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good evening dear readers. welcome. do come in. come and meet chucky, 2012

How bad is this? Imagine having to put up with this little turd.
And of course, the parents get all upset at the school.

I have never been nor did I ever want to be a parent.  Just never had that instinct.  So what I say is based on not thinking like one.

I think the school, one of the teachers maybe, should have arranged a little accident for the little monster.

Just you wait and see.  Somewhere in the unknown future, his victim waits, unaware. 

Parents furious after little Logan is expelled from infant school for stealing, vandalism and kicking teacher in the face - and he’s still only FIVE years old

His parents say he is always a ‘happy and polite’ child at home
Primary school child was suspended four times in his first year of school

By Emma Reynolds

A five-year-old boy who stole fruit, threw equipment around and attacked pupils and staff has been expelled - for kicking his teacher in the face.

Logan Steed was kicked out of Powers Hall Infant School in Witham, Essex, after being suspended four times in his first year for hitting, biting and punching pupils and staff.

He was told not to come back after teachers tried every disciplinary method they could come up with - even disrupting the class by evacuating every other child when Logan caused trouble.

The final straw came when Logan was sitting on a chair and kicked his teacher in the face as she bent over.

He cannot face any charges for his bad behaviour as an older child might, however, because the age of criminal responsibility is ten.

His parents, who are separated, say he is well-behaved at home and claim the school has ‘thrown him on the scrap heap’ rather than give him the special attention he needs.

Father Cameron, 27, a care home manager from Witham, Essex, said: ‘They said they had to exclude him to ensure the safety of the staff and other pupils.

‘But I don’t understand how a five-year-old can pose so much of a threat.

‘The school deserves some credit because they have worked with us, but they should not have given up on Logan. Not so soon. He is only five.

‘They must have been able to help us find an alternative. Once you expel such a young child it is with them for their whole life.

‘It feels like the school has not stuck to their end of the deal.

‘At home Logan is a happy, polite kid. He helps me with the cleaning. He is a happy little lad.

‘Logan used to come home and tell us about what he had enjoyed at school that day - now he has been thrown on the scrap heap.’

A headteacher’s report dated November 20 states: ‘Logan’s recent behaviour has involved him kicking, biting, pinching and punching adults and children and throwing school equipment or threatening to throw school equipment at staff and children.

‘School records show that on the first day in our school (06/09/11) he hit, kicked and pushed other children and threw things around the room.’

The report details the incident where Logan is said to have kicked a teacher in the face on November 13.

It states: ‘[...] he was sitting and the member of staff was holding his arms. He kicked his legs up straight into the member of staff’s face.

‘She let go of his arms and he ran off to the library.’

The school took several steps to avoid expulsion, including one-to-one support from the head teacher, sticker charts, allowing him to do his activities in any order.

But Logan was permanently expelled after kicking a female teacher - who has still not been identified to his parents.

Mother Laura, 22, a chef from Braintree, Essex, said: ‘Before Logan started school we did not know he had this side to him. It is like we are talking about two completely different boys.

‘At home he does exactly what he is told and we have never seen him do any of the things that school say he did.

‘He is a really clever boy and now that is being wasted. We would do anything for him.’

read the rest here

Oh this little bastard is “clever” alright. He has learned at age five, how to pull the wool over grown up eyes. Except that is, those who have already been exposed to the creep.  Watch out world, coming to a neighborhood somewhere soon. Maybe .... yours?  Hmmmmmm?



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calendar   Friday - October 26, 2012

up is down and down is up

It must be my age.  I am a dinosaur.  I am have no fear of people who happen to be what I think queer.  As in, odd behavior. But wait. It isn’t odd anymore.
Actually, yes it still is.  What isn’t odd is being so open about it.  As if it’s nature’s way. It’s the opposite of nature’s way. And even then, I haven’t any problem as long as we can please call a spade a spade.  Not long ago I watched an episode of Downton Abbey and suddenly there was a scene where two guys were damn near swallowing each other in a kiss.  I felt like upchucking. Gross in the extreme. Sick making. Yuk and gak. That isn’t normal or natural and especially if the actors were straight.  How can straight actors agree to do that?  It just isn’t natural. But it’s accepted these days as a couple in love. Or lust. Whatever.
How in the world a minority who have even managed to steal the language, the word gay comes immediately to mind, can overcome all obstacles and dictate how the rest of the world must accept as natural this sort of thing, along with their endless parades, is mind boggling. The answer must be, has to be,

It’s the rest of us that are actually the minority. How else to explain why I dare not use the perfectly once nice word, ‘gay’ except to describe them. 

