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calendar   Wednesday - November 05, 2014

disaster for brit community as libyan troops train in britain, man raped, woman assaulted

Up thru much of the night listening to the BBC radio coverage of America Votes.  Confess to some surprise (being away so long) that GOP has done as well as it has.
One report I heard says that the Tea Party is responsible in large measure.

I think now the really hard work begins.  The electorate is going to expect an awful lot.

Meanwhile in the country in which I reside, the following story is making news as well it should.

You will recall a few years ago, the idiot would be crusader for the rights of everyone everywhere, namely the Brit Prime Minister Jerk, David Cameron, led the charge to liberate Europa from the Naz ....?  Hang on.  Wrong war.  He just wishes it were, and wants to be Churchill.

The current prime jerk led the charge to liberate Libya from a tyrant and make the world safe for democracy.
And as we all know, that country is today a stable and peaceful place of plenty and no longer have waring factions with hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing for ...... Europa and especially Britain. 

Having achieved that much sought after goal, later on he tried to convince his Parliament to back an invasion of Syria with landings at Normandy and
hang on .... that’s wrong innit? Wrong war again. They do get confusing.

Anyway ... his Parliament refused to follow him in a crusade against Syria because things went so well in Libya.

However .... aid is being given to Libya in the form of military training with a group of them stationed here in the UK for training.

Lets us take a look at this latest project to see how things are progressing.

Libyan soldiers invited to train in UK: Cadets accused of sex attacks. Hundreds sent home. Dozens set to claim asylum

300 Libyan soldiers based in thee UK are to be sent home a month early

Group were stationed at Bassingbourn Barracks - 14 miles from Cambridge

Two men are charged with raping a male victim in a park after night out

Two men admitted sex attack on woman a week ago but one man denies it

It is understood two of the soldiers have since claimed asylum in the UK

Whole programme training 2,000 soldiers is on hold and may be axed

By David Williams and Andrew Levy and James Slack for the Daily Mail

Hundreds of Libyans invited to the UK for military training are being sent home amid claims of rape, drunkenness, fighting and theft.

The cadets – hand-picked by the British Army – were supposed to be given leadership skills to help their war-torn country.

Instead they have been allowed to run amok outside their Cambridgeshire barracks, terrifying their neighbours. British troops have been drafted in to restore order.

Worse still, Libya has failed to pay the bill for the programme. Since the training course – which is backed by David Cameron – began in June:

Cadets hunted down and sexually assaulted three women in one night;
Two of the trainees have been charged with raping a man in a park;
Discipline has collapsed, with one in ten refusing to obey orders;
A UK trainer has reportedly been headbutted and another apparently threatened by a Libyan mob;
Cleaners at the base complained of being ‘touched up’;
Recruits have bought alcohol against strict orders;
A handful have even asked for asylum.

Ali Zidan, Libya’s former prime minister, paid £2.5million to the UK government but has claimed further payments were being blocked by Libya’s Islamist-led congress.

In April, Mr Cameron wrote to Mr Zidan’s successor, Abdullah al-Thinni, urging him to make the payments.

The Prime Minister pledged the UK’s continuing support but added: ‘I understand that you have been working personally to take forward the General Purpose Force Programme and that plans are now advanced for some 360 recruits to come to the UK in May.

‘I hope that it will be possible to resolve quickly the remaining issues relating to contract and payment, given the overall importance of this programme to our shared goal of improving stability and security.’

The call for extra troops to restore order came from police last week. Units of the 2 Scots, the Royal Highland Fusiliers, were sent in to Bassingbourn Barracks, near Royston, after their leave was cancelled.

Last night, the Ministry of Defence announced the 24-week course was ending early and the 325 cadets would be sent home.

The future of the entire programme – scheduled to cover 2,000 trainees – is in doubt amid protests from furious locals.

Andrew Lansley, a former Tory health secretary who had initially supported the scheme, said: ‘As this stands, no further groups of trainees could be brought here from Libya.’

He said the MoD must be held accountable for ‘a serious failure’. Mr Lansley said about 10 per cent of the cadets ‘were not accepting the discipline and weren’t accepting what they were asked to do and were not becoming part of a military force’.

‘They were looking to take whatever advantage they could,’ he added. ‘It has meant recently that there has been a lot of additional resources by the MoD to try and shore it up and give protection. It is all very disappointing. We wanted it to work and for it to make a contribution in Libya. I am unhappy.’

The demand for answers came after Cambridge magistrates were told how three of the cadets had behaved ‘like a pack’ as they hunted down and sexually assaulted three women in one night.

Ibrahim Naji El Maarfi, 20, and Mohammed Abdalsalam, 27, left their barracks on stolen bicycles and cycled to Cambridge where they stalked their victims under the cover of darkness. The city’s magistrates were told how they touched them sexually and attempted to put their hands up their skirts.

