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Posted by Drew458    United States   on 09/13/2015 at 09:42 PM   
  1. It’s also coming to the light of day that ol Putin is moving in High Tech AA assets into Syria to make sure the flyboys from Nato and our other teams don’t have “too much Success” there. This is all becoming Popcorn Theater of the Bizarre and all we can do from here is watch it all Burn.
    Enjoy the Popcorn.
    big surprise

    Posted by Rich K    United States   09/14/2015  at  03:39 AM  

  2. Drew - did you get the video link? The Admiral (Feb 2015) pretty much laid out what has lead to this state of affairs.

    Here it is:

    and this one

    Jihad v Crusades

    I just wish that history and civics were taught in school today - instead they are making perpetually scared pansies - eldest is a LtCol (sadly, once again) over in the sandbox (luckily not in any of the more violent countries) for a final deployment of his career - meanwhile youngest is cat/condo sitting for a coworker and lasted less than 24 hours before calling mom to rescue her from ‘forgot’ vital items.

    We are in deep, deep trouble.

    And now the corrupt and dangerous slime in ‘charge’ are ‘demanding’ we take these radical extremists who happen to be islamic in?

    What could go wrong with that? Fast & Furious, Pigford, the NBPP election intimidation, Solyndra, Benghazi, NSA, Obamacare, Dreamers, Lightsquared, Fisker, ACORN, Sebeliusgate, SIGA, Navy Seals leak, Dealershipgate, IRS, AP, Blago, Drone killing, Project Gunrunner, Rezko, Fox blocking, Gosnell abortion mill, PP videos - just to name all the disasters since Jan 2009.

    I have a fear for what is going to happen in the coming year - I wouldn’t put it past Obama to ‘suspend’ the election.

    And Boehner and McConnell will do nothing to stop him.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   09/14/2015  at  11:10 AM  

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