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Trust me.  This really is funny. Especially for the folks on this side of the Atlantic.

Hey Drew, this is Littlejohn’s take on things here. See, it could be worse. At least back home we have more hills we can take to.

The year is 2015, the Queen leaves and the left wing PM becomes PM for life. And everything of course has an American tie in because the left is never responsible for anything wrong headed.  Course not. It starts in America.

In March 2015, the number of British citizens seeking asylum abroad overtook the number of people claiming asylum in Britain.

I’m not certain if our friends Chris and Lyndon will see the humor or maybe break out in tears and say it’s gonna happen.

Anyway, Littlejohn is quite conservative as I hope you all know. He is also brilliant.

Something else to inform friends in the USA.  Of all the presidents we have had and of all the criticism of any of them, with the possible exception of Barry Obama, I don’t think any politician in modern times has been as badly beaten up by the press and the man on the street as has Gordon Brown. In fact,, I think he’s been beaten up more then Obama.  Now that has to tell you something.

Brown’s Britain 2015 and even the Queen has fled

Richard Littlejohn
Daily Mail

Dateline: London, March 1, 2015

The State of Emergency introduced in May 2010 is to be extended for another five years, Prime Minister-for-Life Gordon Brown announced in London yesterday.

Such was the scale of the crisis facing the country that a General Election could only lead to instability.

Labour would continue in power indefinitely, Brown pledged. He was getting on with the job, taking the difficult decisions, which is what people wanted him to do.

This was no time for a novice, the Prime Minister-for-Life insisted. The people had spoken when they rejected the Etonian salesman Cameron in May 2010. There was no need for a fresh mandate.

Even though the Conservatives won the popular vote and became the largest party at Westminster, they failed to secure an overall majority in the Commons, as a result of boundary changes introduced by Labour.

For almost a week after the results were declared, Brown refused to leave Number 10 Downing Street. The only evidence that someone was still inside was the fusillade of mobile phones and computer keyboards being thrown out of the windows.

Eventually, he put out a deranged statement on YouTube in which he blamed the election result on the low turn-out caused by the worst winter weather in 30 years, which began in America.

When the Queen invited him to the Palace to ask for his resignation, he declined on the grounds that Sarah was washing her hair that day. He was getting on with the job, taking the difficult decisions, which is what people wanted him to do.

Several days later, Brown announced via Twitter that he intended to form a government of national unity. Although his initial overtures to the LibDems to join a coalition were rejected, Nick Clegg relented when Brown promised to introduce a full system of proportional representation during the lifetime of the Parliament.

In his first Budget, the new Chancellor Ed Balls said that Labour planned to increase ‘investment’ by £100 billion a year to stave off recession, which started in America.

This would include an immediate expansion of the council house building programme to accommodate the ten million extra immigrants expected to arrive in the next decade, as well as hundreds of thousands more unmarried, teenage mothers living on welfare.

Hedge fund managers and most of the City of London had already decamped abroad to avoid penal rates of taxation.

They were followed in quick succession by thousands of British plumbers and bricklayers, who decided to seek a better life in Poland.

The financial markets went into meltdown. When the pound plunged to parity with the Zimbabwean dollar, the IMF cut off Britain’s line of credit.

He claimed that he had the authority, since the threat from the economic crisis, which began in America, was at least as great as that posed by the Nazis in 1939, or his name wasn’t Winston Churchill.

As Britain was now a full province of the European Union, pursuant to a little-known clause hidden in the small print of the Lisbon Treaty, Parliament was abolished.

That was when Brown declared himself Prime Minister-for-Life. His position was endorsed by the new President-in-Perpetuity of Europe, Lord Mandelson, speaking from his official suite on board a Russian yacht off Corfu.

Protesters who tried to storm Downing Street were repelled by three divisions of the European Defence Force, under the command of an EU Reichsmarschall from the 17th Panzer Division, now garrisoned at Aldershot.

Six months later, Argentina invaded the Falklands again. This time the Argentines were welcomed with open arms. The islanders were so disillusioned with events back ‘home’ that they said they were ashamed to be British.

When Brown phoned the White House to ask for help, President Obama refused to take his call, on account of the fact he was playing golf with Tiger Woods.

