Sarah Palin knows how old the Chinese gymnasts are.

calendar   Saturday - August 02, 2008


No, BMEWS has nothing against Microsoft. I don’t know why IE suddenly won’t load this page. FireFox and Netscape have no problems. I suggest using one of those browsers until I can figure out what the issue is. Mr. Christian, are you around anywhere? Any ideas? I think it might be the Cities Online thing; the page loads in IE until that app tries to start.

DON’T PANIC. Everything is OK now.

It was a problem with Sitemeter. You can read about it here at Gateway Pundit.  That post also shows you how to disable sitemeter in your browser, which will lead to faster page load times.

And I have disabled Sitemeter on this blog. I will not run poorly tested software. Boo, hiss. I have other ways of tracking usage, but honestly I’ve ceased to care. The folks who come here come here because they want to. I gave it a lot of thought, and it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s 500 or 5000 per day. Ok, I’d prefer 5000, but I can be happy with the readers who are sticking out this first year of mine here. thank you thank you.


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calendar   Thursday - July 17, 2008

I think I’ve been out-cyniced!

I read lots of other blogs. I read a lot of comments too.

Over at Pajamas media, I read Rick Moran’s piece Obama Tries To Rewerite History, wherein he explores having BO applying Harry Turtledove-like alternate histories as an explanation for the flip-flops and the constant “down the memory hole” rewriting of the Big O website. The basic unstated premise is that the voters are brain dead zombies with no short term memory, and that the fawning media is only too eager to forget to mention all BO’s old positions and statements; they just lap up whatever drivel he spews today, and report on that in glowing terms. Barry could do a 180 tomorrow and another one the day after, and the media would hardly notice it, shifting their viewpoints effortlessly to match his. But some of us notice it, and some of us can remember more than a week or two into the past, and some of have keyboards ...

I would like to point out a few uncomfortable facts for Mr. Obama. As he speaks of “success” and even “victory” in Iraq, his own party has already given in to defeat as both the speaker of the House and Senate majority leader pronounced the war “lost” months ago. The overwhelming majority of Democrats see this war as lost and a failure. Obama himself saw the war as “a complete failure” last summer at the exact same time he was calling the surge a “failure” and agitating for an “immediate withdrawal” from Iraq. He made no mention of consulting with our generals, or the Iraqi government, or anyone else:

“Let me be clear: There is no military solution in Iraq and there never was,” Obama said in excerpts of the speech provided to the Associated Press.

“The best way to protect our security and to pressure Iraq’s leaders to resolve their civil war is to immediately begin to remove our combat troops. Not in six months or one year — now,” the Illinois senator says.

Sounds pretty clear to me. But then, I guess I don’t quite have the knack of this counterfactual stuff because this is what he said on Tuesday: ...

Ok, Moran’s piece is decent, and it offers some explanation for the dynamic propaganda rewrites his website gets almost daily. But then I read the comments. From reader Mouse:

Truth is narrative. The truth about Iraq –what happened, Obama’s positions, the reality on the ground, the future– all this will be definitively written in the next few days during Barack’s over-seas trip. Barack will state it, the press will report it, and that will be History and that will be Truth.

With ten megatons of exposure everyone in America will then have the facts and that little six watt candle of a blog you’ve got won’t even be noticed, –and even if it is everyone will know you’re just making things up.

This anyway is what I think is the intent of Obama’s Chicago handlers: simply create reality through a lot of press, a reality favorable to Obama, and the only one most politically indifferent Americans will ever know.

Wow. He’s absolutely right. But to get there he may have to be an even greater cynic than I, with such lowered expectations that the hurdles that need jumping are in deep narrow slots in the ground. Damn. Reality is what TV tells us it is. Welcome to 1984, 24 years later. There is no content or thought. Today’s impression is all that matters. We are less than sheep.

Mr. Mouse also runs the Wannagetaburger blog where he expands on that theme a little, as he ties it into that New Yorker Magazine cover story from a couple days ago:

Working with a new concept. How about: Obama’s handlers aren’t political geniuses, but just very disciplined, well financed fellows with a script? By this idea, as long as the script is “correct”, in terms of responding to the given political dynamisms, they do all right. But when the dynamism changes, and they have to adapt, they stumble.