OK so.  I do not hate them. I would not harm any in any way cos their personal life is their business.
BUT ... when the media fall into line like so many lemmings I have to conclude in spite of other evidence, that the media is not just queer friendly but in fact the decision makers must be too.  The people who shape public opinion and alter an entire culture have won the day.

Want proof?  You and I won’t accept this but ....


That little kid will grow up rich but confused. Or maybe not. He’ll grow up believing because he’ll be conditioned, to seeing two men like this as the most natural thing in the world.  And by the time he’s an adult, it might be.  Because the opinion shapers will have it so. 



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calendar   Sunday - August 19, 2012


Cor, Blimey! Good Grief Charlie Brown.

This woman claims she’s never had plastic surgery.  She is of course Sylvester Stallone’s mother.
My god what an embarrassment she must be to him to show up in public like this.
For gosh sake the old broad is 90.  Short skirts and trying to appear sexy as I’m certain she must else why the get up?
Look at that face and those trout lips.  That face could scare the hell out of Count Dracula.

As someone wrote in yesterday’s paper, there really does come a time when the “pursuit of youth” must end.

Hi heels and a mini and a face that has since last night’s appearance, launched a thousand unkind comments and all deserved.

I really don’t think she knows any better.  I think she looks in the mirror and says,” hello you doll you.”

Gonna have to hunt up some awfully nice eye candy to make up for this total mess.

Wonder what Drew will say.  Oh boy.  This should be fun.

The Expandables: Jackie Stallone, 90, brings her inflated trout pout to Hollywood premiere of son Sly’s film

By Chris Johnson

PUBLISHED: 17:32 GMT, 16 August 2012 | UPDATED: 00:06 GMT, 17 August 2012

Hollywood is teaming with inflated egos.

But Jackie Stallone’s lips - which have taken on a character of their own - won hands down last night at the Los Angeles premiere of The Expendables 2.

The 90-year-old astrologer, along with her indefatigable pout, joined her son Sylvester at the Los Angeles premiere of his latest action movie.


Hang on a minute guys.  Don’t go yet.

I didn’t have the heart to post the worst one. The really,really close up- close up. The vomit inducing enlarged pix



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calendar   Tuesday - February 28, 2012


This is one heck of a dramatic, hold your breath story.  It was for me anyway.

Not much text here, it all photo and I couldn’t let this go by.

BTW..... For those not familiar with the Brit weights.  There are 14 pounds to one stone. So we’re talking over a thousand pounds here.

Race against the tide: Bravery of young mother who stayed by her horse’s side for THREE HOURS after getting trapped in mud ‘like quicksand’

Panic as 78-stone show horse is ‘swallowed-up’ by mud
Mother freed her daughter and another horse before returning to trapped animal
Astro was freed just minutes before the tide closed in


This was the terrifying moment a brave young mother battled to keep her beloved horse calm as sea water closed in on the animal after he became trapped in mud ‘like quicksand’.

Exhausted and mud-splattered, Nicole Graham clung to her trapped horse Astro for three hours keeping his head high in a race against the tide.

The 78-stone show horse had sunk into quagmire-like mud and was facing the prospect of drowning as the water rose around them.



there are a total of 14 pix


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calendar   Friday - February 03, 2012

Two Girls, One Donkey

“A Hint Of Hay”

The depravity of some people knows no bounds.

Last week, I went out of my way to NOT run the Fear Factor story, although I am sure you heard about it in a dozen other places:


The “reality” contest show challenges contestants to do frightening stunts and to eat really gross things. But this one really took the cake, being the lowest and most depraved act ever planned for a television show. Oh sure, the contestants “volunteered”. Riiiight. The “leaked” news of this event flashed across the internet and several TV news programs, and created a double mugful of publicity for the show. Just as intended. But when it came time to air the episode, NBC got cold feet, probably realizing 100,000 lawyers were lining up to send them the cleaning bills from all over the country from viewers vomiting just watching this, and they pulled the episode ... which I hear was the season finale, and thus would be key to awarding the grand prize? ... and showed some old rerun instead. So maybe this was all just a ratings game, a bit of smoke and mirrors.


And it shows you just how incredibly stupid, skank, and beyond low class the whores and famewhores who are the contestants on that show truly are: Brynne and Claire Odioso, a pair of good looking red-haired twins (twins Basil, twins!! Oh, this hurts to even write, but they’re bottle reds anyway), not only did the stunt, they were SO MAD that it didn’t air that they went on a Florida radio show and told the world all about it.