With the Government distracted by the invasion overseas and by the food riots at home, Bradford, Leicester and Blackburn unilaterally declared that they were now independent Islamic states operating under Sharia law.



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from the, I guess it had to happen dept.  A newspaper apologizes for muslim hurt feelings

Thing of it is, betcha the ones making the fuss to begin with were just making all that supposed outrage up.  Just another excuse and we all know it.

I meant to post this days ago. Got caught up in things elsewhere.  Shows ya how small those vermin are making our world tho.

Danish paper apologises for printing Muhammad cartoon

A Danish newspaper has apologised for any offence caused when it reprinted a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad with a bomb-shaped turban in 2008.

Politiken said it was apologising as part of a settlement with Muslim groups in the Middle East and Australia.

Other Danish newspapers criticised Politiken for its move.

Twelve cartoons of Muhammad were initially published in 2006, sparking widespread protests by Muslims in various countries.

Politiken - and other papers - republished one in 2008 when police uncovered an alleged plot to kill cartoonist Kurt Westergaard.

Editor-in-chief Toeger Seidenfaden said on Friday: “We apologise to anyone who was offended by our decision to reprint the cartoon drawing.”

He told the Associated Press (AP) news agency that the paper still had the right to publish.
“We have the right to print Kurt Westergaard’s drawings, we have the right to print the original 12 drawings, we have the right to print all the caricatures in the world,” he said.

“We apologise for the offence which the reprint has caused. That is what we apologise for.”

this is from another newspaper in Denmark, the one that originally published the cartoons.

Politiken’s pathetic prostrating before a Saudi lawyer takes the first prize in stupidity
Joern Mikkelse
Editor-in-chief of Jyllands-Posten

more here at the bbc


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there’s NO WAY to follow Drew’s post with anything remotely close. But there’s this larceny

Here we go again but this time it’s a teen in England and the outlet is once again ...


Poor boy spilled hot tea on his leg while driving over a speed bump.  Maybe.  It’s again McDees fault of course.

When you folks get a hot drink from a take out, do you always check the lid?  I know I do. Just a long held habit. Seems like a lot of tea to spill going over a speed bump right there at McDonald’s place. Reads like it anyway. So how fast was she driving?

I’m only posting a bit of it here. The rest at the link as always. Have fun.


Teen, 17, suffers horrific burns when McDonald’s tea spills on his leg

Last updated at 6:07 PM on 02nd March 2010

A teenager is considering sueing McDonald’s after being left with horrific burns from a cup of tea when it spilled over his right leg.

Ben Lewis, 17, cannot work, drive, or shower easily due to the burns - which he is worried may scar him for life.

His family is now thinking of taking legal action against the fast food giant.

Ben needed urgent hospital treatment after the lid came off the cup when the car he was in went over a 5mph speed bump as he and his girlfriend left a McDonald’s drive-thru in Newtown, Powys, on Friday.

The car was being driven by his girlfriend, Victoria Bennett, who then drove him straight to her house for a cold shower to calm the wound.

However Ben started screaming in pain so she then took him to Welshpool Hospital where he received treatment for his burns.

His leg is now covered in blisters.

The teenager, who works in his mother’s nightclub, is now unable to drive and cannot even take a shower without wrapping the painful burn in bandages.


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Wearing thin

I can’t blog about this damn health care bill. Don’t want it. Don’t need it. Reconciliation should not apply. Government takeover is the wrong approach. This merde has been going on for over a year now, and I’m pretty much out of patience. I’m tired of the lies, the posturing, the empty noise. The grandiose “summits” that are just more of the same.

Global Warming, Cap ‘n Trade, Health Care. There is no middle ground. Both sides are unwilling and unable to work together. It’s all politics and bribery. There is no discussion; it’s only talking heads mouthing empty talking points and throwing ad hominem attacks around. The nation is split and I don’t think there is anything that will heal the wound. Half the population pays no taxes yet has the right to vote, and they vote to keep their personal gravy train running. Always.

Want to read the latest, the one millionth go-round? And all the angry responses that will go unheeded? Have at it. Here. And here. And ten thousand other sites, where they are all preaching to the choir in front of empty pews. It’s a huge waste of effort. There is no compromise. One side wants to ram through their effort to “fundamentally change America” no matter what, and the other side is unwilling to swallow a small dose of poison instead of a big one. One side is traitorously wrong, and the other side has the worst PR folks since Jefferey Dalmer.

