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Businessman who grabbed a thug for smashing a window is charged with assault

I almost think this sort of thing should be filed under a catagory that reads, Why Bother Anymore?

A businessman was stunned when he detained a yob for smashing a shop window only to be charged by police with assault.

Steve Kink apprehended a thug after catching him breaking into a mobile phone shop late at night.

Although the 47-year-old was punched in the face, he managed to pin the offender to the floor.

Passers-by called the police while he stood over him until officers arrested the 25-year-old man.

Mr Kink, who owns a tattoo parlour, was stunned when he found out the next day the suspect had been let off with a caution for criminal damage.

But his shock turned to fury when days later police officers turned up at his house to arrest him for assaulting the thug.

He was taken to his local police station and held in a cell for six hours before being interviewed. 

He was then charged with assault and battery and is due to appear before magistrates next week.

Mr Kink said he is appalled at the way he is being treated. He said: ‘I thought I was doing the right thing by making a bit of a citizen’s arrest. All I did was use reasonable force to hold him down.

‘The officers who turned up appeared grateful at first but now I am facing an assault charge.’

Mr Kink was sitting in his wife’s town centre bar in Weymouth, Dorset, when he heard a security alarm go off.

He went outside and confronted two men stood near to the Phone Zone store which had a smashed window.

Mr Kink, who is registered disabled following a motorcycle accident 20 years ago, said he was met with a volley of abuse from the pair before being hit.

He said: ‘“I accused one of them of smashing the window and he said “‘what the f*** has it got to do with you?”

‘He then took a swing at me and punched me just under my left eye. I grabbed hold of him and managed to sweep one of his legs from under him and I held him there by putting the toe of my shoe on his shoulder blade.

‘There were lots of other people around at this stage and somebody had hold of the other bloke he was with. When the police arrived I stepped back and he kicked off at them. When he was put in the police car he tried to kick in the windows.’

A few days later police turned up at Mr Kink’s home. ‘There were three police officers and a dog handler there. They told me I was being arrested for assault,’ he said.

The owner of the Phone Zone store, who did not wish to be named, said he has been left out of pocket by the damage.

He said: ‘I am very grateful for what Steve did and at the end of the day he has done the police’s job for them.

‘The damage to the window was £250 but I don’t know how and when I am going to get that back.’

A spokesman for Dorset Police confirmed that Mr Kink had been charged with assault over the incident.


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Heller Kitty update

I just got off the phone with the lady who runs the graphics company behind the Heller Kitty T-shirts. What started as a joke by one of her designers has become a tidal wave. They have been snowed under with orders for the shirts, and are doing their best to fill orders ASAP.


The good news is that the design is now available on 6.1 ounce cotton T-shirts in colors: gray, black, blue, and red, along with the original white. Colored shirts cost about $5 more. If interested, send them an email with all your contact info, and put “Heller Kitty” in the subject line, and they’ll get back to you. She mentioned that they can also do youth sizes for $18, though they haven’t had any requests for them yet.

Just for even more fun, they’ve redesigned the design so that it is now scalable, and they will put Heller Kitty on coffee mugs, mouse pads, truck mats, and even blankets if you want. Send your emails to Info about sizing, prices etc is located here at the Texas CHL forum.

The only downside is that the Kitty will still be holding a Glock. Sorry, it’s just a generic handgun, so no choice of weapons.

Several other designs are in the works; a little web site should be up at some point soon.


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MEANWHILE, MUSLIM FOLLIES HERE IN UK AS, Relatives of July 7 bomber hold PARTY at his grave !




Please check out the link below for photos

Relatives of July 7 bomber hold PARTY at his grave to ‘celebrate his life’

Bombing victims and famlies outraged!

By Rebecca Camber
Last updated at 6:11 PM on 07th July 2008

A banquet fit for a ‘martyr’, this is how one of the July 7 suicide bombers was remembered today.

On the third anniversary of the terror attacks which killed 52 people and injured many more, the family of Shehzad Tanweer held a party to ‘celebrate his life’ and ‘remember him as a martyr’.

Today the families of those murdered in the attacks reacted with outrage to the secret ceremony held at a village in Pakistan where 70 guests gathered to offer prayers and blessings for the suicide bomber whose grave is considered to be a ‘shrine of a big saint’

When Tanweer detonated his bomb at Aldgate station on July 7, 2005 he killed seven innocent people as well as himself.

Together with Mohammed Sidique Khan, 30, Hasib Hussain,18, and 19-year-old Jermaine Lindsay, the four bombers blew up three Underground trains and a bus killing 52 people.

As thousands mourned in Britain, in Pakistan there were prayers uttered for his soul and verses of the Koran were read out.

At the commemorative dinner held by Tanweer’s uncle, 42-year-old property developer Tahir Pervez at his home in Samundari, guests were treated to two courses of sweet rice and salted rice with curry and beef prepared by a renowned local chef.

And to mark the occasion, rice was distributed amongst villagers.

For the last two years, the family gathering has been held in secret at his grave, but this year police urged the family not to hold a memorial at the site.

His headstone- the largest in the cemetery of the village- bears the phrase ‘La ilaha il Mohammed dur rasool Allah’ which means ‘There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger.’

Local police officer, Zafar Iqbal said: ‘At least 60 to 70 guests, who included villagers and close relatives were invited.

‘They recited the holy Koran inside Tahir’s home and prayed for his soul.

‘We told them not to celebrate the anniversary of his death publicly and call many guests.

‘We also told them to avoid going to the graveyard.

‘During the last two years there was a big celebration and people in the area have accepted his grave as a shrine of a big saint.

