Sarah Palin is the only woman who can make Tony Romo WIN a playoff.

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Obama’s Question?

Honestly, some people have far too much time on their hands.

Some have time to create this crap.

I’ve time to find it.

Very sad…

It occurs to me that if B. Hussein Obama wants to keep his past shrouded in secrecy that creates a void. A vacuum. Nature abhors a vacuum. So we are free to fill in the blanks!



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No character??

I just got off the phone with my friend mkmchevy down in Texas. He was complaining about my blog posts. Whether on SomethingsRotten or BMEWS, he claims my posts have no ‘character’.

Now, my first response to mkmchevy was that he has a standing invitation to post on SomethingsRotten. I challenged him to post something with ‘character’. ‘Put up or shut up’, I told him.

He declined.

Well, I’ve decided to post something with ‘character’. Something that would make mkmchevy happy. Maybe happy enough to quit complaining about ‘character’?

This is dedicated to mkmchevy…

Poll closes ... Monday.



It’s a TIE !!!!


First, I’d like to thank Drew for posting the poll. The results are now tied between ‘Hell Yes!’ and ‘I Blame Bush’.

I did feel the need to clear up my avatar’s origins. See if you can spot my avatar in this YouTube clip:


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Moonbat Island

Today Is World Environment Day

Haitian Farmers Have No Seed Stock Left To Grow Crops,

So They Plan To Celebrate This Holiday

By Burning 475 Tons Of Seeds Donated To Them

Moonbat Money Quote: “People in the US need to help us produce, not give us food and seeds. They’re ruining our chance to support ourselves” because, you know, actually giving somebody some seeds so that they could, like, totally grow their own crops, and then sell them, or at least hand out the food so that nobody starves, is NOT helping anyone support themselves.

But the seeds are evil!!!

Four months after a devastating earthquake ripped apart their country, the people of Haiti are still suffering, so you’d think a multi-million-dollar donation of vegetable seeds would be welcome news. But two Haitian groups, backed by the activist group Grassroots International, are urging farmers to do the unthinkable: burn the donated seeds.

This evil campaign puts politics ahead of humanity, and it is sad that charities like the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the New York Community Trust are funding Grassroots International’s perversely named “social justice” campaign.

The two groups, the Peasant Movement of Papay (MPP) and the National Peasant Movement of the Congress of Papay (MPMKP), argue that the hybrid seeds donated by Monsanto will somehow undermine the “food sovereignty” of Haiti. They also assert, without any scientific basis, that the donated seeds are somehow unsafe. Nothing could be further from the truth, as seeds like those donated have been used safely for generations.

It isn’t the crop they’re against, it’s the corp — they just don’t like private companies. They’re convinced that “agri-business” is a bad thing, as if private companies shouldn’t be in the business of innovating and selling agricultural products to people trying to grow food.

Right. Economies of scale is just one more thing that Haitians have no awareness of. I guess every person on earth is supposed to walk down there and hand over a kernel of corn.

“A new earthquake” is what peasant farmer leader Chavannes Jean-Baptiste of the Peasant Movement of Papay (MPP) called the news that Monsanto will be donating 60,000 seed sacks (475 tons) of hybrid corn seeds and vegetable seeds, some of them treated with highly toxic pesticides. The MPP has committed to burning Monsanto’s seeds, and has called for a march to protest the corporation’s presence in Haiti on June 4, for World Environment Day.

In an open letter sent May 14, Chavannes Jean-Baptiste, the executive director of MPP and the spokesperson for the National Peasant Movement of the Congress of Papay (MPNKP), called the entry of Monsanto seeds into Haiti “a very strong attack on small agriculture, on farmers, on biodiversity, on Creole seeds ... and on what is left our environment in Haiti."(1) Haitian social movements have been vocal in their opposition to agribusiness imports of seeds and food, which undermines local production with local seed stocks. They have expressed special concern about the import of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

“We’re for seeds that have never been touched by multinationals. In our advocacy, we say that seeds are the patrimony of humanity. No one can control them,” said Doudou Pierre, national coordinating committee member of the National Haitian Network for Food Sovereignty and Food Security (RENHASSA), in a recent interview. “We reject Monsanto and their GMOs. GMOs would be the extermination of our people.”

