesman for the BBC said: ‘The BBC was entitled to decline to disclose the information on the basis that the Freedom of Information Act did not apply to it.’


Macker and BMEWS… I didn’t have this when originally posted but, here’s the other sick no talent turd who once worked for the BBC and was in on the sick joke I wrote about. And this bit of filth btw is doing well I understand, in the USA. GAK!



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It’s my understanding that this sort of thing has happened in the USA as well.  I believe that because there isn’t any reason for BMEWS people who told that to lie.  It’s damed disappointing though, to know that even in America this sort of lunacy has been let loose.  I guess it just proves that no one country owns the stupid nanny license.  Make the ole head do a turn though.  Why are folks putting up with it?

So, here’s another loony tune, moonbat one for the books.  I have also included a few comments from the article source which is The Daily Mail. Shows that a lot of folks are aware and unhappy, but nobody seems to be able to stem the stupid tide.

Sainsbury btw, is a major super market chain over here. And like Tesco, they need to retrain their staff methinks.

Sainsbury’s shopworker refuses to sell pregnant woman Cheddar cheese

By Daily Mail Reporter
05th October 2009

A pregnant woman was forced to lie and promise supermarket staff she would not eat a certain type of cheese before they would sell it to her.

Janet Lehain asked for some Canadian Cheddar while she was shopping at Sainsbury’s.

But the member of staff serving her on the deli counter said she could not have it because it was made from unpasteurised milk.

Sainsbury’s bosses have since admitted she got it wrong. In fact, pregnant women are advised to avoid eating ripened soft cheeses of the Brie, Camembert and blue-veined types, whether pasteurised or unpasteurised. Hard cheeses such as Cheddar can be safely eaten during pregnancy.

Mrs Lehain, who is pregnant with her third child, replied by saying that she was aware of the current medical advice and wanted to buy the cheese.

Eventually the member of staff working at Sainsbury’s Fairfield Park store at Clapham, Bedfordshire, handed over the cheese.

In a letter of formal complaint, Mrs Lehain said: ‘What followed was the most patronising encounter I have had the misfortune of experiencing in a long time and made worse by the fact it was entirely unexpected given the seemingly simple task.

‘The member of staff told me how lucky my generation of pregnant women are to have such information available to them because this was not the case “in her day”.

‘I could only respond by saying that I thought pregnant women in the past were probably a whole lot less stressed and guilt-ridden as a result.’

Mrs Lehain, from Bedford, added: ‘I asked if I could have the cheese if I promised not to eat any of it. How ridiculous that I had to openly lie in order to buy a piece of cheese!

‘Even if I were ignorant of the risks associated with this period in a woman’s life it is not the job of a supermarket to tell people what they should or not be eating.

‘Indeed if I am missing something, and the Government in its wisdom has made supermarkets guardians of public health without me noticing, then I should like to leave the country now.’

Mrs Lehain said: ‘Are they for example going to stop obese people buying chocolate and other high fat food?’

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: ‘It is not our policy to refuse sale of goods on grounds that they may be unsuitable for pregnant women, although we do ask our colleagues to make customers aware if there are any safety concerns.

‘Customers should always refer to the product packaging for the most accurate and up to date information. In this case, our colleague made a mistake unpasteurised cheddar does not pose a risk to health during pregnancy.’

Sainsbury’s are a class act. Yesterday I was refused a bottle of cider (despite being 28 years old and presenting them with ID) because my partner (also 28) didn’t also have ID. Common sense didn’t kick in at all… I presented them with my debit card so they could check that it was in fact me purchasing the cider, but they still refused citing their challenge 25 policy… I pointed out I understood that if someone looked under 25 they would be ID’d and that I was fine with that, however, I had presented ID.... but they insisted both of us (irrelevant of who was actually doing the purchasing) needed ID. I asked if I had a small child with me would they still refuse and they said no… I even pointed out that even if my partner was underage as long as the alcohol is being consumed at home with parental consent it is not illegal… nothing doing. In the end I walked out without buying anything because the kid on the till said I had to hurry up and pay for what I could buy!!!

- Unimpressed, Reading, England,


I had to lie at Boots awhile ago. I had a slight rash on my eyelids and the GP advised me to go to the pharmacy and ask for a tube of 1% steroid cream.
The jobsworth gave me a lecture about how they were not going to sell it to me because it wasnot to be put anywhere near the eyes!
This was despite my telling them that my GP had said it was OK.
I then went over the road to another branch and told them I had a rash on my a*** and was given the ointment without any problems!!
Just learn to play their games - they are all covering their asses. I should know - I am a lawyer and it’s all getting ridiculously out of hand.
Whatever happened to commonsense?