Fuck it. Get out the guns and let’s fight. To the bitter end. And then the survivors winners can have it their way. I really don’t care any more. I don’t want to live in their America, and they’ve been pushing for 100 years or more to turn my America into a socialist shithole utopia. The soap box doesn’t work; government doesn’t listen. People don’t listen. There is no actual debate, there is no actual understanding the other side’s views. Just empty talking points going back and forth forever. The ballot box doesn’t work; no matter who gets elected they immediately turn into corrupt porkaholics. The jury box? Puh-lease. That system is just as corrupt as the rest of the government. And let’s face it: those who make the laws are above them, because they control who will enforce them and how. Come on; do you have the slightest faith that Charlie Rangle is going to get fired for his “ethical lapses”, or go to jail for his tax evasion? Snowballs in Hell is the better bet.

That leaves only one box.


We need fundamental change in America. That’s right. We do. We need to dismantle the entire government and start over. Keep the Constitution and throw out almost all the rest. Government must be severely limited, and always curtailed. I’ve got a laundry list of repairs, repeals, fixes, and new approaches. So do you. The bottom line to each and every one is personal responsibility; the other side of freedom’s coin. Anathema to the commies on the left. But it’s the only way forward. Which means a whole lot of folks are going to have to stand on their own two feet. Or else they’re going to starve. Too bad. Maybe if we hadn’t destroyed the upper-lower and lower-middle classes by sending all our production jobs to fucking China and outsourcing all our smarts to India, because of anti-business taxes, environmental NIMBYism, union corruption, and genuine ethnic laziness, we wouldn’t be in this boat in the first place. But we are, and it’s sinking fast. So maybe it’s time to shoot all the rats that have spent generations gnawing at the timbers, and hope that tossing them overboard will let the old boat float a bit longer to give us time to patch the leaks. It might not. But I’m really tired of having my money taken to buy fancy cheese to feed those vermin.

To hell with it. I think I’ll go brine a chicken, and just watch old movies on TV. I can’t take this any more.


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slowly sinking

We got hosed again at bowling league. Dammit.

I think we should change the name of our team to “Season’s Best” as that’s what everyone on every team we play seems to roll. I mean, come on already. Is the ENTIRE league full of sandbaggers? It can’t be. Can it?

We were up against one of the lowest performing teams last night. Straight ball rollers. 3 women and a guy, and the guy has been absent for ages, so his “big” 160 average got flatlined for a 150 absentee score. We gave them 87 for handicap, so with him being out they netted 77. And they slaughtered us. One of them had a 110 average, and was throwing 200s. 80 - 90 over, all night. Another one was rolling 50 - 65 over. Geexz. She lofts her little 10 pound ball almost to the arrows, it hits, skids most of the way down the lane, gets about 3 rolls in, and hits the headpin square on. Strike. WTF???

We bowled just a little over average the first game, and lost by 40. We came back as best as we could in game 2; I shot 197 and Mike pulled a 249 from somewhere and we won by 20. We had a poor showing in the 3rd, but they just got better, and creamed us by 150.

We all had a helluva time getting the balls to hook. Oil pattern must have been very long and wide, with lots of carrydown; even when throwing out to the 7 board we weren’t getting much of any turn. Tried going slow, tried putting more spin on the ball, tried going to balls drilled super aggressively. Didn’t work. All sorts of sick leaves, like 2-8-10 and 1-4-9 and the nasty 4-6.

USBC is talking about this Red, White, Blue oil pattern for leagues. If there is only one or two of each pattern per color, that might be a good idea. I’m getting a bit tired of random conditions from week to week, anywhere from bone dry and dirty to a wall to wall flood. It sucks. Even the pros only roll on one of six or seven patterns, and they know what those are in advance. I would rather have a difficult but predictable pattern than the weekly mystery crap.


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With NO disrespect or insult directed at the ladies, I really do have to ask.

Why are so many women so crazy? Or are they only stupid? What little quirk or loose screw compels a woman to write love letters to a convicted serial killer of 13. That the authorities know of.