A march is being held in Haiti today for World Environment Day, called by at least four major national peasant organizations and one international one. The march’s purpose is to protest the new arrival of Monsanto seeds. The day’s slogans include, “Long live native seeds” and “Down with Monsanto. Down with GMO and hybrid seeds.”

Several U.S. organizations are planning simultaneous events to protest the entry of the controversial multinational in Haiti.

Last month, Haitian citizens learned the news that the giant agribusiness Monsanto will be “donating” 60,000 seed sacks (475 tons) of hybrid corn seeds and vegetable seeds. While the seeds are free this year, peasant organizations see a Trojan horse, with Monsanto seeking to gain a foothold in the Haitian market. Hybrid seeds typically do not regenerate, so that farmers would have to buy them again each year, and they generally require large quantities of fertilizer and pesticides (two products that also fill Monsanto’s annual coffers).

So far, Monsanto has said that the donated corn seeds are not genetically modified but are hybrids, which means that they may not be suitable for replanting in the subsequent seasons. By cultivating Monsanto’s corn, Haitian peasant farmers will be forced to make annual purchases of seeds.

After the earthquake, much of Haiti’s rural seed stocks were used to help feed people who fled to rural areas from devastated towns and cities. In a message to Haitian farmers, Chavannes stated, “Monsanto is taking advantage of the earthquakeŠto open the country’s doors to this powerful company. We cannot accept this.”

Somewhat famous Moonbat Queen Jill Richardson agrees:

In the past few days since I’ve returned from the Land of No Internet, there’s been much buzz about Monsanto’s “generous” donation of hybrid seeds to Haitian farmers. I have just witnessed agricultural success in Haiti’s nearest neighbor - Cuba - and I saw firsthand that in most cases, farmers use open-pollinated (not hybrid) seeds, and they save their own seeds from one season to the next. I’d imagine it may be different on large sugarcane or tobacco operations, but those places would be growing crops for export. The places I saw grew food to feed their communities, which will be of the utmost importance in Haiti.

I must admit I’m quite pleased to see this headline: “Haitian Farmers Commit to Burning Monsanto Hybrid Seeds. Hybrid seeds cannot be saved, and saved seeds have a limited shelflife, particularly in a humid, tropical environment. Thus, a donation of hybrid seeds can be like a donation of an addictive drug from a drug dealer. You get your first bit for free, and then you’re hooked. You need to buy the next batch yourself. Of course, Haitians can accept the donation and then buy open-pollinated seeds the next year, but that doesn’t negate the fact that hybrid seeds are a very short term gift because they don’t produce seeds you can save.


Thus, Haiti’s Peasant Movement of Papay has called on Haitian farmers to burn Monsanto’s seeds and march in opposition to Monsanto on June 4, World Environment Day. All I can say (besides hallelujah!) is that I hope Haiti’s next door neighbor Cuba comes through with agricultural help, both open pollinated seeds adapted to the local climate and technical expertise. Haiti is truly lucky to be located next door to one of the world’s best example of food sovereignty in the making.

Yeah, that’s it. The ultimate leftist fantasy. CUBA is going to save the day. Because the people there are all so damn fat from all the food they grow themselves that the country can just give it all away. And look at how much help Cuba has been to Haiti with this earthquake disaster relief! Hardly any other country on earth has had to come to Haiti’s aid, no donations from anywhere have been needed, no volunteers, no military presence to keep the peace, no non-stop airlifts of the sick and wounded to Florida and other places with terrible oppressive health care. Fidel and Raul did all themselves!

Whadda SLAG. Whadda maroon.