- Erika, London, 05/10/2009 11:49


Get used to it....this is the New World Order slowly but surely being put into place while you all sit watching dancing nonsense, talent contests and soaps.

- Tony, Essex, 05/10/2009



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calendar   Sunday - October 04, 2009

Cameron rejects Boris Johnson’s call for Lisbon Treaty referendum

With no further comments from me ....


Last updated at 4:19 PM on 04th October 2009

The creation of a European superstate has moved a step closer, after the Irish people voted to accept the Lisbon Treaty, paving the way for a powerful new President of Europe.

In a result greeted with relief in Downing Street and dismay in the Tory Party, more than two-thirds of the Irish electorate voted Yes in the country’s second referendum on the treaty.

The ballot, hailed by European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso as ‘a great day for Ireland and for Europe’, followed a frantic campaign by pro-Europeans to reverse Ireland’s overwhelming No vote last year. Now, only Poland and the Czech Republic of the EU’s 27 countries have yet to approve it.

Critics say the treaty, which aims to ‘streamline’ EU institutions to mimic the functions of a nation state, represents the biggest threat to British sovereignty since the invasion of William the Conqueror in 1066.


David Cameron rejects Boris Johnson’s call for Lisbon Treaty referendum as Europe row overshadows Tory party conference

By Simon Walters, Simon Mcgee and Brendan Carlin
Last updated at 2:52 PM on 04th October 2009

David Cameron today rejected calls for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty even it if is ratified as a revolt over Europe threatened to overshadow the Tory party conference.

The Tory leader, who arriving in Manchester for the conference this morning, is under renewed pressure over the Treaty after it was approved by Ireland yesterday.

Boris Johnson has put himself at the head of a Euro revolt by calling for a referendum not just on the Treaty, but on whether the UK should pull out of Europe altogether.

The Mayor of London and former Tory frontbencher insisted the prospect of Tony Blair becoming the ‘big magnifico’ President of Europe underlined the need for a poll.

But Mr Cameron stuck to his guns today as he insisted he would not set out his plans until the last remaining EU members Czech Republic and Poland had ratified it.

‘I don’t want to say anything or do anything now that would undermine or prejudice what is happening in other countries where they are still debating whether to ratify this treaty. That is a very sensible thing to do,’ he said.

‘There were three countries that it hadn’t been ratified in - Ireland, the Czech Republic and Poland. There are now two so I don’t see any reason to change our approach because one of those has decided to ratify.

‘I think people will understand this argument that while there are other countries actually delaying the implementation of this treaty, don’t do anything or say anything that stops them from doing that.’



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calendar   Thursday - October 01, 2009


Even where there’s no need but ... it’s now in the books. It’s da law.  It’s also pretty stupid as you will see when you read this.

Here a simple sample of the idiocy that is now, this sceptered isle.

DC is Detective Constable

DC Shepherd earns just over £16,000 a year for working part-time, with a take-home wage of £1,000 per month. Edie’s nursery fees are £487 a month.
“The irony is that the state is now having to pay most of my child care because I am a single mother on a low income who works part-time and eligible for working tax credit and 80 per cent of my child care costs. They pay me nearly £500 a month, whereas before they didn’t have to pay me anything.
“The government is trying to promote the return of mothers to work and doing this at the same time.”

Posted this story very recently.  But now the ladies involved are speaking and while some is a rehash, this still makes for a very interesting illustration of this doomed culture.  If you are not familiar with this latest nanny state case, by all means read on.

DC Shepherd and DC Jarrett: “It has been a horrible few months”
DC Leanne Shepherd and DC Lucy Jarrett had no idea that their reciprocal child-care arrangement was illegal – until Ofsted came knocking.
By Neil Tweedie
The Telegraph

The creeping invasion of the state into what was once the preserve of the family and the individual – the databases, the intrusive checks, the inevitably disastrous attempts by bureaucrats to engage in social engineering through the promiscuous use of shoddy legislation and lazily-devised “initiatives” – has become so much a feature of modern life that most of us no longer notice it. Until the day it comes knocking at the door.

For Detective Constable Leanne Shepherd, that day was Friday July 10 of this year when an official from the Office of Standards in Education (Ofsted) called at her home in Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire. A CID officer in Thames Valley Police, she was enjoying a day off with her daughter, Edie, just two-and-a-half years old, when the bell rang.