We guys know you glorious creatures laugh at our often times odd ball thinking.  We go off the deep end and make ourselves look foolish, often while trying to impress you.  You have favorite men jokes you exchange with each other and compare notes.  That’s due to us giving you the ammunition to start with.  However, it seems to be women or mostly so, who fall in love with killers.  I really believe that men no matter how macho in actual fact, might be frightened off by a women who it was found, really enjoyed stabbing ppl with screwdrivers and using hammers as an extra added touch.  Macho or not, men can be frightened with no loss of masculinity by a crazed person looking for a blood/kill thrill. But the ladies (some of them) seem to be aroused by psycopathic killers and want to marry them. I just don’t understand that. Especially when the killer in question has only women as his target.

The bastard I’m posting about here was (is) known as the Yorkshire Ripper with very good reason. A few of his victims survived with one now age 80, in a wheelchair since her attack many years ago.  We even heard about this creep in the USA.

Happily I can report that he himself has been attacked in prison and been stabbed in the eye and face on more then one occassion.  Good.  It’s fitting that he should have some idea of what it feels like.  Which brings us to the present where he now claims he is close to being cured and wants his freedom under some sort of human rights bs. Read the story.  It is very doubtful this slime ball will be free but his appeal is being funded by ... you get ten guesses coz this is a hard one.

But wait, that’s not all.  There is this from today’s Daily Mail.

He would have to convince a Mental Health Tribunal that he was sane enough to be moved from Broadmoor Hospital back into the prison system, then persuade the Parole Board he was safe to release.

Now guys and girls, how hard has it been in the past to convince the shrinks who are crazier or at least far less clever then the perps they let free to do harm again. And again. And again.


Sutcliffe is seeking to exploit a change in the law ordered by the House of Lords and the European Court of Human Rights.

Before 2002, the decision on the length of the ‘tariff’ to be served by a killer serving life rested with the Home Secretary. But in 2000, David Blunkett lost a court case brought on behalf of the killers of James Bulger, stripping him of the power to set the tariff of juvenile killers.

Two years later, the House of Lords ruled that adult killers had a human right to be sentenced by an ‘ independent and impartial tribunal’ - a judgment upheld in Strasbourg.

I’m sure you folks caught that. Right?  A judgment upheld in a place OUTSIDE of England.  And oh yeah ... things here must be in compliance with the European court of silly justice.  Damn fools. 

As a result, the tariff has been fixed by courts alone since 2003. Any killer convicted before this date has since been sent before the courts to have a minimum sentence fixed. Factors which can lead to a wholelife tariff include multiple victims and a sexual motive.

The fact that the Ripper was convicted of killing 13 women - and that his motive was sexual - ought to make him a near-certainty to join the 36 criminals in British jails told they will die behind bars.

Should the court opt for a 30-year tariff, then his sentence would be effectively served but this would not make him eligible for immediate freedom.

He would have to convince a Mental Health Tribunal that he was sane enough to be moved from Broadmoor Hospital back into the prison system, then persuade the Parole Board he was safe to release.

So now I come back to where I started. With women, both as lovers and victims. His former wife still visits him. And there’s this.

His wife Sonia divorced him in 1994. She went on to marry for a second time, although that relationship collapsed after seven years. Bizarrely she ended up moving back into the house in Bradford she once shared with the Ripper.

She has stayed on good terms with Sutcliffe and has visited him a number of times in Broadmoor.

Other women whom Sutcliffe did not know personally wrote him hundreds of letters. His cell is said to be festooned with pictures and cuddly toys send by his admirers. Women have been regular visitors and he has reportedly suggested marriage to several.

Artist Sandra Lester believed she had found love with Sutcliffe and moved house to be near him only for the killer to deny her visiting rights, telling the authorities he wanted to have many female friends and not just the one.

So then, due to his “human rights” he gets to make the calls while on vacation in hell.  I hope he ends up back in the prison system again as opposed to the hospital, where it is further hoped that someone else uses a screwdriver on him and removes his worthless being from those above ground.

The entire story can be found and read RIGHT HERE AT THE SOURCE

PS:  We well know there are ppl who might respond to this post even though they have nothing at all to say. They just feel compelled to say something even if it’s nothing. Sad to see such desperate and lonely people here but if it helps in those hours of solitude to lighten the awful and painful burden of being alone and unloved and unappreciated and unwanted by the many, well.  I guess you can be our charity case so post away you poor thing.


