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calendar   Wednesday - February 20, 2013

americans might gag unless you know what the term means.

Which isn’t what it means back home in the USA.

Google it.

This ad greeted us on opening the morning paper.  Thought our American readers (and others?) might get a giggle.



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out,out damn candle

There was an overlooked anniversary passed us by about two weeks ago.

Dateline 1863, England

A deputation from the Anti Slavery Society waited upon Mr. Adams, the American minister, handing him a copy of a resolution in which, while they depreciated the war in America, they held the Confederates responsible in their resolution to found a new state upon the system of slavery, and they hailed the president’s proclamation as the death blow of that principle.

(As if that unfortunate war of northern aggression was any of their damned business but then that’s liberals for ya.  Can’t solve problems in their own country but happy to advise in others.)

Anyway, the article continues.

Mr. Adams, in reply, declared the Confederates worse than supposed, for they wanted to overthrow the union, and it was only when foiled that they had recourse to succession.

Mr. Adams was a damn liar and the tooth fairy no doubt passed him by which didn’t help his disposition any.

Here’s another interesting but unrelated tidbit. This time from Australia.


Looks that way.

Kids are being instructed NOT to blow out candles on birthday cakes together – because they could pass on germs. 
Well, yeah. I guess they could.  Maybe there’s a lot more them floating about these days as opposed to my days long ago.
Anyway, parents are being told to either provide a separate cupcake, with a candle on it, for the birthday child, or else enough cupcakes should be provided for other children.
Parents are angered at what they regard as an enlarging nanny state, and so far have told the folks advising this latest safe at all costs to get stuffed. 


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Combination Challenge #18

From chapter 1 of Combination Challenge. The tactical theme is weak back rank.

Black to move

Graphics courtesy of Exachess


Samoore wins this one:

1 … b5!

No matter where the Queen moves, Black mates.


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calendar   Tuesday - February 19, 2013

Nice Idea, Or 20 Years Late

Taking The Evil Black Out


The Turnbull Manufacturing Company brings a Modern Sporting Rifle to market that looks as classic as can be. Highly figured walnut, high quality machined steel receiver, bone charcoal color case hardening, and no scary carrying handle or bayonet lug. Class act. Nice effort, if it isn’t too late. Clicky picy.

“With the rising popularity of the AR-15 platform, it seemed time to design and produce a truly collectible version of this amazing shooting platform,” said Doug Turnbull, “While still turning out what is one of the most accurate and easy shooting AR type rifles. I am very proud to put my name on the TAR-15.”

These heirloom-grade guns are built using premium parts and Turnbull’s own 8620 carbon-steel receivers. The steel not only makes them incredibly durable but also makes it possible for Turnbull to finish them with their own bone charcoal case-hardened finish. The finish is just exquisite. As nice as it is in pictures, in person it comes alive with all the colors shining. The stocks are American Black Walnut and just as nice as the finish, with a custom pistol grip that’s especially comfortable. They offer it with a long-lasting urethane finish or a softer, matte oil finish.

These rifles use the gas impingement system for smoother recoil and control. The gun ships with an oversized integral trigger guard to fit a gloved finger easily for cold weather or other gloved situations.

The stocks and forend are premium American Black Walnut that has been designed to maximize the ergonomics of the AR-15 design while allowing for the esthetics of fine wood furniture. The wood is available in either a urethane or oiled matte finish in several grades. The TAR-15 ships in a lockable hard travel case with a 4 and 10 round magazine. All TAR-15 rifles carry the Turnbull one year warranty.

Notice how the upper receiver is different from a regular mil-spec upper. No forward assist, no dust cover over the ejection port. No giant take-down latch. The built in muzzle break is hard to see. For that kind of money though I’d have thought he build it with an op rod and piston instead of the dirty old gas impingement system. Oh well.

$2495. Put your orders in at .

So I’m wondering, if it’s pretty, is it still an evil black rifle? Is it still a shoot-from-the-hip-bullet-hose-meant-only-to-kill?  Notice how it ships with a 4 round magazine and a 10 round magazine. Can it take standard AR mags? I don’t know. But that’s a pretty smart move on Doug Turnbull’s part IMO.


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still here

Feeling a bit better today, but still under the weather. I hate those times when you get sick and you have to blow your nose so often it gets all raw on the underside and you have to put hand cream on it. One of those gooey things.

