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Once Again, The One And Only Post

November 18, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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No get together for our families this year, oh well. So we’re staying home. Got a huge chicken for free from the grocery store to cook; it’s nice today so maybe smoke it a bit on the grill and roast it out there. Got my sausage stuffing to make. Made the cranberry sauce. Have an apple pie to cook, and another loaf of bread to bake. Plus taters and gravy, or maybe just gravy. And fresh asparagus, and sauteed mushrooms. And plenty of wine, cider, an soda. We won’t be going hungry.


“Not an act of terrorism” says (LSOS) NY Gov Hochul

Flying Car Explodes At Niagara Bridge Border Crossing Booth

All four international border crossings between the United States and Canada in Western New York were closed for approximately five hours Wednesday due to a vehicle explosion at the Rainbow Bridge that killed two passengers.

Sources told News 4 and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul later confirmed that the incident is not believed to be an act of terrorism, countering what some national outlets reported earlier Wednesday.

Yeah, just local folks on their way to a concert, running late. Because everyone packs their car with explosives and drives across the border at 120mph, right? What a Lying Sack Of Shit (LSOS). Police on the scene at the time said it was a car bomb, and thus terrorism. And who is to say that some jihadi couple doesn’t live in the Buffalo area? Misdirection and misinformation. Typical.

You can watch the car take off here. It approaches the checkpoint in the rain at well over 100mph, hits a curb and goes flying for 100 yards, still 15 feet in the air when it goes through the checkpoint booths. The actual explosion is not on this video, but it’s a guarantee it’s on some CCTV that was pointing past the booths. Witnesses say the fireball was 40 feet high. Cars don’t usually explode on impact like on TV. They smash, they crumple, and then they might catch on fire. But they don’t actually explode.



The Rainbow Bridge is a steel deck arch bridge, the causeway running above the steel arch truss supported by verticals. The abutments on both ends are concrete open spandrel arches, with lateral wings where the lanes converge after the checkpoint booths. The bridge was built in 1941, is 202 feet above the Niagara River. The whole thing is 1450 feet long, and the steel center section is a bit over 900 feet long. So the explosion actually happened on the approach to the bridge, on pavement on solid ground. The USA is on the east end of the bridge, Canada on the west end.

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November 18, 2023

Well, I survived another week. The 3rd round of gel shots in my knees took 2 days to take effect, so most of the week was a lot of pain and extreme difficulty walking. Hobbling would be a better term. I’m trying that Voltarin stuff, an arthritis pain relieving gel made from Diclofenac. It’s a bother to apply it 4 times a day, it might take a week to even start working, and there can be side effects. But I have to do something. So far the relief has been minimal at best. I had to take a week off from PT, as I simply could not walk and could hardly work the clutch to drive my car.


I was able to bowl reasonably well by Friday night, rolling a 542 series. We lost 2-5, but I threw over 200 in G3, 12 under in G2, and a 181 in G1. Considering how poorly I did in my Wednesday league (under 400 series), and was in so much pain that I’ve set things up to go out on disability if necessary, this was a vast improvement.

Knee, ankle, and thumb pain were not too bad by the time I got home. I count that as a big positive. For nearly the whole night my thumb didn’t fail on me, so I was able to get some good releases. I still have to figure out how to adapt my handi-approach to make the 10 pin spares; I only made about 1/4 of them. OTOH, I could get a cheap dead plastic ball for that, as my Motiv Venom Blue Pearl and even my DV8 are too much ball for the current lane layouts. I need something utterly dead that will not hook at all, in a weight I can throw with ease. Somehow I get off balance making a diagonal approach for the right corner shots, and almost always either throw too far right, into the gutter, or the ball hooks up and flares left, missing the pins.


So, new House Speaker Mike Johnson is releasing nearly all the J6 tapes, over 40,000 hours worth. With blurred faces to hide the identities of Feebs and other agents provocateurs in the crowd. At this point he, along with the rest of the GOP leadership, has still not done a damn thing to get justice for the J6 political prisoners. So one small step forward, two steps back. You do realize that this is one of the bigger circle jerks in history, right? Not one single leftist will believe any new analysis, most center to center right people won’t pay any attention at all, and the few right-wingers who paid attention this whole time already knew what a false flag it was, even before that day. So, a total waste ... unless MAJOR changes are made. They won’t be. More virtue signalling, nothing more.


Looks like there’s still another slice in the oven. PizzaGate. Remember how false you were told it was?? And how there was no connection at all to Epstein Island? Yeah, right.

