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AIDS is now a black disease, and whitey is guilty

Oh God. Endless victim hood again. Black people are about 13% of the US population, yet recent data shows that they are nearly 50% of new HIV and AIDS cases. A very large percentage of those cases are among young people, and a large percentage of those young people are women. This is because homosexuality is generally denied in the black community, and a huge part of the homosexual black men maintain appearances by having heterosexuals relations. But let’s blame Bush and the government, because all the billions and billions spent on AIDS research has nothing to do with black people, and all the awareness and prevention campaigns are aimed at white folks. Because black folks can’t possibly watch the same TV channels, read the same newspapers, or even look at the same billboards by the side of the highway that white people do. Give me a break. What we have here is an epidemic caused by both dishonesty and irresponsibility solely by black people. And now they want to cry discrimination so they can get a huge bucket of money. Um, no. Total. Fail. There isn’t a single person over the age of 11 in the US who doesn’t know where AIDS comes from, how it’s spread, and how it can easily be prevented. Color doesn’t matter here at all; we’ve all had the message hammered home eighty zillion times.

Black U.S. AIDS rates rival some African nations

The AIDS epidemic among African-Americans in some parts of the United States is as severe as in parts of Africa, according to a report out Tuesday.  “Left Behind - Black America: A Neglected Priority in the Global AIDS” is intended to raise awareness and remind the public that the “AIDS epidemic is not over in America, especially not in Black America,” says the report, published by the Black AIDS Institute, an HIV/AIDS think tank focused exclusively on African-Americans.

“AIDS in America today is a black disease,” says Phill Wilson, founder and CEO of the institute and himself HIV-positive for 20 years. “2006 CDC data tell us that about half of the just over 1 million Americans living with HIV or AIDS are black.”

Although black people represent only about one in eight Americans, one in every two people living with HIV in the United States is black, the report notes.

The report uses just-released data from UNAIDS and existing CDC and Census data to highlight grim statistics:

• AIDS remains the leading cause of death among black women between ages 25 and 34. It’s the second-leading cause of death in black men 35-44. (killing each other remains the #1 cause)

• In Washington, more than 80 percent of HIV cases are among black people, that’s one in 20 residents. (why not? more than 80% of DC’s population is black)
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, domestic prevention efforts make up the smallest part of the HIV/AIDs budget, the 2009 budget request includes $892 million for domestic HIV prevention efforts, the same as in 2008. Spelman women discuss HIV and AIDS

In this report, Wilson and others urge the federal government and private foundations to significantly increase funding for HIV prevention and treatment programs. The report also calls on international agencies to hold the U.S. government accountable for failure to address HIV/AIDS epidemic in its own country (despite lauding it for its PEPFAR efforts). It also urges black communities in the United States to fight the stigma and overcome prejudice associated with being infected with HIV.

Well, no kidding. I’m actually surprised the 2009 budget includes that much money for prevention, since the entire REST OF THE WORLD learned all about this TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO. How come you guys didn’t get the memo? Not only has this boat sailed, it’s reached the other shore and been decommissioned. Oh, and that “as severe as parts of africa” bit is misleading too. Uganda and South Africa are two of the african countries with the LOWEST infection rate. Oh, and a generalized Fuck You to the Black AIDS Institute. We as a united nation poured billions into research, treatment, and prevention programs, for the benefit of everyone. How dare you go and play a race card by forming a separate-but-more-than-equal group just for the benefit of people with extra melanin?!?

I just saw a black woman on CNN boo-hooing this story. While the anchor (a black guy) did get her to admit that the whole thing would never have happened if black men were not in denial about their homosexuality and if they used responsible methods of birth control, her main complaint was that all the money for HIV/AIDS was for white folks. Except for the billions being spent by evil Booosh over in africa ... and why is he spending money there while ignoring the situation here? So it’s the government’s fault, and they should pony up more billions. Go away. Only the Obamessiah can save you now, and I’ll be damned if he does it with my money.


Anderson Cooper’s blog:

According to the report:

* There are more black Americans living with HIV than the total HIV populations in seven of the 15 countries receiving PEPFAR (President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief).
* In areas such as Detroit, Washington D.C. and the Deep South, HIV rates among segments of the black community approach those of countries in Africa.
* If black America were its own country, it would rank 16th in people living with HIV; 105th in life expectancy and 88th in infant mortality worldwide.
* The U.S. response to its domestic epidemic is so weak that the country would fail to qualify for its own emergency AIDS relief program.