So while I go through the tissues I’m trying to optimize this old PC. I cleaned nearly 2 gigs worth of junk files off the old HD, and ran a full scan and defrag. That takes forever.

Aye yi yi, so what’s in the news today?

I see the government is having another round of their endless finger pointing game ...
... so boring. But it keeps them from doing much of anything, so that’s probably a good thing. Sequestration? Ask me if I care. Shut the whole damn gov down for 8 months, it won’t impact me at all. I don’t even need the Post Office. I pay all my bills online, and all my packages come UPS. So there.

anything else look interesting? Let’s see ...

Oh boy. Another looney tune goes on a shooting spree .. this time in LA, combined with multiple carjackings. Steal a car, shoot the driver. 3 victims dead, several others wounded, cops pull the guy over and he kills himself.

Authorities located the suspect in a stolen vehicle and followed him to the city of Orange, according to Garaven. When police stopped him, the suspect shot himself at an intersection.

Garaven says the suspect succeeded in stealing a vehicle at each carjacking.

“There have been other people coming forward saying they were shot at or their cars were shot at,” he said, but so far none had reported any serious injury.

The conditions of the wounded victims were unknown.

A spokeswoman for the California Highway Patrol said they didn’t have any active crime scenes on the freeway but the southbound 55 McFadden Avenue off-ramp would be closed until further notice.

The motive for the shootings is still unclear and it’s also unclear if the victims knew each other or the shooter.

“I do not believe any of the victims are related to each other. It might have been a random thing,” he said. “We just don’t know.”

Nutjobs. You’d think the government would check people’s mental health before letting them have cars. Come on, it’s for the children after all.

Oh here we go. Another whizbang, fully qualified for his position of ultimate responsibility: Chicago Police Superintendent blames Sarah Palin, the NRA, government racism for city’s out of control shootings. Wants to ban 2A.

Facing a surging homicide rate and several headline-grabbing murders, Chicago’s top cop is taking aim at lobbyists who he says prevent politicians from implementing more gun control measures.

Appearing on a local Windy City Sunday morning talk show on the radio station WLSAM, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said special interests that lobby politicians to influence their opinion on gun control are the real problem.

“If there was a special interest influencing police work, I believe that would be called corruption,” McCarthy said. “So, if it has to do with donating money, versus a popular vote, I think we have a bigger problem in this country and someone has to wake up to that.”

Gun rights advocates seized on the comments, saying that McCarthy was blaming the city’s gun violence on donors and lobbyists who advocate for the Second Amendment.

“Garry McCarthy’s understanding of our Constitution barely qualifies him as a meter maid, never mind the chief of the nation’s third largest police department,” Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard Pearson said.
McCarthy told he never advocated “getting rid of the Second Amendment.” He said he was making the point that there is popular support for new gun control laws and that lobbyists are stopping elected officials from reflecting the will of the people.

“How is it [special interests] are controlling politicians?” he said. “How are they controlling elected officials? It’s not by popular vote.”

McCarthy in the past has blamed “government-sponsored racism” and Sarah Palin for Chicago’s gun violence. He has been outspoken in his opposition to handgun proliferation, telling a radio panel last month he equates fewer guns with improved public safety.

OMFG. Hand in you tin badge right now you utter moron. You don’t deserve to be a litter picker, much less Head Wumpus of the police. Everybody’s fault but yours, is that it? What’s your name white boy, Obama?? And the only reason that the Constitution hasn’t been completely flushed down the toilet in your city is because of lobbyists? Hoo boy. In that case, I guess we’d better thank them from preventing actual tyranny.

Hey Supe: your problem lies in your uneducated, infantile, disrespectful, welfare sucking, drug trafficking, barbaric, criminal, ghetto population. It isn’t that they have guns, legal or otherwise, it’s that they have no respect for themselves or for anyone else that they turn to lethal violence as a way of life, not as a last resort. Teach your citizens how to be people ... civilize them with education and Christianity, family values (like two parent households and marriage) and all the responsibilities and earned self-respect that comes with that, and they might might turn out human. And if that doesn’t work, just pass out machine guns and big bags of ammo and let them have at it. In a couple of weeks 2/3 of them will be dead, so ... problem solved.

What’s this??? OMG, GINGER PHOBIA in Utah school system!!