The illustration on point would be Iraq. It was supposed to be a quagmire, nobody foresaw the turn-around coming (nobody on the left). Barack would run as the antiwar candidate of superior judgment. But there has been a turn-around and his judgment stinks, and his attempt to reposition himself has been immensely clumsy, such that now nobody knows for sure just what his position is but neither the right nor the left trust him.
ertainly it was expected that if he won the primaries he would then tack toward the center. But there was no thought that he would have to tack to the center on Iraq, which would remain a disaster. Now that it’s not a disaster, but his repositioning is, he’s going to Iraq. But this is a seat-or-the-pants move, it wasn’t in the script, and I doubt that the puppet masters have any idea how it’s going to turn out.

I do though, expect that they know exactly what they’re going to attempt: It’s not that Barack is going to adjust his views to the reality on the ground, it’s that with all the publicity, reality is going to be made to adjust to his views.

His Iraq speech of a few days ago will be his position --still a 16 month time table. His speech after he comes back will affirm that the reality he saw on the ground supports the prescient judgment made in that speech before he left. Never mind whether it does or not, the press will define what Barack says as what is real. After all, reality is narrative, and the massive media coverage will confirm that what he saw is true and that what he suggests is wise.

I presume this is their intent, to use the fawning massive media to define a reality that will work until November.

But, there’s HOPE that some CHANGE will come about ... his reason that Obama will lose, and that the media will knock a couple holes in his stuffed shirt etc is that New York isn’t about to let Chicago steal the Spin Machine. Which also explains the magazine cover pretty well, as his earlier post shows. Today’s comment and post are a reiteration and extension of an earlier post that tries to suggest that Richard Daley is the King Maker here. But back to today’s alternate reality: allowing their Dem guy to lose is a fair price for NY to pay to keep their keys to the machine.

Damn. I have been out-cynic-ed!

read a little more in the NY Sun:

The reality is that without Mr. Daley’s backing, Mr. Obama would be running a very different kind of campaign. Part of the tactical genius for Mr. Obama’s campaign has been provided by his campaign consultant, David Axelrod, who also is a longtime operative in Mr. Daley’s operation.

A columnist with the Chicago Tribune, John Kass, explained the arrangement in an interview with CNN: “Richard M. Daley is the boss of [the] Chicago Machine. His spokesman was David Axelrod. Their candidate is Barack Obama. Who speaks for Barack Obama? David Axelrod. There’s no such thing as coincidences. Chicago politics doesn’t have coincidences.”

Interesting. And not something you read in every single right wing blog every day. Or hear on the news, ever. I’ve got to think about this some, because I don’t see the Why of it yet. What’s in it for Daley? Is Obama his Manchurian Candidate? To what end?


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calendar   Monday - July 14, 2008

World’s oldest blogger, Olive Riley, dies at 108

wow, 108. That’s even older then I am.  It’s all in the genes, isn’t it?  This is the first I ever heard of her but lately I seem to be reading more and more about
ppl reaching extreme old age.  Which scares the heck outta me because I look at the mil who was 93 yesterday and I think damn.  It’s possible the mil (aka, The Grim FairyTail, Her Grimness, Her Wrinkled Wretchedness, Goat Face, and The Coffin Dodger) could continue breathing another 15 years. And I’m stuck with it. ? 

By Bonnie Malkin in Sydney and Fiona Govan in Madrid
Last Updated: 11:32AM BST 14/07/2008

An Australian woman believed to be the world’s oldest blogger has died aged 108, after writing a post about her deteriorating health.
Olive Riley began blogging in February 2007 after a friend suggested the idea and offered to type up the posts on her behalf.

Her blog, The Life of Riley, became an international hit, with readers logging on from the United States to Russia to hear stories about her life.

Mrs Riley’ tales of surviving two world wars and the Depression, bringing up three children on her own and working as a cook in the Australian outback and a barmaid in Sydney, were also nominated for a Blogger’s Choice award in 2007.

