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calendar   Saturday - March 21, 2020

Shoot Them. Up Against The Wall, And On Live TV

President Trump essentially closed the border with Mexico. Mexico has essentially closed the border with USA, to keep this damn virus up north. But any number of junior Border Patrol supervisors told the worker bees to ignore the posted Presidential Directive, and they’ve now let hundreds and hundreds of cars full of Mexicans into the US, all of whom are up here for non-essential purposes.

These are government employees. We are having a national emergency that our President has likened to war. This ought to be a capital offense. Drumhead trial followed by immediate televised execution of the low level supervisors. Direct and knowingly disobeying orders, putting the nation at risk. Shoot them.

Border officials allow hundreds of Mexican vehicles to cross despite Trump ban

Customs and Border Protection officials are defying the Trump administration’s directive to block all nonessential foreign travel into the United States from Mexico, allowing noncitizens claiming to be on shopping trips to continue entering, according to two officials involved in the implementation of the order.

CBP employees in Arizona told the Washington Examiner Saturday they were instructed Friday night at the start of the executive order and again this morning not to turn around noncitizens who said they were coming in to shop, visit family, or for medical appointments. By Saturday morning, “hundreds” of vehicles that should have been blocked at the port of entry had been allowed through, two officials said.

“We’re letting them through. And that’s pretty much the gist of it,” one official said. “Nobody’s enforcing it. It was put up — the president put it out. The chief patrol put it out. And we’re just not doing it.”

“In plain English, it was a giant shit show,” said a second official. “Nobody followed the directive, a plain and simple directive. You’re trying to keep the coronavirus from going north ... yet you just let it bleed through anyway, so you’re not doing the job you’re directed to. That’s what’s aggravating.”

CBP’s Office of Field Operations officers who inspect vehicles at the border crossings were supposed to begin at 9 p.m. PT Friday turning away all noncitizens unless they had a permit to work in the U.S., are a legal permanent resident, or are a student. However, officers were told by supervisors not to do so, according to sources.

Border Patrol agents familiar with operations at highway checkpoints located north of the ports of entry said employees at checkpoints were caught off guard late Friday when cars with Mexican license plates continued arriving since they should have been blocked at the border.

Agents continued to see vehicles with plates from the Mexican state of Sonora, which runs up along the entirety of Arizona.


As of Saturday morning, port of entry officers were still sending through noncitizens entering for nonessential travel, the officials said.


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calendar   Wednesday - March 18, 2020

Here Come The Big Gibbs

Hey, throwing piles of money at everything is the Democrat solution, so they can’t complain if Trump does it, right? Besides, what’s another trillion or two in debt?

Trump To Inject Massive Green To Heal Ailing Economy

Because just 10 days ago everything was super wonderful. And then??

Ahead of an expected surge in coronavirus cases, President Donald Trump on Tuesday moved to blunt the impact of the pandemic on a U.S. economy fundamentally altered by a push for the nation to stay home.

As the global markets fluctuated amid fears of a recession, the president conferred with tourism executives as well as restaurant leaders, retailers and suppliers. His administration was expected to propose a roughly $850 billion emergency economic stimulus to address the free-fall, including considering the sending of checks to American workers trying to make their way in the deeply unsettled economy.

U.S. businesses large and small were reeling from shutdowns, cancellations and public fear about the virus as the number of cases rose nationwide. Stocks moved higher on Wall Street on Tuesday, a day after plunging to their worst losses in more than three decades.

And in an instant they all line up with their hands out ...

NYC MTA wants $4B to keep empty subway cars running. Um, what??

Retailers want debt payment pause and billions in cash.

Hotels and BnB are hurting and needful too. Bigly, with everyone staying home.

$1000 for everybody? And $50B for the airlines

As the coronavirus begins to take its toll on the economy, the federal government on Tuesday said it was working to put cash directly in the hands of Americans.

“We are looking at sending checks to Americans immediately,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told reporters. “Americans need cash now and the president wants to get cash now. And I mean now, in the next two weeks.”

The cash infusion would be part of an $850 billion stimulus package that Mnuchin is discussing with Senate Republicans — $50 billion of that which go to the embattled airline industry.


Meanwhile, the stock market takes another dive, oil drops to lowest price since 2003

U.S. equity markets plunged in the opening minutes of trading, gutting a rebound on Monday.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1,268 points, or 5.9 percent, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite were lower by 5.4 percent and 5.5 percent, respectively. Trading is halted if the S&P 500 falls by 7 percent.

The early selling comes as the Trump administration and Congress hammer out the details of a $1 trillion stimulus package designed to prop up the most harshly pummeled sectors of the U.S. economy and give cash to those out of work.

Looking at stocks, Boeing shares were rocked as the company called for a $60 billion bailout for aerospace manufacturers.

Airlines, restaurants, hotels and casino operators remained under pressure as the Trump administration weighs assistance for the industries hit hardest by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, plunging oil prices hammered energy giants ExxonMobil and Chevron and weighed heavily on Hess Corp. and Continental Resources. West Texas Intermediate crude oil was down 8.1 percent at $25.10 a barrel, its lowest in 17 years.


And just for fun, Canada and US are closing the northern border, except for essential traffic.

Canada relies on the U.S. for 75 percent of its exports. Much of Canada’s food supply comes from or via the U.S., and 98 percent of its oil exports go to the U.S. About 18 percent of American exports go to Canada.

Trudeau is currently in self-quarantine after his wife Sophie tested positive for the virus.

Future plans for the southern U.S. border remain in development.


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calendar   Monday - October 05, 2015

Part 2 … hungary in the crosshairs

Everybody and their brother as the old expression goes, by which I mean the politically correct leaders of some other EU countries and the usual bullshit from the bastards at Amnasty Intl.  Oh how I’d love to ( censored ) those commie creeps to hell. Everyone is screaming RAACE!!!!


Hungary is doing what any country is supposed to do.

They are trying to protect their border and doing a better job of it than anyone else.

And perhaps they are a bit racist. So F*****g what?