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A Different Approach



thanks to Doc Jeff!


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calendar   Monday - March 01, 2010


Earlier tonight while searching for the on line photos I posted a short time ago, I came across this page.  If you click the link here it will of course take you to that page and you can review these older stories.  They make for eye opening reading, not that the eyes of BMEWS are closed.


Times Online Results
Results 1-10 of about 436 for stoned to death

Indonesian adulterers to be stoned to death

Adulterers will be stoned to death under draconian new laws...woman who was sentenced to be stoned. “They take pride...rights worker who asked not to be named told The’re stoning her to death. “The future is…

Anne Barrowclough

15 September 2009 Times Online
Aid worker found ‘stoned to death’ at Indian refuge for Buddhist exiles

...murdered, apparently stoned to death, at the remote town...have read since his death have been a tower...and are helping us to get through these...shortly before his death, had said how much...8217*s nice to think that at least…

Jeremy Page; Simon De Bruxelles

07 December 2006 The Times
‘*Honour’* killings grow as girl, 17, stoned to death

...and howled. “*Come to Mama, Du’*aa...shrieked, directing the stranger to pour the contents of her water bottle...since Du’*aa was stoned to death by a mob in the Kurdish hillside village…

Hala Jaber

04 November 2007 The Sunday Times
Son tells how he saw his father stoned to death

...father’*s death when they were stoned by a gang of laughing...just keeping ourselves to ourselves,”...just seemed they wanted to pick on someone...8217*s mother to return from a leisure…

Marcus Leroux

03 August 2007 The Times
Stoned to death… why Europe is starting to lose its faith in Islam

DAYS before she was due to be married, Ghofrane Haddaoui, 23...boy and paid with her life. Lured to waste ground near her home in Marseilles...the Tunisian-born Frenchwoman was stoned to death, her skull smashed by rocks hurled…

Charles Bremner

04 December 2004 The Times
Children stoned man to death as he played with son, court is told

...aged as young as 10 stoned a father who died...half-brick. Up to seven youths pelted...responsible for his death.”*...enough to know that to abuse Ernest Norton...was wrong and that to throw stones and pieces...that caused his death.”*…

Marcus Leroux

01 August 2007 The Times
Two years for boys who stoned a kind father to death as he played with son

Five boys who stoned a pensioner to death as he played cricket with...yesterday each sentenced to two years. The boys, aged...upside down and you have to run on automatic. &ldquo...Ernie’*s death has affected our lives in…

Stephanie Condron

20 October 2007 The Times
Stoned to death by her own family

...8212* her death clears the stain on is sometimes hard to believe the country is...8221* According to police reports, Semsiye and Acil’*s death sentence was passed at...held by male family elders to judge the sins of a…

Suna Erdem

02 July 2003 The Times
Stoned Apostle

Sir, The Daily Universal Register (May 14) says that St Matthias is the patron saint of alcoholics. It seems ironic that he was “*stoned”* to death. Dr J. R. Burland Barnstaple, N Devon

18 May 2009 The Times


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If only you people could learn to be reasonable and accept sharia law, this too could be yours.

I searched till I was blue, or at least the air around me was. Couldn’t find these on line. So once again I used a scanner but since these come from a magazine, the quality isn’t bad. Caution
Somewhat gruesome.

The religion of peace in action under sharia law. This is exactly the sort of thing they want for the world people.  If you do not believe that, you are not living on planet earth.  I think what makes it even worse is are the people vermin who appear to be enjoying this. But then, of course they are.
They’re from Somalia and they’re muslims.  Human and Somali do not belong in the same sentence as we already know from our own experience there.



This appeared in the Sunday magazine of The Times. The Spectrum, Feb. 28, 2010


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justified killing of British troops in Iraq, believes al Qaeda is a “myth. not a problem lets talk

Up until a couple of years ago, or was it only last year? I forgot. No matter because the then top dog at the MET, the metropolitan police, was a man who claimed to be quite “proud” of being “politically correct.” When the new consrv. mayor of London took over after ousting a self confessed communist mayor, he threw the bum out. Hmm. Wait. This is England and generally they are somewhat more polite. The new mayor didn’t throw out Sir Ian Blair but he did allow him to quit the post.  That man was probably the very worst thing that has ever happened to the police of this country, and they still have not recovered.
When I took the morning papers off the chair on the front porch, about the first story that caught my eye today was this.