Pernessa Seele, who founded the group Balm in Gilea:
“The response to AIDS in Black America has been awful. The average American (black and white) can only relate to the devastating AIDS epidemic in Africa, with no clue of the horrendous suffering Black Americans are enduring right here at home. America’s response to AIDS in Africa has been billions of dollars more than its response to its black citizens at home.”

“The world has been very consumed with the devastation of AIDS in Africa. Great! However, there should be a worldwide out-cry that 1 in 20 persons living in Washington, DC, our nation’s capital, is living with the AIDS virus. Over 80% of these persons living with HIV in Washington, DC, are Black Americans.

The HIV prevalence rate in Washington, DC, (5%) is fast approaching the levels of infection in Uganda (5.4%). I don’t have time to go through the list of state after state that reflect the disproportionate rate of AIDS among blacks, such as Georgia where 70% of persons living with HIV in the state are Black Americans.

The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), which was just passed by Congress last week, will once again deliver billions of dollars to 15 nations to address HIV prevention and treatment. Once again, GREAT!

Sadly, the rate of HIV/AIDS in Black America ranks higher than seven of those foreign countries that will receive those PEPFAR dollars in the coming months. The seven countries that have less of an HIV positive population than Black America are: Guyana, Rwanda, Haiti, Namibia, Vietnam, Botswana, and Ethiopia. Listen! There is no outcry to the suffering of Black America!

The African-American faith community is beginning to understand its essential role in addressing HIV/AIDS in Black America. As in the days of my yester years, our churches were those points of light that offered education, compassion and service to America’s darker citizens when our government’s adequate response to our needs and concerns were essentially missing.”

Can’t read our magazines, can’t watch our TV channels, can’t attend our churches, can’t come out of the closet and have Gay Pride like everyone else did 2 decades or more ago. But they sure want my money! Next we’re going to hear that this is whitey’s fault for another reason: I’ll bet you dollars to donuts a huge HIV vector for them is prison. Didn’t we just hear a month or two back that one in four young black men was in jail? Or was it one in two either is/was or will be in jail? And guess what happens there? And you knows the whole jail thing is white oppression to keep the brothas down!!

But you know what? They’ll get the money. What the hell, they’re Americans too. It just irks the living shit out of me that they came so late to the party and they’re complaining they didn’t get an invite. That’s the bullshit I don’t want to hear any more of. No, you just got away with it for an extra 25 years by pretending. While the Sexual Revolution came to a panic stop for the rest of us. Fuck you very much!  And thanks to you a disease that was once a plague to the rest of us but had been reduced to fairly minor numbers is now double the size it was before.

Time for you white folks to have a major talk with your high school and college age kids, who are just sooooo eager to do anything to prove how unprejudiced they are. A very unsubtle talk. Ahem.


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I’m gonna heave

Do-nothing Congress tries for an even lower approval rating:

House to Apologize for Slavery, Jim Crow

Gosh, ya think these turd lickers might be a little late? Say, by about 143 years or thereabouts? But hey, wasting their time and your money on useless crap like this sure beats working!

The House of Representatives was poised Tuesday to pass a resolution apologizing to African-Americans for slavery and the era of Jim Crow. The nonbinding resolution, which is expected to pass, was introduced by Rep. Steve Cohen, a white lawmaker who represents a majority black district in Memphis, Tennessee.

While many states have apologized for slavery, it will be first time a branch of the federal government will apologize for slavery if the resolution passes, an aide to Cohen said.

By passing the resolution, the House would also acknowledge the “injustice, cruelty, brutality and inhumanity of slavery and Jim Crow.”

“Jim Crow,” or Jim Crow laws, were state and local laws enacted mostly in the Southern and border states of the United States between the 1870s and 1965, when African-Americans were denied the right to vote and other civil liberties and were legally segregated from whites.

Just hold my head over the bucket, would ya? I don’t wanna hurl any chunks on the carpet. Not one of these idiots was in office when slavery existed. And any one of them that was around when the Jim Crow laws were in effect is damn old. However, if any of those old Democrats still in office actually voted in favor of such laws, or against equal rights or against civil rights, then apologies are insufficient: they should be run out of office and publicly horsewhipped.