Hungarians have said and their PM has said it openly.  We do not want to become a muslim country. Should they not have that politically incorrect right?

Their prime minister has pointed at the problems faced here in the UK as just one example of many mistakes made with regard to migrants. Invaders to you and I and the Hungarians as well.

The video below at the very left wing Trotsky friendly paper, is worth looking at however.  It shows the Hungarian authorities are not willing to lay down like so many others and let the invaders use their country as a highway or a new settlement.  The ones who got through have caused enough problems already.

So F*** the UN secretary general and the Guardian and all the other bed wetters on the left who are so damned eager for Hungarians to give away their birthright to foreign invaders.

Hungarians know about occupation. Oh boy do they know.  They most likely treasure sovereignty, which makes me wonder why they ever joined the EU to begin with. 

The Guardian-Sep 17, 2015

The UN secretary general has condemned the Hungarian government’s treatment of refugees on its southern border.
Hungary’s treatment of refugees is shocking and unacceptable, says UN

UN secretary general expresses outrage over use of teargas and water cannon, as thousands of people enter Croatia

Hungary triggered outrage from the international community on Wednesday after firing gas canisters and spraying water at crowds of frustrated refugees who had briefly broken through a border gate in protest at being prevented from crossing from Serbia.

the video is here, the BS can be ignored

Now take a look at this.

Addressing Hungary, the UN chief, Ban Ki-moon, said: “I was shocked to see how these refugees and migrants were treated. It’s not acceptable ... since they are the people who are fleeing the violence and persecution, we must ensure our compassionate leadership.”

I think what I hate so much is the BS.  Tens of thousands of them are NOT fleeing the things mr moonbeam says they are. I see an awful lot of military aged healthy looking invaders .  Why is it they don’t stay in their home country and fight or work for a way to make things better?  Dumb question. Sorry.  Those vermin have been that way for the last thousand years or more. Anyway, most likely they are avoiding military service in their home countries.  Sometimes forgotten but still mentioned in passing by a few (very few) reporters, is that the swarm invading Europe now are destroying ID papers and passports, thus making it more difficult for authorities to deport any. 

Hungary has portrayed its reaction as a legitimate response to an invasion, claiming without giving further details that a known terrorist was among one of the 29 people arrested during the clashes on Wednesday. In response, Serbian politicians condemned what they saw as an infringement of Serbian sovereignty.

Serbia’s prime minister accused Hungary of brutal and ”non-European” behaviour and urged the EU to respond. “We will not allow anyone to humiliate us. I call on the European Union to react, for its members to behave in line with European values,” Aleksandar Vučić told Serbian state television. “If the EU does not react, we will find a way to protect our borders and European values as well,” he said.

Yeah … and European “behaviour” so far has been to suck up and roll over. 
Two women in Germany have been told they must vacate their homes of 16 and 23 years, to make way for migrants needing homes.
I’d say the Hungarians know about that.

The leaders of the various countries being invaded, are not listening to their people. Except for the appeasers.  They have a voice it seems, that carries more weight. So far.

I’d have been very happy to see the Hungarians use deadly force rather than water.
With luck it may come to that, because killing invaders is the only way to stop them. It can’t be done with kind words and excuses and appeasement.
It just can’t!

And finally .... Back on this side of the English channel.

Groups of 100 well organized and armed migrants with rocks and whatever else is handy, and largely organized by a group of anarchists, Brits reported among them, invaded the chunnel, which is a rail link under the English channel linking France and the UK.
The vermin were able to go some ten miles in, blocking and delaying trains for up to 8 hours. This occurred last week.
Their friends outside meanwhile threw stones at trucks, and when a truck came to a stop they tried to board.
It’s so clear most are a lawless rabble, following another law all to themselves.  And all the while, the worthless UN secretary general bleats on about the poor badly treated migrant invader. 

The only good news to report from that sector, is that two vermin were electrocuted in the tunnel.  Sure hope it hurt and wasn’t over too fast.
I understand a third died as well but not clear as to how. Not that it matters.  Dead is good any way it happens to invaders.

and .... God Bless Hungary


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calendar   Tuesday - January 20, 2015

anti vandal paint leads to court for put upon senior defending property

The poor chap is a soft target… the police thought! Quite honestly, he should be able to protect his property, within reason, as he sees fit.

sean connolly, Manchester, United Kingdom,
Typical of this country!! What a superb example our police and judicial system set to younger generations and society in general.!!!

iLikeTurtles, London, United Kingdom,
Absolutely unbelievable! How is it his fault her kids ran paint through the house??? She is their guardian, she is responsible! And why on earth did the police/ CPS send this to court? Questions need to be asked and people need to be fired. We are all paying for this stupidity. Oh, and ‘unemployed single mother of six’ tells us all we need to know about this ghastly woman and her rabid offspring.

Linden Lumb, halifax, United Kingdom,
Typical English justice.go after the easy catch

becky, manchester,
Keep your kids off his property then!

These are just a few of some 1700 comments on the story.
Which btw, seems to be typical of how things are nowadays.

H/T to our LyndonB for waking me up on this bit of insanity.

I saw the story last week. I think it was last week.
Anyway, it got lost among other things as clippings and notes got piled one atop the other. Then I got an email from Lyndon with the link and thought, whoops.
How’d I lose that one.
So my thanks once again.

Take a look at this one bmews.

Pensioner whose life was ‘made hell’ by local children is charged… because his anti-vandal paint ruined yobs’ clothes

· Robert Brown, 76, says children climbed on garden fence and threw stones

· Said ‘an Englishman’s home is still his castle’ and was protecting his home

· But prosecuted for criminal damage as children got vandal paint on clothes

· Hauled to court three times and threatened with a criminal record

· Case that cost £10,000 was dropped on day it was due to go to trial

· The unemployed mother of 6 children defended them saying ‘kids are kids’
By Liz Hull for the Daily Mail

A pensioner who says local children made his life ‘hell’ put anti-vandal paint on his garden fence to stop them climbing on it and throwing stones at his windows.

