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calendar   Sunday - October 29, 2006

Around The World

Are you ready to go around the world in 60 days? The boat you see below will attempt that feat starting out on the voyage in March. It looks like it belongs to Batman and it runs on vegetable oil. It’s called the Earthrace and is currently on tour around the US. It’s in Ft. Lauderdale this week and will be here in St. Louis December 16-19. Check the Earthrace website for more details ....


Surveying the crowded docks of the Las Olas Municipal Marina at today’s opening of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, your eyes wander over a sea of gleaming-white megayachts, each more expensive and tricked out than the one next to it.

But then your gaze falls on the weird-looking, gun-metal-gray contraption docked in Slip 226, and you utter an involuntary expletive. It’s the 78-foot Earthrace boat—a cross between Jules Verne and Star Trek. As one observer put it, “It looks like something the Romulans would travel in.’’

Its science-fiction looks aren’t the only facet of Earthrace’s uniqueness. It likely is one of the few at the show capable of circumnavigating the globe using biodiesel—fuel made from trans fats, animal fats and vegetable oil—to propel its twin 540-horsepower Cummins MerCruiser engines. Better Biodiesel of Spanish Fork, Utah, recently signed on as the fuel sponsor. Biodiesel advocate Willie Nelson is supposed to write a song.

Earthrace is appearing here as part of an international promotional tour to drum up financial support for a planned attempt in March to break the eight-year-old speed record for racing around the world in a powerboat. That record is held by the British boat Cable & Wireless Adventurer, which covered 26,000 miles in 74 days, 20 hours, 58 minutes in 1998. Bethune believes he can beat that by up to 15 days using only biodiesel fuel.

-- Miami Herald - October 26, 2006, “New Boat Is Out Of This World”



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Hell No!

Nobody wants to go to hell and everyone wants sex? Yep, that sounds about right to me.

Who On Earth Would Pay $1 Million For Hell?
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Fri Oct 27, 7:35 PM ET

imageimageNo one was buying hell on Friday—or at least its red-hot Web address. was among hundreds of Internet domain names up for auction in Hollywood, Florida, by domain asset management provider, a unit of marketing services firm Seevast Corp.

The owner put a minimum price of $1 million on the underworld’s domain, confident of high interest after the salacious address,, sold for about $12 million earlier this year. But there were no takers with bids failing to reach the reserve price.

“The world is still alive and well. Nobody is going to hell right now,” Seevast Chief Executive Lance Podell told Reuters, adding that the domain would now be part of a silent auction.

Moniker was selling on behalf of a group called BAT Flli LLC, whose founder Kenneth Aronson registered the name in 1995. It’s not the first time that Aronson has tried to sell He put the address on the auction block in April 2000, at a starting bid of $8 million.

In an interview with Reuters in 2000, Aronson said members of The, an enigmatic collective of digital artists and creative visionaries, were using as a private destination for their work. According to the site, is a “private parallel web” not accessible with a Web browser.

The auction on Friday included a list of domain names such as, which pulled in $1.5 million. that sold for $120,000 and which went for $26,000., an address with the new extension for mobile devices, went for $200,000, while pulled in $100,000. A boom in Internet advertising driven by companies such as Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO - news) have sent prices for sought-after domain names soaring.


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Sunday Funnies



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calendar   Saturday - October 28, 2006

Halloween Food Fun

Wanna have some fun with the kids (big and small) this Halloween? Sure you do! Just give them a piece of your mind! Remember, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.


For this recipe you need to order this jello mold ($12.95).

Panna Cotta (brain style) with Pomegranite Sauce

1 cup milk
5 teaspoons unflavored gelatin
4 cups heavy cream
1 cup + 1 Tb sugar, divided
pinch salt
2 Tablespoons vanilla
8 oz. pomegranite juice
1/4 cup cornstarch

Place milk in a small bowl and sprinkle gelatin over the top. Stir and let sit for about five minutes so the gelatin can rehydrate a bit.

Combine cream and sugar in a pan and bring to a boil over medium heat. Remove from heat and stir in the vanilla and salt. Add the gelatin mixture and stir again until combined. Pour into (brain) mold, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate overnight or until mixture is completely set.

To unmold, gently tilt mold so sides of the panna cotta pull away a bit, then place on platter or plate. You can also dip the bottom of the mold into warm water to help in unmolding.

(For non-brain occasions, pour into small custard cups, ramekins, or a large bowl)

For the pomegranite sauce, I just got a small bottle of Pom Wonderful, added three heaping spoonfuls of sugar so it wasn’t so tart, mixed in about 1/4 cup cornstarch, whisked like crazy, then brought it all to a boil in a small saucepan while stirring. The consistancy is rather disgusting, but that’s the whole point!

This looks especially creepy set out on a really nice platter. Also quite effective on a carving board with a large chef’s knife plunged into the center.


