The Constitution .. Critical Update


Posted by The Skipper    United States   on 01/22/2005 at 12:04 PM   
  1. You had me goin’ pretty good there but that so-called Amendment X with it’s “the rights are reserved to the politicians with the most money.”

    Not true, not true.  Buffett, Gates and Soros are all Billionaire Democrats and they all lost.  Soros didn’t even get the Greek vote of Tarpon Springs, Florida, pathetic.  Same with Buffett who lost Douglas county in Nebraska, his home town.  Sure Gates probably won (but who cares) his county but what do you expect from the very liberal state of Washington on the wacky left coast.

    I think the Democrats spent more money on the election and lost anyway.  (They did get YoMaMa OBaMa (D-IL) for all their money though)

    I say if the Dems can spend $600 million or $.6 trillion for Obama Bin Senator then $2 trillion for Social Security PHAZEOUT is in reality = only 4 ObaMas with .4 trillion in change.

    So that is not that much is it? cheese

    Posted by Z Woof    United States   01/22/2005  at  02:58 PM  

  2. 4 ObaMas with .4 trillion in change ...

    ROFL ... I like that almost as much as the revised constitution.  Only problem with the latter is, it’s eerily close to true.

    Posted by Kate    United States   01/24/2005  at  01:53 AM  

  3. I know it’s a joke, but I couldn’t make it past the end of the first one.  Too damn close for my taste.

    Posted by Tacberry    United States   01/24/2005  at  11:09 PM  

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