Was George Bush an Idiot??


Posted by Christopher    United States   on 08/07/2010 at 09:23 PM   
  1. I have to agree, GWB was not good in public. All my sources say he was great in private. I understand that: I’m good one-on-one or in small groups, but I joined Toastmasters to get over my fear of speaking, not just in public, but to large audiences.

    As for listening to Andrew Jackson...OCM, you’d make a fortune if you actually have audio in some form of Andrew Jackson. He died in 1845. Don’t believe there was any form of audio recording available then.

    If I’m wrong… I’ll admit it.

    Posted by Christopher    United States   08/08/2010  at  08:49 AM  

  2. Catman ... can we add Huey Long to the list of good speakers? He must have been fun to listen to back in the days.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   08/09/2010  at  04:48 AM  

  3. I think GWB wasn’t that bad - you have to take some things into consideration when judging - TX is a ‘hole ‘nother country - they talk slowly and, well and in a different manor - that does not stupid nor a bad speaker make. Also continual brow beating from the day after his election (never forget - selected, not elected & not my President) - wears on a public speaker. And he got accusations and tough questions perpetually.

    Obama is an actor - lines rehearsed are usually good lines. He gets fluff ball questions, the media has been so far up his a** since he started running - they couldn’t see a fault of his if they had to and oh yeah, when you don’t believe in a damn thing of substance - lying convincingly comes easy.

    I’d take an honest, one of the people ‘non-speaker’ over a slick, piece of work con artist any day.

    And Yes I do Miss Him.

    Stupid enunciations and all.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   08/09/2010  at  10:06 AM  

  4. I understand that people think Obama is a good public speaker with the right script, but damn it if I cannot STAND the way he tooth-whistles his ‘s’ sounds. Drives me crazy.

    Great post btw, Christopher. I too plan on printing it and carrying it with me from now on.

    Posted by Agamemnon    United States   08/09/2010  at  04:16 PM  

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