John Podesta’s pal, leftwing emagazine Recount’s editor Slade Sohmer, arrested on multiple charges of kiddie porn.

Charges of actual child molestation may be coming soon.

Court documents referenced in The Berkshire Eagle report allege Sohmer’s phone contained highly disturbing video clips depicting boys as young as three being sexually assaulted by adults. Authorities initially became aware of the alleged activities through a tipoff from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, which informed the Massachusetts State Police Cyber Crime Unit about a suspicious video circulated on Snapchat in late September of last year.

Upon investigation, the video was linked back to an IP address believed to originate from Sohmer’s home internet account, and on October 18th, Berkshire police confiscated electronic devices from the premises. Authorities allege that one of these devices, Sohmer’s phone, was used to send out 53 videos containing child pornography. There are also claims that Sohmer was filmed directing a minor to perform sexual acts, prompting Assistant District Attorney Marianne Shelvey to suggest further charges may be pending due to the child’s identification.

How about that, another lefty pervert. Who’da thunk it could happen?

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November 11, 2023

Today is Veteran’s Day. It is the day to remember those who served, and to show appreciation for that service. Thank you for answering your country’s call, and doing the job that was needed.

It’s a bit irksome that our unionized government took Friday off, because with this day falling on a Saturday this year they won’t get a Monday holiday. I don’t think they should get any time at all off for it, unless they are actual veterans, or can prove they will be attending pro-veteran ceremonies or events.


It is also my birthday. I am 63 today. Crivens. And lately I feel those years every day. I got the second round of knee gel shots Wednesday, and this time they took 2 days to become beneficial. I guess the gel takes a little while to spread around, and the more you have the slower it spreads. Thursday was a very bad knee day for me; I could barely walk. I was still in too much pain to do physical therapy on my foot on Friday morning, but by late afternoon I was feeling pretty good. I’m getting there, although I’m not sure where there is exactly. Sure would be nice to go up and down stairs normally, instead of doing the old guy half step thing.

On the advice of my podiatrist and the PT guy, I got a set of SuperFeet Orange orthotics. They are awesome. Expensive, considering it’s just a little slab of plastic and rubber. The relief to my ankle tendons was immediate. I’m still wearing the foot brace, using ice as necessary, and taking several doses of ibuprofen every day. And going to chiropractic a couple times a week. I’m going to set up appointments with an orthopedist and a rheumatologist to see what can be done about my joint conditions.  I want to look into an inflammation lowering diet; I’m already taking most of the normal vitamins and supplements that are supposed to help arthritis. At best, they do a little.


Bowling blogging!

Yes, even with all the creaky cracking popping aching joints, I’m still bowling. Or trying to. My average is down at least 20 points in both leagues. I did pretty well last night, throwing a 190-something in game 1 and a 223 in game 3 for a 561 series. I messed up in game 2 with a 154, which was more of me trying to adapt to rapidly changing lane conditions and having a little trouble with my release. It’s hard getting your thumb out at the exact right time when it hurts (more arthritis) and won’t cooperate. Still, we won all 7 points, which was nice for a change.


[ looks out the window, checks online to see how the world is. Yup, still run by greedy fools, still a mess of crap. Goes for more coffee and contemplates doing something exciting, like a load of laundry ]

Know the enemy:

November 5, 2023


It’s been a rough couple weeks for me. Ankle pain and my Achilles tendon has been awful. Got the first round of this iteration of knee shots (hylauronic acid) Wednesday, which made my busted up arthritic knees feel better for a whole 4 days. Found a chiropractor on the other side of the lake from me, got in for first appointment, felt pretty good for about 2 days. Bowled really well the first 2 games Friday night, then my thumb started hurting like mad. So game 3 was way low. By Sunday my back again feels like I’ve been hit with a baseball bat. Great. Just friggin great.

I’m falling apart. This sucks.

But at least I put the computer back together. It had to be moved so we could unearth the TV set, and then a bunch of crap in boxes had to be gone through so we could find the remotes. Which is me admitting that the “ok, contractor is done, let’s put the house back together” is going nowhere fast. She’s too lazy, and I’m in too much pain. At least the cat fleas seem to be in remission for now. So far. And I installed the new smoke alarm and trimmed the new A/C giant air filter to fit. Bought the wrong one, and then it sat around for weeks (contractor again) long past the Return By date. It took some careful trimming of the plastic side panels with a fine hand saw and a sharp utility knife. But it’s in, and should last 2 -3 years. The thing is huge.