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California Burning

The last time I checked it was still burning and one of our regular readers here, The Squiggler, has been blogging the fire from her smoke-filled living room. Go check out her coverage of Kalifornia going up in smoke ...


California On Fire
BEAUMONT, Calif., Oct. 27 (NY TIMES)

The five firefighters of Engine Crew 57 did what they had been trained to do. Spotting great licks of flame nearing a modest house on Thursday morning, they jumped from their truck and began cutting brush and hosing the building. But then the wildfire did what wind-driven blazes can do: it exploded from a bowl-like gully with deadly ferocity, according to fellow firefighters close to the scene.

There was no time to run, no time to duck into the fire shelters the crew members carried. By the time other firefighters reached them, the Esperanza fire, as the blaze in Twin Pines near here is called, had done its work. The four other United States Forest Service crews watched helplessly from up on a ridge nearby as the engine crew disappeared in the smoke and flames.

Officials say they believe the fire was intentionally set. “It blew up like a fireball,” said Pat Boss, a friend of the crew’s captain and a public affairs officer for the Forest Service in Idyllwild, where the captain lived. “They did not see it coming.”

Three of the firefighters died at the scene. They were Jess McLean of Beaumont and Jason McKay of Phelan, who were both 27 and had been in the Forest Service for several years, and Daniel Hoover-Najera, 20, a seasonal worker from San Jacinto on his second tour of fire duty.

The captain, Mark Loutzenhiser, 44, a 21-year veteran and a father of five known for coaching youth sports, died later at a hospital. The fifth crew member, Pablo Cerda, 23, a seasonal worker who lived in Fountain Valley, was in critical condition with burns over almost his entire body.

- More at the NY Times...


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Saturday Silliness

How To Tell If You’re An Information Systems Professional

Skipper says: Yes, I understand this @#*&$% list. Too well.


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calendar   Friday - October 27, 2006

The Thrill Of Victory!

Please excuse us folks here in St. Louis tonight. We’re just a little excited is all. Call us back in the morning. Right now, we’ve got some champagne and beer to drink and some partying to do. The St. Louis Cardinals are World Champions! Whooo-hooooooo ....


St. Louis 4, Detroit 2

ST. LOUIS (AP)—Favored by few, the St. Louis Cardinals used an unlikely cast of characters to win their first World Series in nearly a quarter century.

Jeff Weaver dominated, David Eckstein drove in two runs on balls that didn’t leave the infield and the Cards took advantage of another wild throw by a Tigers pitcher to beat Detroit 4-2 on Friday night and won the Series in five games. “I think we shocked the world,” Cardinals center fielder Jim Edmonds said. “It’s an unbelievable experience.”

Manager Tony La Russa’s Cardinals had just 83 regular-season wins, the fewest by a World Series winner, and nearly missed the playoffs after a late-season slump. But the Cardinals beat San Diego and the New York Mets in the playoffs, then won their first title since 1982 by taming a heavily favored Tigers team that entered the Series with six days’ rest.

After closer Adam Wainwright struck out Brandon Inge for the final out, the ballpark erupted. Wainwright raised his arms in triumph, catcher Yadier Molina ran to the mound and the pair bounced off toward second base, where they were joined by teammates running out from the dugout and the bullpen.

“I don’t think anybody in uniform didn’t do something in the postseason. Everyone did,” said La Russa, whose uniform number—10—now matches the team’s World Series titles. “The defense was great. The pitching was great. Timely hitting. The best bench I’ve had in a long time. They just refused for us to lose.”

Minutes later fireworks filled the sky above the ballpark. Eckstein, the 5-foot-7 shortstop who had four hits in Game 4, was the Series MVP. “No one believed in us, but we believed in ourselves,” Eckstein said.

On a cold Midwest night more suitable to football than baseball, the Tigers made two more errors, raising their Series total to eight—three by Inge, the third baseman, and a record five by their pitchers. Eight of the 22 runs allowed by the Tigers were unearned, the most by a team since the 1956 New York Yankees against Brooklyn.

While the Tigers tossed the ball to the tarp, the Cardinals were mostly crisp, with the notable exception of right fielder Chris Duncan, who dropped a fly ball just before Sean Casey’s two-run homer in the fourth put Detroit ahead 2-1.

St. Louis came right back to take a 3-2 lead in the bottom half as pitcher Justin Verlander threw away a ball for the second time in two starts, and Scott Rolen added a big run with a two-out RBI single in the seventh off reliever Fernando Rodney, extending his postseason hitting streak to 10 games.

It was the Cardinals’ first title since 1982 and the first for the NL since the 2003 Florida Marlins. La Russa, who led the Oakland Athletics to a sweep in the earthquake-interrupted 1989 Bay Bridge Series, joined Sparky Anderson (Cincinnati and Detroit) as the only managers to win Series titles in each league.

