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ExpressionEngine supports the use of “pMcode” within your entries. pMcode is a sort of simple syntax that you can use to format your entries with bold text, links, and more. It is very similar (in many cases identical) to the codes used on many popular forum packages.

pMcode can be used in your entry fields when you create an entry or when you leave a comment. It cannot normally be used in a Template.

URLs and Linking -or- Your Site

would be entered in the editor as follows:

[url][/url] -or- [url=]Your Site[/url]

You can easily create links with custom text or simply with the URL itself as the link.



would be entered in the editor as follows:


You can easily display an image in this manner. You may upload your own images for display in your Wiki entries by using the “File Upload” buttom in the left Navigation menu.

Font Formatting

Font Size: You can specify font sizes as 1 through 6. 1 is the smallest and 6 is the largest.
[size=4]Some Large Text - Edit as:

[size=4]Some Large Text[/size]

Font Color: You may also specify a color for the text. Further, these pMcodes can be nested.
[size=6][color=green]Some Larger Green Text - Edit as:

[size=6][color=green]Some Larger Green Text[/color][/size]

Font Styles: Bold, Strong, Em and Italic (with editor entries)
Some bold text - Edit as:

[b]some bold text[/b]

Some strong text - Edit as:
[strong]some strong text[/strong]

Some em text - Edit as:
[em]some em text[/em]

Some italic text - Edit as:
[i]some italic text[/i]

Text stricken out - Edit as:
[strike]text stricken out[/strike]

Quoting Text

Some quoted text. blah, blah, blah…

- Edit as:
[quote]Some quoted textblahblahblah...[/quote]