Not content to stick to writing, she later branched out into video, posting clips of herself talking and singing on YouTube, the video-sharing website.

In her 74th and final post on June 26, she wrote about moving into a nursing home because of her ill health.

“I still feel weak and can’t shake off that bad cough,” she said.

She also described singing “a happy song” with a visitor and said she had “read a whole swag of email messages and comments from my internet friends today”.

“I was so pleased to hear from you. Thank you, one and all,” she wrote.

Born in Broken Hill, a mining town in the Australian bush, in 1899, Olive would have turned 109 in October.

Her grandson, Darren Stone, said loved the attention her blogs - or blobs as she once mistakenly called them - brought her.

“She enjoyed the notoriety - it kept her mind fresh,” he told Australian newspapers.

“She had people communicating with her from as far away as Russia and America on a continual basis, not just once in a while.

“What kept her going was the memories she had, and being able to recall those memories so strongly.”

Bloggers have started posting their own tributes to Mrs Riley.

Shirley Buxton wrote : “She was an amazing woman and will be mourned by her family and her readers who numbered into the thousands.”

Mrs Riley’s funeral will be held later this week.

Maria Amelia Lopez from Galicia in northern Spain can now rightfully claim the title of the world’s oldest blogger.

The woman dubbed “little granny” by her readers has had over 1.2 million hits since she started her blog in December 2006 when her grandson set it up for her 95th birthday.

Her chronicle, which she writes sporadically a couple of times a month, is a collection of thoughts on subjects ranging from the inflictions of old age to her take on modern life.

Ms Lopez claims it has opened a whole new world for her, putting her in touch with people of all generations across the globe but in a recent post she complained about some of the language used by those leaving comments on her blog.


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calendar   Wednesday - June 25, 2008

what the heck

The mysteries of BMEWS ... I’ve been trying to update things a little. I think I managed to delete the Recon forum, but then I was poking around and I found another forum? What the heck? You didn’t tell me about that one Mr. C. !

So it exists, but it hasn’t been used in a while. I don’t know where the link on the main page went to, or when, but I’ve been a member here for years and I don’t recall ever seeing it. But this link will take you there. For me it was interesting reading, since most of the posts are quite old. But Rancino was using it as recently as last fall, and member “Philander” was there in late October. Other posts are by users I don’t recognize either, though a couple of the old timer’s names are familiar. And Peiper seems to be in charge of several parts of it.

Geex, the things management has to find out for themselves. This is like finding that the employees have had a secret break room in the basement for years, and I never knew. What a sneaky bunch!

I don’t even have an idea how to kill this one. I can’t even tell you how I found it. So go there and use it, all you secret members. Including you, Ozarkmatt, who logged in while I was writing this post!

I think I’m pissed. Yup. What other secret places are hiding around here, frequented by secretive users who never comment on the main page, that I’m paying for? What, you think this blog came with instructions, a user manual, and a map? Like hell it did.

UPDATE: Ok, I installed a link over by the Log In area to the “Freedom Forum”. Which means members can go there and post and comment to their heart’s content. It’s yours to play in, though I still own it. I might post there, I might comment there. But I won’t be playing Daddy there, until somebody skins their knees and comes crying. So try and behave, a little bit at any rate. Not that I need to say that, seeing how polite and erudite this generation of BMEWS members are. Enjoy.


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calendar   Saturday - June 21, 2008

She’s baaaack!

Old time member Dottie, once banned but still lurking here from time to time, sent me an email that pointed to two other Allan pics. That was really sweet of her. I found them, and added them to his Gallery.

I hereby remove Ms. Dottie from BMEWS purgatory and welcome her back with open arms and complete forgiveness for any past sins. She is unbanned.



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calendar   Thursday - June 19, 2008

As Time Goes By

It’s been a bit more than a year since Allan passed away. I didn’t run anything at the time because ... well, I don’t really know why. I guess I wasn’t ready to. I got one email from one of you guys, just one, asking me if I was going to post something. We’ve had a lot of turnover since Allan left us, and a lot of old readers have left us too. But some are still here. And we have lots of new ones. And I’m glad to have all of them, old and new.