Abdalsalam admitted two counts of sexual assault, one count of threatening behaviour towards a police office and one count of theft. El Maarfi pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual assault, one count of exposure and one count of theft.

A third man, Khaled El Azibi, 18, who was charged with three counts of sexual assault and one count of theft, refused to enter pleas at the hearing.

They will be sentenced at Cambridge Crown Court at a later date.


Two Libyan soldiers pleaded guilty to assaulting women in Cambridge. A third refused to plead to similar charges
Two recruits charged with the rape of a man in a Cambridge park
Cadets said to repeatedly slip out of the barracks, visiting shops and pubs

More than £1,000 was spent on alcohol on a single visit to Tesco, said one local
Residents in nearby villages said they felt intimidated and complained of drunkenness and theft, especially of bicycles
A British Army trainer was head-butted by a recruit

Some recruits left after going on ‘strike’. Two more left after allegedly ‘molesting’ cleaners at the barracks
A British corporal was shouted at by 20 of the North Africans after three colleagues were detained for going AWOL
British soldiers had leave cancelled to help police control trainees.



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calendar   Monday - November 03, 2014

Feral Children

QOTD: White privilege = being held responsible for the acts of your ancestors by blacks who accept no responsibility for the acts of their children.

Beaten Nearly To Death Twice Over A Pair Of Sneakers

How ghetto can you get?

DETROIT (WWJ) - Detroit police say a 16-year-old is clinging to life after getting being attacked by a classmate at his charter school, apparently over a pair of shoes.

The incident happened Wednesday at Allen Academy on Quincy Street, in a northwest neighborhood off of I-96 near Joy Road.

Police say the student, identified in reports as 16-year-old Willie Wallace, was violently attacked by at least one other student. Investigators believe it all stemmed from a previous altercation over a pair of expensive Nike Air Force shoes Wallace was wearing.

Wallace reportedly suffered a seizure, fractured skull, bleeding in his brain, and damage to his chin, cheek and neck in the attack, which went on for about five minutes. He was last reported in critical condition.

The attack apparently started as Wallace was walking down the hallway on his way to class. His mother told reporters that he was sucker-punched before entering the classroom, where other students allegedly joined in the attack.

But not to worry, the school has a Zero Tolerance Policy. And the last time this gang attacked this kid over this same pair of sneakers, they suspended everybody. There, problem solved. Except now the kid gets beaten to a pulp right in the classroom. And it took the teacher 5 minutes to intervene. FIVE MINUTES. Must have been busy calling 911. No, probably he couldn’t get near the victim for the size of the crowd stomping him to death. Such nice children. All aspiring rappers, and college bound, no doubt.

A Detroit teenager badly beaten by classmates at his charter school in Detroit was headed for surgery to repair his jaw at Henry Ford Hospital, his mother said Friday.

Willie Wallace, 16, was pummeled by what a police investigator said was as many as a dozen classmates at Allen Academy as he walked in a hallway to his last class of the day, his mother, Sylvia Simmons, said.

“He has made a lot of progress” toward healing since the fight, the second altercation at the school in less than a month, Simmons said. The first occurred several weeks ago after older boys tried to take Willie’s $130 Nike Air Force shoes and they were suspended, along with Willie, she said. The second incident occurred when some of the same group “tried to get even” for being suspended, Willie’s mother said.

“He has a fractured skull, he has blood on his brain and he bit half of his tongue off” in a seizure that he suffered soon after Wednesday’s fight, she said. The hospital listed him in serious but stable condition Friday.

“But he’s off the ventilator, thank God for that, and (Saturday) they’re going to do the first surgery on his jaw, so he can breathe properly and swallow properly,” Simmons said. She said her son was sucker-punched in the jaw as he walked into class in mid-afternoon Wednesday, and “then he rolled into the classroom and all these others jumped him.”

A Detroit police spokeswoman confirmed Friday that the department was investigating the incident and that “we do have one juvenile detained in connection with this case.”

Ferals. Sub-human monsters.

The boy’s mother says she’s pulling him out of this private school and taking up home schooling. I think she’d be better off moving the heck out of Detroilet.


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calendar   Tuesday - October 21, 2014

Why is the world not marching to war against ISIS?

Isil carried out massacres and mass sexual enslavement of Yazidis, UN confirms

Thousands of men from the colourful but besieged Yazidi minority in Iraq were murdered in cold blood in scenes reminiscent of the Bosnian Srebrenica massacre when Islamic State jihadists swept through in August, according to new assessments by relatives and researchers.

Across the Kurdish region of northern Iraq, refugee camps, building sites and a sprinkling of Yazidi villages hold tens of thousands of Yazidi refugees who fled the advance of Isil in scenes of biblical exodus across Mount Sinjar in August.

But tens of thousands more were trapped behind the Isil lines.

