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calendar   Monday - October 26, 2015

the domino effect is threatening to destroy the Schengen Agreement. GOOD!

This invading mob won’t be stopped, and more will follow them in short order.
Europe can kiss itself goodbye.

In Germany yesterday, police kept a counter demonstration of leftists against some 200 members of an anti migrant rally of the right at bay.
The really depressing thing about this is that the patriots could gather only 200.  They were vastly outnumbered by the rabble on the left.  That should say something about euro attitudes. 

In London … anarchists and others identified as, “activists” attacked police as they tried to storm the Eurostar in support of immigrants.  These shits belonging to an anti capitalist movement called, No Borders, who do also do not believe in immigration control, in any form, went on a rampage. Few arrests were made, smoke bombs tossed and other items damaged and thrown at cops. Like the metal fences they tore down and threw at police.

These mindless bastards don’t really care that much about borders and immigration.
But it gives the average low life hooligan a badge, a cause to hide behind, like the word, ‘activist’.  Their actions are accepted as normal if not legitimate.  They know damn well nobody is going to shoot them or harm them in any way.  So, they do what they are allowed by a weak and soft willed culture that has taken root over the last couple of generations.

On the march to western Europe: pictures show thousands of determined men, women and children trudging across the Balkans as politicians warn EU could collapse in weeks

· Battling howling winds, driving rain and icy temperatures, thousands of migrants today marched into Slovenia
· Photographed from above, the refugees formed a single column as they crossed into the country from Croatia
· It comes as Slovenia’s Prime Minister warns the EU will break up if leaders cannot agree on how to deal with crisis
· For more of the latest news on Europe’s refugee crisis visit
By Corey Charlton for MailOnline

Battling strong winds, driving rain, mud and freezing temperatures, these stunning photographs show a slow trek of thousands of migrants making their way to Europe amid the harsh conditions of the oncoming winter.

As one European leader warns the ever growing crisis will see the EU fall apart ‘in weeks’, tens of thousands of people are continuing to try and reach the Eurozone via the arduous Balkans route.

And as these pictures show, they are prepared to do so despite often overwhelmingly difficult conditions.

The column of migrants was filmed from the sky as it weaved through fields in Rigonce, Slovenia, after having passed into the country from Croatia.
Tens of thousands of people are trying to reach central and northern Europe via the Balkans, but often have to wait for days in mud and rain at the Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian borders.

Slovenia’s premier this weekend warned the European Union that it ‘is weeks away from falling apart’ if the bloc cannot agree on a plan to confront the sudden influx of refugees through the Balkans.

Nine days after Hungary’s move to seal its southern border drove unprecedented migrant flows into tiny Slovenia, Prime Minister Miro Cerar sent out a dramatic call to fellow central and eastern leaders in Brussels for emergency talks.

He said: ‘If we don’t find a solution today, if we don’t do everything we can today, then it is the end of the European Union as such. If we don’t deliver concrete action, I believe Europe will start falling apart.’

GOOD!  The EU deserves to fall apart.

Since October 17, more than 62,000 migrants have arrived in Slovenia, with some 14,000 still passing through the country on today alone.
Cerar said Croatia, which has already seen some 230,000 migrants pass through since mid-September, was still waiving migrants through into Slovenia without alerting Slovenia authorities.

Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia have all now warned they could close their borders if Germany and Austria stop accepting migrants.
More than 680,000 migrants and refugees have crossed to Europe by sea so far this year from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, according to the International Organization for Migration.

Following years of economic crisis, Europe’s governments are struggling to cope with an influx of people from countries including Syria, where Russia’s intervention has complicated efforts to end nearly five years of civil war.

Hungary’s decision to seal its borders left crowds of migrants camping by the side of the road in worsening weather.
As a result of their new border fencing, migrants switched to Croatia, which also imposed border controls, pushing them into Slovenia.
Now the domino effect is threatening to destroy the Schengen Agreement for passport-free travel within the EU.

GOOD! Schengen treaty pie in the sky and responsible for much of what you’re seeing today.  Think the Euro-weenies will scrap it?  I’d bet not.  Take a good look.
This is what open borders look like.

more at the source



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calendar   Saturday - October 17, 2015

muslim trust takes over three non religious schools

Don’t much care what the Dept. of Ed claims.  Not too sure I’d trust them or the folks they are defending here.

Sorry no link, trouble coming up with it but it comes from the Daily Mail and so screen shot is all I have.

So here’s something else for some parents to worry about.  Oh, but that might be another one of those dreaded “isms”, mightn’t it?



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calendar   Saturday - October 03, 2015

Germany’s suicide note?

