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calendar   Wednesday - February 26, 2020

They Should Never Have Even Been There

2 Illegals, 19 and 20, accused of raping 11 y/o girls they were in school with

Illegal aliens. Grown men. In our high school. Grooming and molesting 11 year old girla.

Illegal immigrant from El Salvador, 20, and 19-year-old man, both enrolled in Maryland high schools, charged with raping 11-year-old girls

Jonathan Coreas-Salamanca, 20, and Ivan Reyes Lopez, 19, were arrested earlier this month on charges of raping two different 11-year-old girls in Maryland
Both were active students in the Montgomery County Public School system
State law says any resident between five and 21 entitled to free public education
ICE says Coreas-Salamanca is an illegal immigrant from El Salvador
Lopez immigrated from Honduras three years ago
Both been charged with second-degree rape and were denied bond
Coreas-Salamanca is accused of repeatedly molesting an 11-year-old girl
Lopez is accusing of raping an 11-year-old girl he met at a park in his home

Two Maryland public high school students, aged 19 and 20, have been arrested for allegedly raping different 11-year-old girls off campus in separate incidents. 

Jonathan Coreas-Salamanca, 20, and Ivan Reyes Lopez, 19, have both been charged each with second-degree rape. Coreas-Salamanca faces additional counts of sexual abuse of a minor and third-degree sexual offense. 

Coreas-Salamanca, a Salvadorian national living in the US illegally, was arrested at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, where he was enrolled as a student, on February 13.

Six days later cops arrested Lopez at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, where he is a student.

Both students had immigrated to the US and were enrolled in the Montgomery County Public School system.

Montgomery County made headlines last year for their sanctuary city policies, but have since rolled back on them, allowing ICE to cooperate with police under certain circumstances.


Coreas-Salamanca was living in Adelphi, Maryland and was in the US illegally, according to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
He is accused of giving a 11-year-old girl a cell phone some time last year.  Using that phone he exchanged explicit text messages and photographs with the girl and arranged for sexual meetups.

The victim’s father discovered the phone on Christmas Eve and found a trove of text messages describing ‘vaginal intercourse, fellatio, and cunnilingus’.

The father reported to police a text message where the suspect advised the victim that ‘she bit his penis the last time she performed fellatio’, according to court documents. 

So daddy finds this out December 24 (must have been a great Christmas at their house!!), has the texts proving the guy totally guilty, and the cops don’t arrest him until the middle of February? 51 days later? WTF???

And this school system puts grades 6 through 12 together? How else could he have been in the same school building with an 11 year old child?


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Thin Pickings, viral musings

Not a whole lot out there to blog about if I want to avoid the Dem debates and primaries and the whole wu fluthing.

OTOH, these debates are showing that Joe Biden is pretty much senile, as the Gaffe Master drops his dumb bombs day after day. “I’m running for Senator.” “My son the Surgeon General.” “150 million Americans killed by guns since 2007.” There’s a screw loose in there somewhere, and a few spark plugs misfiring. Go back to the retirement home Joe and have some nice soft pudding.

OTTH, now that white people are getting the disease all over Europe, our MSM has really, REALLY ramped up the coronavirus stuff in the last couple days, with help from the WHO and the CDC. It’s going to come here, it’s going to be huge, it will shut down the world for at least a month, and at least a million of us will die from it. Gosh, what great news.  Actually, if you run the numbers - 325 million people here, a 70% infection rate, and a 2% mortality rate - that ads up to 4.5 million deaths. And while I do believe our medical care is quite a bit better than what China has, I don’t think we have the ability to deliver massive quantities of that care to the point that we can but the death rate by 80%. Maybe our people are just healthier. Let’s pray that’s so.

Meanwhile, San Francisco, already knee deep in the pooplah, has declared a state of emergency ahead of the wave.

The mayor of San Francisco declared a state of emergency over coronavirus fears on Tuesday shortly after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning that the U.S. will likely see more cases.

There are 57 known cases in the U.S. and no cases in San Francisco, but Mayor London Breed pointed to the virus’ unpredictability and troubling global growth.

“We see the virus spreading in new parts of the world every day, and we are taking the necessary steps to protect San Franciscans from harm,” Breed said. She said many of the city’s residents travel to mainland China, so it is not far-fetched to suspect cases in the future.

Is it time yet to close to gates to Fortress America? I would have thought that time was 3 or 5 weeks ago. Close the borders, cancel all air flights, close the ports. Give our citizens a week to get home and quarantine a whole lot of them. Declare a bank and credit card holiday; no foreclosures or loan defaults for the next 90 days. Can we survive 3 months without any imports, using our own food and fuel? Let’s find out. If we do wake up to a lifeboat scenario of limited resources, will there be a push to toss the 65 million illegals overboard?