Robert Brown also reported the youngsters to police and was delighted when officers came round to speak to him.

He assumed it was to take details of his plight – and was shocked to learn he was being prosecuted for criminal damage because the children had got the paint over their clothes.

Their mother alleged that almost £4,000 worth of furniture and carpets had been ruined by the youngsters treading the paint, which does not dry and leaves surfaces slippery, into her house.

Robert Brown, 76, (pictured) says children made his life ‘hell’ so put anti-vandal paint on his garden fence

Retired security guard Mr Brown, 76, was hauled to court three times and threatened with a criminal record in a nine-month ordeal as he fought the case which cost around £10,000 of taxpayers’ cash.

It was dropped on the day it was due to go to trial last month. Last night Mr Brown, a divorced father of one, criticised the police and Crown Prosecution Service.

‘We are always hearing that the police don’t have enough funds, but how much money has been wasted chasing a prosecution like this?’ he said.

‘I’d had months of harassment, of these children making my life hell, and decided to do something about it. An Englishman’s home is still his castle and I was just protecting the home where I’ve lived for 50 years.’

Mr Brown’s ordeal began last March when he says he caught several children, who live in a council house behind his property in Hindley Green, near Wigan, throwing stones at his windows after using his fence to climb on to the roof of a council outhouse overlooking his back garden.

He bought some anti-vandal, or anti-climb, paint and put it in two-inch wide strips across the top edge of his fence and the outhouse roof, and warned the youngsters not to touch it.

Police visited him after their mother, Judith Ripley-Aitchison, 44, complained that her children had traipsed through her home covered in the paint, causing £3,750 worth of damage.

She denied Mr Brown had warned the youngsters about the paint or that they had climbed on to the roof and fence to get it on their clothes, saying it had ‘dripped on to them’.

Mr Brown was charged with criminal damage and asked to go to Leigh police station to accept a caution, but refused. Instead he fought the case which was thrown out after prosecutors admitted there was ‘no realistic prospect of conviction’.

source for slightly more and pix



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calendar   Sunday - June 22, 2014

open borders and the right to migrate

OK this article is not new. It’s a month old however, it isn’t over yet.
You would be correct to in thinking it is on going. As in, has been going on for a few years now. Probably more.
The Italians are frustrated at the influx of refugees, most who are not legal, flooding their borders.  I have in the past, posted the photos of the dark mass climbing the fences.
Recently there has been some good news on that front.  At least 90 of the turds went glub,glub when their boat capsized in rough seas. The really bad news is, some 115 were saved. Which of course means the Italians have yet more to house, clothe and feed.  I don’t suppose they have given any thought to feeding them lead.
An important thing you need to know about these folks and why the frustration and the angst. Like the many before them, they think they have a god given right to be in Italy, and any other place in Europe. Especially the UK.
We keep hearing about the wealth they bring in taxes (when they can find work), but what they mostly bring is disease, destitution and crime.
It can not be said they don’t create jobs though.  Oh yeah.  Civil rights lawyers are kept fairly busy on that front. So that’s one group that will do well by them.
Meanwhile over in France, they are still facing the problem of migrants (mostly Roma and others of the same kind) who are flooding the country and trying to get into the UK. And too many do. Like the Italians, the French are threatening to allow all sorts of vermin the freedom to go to other countries, so long as they leave France. The problem is acute, and the French say they need more help, especially as EU member states are more or less held to certain rules and regs regarding the free movement of EU citizens, as well as refugees from turd world countries.
It’s an unholy mess people. It truly is, and it does not look like there is any good news on this issue that is forthcoming.  Well, except when some of them go swimming and sink.

Italy threatens release of refugees into EU if assistance doesn’t increase

Italy is threatening to allow refugees currently residing within its borders to make forays into the rest of the European Union unless the EU increases assistance in managing the influx of migrants arriving via boats from North Africa.
Interior Minister Angelino Alfano demanded on Tuesday that the EU step up its efforts.

“The European Union has two options: either it comes to the Mediterranean to put the EU flag onMare Nostrum or we will let migrants with right of asylum leave for other countries,” Alfano wrote on Twitter.

The demand comes shortly after the Italian Navy was forced to rescue some 200 refugees and retrieve 17 bodies after a boat carrying African migrants sunk off the coast of Libya. The accident happened on Monday, some 100 miles south of the Italian island of Lampedusa. Four-hundred people were thought to be trying to attempt the crossing from Libya.

The European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Cecilia Malmstrom, did not immediately respond to Reuters’ request for a statement.

On Monday, the Libyan government also said it was struggling to cope with immigrants attempting to depart the country’s shores for Europe.

“This was the second shipwreck in a week,” Admiral Mario Culcasi, commander of the Mare Nostrum task force set up to deal with the crisis, told Reuters. “They are a symptom perhaps of the difficulties that the smugglers are facing, above all in finding seaworthy boats,” he said.

Libyan Interior Minister Salah Mazek told a news conference last weekend, before the tragedy struck, that: “I’m warning the world and Europe in particular – if they do not assume their responsibilities, Libya could facilitate the transit of this flood of immigrants towards Europe.”

More than 4,000 migrants concealed in smugglers boats made it to Italy’s shores in the past week alone. At least 34,800 people have made the crossing already this year – compared to 43,000 across the whole of 2013.
Hundreds have died in overcrowded, rickety, and unstable boats while attempting the crossing. UN refugee agency UNHCR says it is uncertain why there has been a spike in immigrant numbers this year, though some have concluded that it is a result of Egypt becoming less accommodating for Syrian refugees, as well as Morocco becoming an increasingly difficult location from which to travel to Europe.

continue reading


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calendar   Saturday - August 24, 2013

I don’t think you’ll believe what you are about to read, but keep in mind where this is.

You just could not make this story up. Bizarre doesn’t begin to cover it.  Stupid would be an understatement, but here it is, apply your own label.

The talking heads in govt. keep referring to immigration control but maybe they’re speaking of some other country.