More on Germany ....

They have taken in so many, in addition to the millions already living there, that the govt. of Mrs. Merkel has been insisting, one might say even threatening, other countries in Europe take in migrants on a quota.  Some have resisted, Hungary for one.  They don’t want to become a muslim country and have said so openly.  Of course that makes them ray-cists. 
The only light and it’s so far a very dim one, is that the migrant crisis will finally finish off the EU once and for all.
But don’t hold your breath on that.  There are just too damn many lefty libtards and their legal enablers still breathing.

In Belgium, volunteers have started to dismantle Belgium’s biggest refugee camp, when local families stepped forward to host asylum seekers living there.  A group calling themselves Civil Platform, decided to take down the tent city after a wave of bleeding hearts offered to take them in while their applications were processed.

Meanwhile, fighting continues elsewhere in Europe between various muslim groups.  Unfortunately, they haven’t killed each other. Yet.  But local hospitals have been quite busy.

Call to segregate rival refugee groups after clashes at German asylum centres

Angela Merkel’s open-door migrant policy and her calls for a “culture of welcome” are facing a growing backlash from within her party

Germany’s police said accommodation for refugees should be divided along religious and ethnic lines after violent clashes between refugee groups at asylum centres in recent days.
The latest violence occurred on Sunday night at a “tent city” housing 1,500 migrants in the town of Calden, north of Frankfurt. Police said rival groups of Pakistani and Albanian refugees attacked each other with clubs.

Fourteen people were injured in the clashes, which were broken up by police using teargas and pepper spray. “Between 60 and 70 people were involved. They attacked each other with clubs and threw things at each other,” a police spokesman said.

The incident followed similar violence on Friday at an asylum centre near Leipzig, where 200 Syrian and Afghan migrants attacked each other with table legs, bed frames and sticks after a dispute about who should be allowed to use one of the few lavatories provided in the accommodation first.

“The police have reached the absolute limit of what they can take,” complained the deputy head of Germany’s police trade union, Jörg Radek. “ We must do everything we can to prevent further outbreaks of violence.” He said segregation of refugees along religious and ethnic lines was essential.

. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition has offered Syrian war refugees the prospect of immediate asylum in Germany for the next three years. However, her open-door migrant policy and her calls for a “culture of welcome” are facing a growing backlash from within her own conservative Christian Democratic Party.

Erika Steinbach, another veteran conservative, said: “Life has not become easier as a result of the chancellor’s comments. I don’t know anyone who believes we can really bring the arrival of so many refugees under control – the people want a further influx stopped,” she insisted.

Well, if the people want to put an end to all this madness, they might return to a very good idea Germans had from the 18th to the 20th century.

They were known as Freikorps. Or Free Corps. Very effective I’m led to believe. That’s one option.  But the will has to be there and I don’t think they have that.


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a peek into an unwanted future …

Can’t say with honesty I’ve been busier than Drew last few days, but they have been frustrating. More on that later cos it involves problem solving.

There is so much going on that tries our patience.  But of course the main focus for those of us on this side of the water, it’s migration. Both legal and otherwise.

Because Germany has what appears to be a permanent guilt complex that sees no end, that country is carrying the brunt of the invasion.
As you all know, Frau Merkel, may shit be upon her, has invited the muslim world to resettle in her country because the Fatherland isn’t worthy of survival due to guilt for something or other, done by some other generation, the vast majority of whom are old and dotty or long dead.
She has come to realize too late, her offer was a tad too broad and maybe badly worded.  I kind of doubt she meant the entire mid east was welcome.

I saw a video recently, of muslim yoots born in Germany and who speak perfect German but .... aren’t German in any way. 
Almost forgot .... the newest figure of incoming has gone up. Well of course it has. It now stands at 1.4 million.

Here’s a small example.  Watch it all, listen to what these muzzie scum speaking German, say about Germans.
When I see stuff like this, I can not help but think, Genocide isn’t really a bad idea after all, if this is the future culture of Europe. 


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calendar   Monday - September 28, 2015

Hard to believe this but my source has always been very good

I just posted something I thought might be of interest.

I didn’t think it would be news to a friend I have in Belgium.  We have a mutual interest in early Jazz and over time he’s been quite helpful to me.

So, when Lyndon shared a link to a migrant story in comments, I went to his source at YT and copied it here. I also sent a copy to my friend in Belgium.

I promise I haven’t made this up.  I find it very hard to accept.  Surely no govt. can be that stupid.  But I’ve known Pat over a number of years and really haven’t any reason to doubt him.

Here is his very brief email to me, received minutes ago.