“She was really lovely, the Ofsted lady,” remembers DC Shepherd. “She said there was a report that I was child-minding illegally. When I asked her what she meant – was I committing a criminal offence or something - she said she wasn’t 100 per cent sure.”

DC Shepherd’s alleged “crime” – and even in the age of the nanny-state-gone-wild, this takes some beating – was to have embarked on an arrangement with her friend, colleague and job-sharing partner, DC Lucy Jarrett, by which they took turns to look after each other’s daughter during days off. It was, according to both women, a “perfect” arrangement that lasted more than two years and allowed them to pursue challenging careers part-time (they conduct investigations together), and spend sufficient time with their first-borns in the years when they needed their mothers most.
There was no rigid pattern to the arrangement – its virtue was its flexibility – but it was reciprocal: each woman received a benefit in the form of two, and occasionally more, days of free child care during most weeks of the year.

This supposedly violates the Childcare Act of 2006, which prohibits adults not registered as child-minders looking after other people’s children for more than two hours a day for reward – the reward being the free care.
Ofsted had been tipped off by someone who must have lived near to DC Shepherd’s house because the Ofsted woman talked of cars coming and going from her property.

“I was in shock the whole time,” remembers the police officer. “I couldn’t imagine I was doing something wrong – I thought I could clear it up if I told her everything. She talked about reciprocal care; I argued that it was an arrangement based on friendship.”
DC Shepherd pointed out that during her maternity leave she had looked after DC Jarrett’s daughter Amy, who is six months older than Edie, purely as an act of kindness. She had received no reciprocal child care at that time.

“She (the Ofsted official) said, ‘I’m just going to check’ and went out to her car to use the phone. She came back and said, ‘You are. You’re breaking the law’.
“Even when she left, I thought that there must be some mistake. I was angry that someone could complain about me – that someone could be so petty – and shocked that what we were doing could be wrong, and that I would have to change everything.”
Seventeen days later a letter arrived from Ofsted ordering DC Shepherd to stop minding Amy immediately, and warning her that she might be subject to surveillance and unannouced visits by Ofsted inspectors.

“I thought it was laughable that they would go the extreme of using surveillance when I was trying to live my life and do my job,” she says, still upset at her treatment.
DC Shepherd, 32, has been single since the end of her relationship with Edie’s father, also a police officer, in November last year. He remains supportive, but without DC Jarrett’s help there is no chance of Edie staying out at home while her mother is on duty, and she has had to be put into a nursery.

“Amy and Edie get on like sisters – they have grown up together. You would always hear them saying ‘you’re my best friend’, ‘I’m your best friend’. They are only-children, so it was nice for them to have each other around.
“Edie went to nursery today and cried her eyes out. It has happened too quickly for her. I haven’t been able to introduce her to it gently. She has still not settled properly – she barely eats there. She asks, ‘Can I see Amy today?’ A two-year-old is not going to understand.”

The enforced change has not only caused her daughter deep distress but has actually cost the government money. DC Shepherd earns just over £16,000 a year for working part-time, with a take-home wage of £1,000 per month. Edie’s nursery fees are £487 a month.
“The irony is that the state is now having to pay most of my child care because I am a single mother on a low income who works part-time and eligible for working tax credit and 80 per cent of my child care costs. They pay me nearly £500 a month, whereas before they didn’t have to pay me anything.



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The betrayal of white working-class boys and the death of normal society.

This is one of the articles I was referring to in my last post. This is law (lack of) and disorder (LOTS of) in modern day England.
And the populous is UNARMED.

Now then, a natural supposition of those opposed to guns in homes is that, should they be that easy to come by then the bad guys will be just as well armed.  Well, that may be so but that argument misses the point that firstly, criminals are already armed for the most part.  People who advocate gun ownership have never to my knowledge suggested that ANYONE should be able to buy a gun merely by walking into your local grocery store.  Frankly, I don’t know how that would work out here in the UK if gun ownership was allowed. And how many people answer a knock at their door with a gun in their hand?  (ok, I once did but it was very late at night, beyond any expectation of nightly visitors and the outside light was not on. Turned out to be a songwriter friend from England visiting Nashville who decided to pay a surprise visit. ) Anyway people, the older ya get the more vulnerable one feels because, you are.  And btw, based on the things I have read about here, if we had access to guns, there’s no way that under some circumstances I would answer the door unarmed. 