Speaking of border control and control of who enters your country, think on this America.

ON THIS DAY in 1814, British forces captured Washington, DC and set fire to the presidential palace. The building was later rebuilt, painted and named The White House.

Vital migrant I.D checks scrapped: Stowaways no longer fingerprinted at Calais which means they can keep trying to sneak back in to claim asylum

· Huge security downgrade gives illegal immigrants endless chances

· French police free them allowing them to try to enter Britain again and again

· Critics describe loophole as ‘disturbing’ and call for it to be closed

By Sue Reid

The UK has abandoned identity checks on illegal immigrants trying to sneak into the country from Calais.

In a huge security downgrade, Border Force officials no longer photograph or fingerprint immigrants found stowing away in lorries at the Channel ferry port.
Instead, they are handed to French police, who free them, enabling them to try again and again until they succeed.

The scrapping of fingerprinting means that if the migrants reach Britain and apply for asylum under a false identity, claiming to be refugees, immigration officers have no way of identifying them as having previously tried to enter Britain illegally. As a result, they cannot expose their new identity as fake.

Economic migrants, criminals and terrorists can now slip much more easily through the net. This contrasts with the increasingly strict checks on holiday-makers, who have to hand over their passport which contains biometric information to confirm their identities.

Tory MP Peter Bone last night called for the ‘extraordinary’ and ‘disturbing’ loophole to be closed. The scandal, which makes a mockery of Government promises of tougher immigration controls, has been going on for more than three years. It came to light during an official inspection, which published its report two weeks ago.

The security gap also means migrants’ details cannot be checked against prints and photos taken in the EU country where they first enter Europe – often Italy, Greece or Malta. Under the rules, migrants are meant to live in the EU country where they arrived while their asylum claim is processed there.

But many immediately head straight for Britain because the benefits system is more generous. Once in the UK, they can avoid being sent back to the original country of entry by lying about their identity.

Terrorists and foreign criminals can create horror stories about their past lives and pretend to be refugees.

Economic migrants seeking a ‘better life’ are also able to fabricate tales of needing urgent asylum, claiming they come from war-torn countries. This creates havoc in the UK’s overburdened asylum system as officials try to sort out who is a genuine refugee.

The Border Force claims it catches 8,000 would-be illegal migrants in lorries in northern France each year.



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calendar   Friday - January 04, 2013

Benji The Racist

Big Talk. Now Make It Happen

JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel’s prime minister says thousands of Africans who have infiltrated into Israel will be sent back home.

Benjamin Netanyahu declared Wednesday that Israel has halted the flow of African migrants into Israel over the past seven months. He spoke while visiting the fence Israel built on border with Egypt to keep migrants out.

He said he will soon begin “repatriating the tens of thousands of infiltrators in Israel to their countries of origin.”

About 60,000 Africans have entered Israel in recent years, some seeking asylum and others looking for work.

Sigal Rozen, whose group assists migrants, says it’s unlikely Israel can repatriate them, since many come from conflict zones or countries that have no ties with Israel.

Hoo boy, this one’s going to explode on the news the moment they start to load up the first boat. Hey Benji, play it smart and make sure the cameras see you sending home some Irish and Portuguese too. Not that it will make any difference. Certain groups get a pass, no matter what.

OTOH, if some of those African asylum seekers are provably Falashas, then he’s in a world of trouble within Israel itself. Africa is a huge place, and I have no idea which part these infiltrators came from.

... and Drew ties another post to the Aksum/Queen of Sheba post! Learning stuff is dangerous; you start noticing all sorts of things you’d never been aware of before! LOL

This may be news over here, but the problem is not at all new in Israel. There seems to be a pretty huge groundswell of public opinion that these people should get the boot. On the other hand, there are some who want them to stay; part of the core concept of Israel is that it is a refuge, and it looks like the vast majority of these ‘infiltrators’ are from Eritrea. Eritrea, as you recall, is a tiny bit of a country on the lower Red Sea, which broke off from Ethiopia about 20 years ago. It’s very much an Islamic nation, and it’s also a hellhole with one of the worst human rights ratings of any country on earth. The same thing goes for the newly independent South Sudan. Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai, among many others, has been speaking out about this problem for several years now. Jump over to Haaretz or the JPost and you can read hundreds of news articles on the topic.

Border control fans in the USA will find the next bit quite interesting: Once Israel got the border fence properly built, not one single infiltrator was able to get in. Not one.

12/24/12: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday signaled he was ready to begin repatriating African migrants, which he termed the “second stage” in the effort to clear Israel of illegal infiltrators.

“We have succeeded in blocking the entry of infiltrators from Africa to Israel,” Netanyahu said at the start of a discussion he convened on the issue. “After having faced the threat of the entry of hundreds of thousands, this month, not one infiltrator entered Israel’s cities.”

The prime minister said that after workers complete construction of the the security fence being built along Israel’s southern border next month, Israel will start working to send migrants already in Israel back to their home countries. “Now we are moving on to the second stage, that of repatriating the infiltrators who are already here.”

On the third hand, this could be a lot of political posturing. There is a significant right-wing faction in Israel that could need a bit of pandering to for the upcoming elections. And that bunch has already held “Banish the darkness” rallies.

Calling it a move to “banish the darkness,” right-wing MKs Michael Ben-Ari and Arieh Eldad held a Hanukka candle-lighting ceremony in south Tel Aviv on Monday to issue a call to expel all African migrants from Israel.
Ben-Ari’s parliamentary aide and right-wing activist Itamar Ben-Gvir said, “We came to expel the darkness!” but added that the message of the rally was not racist, as they accept Ethiopian Jews.

He clarified that the “darkness” refers to the poverty and suffering among residents of south Tel Aviv and other neighborhoods with high populations of African migrants, and not to people of color.