I’m really hoping that a new economic model comes out the other side of this. People are finally waking up to just how much of everything we buy comes from over there. For more than 40 years every possible kind of production has moved to Asia, taking our jobs with it. Slave labor, poor quality control, and no regulations add up to great profit margins. And we got to clean up our air, land, and water while they turned their nations into toxic waste dumps. And we have way too much stuff anyway. Maybe the era of excessive consumption and our throw away culture are about to come to an end. What if we shift over to building quality, durable good here that are made from our own resources, last a long time and can be repaired locally?

Meanwhile, the Dems continue to push for open boarders. Not the smartest idea right now. Not ever, actually, but worse at this moment in time. And at the same time, they’re dunning Mr. Trump because his $4.5 Billion plan to fund containment efforts isn’t enough.

I think maybe I should go do some grocery shopping, and lay in some extra supplies. Just in case we have to isolate against the zombie hordes.

UPDATE: The President will give a speech tonight about the coronavirus situation. 6pm Eastern.


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calendar   Monday - February 24, 2020

happy happy



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The Winter That Wasn’t

I can’t believe it. It’s 60° today. It’s nearly the end of February. We had a winter like this back in 1998, where you hardly needed a coat and we only had a few short episodes of snow. Same this year. We’ve had plenty of rain, so there’s no drought. But gosh. Thank you Climate Change!


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calendar   Saturday - February 22, 2020

Stockholm Syndrome In Stockholm

Nobody says the “J word”. Or even the “M word”

Violent Swedish Gangs Are All Lead By Immigrant Muslim Jihadis

A Swedish news outlet has revealed that 17 of 32 gang leaders committing violence in Stockholm were born overseas, with the other 15 born in Sweden but from migration backgrounds.

The 32 men are believed to be leaders of various criminal gangs in the Swedish capital and have been the focus of Stockholm police as part of Operation Rimfrost, a nationwide police operation to tackle the growing violence among gangs in Sweden, according to an Expressen analysis quoted in a Nyheter Idag report.

Of the 15 gang members who were born in Sweden, just one is said to have a Swedish-born parent, while the rest reportedly have parents who migrated to Sweden.

“I’m not naive. There are other crimes where the deportation and migration issues are more relevant, but when it comes to the leadership layers of the worst criminal gangs in Stockholm, it is obviously a failed integration,” Expressen journalist Fredrik Sjöshult wrote.

The report echoes a prior report in the city of Malmo in September of last year that revealed the majority of the shooting suspects in the multicultural southern Swedish city were also from migration backgrounds.

A total of 20 cases were reviewed by Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan, which found that 14 of the 20 individuals were born to parents who had migrated to Sweden from Africa, the Middle East, or elsewhere.

And then PC and Stockholm Syndrome get in the way of things ...

While some have pointed to a lack of integration, ghettoisation of no-go suburbs, and other immigration factors to explain the rise in gang violence, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has rejected such claims.

In November, the Swedish leader stated: “The segregation is because there is too low employment and too high unemployment in these areas. But that would have been the same regardless of who had lived there. If you put people born in Sweden under the same conditions, you get the same result.

Right. Because in 3000 years there have never been poor people in Sweden, or unemployed people in Sweden, or even unpopular people in Sweden, who haven’t turned en masse to violent crime. Riiiight.

And there is no mention that the other people in these gangs are also nearly exclusively of the same background. Oh heck no. Everybody knows that all the grenade tossers, rapists, arsonist, muggers, killers, drug pushers, and thieves are blonde, blue eyed Swedish milk maids. They just happen to be lead, accidentally I’m sure, by despotic psychotic jihadi types who are as naturally Swedish as last week’s sashimi.



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GMO Zombie Fungus To The Rescue?

Genetically Modified Chinese Rice Fungus Might Stop Locust Plague across Africa And Middle East

How’s that for a green revolution?

Chinese factories are producing thousands of tonnes of a “green zombie fungus” to help fight the swarms of locusts plaguing east Africa.

Metarhizium is a genus of fungi with nearly 50 species – some genetically modified – that is used as a biological insecticide because its roots drill through the insects’ hard exoskeleton and gradually poisons them.

In China it was named lu jiang jun, which means green zombie fungus, because it gradually turns its victims in a green mossy lump.

There are now dozens of factories across the country dedicated to producing its spores and despite the curbs introduced to stop the spread of Covid-19, many of them have resumed operations and are shipping thousands of tonnes to Africa.