Aww crap, I feel another heave a-comin:

The resolution states that “the vestiges of Jim Crow continue to this day.”

“African-Americans continue to suffer from the consequences of slavery and Jim Crow—long after both systems were formally abolished—through enormous damage and loss, both tangible and intangible, including the loss of human dignity and liberty, the frustration of careers and professional lives, and the long-term loss of income and opportunity,” the resolution states.

That takes care of my lunch. Note that this announcement is coincident with a long series of recent articles from CNN on Being Black ... all geared to show us just how much we need Obama to come save us all. Could the government play into the meme any harder if they tried?

Now hold onto your own cookies, because ... you knew it, right? ... here it comes:

The resolution does not address the controversial issue of reparations. Some members of the African-American community have called on lawmakers to give cash payments or other financial benefits to descendents of slaves as compensation for the suffering caused by slavery.

Fuckin hosers just won’t quit on that one. Here’s your reparation: you are a citizen of the United States, with rights and opportunities equal to everyone else. At the end of slavery your ancestors were not shipped back to africa, nor were they executed. It may have taken you all those extra decades to gain full equality, but up until the very last years you didn’t fight for it. So shut up.


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“Bridge To Nowhere” Senator Indicted

And CNN only wastes ONE WORD before letting you know he’s a Republican!

WASHINGTON (CNN)—Alaska Republican Sen. Ted Stevens was charged Tuesday with making false statements after a wide-ranging probe into ties between an energy company and lawmakers in his home state, according to a federal indictment.

In a 28-page indictment from a federal grand jury, Stevens was charged with seven counts of making false statements on his Senate financial forms.

FBI and Internal Revenue Service agents searched Stevens’ Alaska home in July 2007 in connection with the probe, which has already snared two oil-company executives and a state lobbyist.

At the time, he urged constituents “not to form conclusions based upon incomplete and sometimes incorrect reports in the media.”

The 84-year-old senator is a former chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee and is renowned for his prowess in steering federal funds to his vast, sparsely populated state.

He has represented Alaska in Washington since 1968 and is up for re-election in November.

The seven-count indictment says Stevens “schemed to conceal” the fact that Alaska’s Veco Energy paid for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work on his home. The indictment, returned Tuesday by a federal grand jury in Washington, follows a wide-ranging probe into ties between the company and lawmakers in the veteran Republican’s home state.

Yup, he’s a porkmeister, guaranteed. And probably guilty of both the graft and the lying about it. Just one more crook who has been at the top of the pyramid for far too long. And don’t you doubt for a second that Robert “name everythingt after me” Byrd is any cleaner. Or Congressman “$90,000 on ice” Jefferson. They’re all connivers. Throw the whole damn bunch out of office, and then into jail.


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Forrestal Disaster Anniversary

July 29, 1967

imageToday marks the anniversary of the Forrestal disaster, the largest single loss of life the US Navy suffered during the Vietnam War as far as I know.

An electrical short occurred in one of the aircraft on the flight deck of the USS Forrestal, causing a small missile to fire off. The missile shot across the deck and struck another aircraft waiting to take off, igniting it’s fuel tanks. The aircraft that was hit was piloted by a Lt. Cmdr. John McCain, who managed to escape the damaged plane by leaping from the nose of the craft into the spreading fire. He tried to rescue another trapped pilot from the flames until an explosion tore up his leg and blew him yards away.

The fire spread across the flight deck, “cooking off” two elderly 1000lb bombs on another airplane. Those explosions caused other explosions and within a couple minutes an enormous fire had engulfed the aft half of the ship. The explosions ripped the deck open and burning fuel turned the below decks spaces into a charnel house. The deck fires were extinguished in a bit over an hour, but the below decks fires continued to burn for half a day. In the end 134 sailors were dead, many more injured, 23 airplanes had been destroyed and another 43 damaged. $73 million damaged had been done to the ship. Firefighting efforts pumped so much water at the flames that the ship was on the verge of rolling over. Only emergency efforts to pump fuel from one side of the hold to the other prevented the list from becoming a rollover, which would have drowned most of the crew of more than 5000.