Sir Ian Blair signed a formal agreement with an Islamic extremist to treat him as the Metropolitan Police’s “principal” representative of the Muslim community, it can be disclosed.

By Andrew Gilligan

The activist, Azad Ali, was accepted by the Met as a trusted interlocutor. The force also agreed to give him information on forthcoming anti-terror raids. – Mr Ali has previously justified the killing of British troops in Iraq, believes al Qaeda is a “myth,” and has praised a key mentor of Osama bin Laden.

Mr Ali signed the deal, a copy of which has been seen by the Daily Telegraph, in his capacity as the then chairman of the Muslim Safety Forum – a body closely linked to the fundamentalist Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE).

The Muslim Safety Forum was set up, in its own words, to challenge the “unfair focus on the Muslim community when it came to policing activities and enforcement of anti- terror policing legislation.”

It was accepted by the police as a legitimate body. The agreement, dated December 2006 and personally signed by Mr Ali and Sir Ian, who was Commissioner of the Met at the time, states: “The Commissioner will recognise the MSF as the principal body in relation to Muslim community safety and security.”

Sir Ian or his deputy committed to meet Mr Ali and the MSF at least twice a year and to hold monthly meetings with the MSF at “New Scotland Yard or other suitable premises.”

The agreement says that the Met and MSF will “use the MSF as a consultation body to help formulate policy or practice.” and “progress an annual plan of work through agreed priority workstreams,” jointly led by Met and MSF representatives.

The Met also agreed to set up a four-strong panel with the MSF to offer the Muslim community a chance to comment on whether the information police had on a suspect was too flimsy and the consequences of a raid for community relations.

Mr Ali, one of the panel members, said at the time: “This will allow independent scrutiny of intelligence.”



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planet IS getting warmer. Got it? ok.  It’s settled then. Except here in the UK. Right.

Alright. OK. The planet it really getting warmer. Right.

Scuza me prof. Ah .. bit of a problem here in the UK though.

Weather folks say it’s the coldest in 30 years.  Of course, since the science and the argument is already settled I have no idea why the weather folks even bother to tell us inconvenient truths like that.

Head of ‘Climategate’ research unit admits he hid data - because it was ‘standard practice’

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 6:49 PM on 01st March 2010

The scientist at the heart of the ‘Climategate’ row over global warming hid data ‘because it was standard practice’, it emerged today.

Professor Phil Jones, director of the University of East Anglia’s prestigious climatic research unit, today admitted to MPs that the centre withheld raw station data about global temperatures from around the world.

The world-renowned research unit has been under fire since private emails, which sceptics claimed showed evidence of scientists manipulating climate data, were hacked from the university’s server and posted online.

Now, an independent probe is examining allegations stemming from the emails that scientists hid, manipulated or deleted data to exaggerate the case for man-made global warming.

Prof Jones today said it was not ‘standard practice’ in climate science to release data and methodology for scientific findings so that other scientists could check and challenge the research.

He also said the scientific journals which had published his papers had never asked to see it.

Appearing before the committee’s hearing into the disclosure of data from the CRU alongside Prof Jones, the university’s vice chancellor Prof Edward Acton said he had not seen any evidence of flaws in the overall science of climate change - but said he was planning this week to announce the chair of a second independent inquiry, which will look into the science produced at CRU.

Challenged about one email in which he tells a sceptic he does not want to give him data because it will be misused, Prof Jones admitted: ‘I have obviously written some pretty awful emails’.

But Prof Jones insisted the scientific findings on climate change were robust and verifiable.

And he said 80 per cent of the raw data used to create a series of average global temperatures showing that the world was getting warmer



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Fears of extremist muzzies worming their way into labour party say labour minister.

There really are times when all a person can say is,

“I told ya so.” It was either Lyndon or Chris who once said something like this was happening. Not exact but one of em suggested something very much like.

Frankly, I believe it 100% and find it serious and scary.  Scary coz way too many won’t take it seriously believing, oh. It can’t happen here. Yeah? Wanna bet your life on it?

BTW, the man making the charge is a Labour party minister. You’d expect this to come from the cons, not the left libs in Labour.