“we guzzle jizz and piss by the pint”

To make it grosser, producers left the semen and urine sitting out in the hot sun so it was boiling hot by the time they had to drink it.


Claire said it was extremely bitter going down ... “with hints of hay”—and she vomited several times before successfully drinking the entire glass.
As for how the donkey stuff compares to the human variety—Claire added, ”It’s a lot thicker.”

Holy shiite. “Hey, we’re stupid and easy skanks, and don’t you forget it for a second!”

It’s impossible for journalists to avoid the puns too -

But not only did the Odioso girls gag, it seems they have now been gag-ordered by NBC to keep their lips sealed about the incident.

And the next best part? The interview leaves us no doubt exactly who they are:

“Brynne and Claire Odioso, 22-year-old graduates of the Academy of Holy Names, were contestants on the episode, which was taped in September. Their father is Rick Odioso, a former public relations director with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Alternate Title: Catholic School Girls Gone Bad Make Daddy Proud

Looks like they gave at least one more interview too:

When you agree to go on ‘Fear Factor,’ anything is possible and you clearly should expect the unexpected. So while most of us would think of drinking donkey semen as disgusting, you sign up for that when you sign on the dotted line,” said image and PR expert Glenn Selig. “People have become so desensitized to the lunacy of reality shows; it’s difficult to see the public being outraged with NBC over this. Actually, I would expect that the public will take the position that the twins knew what they were signing up for, and got exactly that.”

But they didn’t get the air time they had anticipated – and have been quick to defend their actions, telling TMZ they were “proud” of such an achievement, and would “probably” do it again.

So these two will get their 15 minutes of fame that they are demanding ... and we don’t even know if they won the contest or not. Hey, how much would that suck, to chug a bucket of mule spooge on TV and then lose? Which would mean that there is at least one other drinker out there who probably did a better job of it, perhaps going back to the donkey for a fresh refill?

And that 15 minutes is going to open the doors for an endless variety of career opportunities. They can make degradation porn movies, they can make bondage and humiliation porn movies, they can make more degradation porn movies, they can get jobs as new product tasters at McDonald’s, or they can get jobs at MSNBC as journalists critiquing Obama.

Horry Clap. What a pair of numskull sicko chicks. And ... in any decent culture, Fear Factor would be hounded right off the airwaves by an outraged citizenry. Remember when NBC’s big hit was Little House On The Prairie? They’ve come a long way baby. Straight down.


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calendar   Friday - January 27, 2012

Makes Me Wonder

I can’t say if this is tinfoil hat stuff or not ...


A very interesting, if difficult, read in 3 parts over at Ulsterman, in which a drunken White House Insider rambles on about dirty politics inside the Obama and (to a much lesser extent) Clinton White Houses. Murder, drugs, clones?, the amazing power of certain billionaires, perhaps a few muted references to the Bilderberg group? Barack the athiest and Mooch the hater of Whites. It all gells in the comments at the end of Part 3, and will leave you wondering. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Tip: “name deleted” refers to several different people across the essay. It can be a bit confusing, but the rather astute commenters figure it out in the end ... and yes, these things really did happen, right down to Diane Feinstein announcing Bin Laden’s death at the funeral for political operative Kam Kuwataan hour or more before the news broke. Spooky shit.

Let’s take a little side trip over to Birther Land: No ruling in Georgia court about Obama’s legitimacy to be on that state’s ballot, even though his attorneys dissed the court with a no show. Rumor is that a Default Judgement will be made, and the Birther people certainly had their day in court; see the videos at that link, where experts find that his SSN and birth certificate are fake. Lots of excitement at a number of Birther sympathetic blogs ( < a href="">here too ) but no official word from the bench one way or the other.

Plenty of other interesting reading at The Ulsterman Report, such as Fast and Furious‘s Cunningham taking the 5th and resigning, Holder not continuing as AG past the end of the year, etc ... all delivered before the news really got out.

The interviews with “Wall Street Insider” are ... well, “shocking” doesn’t begin to cover it:

President Barack Obama has been closely tied to Shorebank for far longer than most realize – nearly twenty years.  Is it so much to imagine then that his rise to power…an oddly meteoric rise mind you…is it so much to think that perhaps then there are those within the move for globalization that have been the unknown hand behind this untested and inexperienced man’s ability to be elected President of the United States?