Student, kicked out of school for having red hair, returns to class

A student at a Utah high school who was suspended for dying her hair red has been allowed to return to classes because the color faded, administrators claimed.

Rylee McKay, a 15-year-old ninth-grader at Hurricane Middle School, was originally suspended for violating the school’s dress code policies, which stipulate that students can only dye their hair within a range of “normal” colors.

School authorities determined that McKay’s hair was too pink when examined under certain lighting, and suspended her until she changed it back.
But McKay insisted that her stylist only used red and brown colors to dye her hair, which should be permissible under the policy. Earlier this week, she returned to classes after administrators expressed the view that her hair had faded to an acceptable shade of red.

“They told me it looked like the pink had gone out, and I told them there had never been any pink in it,” she said in an interview with CNN.

Gingerism ... sounds like lawsuit time to me.

Nope, it’s another day I really don’t want to look at the news. I think I’ll grab a bowl of soup and crawl back under the covers.


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calendar   Monday - February 18, 2013

Good Advice

Get your own dashcam.

Prevent this kind of fraud from happening to you.

You know, I thought about getting a dashcam several years back when the wife got a traffic ticket that was total BS*. But what I wanted was not available at that time: I want 4 cameras facing outward, and one facing inward, with sound, hi-res, in color, with a 15-30 minute digital “tape loop”. Not sure if I want a digital overlay of speed and RPM, but I would want date and time stamps.

And no, it’s not for my car insurance or for the government. It’s for me, and my own personal protection. Just to be on the safe side.

A few years back, NJ put a “move over law” into place, that requires drivers to slow down when approaching an approved emergency vehicle with it’s lights on at the side of the road, AND to move a lane over on the road to give them some safety room if it is safe and legal to do so. Well, that’s how they advertise it; “Slow down, Move over”, even though the law is actually written as “move over” and if you can’t, then “slow down”.

And aside from defining what qualifies as an approved emergency vehicle and what color flashing or revolving lights each one uses, that’s pretty much the actual text of the law. It does not say how much you have to slow down, it does not say how far away you have to slow down when you are approaching them, it does not say how long you need to maintain that reduced speed once you have passed them. And it makes the driver judge whether moving over is both safe and legal. It’s as vague as vague can be, which is the perfect kind of traffic law cops love. They can’t lose.

She got a ticket for not obeying this law, because she didn’t move over across a double yellow line on a blind curve at night. The local cops said they had video evidence (all the cop cars have dashcams and computers and M16s and stuff) but in 6 months of waiting, they never produced the tape. Her “transgression” occurred in a 35mph zone, yet the ticket did not have her measured speed listed. Man was she pissed. I agreed, and said she should fight it, as the penalty can be severe - up to $500. So she hired a lawyer (face palm), spent $500, and her lawyer didn’t get it tossed out but instead talked it down to the legal term that means “having a blonde moment” which I think they called “delayed decision making”. Total crap IMO. But good husbands learn not to bring certain things up ...

The law says Rule 1 AND THEN Rule 2 if the driver feels iRule 1 wasn’t safe and/or legal. Which is pure crap law. But without a radar reading, there is no evidence for Part 2, so the whole thing falls apart. “I slowed down your honor, but I couldn’t see around the curve so I didn’t think it was safe to cross into the oncoming lane. I did move over within my lane though, which left the officer plenty of room.” Next. 5 seconds before the bench, and she could have walked out free and clear. And failing that, I would have brought a $50 million dollar lawsuit against the county judge for bias and a sexual harassment suit against the cops. But whatever. She beat it her own way I guess.  But that’s why I think all vehicles should have 4 way or 5 way private dash cams.


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living the socialist utopia on the backs of others

Words do fail but pictures sure don’t.

This is what has become of a country in lock step with socialist utopia.  Well, not for the folks who pay for it all but then, that isn’t her worry. Is it?

Be sure and see the drawings and photos to grasp how bizarre this is. But then, this is Britain, 2013.  And very soon now there will be hoards more like her and they won’t all be speaking English very well. If at all.

Take a look.

Yesterday Frost, who first gave birth at 14, vowed to demand an even bigger house if she doesn’t like her new property.

