Ayn Rand On Philosophy


Posted by The Skipper    United States   on 02/02/2005 at 10:04 PM   
  1. I first read Rand in the 5th grade, lo those many years ago. I was so profoundly affected by Atlas Shrugged that I couldn’t pick up another book for a week. And back then, I read a book a day.

    My little brother is a gold broker and has been for 30 years. He used the profits from the gold rush of the 70s to buy most of the town of Stony Creek CT. This included Rand’s old house and the one next door. Of course, being a gamer, he lost it too.

    When I finally got to college, the mere mention of her name would guarantee a battle with the prof and the students.

    Posted by Steel Turman    United States   02/02/2005  at  11:06 PM  

  2. Have you already mentioned the excellent article in the current Reason Magazine?  Excellent discussion of her many virtues—and weaknesses.  Her virtues are legion.  Valid criticisms include: intolerance of disagreement, devaluation of family ties, and her lack of appreciation for voluntary charity and altruism. 
    That’s one of the ways our species survives—we help each other.

    Posted by Oink    United States   02/03/2005  at  08:08 AM  

  3. I read this and I am from Iowa so I am easily hozed.  I do agree that improper programmin and disinformation produces mind slugs like Democrats.  However, a NAZI said that no matter how much you brain wash somebody the truth is hard to fight when it comes strollin’ along.

    I think he was talking about Stalengrad and “All Out War” even though it’s a waiste of TIME.

    After his All-Out-War rant he said, “Did you notice how they all gasped at the same time exactly were they should have?  That was the most politically correct audience in Germany.”

    Albert Eistein said, “There are only two things in the universe that are infinite.  One is the universe itself and the other is human stooopidity.  And we are not sure about the universe anymore.”

    I think he was talking about oink and his avatar.

    Allan you can’t keep puttin’ really long articles to read and then do all these so-called tests when a bunch of us have full time jobs.  I’m tryin’ to keep up but you’re pretty fast and you got me down to 5 hours sleep a night.

    Can we go back to math? rasberry

    Posted by Z Woof    United States   02/03/2005  at  05:24 PM  

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