And now the thrill of my evening, trying to stand up long enough in front of the sink to rinse off the dishes and get them in the dishwasher. I think I should take some pain pills, and maybe have a martini first. I have a slew of appointments next week, mostly medical. Somewhere in there I should get a haircut too.

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October 24, 2023

Can’t wait for this to bubble up to The View so Whoopi can tell everyone it wasn’t “behead" behead.

Yeah, they just all accidentally fell off.

Worst Tweet of All Time

Eric Levitz, NYC resident and writer for New York Magazine. He is trying to paint shades of nuance between “the terrorists killed babies but they just so happened to lose their heads during various methods of murder” and “the terrorists purposely beheaded the babies.”

This after DECADES of jihadi beheading videos from all over the world. And let’s not mention their Koran, a book suitable for both toilet paper AND kindling, specifically tells them to sever heads. And burn people to death.

[ Koran, Surah 8, The Spoils of War ]

[8.12] When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

[8.14] This-- taste it, and (know) that for the unbelievers is the chastisement of fire.

“Maybe they burned the kids alive and the charred skulls just rolled off their bodies! We really need to consider the etymology of the verbs we use!”

Maybe this apologetic word slicing pussy should just ask what Hamas’ pronouns are. If he asked me I’d say “Was/Were/Oh merciful Allah the fire, it burns! The pain!!” and then eagerly push the Picard Button (to make it so!)

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October 23, 2023

Airport Horror Story, GOAT G.O.A.T. !!

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agriculture Specialists at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport were faced with an unlikely situation after they discovered 15 pounds of raw goat viscera in the baggage of two passengers.

The incident happened on last Tuesday Oct. 10th.

The agency, in a news release, said that two passengers, who were arriving from the Democratic Republic of Congo, were referred to agriculture secondary for inspection.

“CBPAS inspected their baggage and found one pound of unknown meat, 2 pounds of garden eggs, and 15 pounds of raw goat viscera including the trachea, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and entire digestive system,” said the news release.

A photo provided by the agency shows the internal organs of the goat as an officer holds up the body parts.

“An eviscerated goat is certainly outside of the normal items they [CBPAS] stop,” said the new release about the items.

It takes about 24 hours to fly from Congo to Chicago. Bet that goat was getting a bit ripe.

PS - How on earth did a Bag o’ Goat get on the plane in the first place???


Of Course They Were There. Duh.

New details emerging in death of Obama’s chef who “drowned” in the shallow pond of their swank Martha’s Vineyard home.

New information from a FOIA request now places Barack Obama on the scene sometime after his personal chef, Tafari Campbell, went missing and was later found drowned.

The new information was first reported by Jesse Watters Friday evening.

“We have new information tonight in the drowning death of Obama’s chef Tafari Campbell,” Watters revealed. “The Massachusetts State Police responded to our FOIA request and released their report with some redactions.”

“According to the report, Obama was on the scene shortly after Campbell went missing,” Watters said. “The report also states an unnamed female staffer jumped into the water when Tafari fell off his board, but it was already too late. He disappeared.”


“We also now know that Secret Service has surveillance footage of Campbell from Obama’s compound moments before he entered the water,” Watters added. “So we’re going to see if we can get that.”

[ you big dummy, I can absolutely guarantee that the SS has footage of the entire pond and thus the entire incident, even if it happened in the dead of night (AFAIK it didn’t)]

The records also detail the existence of a Secret Service video of Campbell and his paddleboarding companion entering the water, and the Secret Service emergency response in the immediate aftermath of the drowning. The State Police records show they concluded ‘no foul play’ in Campbell’s ‘accidental’ death.”

Paddleboarding COMPANION? Say what???!? First I’ve heard of this. And it took a FOIA and several months to get even this much information. They must be using a whole army of brooms to sweep this under the bed.

Ok, it isn’t new news. It just a highly important detail that the MSM has seriously ignored since the initial report came out. So “the staffer who jumped in the water” was also his boarding companion? Probably.

Bad me, but my guess is pretty obvious. Barry and Michael are gays. Big Mike is a tranny. Bathhouse Barry got busy with cutie boy Tafari. Yeah, he was married, but was he a bi-boi too? Hmmm. Big Mike found out, slapped the crap out his bitch Barry (remember his bruises) and then ... Hillaried the situation.