‘That is why this time we told his uncle to avoid a big celebration.’

But despite police requests, some villagers insisted on laying flowers at Tanweer’s grave today.

The celebration happened on the same day that hundreds of mourners gathered at the four sites, Russell Square, Aldgate and Edgware Road Tube stations, and Tavistock Square where bombs ripped through London’s public transport network.

Today relatives of the victims condemned the celebration.

Pamela Bond, whose son Jamie Gordon, 30, died in the Tavistock Square blast said: ‘It’s so bad I can’t take it in.

‘To celebrate a “martyr”? It’s just too horrible.

‘But we can’t do anything about it.

‘If his family lived in England they would see the hurt it does to celebrate something like this, but in Pakistan they obviously have a different view of things.’

Sean Cassidy, whose 22-year-old son Ciaran died in the King’s Cross bombing, said: ‘This is glorifying terrorism no matter how you look at it.

‘It is encouraging other people to carry out attacks and it’s not right, especially on a day like today.

‘It is insensitive and inappropriate to hold this on the third anniversary. The government should not even have done him the courtesy of returning [Tanweer’s] remains to Pakistan.’

His daughter Lisa added: ‘It’s really upsetting.

‘At a time when Muslim people are trying to gain people’s respect and put an end to prejudice, it doesn’t paint them in a positive light.

‘I feel it is extremely insensitive what’s going on in Pakistan.

‘They are obviously not thinking about those 52 who were murdered or what this man actually did.’

Stacey Beer, who lost her brother Phil, 22, in the King’s Cross explosion said: ‘It’s disgusting.

‘I really can’t believe it, although nothing surprises me anymore about these people.

‘It hurts even more today. I can’t really take it in, I’m so disgusted that they could do this.’

Today a low-key ceremony was held at the railway station where the four suicide bombers set out on their mission of terror.

London Mayor Boris Johnson joined Tessa Jowell and transport chiefs to lay flowers outside King’s Cross station at 8.50am, the time when the first three bombs went off.

There was also a number of private meetings for survivors and victims’ families.

Andrew Dismore, Labour MP for Hendon said: ‘It is absolutely appalling that his family are choosing to mark the date in this way. What are the Pakistan government doing about this?

‘Five people from five different ethnic and religious groups died from my constituency on 7 July7 2005 and this is a damning insult to their memory and their family members.

‘Most Muslims would be absolutely horrified, as I am, that Shehzad Tanweer is being remembered by some people as a martyr.’

Andrew Dismore, MP for Hendon, added: ‘I think it’s one of the most appalling things I have ever heard of.

‘It’s absolutely sick. What does that say to the relatives of the victims who are still suffering?

‘And what about those who are injured too?

‘To hold a celebratory party. That’s just appalling.’


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100% Certain, no room for misinterpretation, HONOR KILLING in Georgia

It’s here people. We’ve known about it, talked about it, and watched the press try to pretend it was something else. Not this time. No wiggle room at all, all “t"s crossed and “i"s dotted.

Muslim father in Georgia USA kills own daughter to protect “family honor”

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. (MyFOX Atlanta) – A Clayton County man was behind bars Sunday, accused of killing his own daughter.  Police said the father was angry because he felt his daughter was disgracing the family.

Investigators said 54-year-old Chaudhry Rashad was so outraged at his daughter, Sandela Kanwal, and her plans for divorce that he killed her after a heated argument at the family’s home.  Investigators said Rashad confessed to strangling the 25-year-old woman.
Rashad was taken to the Clayton County jail.  Police said they interviewed Rashad and he said he killed his daughter as a matter of honor, because he felt her plans for divorce would have disgraced the family.
Police said the victim had been in an arranged marriage and hadn’t seen her husband, who lives in Chicago, for months.

So much for assimilation. So much for living in the land of the free. Religon of Peace My Ass. Rope. Rock. Swimming pool full of pig’s blood. Slippery Slopetm ingress ramp. Some assembly required.

And you’re damn right one more bad apple spoils the whole bunch baby. Unless the next item on the news is about enormous islamic rallies in Detroit, Brookyn, and other izzy population centers with tens of thousands of them screaming and freaking out and decrying this, then the tar brush is miles wide and the subjects deserve a thick new application.


Meanwhile in Germany, another one of these murders has caused the folks to debate (!!!) whether moosie immigrants can assimilate. Duh. Hey Klaus, that debate should last about 1/8 of a second. Nein!! No, they can not. No, they will not. Especially when your culture bends over backwards to accommodate their every little whim and complaint. Nobody assimilates if they don’t have to. See England, Dog Paws, Covering Thereof so as not to give offense.


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calendar   Sunday - July 06, 2008

Cross your fingers, hold your breath

UPDATE at the top! News Item:Iraq proposes temporary US troop withdrawal agreement

The proposed memorandum includes a formula for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, said the prime minister—an idea opposed by U.S. President George W. Bush. “The goal is to end the presence (of foreign troops),” said al-Maliki.

Ok, this thing is in the early stages, with proposals going back and forth, and lots of details to work out. But the real news is that both Iraq and the US are working on it. Such a step was not even close to the event horizon last year. Could there be a large mezzo-soprano warming up in the wings?

News Item:The last of Saddam’s yellowcake removed from Iraq. It took a lot of effort, and was kept mostly secret, but all 550 tons of yellowcake has been removed from Iraq. Legally. The Iraqi government sold it to a Canadian firm for processing. No, this wasn’t Joe Wilson’s yellowcake, it was older stuff from back in the 80s. Other radioactive material was also taken away as part of this deal.