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calendar   Tuesday - May 15, 2012


The problem is we are not judgemental enough (or some of you aren’t anyway). I know its only a small island, but surely we can take in all the worlds waifs and strays and we can all live happily ever after in one big happy melting pot! Let’s let the whole world in to our country, because apparently there’s no downside to uncontrolled immigration. And if you say there is a downside it will soon be time to start shouting RACIST.
- Craig, Pontypool, 15/5/2012 18:14

Hell of a way .............

Throw them out. Of course if the Guardian reading lefty Nimby’s are prepared to pay for these Romanians, a roof over their heads, food in their stomach, clothes on their back, together with paying for their private health insurance, their childrens education and a bond to guarantee that they won’t commit any criminal offence that would warrant a jail term, then they are welcome to stay. Alternatively, I would gladly contribute a few ‘bob’ to help these Romanians set up camp on Hampstead Heath. The poor old Roger and Daphne brigade won’t dare leave their homes to go to the wine and sushi bars at night in case they come back to find the Romanians have set up camp in their house.
- Andy-Roo, North Herts, 15/5/2012 18:14

To begin a post .............

Welcome to (once) Great Britain, the dustbin of the world.
- Brian, Lincoln, 15/5/2012 17:41

But I need undivided attention .............

I can only write about the experience we have here in Stuttgart - a small but wealthy city - and therefore a lot of Romanian Beggars - first most of the beggars are actually from Moldova - but due to ethnic reasons have Romanian citizenship - further developments are now they beg using either very old or severly handicapped people to increase the pity effect - and they also tend to use very young puppies to get the cute effect. Unfortunately they are not allowed to keep the money collected rather must hand it all up to so called “controllers” - I wonder what the Romania government is doing to solve what is increasingly becoming a pan European problem.
- Walter, stuttgart, Germany , 15/5/2012 18:29

And figured rightly or wrongly this’d be a good way to get it.

Bothers me on more then one level.
You readers will not be aware of the hoops I had to jump through and the many questions I had to answer, including some personal ones, and then paying several hundred (wife says it was $500 but I don’t remember exact figure) non refundable dollars for my Brit Visa to come to the UK in 2004.

It’s heartbreaking to see our Country being ruined before our very eyes. God help us, they are in every City and Town - even the sleepy little town I live in which is no bigger than a large English Village there is one touting the big issue and another begging outside Boots. This needs sorting out.
- fidoanddaisy, scotland, 15/5/2012 13:50

In fact ..... the original questionnaire given me was, I think, 30 pages long. Or close to it.  When I questioned the length and thought many of the questions didn’t apply to me, the embassy (Brit) gave me the short version. It was about 18 pages.
I bet ya LyndonB might know what I paid in US dollars in 2004.  And btw, I had to prove I wouldn’t be a burden, had someone here and we provided the MIL’s name and address as where we were to live, but finally got thru the vetting with relief. They even asked for and got our bank account number. 
So then, seeing what I have seen over the years I have been here can send my blood pressure up.  And even my wife who has always been the level head and non violent of us, where I get worked up and say shoot the bastards, well, my wife doesn’t cuss but the shoot em idea has begun to appeal even to her.

The above comments are just a few of the 400 so far at the Mail on line with regard to immigration.
And here’s the latest on the influx of verminous scum this country just does not seem prepared to deal with. Cos apparently they have rights and there’s idiot Brits who will defend these dregs, this stain on Europe and curse on England.

Romanian beggars set up camp in central London’s exclusive Park Lane just yards from where they were last evicted

· Moved into central reservation after eviction from Marble Arch last month

· Urinating in street in view of capital’s highest-end restaurants and hotels

· British homeless: Too dangerous to sleep rough with knife-wielding migrants

· Coachloads of foreign pickpockets and prostitutes flood streets each day

· Tourist: ‘It’s disgusting. It’s like something from the Third World’

.  When you walk past the subway it stinks of urine.’


More than 50 Romanian beggars evicted from London’s Marble Arch have moved just a few yards away to the exclusive Park Lane area of the city.

Disgusting: The group regularly urinate in the street, in full view of the area’s top restaurants and hotels

The group have moved to the road’s central reservation within full view of the capital’s high-end restaurants and hotels.

They were moved on from the streets around Marble Arch and Oxford Street last month as council workers battle an influx of Romanian crime syndicates ahead of the Olympics.

The gang had been sleeping in cardboard boxes in a subway which runs under the central reservation until the midpoint entryway was barred shut last week.
Coachloads of penniless pickpockets and prostitutes are arriving in the capital every day, many already armed with maps directing them to the best patches, which they have been ordered to defend from rivals.

this morning, two police vans were parked in Marble Arch, while a small group of six Eastern Europeans sat nearby with several large black bags.

A British homeless man said it had become too dangerous to sleep out in central London because of Romanian gangs roaming around at night thieving at knifepoint.

Westminster Council has held a summit meeting of local agencies including the Foreign Office and representatives of the Romanian Embassy to discuss the problem.
It repatriated 18 people to Romania recently, but only after the coach company insisted on them being given showers and new clothes before they boarded a bus.
Westminster councillor Nickie Aiken said: ‘These people are dispersing but they are not going away. They are either camping in Park Lane or moving into South Mayfair and around Oxford Street.

‘The police and council are doing all we can about this but the taxpayers are picking up the bill, mainly the cost of cleansing because they have no toilets.’
Last night, a group of around 20 - split between elderly women with walking sticks and headscarves and men in their 30s with hooded jackets and mobile phones - sat together on a tatty blanket playing dice for piles of £1 coins in the dual carriageway’s central reservation.

Push-along suitcases, beer bottles and carrier bags littered the grass yards from the prestige car dealerships, Speakers’ Corner and some of the capital’s best-known hotels.
‘Police here earlier, no trouble, no problems,’ said one man in his 20s in broken English, before adding: ‘No camera.’

An elderly woman broke away from the group to pull down her tights and relieve herself against a fence.
‘It’s disgusting,’ said Brian Portman, 46, from New Zealand, waiting to board an open-top bus tour. ‘It’s definitely not what you expect to see in London. It’s like something from the Third World,’ he told the Standard.