So ... Haiti’s farms were devastated by the earthquake, and in the aftermath everyone ate up all the seeds that had been set aside for planting. So Haiti has NO remaining native seed stock. And nothing growing in the fields. And no fertilizers or pesticides. So some EVIL corporation donates them a whole bunch - literally a small shipload - of seeds that will grow now, grow fast, and grow there, which are pretreated to resist bugs, maybe even pre-fertilized, etc. Which means they will allow Haitians to feed Haitians this year. No, this doesn’t give them a permanent solution, but it would keep people from starving. Next year maybe somebody else will donate some more seeds. Or maybe what little seed stock Haiti has left can be grown purely to produce more seed stock, on a small bit of land, while this supercrop grows on the rest and feeds the people.

So of course it gets rejected. Because you have a right to remain on welfare unless you are offered an easy job that pays $15 million a year. Same logic. Naturally, a bunch of protesters and various other dirty hippies will be burning Monsanto seeds today in commiseration. All on World Environment Day. Because all that extra smoke and CO2 in the air is good for Mother Earth! Plus it’s always a great idea to get rid of pesticide coated seeds by burning them. Toxic vapors? Whatchu talkin bout Willis?

“Genetically Modified” always makes me laugh. Because it’s ever so much more evil than plain old hybridization, which has been going on for 10,000 years, ever since wheat was a 6” tall variety of lawn grass and corn grew ears 2” long. And cows were these big nasty critters in the forests called Aurochs, which would kill you in an eye-blink whenever they got the chance. The wheat, corn, and cows we have today are all products of the slow method of genetic modification: selective breeding. Hybridization. Same thing, just slower. Science merely speeds up the process. And let’s face it, not all hybrids are sterile, or even first generation. Those tasty Beefsteak tomatoes you grow in your garden were hybridized decades ago ... and then the ones that bred true were selected. Repeat that a few times and you get “heirloom” seeds that make the same plant every generation!

Monsanto has a statement ...

First, Monsanto had to identify seed from its inventory that would be well-suited to Haitian growing climates. That was perhaps the simplest part. The seeds include corn (field, not sweet), cabbage, carrot, eggplant, melon, onion, tomato, spinach and watermelon. Contrary to some online reports (sparked by this erroneous blog posting), these seeds are not derived from biotechnology (GMO). They are conventionally bred, hybrid seeds. Also, Monsanto is not donating herbicide or fertilizer, as those reports falsely state.

Though hybrid seeds were widely grown 30 years ago in Haiti, we were sensitive to the fact that hybrid seeds are not widely used in Haiti today. Hybrids have been in use for decades in other countries, including the Dominican Republic. Given the choice, farmers generally select hybrid seeds because they generate more food and grain per acre or hectare. Monsanto personnel consulted with the Ministry of Agriculture in Haiti and heard very clearly the ministry sees the opportunity for increased yields that hybrid seed creates for Haitian farmers.

and also a spokeperson, Mica, who patiently answers all the attacks aimed at them. Gosh, because HuffPo got their facts wrong about the pesticides and the fertilizers and so forth. Yes, to continue to grow very high yielding crops, the Haitian farmers would need to buy fresh seeds every year. Just like every other commercial farmer on the planet. Subsistence farming with heirloom seeds and no soil management grows less and less food every year. All of which means that Monsanto gave these island farmers a chance to climb up out of the mud and join the rest of the world. Of course they rejected that!


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calendar   Thursday - June 03, 2010

Woof Woof

You Didn’t Hear It Here First!

Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson Plan High Frequency Concert for Dogs

Lou Reed will be taking a dog walk on the wild side later this week, as the singer and his composer wife, Laurie Anderson, will be holding a high frequency recital for dogs and their human companions at the Sydney Opera House.

Laurie Anderson has composed a 20 minute work especially for the hearing range of dogs – who can hear frequencies far outside the human audio spectrum. Taking the idea of the apparently inaudible dog whistle to new artistic heights, our canine friends will be treated to a glorious cacophony of sound, while all we will hear is the lapping of the water on the harbor.

The morning will be an inter-species social gathering on a scale never seen before in Australia. Breakfast can be purchased on site including freshly brewed coffee and egg & bacon rolls, while you watch dog demonstrations and be surprised by some very special guests.

This is an event that you’ll be yapping about for years to come, an absolute must for any dog and their two legged friends!