News Item:United Arab Emirates forgives Iraqi debt.  UAE cancels $4 Billion debt, moves to establish full diplomatic relationship with Iraqi Al-Maliki government. Other arab governments are moving in the same diplomatic direction, at least:

Al-Maliki’s American backers also have pushed Arab states to restore ties with Iraq, where violence has declined by 70 percent over the past year. Neighboring Jordan named an ambassador last week, and Kuwait and Bahrain say they will soon follow suit.

News Item:Al-Maliki: Iraq Defeated Terrorism

Iraq’s prime minister said yesterday that the government has defeated terrorism in the country, a sign of growing confidence after recent crackdowns against Sunni extremists and Shiite militias.  Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki began the crackdowns to extend the authority of the government over areas in Baghdad and elsewhere that have largely been under the control of armed groups since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003.  “They were intending to besiege Baghdad and control it,” al-Maliki said. “But thanks to the will of the tribes, security forces, army and all Iraqis, we defeated them.”
the Iraqi government held a groundbreaking ceremony yesterday for a major project to refurbish the main road to the Baghdad airport. The road was once considered one of the most dangerous in the world but has become safer with the decline in violence in the country.

News Item: UK Times says “Iraqis lead final purge of Al-Qaeda”

American and Iraqi forces are driving Al-Qaeda in Iraq out of its last redoubt in the north of the country in the culmination of one of the most spectacular victories of the war on terror.

After being forced from its strongholds in the west and centre of Iraq in the past two years, Al-Qaeda’s dwindling band of fighters has made a defiant “last stand” in the northern city of Mosul.

A huge operation to crush the 1,200 fighters who remained from a terrorist force once estimated at more than 12,000 began on May 10.

Operation Lion’s Roar, in which the Iraqi army combined forces with the Americans’ 3rd Armoured Cavalry Regiment, has already resulted in the death of Abu Khalaf, the Al-Qaeda leader, and the capture of more than 1,000 suspects.
Even in the district of Zanjali, previously a hotbed of the insurgency, it was possible to accompany an Iraqi colonel on foot through streets of breeze-block houses studded with bullet holes. Hundreds of houses were searched without resistance but no bomb was found, only 60kg of explosives.

American and Iraqi leaders believe that while it would be premature to write off Al-Qaeda in Iraq, the Sunni group has lost control of its last urban base in Mosul and its remnants have been largely driven into the countryside to the south.

Nouri al-Maliki, Iraq’s prime minister, who has also led a crackdown on the Shi’ite Mahdi Army in Basra and Baghdad in recent months, claimed yesterday that his government had “defeated” terrorism.

“They were intending to besiege Baghdad and control it,” Maliki said. “But thanks to the will of the tribes, security forces, army and all Iraqis, we defeated them.”

The number of foreign fighters coming over the border from Syria to bolster Al-Qaeda’s numbers is thought to have declined to as few as 20 a month, compared with 120 a month at its peak.

Brigadier General Abdullah Abdul, a senior Iraqi commander, said: “We’ve limited their movements with check-points. They are doing small attacks and trying big ones, but they’re mostly not succeeding.”

Major-General Mark Hertling, American commander in the north, said: “I think we’re at the irreversible point.”

News Item: Bill Roggio, from the Long War Journal, reports that Sadrist forces are on the run in Baghdad, with their leaders being busted left and right. While they are still a force to be reckoned with, they’ve suffered major ongoing loses for months now.

The heavy casualties suffered by the Mahdi Army have forced Muqtada al Sadr to change his tactics and disband the Mahdi Army in favor of a small, secretive fighting force.

In other words, Sadr can’t field a force bigger than squad levels any more. Too bad, eh?

News Item:AQ in Libya defeated The fight there barely lasted a year; I didn’t even know they were there!

Putting all the pieces together? Strata-Sphere Blog reads between the lines at the Times Online and says that they’re saying the magic words: Mission Accomplished.

al-Qaeda has been defeated in Iraq and Lebanon. They failed to make a serious presence in Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. They and their Taliban cousins have been expunged from 75% of Afghanistan. al-Qaeda has been pushed into its final, small sanctuary inside the tribal areas of Pakistan where it is surrounded by 100,000 Pakistani troops to the south and 100,000 US-NATO and Afghan forces to the north.

And today we learn al-Qaeda is surrendering its efforts in Libya after 13 years of trying to overthrow that OPEC nation

Barack Obama is not going to end the war in Iraq. If he ever gets elected, by the time he takes the oath of office it will be already over - thanks to the US Surge, the Sunni Awakening and PM Malike’s defeat of the Mahdi Militia. Mission Accomplished, with thanks to our military, who never gave up like the liberal, democrat Congress did, to our Iraqi allies who fought and died by our side, and to George Bush who made it clear failure was not an option. To the victors!

I don’t know if I can be bold enough to say that one out loud yet ... but ... wouldn’t it just be fabulous if Bush could start bringing home large numbers of the troops in Iraq before the election? Think that would take a little of the wind out of Barry’s sails? And help reelect such patriotic nay-sayers like SanFran Nan and Murtha and Reid?

Now, that’s what I call ending the day on a positive note.


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Police sniffer dogs may wear bootees to avoid offending Muslims



note to Drew.  Can we keep this on top for Monday somehow?  Unless there something even more stupidly bizarre out there. But surely there can’t be. This HAS to be the ultimate. Right?

Last Updated: 3:00PM BST 06/07/2008

Police sniffer dogs may be forced to wear bootees when entering mosques and Muslims’ homes to avoid causing offence.


bat bat bat bat

In a bid to respect cultural sensitivities, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) is considering the move while drawing up new guidelines on the use of police dogs.