UM:  A conspiracy?

WSI: No – a simple investment.  President Obama is nothing more than an investment with the expectation of return.  Nothing more.  What is politics – those who finance politics…but a system of investment?  So too is the Obama presidency.

What makes this different though, is that the return on investment this time is the collapse of the American economy and its subsequent replacement within the larger globalization movement.

Conspiracy theories or not, the UM guy does seem to be well connected. The silence of the lambs - no GOP leader is saying a word about Holder and F&F - could be quite telling. And all these stories are interrelated to some extent. Makes my head spin. NAFTA, CAFTA, IMF, F&F, the mortgage crisis, QE1, 2, & 3, mid-east unrest, dumbed down education, exhortations to class warfare ... just different parts of the same pie? Really spooky shit.


It’s all just tinfoil time until somebody loses a planet

And in parting, a PS from another Ulsterman post:

Tony West, appointed by Barack Obama to one of the highest positions within the Obama Department of Justice , working directly under the supervision of Attorney General Eric Holder, is in fact the brother-in-law to current California Attorney General Kamala Harris – the same Kamala Harris who Kam Kuwata was working against during that campaign in 2010.

A brief overview of Mr. West details some rather interesting tidbits – including his participation in defending the “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh in 2002.

Perhaps even more telling in the context of the Kam Kuwata story is this detail:
As co-chairman of Obama’s campaign, West was instrumental in helping the candidate raise an estimated $65 million in California.

And my own PS: If you don’t frequent Discover The Networks, you really ought to. The Who’s Who is vast and complex, but all the players in all the shows on all the stages all know each other, more or less.


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calendar   Wednesday - December 21, 2011

real life chucky at the age of two terrorizes school

Good grief ....

Take a look at this.

And then read this. 

Mother’s anger as girl, three, is sent home from nursery looking like this after being beaten black and blue by a two-year-old nicknamed Chucky

Girl was taken to hospital with suspected fracture to her eye socket following attack

‘Out of control’ two-year-old is nicknamed ‘Chucky’ after violent doll from the film Child’s Play
Parents demand nursery expels ‘out-of-control’ girl after she ‘attacks 10 other children’

The mother of a little girl who was beaten black and blue by an ‘out-of-control’ two-year-old at nursery has called for the child’s expulsion.

Katie Ann Guttridge, aged three, sustained a bruised eye socket, scratches and three bite marks when she was attacked by her classmate during playtime at Ratby Pre-School Nursery in Leicester.

The little girl’s mother, Clara Mackow, said her daughter was almost blinded in the attack and that her injuries were so bad that she was taken to hospital with a suspected broken eye socket.

Police were called in to investigate the assault but were powerless to act because the girl who attacked Katie is below the legal age of criminal responsibility - which in this country is 10 years old.

When confronted by journalists, the mother of the violent girl refused to discuss her child’s behaviour, saying only: ‘My daughter is two years old. I want nothing more to do with this.’

‘The little girl who attacked her has a history of beating up other children. She’s out of control.

‘I know 10 other children have been assaulted by the girl since September. The staff at the nursery don’t seem able to cope with the difficult children.

‘Ironically, the little girl’s mother is a child minder with close links to the nursery and school so the staff consider her one of their own and seem reluctant to discipline her.


Before long we’ll be hearing from the lawyers.
Perhaps a visit from Guido to the mommy dearest of the budding little monster might set things straight.
Might want to send him to the nursery school for a little heart to heart with the school head cos there’s something very wrong here.
If the cops can do nothing, and the school feels defenseless, the only option left is vigilante justice. And I’d vote for that were it my little girl. 


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calendar   Wednesday - October 26, 2011

Rural Trailer Trash and Urban Ugliness: Two Tales Of Abuse

Four children were removed from what authorities described as a filthy Nebraska trailer home where a 3-year-old boy and his 5-year-old brother were kept in a wire dog kennel, police said Tuesday.

North Platte officers went to the home late Monday after receiving a call from someone asking that police check on the welfare of the children living there, police Lt. Rich Hoaglund said. When officers went inside, they were met with the stench of urine and found trash and animal feces throughout the home, Hoaglund said.

An officer soon found two boys, ages 3 and 5, in a 30-by-42-inch wire dog kennel.

“They had a small child’s mattress in there, and that’s where both kids were sleeping,” Hoaglund said. “The gate on that door was wired shut.”