A “glorious cacophony of sound” for creatures that have hearing 100 times better than ours. How about a very very quiet concert of “animal friendly” music? And ... how do they know just what kind of music dogs like anyway? Hip hop, or baroque? New Age-Celtic-Gaiian, or the boom-chicka-boom-chicka-bow-wow porno soundtrack?

Somehow I think this is some kind of con.



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Welcome Aboard

A big howdy to new members Miss Tammy and Eldad.
Welcome aboard!

We have another new member in the queue too, but I’m waiting to hear back about what user name he wants.

Anyone who wants to join the BMEWS gang: send me and email, and tell me what user name you want. If you want to log in by a different name than that, let me know that one as well. That’s all it takes!

Now it’s time for me to go get some lunch.


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Nice Try Suckas

I’ve heard from the nice guy that runs The Muqata blog, and since he is in the process of becoming a new member here, I will send you guys over to his place to read his latest post.

Post about what Drew?

A post about what kind of “humanitarian aide” came off those interdicted ships the other day.

Stuff like bulletproof vests, rifle scopes, night vision equipment, weapons, and a whole pile of worthless, expired medicine. Read all about it, with a video and a link to an interview with the IDF, Right Here.



I’m having one of those days when I have to mess with my PC. And that is taking hours. No viruses or anything bad, it just needed some TLC. I’ve had this machine for 11 years now, upgraded from Win 98 to XP, and I need it to run another 3 years at least. So it needs a bit of tweaking now and again, because I can’t afford to drop $2K on a new and improved machine just yet.


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The Power of the Prophet in your Pocket

Well, maybe some barking islamobat will issue a fatwa against me for this.

(had to check that BMEWS still carried an ‘R’ rating. It does, though I had to scroll down to find it.)

Oh yes, H/T Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler


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What’s Christopher reading?

I just had to share. Sometimes I come across passages that cry out “Share Me! Share Me!”

Either they cry out or I drank a bad batch of ale. beerstoyou

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks rereading the works of David Eddings. Made it through the first series–The Belgariad–without feeling the urge to share. I did take notes, but it’s the Mallorean series that’s really a ‘hoot’! Eddings has had time to really develop the characters. Take this scene from the second book Lord of the Murgos: Sadi’s pet–and highly venomous–snake is loose…again!

As Durnik and Toth pitched the tents, Garion and Eriond ranged out through the sodden willow thicket in search of firewood. It was difficult to find anything sufficiently dry to burn, and the effort of an hour yielded only enough twigs and small branches from under fallen trees to make a meager cook fire for Polgara. As she began to prepare their evening meal of beans and venison, Garion noted that Sadi was walking about their campsite, combing the ground with his eyes.

“This isn’t funny, dear,” he said quite firmly. “Now you come out this very minute.”

“What’s the matter?” Durnik asked him.

“Zith isn’t in her bottle,” Sadi replied, still searching.

Durnik rose from where he was sitting quite rapidly. “Are you sure?”

“She thinks it’s amusing to hide from me sometimes. Now, you come out immediately, you naughty snake.”

“You probably shouldn’t tell Silk,” Belgarath advised. “He’ll go directly into hysterics if he finds out that she’s loose.” The old man looked around. “Where is he, by the way?”

“He and Liselle went for a walk,” Eriond told him.

“In all this wet? Sometimes I wonder about him.”

Ce’Nedra came over and sat on the log beside Garion. He put his arm about her shoulders and drew her close to him. She snuggled down and sighed. “I wonder what Geran is doing tonight,” she said wistfully.

“Sleeping, probably.”

“He always looked so adorable when he was asleep.” She sighed again and then closed her eyes.

There was a crashing back in the willows, and Silk suddenly ran into the circle of firelight, his eyes very wide and his face deathly pale.

“What’s the matter?” Durnik exclaimed.

“She had that snake in her bodice!” Silk blurted.

“Who did?”


Polgara, holding a ladle in one hand, turned to regard the violently trembling little man with one raised eyebrow. “Tell me, Prince Kheldar,” she said in a cool voice, “exactly what were you doing in the Margravine Liselle’s bodice?”

