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“Mr. Watson - Come Here”

Those were the first words spoken over a telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1892. What you don’t know is his next words were “please deposit twenty-five cents to continue this call” ...

In our long, storied history of WTF candidates I have never ... ever ... ever ... ever ... read anything like this one below. My brain has locked up, shut down and posted a “room for rent” sign on my forehead. Not even a dial tone ...

In fact, I’m currently at a loss for words on this one. I am even having a hard time picking a category to file it under. For the time being, the “Outrageous” tag will have to do since I don’t have an “Amazing Horseshit” tag ... yet.

So therefore I ask you to gaze upon this amazing story below and relish the cosmic irony involved in knowing that your telephone company is now going to charge you for not doing something that they were charging you for doing a few years ago.

And here you thought your government was the only entity bold enough to charge you for doing absolutely nothing. Can you hear me now ... ?

Phone Companies Levy New Fee For Not Making Calls

imageimagePhone bills are notorious for rankling customers with fees, taxes, tariffs and other mystery assessments. Now some phone companies are adding a new line item to monthly bills: a charge for not making long-distance calls.

The category of customers affected by the new fee is the shrinking subset of people who have no-frills home-phone service and don’t pay for a long-distance-calling plan.

Verizon last month introduced the $2 fee. It is charged to customers who could dial out for long distance, but don’t subscribe to a long-distance service and don’t make long-distance calls.

Durham, N.C., retiree Daniel Bius discovered the $2 charge on his April bill. He says he has no use for Verizon’s long-distance calling plan because he makes long-distance calls on his cell phone.

“Even though I don’t have a plan with them, they say I still have the ability to make a long-distance call if I ever need to, so I have to pay them $2 a month?” Bius said. “What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to pay them $2 for no reason?”

Telecommunications companies are increasingly profiting from bundled services that package wireless, Internet and even television services on one bill. Basic-phone customers are telecom’s least-profitable sector, spending a minimal amount but demanding reliability.

Phone companies are beginning to charge basic-phone customers for long-distance access, even if they choose not to use the network. “This is not a unique practice to Verizon,” said John Breyault, a research associate at the Telecommunications Research and Action Center in New York. “Most of them charge you some sort of fee nowadays. We’re concerned because we don’t think you should have to pay for something you’re not using.”

AT&T and Embarq, the other large local-phone companies for the region, don’t charge North Carolina customers who don’t make long-distance calls, the companies said.

The price of long-distance service is not regulated at the state or federal level, a policy intended to spur competition. Phone companies can charge customers a minimum fee for not using long-distance service.

- More ...


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Daily Statistics Contest

OK, it’s time to play “Crunch The Numbers”. Take a look at the story below and see if you can decide what the numbers mean. Obviously someone decided it was important to compare the number of dead Mexicans to the number of fleeing Mexicans so the results should probably be of importance to us in some grand, cosmic scheme of things.

So help us figure out what the numbers mean. Are they just not dying fast enough? Is it cheaper to swim the Rio Grande than to die in Tijuana? Or is it just Speedy Gonzalez and his cousins getting faster than Sylvester the cat? And what does all this have to do with Taco Bell food poisoning? Let us ponder the deeper conspiratorial theories involved, eh ... ?

Migration Tops Death in Mexico
MEXICO CITY (AP) - May 3, 2007, 7:51 PM EDT

imageimageMexico has lost more people to migration to the United States than death since 2000, according to a government report released Thursday.

Mexico’s demographics agency found that an average of 577,000 people migrated to the U.S. each year between 2000-2005, compared to 495,000 deaths a year in the same period. In 2006, 559,000 migrated and there were 501,000 deaths.

Mexico had 104.9 million residents as of last year, an increase of 6.4 million since 2000. Immigration to the U.S. has increased drastically since 1970, when 800,000 Mexicans lived north of the border. Today, there are about 11 million Mexicans living in the U.S., both legally and illegally, the report found.

The study also showed more and more Mexicans traveling illegally to the United States. In 1993-1997, 48 percent of Mexicans who traveled to the United States entered the country illegally.

That percentage jumped to 68 percent between 1998-2001 and to 78 percent from 2001-2005, mostly because of stricter security measures tied to the Sept. 11 attacks.

Mexico has long pushed the United States to allow more Mexicans to work legally in the U.S. But the U.S. Congress has focused instead on strengthening border security.


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Lost again? Yep, and we’re over the absolute last USAF base most of us ever want to see ... well, unless you’re a polar bear, that is. Then it’s cool. In fact it’s COLD! Today’s high is predicted to be around -4° F, according to the tower. Quite balmy for this location at this time of year. In winter it sometimes gets REALLY COLD.