Sarah Greene, who has manned an ice cream booth opposite for more than 20 years, said: ‘It’s disgusting. I’ve seen men from the council come down to move them on, but as soon as they leave they come back again.

When you walk past the subway it stinks of urine.’

The council has asked the Foreign Office and the Romanian government for a publicity campaign in Romania to try to deter people from coming.


Hey big shot powers that be. You wanna “deter” then you must give the lice that infest your capital city a demonstration that involves killing a goodly number. And anyway, bullets are cheaper then the money being wasted on the problem now.  Those who survive will leave most willingly. And fewer will be willing to risk a trip here. Easy.

Be sure and see the photos at the link.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 05/15/2012 at 01:17 PM   
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calendar   Wednesday - November 16, 2011

england as sparta, but the line isn’t being held

H/T British Freedom

This reminded me of something ongoing with regard to border control and immigration here in the UK.

Sorry I haven’t all the facts right at hand but generally, govt. ordered a curb on immigration and unknown to the powers that be, the guy who was supposed to be in charge ignored the order and allowed in thousands telling immigration to stand down and allow immigrants in. Many turned out to be criminals whose whereabouts at the moment are unknown. They’re here somewhere for sure.  So there has been this big bru-haha with charges and counter charges going back and forth.  The official in question was sacked (as I understand it) and might face charges of some kind.  I’m just not clear on all the ABCs of it all and am buried under a bunch of other things.  Well anyway ....  I happened to catch this at the Brit Freedom site and thought it was well argued and worth sharing.
But as we all know ... it comes a bit late in the day.  England is flooded with people who barley speak the language and don’t want to anyway. There are criminals from Europe and especially eastern Europe, who are here in droves due to the open borders of the EU.  I know we have a problem in the USA with our borders, but these folks are really a lot worse off here.  Many Brits want out of the EU.  I don’t think it’ll happen in my lifetime. The lure of easy benefits and the welfare state attract them in large numbers.  The average Brit is at the mercy of his or her own govt. as well as the dictates of the EU and the insane policies followed by the previous govt for 13 years.  Of course, all the blame isn’t theirs either and the problems started even before the previous government.
I get the feeling that folks here have been brain washed, if I can get away with that expression, cos I do run into so many well meaning not altogether bad people but dupes none the less.  LyndonB puts it way better then I do, but I can’t talk him into writing something up here. 
So here .... from Brit Freedom.


by: Simon Bennett

Immigration criteria? Why is immigration into Europe tolerated at all? Let’s look at the logic of accepting immigrants. One of the favourite excuses proffered is to attract ‘skilled’ or ‘wealthy’ immigrants who will boost the economy – really? Let us suppose we are facing a shortage of brain surgeons, what to do? There are two obvious choices; either train our own people to do the job or import ‘skilled’ foreigners.

The training of our own people would involve no importation of racial or cultural differences, and would benefit the indigenous population who actually voted in the clowns running the government. Who benefits? The people.

The importation of foreigners would bring many social problems, which would need solving – lots of ‘agencies’ and a boom time for the paper industry following the inevitable tsunami of legislation to stop people from voicing the obvious. But in the short term – i.e. before the next election – it would solve the little dilemma. Incidentally, the importation of these aliens would also remove lucrative and prestigious positions from the market thus depriving the indigenous population of opportunities within their own economy and society. Who benefits? The politicians and state bureaucracy.

The second most common excuse for importing aliens is to pay taxes that will support us rapidly disappearing indigenous natives in our dotage. Apparently we are no longer reproducing. There are two points to be made concerning these claims. Firstly the net financial balance to the state from our ocean of mostly Muslim immigrants is firmly in the red. They are not contributing; they are a fiscal drain on the national purse – a not unsurprising discovery once one takes a perusal of the basket case economies from which they originally scuttled. They do, however, consume vast amounts of government funds and public services.

The point regarding our reproduction rates is a very hot potato. It is not that we Europeans are failing to procreate, for we do and at a rate which would guarantee our population base. Unfortunately we are also destroying our own offspring via industrial scale abortion – frankly it’s little short of infanticide on a Biblical scale. Notice, not a peep from the docile MSM.

This mass extermination in turn gives our reptilian political classes the excuse for further mass immigration. Hopefully the dreary pattern has become fairly obvious; we the native people are the milch cows of the parasitic state bureaucracy. This apparatus is not designed for the benefit of those who pay the bills; it is an extension of the political machinery and operates as such. Whatever democracy may have meant to the ancient Athenians its modern approximation has little if any interest in the wishes of the people.

Finally one notices that the other postings here discuss Canada and New Zealand. Britain is an ancient European country; the disturbing fact that we are being compared to such countries is of itself an indication of how bad things are. We are genuine indigenous peoples, not imports from the four corners looking for an easy berth in somebody else’s backyard. This mindset is utterly wrong and incongruous with traditional European mores and customs – stop comparing your own people to New World colonialists or antipodean interlopers. We are natives, and as Hollywood’s Leonidas succinctly asserted, this is Sparta.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/16/2011 at 11:52 AM   
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calendar   Saturday - November 12, 2011

political pygmies running the show in UK, bow as always to EU human rights laws

This is so far beyond moronic I can’t find the words.
Whatever happened to something called logic?  Common sense and survival of self and community?
How can you run a country if you insist on following the letter of a law written in another country by people who were not elected by the voters and taxpayers in your country?  Answer that one please.

I can not believe, in spite of what what I read here, that the UK can’t simply tell the ECOHR that some rules are just plain daft and unworkable. And unreasonable.
For damn certain unreasonable.

Look at this one.  Insane!

Dancing at his own wedding ‘paralysed’ Moroccan who claimed £400,000 in benefits… and can’t be kicked out because of human rights


An illegal immigrant who claimed to be paralysed from the neck down but was filmed dancing at his wedding cheated more than £400,000 in benefits, a court heard yesterday.

But even though Mohamed Bouzalim, 37, has admitted dishonestly entering the country and fraudulently exploiting the welfare system, legal sources said they will face an ‘uphill battle’ to deport him.