I’m not implying that this unfortunate mother would have had a gun even if allowed.  But in many other cases, I’m certain lives could have been saved had the victims been well armed.  The punks and street rats are perfectly willing and proud to use violence.  And why the hell not?  There isn’t anyone or anything in place that they’re afraid of.  They have little if anything to lose. Or at least, nothing they place much value on.
Except of course their own lives and their own well being. But unless that’s threatened in some way, they own the streets.

33 separate complaints to the police

By Harriet Sergeant
October 1st, 2009

Already we are beginning to forget the horror of the story of Fiona Pilkington and her 18-year-old daughter Francecca.

We heard this week how bullying neighbours tormented them for ten years, finally driving Fiona to burn herself and Francecca, who had a mental age of four, to death.

What made matters so much worse was that she made 33 separate complaints to the police - yet was all but ignored.
Simmons family

How bitterly ironic it is that the police are now visiting her street in huge numbers, providing protection to the Simmons family who allegedly helped drive Fiona Pilkington to such a desperate act.

What scant consolation it must be for Fiona’s grieving relatives that her death has at last stirred the police into action.

I will never forget that photograph of the Simmons family. There is nothing particularly wicked about them. And that’s the horror. The four sons are smiling, relaxed, leaning affectionately against each other and their father. Their clothes are clean. They are posing, for goodness sake, in front of flowered wall paper.

Yet this is the family who allegedly tormented a woman to such horrific extremes after enduring a decade of terror.

I have spent the last ten months interviewing teenage boys in poor neighbourhoods. The Simmons boys are no worse, and even a lot better, than many of those I met. Like a lot of adolescent boys they did the reprehensible because it was fun - and because they could.

As one of the boys chillingly told Fiona Pilkington’s 72-year-old mother: ‘We can do anything we like to you and you can’t do anything about it.’

In any normal society those boys would have been pulled up short - by their parents, by neighbours, by the police, by pillars of the local community - the first time they threw an egg at the Pilkington household.

BUT WE NO LONGER LIVE IN A NORMAL SOCIETY. No one censured them, so they were able to continue their reign of terror in Barwell in Hinckley, Leicestershire, for up to a decade.

The sorry truth is we live in the twilight years of a social experiment that has failed. The Pilkington family has paid the worst possible price for that failure.

In the caring, sharing culture of our social services, one fact gets forgotten. In order to protect the vulnerable, you have to take a stand. But our Government and our institutions are uncomfortable at exercising authority. And in the vacuum that this creates, bullies like the Simmons family move in.

As one policeman remarked to me: ‘Sometimes it’s not enough to be all pink and fluffy. You’ve got to be nasty sometimes. You’ve got to be getting stuck in there.’

The failure to get ‘stuck in’ by social services, schools and the police means they have the blood of people like Fiona Pilkington and her daughter on their hands.
Fiona Pilkington and her daughter

Failed: Fiona Pilkington and her daughter were let down by the authorities

Take the local community. In the old days, a neighbour would have seized boys urinating against a house and clipped them around the ear - or worse. Now what happens when a grown-up tells off a gang of youths? Those community-minded individuals risk getting stabbed or beaten or are themselves arrested by the police.

The Pilkingtons’s neighbours complained. ‘We tried our best to stop what was going on,’ they said. They contacted the police and council. ‘But our pleas fell on deaf ears.’ Our local communities have been totally emasculated.

What about schools? What role did they play in socialising and directing the youths in Barwell? White working class boys like the Simmons brothers do worse at school than any other group. At 14, 65 per cent of them have a reading age of seven or below.

Schools today appear incapable of exercising the discipline and moral authority so clearly needed by teenage boys. In fact one of the Simmons brothers, Alex, boasted he has twice been expelled from school for ‘fighting with teachers’.

So what kind of punishment can a school inflict? They can hold a boy in at break time or, of course, with the appropriate procedure and letters to the parent, after school for a few hours. None of the boys I interviewed looked on that as a life-changing experience.

When authority is ineffectual, bullies flourish. When one mother at a North Yorkshire school complained her son was being persecuted by a group of boys, his headmistress replied: ‘There is nothing I can do about bullying.’ At least she was honest.

Indeed in the topsy-turvy world of our ineffectual institutions, victims of bullying often find themselves cast as the villain simply for demanding justice. Many parents told me that if their child complained, they were the ones who suffered and were forced to withdraw the complaint or even move school - not their tormentors.

Normally on a story this long I’d edit and provide a link. But not this time. The whole article is here and continued below.

See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Tuesday - September 29, 2009


This really is bothersome on more then one level. Seems like anything that’s on display in a gallery like ... oh let me think.  How about a crucifix in a jar of urine.  Oh well. It’s art if it’s in a gallery. 