It marked the first time since the 1912 Red Sox at Boston’s Fenway Park that a team won the Series at home in a first-year ballpark. And the Cardinals (83-78) almost didn’t even make it to the postseason. They had a seven-game NL Central lead with 12 to go but lost eight of nine before recovering to finish 1 1/2 games ahead of Houston, the defending NL champion.


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Through The Looking Glass




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Weekly Top 10 List


Top 10 Anti-Gun Senators

10. Mike DeWine (R.-Ohio)
Consistently the only Republican to speak in favor of anti-2nd Amendment legislation on the Senate floor.

9. Jack Reed (D.-R.I.)
The most vocal opponent on the Senate floor of congressional legislation to prevent lawsuits against firearms manufacturers based on the actions of criminals.

8. John Kerry (D.-Mass.)
Accepted a shotgun as a campaign gift from union officials, even though it would have been banned under a bill he cosponsored.

7. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D.-N.Y.)
Though just in her first term as an elected official, she campaigned for gun control while First Lady, advocating gun owner licensing, handgun registration and the retention by the federal government of records on lawful purchasers of firearms.

6. Frank Lautenberg (D.-N.J.)
Despite government studies showing that fewer than 1% of criminals get their guns from gun shows, Lautenberg sponsored legislation to run gun shows out of business.

5. Dianne Feinstein (D.-Calif.)
Sponsor of the much-vaunted assault-weapon ban of 1994-2004. Despite the ban’s having been found to have been misdirected and irrelevant to crime, Feinstein said she wished for a stronger law, one that would say, “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn [your firearms] all in.” Feinstein carried a handgun for her own protection in California.

4. Ted Kennedy (D.-Mass.)
A generation ago, this liberal lion sponsored legislation to ban and otherwise restrict handguns. He hasn’t let up a bit since.

3. Barbara Boxer (D.-Calif.)
Sponsor of bills to ban compact handguns, such as those commonly carried for protection, by making the legality of their manufacture in the U.S. contingent upon the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (BATFE) regulation permitting the same type of firearm to be imported. BATFE uses regulatory authority over firearms importation arbitrarily and, some say, illegally. Boxer hoped the BATFE would do the same with U.S.-made firearms.

2. Dick Durbin (D.-Ill.)
Minority whip is top anti-gun activist in his party’s Senate leadership and a reliable activist for anti-gun legislation in his own right.

1. Charles Schumer (D.-N.Y.)
Sponsor of legislation to ban firearms as “assault weapons,” to ban hunting, recreational, practice and defensive ammunition as “armor piercing,” and to impose a waiting period on handgun sales. The member of Congress who most seeks publicity for himself on gun-control issues.

From: Human Events Online


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Barking Moonbat Of The Week

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, a proud representative of fundamentalist Islam. Sheik al-Hilarious is a one of a kind (so far). I can add nothing further to this man’s stature as a monkey-fornicating, male chauvinistic asshat of the forty-third degree.

Some weeks this award is just too easy to give away.

For those Muslims out there who regularly beat their wives for insubordination, did you know you were just “beatin’ your meat?” Now you know.

Outrage As Muslim Cleric Likens Women To ‘Uncovered Meat’
(DAILY MAIL) - 26th October 2006

imageimageA Muslim cleric’s claim that women who do not wear the veil are like ‘uncovered meat’ who attract sexual predators sparked outrage around Australia yesterday.

Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, the nation’s most senior Muslim cleric, compared immodestly-dressed women who do not wear the Islamic headdress with meat that is left uncovered in the street and is then eaten by cats.

Politicians including Prime Minister John Howard, community leaders and a large number of Muslims condemned the mufti’s comments amid calls that he should be deported to Egypt, his country of origin. He has since been forced to apologise for his remarks. In a Ramadam sermon in a Sydney mosque, Sheik al-Hilali suggested that a group of Muslim men recently jailed for many years for gang rapes were not entirely to blame.

There were women, he said, who ‘sway suggestively’ and wore make-up and immodest dress “and then you get a judge without mercy and gives you 65 years. But the problem, but the problem all began with who?” he said, referring to the women victims.

Addressing 500 worshippers on the topic of adultery, Sheik al-Hilali added: “If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it..whose fault is it - the cats or the uncovered meat?

“The uncovered meat is the problem.” He went on: “If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab (veil), no problem would have occurred.” Women, he said, were ‘weapons’ used by Satan to control men.

His comments, reported yesterday in the nationally-circulated newspaper The Australian, created a storm of outrage. It follows anger that erupted among Muslims in Britain earlier this month when MP Jack Straw said women who wear veils over their face can make community relations harder.