These factories are set up in a similar way to breweries, growing the spores on rice which is kept in carefully controlled conditions to ensure the correct temperature and humidity.

Each plant can produce thousands of tonnes of fungi powder per year, each gram of which contains tens of billions of spores.

“I am sending off a truckload right now. Our stock is running out,” said the marketing manager of a production plant in Jiangxi province. “Some customers need it urgently. They need it to kill the locusts.”

The need is particularly pressing in east Africa at the moment, where abnormally high levels of rainfall during the dry season allowed hundreds of billions of locusts to hatch in recent months.

So far the swarms have devastated crops in countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Uganda and are moving on to neighbouring countries.

One disadvantage of the Chinese research is that it is mostly focused on local species, or the East Asia migratory locust. The desert locusts currently swarming east Africa have different genes and behaviour, and Li warned that some methods that work in China might not work elsewhere.

No mention of any side effects. Fungus is pretty tough stuff, nearly as tenacious as mold and yeast. What happens when it gets into the soil and stays there forever? Will it kill every other insect in Africa, including the bees that pollinate crops? Or is this thing so specifically targeted that it only chews up locusts and grasshoppers? And then dies out when they’re gone, instead of mutating and surviving? Shades of Jurassic Park; “life will out”. 


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calendar   Friday - February 21, 2020

1 win in 6 weeks now

Well, the pooch screwed us again. We lost all 3 games again in league. Newbie teammate threw an 89 in her first game, WAY under her already low 117 average. Her husband wasn’t much better. I was 9 under with a anemic 160; my average has dropped 6 points over the past few weeks. But I pulled off a small miracle in the next two games, twisting my hand around into the 7 o’clock finger position and getting so far under the ball that I was palming it. That slowed down my throw but put a whole lot more spin on the ball, and that got me strike after strike even without a huge amount of hook. So I threw a 200 in game 2 and a 191 in game 3, giving me a 551 and a 183 average for the night. So, not too bad. But I want to be 30 pins better to overcome our team’s deficiencies. With only 10 weeks left in the season, I’ve accumulated so many total pins that my average is nearly frozen; even if I were to throw 700 series every week for the next 10 weeks it would only bring me up to a 187. And I’ve never thrown a 700 series in my life.

We would have won the last game except that S, who only joined their team a few weeks ago, went all out and threw a perfect 300 game. Good for her. I think this is about her 15th 300. She’s really good, a 225 average, having grown up in the bowling alley. She uses a simple “down and in” style, going straight down the outer boards with some flair at the end, her ball spinning to the inside as it moves across the lane into the pocket. And this works just fine, obviously. No need for the hard breaking giant hook throw.

The pin setter was on the fritz on the right lane all night; 10 times we had to get the staff over to give the thing a whack and get it to reset the pins and send our balls back. It broke down again in the middle of her 10th frame. She’d already thrown 9 strikes in a row, and was in the groove totally. And then the bar came down, and nothing happened. Arrgh!! But she kept her cool, didn’t stress about it, and when it got fixed she threw 2 more. Awesome!! I made a point of telling her later how impressed I was that she didn’t lose it over that. Definitely a pro. Her mother runs the league and is the boss of the alley behind the owner. Her dad bowls in the league too. So does her uncle/godfather. Her brother has the highest league series in the alley’s history, throwing an 899 out of a possible family. So it’s in their genes I guess.

But I am really tired of losing every game every week. We have fallen from around 4th place all the way to next to last; after tonight we’re only a dozen points above Joe and Dave’s team of losers. We have to do better.


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calendar   Thursday - February 20, 2020

another case of the sniffles


Medical staff move a patient suspected of contracting the coronavirus in Daegu. Photograph: Kim Jong-un/AP

South Korean city of Daegu goes into total lockdown as cult church super spreader passes WuFlu around, nearly doubling number of cases in South Korea in one day. 60 more probably in a couple days.

The South Korean city of Daegu was facing an “unprecedented crisis” after coronavirus infections that centred on a controversial “cult” church surged to 38 cases, accounting for nearly half of the country’s total.

The city of 2.5 million people, which is two hours south of the capital Seoul, was turned into a ghost town after health officials said the bulk of country’s 31 new cases announced on Thursday were linked to a branch of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

“We are in an unprecedented crisis,” Daegu’s mayor, Kwon Young-jin, told reporters.

He ordered the shutdown of all kindergartens and public libraries, according to the news agency Yonhap. Schools in the city were considering postponing the beginning of the spring term scheduled for early March.