There is a strong likelihood the Moroccan will be able to remain in the UK by claiming he has a right to family life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, immigration sources said.

When Bouzalim came to Britain in June 2001, he had no papers and claimed to be an Afghan national whose father had been executed by the Taliban, Isleworth Crown Court in west London was told.

Using the name Mohamed Amir Hussini, he successfully claimed asylum before constructing the extraordinary lie that he was paralysed and required 24-hour care, receiving £66,000 a year in benefits.

His total haul of around £400,000 was from Camden Council, the Department for Work and Pensions and the Independent Living Fund, the court heard.

The fraud ended when UK Border Agency staff raided his home in Kilburn, north London, last year.

In it, they found a video of Bouzalim performing energetic dance moves at his own wedding the previous year – miraculously without his wheelchair.

Bouzalim, who has been in custody for 18 months, has pleaded guilty to 11 charges of dishonesty. His brothers Rachid, 35, and Abdallah, 39, and sister Zahra, are all on bail having also admitted fraud charges.

Yesterday, the Moroccan appeared in court sitting in a wheelchair, wearing glasses, a red shirt, grey tracksuit bottoms and black plimsolls. He had wild Afro-style hair and a straggly beard.

Accompanied by two nurses, he appeared to struggle to raise his arm and speak when asked if he was present by the court clerk. However Judge Simon Oliver cast doubt on defence claims he was unwell, referring to a psychiatric report from the medium-secure unit in Southall, west London, where he is being held.

see photo and read more

In the best interests of fairness to all, and just to see how handicapped he is, if he is.  There are inventive ways to find out.
I mean, aside from the photo at the link showing him dancing.

The politicians complying with outside dumb laws that are abused every day here, are political pygmies with no backbone.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/12/2011 at 01:13 PM   
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calendar   Thursday - October 13, 2011

I must be reading this wrong

Drug Smugglers Dig Tunnels Under AZ metered parking spaces

DHS solution: remove the parking meters

In the latest innovation uncovered by law enforcement, smugglers in the border town of Nogales, Arizona were bringing drugs into the U.S. for the cost of a quarter.

The parking meters on International Street, which hugs the border fence in Nogales, cost 25 cents. Smugglers in Mexico tunneled under the fence and under the metered parking spaces, and then carefully cut neat rectangles out of the pavement. Their confederates on the U.S. side would park false-bottomed vehicles in the spaces above the holes, feed the meters, and then wait while the underground smugglers stuffed their cars full of drugs from below.

In all, U.S. Border Patrol agents found 16 tunnels leading to the 18 metered parking spaces on International Street. The pavement is now riddled with neat, symmetrical patches.

The city, advised by Homeland Security, has agreed to remove the parking meters. Nogales stands to lose $8,500 annually in parking revenue, plus the cost of citations.

Yeah, that’ll fix things just fine.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 10/13/2011 at 04:29 PM   
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calendar   Wednesday - April 27, 2011

open season on open borders … coming soon to your country

Some of the regulars at this site may recall a few days ago, I was on a rant of sorts with regard to the overcrowding of an Italian island with refugees.
Those folks have played havoc of course with the natives of the island who they may well outnumber.
Well BMEWS, here’s an update. Seems the French (Bravo) want to take another look at that agreement they signed about open borders some years ago.
They and the Italians are having an argument. Italy wants France to help more. France says NEIN! Oh wait.  Wrong language but you get the idea.

You folks get upset in the USA over the way our borders there are seemingly unattended and libs banging away to allow more in etc. Hey, take a good look at Europe and view America’s future. It might not be in this situation with regard to war refugees on the border and overwhelming an island, but this is how things are here and the same sort of folks that believe in open arms and borders exist in plenty in the USA. Just saying, keep your eyes and ears open.
This is becoming a mess. I’m not sure if I’m right to blame the Conservative (Lite) PM, David (call me Dave) Cameron. But he it was got on his high moral horse after years and years of fun with Gadiffi, and decided he needed to support the “civilians” who are at odds with the govt. there. In a neat bit of some kind of 1984 the enemy is our friend now and our friend is our enemy, it’s decided and all apparently agree, that everyone with a gun who opposes Gadiffi is an innocent civilian, and everyone taking sides with Tripoli are not.  It hasn’t occurred to some that there may actually be ppl there who do support him, who are not being held to some kind of ransom or being forced to fight for him. It’s a damn tribal thing as well, it’s a civil war that some thought would be “Over by Christmas, over there.”

Oh by the by people.  The UN is now making noise about Syria and complaining about ... come on ... one word.  “CIVILIANS” in harm’s way and DEMANDING the govt there stop what they are doing. 

So then, there’s this rush of refugees mostly of the wrong sort that Italy can not handle and the French do not want.  Oh Dear, oh dear what to do?
Why I know .... there’ll always be an England.

Take a look at what’s in store.

The Eurostar migrants: North African refugees mass at the Paris gateway to Britain as Sarkozy and Berlusconi row about open borders


· Immigrants who have fled Tunisia say Britain is their ‘only hope’
· Franco-Italian immigration problems comes amid international business tensions and discord over Libya
· Agreement reached to revise Treaty to account for ‘exceptional’ circumstances

Desperate immigrants fleeing the chaos in North Africa are massing around the Eurostar terminal in Paris – prompting fears that they will head for Britain.
Most are refugees from the recent revolution in Tunisia and the continuing conflict in Libya who have arrived in Europe via Italy.
Up to 1,000 North Africans have set up temporary home in squares surrounding the Gare du Nord, from which fast trains reach the UK in less than two hours.

Almost all are complaining about harassment from the French authorities. They say their hopes of finding accommodation and jobs in France are next to nil.

President Nicolas Sarkozy has pledged to do all he can to get rid of the migrants. Some 25,000 North Africans have arrived in Italy by sea since the start of ‘the Arab Spring’ and many then moved on to France.