Researchers adding together accounts of massacres in Yazidi villages as the jihadists attacked have counted a series of killings of more than 100 men each, with the total gunned down now thought to be up to 5,000.

An estimated 5-7,000 women are also being held in makeshift detention centres, where they are being taken away and either sold into servitude or handed to jihadists as concubines. The town of Tal Afar alone is thought to hold around 3,500 women and children in five detention centres.

At first, reports of the massacres and the mass sexual enslavement of women were so extreme and apparently incredible that they went little reported compared to the very visible plight of those who escaped to the mountain.

However, United Nations researchers have managed to verify many of the accounts beyond reasonable doubt: virtually every refugee family has male relatives who have been killed and women who have been kidnapped.


The UN researchers, from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, have been collecting accounts of the Isil incursions. It says that 250-300 men were separated and killed in Mr Khalaf’s village, Hardan, including ten by beheading; another 400 gunned down in the village of Khocho; another 200 civilians were killed by Isil shelling them as they left the village of Adnaniya; as another group of refugees reached the village of Qiniyeh, the men were separated from the women and children, and 70-90 of them lined up by a ditch and shot.

On another road, out of al-Shimal village, near to Sinjar town, witnesses reported dozens of bodies left behind, including those of four elderly men with disabilities, who had been shot dead.

Hundreds more men had been killed for refusing to convert to Islam, the researchers said.

In some of the massacres, people were simply lined up at checkpoints, shot on the side of the road en masse and then bulldozed into mass graves, survivors told The Telegraph. Others were herded into Yazidi temples which were then blown up.

Matthew Barber, a scholar of Yazidi history at the University of Chicago who was in Kurdistan as the assaults happened, said it was thought 3-5,000 men had been killed.

He said he had also compiled a list of 4,800 names of women and children being held captive.

“In every place where Yazidi women or families are held, jihadists come and randomly select women that they take away,” he added. “A final total above 7,000 is perfectly feasible.”

‘I’ve been raped 30 times and it’s not even lunchtime’

A young Yazidi woman forced into sex slavery by the Islamic State begged the West to bomb the brothel where she was being held after militants raped her 30 times in just a few hours, it is claimed.

The unidentified woman is understood to have been kept as a prisoner of the jihadists somewhere in western Iraq having been captured by ISIS during the Sinjar massacre in early August.

A group raising awareness of ISIS’ persecution of women in the vast swathes of the Middle East under its control said the woman had contacted Kurdish peshmerga fighters by telephone to plead for the brothel to be bombed to put the women held as sex slaves out of their misery.

She allegedly told the fighters she had been raped so frequently that she could no longer use the toilet, adding that the ordeal has been so harrowing that she plans to commit suicide even if freed.


Describing the woman as crying on the phone, Karam quoted her as saying: ‘If you know where we are please bomb us… There is no life after this. I’m going to kill myself anyway - others have killed themselves this morning.’

‘I’ve been raped 30 times and it’s not even lunchtime. I can’t go to the toilet. Please bomb us,’ he claimed the woman added.

Straight out of the Koran. Kill your enemies, kill your prisoners, kill those who will not convert to your flavor of the “faith”, keep or sell prisoners as slaves, abuse women and treat them with vile and violent contempt. Religion of Peace, My Ass.

The entire world should put on the Blue Helmets and annihilate this plague. No quarter, no exceptions, no rules, no prisoners. Kill. Them. All.


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calendar   Thursday - October 16, 2014

mustn’t say anything that might offend or appear islamophobic

Words almost fail.
What dumb asses they are.  I suppose they think that when the dark mass that is islam takes over, their kind thoughts will spare them.

And speaking of a dark mass. Some darkie with a foreign sounding name, see below,
shows how far into stupid black leadership has taken these brain dead, dead beats. 
Scary when ya think, the Labour leader Ed Miliband is suggesting a voting age of 16. 

National Union of Students refuses to condemn ISIS due to fears it would be ‘Islamophobic’

· Student had put forward motion calling for condemnation of ISIS atrocities
· Also called on National Union of Students to pledge support for Iraqi people
· Motion defeated after rebellion led by Black Students Officer Malia Bouattia
· She said motion raised at meeting was merely a ‘justification for war’
· Ms Bouattia has vowed to start work on revised motion which will not be ‘Islamophobic’
· Daniel Cooper, who proposed motion, said he could see no signs of Islamophobia
· Debate raised National Executive Council meeting of the NUS in September
By Julian Robinson
The National Union of Students has come under fire after it refused to condemn ISIS - because of fears it was ‘Islamophobic’.
Students put forward a motion at the body’s National Executive Council meeting calling for the condemnation of terrorist atrocities and support for the Iraqi people.

But the call was defeated after a rebellion led by Black Students Officer Malia Bouattia, who said the motion was merely a ‘justification for war’.
It comes a day after military chiefs from around the globe met to discuss the battle against ISIS and despite a number of Muslim leaders in Britain having condemned the extremist group.

