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Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler    United States   on 01/22/2005 at 08:04 AM   
  1. "We are not amused” long face --Queen Victoria (attributed)

    Posted by Oink    United States   01/22/2005  at  08:49 AM  

  2. I was amused but my wife wasn’t.

    We need a Central Scrutinizer deciding what we hear, someone like Tipper Gore, because of her Christianity like values except she does like the Grateful Dead which always filled up the ER‘s when they were in town, go figure.

    Tipper was a bored Washington housewife who knew better than that crazy “free speech” crap.  excaim

    Posted by Z Woof    United States   01/22/2005  at  10:53 AM  

  3. Not the issue.
    No one is doubting anyone’s legal right to say whatever he wishes; for example, to shout fuck! during a memorial for 9-11 victims.
    An important part of a sense of humor is knowing what isn’t funny.
    ‘Nuff said—by me, anyhow.

    Posted by Oink    United States   01/22/2005  at  11:04 AM  

  4. The VW Suicide Bomber Ad at the bottom of the page is also a hoot. A little sick humor once in a while can be a good thing.

    Posted by DR@HDfixit    United States   01/22/2005  at  11:55 AM  

  5. That was FREAKIN GREAT!!!
    Come on People ,
    Lighten up on the PC BS!
    That is Funny!!

    Posted by stan    United States   01/22/2005  at  12:16 PM  

  6. Saying Michael Jackson is weird is UNlike screaming F*** during a memorial for 9-11 “victims”, geez.

    One person’s un-funny-ness is anothers funnyness.  If we all liked the same thing we would all be married to my wife; and then who would do my laundry?

    It all depends on your Point Of View (POV) oink.  Me personally, I would prefer to rewrite that whole “three little pigs” story because there is only one thing that you can do with a pig, everybody knows the truth.  My grandparents were pig farmers and Grandma could use every inch of a pig, that’s for sure.  She said, “Everything except the “oink.” snake

    Posted by Z Woof    United States   01/22/2005  at  01:05 PM  

  7. I will admit it is tasteless.

    But, damn, it IS funny.  I’m gonna go listen to it again.

    Ain’t life grand!

    Posted by Vilmar    United States   01/22/2005  at  01:50 PM  

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