Trivia: this base is one location for one of the three homes for the other BMEWS. You know the one I’m talking about ....

This base is so out of the way and secret that Google only has a fuzzy image for it on the world map, so you’ll have to make do with the shots below. Brrrrr ....


(Click image for larger 1065x915 in popup window)
(Photo from Google Earth Desktop)



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Dropping The Ball

John Trever - The Albuquerque Journal


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Congress Blinks

OK, I give up. What exactly did Democrats just accomplish by going toe-to-toe with the President over the Iraq spending bill? Other than faking out their anti-war base by appearing to defy the Commander In Chief it was an exercise in futility as they knew darn well they didn’t have the votes to override a veto.

Meanwhile the Department of Defense is shuffling money from one pile to another, delaying projects temporarily to keep troops in the field and those troops referred to are sitting out there in the dust and heat wondering WTF is going on with the retards in Washington.

So now they go back to the drawing board and dicker and bargain some more and odds are that a good deal of pork will be added AGAIN to grease the wheels of “bipartisan cooperation” (which is just another name for “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours")

I can’t believe we actually pay these darn fool idiots to sit up there in Washington and play these games. I want a refund, dammit. If they’re not going to actually try to legislate and do something productive then send the rascals packing and let’s vote for another bunch - and keep cycling the idiots in and out until we get some results. Sooner or later we might be able to find somebody capable of acting like an adult.

Ya think? It’s worth a try ....

Democrats Back Down On Iraq Timetable
Compromise Bill in Works After Veto Override Fails
(WASHINGTON POST) - Thursday, May 3, 2007

imageimagePresident Bush and congressional leaders began negotiating a second war funding bill yesterday, with Democrats offering the first major concession: an agreement to drop their demand for a timeline to bring troops home from Iraq.

Democrats backed off after the House failed, on a vote of 222 to 203, to override the president’s veto of a $124 billion measure that would have required U.S. forces to begin withdrawing as early as July. But party leaders made it clear that the next bill will have to include language that influences war policy. Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.) outlined a second measure that would step up Iraqi accountability, “transition” the U.S. military role and show “a reasonable way to end this war.”

“We made our position clear. He made his position clear. Now it is time for us to try to work together,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) said after a White House meeting. “But make no mistake: Democrats are committed to ending this war.”

Bush said he is “confident that we can reach agreement,” and he assigned three top aides to negotiate. White House Chief of Staff Joshua B. Bolten, national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley and budget director Rob Portman will go to Capitol Hill today to sit down with leaders of both parties.

But a new dynamic also is at work, with some Republicans now saying that funding further military operations in Iraq with no strings attached does not make practical or political sense. Rep. Bob Inglis (S.C.), a conservative who opposed the first funding bill, said, “The hallway talk is very different from the podium talk.”

While deadlines for troop withdrawals had to be dropped from the spending bill, such language is likely to appear in a defense policy measure that is expected to reach the House floor in two weeks, just when a second war funding bill could be ready for a House vote. Democrats want the next spending measure to pass before Congress recesses on May 25 for Memorial Day weekend.

Beyond that, Democrats remain deeply divided over how far to give in to the White House. House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (Md.) indicated that the next bill will include benchmarks for Iraq—such as passing a law to share oil revenue, quelling religious violence and disarming sectarian militias—to keep its government on course. Failure to meet benchmarks could cost Baghdad billions of dollars in nonmilitary aid, and the administration would be required to report to Congress every 30 days on the military and political situation in Iraq.

Benchmarks have emerged as the most likely foundation for bipartisan consensus and were part of yesterday’s White House meeting, participants said. “I believe the president is open to a discussion on benchmarks,” said Senate Democratic Whip Richard J. Durbin (Ill.), who attended the session. He added that no terms were discussed. “We didn’t go into any kind of detail,” Durbin said.

Just four Republicans supported the first version of the spending bill: Sen. Gordon Smith (Ore.), Sen. Chuck Hagel (Neb.), Rep. Wayne T. Gilchrest (Md.) and Rep. Walter B. Jones (N.C.). But a growing number of GOP lawmakers want language that would hold the administration and the Iraqi government more accountable.

- More ...


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Profiling Brits From Pakistan?

Placing visa restrictions on Pakistani natives coming in from Britain? Hell, yes. I think it’s a great idea and I don’t give a flying damn what the UK Home Office thinks. Call it racial profiling if you want. You can even call it “bloody, cheeky Yanks” for all I care. In fact, why don’t we place visa restrictions on anybody coming in from anywhere in Eurabistan?