Silk endured that steady gaze for a moment; then he actually began to blush furiously.

“Oh,” she said, “I see.” She turned back to her cooking.

Unfortunately the passage ends there. Polgara never does elaborate on just what she ‘saw’. Nor does Silk ever actually answer the question. Damn!

My next example comes from the third book, Demon Lord of Karanda. Our small party of heros, heroines, and assorted riff-raff have to cross the border, which is guarded;

The three remaining Guardsmen began to fall back, trying to give themselves room to use their lances, but they seemed unaware that Garion was returning to the fray–from behind them.

As Chretienne thundered toward the unsuspecting trio, a sudden idea came to Garion. Quickly he turned his lance sideways so that its center rested just in front of his saddlebow and crashed into the backs of the Guardsmen.

The springy cedar pole swept all three of them out of their saddles and over the heads of their horses. Before they could stumble to their feet, Sadi, Feldegast, and Durnik were on them, and the fight ended as quickly as it had begun.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody use a lance that way before,” Silk said gaily to Garion.

“I just made it up,” Garion replied with an excited grin. “I’m sure that there are at least a half-dozen rules against it.”

“We probably shouldn’t mention it, then.”

“I won’t tell anybody if you don’t.”

Durnik was looking around critically. The ground was littered with Guardsmen who were either unconscious or groaning over assorted broken bones. Only the man Toth had poked in the stomach was still in his saddle, though he was doubled over, gasping for breath. Durnik rode up to him. “Excuse me,” he said politely, removed the poor fellow’s helmet, and then rapped him smartly on top of the head with the butt of his axe. The Guardsman’s eyes glazed, and he toppled limply out of the saddle.

Belgarath suddenly doubled over, howling with laughter. “Excuse me?” he demanded of the smith.

“There’s no need to be uncivil to people, Belgarath,” Durnik replied stiffly.

Would that our politicians would be so civil!


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“Match Generated Bearings And Shoot!”

On a Slow Boat to Gaza

MV Rachel Corrie putts along, coming days late to the party

The 15 lunatics aboard vow a reprise of Teh Incident

Activists on ‘Rachel Corrie’ undeterred by Israeli action

The delayed Free Gaza Movement’s cargo ship Rachel Corrie yesterday assumed a holding position in the eastern Mediterranean, poised to make a fresh attempt to reach Israeli-blockaded Gaza. Organiser Greta Berlin said the ship was waiting for Challenger II , a small passenger boat which suffered failure of its steering gear while preparing for the passage. The two vessels, their crews and passengers are undeterred by the Israeli commando operation against the flotilla which cost the lives of nine passengers and climaxed in the detention of the other 679 on board.

The Rachel Corrie , which began its voyage in Ireland, was named after a young US woman killed by an Israeli bulldozer demolishing Palestinian homes in Gaza. Among those on board are Nobel Prize laureate Mairead Maguire and former UN assistant secretary general Denis Halliday.

Ms Berlin said the ships would be picking up other human rights activists and journalists before attempting the passage which Israel has vowed to stop.
“Israel can haul the Rachel Corrie into Ashdod as it did the other boats or show goodwill to the world by allowing her to proceed to Gaza,” she stated.

Gosh, wouldn’t hauling the ship into Ashdod instead of putting 3 torpedoes into the hull be a gesture of goodwill? Not according to this ding-dongs. Read the article if you must, but the slant gets worse from there, right down to invoking the Crusades-like “wading in seas of blood” bit. Major crap festival.

Meanwhile, over at Atlas Shrugs:

On the Good Ship, St. Pancake

U.N. Human Rights Council voting now on Flotilla resolution


How hungry the world is to aid and abet the murderous jihadists of Hamas, whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel.

The latest warship in the trussed-up jihad convoy affectionately named the freedom flotilla ("Arbeit macht frei"), Rachel Corrie, named for the Jew-hating genius, is en route to terror statelet Gaza.