It is true you know.
In Belgium, authorities are considering OBLIGATORY co-housing with Syrian refugees. They also SHOULD be given a job

within three MONTHS whereas we are in economical crisis and some local people are not even finding a job in a couple of YEARS. This is madness and

situation is very tense my country.


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the signpost just ahead? you’re blind if ya can’t read it from here.

This belongs on our front page.

H/T LyndonB who posted the link in comments.

I haven’t any way of knowing if the lady is telling the truth or not. 
Maybe she’s frightened by what she sees happening in her country.  As far as I am concerned, I believe extremism in defense of one’s country is a virtue.  So if she is fibbing .... it does not matter in this case.  Europe is being overrun.  That much is fact.

Meanwhile here in the UK a mob carrying torches and paint balls and banners were protesting and breaking windows.
What was that all about?  Oh nothing much.
Some 200 anarchists were protesting a trendy very high priced eatery in a part of London that’s home to lots of poor folks.
They were protesting as well “Middle Class Hipsters” taking over east London, and showing signs that read, “Class War”. 
Of course most were wearing masks.
The only solace to be had from their breathing is that one day, the islamists will get to them and maybe cut off their worthless heads.
You know.  After the final takeover which is at the sign post just ahead.  But it won’t be make believe.  Of course by then, anarchists will most likely join that side to save themselves.

Take a look.


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calendar   Monday - September 21, 2015

how about taking in one or two migrant families? The archflake of canterbury is.

Steve1977, Norwich, United Kingdom, about 3 hours ago
Does he not see all the homeless in this country? Why do these people seem not to see all the issues in this country?!

That’s one of many comments made after an announcement by the Archbishop Jerk of
Canterbury, that he was going to take in a migrant family. Or two.
Not earth shattering news but take a gander at this anyway.

His jerkiness probably hasn’t taken into account something else.  Whoever occupies a building such as this, will have no idea of the history or the culture and so, might not have a care as they go about their business.

Here’s a scenario tho.  More likely whatever family the idiot takes in, will be well vetted and if at all possible, they will be middle class educated Syrians. And maybe no Syrians at all. Anyway, they won’t simply be dumped in a nice home and forgotten.  He will see to it that jobs of some kind will be found, those kiddies if any will get an education and may in time become citizens and civil right lawyers.
Of course, even before then all the cousins and aunts and such support staff will migrate too and need a place to stay. 
Heaven forbid he show the same concern for people born and raised here.
Just musings.

Archbishop of Canterbury throws opens the doors of Lambeth Palace to migrant families and says ‘Jesus was a refugee’
· Archbishop of Canterbury to host families in a cottage at Lambeth Palace
· It is something he feels passionately about, saying, ‘Jesus was a refugee’
· Offer comes after Pope said the Vatican would host two refugee families
By Jenny Stanton For Mailonline

The Archbishop of Canterbury has offered to host one or two refugee families in a cottage in the grounds of his Lambeth Palace residence in London.
‘As a Christian who leads the Church of England, it is something he feels absolutely passionate about,’ a spokeswoman for Anglican leader Justin Welby said.

‘As the archbishop has said, Jesus was a refugee, and there are refugees here who are desperate for sanctuary from war-torn places and the archbishop is completely torn about their situation and wants to make a difference.’

The spokesman said the four-bedroom cottage could house a ‘family or two’, adding: ‘He would pay for it out of his own discretionary fund’.
The Archbishop has been considering the move for ‘a while’, his office said, and the cottage is currently being redecorated. 

Welby has been critical of Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent offer to take in an extra 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years, calling it a ‘very slim response’.


Well of course the schmuck isn’t happy. Happy for this walking doorstop, would be 20 million of them. What the hell. It’s party time at England’s cultural expense. 


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calendar   Wednesday - September 16, 2015

Berliners will deflate when they realise what Mrs Merkel has done in their name.

This article comes with 29 photos, which isn’t my focus at all.

Take out all the photos and article isn’t too long, and it is of interest.

For myself and perhaps you might agree, the part that stands out the most, the one thing that says WAKE THE HELL UP, comes in the last page of a two page hard copy article.  In fact, it’s the final two lines of the story that have the impact and make one sit up.

So that’s what I present here.

The very end of the article.

Should you want to read and see it all .... here’s a link.


warned by a Syrian minister that two in every 100 people in the camps are ISIS jihadists trying to slip into Europe undetected.
Europe is witnessing the biggest inward migration since World War II.

In the first six months of this year, 450,000 migrants registered with the German authorities.
There were 105,000 asylum applications in August, and 37,000 in the first week of this month. Germany says it expects these to reach a total of 800,000, or even more, by the end of 2015.