Just so you know, Edgarton Great Pond is a tidal slough, about 8 feet deep. And Campbell knew how to swim. And nobody, NOBODY in our safety conscious, risk averse culture goes out on the water on anything small without a flotation vest. It just ain’t done. So even if you’re passed out drunk, you don’t fall off the board, sink, and drown. 100 feet from their house BTW.

A paddleboard is like an oversize surfboard, around 10’-12’ long and nearly 3’ wide. It’s fairly stable.


Well Blow Me Down, It just don’t work

Oh the greenie folks they have a dream
Of carbon neutral power
But solar sucks
And tidal’s lame
They call the wind pariah

How many times have we heard that wind power, coupled with the sun’s energy, is going to save us from our fossil-fuel burning ways? Maybe one day it will. But at no time soon will it happen. And by soon, we mean in most of our lifetimes.

How can we say this? Look around at what’s happening with wind energy:

“California’s Central Coast residents work to stop — or at least slow down — offshore wind.” California believes that by 2045 it can operate its electrical grid without contributions from fossil fuels and nuclear energy. To get there, one-fourth of the power must be generated by offshore wind. This CalMatters report, which summarizes the resistance to offshore wind projects, should set off alarms not just in Sacramento but in other blue state capitals as well as Washington, D.C. (unless Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman gets there first).

“​​Orsted Threatens To Abandon U.S. Offshore Wind Projects.” Here we learn that “the world’s largest offshore wind farm developer is preparing to walk away from U.S. projects unless the Biden administration guarantees more support.” In other words, offshore wind is so uneconomical that unless the taxpayers “pitch in,” it’s not worth the trouble for private companies to stay in the game. Furthermore, “Europe’s ‘green tech’ future has been threatened due to waning investment flows.”

“Electricity from wind isn’t cheap and it never will be.” In this London Telegraph column, science writer Matt Ridley writes that “The latest auction of rights to build offshore wind farms failed to attract any bids, despite offering higher subsidized prices. That alone indicates that wind is not cheap or getting cheaper.”

In related news, over-the-horizon leftist tyrant New York governor Kathy Hochul has just cancelled NY’s offshore wind plans, blaming Republicans and pretending that reduced property values is the reason.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul vetoed the “Planned Offshore Wind Transmission act” on Friday, which would have helped keep offshore wind projects in the State of New York.

The partisan legislation was passed by the Assembly on Day 2 of a June Special Session at the Capitol, and was the source of contentious debate. The bill would’ve paved the way for the “Empire Wind Two” project off Long Island near Jones Beach, and would’ve brought nearly 500 jobs in manufacturing to the Port of Albany.

The passage brought upon rave reviews from federal lawmakers as well, who visited the Port of Albany in July. Equinor Renewables Americas was in charge of that project, releasing this statement:

“The veto of ‘The Planned Offshore Wind Transmission Act’ undermines New York’s commitment to the energy transition and the role offshore wind must play in achieving the state’s renewable energy mandates,” Molly Morris, President, Equinor Renewables Americas, says. “This decision sends another troubling signal to renewable energy developers following last week’s action by the New York State Public Service Commission.”

The legislation drew resistance from Republicans, citing environmental and health concerns along with potential neighborhood and property value impacts.

Meanwhile, in The People’s Republic of New Jersey ...

Opponents of what would be New Jersey’s first offshore wind energy farm are celebrating the announcement that the project will be delayed until 2026, but vowed to keep up their fight until it fails altogether.

After suffering a series of legal and regulatory setbacks in the past year, the opponents are encouraged that they are finally gaining the upper hand in their efforts to block the Danish energy giant Orsted from building the wind farm 15 miles off the coast from Atlantic City to Stone Harbor.

“I think this is a sign that the tide is turning. While this is a positive step, this is not the time to pop the champagne corks,” said Bob Barr, a former Ocean City councilman who now serves on the Cape May County Board of Commissioners, the elected body overseeing county government.

Ocean City and Cape May County officials have been among the most outspoken critics of Orsted’s plan to build 98 towering wind turbines as part of the controversial Ocean Wind 1 project, which some opponents believe will cause irreparable harm to the shore’s economy and environment.

“It is a terrible project, the worst I’ve ever seen. This project has no redeeming qualities at all,” Barr said.

No redeeming qualities? Well they are getting rid of all those pesky whales. But let’s blame Climate Change instead. ( PS whales have been around 50 million years, so they’ve managed to adapt to every previous climate change. And they have sonar, so they can tell how deep the water is).

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