Today I heard from a former co-worker of his, reminding me that I ought to do something. So I did. Three somethings actually. What the heck, I’m more than 18 days late with this.

This post, and the wonderful memorial graphic done by reader Sara. The sentiments there are repeated way down at the bottom of the page. And I added all the pictures I could find of Allan to the Gallery. If anyone has any more, email me them and I’ll put them up. I know there were two of Allan and Dottie (Annoying Little Twerp) but I can’t find them.  I put in some captions, but the ones at the original memorial post are more accurate.

The Gallery link now takes you to the top of the Gallery instead of to the Motorvators section. So now the adult areas are on full display instead of slightly hidden. But in a way I think Allan would have enjoyed that. Being surrounded by funny pictures and by lovely ladies not wearing much more than smiles ... not a bad version of Valhalla at all.

So here’s to Allan once again, a bit more than a year after he’s been gone. We’re doing our best to keep on keeping on here, possibly taking the blog in directions he may have liked. Or not. But we’re still playing by his rules. Miss ya Skipper.



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another new blog

A certain lovely red haired lady who comments here has started her own blog. She’s only got one post up, and is probably going through the typical teething problems all start up blogs have. But I’m expecting some interesting content to come from her pretty soon. So stop over and say hi.

Another lady BMEWSer with a blog! I wonder how many overall? I know of at least 3, but I haven’t actually checked.


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calendar   Friday - June 06, 2008


Although this was posted under comments a day or so ago, I thought there were some points raised, many I was unaware of, and points I hope I have answered in the Summary.

I have no intention of re-fighting WW1 or even getting into the politics of the era.  But the person writing this apparently knows something about the history of the period, and I thought it should be posted here in this format.


OK, Pieper, I hate to say this to you, but just because someone opposes the EU does NOT mean they are on our side. For the love of God, please know who the person is BEFORE you link about them, because you will get taken in otherwise.

This article is something that smells of Hapsburg Royalist bias to me. The article conveniently “forgets” several facts. For one, the reason the US (and indeed, the rest of the old WWI Western Allies) “shamefully” opposed Karl I’s attempt to take the Hungarian Throne in favor of Horthy (who, admittedly was little but a scumbag dictator)in 1921 was not because the mean Allies decided to pick on pwoor wittle Kawl because of what his father (the infamous Franz Joseph) did.

It was because Karl I came to Hungary in 1921 with the STATED INTENT of recreating some vestige of A Habsburg Empire , and the fact remains that he was more than willing to do so. And with the Hungarian military (which lagged behind the Western Allies during the interbullum, but was perhaps the best regional military during the 20’s, and was a foe that could not be ignored) , rallied to his banner, he was capable of doing so as well.

His mere act of ascending the throne was likely to spark a war with the “Little Entente” of Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Yugoslavia, who were fearful of the territorial claims Karl had on them, and how eager he was to seize them, if necessary by force of arms. In addition, just across the border from Hungary was Austria, the ancestral home of the Habsburgs. A dynastic revival in Hungary would likely have emboldened the none-too-weak Royalist part of the Austrian populace, and it is VERY likely that Karl would have eventually turned his Habsburg Hungarian military on Austria to try to reunify the heartland of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire. And it was NOT on in the interests of the Allies to have a w war going on that was started by someone who was your sworn enemy only three years ago who was trying to resurrect an empire that Hundreds of thousands of Italians, Greeks, British, French, and Serbs (to say nothing about the pre-Revolution Russian losses, which were, if anything, higher) gave their lives to dismantle.

Say what you will about Horthy, but he at least did not start his saber rattling until sixteen years later, after he made an alliance with Hitler. And there was no way the Allies of 1921 could have known that.

As it was, Horthy was able to disperse Karl’s supporters with relatively little blood after a mobilization by the “Little Entente”, thus avoiding the likelihood of a regional war igniting. I am no Wilson apologist for his muddeling of Versailles, but even I have to admit that he made more than a few correct calls on the situation.