A Naval Board of Inquiry found several root causes: the bombs that had gone off were leftovers from WWII made from less fire stable explosives, some safety procedures had not been properly followed, and not enough of the crew had been trained in fire fighting. Today’s carrier crews are given much better training, often at the Navy’s Farrier fire training center in Virginia, named in honor of the Forrestal’s fire chief who died fighting the flames. The USS Forrestal was decommissioned in 1995 after serving 38 years.

There is a very well done 5 part documentary/recreation put up by VibraciaX. This is part 2:

There are quite a number of videos on this disaster at YouTube. Please don’t bother to read the comments; since John McCain was on the ship when this happened, and though he may have behaved as heroically as the rest of crew, the left has taken over the comments and said the usual horrible things. Scumbags.


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tourist attraction bans English visitors in revenge for 1298 battle .

I wasn’t certain of the category at first.  Wasn’t sure how to take it. Was it tongue in cheek?  Just a gag?  But apparently some folks really do take this very much to heart.  Don’t guess it pleases the English much but they take this sort of thing in stride.  And of course, it’s more then likely all Bush’s fault.

Scottish tourist attraction bans English visitors in revenge for 1298 battle
A popular Scottish tourist attraction provoked outrage by banning English visitors and destroying ‘English’ items such as bone china and the works of Shakespeare.

By Simon Johnson
Last Updated: 7:59AM BST 22 Jul 2008

The Edinburgh Dungeon said the one-day event is in revenge for the Battle of Falkirk, fought 710 years ago July 21st, at which more than 2,000 Scots were slaughtered by the Auld Enemy.

English visitors will only be allowed entry if they sign a scroll swearing allegiance to Scotland, while those from other countries will be encouraged to bring in items deemed ‘typically English’ to be smashed.

The attraction, which is visited by 200,000 people per year insisted the measures were a fitting tribute to the Scots soldiers who were killed and their leader, William Wallace.

But it faces a growing backlash from English tourists appalled that they were being singled out for something that happened so long ago.

Victoria Price, 26, from Manchester, currently holidaying in Edinburgh, said: “I was planning to visit the Dungeon because I had heard it was fun. But I wouldn’t give them my money now.

“The Battle of Falkirk was more than 700 years ago for Heaven’s sake. It should be put in the past, but it seems some people find that very hard.”

King Edward I, known as the Hammer of the Scots, decided to crush them in revenge for Wallace’s victory at Stirling Bridge in 1297 and assembled a massive army of more than 20,000 men.

In the battle, on July 22 1298, Wallace’s army of only around 6,000 men was destroyed by Edward’s longbows, although at the cost of almost 2,000 English casualties.

The attraction has a feature about Wallace, in which a ghost of the legendary Scots leader urges Scots to fight on against the invading “tyrannical” English.

Played by John Smeaton, one of the heroes who prevented last year’s terror attack at Glasgow Airport, he tells how thousands of Scottish soldiers were massacred.

Ian Scouller, the Dungeon’s manager, said: “People, not just from Scotland but from all over the world, said we should do something to commemorate that battle and get a bit of revenge.

“One visitor said we should mark the day by banning the English. We welcome more than 600 visitors every day. Many of them are English, and I expect we will take a hit in the pocket.”

But he claimed that Wallace and the Scots soldiers who fell that day would approve, adding: “The only way the English will be allowed in is if they sign a scroll pledging allegiance to Scotland - the kind of thing Edward I routinely did to Scots.”

Mr Scouller, a Glaswegian, also detailed another way for Scots to “gain revenge”.

He said: “People are invited to bring scones, tea bags, English literature, fine bone china or anything else typically English. We plan to smash them with a sword like the one Wallace carried.”

David Ross, Convener of the Society of William Wallace, described the ban on English visitors as “comical” and praised the Dungeon for marking the battle.

He added: “I’m sure it is meant tongue in cheek, but the English did far worse things to the Scots in Wallace’s time.”

The Edinburgh Dungeon is one of Edinburgh’s five most popular tourist attractions and is part of a chain, with other branches in London, York, Hamburg and Amsterdam.

In addition to its Wallace feature, exhibits include a torture chamber with thumb-screws, flesh tearers and head crushers, once used in Scotland to punish criminals.

Visitors also hear tales of some of Scotland’s most macabre criminals including notorious body snatchers Burke and Hare and cannibal Sawney Bean.


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prevented from taking her own son to school because she hadn’t been screened for a criminal record.