And still they try to come. In the age of the internet, social media and mobile phone, Germany’s invitation to Syrians is common knowledge in tea houses across Africa and the Middle East, luring more migrants to set off. Visiting a Berlin asylum processing centre, where she was cheered by migrants, Mrs Merkel promised last week that Germany would give a ‘good future’ to everyone.

It is a far cry from five years ago, when she said a multi-cultural society in Germany had ‘utterly failed’. Now, she tells her citizens: ‘Being a country to which so many want to migrate should be a source of pride.’ The irony is that she’s unlikely to be understood by many migrants, even those who have been in Germany for some time.

Take Syrian Muslim Mohamad Dugmush, once a Damascus restaurant manager, who is struggling to speak German after arriving in February 2014.
Mr Dugmush, in his 40s, moved to Berlin when his asylum application was approved. In July this year, he brought in his wife Amani, their daughter and four young sons.

The family have been allocated a three-room apartment, near the coffee bar where I met Mohammad and his friends in Neukolln, where 40 per cent of residents are of non-German origin.

Mr Dugmush and his wife get more than £500 a month, plus free housing and extra benefits, for their five children. It is far more than he earned in Syria.

‘I live on a street with a German name, which is nicknamed locally as Arab Strasse,’ he told an American TV channel proudly last month. ‘When I go outside, and everyone speaks Arabic, I smile.

‘Near my house, I have a mosque. My wife is wearing a veil. When she goes out, nobody speaks badly to her because she is among Muslims. I feel thankful for Germany.’

OK ..... in photo terms, here’s the money shot. Whatcha think?

Saudi Arabia is offering to finance the building of 200 mosques in Germany to cater for the new generations of Muslims.

One can only wonder if the spirits of ordinary Berliners will deflate like those balloons when they realise what Mrs Merkel has done in their name.


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calendar   Tuesday - September 08, 2015

the future of islam at the heart of europe looking up. not so good for europe though.

It’s one thing entirely if the Germans are crazy enough to decide to F*** their own damn country.
But yet again .... only this time without intention I hope, they are about to screw all of Europe. While I know there are also many Christians among them, the majority are not.  The host country will eventually disappear. Europeans need to break up the EU and citizens should be arming themselves.
That’s what I believe based on what I heard a short while ago.
In fact I didn’t believe what I heard and so went looking to verify.

Yup .... 

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland and by the way .... while we are at it, a fond memory or two even for the French,

and a sad goodbye to EUROPE too.

Because that mad menopausal Frau Merkel is ... well here. Read it for yourself and while you do, keep in mind Germany is at the very heart of Europe and those countries that make up the EU no longer need passports to travel among member countries. I can not believe he’d say this without her approval.

Migrant crisis: Germany ‘can take 500,000 asylum seekers a year’

Germany can cope with at least 500,000 asylum seekers a year for several years, Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has said.

Germany expects more than 800,000 asylum-seekers in 2015 alone - four times the 2014 figure.

Mr Gabriel reiterated that other EU states should share the burden.

The UN’s refugee agency, UNHCR, says a record 7,000 Syrian migrants arrived in Macedonia alone on Monday and 30,000 were on Greek islands.

The migrants, mainly Syrians, are engaged in a long trek which takes them from Turkey, across the sea to Greece, through Macedonia and Serbia, and then to Hungary from where they aim to reach Austria and Germany.

The migrant influx has unsettled European governments and prompted diverse responses. Hungary’s conservative leadership is building a border fence to try to keep them out, but German politicians have expressed pride in crowds who welcomed new arrivals.

A Greek minister said on Monday that the island of Lesbos, which sits off the Turkish coast, was “on the verge of an explosion” due to a build-up of 20,000 migrants.

The government and UNHCR have brought in extra staff and ships to process them.

Despite the huge influx expected into Germany this year, Mr Gabriel said it was prepared for more in the longer term.

“I believe we could certainly deal with something in the order of a half a million for several years,” he said in an interview with Germany’s public ZDF television.

But he also urged other members of the EU to play their part.

The EU is due to unveil proposals on Wednesday to distribute 160,000 refugees among member states on a mandatory basis.

The crisis has divided the 28-nation European Union, especially the issue of obligatory quotas.

Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Romania, are opposed. Poland’s President Andrzej Duda reiterated his country’s position on Wednesday.

“In Europe the talk is all the time about fighting the results, and little on how to liquidate the reasons. Europe is in a kind of a closed circle,” he said.