One student, who wished to remain anonymous, said: ‘Islamophobia is a meaningless term used by irrational people when unable to rebut a rational criticism.
‘Malia Bouattia should realise how lucky she is to be able to stand up and express her opinions with freedom and security.

‘She would not enjoy the same freedom if she were to visit the ISIS/ISIL that she refuses to condemn, and protested her opinions.’
Another added: ‘I personally would find something rather Islamophobic in Ms Bouattia’s idea that condemning ISIS is also to condemn the other, approximately two billion Muslims on the planet - who don’t rape minorities or murder journalists.

Birmingham student Malia Bouattia led a team who either abstained or voted against the proposal, leading to the motion’s defeat.

She said: ‘We recognise that condemnation of ISIS appears to have become a justification for war and blatant Islamaphobia.

‘This rhetoric exacerbates the issue at hand and in essence is a further attack on those we aim to defend.

‘The NUS Black Students’ Campaign stands in support of Black communities across the globe and uncompromisingly against imperialism and Western interference which history shows all too often leads to the suffering of Black people.

Of course, they never but ever act in such a way as to bring things on themselves.  I think I’ll quit here. I see a red curtain.


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calendar   Friday - October 10, 2014

they keep coming but now have demands …. but will the french get sick of it all? see video

Back in Le-belle France again ... or is it La-bell?
Must be careful not to get it wrong in case madame president somehow finds us here. (see next post)

Anyway ....  About the time I get used to things, more or less, and don’t think anything new on the immigration front will surprise, up pops this story.
Tell the truth ... I sometimes wonder if the papers make up these stories.
Here are ppl living hand to gaping mouth taking charity; and they’re complaining ?  So yeah, that got my eyes open.

Why the French can not simply turn these filthy rotten- flea ridden- lice infested scum back with threats of being shot dead, I don’t know.
The French public, at least many of them, are quite upset too.  They don’t like what’s happening to their country.  But they must be a small minority because the French elected a socialist president in their last election. 
What I am certain of is with each charitable day, immigrant numbers will grow and grow and .... well.  You get the picture.

Oh ... before I forget.
The leader of the Lib/Dems here (Liberal Democrats) thinks that this country needs more immigration. He thinks taking in the oppressed and the hopeless and jobless and oh lets not forget the homeless, that will be provided of course.  And that baboon loving buffoon is the deputy prime minister in this coalition govt.

Damn ... hope the heck I’m not coming down with a cold. Last thing I need, especially now. 

btw ... check out the photos at the link. One of them has a shot of one brillo head with a cell phone. Looks like anyway.

See the VIDEO at the link. It’s about two minutes. Even then, that’s just a tiny fraction, a small hint. Watch it. And they’re coming here!

Calais migrants turn up at their nose at ‘bland’ food being handed out to them

Migrants in Calais rejected meals handed out to them by a French aid charity

Turned their nose up at the food which they said was not spicy enough

Many have now been accused of being ‘too pampered’ after refusing meals

Salam aid charity says ‘many in France don’t even have an evening meal’

2000 migrants sleep rough in Calais as they try to board ferries to the UK

By Peter Allen In Paris

Immigrants in Calais who are desperate to reach Britain have complained to charities that the free food being handed out to them is not spicy enough.

Many were accused of being ‘pampered’ after they rejected the meals offered in northern France by the aid association Salam.

The group’s spokesman, Jean-Claude Lenoir, said it was ‘very disappointing’ that some went without a meal because of the row. 

‘The leaders staged a small protest and prevented the others from coming to eat,’ he said. ‘This was unacceptable.’

Mr Lenoir said the meal was ‘a lot less salty and not very spicy’ compared with what was usually served.

He said spices are ‘very expensive’, and went on to criticise the refugees.

‘I find that they’re a bit too pampered by now,’ he said.

‘As soon as 15 or 20 refused the meal, I stepped in to tell them if they didn’t want the food we could put it away and that it was scandalous,’ he said.

Referring to the tough economic circumstances in his home country, Mr Lenoir said: ‘Many in France don’t even have an evening meal.’

While aid workers were happy to help the migrants, ‘there are limits with regards to what we can propose’.

There was no violence during the protest against the food being served, and some of the migrants apologised afterwards.

There are currently 2,000 migrants sleeping rough in the Calais area as they try to get aboard ferries to Britain. There, many will claim asylum, so gaining access to free housing and social security benefits.

Over the summer, Calais mayor Natacha Bouchart threatened to close the docks following an attempt by scores of mainly Eritreans and Sudanese to storm a ferry.

Ms Bouchart said she wanted ‘far more help from the British government’ to deal with people attempting to cross the Channel illegally.