Mother of 11 gets BRAND NEW £400,000 built by council because she’s ‘struggling’ in her two current homes ( $ 618,539 )

Heather Frost, 36, lives in two houses which have been knocked together

Has seven children in one house, while the rest live with her in the other

Now Tewkesbury council has agreed to build her five-bed eco-home

TaxPayers’ Alliance brands move a ‘scandalous’ use of public money

First fell pregnant at 14 to a 23-year-old boyfriend who ended up in prison

By Simon Tomlinson

A jobless mother of 11 is celebrating today after her local council agreed to build her a six-bedroom, £400,000 home to accommodate her massive brood.

Heather Frost, 36, currently lives in two separate houses knocked into one, which she describes as a ‘nightmare’ because it is so cramped.

Now after years of complaining, her local council has arranged for a 1,850 sq ft property to be built for her as part of a new housing development.

The two-storey eco-home has three bathrooms, two lounges and a huge 355 sq ft kitchen and dining area.

A local estate agent who studied the plans for the new home believes it could be worth up to £400,000.

But yesterday Frost, who first gave birth at 14, vowed to demand an even bigger house if she doesn’t like her new property.

She said: ‘It’s being built especially for me. If I go there and I say to them I don’t like it or it’s too small, then they will just have to build me a bigger one, won’t they.’

Neighbours today reacted furiously to news of her new home.

One said: ‘’It’s a complete disgrace. She’s got way too many kids as it is. She treats her womb like a clown car.’

Neighbours say Frost currently lives with 14 people: all her eleven children, two grandchildren and her partner Jake, who they claim is also unemployed.

The children are Sophie and Toby Stevens, Angel, Jay, Paige, Chloe, Beth, Emily, Daisy, Ruby and Tilly Frost.

They live in a three-bedroom house in Churchdown, near Gloucester, which has been knocked through into the house next door.

there’s a LOT more to see and read here

Sure fire stuff to start pulling hair, if ya have any.  This really is total madness. 
Her kids should be taken away and put in service of some kind. She should be sterilized beyond any recovery. And then tossed out in the street with the rest of the garbage.


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culture of cowards, h/t

Seems like I always manage to find things I’m not looking for, that end up bothering.
Or perhaps I am looking but don’t know it. Whatever, another very good article, if a bit long, from Front Page caught the eye again. But of course it would considering how often I surf by their stand.

As I said, this is fairly long but might be worth the time.

“A Culture of Cowards”

By Bruce Bawer

This isn’t going to be about Iceland, or about online porn, but there’s a reason nonetheless to start with the news that Iceland’s government – apparently satisfied that it’s safely pulled out of its financial crisis – has turned its attention to a feminist proposal to block online porn using the same technology that China uses to limit its own subjects’ Internet access. This is not good news – for a couple of reasons.

The first, and more frivolous, reason is as follows. I’ve been to Iceland. It’s an interesting place to visit – fascinating, actually – but you wouldn’t want to live there. No, honest – you really, really wouldn’t want to live there. I’m not saying it’s awful in the same way as, oh, Tanzania, where albinos are poached like animals because it’s believed that if you cut off one of their body parts it can bring you power and riches. Or Angola, where the police, if you can call them that, look away from the widespread violence against suspected witches (some of them mere children) because they’re scared of having a spell cast against them. No, Iceland is tough going in a different way. The landscape looks like the surface of the moon. There are almost no trees or other vegetation. Even well-to-do residents of Reykjavik live in ugly, bunker-like concrete structures built to withstand the brutal winters. The population is so small and inbred that when you glimpse somebody on the street whom you find attractive, chances are pretty good that it’s your cousin. The grim, dull life of even the chilly capital’s cooler denizens was captured nicely in the novel 101 Reykjavik by Hallgrímur Helgason, who gave the distinct impression that the only thing more boring than living in Iceland is living in Iceland without online porn.

But my topic here, as I say, is neither Iceland nor online porn – for the blocking of which, I suppose, there are reasonable arguments. The problem is this. If Iceland did opt for such a ban, legislators in other countries would immediately want to get into the act. And for the kind of busybody politicians who consider it their job to sit around thinking up things to regulate, censor, and prohibit (all in the name, naturally, of the common good and their own concept of virtue), such a move would only be a first step. It would – and this is where the subject at hand shifts from frivolous to deadly serious – invigorate the already quite robust crusade to impose government or U.N. controls on the Internet, the principal goal of which, needless to say, is to scrub the Web clean of “Islamophobia” and any other Thoughtcrimes that impede global harmony. As any reader of this site well knows, there are those among us – and above us – who long for the ideological tidiness of the pre-Internet era, when the mainstream news media could have kept a story like, say, Benghazi from ever becoming a story at all, and, more broadly, deluded almost all of us about the basic facts of sharia, jihad, and other pillars of Islam.