The children’s mother, 22-year-old Ashly Clark, told officers she put her boys in the kennel at night to keep them from climbing out of the trailer through a window, Hoaglund said.

A couple — 25-year-old Bryson Eyten and 24-year-old Samantha Eyten — also lived in the trailer with their 8-year-old and 8-month-old children. Hoaglund said those children were not kept in the kennel. Hoaglund said that while the children were living in filthy conditions, there was no evidence to suggest they had been physically abused or were malnourished.

Clark, the Eytens and 20-year-old Lacy Beyer, who police said also lived in the trailer, were arrested Monday night and charged Tuesday with two counts of first-degree false imprisonment, two counts of felony child abuse and misdemeanor child abuse, based on the condition of the house. The children have been placed with state authorities.

Four young adults and four children living in a shit filled double wide, plus pets, with 2 of the kids locked into a dog cage to keep them from escaping. Pretty sick, or just really poor folk who are really bad at parenting and housekeeping being practical? I say psycho.


Meanwhile, back in Philadelphia, the Horror House investigation continues and more information comes to light about alleged ringleader Linda Weston, as her lawyers start trying to play the non copos mentos “she be crazy” card. Crazy like a fox, I’d say. Investigation has also turned up a suspicious death a couple of years ago at another house in Philly Weston was living at, and another one at a previous home in Virginia. Oh, and while the news services help the lawyers play the crazy game, court research shows that she only served 4 years for starving a man to death, the minimum sentence for the third-degree murder she was convicted of.

We obtained court documents obtained exclusively from the criminal courts of Philadelphia and they spell out the startling details of Linda Weston’s 1983 conviction in the starvation death of Bernardo Ramos.
The documents include a mix of handwritten and typed notes. One chilling sentence in the case review reads, “ The evidence clearly demonstrated that [Weston] was mentally able to supervise a household. She also appeared to be the ringleader of this conspiracy.”

The papers show why Weston served only four years in a third-degree murder conviction for killing Ramos, who was the boyfriend of her sister, Venus Weston. The records show in 1981 she locked Ramos in a closet for about two months. She fed him only four times and let him out on six or seven occasions.
When Ramos died, she wheeled him in a baby carriage to an abandoned house and dumped him.
The files show Weston likely spent two years locked up in a local jail and two more in state prison. On January 15th, 1987 , after serving just four years (her minimum sentence), Weston was paroled. The parole board ordered mandatory intensive supervision and out patient therapy for Linda Weston.
Weston was ordered to take psychotropic meds--drugs for mental illness--and stay out of trouble.

High-ranking sources are now confirming that investigators working on a special task force in this trail of terror are now looking into the death of a Philadelphia woman several years ago to determine if she died under any suspicious circumstances.

The incident several years ago happened in the Lawncrest section of Philadelphia where a woman was reportedly found dead in the basement of a home Weston shared with another suspect in this case.

The news service Reuters has obtained court records from the 1980s [the starvation murder trial] that show doctors believe current Philadelphia House of Horrors suspect Linda Weston was schizophrenic. In court testimony then, Dr. Gino Grosso diagnosed Weston says Reuters, based on a report issued by Judge John Geisz.

“The doctor had performed a psychiatric evaluation on Linda Weston and his report described the defendant as being a mentally retarded young adult suffering from intrinsic brain disease, mainly epilepsy,” Geisz wrote in 1986. “Dr. Grosso also diagnosed the defendant as a schizophrenic.”

The suspected ringleader of an alleged Social Security fraud scheme in which police say mentally disabled people were held captive in a basement may not completely understand the seriousness of the charges against her, her lawyer said Monday.
George S. Yacoubian Jr., a lawyer who represents Weston, said after the hearing that he has met with the woman and plans to do a more comprehensive interview to evaluate her mental state.

He declined to comment on if she had a history of mental issues, but said a competency examination would be a good idea.

“I don’t know if she understands what the allegations are,” Yacoubian said outside court.

Oh gag me. Watch, the po’ white trash in Nebraska will get the book thrown at them, while this not-white twisted murdering psychopath felon in Philly will get 6 months in the rubber room and a bottle of sunshine pills.

Oh, in case you were wondering about 3rd degree murder, WiseGeek explains:

Third degree murder is a legal concept that helps distinguish crimes involving the death of a victim by the intent or circumstances of the suspect. Depending on the court, third degree murder may be synonymous with second degree murder or with the charge of manslaughter. In regions that have third degree laws, the definition typically includes murder that occurred while the perpetrator had the intention of harming, though not killing, the victim, or when the perpetrator was intentionally acting with willful disregard for the victim’s life.