Also, contrary to Europe’s grandest days being under the “Glittering monarchies of the Bourbons and Habsburgs”, Europe was largely under the heel of backwards royal despotism during that period, where the state and the crown are quite literally God on Earth, and woe be to anyone who disagrees. Remember, you cannot see the glitter if you are but a lowly pleb, and that would be 98+% of of us.

In fact, if anything, Europe’s zenith was in the 1920’s,where (in spite of underlying issues), Imperial imperfect Democracies such as Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, and Holland had colonial empires that spanned the world.

Other than that, I must say that, even if he was on the side of the Hapsburg Monarchy and its tyrannical German Cousin, it it is sad to see him go. We are almost at the centennial mark of WWI, and the final veterans are not even in the ground while our dear “Friends” in the Left are spinning an alternate history regarding WWI, with “Gems” like Oh What a Lovely piece of Grandstanding C*** by Littlewood, which conveniently ignores the fact that the Kaiserreich was not and had never been a beacon of Enlightenment.

Why? Because WWI was a true quagmire (especially on the Western Front) where millions perished, and it serves the idea of these more rabid Leftists who try to give the idea that no war is a good war, while conveniently ignoring the military breakthroughs that allowed the Western Allies to total the Central Powers in 1918, and that the victory was over a group of militaristic and authoritarian nations that had never shied away from heinous crimes. If they can turn WWI into a “meaningless, fruitless war”, than they can start to turn others on their head to suit their agenda by using it as a precedent.

Ultimately, I would have to say I am writing this long rant is this: I get what you are doiy: honoring the passing of the last of a country’s generation, who served with honor in a nightmarish conflict, even if it was at the behest of a truly unsavory regime. However, I can practically imagine some scumbag at DKos or HuffPo taking this out of context to say that the Neocons endorse the absolutist regime of the Habsburgs. So please, I beg of you to issue a statement repudiating the Pro-Habsburg sentiment in this article, while still respecting the “Emperor’s Last Soldier.”

PS: Sorry for the Rant
Posted by Turtler United States 06/06/2008 at 01:26 AM


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calendar   Wednesday - April 16, 2008

Speaking of bras

THANK YOU For Your Support !!

BMEWS has received several donations from appreciative readers, and I want to take this time to thank them publicly. You guys have contributed enough to keep this site up and running for 5 months, and that’s a great help. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!

It really is a wonderful feeling when I get those PayPal emails. Not just because I’m a money grubbing whore, but because it is the best kind of reinforcement that shows me that what I’m doing is what people want to read. A blog is a hungry beast, always. It wants more, always. There are days when none of us post, because nothing much seems to be happening in the world. Or because we have something like lives outside of this digital domain. Or because we just don’t feel like it. Too friggin bad! The blog is hungry and needs feeding. So when a couple bucks appears in the tip jar it’s a reminder to get back to work, scan those 50 or so news sites around the world, and find something to write about. Have to stay positive, have to stay motivated, must always be on the lookout for moonbats and have the ClueBat ready for a vigorous smacking.


It was very cool seeing the big response to the post about tape to disc transfers. We’ve got quite a number of technically astute readers here. Impressive! So, does that mean y’all want to see more tech postings? I didn’t post on it, but I saw the news story about the new kind of flash memory that will be able to increase the capacity of the next generation of iPod by a factor of 32 or something like that. Enough so that it’s song list can go more than 8 years without repeating a tune. Damned impressive. The latest PC hard drives are bloody enormous, holding more than a terabyte of data - which is a Meg of Megs of Megs. And they’re almost a dead technology at this point as the iPod story shows. A few more years and all your storage will be on chips, which will allow even the biggest programs to load nearly instantly. Crazy fast. PCs just get faster all the time. And smaller - now there’s a Windows driven computer out there you can wear like a wristwatch. Holy cow. So if you’d like to see this blog bend a bit towards the techie stuff, say so. I’m flexible. But we’ll still try to point out the Moonbattery there too - like Microsoft’s Vista, and the growing “save Tookie XP” movement.