It’s alarming how many Americans, more than a decade after 9/11, are still living in La-La Land where Islam is concerned. But imagine how much worse the situation would be if we didn’t have the Internet – if, in other words, pretty much all of our sources of information about Islam were MSM-approved whitewashers like Karen Armstrong and John Esposito. If the Internet has been a crucial asset for Americans in the years since 9/11, moreover, it’s been even more of a boon for Europeans – and a thorn in the side to many European public officials, who recognize, and despise, it for what it is: a First Amendment zone in countries that have no First Amendment and that are, in principle, despite their purported devotion to democracy, firmly opposed to unlimited freedom of expression.

I live in Europe, but if not for a U.S. writer reporting last week here at all-American Front Page, I probably wouldn’t have heard a peep about Germany’s latest “hate speech” conviction.

The competition is stiff. But surely the most inexcusable recent attempt by the mainstream media to deep-six a development they preferred not to acknowledge was their reaction to what any objective reporter with half a brain would recognize as a sensational and deeply consequential story – namely, the foiled attempt, apparently by a Danish Muslim, to murder in cold blood Lars Hedegaard, Denmark’s most prominent critic of the Religion of Peace. To be sure, as I wrote on February 6, the silence was not universal. In Scandinavia, the media were all over the story. And why not? The shooting provided Lars’s ideological enemies in the journalism community with an excellent opportunity to get in a few kicks of their own, calling him a racist and misrepresenting his views. Not surprisingly, the abuse was worst of all in Sweden, which seems determined to become the first sharia-run nation in Western Europe. (In fact – not that it will make the slightest bit of difference – Lars has filed libel charges against Swedish TV and several Swedish newspapers.)



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calendar   Sunday - February 17, 2013

sponge off UK taxpayers, followers are advised by muslim cleric

Drew was exactly correct in his comment in my previous post with regard to these stone age animals.

I have a prediction bmews, and you won’t like it.

The future belongs to our enemies only because our side has allowed itself to be shouted down and sidelined.
The future belongs to the enemy because our side for reasons unknown to me, insist on thinking and acting in what we accept as “a civilized” manner.  Which of course the enemy counts on and then uses against us.  With some success.
The future isn’t ours because we have some kind of ridiculous aversion to the word genocide.  The future belongs to them because they are implacable, and apparently the west is not. 

Here’s the future America.  Take a good look.
Whatcha gonna do about it?

‘Claim jobseeker’s allowance and plan holy war’: Hate preacher pocketing £25,000 a year in benefits calls on fanatics to live off the state ( $ 38,769.00 )

· Anjem Choudary called benefits ‘Jihadseeker’s allowance’
· The extremist told followers they must hate democracy and freedom
· Also listed bizarre sharia laws, including ‘not riding cats and sheep’

By Daily Mail Reporter

A controversial Muslim cleric who lives off benefits is urging his followers to also sponge off UK taxpayers by claiming their ‘Jihadseeker’s allowance’.
Anjem Choudary, who in the past has planned to disrupt the minute’s silence on Remembrance Sunday, also openly mocked hard-working Britons, calling them ‘slaves’.

The Sun newspaper secretly filmed him saying Islam will overrun Europe, David Cameron and Barack Obama should be killed and calling the Queen ‘ugly’.
The father-of-four takes home more than £25,000 a year in benefits and lives in a £320,000 house in Leytonstone, East London.

He told a crowd of around 30 fanatics: ‘People will say, ‘Ah, but you are not working’. But the normal situation is for you to take money from the kuffar (non-Muslim).
‘So we take Jihadseeker’s Allowance. You need to get support.’

In another video a grinning Choudary is recorded telling his disciples that it is justifiable to take money from non-believers.
He said: ‘The normal situation is to take money from the kuffar. You work, give us the money, Allahu Akhbar (God is great).
‘Hopefully there’s no one from the DSS listening to this.’
He also called Mr Cameron, Mr Obama and the leaders of Pakistan and Egypt the ‘shaitan’, or devil, and said he wanted them to be killed.
Choudary spoke glowingly of the 9/11 attacks and urged his followers to have ‘hate’ in their hearts for core British concepts like democracy, freedom and freedom of religion.
The 45-year-old former lawyer added: ‘We are going to take England — the Muslims are coming. Brussels is 30 per cent, 40 per cent Muslim and Amsterdam. Bradford is 17 per cent Muslim.
His teachings were met with ridicule by some Muslims.