Many courts determine sentencing guidelines for crimes based on the severity of the damage caused and the intent of the perpetrator. By dividing a crime by degrees of severity, a court can narrow sentencing guidelines for judges and juries. First degree crimes are typically those that result in the stiffest punishments if proved; in some countries with the death penalty, first degree murder can result in execution.

First degree murder usually constitutes a premeditated murder, or one that involved particular brutality. Second and third degree murder as well as manslaughter cover gray areas of intent and action, leading to considerable confusion over definition. Many courts do not feature a third degree murder statute, preferring to divide homicidal crimes between second degree actions and manslaughter. The United States is one of the few countries that has a third degree murder statute, and even then only in a few states such as Pennsylvania and California.

In Pennsylvania, third degree murder is defined as any murder not covered by the limits of first and second degree crimes. This category often serves as a catch-all for murder crimes that do not adhere specifically to the guidelines for higher crimes, but do contain elements of malice or recklessness. In most regions that feature third degree laws, the definition includes either crimes that were intended to cause harm but not death, or crimes where willful recklessness resulted in death.


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calendar   Friday - August 19, 2011

not just another hi-speed chase … see link

This is an eye popping thriller.

Back after a day off ... hard rain all day yesterday non stop, flooding in some areas of country, not in ours. Booted this morning and this was the first thing I saw and wow.
Sorry the cops didn’t beat hell out of the crazy bastard ... I’ve never see a car chase quite like this one.

There is no sound and sorry .... link but no embed.  That’s cos the darn thing starts automatically and .... note to Drew.
I really can’t figure out how to shut off the auto feature as per previous advice.

So catch the link and watch the video.  Hollywood couldn’t dream this one up.

Man jailed after shock footage of high-speed police chase

By Gaby Leslie

Police have released nail-biting footage of a high-speed car chase in which a driver speeds the wrong way down the UK’s busiest motorway.

In what Derbyshire Constabulary has described as one of the most dangerous driving incidents they’ve ever witnessed, audacious motorist Mark Jones tried to flee from officers at top speeds of 120mph before making a U-turn in front of other terrified motorists.

Jones was sentenced last Friday to 16 months in prison at Derbyshire Crown Court. He also faces a five-year driving ban.

During the video, filmed by the North Midland Helicopter Support Unit, the 28-year-old drives the wrong way down the M1 into oncoming traffic.

Cars and lorries try to stay clear of the Vauxhall Insignia during the chase which lasted 40 minutes on 18 March this year.

The lawless driver can also be seen colliding with several cars and ramming police vehicles while trying to weave through traffic.

In one part of the video, Jones exits the motorway and drives over the speed limit through a suburban street while overtaking another driver on a mini roundabout.

Eventually a traffic jam on the A38 to Ripley allows police to detain him as he is blocked from driving any further.

In the final moments of the clip, police can be seen holding the driver down with what appears to be a Taser gun above him.



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calendar   Saturday - June 25, 2011


I’ve discovered Ann Barnhardt’s blog. I read the entire thing, every post, as far back as early May, and there wasn’t one part that I found myself disagreeing with.

I don’t want to be the Boy Who Cried Wolf, and I don’t want to be fitted for a tinfoil hat, but in an era where delusional conspiracy theories like Operation Gunwalker actually turn out to be true, how can you know where to draw the line? The line between crazy and real gets more blurred every day; it takes a tremendous amount of research and analysis to get the facts straight on any single issue, and we have hundreds of issues to deal with. Who has that kind of time, given that it takes a good understanding of dozens of issues to form a proper “big picture”.

So ... here we go:

Double Red Alert
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - June 24, AD 2011 9:01 AM MST
Two HUGE intel leads in my email box this morning from way-back contacts that I’ve had for years, that are actually somewhat connected concepts.

1. File this one under “Now It All Makes Sense”. A Missouri farming and ranching contact just got off a conference call wherein he was informed that the federal government is sending out letters to all of the flooded out farmers in the Missouri River flood plain and bottoms notifying them that the Army Corps of Engineers will offer to BUY THEIR LAND.

Intentionally flood massive acreage of highly productive farmground. Destroy people’s communities and homes. Catch them while they are desperate and afraid and then swoop in and buy the ground cheap. Those evil sons of bitches.