I have backed off blogging about US politics lately. Every day we turn on the news and watch how Obamaramadingdong and Hitlery have shot themselves in the foot this time, and what the talking heads think. It never stops. It’s all the same. And McStain? Oh Lawd! But I could drag myself back to it and posts their daily foibles if that’s what you want.

What I’m saying is that I’m open to suggestions. Well, not THOSE suggestions. Lay off with the peanut butter fantasies already! But suggestions about posts.


I’d like to also take this opportunity to thank the other folks who help make this blog go:

Mr. Christian has been very helpful behind the scenes, showing me where stuff goes and how things work. He’s awfully busy with work these days, so he doesn’t have too much time to post. But he’s there when I need him, and I’m grateful for that.

Peiper and Christopher have been just super at posting. I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate that. We’ve managed to get at least two or three posts a day up, almost every day. This blog would be a lot thinner and duller without their continued help. Guys, if you email me your addresses, I’ve got something to send you. Nothing expensive, and it’s kinda dopey, but it’s a little physical thank-you I think you might enjoy.

And my thanks also to Infinity, Mythusmage, DWMF, and the rest of our Once-In-A-While posters. Good job people. It’s always great to have more voices added to the cacophony. Thanks.


Speaking of more voices ... you might have noticed the new, semi-ugly buttons on the sidebar for the Recon Patrol forum and the Gallery. Both are up and running.

The forum doesn’t get much use these days, but I’m willing to open posting access to it to any BMEWS member who has something to say and would like to try publishing it. The editor is dead simple to use. If you can copy-paste you have all the skills necessary to post.

The Gallery is in a slow process of updating. I have removed all the old pics of nekkid ladies that had been taking up disk space, and I’m starting to implement an idea I’ve been working on for a while now.


Last, but not at all least, I also want to say thanks to our regular commenters. Out of over a thousand members we have about a dozen people who comment all the time, and another dozen who comment once in a while. I like that you folks have something to say. Thanks for saying it.

I wish we had more of you! We get about 1000 visitors a day who come and read the posts. Surely a few more of you have opinions that are worth sharing? We don’t bite. Well, not very much or very often. But BMEWS is essentially Troll-Free, so we haven’t really needed to.

A couple of our regular commenters are having a bit of trouble in their lives right now. You don’t have the time to drop in and chat, and that’s Ok. Just so you know you’re in our thoughts, and we all hope that things get better, soonest. And your sons and daughters who are Over There wearing the Uniform are always in our prayers. God keep them safe and whole.


Ok, that’s it for the Message From Management. Now let’s see what’s out there today that needs writing about. 


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calendar   Thursday - April 10, 2008

Blog Repair Complete - Membership Database Update !!

Ok, I think that’s the last of it. I even dug up and replaced the files that were missing from the posting editor. And, for whoever has been trying to get at some Rush Limbaugh video on immigration, I went out and found a copy and stuck it back in. Dunno how you guys access the thing, but I’ve noticed that the error log says it’s been looked for several dozen times. Well, it’s back. And I love it.


Ooh, we got databases here. Fun fun fun.  I loves me my SQL, yummy yum yum.

BMEWS has been very open and easy going when it comes to allowing new members to join. Unfortunately this gives us quite a lot of DUD members, by which I mean phony members. You know, spambots and stuff like that. I’ve tried cleaning this up some. Here’s the logic I used:

IF (you have a BMEWS membership,
AND you have had that membership for more than 5 months
AND you have NEVER logged in)
THEN (your membership has been deleted).

If you are an old member who has logged in, even once, then you are Ok and unaffected by this.
If you are a new member who has joined within the past 5 months and have not logged in yet, then you are Ok and unaffected by this. But please log in soon, Ok?

I think I will run this query a few times a year. So if you are a member, please log in. Even once. It’s the little “LOGIN” link over there on the right

If you are certain that you have logged in at least once, then ignore this Update.

You don’t have to comment (not that we would mind!!), but if you don’t log in EVER, then eventually you’ll get culled, and then you’ll have to go through the “hassle” (ie one short form to fill out) of joining again so that you can comment. 