Extremist Muslims have ‘wormed their way into Labour Party’ minister warns

By Steve Doughty
Daily Mail

A fundamentalist group that wants to turn Britain into an Islamic republic has successfully infiltrated the Labour Party, a minister said yesterday.

Jim Fitzpatrick named the Islamic Forum of Europe as a group trying to win power by secretly taking control of local Labour organisations.

The environment minister accused the group of ‘corrupting our politics’.

Extremist group: The IFE supports jihad - such as acts carried out by Humam Khalil Abu Mulal al-Balawi (pictured) who killed seven CIA operatives

His charge revives the threat of extremists entering the Labour Party for the first time since the collapse of the Trotskyist Militant organisation at the end of the 1980s.

The Islamic Forum of Europe is a low-profile grouping based at the East London Mosque.

Channel 4’s Dispatches programme claims the IFE has won a large measure of control over the London borough of Tower Hamlets and has packed Labour membership rolls in East London with its own supporters.

Leaders of the group are said to oppose democracy and support the introduction of Islamic sharia law, while trying to impose hardline views on local communities.

It is also said to have pocketed £10million from the taxpayer by attracting state grants designed to ‘prevent violent extremism’.

The MP for Poplar and Canning Town said: ‘They are acting almost as an entryist organisation, placing people within the political parties, trying to get individuals selected and elected so they can exercise political influence and power.’



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 03/01/2010 at 01:39 PM   
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Just Disband Already

Sometimes I think these feminist organizations are a bit past their Sell By date. Sure, back in the day they did all sorts of good things, equal pay for equal work, and so on. But their latest big issue seems more than a bit farcical. Especially when they continue to ignore the plight of the treatment of women in Africa and under the thumb of Islam. Two huge issues, worthy of a big worldwide fight. Nearly completely ignored. Instead, their latest crusade is ... for nap time.

Sleep deprivation is a feminist issue

TWO of America’s leading feminists are on a crusade to get the women of the world to have a lie in, or at least to take a nap, The Times of London reported.

Arianna Huffington, the powerhouse publisher of The Huffington Post, and Cindi Leive, the equally indomitable publisher of Glamour, have joined forces to identify women’s sleep deprivation as “the next feminist issue”.

They cite studies that indicate that women are more sleep-deprived than men, including one that says American women are getting 90 minutes less than the seven to eight hours recommended for someone to be well and perform well.

American author Naomi Wolf has taken up the baton in her column in The Times Saturday writing that the pair make a persuasive case that female exhaustion is undermining women’s creativity, judgment, and relationships.

I’m sure they want government issued blankies in gender-neutral colors, and a free glass of non-GM organic low fat milk heated to a safe but pleasant temperature too.

Personally, I think it’s more of a human rights issue. Most of us could benefit from a couple hours of mid-afternoon siesta, even if we didn’t get the glass of warm milk.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 03/01/2010 at 01:05 PM   
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OK, another bit of history and as usual, not to be resisted.

You’ll dig this one Drew.

Massive head of pharaoh unearthed

A colossal red granite head of one of Egypt’s most famous pharaohs has been unearthed in the southern city of Luxor, officials said.

The 3,000-year-old head of Amenhotep III - grandfather of Tutankhamun - was dug out of the ruins of the pharaoh’s mortuary temple.

Experts say it is the best preserved example of the king’s face ever found.

The 2.5m (8ft) head is part of a larger statue, most of which was found several years ago.

Antiquities officials say the statue is to be reconstructed.

“Other statues have always had something broken - the tip of the nose, or the face is eroded,” said Dr Hourig Sourouzian, who has led the Egyptian-European expedition at the site.

“But here, from the top of the crown to the chin, it is so beautifully carved and polished, nothing is broken.”image

Vast empire

Egypt’s antiquities chief, Zahi Hawass, described it as “a masterpiece of highly artistic quality”.

Amenhotep III ruled Egypt from about 1387 to 1348 BC and presided over a vast empire stretching from Nubia in the south to Syria in the north.

Scientists using DNA tests and CT scans on several mummies have identified him as the grandfather of Tutankhamun - the boy-king born of an incestuous marriage between Akhenaten and his sister, both the offspring of Amenhotep III.

The massive mortuary temple in Luxor was largely destroyed, possibly by floods, and little remains of its walls.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 03/01/2010 at 09:15 AM   
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