2. Speaking of evil sons of bitches, George Soros appears to be “investing” in farmground through the same puppet company that he used to get into the grain elevator and fertilizer business. The company is called Ospraie Capital Management and is buying up farmground in a joint venture with Teays River Investments as a partner.

Bottom line: Soros, through Ospraie, is buying up farmground. Please also note that the hotlink citation above is dated June 26, 2009. My contact says this has been going on for two years - and also remember what I told you about farmground prices inflating wildly, especially in Illinois. I have personally confirmed farmground in Illinois selling for $13,000 per acre within the last month, whereas that same kind of ground in Illinois was going for $5500 per acre the day Obama was inaugurated.

Ms. Barnhardt runs a capital management business and is deeply involved with the buying and selling of agrarian products. According to her, cows (excuse me, cattle - this is not my area of expertise! Yet!) are a losing proposition right now. To me that means that there will eventually be less of them for sale. Which means less food.

I did a few hours worth of looking things up and reading the other day before I posted that story about the environmentalists subverting the goals of the Army Corps of Engineers, and how the flooding in the heartland is difficult to accept as being accidental.  As far as I can tell that story is true. And now we have this.

There will not be much of a wheat harvest this year from the hundreds of thousands of acres that have been flooded. If the farmers who work that land go out of business and the land goes fallow there won’t be any harvest at all for next year. You don’t need to watch Glen Beck to realize that the price of food is about to skyrocket, even though the price of food is nearly double what it was just 4 or 5 years ago. Other than vegetables, EVERYTHING runs on grain. Government has mangled agribusiness. It started with farm subsidies generations ago (under our first commie president FDR), grew with government price fixing for things like milk, protectionist legislation for things like sugar etc., but it really ramped up with the ethanol subsidy on corn. That tipped the heavily laden scales, and the thumb (ethanol subsidy) is still pushing down. That’s all a mere drop in the bucket compared to how bad it’s going to become if the dark intent implicit behind the Big Picture behind Barnhardt’s post is correct. Remember the food riots around the Turd World a couple years back when they found they could no longer afford corn meal and flour? Wait till they start in your own neighborhood. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

When (not if) the economy collapses, and physical or digital money becomes worthless, the only asset of real worth will be land. If Marxists (either in government or government approved private hands) control that land and the food grown on it, we lose. As I have said before, genocide via starvation is the easiest solution to get rid of the opposition. And it’s an old old formula for the far left. Ask an Armenian. If you can find one. The greenie wet dream is to have about 3/4 billion people on the entire planet. Their people of course. And some slaves to do the work - our children and grandchildren.

On the other hand, come the collapse, it will be VERY easy to pin the blame on the evil capitalist farmers, even though it was purposeful long running government action that lead them astray. So once they’ve all been put up against the re-education wall and shot, the rest of us proles will all have to do our mandated civic duty and ride the government run trains out to the fields to plant, and then later to harvest, the crops by hand. Without the aide of Gaia-hating machines. Just like the “free” citizens of the USSR used to have to do, or be shot. Or starved. Hey, it’s “for our own good”.

Sharpen you sickles comrades. A totalitarian agrarian economy is only one step above barbarism, and barbarism says that the only thing that is yours is what you can hold onto by force. None of it works if the proles and the peasants “demand” reform and have the strength to get it. As revered Chairman Mao used to say, political power grows from the barrel of a gun. Eventually the Eloi will rise up. Or go down fighting.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 06/25/2011 at 11:18 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - June 14, 2011

japanese si-fi?  nope.  it’s right here

The scariest tree in Britain?

With nothing to say, just sharing this oddity.


read about it here


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 06/14/2011 at 10:22 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - June 07, 2011

wake up america.

I am aware that every country of any consequence will spend monies promoting themselves to other countries.  Nothing sinister about that. Heck, we do it and have been for a very long time.
But there is I think, a difference between that, and the following article.  I make no claim to rocket science friends.  I’m no more well read then most and no less so. But I have been somewhat concerned over much time, about influence from foreign quarters and especially from the EU.  If you’ve been here long, you’ve already seen what I’ve had to say and what my concerns are.  And ok, I admit it cos I can’t hide it. I’ve become somewhat paranoid on the subject of America becoming more left, more socialist and closer to European thinking. And if you believe there isn’t much to worry about, then you are asleep.

You might find the comments online after the article of some interest.  Seems there are a number of Brits who are concerned as well.  Many of them have fears of becoming so integrated within the Eu that they will lose their country entirely.  They are right to worry and the clock is ticking.
For us as well.