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calendar   Sunday - September 06, 2015

Posturing politicians, selling out your country


Bad signs: Posturing politicians including Yvette Cooper brandished their ‘brave’ slogan

All those shown above are in govt. or were or are in the running for positions.
The loon in the upper left corner for example, is the head of the Green Party,
center photo is running for the top job in the Labour Party, she wants to replace the former head, Ed Miliband, who was roundly defeated in the May election.  She is Yvette Cooper, wife of Ed Balls who was among other things, Former Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families.  The point is, all are on the left no matter what party they belong to.  Man at lower left is Labour MP, Sadiq Khan, upper and lower right are Lib/Dems. Liberal Democrats, defeated roundly in May election.

This article appeared today in the Peter Hitchens page of the Sunday Mail.
I think he is entirely correct. 
Normally I’d post part and give you the link for what was left out.  This time though, I wanted to be sure ppl would be interested enough to read it all here.

Actually we can’t do what we like with this country.

By, Peter Hitchens, Sunday Mail

We inherited it from our parents and grandparents and we have a duty to hand it on to our children and grandchildren, preferably improved and certainly undamaged.

It is one of the heaviest responsibilities we will ever have. We cannot just give it away to complete strangers on an impulse because it makes us feel good about ourselves.

Every one of the posturing notables simpering ‘refugees welcome’ should be asked if he or she will take a refugee family into his or her home for an indefinite period, and pay for their food, medical treatment and education.

If so, they mean it. If not, they are merely demanding that others pay and make room so that they can experience a self-righteous glow. No doubt the same people are also sentimental enthusiasts for the ‘living wage’, and ‘social housing’, when in fact open borders are steadily pushing wages down and housing costs up.

As William Blake rightly said: ‘He who would do good to another must do it in minute particulars. General good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite and flatterer.’

Britain is a desirable place to live mainly because it is an island, which most people can’t get to. Most of the really successful civilisations survived because they were protected from invasion by mountains, sea, deserts or a combination of these things. Ask the Russians or the Poles what it’s like to live without the shield of the sea. There is no positive word for ‘safety’ in Russian. Their word for security is ‘bezopasnost’ – ‘without danger’.

Thanks to a thousand years of uninvaded peace, we have developed astonishing levels of trust, safety and freedom. I have visited nearly 60 countries and lived in the USSR, Russia and the USA, and I have never experienced anything as good as what we have. Only in the Anglosphere countries – the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – is there anything comparable. I am amazed at how relaxed we are about giving this away.

Our advantages depend very much on our shared past, our inherited traditions, habits and memories. Newcomers can learn them, but only if they come in small enough numbers. Mass immigration means we adapt to them, when they should be adapting to us.

So now, on the basis of an emotional spasm, dressed up as civilisation and generosity, are we going to say that we abandon this legacy and decline our obligation to pass it on, like the enfeebled, wastrel heirs of an ancient inheritance letting the great house and the estate go to ruin?

Having seen more than my share of real corpses, and watched children starving to death in a Somali famine, I am not unmoved by pictures of a dead child on a Turkish beach. But I am not going to pretend to be more upset than anyone else. Nor am I going to suddenly stop thinking, as so many people in the media and politics appear to have done.

The child is not dead because advanced countries have immigration laws. The child is dead because criminal traffickers cynically risked the lives of their victims in pursuit of money.

I’ll go further. The use of words such as ‘desperate’ is quite wrong in this case. The child’s family were safe in Turkey. Turkey (for all its many faults) is a member of Nato, officially classified as free and democratic. Many British people actually pay good money to go on holiday to the very beach where the child’s body was washed up.

It may not be ideal, but the definition of a refugee is that he is fleeing from danger, not fleeing towards a higher standard of living.

Goodness knows I have done what I could on this page to oppose the stupid interventions by this country in Iraq, Libya and Syria, which have turned so many innocent people into refugees or corpses.

But I can see neither sense nor justice in allowing these things to become a pretext for an unstoppable demographic revolution in which Europe (including, alas, our islands) merges its culture and its economy with North Africa and the Middle East. If we let this happen, Europe would lose almost all the things that make others want to live there.

You really think these crowds of tough young men chanting ‘Germany!’ in the heart of Budapest are ‘asylum-seekers’ or ‘refugees’?

Refugees don’t confront the police of the countries in which they seek sanctuary. They don’t chant orchestrated slogans or lie across the train tracks.

And why, by the way, do they use the English name for Germany when they chant? In Arabic and Turkish, that country is called ‘Almanya’, in Kurdish something similar. The Germans themselves call it ‘Deutschland’. In Hungarian, it’s ‘Nemetorszag’.

Did someone hope that British and American TV would be there? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: spontaneous demonstrations take a lot of organising.