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Islamists Mobilize Support in West to Criminalize Criticism of Islam.

H/T Radical

Caught this in a newsletter. Not too surprising and we all knew things were heading this way. 

Some problems here, will write about later.

So now the Soviet Union no threat and hasn’t been since they imploded, but we are I think, faced with possibly worse.
I mean, at least we could talk to the Soviets.  Sort of.  I doubt we much believed what the other one said.  But they weren’t stuck in another century flying planes into buildings or blowing up cars among crowds of ppl.

And nobody I recall wanted to make being anti Soviet a crime of any kind in the west.

And oh btw just to make things really sticky and sad.  Germany is monitoring web sites that are critical of muslim immigration. 

Message to any Germans reading this.
You need to reclaim your country by ANY means, which the end will properly justify.

Islamists Mobilize Support in West to Criminalize Criticism of Islam
Karen Lugo

Islamists certainly do not want the American public to consider the current international campaign to make inspection of Islamism a crime.

In January, journalists and journalism students were invited to a conference in Istanbul where Turkish deputy undersecretary Ibrahim Kalin announced that the Turkish government “has been working on projects to have Islamophobia recognized as a crime against humanity.”

Prime Minister Erdogan committed the Turkish government to “immediately start working on legislation against blasphemous and offensive remarks” and bragged that “Turkey could be a leading example for the rest of the world on this.”

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s secretary general, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoğlu, is pushing for new “legal instruments” to deal with Islamophobia and plans “efforts to mobilize international support to deal with the issue.”

In apparent coordination with efforts in the U.S. to suppress speech he “wants to mobilize the highest possible political support not only from OIC countries but also from the West.”

At last week’s Twelfth Session of the Islamic Summit Conference, in Cairo, Ihsanoğlu commended “the adoption of Resolution 16/18 [the Istanbul Process] which condemns discriminatory practices against Muslims,” and he claimed that “the OIC has come to a crossroads in its search for radical solutions to hatred based on religion and belief (emphasis added).”

After the recent “Innocence of Muslims” YouTube controversy and the resultant Muslim riots, I visited a Southern California mosque and had a conversation with the chairman of its board. When I inquired as to his position on free speech he replied that the criminal punishment for offending Muslims should be equal to that for burning a mosque.

So far, America’s institutions have chosen to defer the moment that the American culture must be defined and defended. Islamists have stepped into the void.

For instance, at Islamists’ behest, the DOJ, FBI, and Department of Homeland Security have purged from counterterrorism manuals references to the connection between Islamic radicalism and jihadist terror. Many city- and county-level agencies have followed suit. If our law-enforcement agencies cannot stand up to the threat, how can we expect the media to?

RADICAL ISLAM.ORG for the rest


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Cough Cough Cough Hack

Crap. I think I’m getting sick. No no nononoooo! Don’t wanna. Don’t wanna!!!

Major coughing fits. Can’t loosen the phlegm. Coughing so hard I’m on the verge of throwing up. Nose = mucus waterfall. EWWWW.

Crivens. I hate this.

Zirtec. Mucinex. Robitussen. Check check check.

Acetaminophen. Check.

Sleep? On my way. Maybe I’ll nuke the old hot water bottle for a few minutes first and slip that under the comforter. Mmmm, toasty.

Read a few pages of Thief of Time before sleep? Maybe. It’s an old favorite. My man Sweeper Lu-Tze, history monk and martial arts champion of Hokey-Dokey and No-cando. And I did finally manage to slog my way through The Count of Monte Cristo, an excellent but very slow reading tale, so I deserve a treat.


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calendar   Saturday - February 16, 2013

Please Lurn Some Stuf

An article over at Weasel Zippers knocking a gun control bill introduced in Wisconsin that would seek to ban civilian possession of hollow point and frangible bullets. Problem is, they’re saying that such things are required for hunting deer and bear.

A Democratic state senator and three Democratic state representatives have circulated draft legislation that would ban civilian possession of hollow point or frangible ammunition. According to existing Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources regulations, sportsmen and women in Wisconsin must use such ammunition when hunting deer or bear. The Democratic lawmakers, two of whom are freshman, all hail from urban districts in the City of Milwaukee.