Many Muslims refuse to have direct contact with the animals, which are considered “unclean” in Islamic culture.

An ACPO spokeswoman said current guidelines were being re-drafted, but the suggestion that police dogs wear bootees had not been ruled in or out.

“Where possible the police will take cultural sensitivities into account, providing this does not interfere with effective operational policing,” she said.

The suggestion comes after a police force apologised to Islamic leaders after a police advert featured a puppy sitting in an officer’s hat.




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America and China: The Eagle and the Dragon

America and China: The Eagle and the Dragon Part one: Freedom fighters

Last Updated: 12:01am BST 24/06/2008

With a $3 trillion war bill and an economy that flounders as China’s soars, could America’s era of dominance on the world stage be coming to an end? Mick Brown and the photographer Alec Soth travelled across America and China to observe how the future of these two great nations is intertwined, and to find out whether, in the run-up to the Beijing Olympics and the US election, we are on the brink of a new world order. In the first of a four-part series, they meet army recruitment officers in Virginia and cadets at West Point

What, I asked the US Army’s latest recruit, does being an American mean to you? Seventeen years old, as slight as a blade of a grass and as sharp as a whip, Priscilla Branch did not miss a beat. ‘Being free. Having the freedom to believe what we want to believe, and having the ability to express it.’

We were sitting in a classroom of Bassett High School, in the Virginia town of Martinsville. Outside, the rain was falling from a slate grey sky, but nothing could dampen Priscilla’s enthusiasm for her imminent embarkation on what she described as the greatest adventure of her - admittedly somewhat short - life. Having recently enlisted for active service in the Army, in a few months she would be shipping out for basic training and then on to further education, to train as a military paralegal specialist - the profession she planned to follow when she eventually retired from military.

I had come to Bassett High with Staff Sergeant Michael Ricciardi - ‘Sergeant Mike’ - the commander of the local Army recruitment office. Bassett High is one of what Sergeant Mike describes as his prime ‘prospecting’ sites in Martinsville - a town where patriotic feeling is high, employment prospects low, and where a career in the military often serves to satisfy both ends of the equation. Priscilla is one of three of the school’s pupils who have enlisted in the Army and will be taking up their positions when this academic year ends.

After completing her training it is likely that Priscilla will find herself deployed on active service in Iraq or Afghanistan in two years’ time.

‘I actually see that as a challenge, as excitement,’ she said. ‘It allows me to get better pride in myself when I know that I’m risking my life to make sure that everyone here in America is free and they continue to have their freedom. I feel more excitement than nervousness.’

And why, I asked, did she think America was in Iraq?

‘I think we are there to help them. America having democracy and them not having the freedoms we have is holding a lot of them back. It brings me pride not only to serve my country, but to know that my country is opening the eyes of the world to the freedoms we have.’

She paused and thought about this. ‘Actually, I think it’s extremely, extremely excellent.’

It was the British historian Paul Kennedy, in his book The Rise and Fall of Great Powers, who first coined the term ‘imperial overstretch’, to describe the situation that besets an empire when its security needs, military obligations and globalist desires increasingly outstrip the resources available to satisfy them. As empires wane, Kennedy argued, they invariably resort to belligerence, thereby accelerating their decline by squandering their national treasuries on military spending, to the detriment of their economies and their people.

Kennedy was writing in the late 1980s, at a time when the Reagan administration was locked in its battle with the ‘Evil Empire’ of communism. Under the Reagan Doctrine, conducted by the defence secretary Caspar Weinberger - of whom it was said ‘there was never a weapon system he didn’t like’ - America’s defence expenditure soared, with the administration funding proxy wars in Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Mozambique and Angola. At the same time, the Federal Deficit was increasing alarmingly (it was $153.3 billion in 1987), the dollar was weakening, and in a development laden with portentous symbolism a Japanese company purchased New York’s Rockefeller Centre.

Today, the conditions for ‘imperial overstretch’ are even more present. The dollar is plummeting. The Federal Deficit stands at around $711 billion. The trade deficit with China alone - the coming economic power - stands at close to $24 billion. (While China’s trade surplus stands at around $262 billion.)

In the meantime, the expenditure necessary to prosecute the Reagan doctrine has been thoroughly eclipsed by the present levels of defence expenditure.

The US accounts for 48 per cent of the world’s total defence expenditure, almost ten times the amount of the next highest nation - the UK. The US military budget for 2007 was $439.3 billion, a figure that actually excludes the money spent on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which are largely funded through extra-budgetary supplements. In his book The Three Trillion Dollar War, the economist Joseph Stiglitz has calculated that after five years, what he calls ‘running expenses’ for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan now stand at around $16 billion a month - equivalent to the annual budget of the United Nations. The cost thus far already exceeds the cost of the 12-year war in Vietnam, is more than double the cost of the Korean War, and is fast approaching the total cost of prosecuting the Second World War. The US administration, Stiglitz notes, had originally ‘budgeted’ in the range of $50 to $60 billion to ‘liberate’ Iraq and Afghanistan. The eventual cost, he estimates, is likely to be $3 trillion.

Not least among the challenges faced by the US military in prosecuting the war has been maintaining a full and motivated fighting force at a time when popular sentiment against the war in Iraq is running at an all-time high.

America has had a volunteer army since the abolition of conscription by Congress at the end of the Vietnam War in 1973. But the drip-feed of news images of car bombs in Baghdad and body-bags returning from Afghanistan is not a good advertisement for recruitment. By the US Army’s own admission, the desire to enlist is currently at its lowest point in two decades, with the army struggling to make the required 80,000 new recruits each year; while the cost of recruiting has never been higher - more than doubling in the 20 years between 1975 and 2005 from around $7,000 per enlistee to $16,000.