I believe in today’s loony tune world kids really do need a closer eye kept on them.  But isn’t this taking big brother a bit far?

This story is a bit old I grant ya.  About 11 days. But that does not make it any less bizarre or interesting.

Mother prevented from taking own son to school because of criminal record checks
A woman was prevented from taking her own son to school because she hadn’t been screened for a criminal record.

By Caroline Gammell
Last Updated: 10:30PM BST 18 Jul 2008

Jayne Jones had been escorting 14-year-old severely epileptic Alex each day by taxi, taking specialist equipment with her in case he had a fit.

But the mother-of-two was told she would not be allowed to continue doing so until her details had been run through a Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) check.

The case came to light only days after it emerged that hundreds of innocent people were branded criminals by the CRB, which was set up to vet people working with children.

Figures seen by The Daily Telegraph showed that in the year to February 2008, 680 people were issued with incorrect information on their background checks by the CRB.

Last week a woman who was wrongly labelled a violent alcoholic and drug addict by the CRB was told she would have to allow police to take her fingerprints if she wanted to clear her name.

Amanda Hodgson, 36, a law-abiding mother-of-three, learned of her “criminal past’’ when applying for a post as a welfare assistant at her local primary school.

She was told she had a criminal record stretching back 18 years, including three convictions for assaulting police officers, and the only way to clear her name was to get her fingerprints checked against every unsolved crime in the country.

Mrs Jones, from Aberfan in south Wales, said stopping her taking her son - who has cerebral palsy - to school was “political correctness gone mad”.

“It’s crazy that I have to be CRB checked before I can ride in a taxi with my own son,” she said.

“I have to be checked to go in a taxi with him, but if I was able to drive him myself they wouldn’t care and even offered to pay me expenses.

“The taxi company is great and they carry Alex’s medication but they won’t use it and they wouldn’t know how to put him in the recovery position if needs be.”

Alex, who takes a combination of 32 anti-convulsant tablets a day, is currently travelling to his special needs school five miles away in Merthyr Tydfil with no one trained to cope if he has an attack.

He has been fitted with the Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) therapy system under the skin, which works like a pacemaker to help control electrical signals which can malfunction and cause him to seize.

But his parents are the only ones trained to use and understand the therapy.

His 42-year-old father Malcolm has a full-time job and Mrs Jones is the boy’s full-time carer.

A spokesman from Merthyr Tydfil Council said: “The CRB checking is a requirement of our transport provisions in relation to adults travelling on home-to-school transport in the capacity of an escort.

“This is a standard requirement and has been for several years.

(you just know the following has been written by lawyers. Wanna take a stab at how far this thinking can be carried?)

“Any adult acting as an escort will, in the public gaze, be viewed as acting with the full acquiescence of the council and hence with its implied authority.

“For the protection of the council and all vulnerable persons in its care it’s essential all those endowed with an authority, implicit or explicit, should meet the security requirements within the transport contract provisions.”


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Handyman fined for smoking in van.  (Moonbat Tuesday?)

Here we go again with the health police.  I think ppl have way too much time for stuff like this.

I’m a few days late so perhaps you’ve seen this.  I came across the story in a pile of work I have and just dug down to it.

I’ve read this kind of thing before of course so it doesn’t surprise me at all.  I think what really surprises me most is how much of this nonsense folks are willing to put up with.  I’d have thought with the kinds of technology and advances made in medicine and more ppl having more access to books and education then ever before, we’d produce a smarter culture.  But it really doesn’t look that way at all.  Seems to be going the other way.


From MSN News.

A painter and decorator who received a £30 fine for smoking in his own van has warned that British civil liberties are “going up in smoke”.

Gordon Williams, 58, of Llanafan, near Aberystwyth, west Wales, was on the way to buy tea bags for his wife when he was slapped with a fixed penalty fine.

A passenger in his van, who had also just lit up, received a £30 on-the-spot fixed penalty notice under the new anti-smoking laws as well.

But the self-employed painter and decorator hit out claiming the fine was unjustified and unfair because his van is a private vehicle.

He has lodged an appeal with Ceredigion County Council and claims Britain is sleepwalking into a “Big Brother-style” society.

The blue Suzuki van belonging to Mr Williams was undergoing a routine check by police in Llanbadarn Fawr, outside Aberystwyth, earlier this month.