The reasoning behind the legislation is a bit muddled. The impact, however, is quite clear. According to a legislative counsel review of the legislation, it would essentially make it impossible for civilians to hunt deer or bear in Wisconsin.

Ok, it pisses me off when I read these bills, introduced by lefty city boys who don’t know beans about guns. And while I do know some things about firearms, in no way would I consider myself an expert.  But what really chaps my martingale is when a right-ish blog points out the gun error and still gets it wrong.

So, to put my dander back down, let’s review some bullets. No, I ain’t gonna go hunt up some pictures. Y’all can do that yourself.

There. So now you know. While I don’t like the Wisconsin bill at all, it really has nothing to do with hunting. I have not read the Wisconsin deer and bear hunting regulations, but I can pretty much guarantee you that expanding bullets of some kind are mandated. And quite possibly frangible and hollowpoint bullets are already proscribed. But the universe of expanding bullets is not at all limited to frangible or hollowpoints. To the contrary, the past 60 years worth of hunting bullet development has been towards controlled expansion, the art and science of building a bullet that is just right for the game you are hunting and the velocity of your bullet when it hits that game. For almost all ground animal hunting an ethical hunter wants a bullet that will expand enough to create a large temporary wound channel (the terribly wrong label of “hydrostatic shock"), create a decent sized permanent wound channel, and sufficient straight line penetration to fully puncture the creature being hunted. That means the bullet goes in one side, mushrooms up somewhat, digs straight through while breaking bones, mashing up the heart, lungs, and central nervous system, and then goes out the other side, creating a second hole to maximize the rate at which the animal bleeds out. Yes, it’s a bit grisly. But it’s humane; the proper bullet (properly placed of course!!!!) can kill an animal stone dead in a couple of seconds. The wrong bullet (or the right one in the wrong spot) can cause an animal to suffer for days. Of course, minimizing that suffering is also what having another couple of shots immediately available is all about, and that drags me back to the semi-automatic rifle thing again, and I don’t want to go there today.

Bottom line: know what you’re talking about before sounding off. Personally, I think civilians ought to be FORCED to use frangible or hollowpoint bullets for all self defense weapons. Not only do they do a much better job while being safer for other folks in the area, they are also far less likely to penetrate a policeman’s bullet-proof vest, even when fired at high velocity from a real high-powered rifle (like a .378 Weatherby).

And of course New Jersey has always had it bass-ackwards, outlawing hollowpoint bullets for self-defense use ... because they think these are armor piercing bullets that will penetrate bullet-proof vests. Which is exactly what they aren’t.

Oh, and while the military may have a plethora of bullets that are actually designed to penetrate armor, once again, depending on what the type and thickness of the armor is, nearly any bullet can be considered armor piercing. So anti-gun bills that throw that one in, without detailed specification, are also full of crap.

Enough said. Drew steps down off the soapbox and walks away muttering.


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Can you grok this? It’s an improvement on the time-honored original, and it really works. Ties are reduced from 1/3 to 1/5, an improvement of 36%.

Teach your children. Take their childhood up a notch.

Try it yourself and see. It really is a better way. You might have to refer to the pictures for the first 10 or so tries, but you’ll pick it up real quick.

Enjoy the nerd moment. Just don’t take things to the extreme.

Invented by Sam Kass and Karen Bryla, coming to BMEWS via Wiki and TV’s The Big Bang Theory.

Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock


Rock breaks Scissors
Scissors cut Paper
Paper covers Rock

Yes, you already knew that. Now add in

Spock blasts Rock (pocket phaser of course)
Spock blasts Scissors (Vulcans and their itchy trigger fingers again)
Paper disproves Spock (a superior logical treatise shows him to be illogical, OMG)
Lizard poisons Spock (dammit Spock, I’m a blogger not a doctor!)
Lizard eats Paper
Scissors cut Lizard (calling Janet Napolitano!)
Rock smashes Lizard (somebody contact the ASPCA, quick!)

Each gesture is equally neutral; each one beats two others, but loses to two others.

One way to remember the rules is to remember the standard “rock-paper-scissors” ordering, where each gesture defeats the one before it, and is defeated by the one after. But then add the two novel gestures near the word they approximately rhyme with:
In this expanded list, each gesture is defeated by the following two options, and defeats the preceding two.