More than £3million has been funnelled to American universities to promote the benefits of European integration

In US dollars the figure below would be $32,912,986 at the current rate of exchange.

How EU spends £20m a year promoting left-wing causes in the U.S.


Brussels is pouring nearly £20million a year from its human rights budget on lecturing the Americans on left-wing causes.

The EU Human Rights Fund is intended to help promote Western values in the developing world. But a shock report has found at least £17million of cash – around £2million from British taxpayers’ – has been ploughed into promoting the pet causes of Eurocrats in the U.S.
It is being spent on promoting abolition of the death penalty, discussion of climate change, green energy, and the International Criminal Court – all controversial subjects in the U.S.

The study by the Heritage Foundation, a centre-right Washington think-tank, found a further £4million has been ploughed into pro-EU propaganda in the U.S., including funds for advertising and publicity material.

More than £3million has been funnelled to American universities to promote the benefits of European integration and a further £3million to think-tanks who want to study EU affairs.

The European Commission’s own accounts show millions have also been paid to unnamed individual opinion formers in the U.S.

The report’s British author Sally McNamara said: ‘It is impossible to justify EU human rights budgets being spent in one of the world’s freest nations.’
Tory MP Douglas Carswell said: ‘The U.S. was founded by North Americans fed up with Europeans interfering in its internal affairs.

‘The U.S. as a country has done more to bring liberty and human rights to the world than anyone in Europe. They don’t need any lessons from Brussels.’
Stephen Booth, research director of the Open Europe think tank said: ‘The EU has absolutely no mandate to wade in to politically sensitive debates in the U.S.’



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 06/07/2011 at 08:50 AM   
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calendar   Wednesday - March 16, 2011

Exodus from a nuclear nightmare: Thousands flee.  See links.

Some interesting links from Christopher yesterday, as well as a bit of insight re. figures etc.  I was so overwhelmed with photos in papers, full page after page that it never dawned on me to wonder about the subject Chris brought up.  For sure though it’s pretty scary for the only people with a history of an atomic disaster in their past.

Now, in addition to one place with a volcano, the aftermath of the quake and tsunami, now they have snow on top of everything else.

I don’t guess it will mean much but ..... I wish the people of Japan well and a quick recovery from this disaster. I know they will rise again, as they have since their beginnings.

There’s a subhead somewhere in today’s paper that claims the authorities were warned two years ago about safety features at the nuke plants. I haven’t read the attending article yet, but plan to.

No doubt you’re all watching news and live shots from the scene and your papers are running the same thing.
So here’s some of what we are seeing and of course there’s lots more at the links.

Have to feel very sorry for the victims and their families in Japan.  I really like those ppl and loved Japan when I was there for a very short (too short) time.

Exodus from a nuclear nightmare: Thousands flee as they question whether Japan’s government is telling them truth about reactors


Hundreds of vehicles sped out of the shadow of the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant yesterday.
Those inside the cars and trucks were fleeing for their lives, terrified about what might happen next and reluctant to believe anything their government was telling them.

‘We knew it was close by, but they told us over and over again that it was safe, safe, safe,’ said 70-year-old evacuee Fumiko Watanabe.
‘People are worried that we aren’t being told how dangerous this stuff is and what really happened.’
Thousands of terrified residents emptied the shelves in last-minute panic-buying sprees. Many of the evacuees filled their pockets and bags with all the food they could carry as they piled into temporary shelters.



There’s no point in posting a lot of article which is mostly photos anyway. Read the links for more if interested. Meanwhile, here’s a few edited pix.

Damaged reactor



Don’t understand how a house can float like this. But it did. Two miles out to sea.



And finally for this post .... JAPAN .... Survivor ... 1945




Shinto shrines represent the spiritual connection between the people and the land. The traditional Torii entrance gates to these shrines were among the few structures to survive in Hiroshima 66 years ago and in the village of Otsuchi last Friday


Posted by peiper   United States  on 03/16/2011 at 06:42 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - February 15, 2011

Nothing is sacred

I honestly do not believe what I stumbled across last night…

Captain Kirk “…set phasers for BRAIINNSSS”

Mr. Spock “…Live Long and Eat Brraaiiinnnsss”

Yes, it’s…

Night of the Living Trekkies

There’s even a YouTube preview. Posted below the fold for violence and gratuitous almost-nudity.

See More Below The Fold


Posted by Christopher   United States  on 02/15/2011 at 07:17 PM   
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