The MV Rachel Corrie—thought to be carrying 15 people including a Nobel Prize winner and a former senior United Nations official—is in the Mediterranean en route to Gaza, where it could arrive next Monday.

But the Irish government and activists want urgent assurances from Israel that it will be allowed to dock safely, as 682 people from 42 nations detained Monday in a bloody raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla were deported.

“I again repeat my urgent call to the Israeli government to allow safe passage of the Irish owned vessel, the MV Rachel Corrie, which is still sailing towards Gaza to deliver its consignment of humanitarian aid,” said Irish foreign minister Micheal Martin.

“It is imperative that there should be no further confrontation or bloodshed arising from what has been all along a purely humanitarian mission by those involved in the Gaza flotilla.


Islamofascists and their Neo-Nazi allies are reporting that the terror ship “Rachel Corrie” is on its way, and this time the repugnant President of Ireland has invoked Irish sovereignty over the vessel.  Now NATO is joining the IHH sheep chorus.  All they need do is read the Flotilla commentary on the Ayatoilet’s “Press TV” to understand that this incident in an act of aggression paid for by the terrorist government of Iran.  Eight large cargo ships CANNOT be paid for and operated from proceeds of bake sales, etc.  The Ayatoilets wanted an issue that would unite Muslim Brotherhood terrorists with their Hizbollah puppets.  And they got it.  Euro media barely even mention the IHH.  Media has settled on a fiction:  Israel v “human rights” activists.  That is BS.

What, did you actually entertain the thought that these idiots would learn from their mistakes? Oh hell to the no!

Dear IDF: if not torpedoes, then magnetic mines. Surely you guys own a submarine? Send out a few frogmen, attach about a dozen of the limpets to the bottom of the 225 foot ship, then swim away. Make sure you have lots of video rolling that shows your ships are miles and miles away, and that there isn’t a plane in the sky. Then when the St. Pancake crosses your blockade line, after many well-publicized attempts to contact the ship and tell them to turn back or face dire consequences, hit the button. Fa-boom. Straight to the bottom in under 2 minutes. See if you can get the Free Gaza folks to put Cynthia McKinney on board first, m’kay? 


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Why We Love Her

Palin Speaks Truth To Power About Flotilla Incident

Because the Right has to have SOMEONE with the stones to stand up and speak the truth. Unless I’ve missed it, not one single elected Republican anywhere has made a statement anything like this.

Ok, I was caught napping. I thought the flotilla was going to be standard kabuki theater. I knew the ferry was from Turkey with hundreds aboard, and I knew it had been sponsored by “the IHH”. But I had no idea who that was or what their past has been. I didn’t put one and one together. Once the fight started, and the story hit the news, and the videos came out on YouTube, I read, looked, and quickly arrived at the conclusion that this was not a peaceful protest. That the participants were armed and were forcing a violent confrontation. And the videos show that they swung first.

Just think what could have happened had that ferry landed in Gaza and been full of armed jihadis. 600 of them. It would have been a small invasion force, sneaking in under the guise of “humanitarian aide” - a tactic used all too frequently by the Gazan terrorists, with their pretend ambulances etc. Of course Israel had to interdict the ships. And it’s an utter straw man to whine that they did it in “international waters”. My guess is that’s where the ships were in the pre-dawn hours; they may not have crossed into official Israeli waters until mid-afternoon the next day.

So who in the US government is speaking up for our #2 ally? Nobody.

Thank God we have Sarah Palin.

[...] instead of uniting behind Israel, Obama and many other countries united behind the Islamic extremists who are trying to ship arms to Hamas, and condemned Israel. After all what Obama and many countries failed to see was that the blockade is completely legal. USA has done similar blockades during the time of World War 2. Europe has done similar blockades in the past on multiple occasions. And Israel has the right to self defense, just like any other nation.

President Obama may not have come out in support of our dearest ally Israel. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have ditched Israel, when Israel needed our voice the most.

But Sarah Palin took her rifle out in defense of our greatest ally.

The media, as usual, seems to be reporting only one side of the Israeli Flotilla incident. Don’t trust the mainstream media to give you both sides of a story fairly… you must seek out fair reporting to ensure you have all the information.