The number of migrants in Calais has increased sharply in the past few months, and hundreds more are also camping out near other Channel ports, including Dunkirk and Cherbourg. All play a nightly game of cat-and-mouse with the police as they attempt to break into lorries that are heading for the UK.

The migrants are mainly from Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea, and have crossed to Italy before travelling through mainland Europe.

Violent clashes between rival migrant groups and people smugglers have also broken out in Calais.

According to the Calais Prefecture, 7,414 undocumented migrants were arrested in Calais in the first six months of this year, compared with 3,129 detained in the same period of 2013. Most of those detained are soon released. 

source, daily mail


A dozen illegal immigrants travelling in the back of a refrigerated lorry on the M6 were discovered yesterday after one dialled 999 because he was so cold.

Police had to close the motorway during morning rush hour after the ‘distressed’ illegal immigrant asked for an ambulance, begging for ‘urgent assistance’ in broken English. He dialled 999 because it was said to be the only phone number he knew in the UK.

The call was traced and police pulled the lorry on to the hard shoulder near Hilton Park Services near Cannock, Staffordshire. Officers were stunned to see a dozen poorly-dressed men emerge shivering from the back of the lorry.

The M6 was shut for two hours as the men – believed to be from North Africa and the Middle East – were examined. The driver of the lorry was being questioned by police last night.


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calendar   Monday - September 29, 2014

Leaks by Edward Snowden and the Guardian have put British hostages in even greater peril.

Every single time I see a photo of this filthy rat bastard, all I can think about is how pleasurable it would be to kill the shit. 
Slowly. Very slowly. Blood boils and I see that red curtain.

The Germans btw, have invited Edward Snowden to Berlin, as they have questions with regard to NSA listening in on phone calls and spying.
I doubt the ass wipe would risk possible arrest by leaving his new home in mother Russia.  Oh yeah, I’d also like to delete in the same long and drawn out manner, his lady friend who organized his escape originally.

I don’t suppose we can nuke Moscow to set an example to any others who defy the interests of American national security. Yeah okay, didn’t really think so but it was a nice thought while it lasted.

OK so …. This caught my eye last week and I think you should read it.
The only issue I would take with the learned prof is the idea of terrorists “communicating with each other only in person”.
I recall hearing that way back in 2011, shortly after 9/11.

An intelligence expert’s devastating verdict: Leaks by Edward Snowden and the Guardian have put British hostages in even greater peril

Professor Anthony Glees is Director of the Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies at The University of Buckingham.

The agony of Barbara Henning, the wife of the Islamic State hostage Alan Henning, so genuinely and painfully expressed two days ago, is almost too much to bear.
Her anguish is felt not just by the family members of all IS’s hostages and, of course, by the hostages themselves, but is shared in part by every decent person in Britain.
David Cameron has expressed outrage at this organisation’s sadistic killings. He has declared that the killers of the British aid worker David Haines, and the Americans James Foley and Steven Sotloff, would be ‘hunted down and brought to justice’.
He has promised we will drive back and ‘ultimately destroy’ the so-called Islamic State and the ‘monsters’ who fight for it.


IS are masters of propaganda. The way they paraded Mr Henning as the next in line to be executed, and followed this with the two videos of British journalist and photographer John Cantlie, almost seemed to be daring our country, and daring our Prime Minister, to convert his fine words into real action.
There is just one major problem with what Cameron has said.

It is that we don’t know where the hostages actually are. Nor, for all this week’s U.S.-led bombing, do we know the precise location of this murderous organisation’s leadership or the whereabouts of its chief, Dr Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (he holds a PhD in Islamic Studies).

The big question is: why don’t we know? Britain has one of the most sophisticated intelligence communities in the world, second in many respects only to that of America, with whom we share our information. But the Americans don’t know either. Why not?

I believe this is very largely the work of one man, and of one British newspaper — Edward Snowden and The Guardian. In June 2013, Snowden — a former contractor for the U.S. National Security Agency, leaked details via The Guardian about the extent to which GCHQ, our government’s listening post, could monitor electronically-transmitted messages and its capacity to search the ‘haystack’ of vast amounts of data in order to identify ‘the needle’ that might help them defeat terrorists.

By doing so, he and The Guardian implicitly warned all Islamist terrorists throughout the world to stop using their mobile phones, to stop texting their fellow killers, not to use social media — as they had been doing with the greatest possible skill — and to communicate with each other only in person.

The result was that the vital intelligence at home and abroad began to dry up, virtually overnight.

The Guardian happily stoked the fire in the interests of ‘civil liberties’ with the effect that the freedoms of Snowden and his chums — and of Islamist terrorists worldwide, including extremists in the UK — were set higher than those of kidnapped schoolgirls in Nigeria, or the hostages held by the grisly medieval fanatics in Syria or Iraq.

The scaremongering caused a gale to blow through Whitehall and Westminster. Political leaders became terrified of being accused of ‘snooping’ and our intelligence community was put firmly and decisively on the back foot by the politicians’ cowardly behaviour.