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calendar   Monday - April 07, 2008

last chance to read old posts - No, they’re Ok for now

Final Update:
Ok, it looks like everything is back in place, except for one obscure .jpg file. But on the other hand, I’ve never gone through every single bit of code for this blog before, so it’s entirely possible that Allan made a mistake and referred to the wrong file name. Odds are you’ll never notice the difference, because the missing file was in an area that I’m not sure the regular readers can even get too.

Alrighty then. I’m going to leave the galleries up for the next week, and then trim them. At this point it doesn’t look like the old posts will have to be cut, and it doesn’t look like the uploaded graphics area will have to be cut. Things seem to be running Ok. Phew, I’m so glad we were able to sort this out.

New members might also find the signing up process to go a little bit faster too. It is not automatic, but it’s a bit more streamlined now. So be a little patient, m’kay?


UPDATE - Well, we may have lost some graphics, or I may be able to stick them back in tomorrow. I’ve been planted in this chair for several hours and I’m tired of it.  But the problem wasn’t with the graphics or the old posts. We’ve got something running amok with the log files. I killed a bunch, and got back most of a Gig. But everything seems to be working Ok.

Tomorrow I’ll figure out which graphics files got snipped from the page headers ... I have them all on my PC, so I’ll just stick them back.  Then maybe we can figure out why the log files are growing so damn fast.


We’re running low on server space here at BMEWS. I’m going to have to trim a bunch of old posts. I’m going to do the oldest ones first, and probably get rid of the first two year’s worth. Right now I’m doing a full backup to my home PC, so nothing will actually be lost. We just won’t see it online ever again. And I’m going to have to cut out a lot of the graphics files too.

So if you want to go back in time to when BMEWS was Vilmar and Allan, now is the time. The cutting won’t begin until tomorrow or the day after. First I have to figure out what graphics I can delete - we have 4 or more directories full of them, not just the all the posters upload to. And we still have ALL those Weekend Women pics too.

Somewhere down the road Mr. C. and I will also be upgrading to the latest version of ExpressionEngine. BMEWS is several versions behind at this point.

Things might get a little messy, but we’ll get it figured out. Somehow. Someday. But I’ve got hope that this change will be for your own good for the best.

Here’s a link you may want to explore - all the Motorvator posters we’ve run.
The same link also takes you to the Cheesecake & Stuff gallery, that has all of the nekkid ladies Allan used to post, as well as some cartoons, and a few neat pictures of cars and things. Get them now ... cause they’re soon gone.


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calendar   Tuesday - April 01, 2008

Blog of the day

Serious gunnies might want to pay a visit to Cowboy Blob’s Saloon and Shootin Gallery once in a while. Lots of funny pics, stories about shooting competitions, and a bit of politics. And the occasional bit on gun safety, like the following, in which actress Summer Glau helps remind us to keep your finger off the trigger. Trigger? Finger? Where?


Overall, I like it. It’s totally a Guy Blog. 


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calendar   Monday - March 24, 2008

Americans can take pride in Obama

Most of you will not like this. I certainly hope ya don’t. I think she’s a bit over the top.

By Lionel Shriver
Last Updated: 12:01am GMT 22/03/2008

‘You kids!” my mother ritually despaired in my childhood. “You’re so - negative!” That line has been a standing joke between my brothers and me for decades, ruefully repeated at my mother’s expense. But she had a point. We were a critical bunch. On into my middle age, much of my non-fiction commentary has continued to deplore this, to ridicule that. I am still “negative”.

Yet, like many of my American compatriots this week, I have been enjoying the unnerving experience of being for something. Of being encouraged. Of daring to believe that something in my country has improved. Of being deeply, unembarrassedly moved.

Can you imagine any British politician’s campaign speech making the No. 1 most-watched slot on YouTube? Of course, videos of Rev Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s pastor of 20 years, made the top 10 on YouTube as well. The same clips of Wright’s racially incendiary sermons have played incessantly on American cable news: a black minister describing 9/11 as the chickens deservedly “coming home to roost”, invoking “God damn America!”