Refugees don’t demand or choose their refuge. They ask and they hope. When we become refugees one day (as we may well do), we will discover this.

As to what those angry, confident and forceful young men actually are, I’ll leave you to work it out, as I am too afraid of the Thought Police to use what I think is the correct word.
But it is interesting that this week sees the publication in English of a rather dangerous book, which came out in France just before the Charlie Hebdo murders.

Submission, by Michel Houellebecq, prophesies a Muslim-dominated government in France about seven years from now, ushered into power by the French Tory and Labour parties.

What they want, says one of the cleverer characters in the book, ‘is for France to disappear – to be integrated into a European federation’. This means they’d much rather do a deal with a Muslim party than with the National Front, France’s Ukip equivalent.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s amazing how likely and simple the author makes this Islamic revolution sound.
Can we stop this transformation of all we have and are? I doubt it. To do so would involve the grim-faced determination of Australia, making it plain in every way that our doors are open only to limited numbers of people, chosen by us, enduring the righteous scorn of the supposedly enlightened.

As we lack the survival instinct and the determination necessary, and as so many of our most influential people are set on committing a sentimental national suicide, I suspect we won’t.

To those who condemn reasonable calls for national self-defence as bigotry, hatred and intolerance (which they are not), I make only this request: just don’t pretend you’re doing a good and generous thing, when you’re really cowardly and weak.

source, hitchens, sunday mail

Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland

Meanwhile in Germany, idiots are lining the streets with welcome signs and handshakes for the invaders who in a few generations will change forever the face and culture of that country.  And certainly not for the better.  At the moment in their euphoria and feeling good about themselves, the Germans can’t see that eventuality.
It’ll be far too late when they wake up and see what they’ve brought upon themselves.
The only group that could halt the process has been banned since 1945, and they’re all gone anyway.


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calendar   Saturday - September 05, 2015

just the beginning …..

Earlier in the week, Frau Merkel and another German politician, were critical of English PM and the policy he wanted.  At one point he did say something about limits, and the Germans tried to lecture Brits on humanity.

So anyway .... this was in one of our morning papers and of course I see it on my computer. That is, we don’t have a TV but do have a desktop and a tablet. And it is on radio every day.
Either the right in Germany really is very small and very insignificant, or there’s something of a news blackout where the far right is concerned.
No matter how ya look at things .... and for me personally .... Germany was finished but I hadn’t yet realized just how much closer they were to the end.

They have had generations since the war to thoroughly brainwash the population, instill a permanent guilt complex that will continue into the future.
And the future looks bleak as it does for Britain as well. 

If Germany can go this way, there is no hope for Europe either.




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THE FRONT PAGE and the clock ticks

Drew has already said it.


The number will be higher as the PM has done a flip due mostly to the published photos of a poor little kid maybe five, who along with his mother and brother, drowned. Drew wrote something about that recently.

Questions like, who couldn’t feel being moved by these photos of that tragic little boy?

Erm ... ah ... pardon me but.  I feel nothing. Won’t pretend I do either, just to make folks think I am civilized.

The more they die the happier I am.

Oh ... an Eastern European country has said openly they will not take anyone who is not a Christian.

I know Gaddafi was a miserable rat bastard.  But he was one the west could work with. He did keep things in check, but ppl like Cameron and the French and even the USA, just had to go in there , Libya, and fuck things up. The west was gonna bring change and democracy to Libya even if it meant bombing them and declaring a fly free zone, except for allied planes of course.  And when Assad said most of the opposition to him contained outright terrorists, the west wasn’t interested cos the west did not like him.  More importantly, Israel didn’t care much for Assad either.

So here we are.


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calendar   Monday - August 31, 2015

Christian Europe’s lost its courage - and its future.

It was never rocket science of course.  Anyone except people on the denial left could see it clearly.  The future.  Looking at the present when the present was say 4 years ago, and for some even earlier, they were seeing today as early as 2004.  And before that too.

Some idiot in a liberal paper today applauds the traitor Merkel of Germany, for suspending a couple of rules on immigration and welcoming into her country, as many as 800,000 over the next few years.  The writer says she has shamed Britain, apparently unaware this is an island.  Even tho he was born and raised here.

Anyway, there is nothing I can say to paint a word picture for you that would show just how bad and mad things not only have become, but continue to be.

Christian Europe’s lost its courage - and its future

By Peter Hitchens, Sunday Mail

So, the transformation of this country by mass migration, begun by New Labour to rub the Right’s nose in diversity, has now moved up a gear. One in eight of us was born abroad – and how long before that’s one in six, and then one in four?