Heavy blows to the morale of the intelligence services followed on from the totally unjustified and absurd claims from civil libertarians that Snowden and The Guardian had protected Britain from turning into a Stasi-run state.

Nowhere was this seen with more horrifying clarity than in August 2013, when David Miranda — partner of The Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, who was covering stories based on Snowden’s leaks — was arrested at Heathrow Airport.

Miranda had been with Snowden in Russia. He was on his way to see Greenwald and was acting as courier. In order to allow a steady drip of harmful information to seep out week after week, Snowden used him to take new and hitherto unseen secret documents to Greenwald — and he was held on his arrival in the UK after a tip-off from MI5.

Despite being arrested in possession of many thousands of top secret British files on his computer, he was allowed at the express wish of Downing Street to destroy the hard drive of his computer and was then released to fly to visit his partner Greenwald, who was living in Brazil.

Downing Street’s argument was that by insisting that Miranda destroyed the hard drive, they would ensure the classified files were also destroyed. But, inevitably, they had been copied beforehand.

The truth is that, not merely were our politicians permitting Miranda to destroy the very evidence which could have been used to convict him — a serious criminal offence in itself — they were also signalling that Britain would not legitimately use the Official Secrets Act to maintain the integrity of Britain’s intelligence gathering capacity.

The message went out, loud and clear, that we would not put up a legal fight against either Miranda or The Guardian to ensure that secrets about our capacity for electronic interception, a key part of intelligence gathering and at the core of Britain’s biggest intelligence success in World War II at Bletchley Park, would remain hidden.


If this continues to be the attitude of our leaders, it will no longer be possible to use the Official Secrets Act to keep this country safe.

Snowden was technically not a British traitor because he is an American, but he betrayed the values of this country, lock stock and barrel.

He now resides in comfort in Russia, as the personal guest of President Putin. Unlike the hostages the Islamists take and butcher, he lives in comfort and safety, as do those from The Guardian newspaper who published his leaks.

Their success in doing so is an indication of our blindness. Their work has made ours so much harder.

It is my view that the only way now to get accurate intelligence to deliver justice to the beheaders, and to target our firepower in an area of Iraq and Syria the size of Britain, is to get British boots on the ground.

As long as David Cameron insists this will never happen, all that his policy will consist of is good intentions. And we know where they lead.

Our intelligence services have been severely compromised by their supine attitude towards Snowden and The Guardian’s activities. And our helplessness as the grotesque videos of hostages are paraded before our eyes by IS are a terrible reminder of this fact.



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calendar   Thursday - September 25, 2014

australia a better place tonight due to the deletion of one muslim terrorist.

Under a headline from down under that read;

Shooting of teen terror suspect raises tensions, my immediate thought was, oh great. Here we go again.

So I read the article and come to find out the turd stabbed two cops, one of them critically.  He also had two knives and was clearly looking to do harm. Or more likely, murder.  But one of the cops got a shot off and made Australia a better place by minus one.
So why the tension?


Islamic leaders criticise police investigation

Leaders of Melbourne’s Islamic community have criticised police over their investigation into the fatal shooting.

Gaith Krayem from the Islamic Council of Victoria said police were quick to jump to conclusions.

“I was disappointed with the immediate press conference police held last night. It was held three hours after the event, and they drew conclusions immediately,” Mr Krayem said.

And they really haven’t a clue why we hate them.

Here’s the story that went along with that photo.

Australian Police Shot And Killed A ‘Known Terror Suspect’

Martin Parry, AFP

Police in Melbourne have shot dead a “known terror suspect” who stabbed two officers, a day after the Islamic State group called for Muslims to indiscriminately kill Australians, officials said Wednesday.

The 18-year-old, whose passport was canceled a week ago on security grounds, was killed on Tuesday evening, having arrived at a police station on the outskirts of Melbourne to attend a “routine” interview.

Named by media as Abdul Numan Haider, he was met by two members of the Joint Counter Terrorism Team and greeted them with a handshake before pulling out a knife and attacking both men, with one stabbed in the head, neck, and stomach.

One officer fired a single shot that killed him, police said, adding that the teenager was carrying two knives.

“I can advise that the person in question was a known terror suspect who was a person of interest to law enforcement and intelligence agencies,” Justice Minister Michael Keenan said on Wednesday, adding that the attack was unprovoked.

Both police officers were in a stable condition after undergoing surgery.

The attack came after IS militants released a statement Monday urging the indiscriminate killing of citizens of countries taking part in the US-led coalition against the group, which has seized swaths of Iraq and Syria and declared an Islamic “caliphate.”

Australia was singled out, along with the United States, Canada, and France.

“Obviously, this indicates that there are people in our community who are capable of very extreme acts,” Prime Minister Tony Abbott said in a statement.