But Sheik al-Hilali’s has created an even bigger storm by using the uncovered meat example to accuse women who do not cover their heads and faces of tempting men. Prime Minister Howard labelled the mufti’s comments as ‘appalling and reprehensible’, adding: “They are quite out of touch with contemporary values in Australia.

“The idea that women are to blame for rapes is preposterous. I not only reject the comments, I condemn them unconditionally.” Treasurer Peter Costello urged the Muslim community to condemn the comments and take action against the Sheik.

“If you have a significant religious leader like this preaching to a flock in a situation where we’ve had gang rapes, in a way that seems to make it justifiable, or at least lighten the dehumanising and degrading extent of the offence.”


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The Alternative Plan

The Democrats are claiming the Iraq war is all wrong and they can do better. Here is their alternative plan ....


Is this the best they can do? Telling us the Iraq war is all wrong and not giving us any details about how they will fix it? Heck, just a broad sketch of how they would do things different might help ... but NO, all they offer is the same thing they have offered for six long years - more whining and backbiting.

I think all of us agree the war isn’t going as well as we’d like and we need to try something different - but do we need to change the whole management team to get it and if we do, how far back will that set us while we wait for the new team to get their act together and decide on a plan?

If you don’t like the plan, give me a better one or STFU and sit down. Better the devil you know than the devil who can’t make up his mind.

Democrats Are Divided on a Solution for Iraq
WASHINGTON (NY TIMES) - October 27, 2006

imageimageIf the Nov. 7 election in the United States is a referendum on the Iraq war, what are the choices? President Bush admitted Wednesday that things were not going as well as he had hoped in Iraq and that he was adjusting tactics on the ground to deal with the continuing military and political problems there. He said his overarching goal — victory — remained unchanged, but he gave no sense of what it would take to achieve it.

Democratic leaders and candidates are virtually unanimous in opposing the president’s conduct of the war, and most advocate American disengagement — either quickly or slowly. But most are not calling for an immediate withdrawal of American forces or offering a vision of what postwar Iraq should look like. They say they stand for change, but the variety of formulations is dizzying.

Nineteen House members sponsored a bill to cut off funds for the war. The Democratic Senate candidate in Pennsylvania opposes a deadline for ending American involvement in Iraq. The Democratic candidate for Senate in Ohio wants all the troops out within two years. Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the current minority leader who is likely to be the next speaker of the House if Democrats win back the chamber, is calling for immediate steps to begin to remove American forces, with all of them out of Iraq by the end of 2007.

“We haven’t coalesced around a single plan,” Senator Debbie Stabenow, a Michigan Democrat who is up for re-election this year, acknowledged in an interview on Thursday. “But, we’re in general agreement on the basic principles.”

The range of proposals in part reflects the military, political and sectarian maze that Iraq has become. With virtually no one contending that an exit would be easy, no one wants to be responsible for a decision that would leave Iraq a smoldering ruin of civil war.

But the range of proposals also illustrates the state of the Democratic Party, which has not held executive power for six years or controlled the Congress for twice that long. There is no dominant figure in the party to formulate a policy position, so a hundred schools of thought contend. And even if the Democrats win one or both houses of Congress, they will not have the authority to change the course of the war significantly.

“The republic is being offered a choice between muck and murk,” said David R. Gergen, an adviser to Republican and Democratic presidents and now a professor of public policy at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. “Neither party is offering a clear path ahead in Iraq.”

A number of Democratic policy analysts and elected officials who are not facing re-election this year have drafted quite detailed proposals for untangling the Iraq knot. Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Delaware Democrat, has proposed a plan to divide Iraq into three semi-autonomous regions — for the Kurds, the Shiites and the Sunnis — with the United States providing a security umbrella for a time.

Senators Carl Levin of Michigan and Jack Reed of Rhode Island are urging a plan, endorsed by a majority of Senate Democrats, to begin withdrawing troops within the next few months to impress upon Iraqi leaders that the American presence is not open-ended.

- More at the NY TIMES (registration required) ...


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Quote Of The Day

“We’ve got a nation of people who have one eye looking out for the next speed camera, another looking for a speed limit sign and another looking at the speedometer - which is a bit of a shame, when you only have two eyes.”

-- PAUL SMITH, head of a British group that opposes the use of cameras to catch speeders.


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Almost There

In case you’ve been paying too much attention to politics and other assorted, sordid bullshit, there is still a world out there where people are having fun and “rootin’ for the home team.”

Sure enough, Wednesday night’s game was rained out (the weather has really sucked here in St. Louis the past week). Game Four of the World Series was finally played last night and guess who won?

The Cards took it 5-4 and now hold a 3-1 lead in the World Series. They can take the big prize tonight if they can whup the Tigers one more time - otherwise the Series moves back to Detroit on Saturday.




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calendar   Thursday - October 26, 2006

Through The Looking Glass


“I’m Sorry”


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