A disproportionately high number of these recruits come from rural communities, where job opportunities tend to be lower, and patriotic feeling runs higher. According to a study by University of New Hampshire’s Carsey Institute the death rate for rural soldiers is 60 per cent higher than for soldiers from cities or suburbs: ‘The dearth of opportunity in rural areas simply leaves more young people with fewer alternatives to the military,’ the study notes. ‘The opportunity differential between rural and urban America is probably higher now than at any time in the past.’

Nowhere is this mixture of rural hardship and patriotic sentiment more evident than in the neighbouring Appalachian states of West Virginia and Virginia.

Driving through the Appalachians I kept noticing the word ‘freedom’. It was there on a sign outside a lot selling trailer homes, plastic bunting fluttering in the breeze: freedom homes. It was there on a bumper sticker, framed by the Stars and Stripes, on the semi-truck that swayed past at high speed, sounding its horn, as the road the wound and dipped through the thickly wooded hills.
Cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. Photograph by Alec Soth

This will most likely be the longest story I’ve ever posted.  It’s interesting (I believe) but I’m not sure how many others will find it so. I haven’t posted a lot of it here because it’s so long and so involved.  If you have the time and follow this sort of thing, here’s a link to the rest of the story.
Unfortunately, the extra photos promised by The Telegraph are not here. Typical.


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calendar   Saturday - July 05, 2008

Nothing to see here, move along

A bomb rests in Brooklyn

A bomb-laden van found on a Brooklyn street by a car thief was wired to detonate by remote control, and had likely been sitting there for more than five months, sources said yesterday.

Investigators believe the homemade explosives found Thursday night in the Ford Econoline belonged to Yung Tang, 39, a Chinese national. He has been behind bars since he was caught Jan. 29 in Wallingford, Conn., with nearly identical bombs in his Mazda MPV minivan.

“Based on the manner in which the materials inside the van were constructed, it’s possibly linked to an individual in custody in Connecticut,” said one source.

Also found in the MPV were two silencers, four hollow-point bullets and two radio-controlled detonators.

Yikes. A carbomb, ready to go, just parked there for nearly half a year.

Sources said the homemade bombs inside the Econoline - made of Styrofoam cups, 10-ounce water bottles, cans of WD-40 and five-gallon jugs filled with gasoline - were rigged to go off via a remote car-door opener.

Doesn’t sound like much of a bomb, but it would probably burn pretty well.

A thief who broke into the vehicle as it was parked on 53rd Street near Second Avenue saw the explosives, then drove the van from the mostly residential block to a remote location near the waterfront. The thief, who has an arrest record, then phoned a cop he knew from a previous run-in with the law.
The car thief was not expected to be charged.

How about that? There may not be much honor amongst thieves, but this one at least had a lick of common sense. Yeah, let him go this time; he did the neighborhood a favor.

Once in a great while, things do turn out right.


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Drilling for bias, not getting a big hit for once. Good.

Hey, let’s blame big oil because african savages ... act like savages. And african governments are corrupt thieves who don’t give a phoot about their citizens. That’s my instant reaction seeing the headline.

Nigeria’s first oil well is still source of woe

... here it comes. Get out your nose plugs ...

OIL WELL NO. 1, Nigeria - Three decades after pumping its last drop, the first oil well in Nigeria is marked by a decrepit signboard bearing what would seem an uncontroversial statement:

Oloibiri Well No. 1, drilled June 1956, 12,008 feet.

But this well, furred with rust, is at the center of an increasingly vitriolic feud between two villages over who owns the land beneath it. The conflict is fed by hopes that soaring prices will tempt big business to squeeze more oil from the well and give a pittance to the village that owns the land.

Hmm. Starts out dire enough. The oil is gone and the two villages (tribes) are fighting over the possibilities of a couple pennies. But wait, there’s more!

The tussle between Oloibiri and Otabagi brings into stark relief how villages that sit on the prodigious oil reserves in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest producer of crude, have barely profited from the booming industry. Corrupt officials have hoarded the government’s cut of profits, and energy firms have compensated locals with paltry payments worth a fraction of the hundreds of billions generated by drilling.

In both villages, children wander unclothed past heaps of burning trash. Oil spills have sullied the farmlands and spoiled the water. Fields once crammed with ears of corn, and nets full of flapping fish, have become distant memories.

Because the big bad oil companies had to make deals with the government and not the land owners, because Nigeria is a Socialist State and not a free market? And when the villagers had some oil money coming in they got lazy and didn’t bother to fish and farm anymore? Yes, I can see this is all Big Oils fault. Probably Bush’s fault too. Let’s see where the article goes.

“After destroying the area without anything to give in return, we have stepped maybe 50 times backwards. Pollution, both air and water,” said Sunday Ikpesu, a sprightly 74-year-old Oloibiri chieftain. “We didn’t know crude oil was such a bad thing.”

Oh, you betcha. Big Oil is the culprit. And of course, the underlying theme is that drilling - in this case, with technology 52 years out of date - will rape the land and destroy the people. Funny, I didn’t know that Royal Dutch Shell actually stole the oil. I’m pretty sure they paid for it. So, where did the money go, if not to these lazy victims villagers? What, the corrupt government stole it all? How could that be, in such a natural Worker’s Paradise?

Neither village would win a share of the actual revenues that might flow from Oil Well No. 1. The most they could expect from Royal Dutch Shell PLC, which owns the rights to the well, would be “community outreach” funds for building projects.