These people are not (as I am) the children of British subjects born while overseas. They are people who have grown up in a different culture. Never before in our history have we faced the task of integrating a minority so large. Never before have we had such a feeble idea of what being British is.

And yet people ask me, as if the idea were absurd, why I think this will be a Muslim country within a couple of generations. I can think of no force or idea or movement or faith more likely to prosper in the state to come.

Like all other civilisations which lost their nerve and the will to live, European Christianity is destined to become a minority in its own territory. By the way, if you don’t like this, and voted Tory at the last Election, you have no business complaining.

I told you repeatedly that the Tory concern about immigration was faked. They don’t want the power to stop it.



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calendar   Friday - August 28, 2015

call them migrants or refugees if you want to. I see them as invaders

Authorities are trying to fingerprint arrivals, who do not want to be fingerprinted. And so, within the last week, migrants started throwing stones at border guards and police.  Somehow a major riot was avoided.

I suppose this mess will only be of interest to those living on this side of the Atlantic.
And mess it is.
The subject of course is illegal immigration.  For that matter, immigrants period.

Over the last few days the secret that wasn’t so big a surprise, was out.
The numbers are staggering, and yet the thick headed over here, keep bleating
on about how much immigrants contribute to the success of , blah,blah.  And people who worry about it or just come right out and say this island just can not take in so many are ….  bigots and racists.

Even Hungary is trying to stop the invasion across their borders. And they still come. In the thousands.  In fact … hundreds of thousands.  If you take the time to look at the photos and especially the video at the link below, what stands out most as you look?

The following is a must read.  As usual, Littlejohn has it right.
And so does Donald Trump, who Littlejohn quotes.

A country which won’t secure its borders isn’t a country at all.

At least there’s a small amount of good news this week. 
200 possibly more invaders were drowned and, the bodies of 71 invaders were found in the back of a truck that appeared abandoned.

RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: This has never been about race… 8million foreign newcomers is far too many for a small country like Britain to absorb
By Richard Littlejohn for the Daily Mail

Eight million. Doesn’t sound much, especially if you say it quickly. Sting’s just sold his Central London pad for £19 million.

Even that’s no big deal. Yesterday we learned that there are now 715,000 paper millionaires in Britain, thanks to the relentless rise in property prices.
When it comes to money, a million is increasingly meaningless. A round of drinks. The national debt is measured in trillions, not millions. The news bulletins bandy around billions every day, and we all just shrug.

But when it refers to people, not pounds, we really should sit up and take notice.
It has just been revealed that the number of people who were born abroad and are now living in Britain has hit a staggering 8.3 million.

That’s almost exactly the population of London, our capital city. Think about it. It’s an astonishing figure. Enough to fill Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium more than 100 times over.

This is a direct result of Labour’s cynical, politically-motivated decision to tear up our border controls and ‘scour the world for immigrants’, in the memorable words of the odious Peter Mandelson.

And despite the Tories’ broken promise — which they knew perfectly well they couldn’t possibly honour — to reduce the flow of migrants to the ‘tens of thousands’, still they keep coming.

Only yesterday, the Government tried to smuggle out under the radar the news that ‘net’ immigration last year was 330,000. That figure’s arrived at by subtracting the number of people leaving from the number arriving.

A huge demographic shift has taken place. In the past 15 years, Britain has been transformed beyond recognition, without the vast majority of the indigenous population ever having been consulted.

Do you honestly believe that any party which promised ‘Vote for us and we will import eight million immigrants by 2015’ would ever have got elected?
Let me state yet again, for the record, I don’t blame anyone for wanting to come to Britain to build a better life. But I do blame successive governments and the entire political and ‘liberal’ media class for encouraging them to settle here and then bovinely smearing as ‘racist’ anyone who questions the wisdom of mass immigration.

This has never been about race, although it is partly about religion and culture, especially when it comes to expansionist, extremist Islam. It’s always been primarily about numbers.

And eight million foreign newcomers is far too many for a small country like Britain to absorb.
Just look at the intolerable pressures on public services, such as health, housing and education. Yet despite the evidence of our own eyes, most people still find it difficult to get their heads round any figure which ends in half a dozen noughts.

There may be eight million stories in the naked city, but let’s concentrate on just one, which illustrates the insanity of our immigration and welfare system.

In order to silence public resistance to mass immigration, the ‘liberal’ establishment decided to redefine every illegal immigrant, economic migrant and tourist visa ‘overstayer’ as an ‘asylum seeker’.

Only a heartless, racist bigot could object to giving refuge to those genuinely fleeing oppression.