Our Euro-Peon friends are going to get us all killed with their open-arms, “hello and welcome, Johny Muslim” attitude. We already have enough problems with Mexican invaders over here. I don’t consider it one bit racist to want to stay alive and if all these Pakistanis, Iranians, Syrians, etc. are flooding Europistan, burning down cities and blowing up buses and tubes, that’s something they will have to sort out on their own.

If it were left up to me, I’d let the Pakistani Brits come visit ... but make every one wear a GPS locator device and monitor their every move. I don’t hate Muslims ... I just don’t want to die because some madman in Islamabad woke up one morning, looked over at his ugly wife and decided to go for the whole “72 virgins” thing.

Difficult times call for difficult decisions. We can sort it all out and be friends later, after this whole jihad crap is finally put to an end. We may not be ready for internment camps yet but the time is coming ....

US To Tighten Rules On Britons
Thursday, 3 May 2007, 01:04 GMT 02:04 UK

imageimageThe US government is reportedly seeking to tighten visa restrictions for British citizens of Pakistani origin. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff had discussed options with London about revising the visa waiver programme, the New York Times said.

It follows the conviction of five men - mostly of Pakistani origin - for a UK bomb plot linked to al-Qaeda. The UK Home Office said it would be unacceptable to “single out citizens of any particular background”.

The fertiliser bomb plot convictions highlight a problem which has quietly dogged relations between the US and its closest ally ever since 9/11. The following question is keeping US immigration officials awake at night:

If a few British men of Pakistani origin are prepared to blow themselves up and commit mass murder in the UK, how many will try and enter the US on the visa waiver programme which grants them visa-free access to America?

Put another way, could America’s closest friend also harbour its most dangerous enemy and what should be done about it? According to the New York Times report, Mr Chertoff has been discussing various options with London, none of which are considered palatable.

One is a blanket ban on the UK visa waiver programme, requiring more than a million annual visitors from Britain to apply for a visa. This is bound to affect the tide of tourism, swelling on a cheap dollar, and is an idea that is bitterly resisted by the UK business community.

Another option is to require only Britons of Pakistani origin to apply for a visa. But this would be seen as racial profiling which is something that the US authorities have always publicly resisted at home.


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Quote Of The Day

“We intend to inject ourselves into the struggle for fair access to energy. Historically, we’ve not had that access.”

-- Jesse Jackson, May 1, 2007 in a press release to explain why he intends to make oil and energy companies his next shakedown victims


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calendar   Wednesday - May 02, 2007

Senator Snubbed

Meanwhile, out here in the Gateway City of the Midwest our new Senator is having problems with the church. It seems her liberal views on abortion and embryonic stem cell research do not please all of us out here. To heck with her liberal views. I just can’t stand to look at the woman. She makes Nancy Pelosi look like a centerfold. Where do Democrats find these hags?

I know, I know. That was tacky but I can’t help it. I worked hard to get Republican Jim Talent re-elected and was sorely disappointed when he lost the 2004 election by a whisker ... a whisker no doubt helped along with some rather devious activities by the liberal Democrats who control the city of St. Louis.

Here in Missouri we had ballot initiatives on stem cell research in the last election and the topic has not gone away. Midwesterners seem to be about evenly spilt, according to the polls. Abortion is also a hot button issue out here. McCaskill’s supporters are pretty much all in the liberal havens of downtown St. Louis and the University of Missouri at Columbia. The rest of our state is pretty much a red state.

McCaskill puzzles me the same way other Catholic liberals (John Kerry, Teddy Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi) puzzle me. The Catholic church has made a clear stand against abortion and embryonic stem cell research yet these Left wing-nuts openly defy their church with their positions. McCaskill even sends her daughter to a Catholic girls school and now her daughter is being placed in the embarrassing position of having to explain to her classmates why mommy won’t be showing up to inspire them with a graduation speech.

It seems to me that when it comes down to a choice between following their beliefs or following their base, there is really no decision to make. Getting elected trumps getting saved every time. How do you separate the politician from the religion? Should you? Too many questions - not enough answers ....

Senator Asked Not to Speak at Graduation
ST. LOUIS (AP) - May 2, 2007, 12:28 PM EDT

imageimageAn invitation to Sen. Claire McCaskill to speak at her daughter’s graduation from a Roman Catholic high school was withdrawn because of her positions on abortion and stem cell research.