But in a nation where the government has regularly failed to provide citizens with health clinics, decent schools, pipe-borne water or electricity, the scraps that oil giants throw the locals’ way are considered better than nothing — and subject to fierce competition.

Riiiight. Fight like dogs over the scraps, but don’t do a thing to fix the real problem.

Firms such as ExxonMobil Corp., Total SA and Chevron Corp. employ teams of community relations officers whose jobs include launching development projects worth tens of millions of dollars. No overall figures exist for these payments. But Shell, the country’s largest operator, says operations it runs contributed more than $110 million in 2007.

Rights campaigners say oil firms are sowing discord among villages and exploiting their desperation.

“The oil industry does not take time to find ways ... to support a consensus-building process under which all communities come together and agree,” said Dimieari Von Kemedi, a local activist. The benefits they give are “laughable ... compared to the amount of money that comes out of these oil wells.”

Um, why should they? They’re in business to make money, not to perform nation building. They’re paying billions for the product to somebody, so maybe you starving whiners are barking up the wrong tree? Maybe it’s time to stand up for yourselves a little bit? Hell no. Not in africa. (no capitalization. they don’t deserve it)

Shell didn’t comment on the village conflict and doesn’t publicly announce its operating plans. Oil industry workers vigorously defend the community payments, calling them charitable donations to needy people.

They also argue that oil companies can’t take over the long-term responsibilities of the Nigerian government, which claims the majority of the proceeds stemming from the oil industry.

Critics acknowledge the oil firms have no legal obligation to provide services to Nigeria’s people. But they say the outreach efforts ignore the realities of the people they’re purportedly trying to help.

Schools are built, but no teachers hired. Health care facilities have no long-term access to drugs. So-called “security” teams, hired to protect oil installations, are little more than youths bribed not to vandalize the gear, the activists say.

Excuse me, is this Nigeria, or the People’s Republik of Shell? Just who do you think is in charge of such things as hiring teachers and doctors and so forth for the nation? Don’t give me this “simple natives taken advantage of by the white man” bullshit. This is the 21st century. They have cell phones and internet even in the jungle. Time to step up to the plate, Umbugungu.

Perhaps most damaging has been the tendency to dole out benefits to the inhabitants closest to sensitive oil machinery, which has undermined community leadership schemes and pitted people and communities against each other for the payments. Dozens of violent flare-ups can be attributed to conflict over oil company payments in recent years.

The feud over Nigeria’s first oil well is a typical illustration.

Already, scuffles and heated arguments have been reported near the well, an omen of worse violence to come. Villagers say they don’t feel welcome among their neighbors, even though they share farmlands and river waters used for drinking and cleaning.

The villagers of Oloibiri and Otabagi have little money to launch a court battle. Any successful outcome would likely be through mediation by a headman of the traditional Ogbia kingdom, of which both towns are part, said Von Dimieari.

Headmen? Traditional kingdoms? What, you’re telling me that even after 52 years of tons of foreign money pumping up the nation, plus independence, you haven’t advanced Step One past tribalism? Well tattoo my face and stick a bone through my nose, I’m done.

That was as early as the 1930s, when Nigeria was a British colony governed by the “Native Administration” and Christian missionaries schooled the few indigenous people given English-language instruction.

Traditional land-transfer practices differed from Western-style sales, from one sovereign party to another. Written records were almost never kept, with leaders passing down history and community boundaries through an oral tradition.

By the 1950s, Oloibiri boasted a postal exchange and an Anglican church run by English missionaries. It was the seat of operations for the exploration team of what would later become Royal Dutch Shell.

The explorers found what they were looking for in the 1950s and sometime during that period, the Oloibiri villagers say, they signed a contract with some Shell employees giving them access to the area around what would become Well No. 1. They say this proves that the people of Oloibiri are the rightful owners. But no copies of the pact appear to exist.

In 1958, the first oil began to flow. Villagers here live only into their 40s on average, but the few still around remember a huge party.

The Shell team brought out long tables, they remember, and more European-style beer than anyone had ever seen.

“They made a heavy party that day,” recalls 60-year-old Edwin Ofonih of Oloibiri village. “Everyone drank until nonsense.”

A half-century later, the villagers live in poverty while oil giants have carted off the riches from beneath their feet and officials head overseas for health care and recreation.

There you have it. They’ve been robbed!! Uh, no, no they haven’t. They’ve been screwed by their own government, and screwed by their idiotic clinging to tribalism. They’ve screwed themselves too. But let’s not blame Big Oil for this one. They’re the people who paid Nigeria billions over the years.

This is the typical story out of africa. Natives “taken advantage of” by evil white business. You have read Kim’s essay, right? As far as I’m concerned it should be graven in stone.

And to be fair and balanced, this article didn’t really blame the oil companies all that much. But it did point out that things just never get better in africa. Maybe that’s why we won’t fight a war there. It just isn’t worth it, no matter what the cause or reason. In the end, it will go right on being africa, a shithole so vile even early hominids knew enough to leave.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 07/05/2008 at 08:12 PM   
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Women ‘enslaved’ by Arab royals

By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels
Last Updated: 8:27PM BST 02/07/2008

Seventeen women have been taken by police from a luxury hotel in Brussels amid allegations that they had been enslaved by an Arab royal family.

Police officers and officials from Belgium’s Labour Audit Authority raided the Conrad Hotel, the city’s most prestigious and the preferred choice of many national leaders during European Union summits, on Tuesday evening.