How about a photograph of a ten year old girl, oiled and made to look like a woman?  Is that kiddie porn? Is it porn at all or just a photo of a naked and oiled and made up kid having fun?

The newest filth going on display at the Tate Modern will show a nude Brooke Shields at age ten.  I guess back then her parents or guardian or whoever gave the okay.  I haven’t seen the photo and don’t know if it is art or it isn’t.  ??? Does it depend on how the pix was shot and what sort of background?  Somehow, and maybe I’m greatly out of step with the time here, nude ten year olds as described in this article fall far short of ‘art’ imho.

But wait.  That isn’t all.  The latest ‘artful display’ will include pornography including penetration. 

Just so we’re clear and understand things.
Two lady police officers who have kids can’t baby sit for one another (as reported here recently) because of concerns re. child safety.  If they care for one another’s children more then 14 days a year as the new law has been written, they must register and have tests of some sort to prove they are not criminals.  Never mind they’re cops. 
But an art (?) gallery can display an oiled nude of a ten year old.  Got it.

Try passing out porn in public spaces and you might find yourself up on charges of some kind I am certain.  Public nuisance perhaps.  Ah but .. give it a name, call it art and Bob’s your uncle. 

Here you go. See what you make of this.  And lets have no talk of censorship.  Remember. It’s “ART.”

Tate Modern to display nude picture of 10-year-old Brooke Shields alongside giant pornographic images

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:49 PM on 29th September 2009

A provocative nude picture of a 10-year-old Brooke Shields will appear in a new exhibition at the Tate Modern, it was revealed today.

Gallery chiefs said they sought legal advice before including the work, titled Spiritual America, in the Pop Life: Art In A Material World show, which opens on Thursday.

The exhibition also features huge sexually explicit images of penetration and works made from the pages of pornographic magazines.

Richard Prince’s image of Shields shows the actress from the knees up, naked, oiled and wearing make-up, looking directly at the viewer.

It is hung in a special room at the south London gallery with a notice on the door warning visitors they may find the image ‘challenging’.

Prince himself described the 1983 work, which is in fact a photograph of a photograph taken by another artist, Gary Gross, as ‘an extremely complicated photo of a naked girl who looks like a boy made up to look like a woman’.

The picture was originally shown anonymously in a disused shop in a run-down area of New York, and the Tate show is believed to be the work’s first appearance in a UK gallery.

Jack Bankowsky, the exhibition’s co-curator, said he hoped the artistic interest in Spiritual America would not be overshadowed by controversy over its content.

‘I hope that people respond to what is provocative and understand what the artist was trying to achieve,’ he said.

‘If it turned into that kind of brouhaha it would overwhelm the work and become a monosyllabic conversation.’

Prince wanted the viewer to respond to the ‘eerieness’ of Gross’ original image, Mr Bankowsky said.
Full on: American artist Jeff Koons’ Dirty-Jeff On Top’ statue stands in front of Made In Heaven, at the Pop Life, Art In A Material World exhibition to be staged at the Tate Modern

Full on: American artist Jeff Koons’ Dirty-Jeff On Top’ statue stands in front of Made In Heaven, at the Pop Life, Art In A Material World exhibition to be staged at the Tate Modern

A spokesman for the Tate said they had given careful consideration to the work and the reaction it could provoke before including it in the exhibition.

‘As with any artwork that contains challenging imagery, Tate has sought legal advice and evaluated the situation,’ the spokesman said.

‘Tate has taken measures to inform visitors of the nature of the work, providing information outlining the intentions of the artist.

‘This is an important work by Richard Prince which has been publicly exhibited on a number of occasions, most recently in Richard Prince’s major retrospective, Spiritual America, at the Guggenheim in New York.’


This is also art. Art? This?  How about garbage?  And ppl fall for this crap. Why? Where is the art in this. I guess I just don’t understand the term.
works by Damien Hirst, including False Idol, a calf preserved in formaldehyde.


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calendar   Monday - September 28, 2009

How Britain is creating a terror state within, by Melanie Phillips PLEASE LISTEN BMEWS!!!!

H/T EuropeNews

There is nothing for me to say or add.  This came on me as a surprise. I read this lady in the Mail but had no idea till minutes ago that she had an audio out there.  Pay attention to her.  You in America especially will be interested. If you aren’t, then you should be.  What she says so much better then I ever could, I was also telling BMEWS readers some time ago.  But no where near as articulate.

How Britain is creating a terror state within by Melanie Phillips






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