The married grandfather had just lit up when a Ceredigion County Council official approached him and dished out the on-the-spot fine.

He said: “I was just having a cigarette and causing no bother to anyone else. But this is like Big Brother is watching you.”

A spokesman for the council said: “It would be inappropriate for Ceredigion County Council to comment on individual cases.

“The legislation allows for a right of appeal and the procedures in relation to this are set out in the notices.”


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calendar   Monday - July 28, 2008

I didn’t know there was a limit!

Oregon man busted for owning too many pot plants

SALEM, Ore.—A medical marijuana cardholder who deputies said had too many plants was arrested Friday morning.

Detectives with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Street Crimes Unit served a search warrant at the home of Marc Kauffman, 56, just before 10 a.m. and found that he had 35 mature marijuana plants and eight immature marijuana plants in his house, deputies said.

People with a medical marijuana card can only have six mature plants and 18 immature plants, deputies said.

The case stemmed from a charge that Kauffman was involving a minor in a drug offense because he had employed a 15-year-old to help him tend his plants, deputies said.

The boy doesn’t live with Kauffman and wasn’t taken into protective custody, deputies said.

Kauffman was charged with manufacturing marijuana and involving a minor in a drug offense.

Hmm ...  I guess he forgot to weed the weed and things just got out of control. And if he’d had the right number, then it wouldn’t have been a crime to hire a kid to water them? Funny, I thought having any pot plants in your house was a federal offense?

Um, a little tip to all you medical marijuana growers out there: Train your plants. If you train the plants over, you can grow a plant horizontally. Then every single branch thinks it’s the growing tip, and will develop a maximum bud. Heck, if you train your plants into a horizontal spiral, you can get a nearly solid bud bush coming up, equivalent to the yield of at least half a dozen regular plants. That way you only need the legal number of plants to get by.

Um, I read that in a book somewhere. Or in some magazine I found while waiting at the airport. Yeah, that’s right. While waiting at the airport. I found the magazine just sitting there. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Now don’t ask me any questions about wavelength balanced metal halide lighting systems for growth, or high pressure sodium lamps for the flowering phase. I don’t know nothing about it. Besides, what’s the point these days? Anybody with one of those cards can get killer dope cheap just across the border in Canada. I guess you have to be sick and cheap to want to grow your own these days.



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We’re #1 !! We’re #1 !!

New search engine premiered today. Pronounced “cool”, this one was developed by ex-Google people. In theory the thing has indexes to far more web pages than Google does. We’ll see. Naturally Rancino put it to the test, and up comes the following:


Looks like they’ve got it mostly right: BMEWS is the NUMBER ONE result for “moonbat”. We even get the first tab. Unfortunately, the pages that cuil has indexed are rather old; one dates back to 2004. Oh well. Hey, it’s nice to get a #1 for the blog for ANY reason!


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Strange stuff

Need to buy a gift for someone who has everything? Want a really personal accessory for your home? Got money to burn? Here ya go!

Personalized “Cloned” Eyeball Lamp


All you need to do is fill out the form and send in a picture of the eyes you want, plus a bunch of money, and in a month or so you get back matching lamps. Awesome. And spooky! The hand blown glass eyeball lamps made by Glassblower Livio Serena in Murano are based on exact clones of your actual eye color. Order them through 5.5 Designers. I have no idea what they cost ... figure expensive. Really expensive.


If you really like this concept, I know a company that makes stereo speakers you might like too ...


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Eww! Your utterly classless act of the day

French couple fined for making porno at Vimy Ridge Memorial


Like Ypres, the Somme, the battle for Arras, and the St Miheil Salient, the fight for Vimy Ridge was another WWI battle that claimed the lives of tens of thousands. Vimy was especially catastrophic to the Canadian troops who won the fight; they suffered more than 14,000 casualties in just 3 days of fighting; one quarter of their losses from the entire war. 18 years after the war, King Edward unveiled the massive memorial pictured above. This soaring and somber edifice remained a respected site for generations, but alas, no more.