The operation was triggered by the apparent escape of a maid who was among 20 servants working for the widow of a senior royal figure from the United Arab Emirates and her four daughters who have rented the entire fourth floor of the hotel for the last year.

Officials took away 17 people, from countries including the Philippines, Morocco, India, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq and Syria, amid allegations they had been held captive for eight months.

Several members of the royal party have been questioned, police said yesterday. No charges have been brought but the investigation continues.

“We are convinced that these 17 girls are victims of people trafficking,” said an official.

The servants, dubbed “slaves” in the Belgian media, allegedly had to be at the service of the Arab royals 24 hours a day and had their passport taken away on arrival in Belgium. The women were reportedly not allowed to leave the hotel and their monthly salaries were as low as £80 a month.

“We were not allowed to leave the hotel and we had to be at their disposal 24 hours a day,” claimed one young woman of Middle Eastern origin.

“We were not allowed to complain or to ask any questions. We just had to be there at their beck and call.”

Last week four maids from the Philippines allegedly attempted to escape from the hotel. Three were detained by the royal family’s security staff but the fourth woman managed to alert the Belgian police.

There was no response last night from the Brussels embassy of the UAE when it was contacted to comment on the case.

Most Belgian newspapers have described the case as “slavery right in the heart of Brussels”.

The chic and pricy Conrad Hotel, “where you can discover the luxury of being yourself”, is situated on the city’s Avenue Louise and surrounded by the most expensive shops in Brussels.

The price of a room begins at £260 and a hotel spokesman, who refused to comment on the raid, was unable to give the cost of renting an entire floor.

The hotel’s website boasts: “The largest, most sophisticated luxury hotel guestrooms in Brussels, an unrivalled guest service commitment and the unparalleled cuisine of our hotel restaurant all come together at the Conrad Brussels.”

The hotel is frequented by Europe’s royals and national leaders, including British Prime Ministers, during trips to Brussels and for EU summits.

In a separate case in Gevena involving a senior figure from the UAE, Sheikh Fallah bin Zayed Al-Nahayan, the brother of the president has been found guilty and fined after using his belt to beat an American man who he thought had suggested he was gay.


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US Pentagon doubts Israeli intelligence over Iran’s nuclear programme

Looks like things might get very interesting before long.

Tim Shipman in Washington
Last Updated: 6:38PM BST 05/07/2008

Pentagon chiefs fear that Israeli plans for an attack on Iran’s nuclear programme will fail to destroy the facilities because neither the CIA nor Mossad knows where every base is located

American commanders worry that Israel will feel compelled to act within the next 12 months with no guarantee that they can do more than slow Iran’s development of a weapon capable of destroying the Jewish state.

Gaps in the intelligence on the precise location and vulnerabilities of Iran’s facilities emerged during recent talks between Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Israeli generals, according to an official familiar with the discussions who has briefed Iran experts in Washington and London.

The assessment emerged as Iran in effect thumbed its nose at proposals by the West to freeze its uranium enrichment programme in exchange for easing economic sanctions. In its reply, sent to the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, Iran said it was prepared to negotiate but only from a position of equality – and made no reference to the specific proposals.

At the same time Gen Mohammed al-Jafari, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, warned that any attack on Iran would be “regarded as the beginning of war”.

A former head of Mossad, the agency whose main responsibility is overseas intelligence, told The Sunday Telegraph last week that Israel would have to act within a year to prevent Iran securing nuclear weapons.

Those familiar with the Israeli-American military talks believe that Israel is still determined to act before Iran has enough highly enriched uranium to build a bomb, and before Tehran has acquired the Russian SA-20 air defence system to protect its nuclear facilities. “The Israelis have a real sense of urgency,” the official said. “They are stepping up their preparations. But the Israelis and the Americans are worried about the other’s lack of intelligence.

“The Americans had spies in Iran until they were rounded up in 2003 and now they do not have much by way of humint [human intelligence] on the ground. The Israelis have better information. But the Americans went away from the meetings unconvinced that the Israelis have enough intelligence on where to strike, and with little confidence that they will be able to destroy the nuclear programme.”

The shortage of good intelligence could explain reports that President George W Bush has quietly sanctioned a dramatic increase in covert operations by American special forces inside Iran. These intelligence gaps lay behind Admiral Mullen’s decision to speak out on Wednesday against military action, saying it would be “extremely stressful” to “open a third front” in the war on terror. But the admiral is at odds with hawks in the Bush administration, led by Vice-President Dick Cheney.

A former CIA officer with three decades of Iranian experience said: “Their belief… is that the US would get the blame from Iran whether or not we play a major role in any attack, so we might as well do the job properly.”

Former defence and intelligence officers who advise the Pentagon have disclosed that the US military is looking into possible outcomes for military attacks featuring varying levels of American involvement.

The ex-CIA officer told The Sunday Telegraph that the planned attacks ranged from a full-blown assault on 2,000 targets inside Iran to logistics and intelligence support for Israel, if the Jewish state decided to go it alone.

The United States is preparing ways to cope with retaliation from Iran, likely to include attempts to cut off oil supplies, block the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf and launch attacks on American naval ships there and on US bases in Bahrain. The US Navy has recently changed its rules of engagement for warships in the Gulf to make them better able to combat “swarming” attacks by large numbers of small boats, used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Iran could also attack Israel’s Dimona nuclear facility, or even oil production and processing facilities elsewhere in the Gulf, according to a report published last
week by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, an influential think tank with close links to both the US and Israeli governments.


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Fake but not so accurate, round 817

Here we go again

Obama Birth Certificate a Forgery!

Daily Kos commenter basically admits he faked the Obama birth documents that the Obama ‘08 campaign staff say are real.