We were treated as heroes during our Jasmine Revolution but now we are unwanted. People are already offering us passages to England.’ Mr Trikki was speaking from a makeshift camp on the Jemmapes quay in Paris, where charity workers were dishing out soup to some 400 migrants.
Another camp, at Porte de Villette, has Tunisian flags at the entrance. The 300 residents complain daily about the lack of food and threats from the police.
Khalid, a 27-year-old Tunisian, said: ‘We know that the English supported the Jasmine Revolution, and that they are also fighting for freedom in Libya by bombing Gaddafi.

If a country is prepared to fight for us, then they will be prepared to welcome us as brothers.

We must be allowed to travel to countries like England.’

ANALYSIS: Quelle surprise! France discovers the need for stricter border controls

For a quarter of a century, France – one of the architects of the 1985 Schengen agreement – has been the main cheerleader for Europe throwing its borders wide open, writes James Slack.

So there is a distinct irony that – now it is causing him a headache – President Sarkozy is leading demands for Schengen to be reformed.

In other words, the open movement permitted by Schengen is only a good thing for Europe when it is a good thing for France. Quelle surprise!

Schengen creates a single external border for Europe. People inside the boundary, which excludes Britain and Ireland, can move around freely, with security checks kept to a minimum.

France’s change of position over the wisdom of this policy is a response to the crisis in North Africa.

Since the beginning of February, the Italian island of Lampedusa has been overwhelmed by the arrival of more than 25,000 migrants. The majority of them are Tunisian.

Italy’s response was to grant a six-month visa for the Tunisian refugees who arrived before April 4. However, the temporary passport entitles its holders to free movement in the entire territory of Schengen.

Many of the Tunisians speak French, and would naturally wish to travel to France – prompting Mr Sarkozy and his colleagues to cry foul.

First, France decided to stop Italian trains carrying Tunisian migrants from entering its soil. Then, in a statement which must have brought a wicked smile to every British home secretary of recent years, the mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, an ally of Mr Sarkozy, uttered the following: ‘It’s easy for Italy to be generous with other people’s territory.’

Which, of course, was precisely the view taken by France over the Sangatte refugee camp. For years, France was happy for illegal immigrants to mass by the Calais ferry ports and Eurostar terminals which lead to England – safe in the knowledge they would soon be somebody else’s problem.

During his time as French interior minister, Mr Sarkozy agreed to close the 2002 version of Sangatte only if the UK agreed to take in 1,200 refugees living there.
While it is tempting to laugh at the hypocrisy of Mr Sarkozy suddenly discovering the need for stricter border controls, that would be unwise.

For there are already signs Mr Sarkozy’s tactic for dealing with the Tunisian problem will be a tried and tested one: allow the migrants to mass near Calais, and try to sneak into Britain. The Home Office – as is usual when dealing with France – must be on its guard.


See More Below The Fold


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calendar   Sunday - January 30, 2011

how it feels to be a foreigner in your own country

The sorry state of the nation.  There’s more at the link. I hope you’ll read it all. Hope this isn’t happening in the USA as well.

this is Britain’s brave new world. By surrendering the control of our borders, we have become the policed instead.

I’m British born and bred. So why do I now have to keep proving it?

By Eileen Fairweather

Last week I had a strange experience - I was treated as a foreigner in my own country.

I was ordered to submit my passport to an organisation I believe has no ethical right to police my identity. Yet I learned that it does have the right, thanks to a Labour initiative spinelessly reinforced by the Coalition.

So far it has escaped publicity but it represents a sea change in British identity and rights - or lack of them. Supposedly we must now counter racism by treating every Briton as an alien and potential fraudster until proven otherwise.

Late last year I was invited to a university conference about the media. I submitted an invoice for travel expenses and the agreed modest fee. When no payment arrived, I was told I had failed to submit adequate documentation to prove my right to work in the UK. In short, I had to hand over my passport or whistle for my money.

When I called the university’s human resources department, staff confirmed that monitoring UK work rights was now routine practice. But surely the university lawyers who had invited me could vouch that they’d heard me speak as fluently as a native?

I am clearly not a Latvian people-trafficker or a Colombian drug baron. I have a national profile as a journalist and just wanted back my £78 train fare.

But common sense be damned. The university insisted I must fill in the forms sent to me - including one on ethnic monitoring - and staff would scan my passport. If I had no passport, I was told to submit my birth certificate.

When I dared to query the demands, a jobsworth said: ‘This is what every employer should be doing now.’

I don’t just object because this is a massive waste of my time and a rude way to treat a guest speaker. Nor do I object solely on civil liberty grounds or because I increase the risk of my identity being stolen every time I share these precious documents. I am angry because I am British born and bred.

Having lived abroad myself, I know being an outsider is not easy. But I don’t believe the solution is to treat an entire native population as aliens, or that this stands a chance of improving race relations, as the UK Border Agency apparently believes.

No one at the university would explain what new diktat they were following or why, so I decided to investigate. Surely it couldn’t be because the open borders lobby don’t want any foreigners to feel unwelcome? As bizarre as it sounds, this is exactly the explanation.

‘The Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 requires that employers take steps to ensure the people they employ have right to work in UK,’ said Demetrious Panton, an employment discrimination adviser.

‘Home Office guidance on the avoidance of unlawful discrimination advises employers not to restrict checks on illegal working to particular ethnic or racial groups. If they did so they could fall foul of discrimination law and unlimited exposure to compensation claims. In short, you as an Englishwoman have to show you are entitled to work in your own country.’

Millions of self-employed Britons could be particularly badly affected. Some can invoice hundreds of different employers each year. Will they be expected to submit their passports every time?

As for bosses, Mr Panton said that if they fail to conduct the necessary checks and knowingly employ someone who doesn’t have the legal right to work in the UK, they can be fined up to £10,000 and be jailed for up to two years.

a foreigner in my own country


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 01/30/2011 at 02:01 PM   
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calendar   Monday - November 15, 2010

Looks like a no brainer to me!


h/t to Carol!


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 11/15/2010 at 10:13 AM   
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