As a general rule, I’d agree. But consider the case of Lady Njaimeh Jawara, wife of a former president of Gambia. Actually, she is one of his three wives — since polygamy is legal in Gambia, where 90 per cent of the population are Muslims.

She was granted asylum in Britain after her husband was ousted by a military coup in 1994 and has been living here on benefits ever since.
Fair enough, you may say, since she would obviously be in mortal danger if she was forced to return home.
Er, not as such.

It turns out she regularly flies back to Gambia for as long as three months at a time.
Far from being in danger of arrest, imprisonment or worse, she is a keen golfer and a leading light in the Gambia Golf Association.

We only know this because Lady Jawara has just appeared in court in Sussex, where she pleaded guilty to a £20,000 benefit fraud.
She admitted illegally claiming £8,848 in housing benefit, £1,776 in assorted council tax benefits and £9,255 in pension credits.

The court in Worthing heard that she should have informed the authorities about her ‘prolonged absences’ from Britain, so that her benefits could be ‘temporarily’ suspended.
Hang on a minute. If Gambia is safe enough for her to return to play golf for weeks on end, why is she still here?

There is always a case for granting asylum when people are in danger. But surely that should be reviewed regularly and the right to remain should be revoked when it is considered safe for them to return.
Why has Lady Jawara been receiving benefits from the British taxpayer, and occupying a housing association flat which could be allocated to a British family, while jetting backwards and forwards to play golf?

And why were the British authorities happy for her to continue claiming ‘asylum’ here, provided she ‘temporarily’ stopped receiving benefits while she was strolling up the 18th fairway at Gambia’s answer to Gleneagles?

Especially when her husband is living out his retirement in a seaside resort on the Gambian coast.
OK, so she may have been at risk immediately after the coup, but she has been travelling freely to Gambia for at least the past seven years. Isn’t it time she was sent home permanently?

Supporters of open borders will no doubt accuse me of ‘racism’ and claim that this one case proves nothing.

What it does prove is that Britain’s ‘soft touch’ immigration controls and generous welfare system are a powerful magnet for migrants from all over the world.

There are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people from Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan and beyond wandering around Europe with no papers and no passports. And our EU ‘partners’ will continue to wave them in our direction.

At least 90 per cent are young men, many prepared to use extreme violence to get here illegally.

But have you noticed how the BBC and Channel 4 News always manage to interview one of the few women among them, who miraculously speaks perfect English?

They may be economic migrants, they may be genuine refugees, they may be Izal hitmen, like that nutter who tried to shoot up a French train last week.

We just don’t know. But once they’re here, like Gambia’s Lady Gaga, they’re here for good.
The chances of any of them being kicked out are close to zero. On Wednesday, a judge halted the deportation of 57 failed Afghan asylum seekers at the last minute. Well, it’s their yuman rites, innit.

You can rely on the courts and the rapacious immigration industry to thwart all attempts to restore sanity. The truth is the Government hasn’t got a clue what to do. As I wrote last week, Theresa May’s deal with the French over Calais isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

Instead, ministers come up with daft, sticking-plaster solutions, such as fining employers who hire illegals. That should make all the difference.
While we remain in the EU and chained to the pernicious Human Rights Act (another broken Tory promise), we are powerless to prevent mass immigration, both from within and without Europe.

It’s pointless putting forward any proposals to stem the human tide and protect our borders, since the political will simply doesn’t exist.
Donald Trump, the U.S. presidential candidate, may be a rabble-rousing circus act, but he is surely correct when he says a country which won’t secure its borders isn’t a country at all.

The 8.3 million already here are only those we know about. How many are here illegally?
The Government can’t, or more likely won’t, say.

But getting on for 15 years ago, the then Commissioner of the Met told me he reckoned there were at least 300,000 people living in London the police knew nothing about.

What’s the score today? Your guess is as good as mine.

Meanwhile, it’s reported that 26 per cent of all births in Britain are to foreign-born mothers. Our overcrowded island is about to become even more claustrophobic.

David, now ‘Lord’ Blunkett, famously said when he was Home Secretary that he could see no upper limit to immigration.

So what will be the population in 20 or even 50 years’ time? Ninety million, a hundred million, one hundred and EIGHTY million!

Still, that’s the bad news. The good news, at least if you’re lucky enough to own your own home, is that all these people are going to need somewhere to live.

And that means property prices can only keep on going up.

This time next year, Rodney, we’ll all be millionaires. Then we can afford to emigrate.

Foreign migrants are like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? contestants. Every answer is ‘Britain’ and everyone’s a winner.
Can I bring a friend?

Pity no one ever asked the audience.



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