If the website is the home for a self-admitted federally-trained document specialist, with examples of forgery posted concurrently with the image they claim as authentic, is that a venue appropriate for a presidential candidate to showcase the only available high resolution purported image of his vital records? If the birth certificate endorsed by his campaign turns out to be a fraud—and the overwhelming evidence assembled points to it being precisely that—what would that say about the credentials and judgment of the presidential candidate it purports to represent? Let alone his Constitutional eligibility to serve. 

Go read the rest if interested. It’s long, but could this be another Rathergatetm about to blow up? Should We The People demand some actual official government types look into this ASAP? Because ... if Obama wasn’t born in America ... well, who cares? He still has one American parent right? And that’s enough for him to be “natural born”? Maybe folks ought to be checking to see if his mother was actually a citizen. Otherwise, I don’t see what the flap is all about. Besides, I thought I’d heard he was born in Kansas. I’m so confused. Somebody explain this whole birth certificate situation to me, and why it matters in the least.


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Hey Mo, Mo, Mo, Mo!

Mo, Mo, Larry, Mo, Mo, Curly, Mo, Mo, and Mo: the 10 Stooges In Afghanistan

Hey Mo, watch this! Nyuk nyuk nyuk BOOM! Whoob whoob whoob whoob!

LOL after that, do you even need the news article? Darwin in action again over in Afghanistan. It is to laugh.

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - ... a roadside bomb militants were planting detonated prematurely, killing 10 Taliban, officials said Saturday.

In neighboring Helmand province, militants planting a roadside bomb detonated the device prematurely, killing 10 Taliban, said police chief Mohammad Hussein Andiwal.

The fact one bomb killed so many men appears to reflect the increased size of explosives Taliban fighters have been using in recent months. The bigger bombs — long used in Iraq but a fairly new phenomenon in Afghanistan ...

Ok, joke time is over. “The bigger bombs - long used in Iraq” means only one thing. The Taliban are being supplied with Iranian weaponry. No ifs, ands, buts, or maybes. The mullahs may have realized Iraq is a done deal for now, and are turning their attention to the primitives up on their northern border. Are we ever going to do anything about this country that is actively fighting a proxy war against us? Can’t we at least starve them out or something?


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sex education from age four, And it’s gonna be compulsory.

Age four?  I know kids are sharper and more advanced then my age group in our younger days.  But FOUR?  How can a four year old relate to this stuff?
How would a teacher approach the subject?

Children ‘to be given compulsory sex education from age four’
By Sarah Harris
Last updated at 12:40 AM on 05th July 2008

Children as young as four are set to be given compulsory sex education in primary school.

They will be taught the names of body parts and basic ideas about different relationships.
Government advisers claim that ‘gradual education’ from such a young age would help to stop children from rushing into sex when they are older.

They argue that the sex education that children receive in science classes does not go far enough.

But the recommendations caused a storm of protest yesterday, with family campaigners claiming that the views of parents and teachers are being ignored.

Norman Wells, director of the pressure group Family and Youth Concern, said: ‘What this is really all about is the sex education establishment trying to force schools to do something many parents - and many teachers - are uncomfortable with.’

At present, primary heads and governors decide whether or not to provide sex education and what it should involve beyond the compulsory science requirements laid down by the national curriculum.

They must have a policy on whether or not they provide sex education. If they do provide it, usually in personal, social and health education (PSHE) classes, parents have the right to withdraw their children.

But the fpa - formerly the Family Planning Association - the sexual health advice service Brook and the Sex Education Forum are recommending the introduction of compulsory lessons. They are taking part in a Government review of Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) in primary and secondary schools.

The charities sit on a panel, which is currently examining ‘the right age to begin teaching what the key messages are and content that young people should receive at each key stage’.

They have pre-empted publication of their final report later this month and publicly announced their recommendation for statutory sex education from primary school onwards. This would bring sex and relationship education on to the curriculum alongside other compulsory subjects such as maths and English.

Brook chief executive Simon Blake said: ‘All the evidence shows that if you start sex and relationships education early - before children start puberty, before they feel sexual attraction - they start having sex later.

‘They are much more likely to use contraception and practise safe sex.’

Anna Martinez, head of the Sex Education Forum, confirmed they are recommending making PSHE statutory to give it ‘the high status it deserves as an essential part of all children’s education’.

As the mother of a 12-year-old girl, I feel helpless rage at morally bankrupt ‘sex education’ that just encourages under-age flings

But Mr Wells said there is no evidence to suggest that starting sex education at the age of four would reduce sexually transmitted infections and abortion rates among teenagers.

He added: ‘It’s quite extraordinary that the fpa and Brook should be calling on the Government to impose something on every child in every school that has no proven benefit whatsoever.

‘Schools already have to have a sex education policy, but that policy must be developed in close consultation with parents, and schools must be sensitive to the wishes of parents.

‘But the fpa want to take parents out of the equation and remove discretion from schools.

‘It’s vital that parents’ views should continue to be respected and that schools should remain sensitive to parental concerns on such a controversial issue.’

A spokesman for the Department for Children, Schools and Families insisted that no final decision has been made by ministers on the subject yet.

He said: ‘Effective sex and relationships education is essential for young people to make safe and healthy choices about their lives and prevent early pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

‘That is why Government is currently reviewing the delivery of SRE in schools to improve the quality and consistency of provision to young people.

‘The steering group, jointly chaired by Schools Minister Jim Knight and a member of the UK Youth Parliament, will make recommendations to Government later this month.’


Posted by Drew458   United Kingdom  on 07/05/2008 at 11:07 AM   
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