Shopping malls and movie theatres were empty and the usually busy city centre streets were quiet. A concert featuring BTS and other K-pop stars that was set for Daegu Stadium on 8 March has been postponed.

The defence ministry banned troops stationed in Daegu from leaving their barracks and receiving guests. The US military imposed similar restrictions on its army base in the city, which houses thousands of troops, family members and civilian employees, curbing travel and closing schools and child care centres.

In what the Korean centre for disease control called a “super spreader” event, almost half of the country’s total of 82 infections have been linked to a 61-year-old woman who worships at the Daegu church, an entity often accused of being a cult.

She first developed a fever on 10 February but reportedly twice refused to be tested for the coronavirus on the grounds that she had not recently travelled abroad. She attended at least four services before being diagnosed.

So far, 37 other members of the church have been confirmed as infected.

Shincheonji claims that its founder, Lee Man-hee, has donned the mantle of Jesus Christ and will take 144,000 people with him to Heaven, body and soul, on the Day of Judgement.

Daegu’s municipal government said there were 1,001 Shincheonji members in the city, all of whom had been asked to self-quarantine, with 90 of them currently showing symptoms.

“We are deeply sorry that because of one of our members, who thought of her condition as a cold because she had not travelled abroad, led to many in our church being infected and thereby caused concern to the local community,” it said in a statement.

They don’t have wet market bats for sale in South Korea do they? Not trying to be flippant, but if she hasn’t been abroad, then someone she’s been in recent contact with has. Or else there are other infected people just walking around. There has to be a vector somewhere.

In South Korea the stunning Oscar successes of local film “Parasite” had briefly knocked coronavirus off front pages.

But the outbreak was back with a vengeance. By late Thursday, 53 new cases of the virus were reported, more than doubling the country’s total to 104; on Wednesday the total had been just 51. The country also reported its first death from the virus, a 63-year-old who had been bed-ridden for 20 days.

The sudden spike in cases came largely in the southeastern city of Daegu, where 51 out of the day’s 53 new cases originated.

According to reports early in the day, of the cases in Daegu, 23 stemmed from one un-named woman, a worshipper at a church in the industrial city that lies some 150 miles (233 km) southeast of Seoul, with a population of 2.3 million.

Due to the number of people she allegedly infected, she has been labeled a “super carrier.”

The difference between 38 and 51 cases reported could be because the second news article is a few hours younger than the first. Daegu may be starting to go exponential. Mutation? More susceptible? We may never know.


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an ugly mess

We watched the Democrat debate from Las Vegas last night. What a horrible thing. You can easily find a million news stories, re-caps, live blogging posts and so forth, telling you what happened. I watched because I wanted to see Bloomberg in action. 93% fail.

The whole thing was awful. Desperate angry children without a clue or a plan, soaked in the stench of flop sweat. The moderators didn’t have much control at all. Throw out a softball and let the cat fights begin. Joe Biden was comatose most of the night and was mostly ignored. Bernie Sanders was even angrier than usual. OMG, he’s so old; the osteo has taken his neck and shoulders so much. Lizzy Warren is a really unpleasant person. So is Amy Kloubuchar. Both of them were on the verge of apoplexy, lightning bolts of emotional upset and anger blasting forth. Warren hasn’t much of a plan about much of anything. but she’s got sentiment. Kloubuchar has a plan, but you won’t like it. Pete Buttigig isn’t much better. And Mike Bloomberg stood there on the end, realizing that deep down he’s still probably some kind of Republican, and hating every one of these idiots he was forced to share a stage with. At least he had the smarts to reject the death of capitalism the rest of them are all hot for, saying how this has always failed and the result is communism. A trap which Bernie, the commie, jumped right into. Oh no, I’m not a communist, I’m a Democratic Socialist. Sure, for the Workers. And Mike didn’t bother to land the one-two punch, that the last guy wanting to lead a revolution for the democratic socialist workers party was ... Hitler.

I think a better format would be to give each of them 25 minutes of yap time the day before, with 35 minutes of answering questions about issues their pontification didn’t touch. That way people could maybe find out who they are, or what they say they stand for. Last night was just wall to wall nasty, especially from Warren, and we learned very little about any of them. Other than that Bloomberg, standing there rolling his eyes at the flow of stupid around him, is nearly as impatient and angry as Sanders. There are no leaders here. There are no unifiers here. Merely extreme Leftists and even more extreme Leftists.

I’d say the only real winner was Donald Trump.


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calendar   Wednesday - February 19, 2020

solving crimes the New Jersey Way

Here’s Your Toe. And Your Ticket.