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calendar   Friday - February 15, 2013

NJ Anti-Gunners Taking Shotgun Approach

Shooting Everywhere, Hoping For A Hit

NJ Dem Legislators March In Lockstep With Feinstein, Introduce 20 Anti-Gun Bills At Once

[Feb. 8] The New Jersey Assembly planned to quickly take action on 20 gun violence prevention bills Democrats unveiled Friday, as 300 gun-rights advocates held a Second Amendment rally in dreary weather outside the State House.

The package of proposals announced by the Democrat-led Assembly would restrict ammunition sales, require firearms safety training and make it tougher for some to obtain gun permits. The bills also address mental health treatment and enhanced gun safety.

“Whether it’s the streets of our New Jersey communities, a movie theater in Colorado or an elementary school in Connecticut, enough is enough is enough,” said Assembly Speaker Sheila Y. Oliver. “No more talk. It’s time for action.”

New Jersey gun laws are already among the nation’s toughest. But the speaker promised that her chamber would be leaders on the issue of gun violence by enacting measures that do more to protect residents. Democrats enjoy the majority and can get the bills passed even if no Republicans support them. It’s not clear where the Republican caucus stands on the issue.

Its most conservative member, Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll, who represents Morris County, was among two legislators who spoke at the gun-rights rally. The other was Sen. Michael Doherty, who represents parts of Hunterdon, Somerset and Warren counties.

That’s my boy! The Red Corner of this yellow bellied Blue State.

[Feb. 13] Twenty bills, primarily from Democrats, were approved by a state Assembly committee late Wednesday, including a measure that would reopen a window for owners to get rid of already banned assault firearms. The bills will receive full Assembly consideration next week.

Republicans on the panel questioned why so many bills were being advanced at the same time.
[Governor Chris] Christie, who was in California for a campaign fundraiser, has been noncommittal on any new gun-control measures in New Jersey, which has the second-toughest gun laws in the nation, according to some control advocates.

Yeah, the Fat White Hope. A real Conservative. Ha ha hahaha ha. NOT. Our Rhino-sized RINO.

New Jersey’s ban on assault weapons took effect in 1990. Authorities already conduct periodic gun buyback programs. The proposed 180-day amnesty would be another way for people to turn in assault weapons and illegally possessed handguns, rifles and shotguns.

But that’s not enough time to comply if a law is enacted without being publicized, said Second Amendment activists and pro-gun groups.

“We would respectfully suggest that a year would be an appropriate amount of time” for an amnesty period,” said Scott Bach, head of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs and an NRA board member.

That’s Pro Second Amendment NRA action in NJ, for sure. “Please sirs, we’ll take your laws and lose our rights gladly, but could you just give us a little more time to comply? Please?” Effin disgusting. There’s no point in voting R in this state. It’s a rigged game we will never win. Doesn’t matter who is Governor, the Dems control both parts of the state legislature and have for ... gosh, for generations? I really don’t know when, or even if, the R’s ever had both houses. 1924 maybe?

[Feb 13] An Assembly panel has approved several gun control measures that include exempting firearms records from the state’s open records law.

The Law and Public Safety Committee passed the 20 measures Wednesday as part of a package of gun control bills introduced by Assembly Democrats.

The bills include measures that require the state to submit certain mental health records to the national background check system. Another measure would disqualify anyone on a federal terrorist watch list from obtaining firearms.

The panel also sent to the full Assembly a bill exempting firearms records from New Jersey’s public disclosure requirements.

That’s the one bill that seems to make any kind of sense. I’ve read it, but it’s so steeped in legalese I can’t tell if it has a secret proviso: if the state can pass a law to make this information private, why can’t this law then be bent to keep other information private that really ought to be kept public? It seems like a sop, but in this era of smoke and mirrors I’ve learned to expect the double cross.

[From the NRA/ILA, with (my opinion) in parens]

So there you go. Diane Feinstein’s panty-soaker, almost to the letter, except that NJ already has an AWB in place. Leftists marching in lockstep across America. Another huge ration of crap, from the state that already has pooploads of gun control, and a weak-willed governor who is now looking for re-election. I guess this is another one of those “Perfect Storm” moment. Which means the gun owners of NJ are screwed blue, again.

I hate this place.


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