As far too many in the media, and in various governments, rush to condemn Israel, we must put the recent events off Israel’s coast into the right perspective. This “relief” convoy was not about humanitarian aid, as the liberal mainstream media keeps reporting. The whole operation was designed to provoke Israel, not to provide supplies to Palestinians held hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Anyone who sees the video of Israeli commandos being attacked as they land on that ship knows the people aboard were vicious thugs, not “peace activists.” The media insults our intelligence with their outright mischaracterization of who these enemies are.

Israel delivers thousands of tons of humanitarian supplies every week to Gaza. These ships could have offloaded their cargoes at a nearby Israeli port if they really wanted to help the people of Gaza. Instead, they chose to incite confrontation and violence. Israel has a right to prevent arms shipments to Gaza that will be used to target innocent Israelis, so they were legitimately checking the cargo on the flotilla. Turkey has chosen to condemn Israel but we should be asking some serious questions about Turkey’s role in this whole affair. Why is a fellow member of NATO sponsoring such a dangerous publicity stunt? As one expert points out: “Three ships of that six-ship pro-terror convoy flew Turkish flags and were crowded with Turkish citizens. The Ankara government – led by Islamists these days – sponsored the ‘aid’ operation in a move to position itself as the new champion of the Palestinians. And Turkish decision-makers knew Israel would have to react – and were waiting to exploit the inevitable clash. The provocation was as cynical as it was carefully orchestrated.”

We can only hope the Obama Administration does not join the anti-Israel chorus in the aftermath of this staged confrontation. Please, Mr. President, we need to let Israelis know we stand with them in their fight against terrorists and those who arm and support them. America and her ally, Israel, stand by waiting for your response.

- Sarah Palin

It’s sad that Ms. Palin is 100% correct about the media. The people and organizations who earn vast amounts of money bringing us the news are merely bringing us their agenda. “All the news that fits”. If you want both sides you have to put the effort in and do your own research. That’s real work, and time consuming. So why bother to support the MSM if you only get their half of the story? I don’t. My mother gets all her info from the MSM. When we talk about news events it’s often as if we are talking about two entirely different stories. “I never heard that!” “Where did you get that?” “What? That’s not what ABC said at all!” Exactly Mom, exactly.


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calendar   Tuesday - June 01, 2010

No Comment

Al and Tipper Gore Break Up After 40 Years of Marriage

Published June 01, 2010
Associated Press
Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, are separating after 40 years of marriage. They are telling friends they “grew apart” and there was no affair involved.

According to an e-mail circulated among the couple’s friends and obtained by The Associated Press on Tuesday, the Gores said it was “a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration.”

Gore spokeswoman Kalee Kreider confirmed the statement came from the Gores, but declined to comment further.

According to two long-time close associates and family friends, their decision came after a “long process of careful consideration.”

The associates said the Gores, over time, had carved out separate lives, with the former vice president on the road frequently. One of the associates said: “Their lives had gotten more and more separated.”


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Racing the Rain

I’ve got to run. Windows job at one of these condos. Rain in the forecast for SOON, some weather reports saying tornados possible. So I’ve got to get my ladders and get moving. Don’t want to be up on roofs in a tornado or thunderstorm.

ISRAEL: I have heard that this flotilla event was done the way it was done on purpose. Now Obama, who spent Memorial Day hanging out with Louis Farrakhan I hear???? will have to stand up one way or the other. Shit or get off the pot as far as Israel is concerned. Ally or enemy. What do you think of that, and what do you think is going to happen??

Ok, I beat the rain, and no tornadoes or even high winds showed up here. But it was hot out today, typical NJ summer day - 90°F with 93% humidity - so I’m soaked. Time for a shower, and I will make time to wrap my wife’s birthday present. Didn’t have a minute, from this time last week, not a minute to get her a card. Crap. But there is chocolate. So we’ll see. And after bowling tonight, I have to go to work for a few hours. Maybe we’ll do birthday more tomorrow.


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