Students at all-girls St. Joseph’s Academy in the St. Louis suburb of Frontenac wanted to have McCaskill speak at their commencement this month, McCaskill spokeswoman Adrianne Marsh said Tuesday.

But the offer was rescinded last week. The president of St. Joseph’s, Sister Michaela Zahner, said she reluctantly made the decision after receiving a call from the St. Louis Archdiocese.

McCaskill narrowly defeated Republican incumbent Sen. Jim Talent last November in a race in which embryonic stem cell research was a key issue. A McCaskill ad featuring actor Michael J. Fox—swaying noticeably from the effects of Parkinson’s disease—drew nationwide attention.

Marsh said the senator, a Catholic, understands that her positions supporting abortion rights and stem cell research are different from those held by the church. The senator was told by the school that the decision came from Archbishop Raymond Burke, Marsh said.

“I’m disappointed that the archbishop has made this decision,” McCaskill said in a statement. “It does not diminish my respect and admiration for St. Joseph’s Academy, their faculty, and students.”

A spokeswoman for the archdiocese, Anne Steffens, said the decision was not made by the archbishop. But Zahner said an archdiocese policy forbidding a public forum for speakers who diverge from church teaching clearly reflects Burke’s position.

While St. Joseph’s is a private, rather than an archdiocesan school, it receives its right to be identified as a Catholic institution through the archdiocese, Zahner said, adding that rescinding the invitation “was a very hard decision.”


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Wooops.  Bad Choice

Heh heh.

Two illegal aliens, Ralphel Resindez 23 and Enrico Garza 26, probably believed they would easily overpower a home alone 11 year old Patricia Harrington after her father had left their two story home.

It seems the two crooks never learned two things, they were in Montana and Patricia had been a clay shooting champion since she was nine. Patricia was in her upstairs room when the two men broke through the front door of the house. She quickly ran to her father’s room and grabbed his 12 gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun.

Resindez was the first to get up to the second floor only to be the first to catch a near point blank blast of buck shot from the 11 year olds knee crouch aim. He suffered fatal wounds to his abdomen and genitals. When Garza ran to the foot of the stairs, he took a blast to the left shoulder and staggered out into the street where he bled to death before medical help could arrive

Good shootin’ miss Harrington!


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Guess what? Yep, we’re lost again - after a brief two-day vacation during which we managed to stay unlost for a short time. We’re back over CONUS again and over a very important USAF base down below. Yes, it is very important because of that strange golf course. No, wait! It has to be something more important than that.

In 1954 this base was one of the first bases under the new Strategic Air Command to host the futuristic B-47 Stratojet bomber, which preceded the B-52’s we all know and love today. The swept back wings gave it a Buck Rogers look and at the time it was the fastest bomber in the world. It also played a prominent role in the old Jimmy Stewart movie “Strategic Air Command”.

Over the years this base has hosted B-52’s and F-111 Aardvarks as well as Titan missiles to scare the Commies. Nowadays this base is owned by Air Combat Command but is still out in the middle of absolute nowhere. In fact, it’s so far out there that you’d have to hike fifty miles just to reach the boonies. Now where in heck am I?


(Click image for larger 1065x915 in popup window)
(Photo from Google Earth Desktop)



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Quote Of The Day

This is priceless. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you that our Quote Of The Day came from Tom Tancredo, who is obviously the only Presidential candidate with a functioning brain ....

What Would You Take To A Deserted Island?
(10NEWS) - May 2, 2007

imageimageJohn McCain’s answer was both practical and deeply personal when he was asked in the 2000 presidential campaign what item he’d most like to have if he were stranded on a deserted island: “SPF 45 sunblock.”

He wears sunblock religiously, having coped with several bouts of skin cancer since 1993. Now, more than five years after his last melanoma surgery, his answer to the same question was routine. He said he’d like to have books with him.

Books were the main bring-along for those who took the question to be about objects. Others named spouses. AP is asking the candidates a series of questions about their personal tastes, habits and backgrounds. Tuesday’s question and their answers:

What is your deserted island necessity?


Delaware Sen. Joe Biden: “Jill, my wife.”

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: “A good book.”

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd: “Coffee with cream and sugar.”

Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards: “A book.”

Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich: His wife, Elizabeth.

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama: “Other than my wife and my kids, an inanimate object I would have to have would probably be a good book.”

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson: “Blackberry and a Davidoff cigar.”


Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback: “Tarp.”

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani: “Books and music.”

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee: “Laptop with satellite reception.”

California Rep. Duncan Hunter: “Mrs. Hunter.”

Arizona Sen. John McCain: “Books.”

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney: “My wife, Ann.”

Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo: “Boat.”


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The Moonbat Zone

imageimagePicture this: a man dressed in a dark overcoat and wearing a mask walks into a bank with a large bag and a shotgun. He walks up to the first teller window, shoves the gun in the teller’s face and demands all of the money in the register.

Just as the teller starts filling the sack, the police arrive. One of the policeman quietly comes up behind the robber, bops him on the noggin and knocks him unconscious. Within seconds, FBI agents arrive and arrest the policeman for using too much force in capturing the robber.

As they take the policeman away, the robber gets to his feet and demands the laws be changed so that the money in the sack can legally be his without any penalty or fine - and while waiting for the money to be transferred into his name he demands free medical care for the bump on his head.

Does that sound absurd? Follow me down the rabbit hatch for a second. Down here is a door. You unlock this door with the key of insanity. Beyond it is another dimension - a dimension of greed, a dimension of ignorance, a dimension of arrogance. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of politics and pandering. You’ve just crossed over into ... The Moonbat Zone ...

Protesters Press for Path to Citizenship
LOS ANGELES (NY TIMES) - May 1, 2007

imageimageTens of thousands of people pressing for immigrants’ rights demonstrated on Tuesday in dozens of cities. But with advocates splintered over tactics, the crowds paled in comparison with the turnout last year.

The protests, with some of the largest gatherings here and in Chicago and Phoenix, took aim at recent raids by immigration agents and stalled negotiations in Congress over proposals for the most sweeping changes in immigration law 20 years.

“I came here like everyone else to make sure we get a just immigration reform law passed,” Abel Corona, 34, who described himself an illegal immigrant from Mexico, said as he marched downtown here. “We are not going anywhere. We are not criminals. We came here to work and even to help this country economically.”

Talking over the din of drums and chanting at the Chicago march, Esmeralda Marin, 30, a Mexican-American, said she was demonstrating to denounce the government raids, which have lead to an increase in deportations in the last year.

“If we have seen anything since last year, we have seen more families torn apart,” Ms. Marin said. The Chicago march drew 150,000 people, the police said, below the nearly half-million last year.

Martha Martinez, 27, who said she was a legal resident, marched in Denver against the raids and on behalf of a family that she said was afraid of being arrested if they participated. “It’s not right to separate families, but that’s what has happened,” Ms. Martinez said, as her 6-year-old son held a sign reading, “I refuse to live in fear.”

Some organizers faulted the raids for lowering the turnout of illegal immigrants. Organizers nonetheless claimed success in drawing attention to immigrants’ concerns. “We have already injected ourselves into the national immigration debate,” said Javier Rodriguez, a march organizer here.

Although sizable in some places, the demonstrations, peaceful and at times festive, seemed to underscore how much the protest movement has struggled in the last year. More than 500,000 people turned out here last year. This year, the police estimated that 25,000 attended the largest of three rallies.

In Denver, where 75,000 people participated last year, an estimated 10,000 demonstrated, organizers said. The police put the number at no more than 2,000. Unlike the protest last year, nobody called for a “day without an immigrant.” No widespread business boycotts materialized. For the most part, students did not pour out of schools.

- More ...

The crowds were indeed much smaller this year for two reasons, (a) several hundred thousand illegals have been rounded up and shipped out and (b) these people who are in our country illegally are starting to wise up and realize that the lies the Liberals have been telling them that if they yell and scream loud enough and long enough they will be allowed to stay, aren’t helping their cause in any way. Which is unusual since that is how the Liberals usually get their way.

Only in this case it won’t work. These people have broken the law and we are a nation of laws. The quicker they realize that trying to force themselves upon us is not going to earn them any new friends, the quicker we can start to resolve this whole mess. Yes, we need low-income workers and a guest worker program would be a good start to allowing them to come work here and eventually gain citizenship and move to America permanently if that is truly what they desire. If not, set up a program to allow them to come work in seasonal jobs and return home each year.

Sneaking across the border, taking advantage of our hospitality and generally acting like jerks will not endear them to those of us who live and work here as citizens ... and as long as our lily-livered, pandering-for-votes congress-critters keep dodging the issue, allowing the lawbreakers to continue breaking the law while arresting the agents charged with protecting our borders, we’re not getting any happier with our duly elected representatives either.

So let’s exit The Moonbat Zone before we all go mad and start chasing rabbits down rabbit holes and arguing with cheshire cats. There is a right way to do this that will make everybody happy and it’s so easy. It’s called enforcing the laws .... or as Alice said, “It would be so nice if things made sense once in a while.”


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