But the popularity of these videos is par for the course. They are disappointing. They suggest to some white Americans that the conciliatory black presidential candidate promising to unite the country has a darker, angrier face; that, by association with a pastor whom Obama still refuses to entirely repudiate, the current Democratic front-runner is one more chip-on-the-shoulder rabble-rouser who will only prosecute the grievances of his own race.

Because in Republican hands these clips might imperil his electability in November, the Rev Wright controversy might have had the potential to sink Obama’s candidacy. Some candidates would duck or distract from such a PR disaster, but Obama took the bull ---- by the horns. This Tuesday, he delivered a speech entitled “A More Perfect Union”, which for the first time in his campaign focused wholly on the issue of race in America. The address was inclusive, frank, rich, warm, and politically brave.

Where you will also find the kind of viewer responses of which Gordon Brown or David Cameron would never even dare to dream. “Wow. That was ------- beautiful.” “Wow, he is the first real leader of my generation.” “This was one of the best speeches in our time.” “One of the greatest speeches ever made. I pray this country is intelligent and courageous enough to elect him president.”

I just can’t copy any more of this and only did this post to let my fellow yanks know what’s being printed here by I guess an American.
Oh btw .... Lionel is a female.

You might wanna read everything she has to say on the subject just so you know exactly what and why ur pissed off.

Drews editorial tho long was also brilliant I must say. Anything I thought I might say on this subject, Drew said for me. And so did others.  But this lady just doesn’t get the picture.  I just hope Brits reading her don’t go away believing she speaks for us all.


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calendar   Saturday - March 15, 2008

Blog Push

BMEWS reader Jennifer has her own blog. She’s been at it for 6 months or so, after a 2 year hiatus. Little blogs need readers too, and I rather like her writing style. It’s fun.

image This is Jennifer. She says she’s in her lates 30s with 2 kids, one nearly in college, and a brand new husband. I think we may have a case of Internet Fantasy Identity here, because she looks about 23 to me. Be that as it may, she has an interesting writing style; straight up and a bit salty at times. A tongue in cheekiness which makes reading her blog a hoot. Perhaps a hoot and a half. ( no “double hooters” comments allowed, thank you! )

Here are two small examples of her writing style:

On Hillary and Bill:

“I think whatever he said which was certainly never intended to cause any kind of offense to anyone,” Clinton said, “if it did give offenses then I take responsibility and I’m sorry about that.”

“Can you control him?” asked McFadden.

“Oh of course,” Clinton replied.

That has to be the biggest fantasy I have ever heard come out of her mouth.  A bigger fantasy than her illustrius healthcare ideas.  Bitch, if you could control him this would be an entirely different election we are about to embark on.

Imagine how different the political climate in this nation would be right now if he had behaved himself in office.  Forget all the policy he fucked us over with, just think how much different the tone would be if he had just kept his cock in his pants.

On a book review about Onanism (I think):

I am sorry, but is there someone on this planet who was under the assumption male masturbation was a rarity? This guy made money writing this book. I am so in the wrong business…

All manner of techniques are discussed, safe, and questionable. He (Dr. Litten) brings up the curiosity that all men seem to have about other men’s genitals and self-pleasuring practices, and how sharing masturbation with a friend does not make one gay.

Ok, wow. I learn something new everyday about men. Is this true? Do you guys sit around and wonder about your co-worker’s goodie bag? I feel quite safe in stating women do not share this curiosity about fellow women. I think I can go out on a limb here and say that women do not sit around all day and ponder the vagina of their friends or coworkers. I think we sort of lack the general “curiosity” about a hoohah if it is not our own. I could be wrong, I am sure you will let me know if I am.

Ok, don’t get the idea that her blog is all about sex and politics. There’s more to it than that. She writes about fashion, annoying crap that life throws you, and whatever else she feels like. There was a short discussion in one of the comment threads here yesterday about what is, and what ain’t, a blog. This one looks pretty bloggy to me. And while all of us have only so much time we can spend online on any given day, I like finding new blogs that seem to have potential. So I’ve added her to the blogroll, and I hope she keeps the posts coming. Maybe you’ll like her posts too.

PS - why did I write this post? Because she sent me an email and said she liked BMEWS. Yes, I am that easy.


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