If you’re going to try to hide a hit-and-run accident, don’t forget your body parts.

According to The Daily Journal, police say a Buena Borough man was cited for careless driving and leaving the scene after authorities used a severed toe to link him to the crash scene.

Vineland police officers responded to a report of a hit-and-run where a motorcycle hit a car and then sped off. While investigating the scene, the Daily Journal reports, an officer found a toe that was not connected to anyone’s foot. They also found a foot peg from the motorcycle that led them to believe that the toe probably belonged to the motorcyclist.

When the officers found out that the 28-year-old man was at the hospital for a foot injury that included a missing toe, they went to the hospital (with his toe) and cited him for careless driving, leaving the scene of a crash, failure to report a crash, no driver’s license, and driving on a suspended license.

The man told police he didn’t stop because he wanted to hurry to the hospital, but officers noted he went home instead of heading straight to the hospital. There is no word on whether or not his toe was reattached.

I guess the suspended license part rules him out as being an illegal alien. Or maybe not. Could’ve got one and lost it already.


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license for mayhem

Cambridge Mass: Let Illegals Drive Without Licenses

I’m hope I’m not the only one sick and tired of this latest dhimmi capitulation. This surrender monkey urge towards self destruction has to stop.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — It’s the law that you need a license to drive.

But, if you’re undocumented and driving without a license in Cambridge, police have been advised not to arrest you for that.

It’s all part of a new law that passed unanimously in the city, which encourages police to summons unlicensed drivers instead of arresting them. The procedure has already been practiced for a while, but city leaders said they felt compelled to officially make it a law, in fear of what could happen to immigration laws should President Trump be re-elected.
Content Continues Below

“We need to protect our community members from a federal government that’s out of control,” said Cambridge City Councilor Quinton Zondervan. “There are no other reasons for the police to arrest someone, give them a court summons instead which keeps them out of the clutches of the Trump administration.”

Currently, Massachusetts requires drivers to show proof of legal status in order to obtain a driver’s license, a move that many have opposed saying it makes roads more dangerous.

However, for Zondervan, the move is more of an effort to shield undocumented immigrants from the current federal government.

Recently, immigration officials announced they were sending additional border agents to sanctuary cities in an effort to step up the current administration’s immigration enforcement.

Known as the Welcoming City Ordinance, the rules spell out what is expected of law enforcement if they encounter an illegal alien operating a vehicle.

“When taking action against a person who is found to be driving without a valid driver’s license, officers of the Cambridge Police Department shall, whenever possible in the officer’s discretion and if there are no other violations causing the person to be arrested, issue a summons to court instead of taking the person into custody,” text of the ordinance read.

“In such circumstances, the law enforcement officer taking action shall endeavor to provide the driver a reasonable opportunity to arrange for a properly licensed operator to drive the vehicle before seeking to impound the vehicle, unless the violation is one subject to a statutory or regulatory requirement of vehicle impoundment,” the ordinance continued.

The Welcoming City Ordinance is not limited to roadways, but also forbids law enforcement from inquiring about an individual’s immigration status, and restricts information sharing and cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Because RESIST!!!

They’re out there driving without licenses, without registrations, and without insurance. Because you usually need the first one to get either of the other two.

But let’s just surrender to the inevitable. However, if you are white, and obviously not an illegal ... you’re screwed. Now you can’t even count on the cops to police the roads. Literally.

Mr. President, can you figure out to cut off all federal assistance for Cambridge? Schools, universities, welfare, legal aide, infrastructure?  If they can play nullification, so can you.

other fun stuff ...


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Seriously? Never Would’ve Thought They’d Notice

a gross news story with a staggering statement.

Drunk Hit And Run Goes For Beer With Dead Body In The Windshield

A 24-year-old Texas man accused of driving to a beer garden with a fatally injured pedestrian and some of his body parts in the passenger seat of his car—after he allegedly struck the victim “at a high speed” Saturday—has been arrested, reports said Tuesday.

Paul Joseph Garcia is accused of striking the pedestrian in a 2014 white Ford Focus, sending the body through the car’s windshield. Garcia then allegedly drove another half-mile with the deceased victim in the passenger seat, Austin’s KXAN-TV reported. 

Witnesses said Garcia, who was barefoot, walked “calmly” from the car into the South Austin Beer Garden “in a manner that caught the attention of the other patrons,” an arrest affidavit quoted by the Austin American-Statesman said.

I’m not from Texas, but I’d like to know how to walk barefoot into a beer garden with a mangled corpse splatted on my car and NOT attract attention.


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