Pornography has become the latest threat to graves and memorials on the First World War battlefields of northern France.
While common acts of desecration have in the past included vandalism and graffiti, indecent photographs and videos are increasingly being shot around the magnificent structures built during the post-war years to remember the fallen.
The latest incident saw a French couple given a four-month suspended prison sentence for making a pornographic video at the Vimy Ridge memorial near Arras.
After being found guilty of exhibitionism, they were fined £400 each and ordered to pay a symbolic one euro (80 pence) in damages to Canada, which lost 60,000 men in the Great War.
Despite the courageous deeds and sacrifice honoured by the Vimy Memorial, the couple are believed to have stripped naked and performed sex acts beside the soaring stone structure.  They then posted the video on a website, invited people to pay to watch it.

Their punishment came just six months after another couple were fined for taking nude photographs of themselves in the same place.  In the latest case, heard at Arras criminal court, involving the married couple, who are in their 30s, lawyers expressed concern at the gradual increase in such incidents at the memorial.  The prosecutor, Elise Bozzolo, said: “The memorial has been known for a long time as a place where exhibitionism and voyeurism is common.”

Police who investigated the case said similar incidents were regularly reported at other memorial and military graveyards.  “It is a problem which appears to be getting worse - people appear to get a perverse pleasure out of this behaviour,” said a police spokesman in Arras.

EWW. Just eww. This disgusts me. Some things are sacrosanct. But it doesn’t surprise me; almost all of the brave and heroic Frenchmen died in the first World War. After that the Socialists took over, and started rewriting history and downplaying their sacrifices. Today ... well, you know. Al-fwance. Car burnings. “Disaffected youths”. It’s no surprise that monuments like this one are being defiled.


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The “Duh” Invention that only took 35 years to come to market

I think it’s really annoying to heat some soup or some leftovers in the microwave only to find the plate or bowl red hot and the food still lukewarm. I never understood this, as I had always heard that microwaves heated things up by making the water molecules vibrate. Well, it turns out that’s still correct, but what I didn’t pick up on was the ability of the containers to absorb heat. From the food! Now there is a new kind of container about to hit the market that ... hold onto your hats here ... actually gets hot when you microwave it!


Conventional coffee cups are made from ceramic compositions which do not absorb microwaves and hence they do not heat up,” explained Sridhar Komarneni, a professor of clay mineralogy at Pennsylvania State University. “When conventional ceramics are used for heating food, only food heats up and then the hot food heats up the ceramic.”

Komarneni and colleagues in Japan made plates from a mix of 20 percent magnetite and 80 percent of a naturally occurring petalite (LiAlSi4O10) mineral containing lithium, aluminum and silicon oxides. The new ceramic interacts with the microwaves and heats up, and “the microwaves heat up the container and hence the food,” Komarneni told LiveScience. “Rice cooks in about half or less time.”
“These ceramic materials not only heat up with microwaves but also retain heat for about 15 minutes and hence the food stays hot in the container,” Komarneni said. “Ceramic plates could be used for pizza delivery as these plates are insulating materials.”

Cooking or heating your food in half the time is sure to save quite a bit of electricity too. Just get in the habit of using potholders again. Given the proper shaped container, microwave popcorn should take about half the time too. Oh boy!


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 07/28/2008 at 01:49 PM   
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Don’t mess with the nerds

Network Engineer Locks San Fran Government Out Of It’s Own IT Network

San Francisco (KNEW) - An unhappy San Francisco employee has found a unique, and likely illegal form of job security.

Terry Childs is a computer engineer who has been disciplined, and threatened with job termination. So he locked everyone but himself out of the city’s new multi-million dollar fiber wide area network.

The new network handles city payroll files, jail bookings, law enforcement documents and official e-mail for San Francisco.  Passwords were distributed to city officials, but none worked.

Since Monday Childs has refused to hand over the new access password. He’s now sitting in a San Francisco jail until he fesses up. The city is now trying to hack into it’s own system to restore capabilities.

Silly San Fran. Don’t they know most IT guys can be easily bribed with Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Doritos and Jolt Cola?


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 07/28/2008 at 01:42 PM   
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Oliver Stone releases “W” trailer

Oh brother. Here we go again. Oliver Stone has a movie on President Bush coming out in the fall. Called “W”, the film is pretty much guaranteed to portray the President as a drunken moron who screwed up at everything in life, and had to be guided like a puppet on a string. Just how many left wing fantasies can Stone play to in a single film? Gak. You can go here and see the trailer. It’s on YouTube but I won’t bother to embed this piece of shiite.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 07/28/2008 at 01:29 PM   
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