Posted by Drew458    United States   on 01/31/2009 at 09:21 PM   
  1. If this story is indeed true, I submit that these “teachers” know exactly what they are doing. Therein lies the real problem.

    Posted by xiphos    United States   01/31/2009  at  11:28 PM  

  2. OK, do I go on a tirade and chant “I love Big Brother”, or do I just go vomit in the corner while I think about the last vestiges of critical thinking being removed from our school system?  The very teachers who should challenge their students to think and explore are pushing them into conformance.  The kid who broke the story will probably be singled out for being a deviant, with notes included in his permanent academic record.  Where’s the ACLU when political indoctrination becomes a part of the curriculum?  Or is it ok to teach uniformity of opinion and punish those who don’t comply?

    Posted by Dr. Jeff    United States   02/01/2009  at  01:02 AM  

  3. Don’t know if this particular story is true (as I couldn’t find it on a quick google), however, I did find one that the CCSD superintendant is in trouble for sending e-mails to teachers telling them to contact the Gov. because his school budget is too puny. . .So a couple of teachers forcing the kids to pay homage to The One (tm) doesn’t seem too far fetched - and apparently this District Super is a big fan of The One (tm) [proof, Gov is R - and the super is claiming he was insisting that the teachers do the contacting on their own time, even though this is in court because he sent the email to their work emails on his work email]

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/01/2009  at  07:00 AM  

  4. They got caught, ass covering time!

    Posted by gdonovan    United States   02/01/2009  at  10:44 AM  

  5. Homeschooling. People - if you don’t/can’t do a private/religious school of your choice - it is the next best thing. I can’t say enough for it even though I am not one who did it from start to finish (perhaps we would not be where we are today, if I had) but used it many times during moves to keep kids in ‘school/learning’ mode, to supplement worthless teachers who can’t teach, and finally to bring a struggling student back into the fold while dealing with an idiot (and hateful) school ‘counselor’. . .

    Between using perhaps the only decent use of taxpayer funds - the public library, teacher/school supply stores and simply book stores - You can assist, improve and actually teach your children yourself. Add to that the actual homeschooling supply network, local homeschooling network and options on the Internet - well it is all there.

    Who needs to inflict their children with a terrible indoctrination via the public education system? Yes I know, it is those who have/need a second income - as I said - then use the opportunities to Improvetheir education and join the PTA to help at the very least bring a voice to those who are disgusted with the status quo. Maybe even change a thing or two.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   02/01/2009  at  03:23 PM  

  6. Thanks Drew.Your photoshop image says everything I could have said on the matter.

    Posted by Rich K    United States   02/02/2009  at  12:21 PM  

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