“It also indicates that the police will be constantly vigilant to protect us against people who would do us harm.”

Canberra this month raised its terror threat level and last week carried out large-scale raids in Sydney and Brisbane to disrupt an alleged plot by IS supporters to abduct and behead a member of the public.

The government believes up to 60 Australians are fighting alongside IS jihadists, while 20 have returned home and at least another 100 are actively working to support the movement at home.



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manning in the news. still. why is the bastard still alive?

OK so, if this bit of filth, this screaming faggot get his op., I guess Americans gets to pay for it.

The bastard betrayed the country while wearing it’s uniform.

And notice the media. Most press reports I’ve seen insist on referring to the creep as a ‘she’.

How in world can IT be a she, if no operation has taken place?  It’s still a he. But no. The media is using the name he gave himself. Chelsea.
Why so damn accommodating? 

Notice too the appearance of the aclu here. Why isn’t anyone out there shooting any of these rat bastards?  Have you ever noticed, with all the weapons out there and for so darn long, not one member of the aclu has ever been deleted. Not one!  That bothers me even more than Manning’s lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims he will self harm by self-castration. No he won’t.  He wouldn’t have the nerve it would take. And if by some chance he actually did, so what?
Let him bleed out. Cheaper then feeding him for the next 3 decades and seeing to his medical needs.

From Y-News (Yahoo)

Manning sues Defense Dept. for gender treatment

Chelsea Bradley Manning asked a federal court Tuesday to order the Defense Department to provide hormone therapy and other treatment for her gender identity condition while she serves her 35-year sentence in military confinement.

A spokeswoman at the Pentagon, Army Lt. Col. Alayne Conway, said she could not comment on pending litigation, per military policy.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, says the Army private formerly known as Bradley Manning is at a high risk of self-castration and suicide unless she receives more focused treatment for gender dysphoria at the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

“Such clear disregard of well-established medical protocols constitutes cruel and unusual punishment,” ACLU attorney Chase Strangio said in a statement.

The Army is providing some treatment but not enough, according to the lawsuit. She is getting psychotherapy from a mental health specialist who lacks the qualifications to treat gender dysphoria, according to the document.

And although Manning has been issued female underwear and sports bras, “she is denied permission to outwardly express her female gender through female hair length and other grooming standards,” the lawsuit says.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/25/2014 at 01:11 PM   
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calendar   Friday - September 12, 2014

they call themselves anti fascists but actually, they are pond scum I wish the worst for

Look at these scum.
What an inviting target.
They belong to the left and have come from outside Calais, many of them have, and believe that by calling themselves anti-Fascists, they have carte blanche to attack anyone who speaks out about immigration, or any topic they happen to support. They have the right to shut down debate and shout down everyone by labelling them as “Fascists.” But I think we know they are fakes.  They are all about control of any opposition by any means.  They are as active here in the UK as they are over there in France.  In fact, these vermin often travel from country to country.
If they fancy themselves defenders of freedom and light, why the masks and hoods?

Just the sight of these filthy bastards makes me see red.

Just so ya know.  This all really started because residence of the city complained that the govt. was not doing enough or maybe nothing , with the ever-growing numbers of these lice in their town.  There seems, to them, to be no control.
They are right.  And it shouldn’t matter but ... not all those demonstrating against the immigration policy in their country, are of the right. Some have no politics at all.  Or they didn’t until now.

Powder keg Calais: Hooded anti-fascists clash with right-wing protesters as tempers reach boiling point over migrant invasion of port

· Youths carrying large wooden sticks congregated outside town hall
· Right-wing demonstrators were protesting against camp of migrants
· Left-wing supporters of foreigners stormed area wearing black face masks
· Comes as UK offered to send 9ft-high steel fences to improve security

By Francesca Infante for the Daily Mail

Anti-fascist activists clashed on the streets of Calais yesterday with protesters angry with the town’s swelling migrant population.

Young men and women, many wearing black face masks and carrying large wooden sticks, congregated outside the town hall to confront right-wing demonstrators.

It is the latest outburst in the escalating tensions among migrants and local communities, which have reached breaking point in the last week.
The right-wing group Sauvons Calais – meaning ‘Save Calais’ – were protesting against the growing number of people, mostly from the Horn of Africa, Sudan and Afghanistan, who have set up camp as they try to enter the UK.

Around 300 riot police were called in to try to maintain peace as the protesters found themselves under attack from left-wing supporters of the foreigners.
Last night police struggled to set up barricades to keep the two groups separate as violence and vandalism raged on the streets.

The unrest follows the revelation yesterday that the UK government has offered to send 9ft-high steel fences to the town to improve security.

The 12 miles of fencing was used at the Nato summit in Wales last week, and the Home Office says it is much stronger than the barriers currently in place at the French port.



Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/12/2014 at 08:57 AM   
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calendar   Sunday - September 07, 2014

oh for a life in an islamic state …. peaceful and fair in a place of peace.


A very long time ago, way back in islamic history, some male figure somehow convinced the faithful, that the abuse of the female was the fault not of the abusing men, but the fault of the female.

If they “lose” it at the mere sight of a woman, it surely must be her fault and so ...  they came up with the idea of forcing women to cover up.

Bizarre. I can’t for the life of me grasp the reasoning of the young women, especially those who have been exposed to western culture and in many cases born here, deciding to go back in time and live like chattel. I don’t understand the attraction.

British female jihadis are running Islamic State’s religious police force that punishes women for ‘un-Islamic’ behaviour

· Al-Khanssaa brigade is female-only militia set up by IS in Raqqa, Syria

· ’Key figure’ is Aqsa Mahmood, 20, who fled Glasgow for Syria last year

· London academics identify four British females as members of group

· British women in al-Khanssaa could know who killed two US hostages

By Mark Duell for MailOnline


British female jihadis are operating a religious police force that punishes women for ‘un-Islamic’ behaviour, it was claimed today.

The al-Khanssaa brigade is a female-only militia set up by the Islamic State in Raqqa, Syria, with a key figure believed to be Aqsa Mahmood, 20, of Glasgow, who fled to the country last year.

Academics at King’s College London have identified three other British females as members of the group - and say there are about 60 UK women who have gone to Syria on jihad.

Most of these women - including privately-educated Mahmood - are aged between 18 and 24, with al-Khanssaa said to be seeking out people engaging in Western culture in Raqqa.

It is believed that US hostages James Foley and Steven Sotloff were both beheaded in the desert near Raqqa - and therefore the British women in al-Khanssaa could know who killed them.

Melanie Smith, a research associate at King’s College’s International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, told journalists Robert Mendick and Robert Verkaik of The Sunday Telegraph: ‘Al-Khanssaa is a sharia law police brigade. This is Isil’s female law enforcement.


The press and I suppose the govt. spokesmen, continually refer to these ppl as British, but in fact, they aren’t. Even those born here, are not British.  They stop being anything remotely related to British, as soon as they defend and give support to outside forces, whose aim is the overthrow not just of government, but the forceful if necessary conversion and overthrow of the native culture.  I spell that treason.



The 47-year-old “ activist” said that while he views his British passport as nothing more than a travel pass, he would not move to Syria as he was born in Britain, and that if he were to try he would be arrested by British police.


‘From what I understand from people living there, they have security, schools are now being set up where their children are taught about Islam, and they have the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter,’ he told The Observer newspaper.

A 2013 report by campaign group Hope Not Hate labelled groups linked to Choudary as the ‘single biggest gateway to terrorism in recent British history’, and claimed he was the link between groups who encourage the safe passage of British and European Muslims into Syria where they join Al Qaeda-linked forces.

It also suggested that he should be considered a ‘serious player’ in the promotion and recruitment of young Muslims to terrorist cells.

According to the study, organisations affiliated with Choudary have encouraged in the region of 80 young British Muslims to join the fighting in Syria and may also have had a hand in the recruitment of 300 more on the continent.

Previously, the father-of-four from Leytonstone in East London has made statements about how he would like to see the Prime Minister David Cameron and the American President Barack Obama killed.

He is also known to have links with Michael Adebolajo, the Muslim convert who murdered Fusilier Lee Rigby.

However, Choudary has always been carefiul not to break the law and has never been charged or convicted of a crime related to terrorism.

He has only ever been fined £500 by the authorities - which came after he organised a protest outside the Danish embassy in London over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Choudary insisted that he does not know the British terrorist nicknamed Jihadi John, and seen in the brutal videos depicting the beheadings of journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

The man, who speaks with a London accent, was seen holding a knife in both of the shocking videos, his face hidden with a scarf.

‘I’d recognise his voice if it was someone I knew,’ he said.

Without giving his backing to the killing, Choudary said there were crimes which, under sharia law, were dealt with using capital punishment.

The former lawyer added:’If you look at the death of James Foley, you only have to listen to the person who is executing him to know that the blame is the Americans’ because of their own foreign policy. The fact is that decades of torture, cruelty and mass murder will have repercussions.’

He also said he had no information about the capture of British aid worker David Haines, 44, who is being held hostage by extremists, and has been earmarked as the next victim, following the deaths of Mr Foley and Mr Sotloff.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/07/2014 at 09:50 AM   
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calendar   Wednesday - September 03, 2014

Lost for words ….. see the video, all of it.  and share it.

VICE NEWS ... by way of Sarah Vine @ The Daily Mail. H/T

This is something I’d urge you to see, all the way through.

It runs a bit over 42 minutes, there will be a time or two when you may get bored.  It’s natural.  Please ignore your natural inclination to stop the video or fast forward.  View to the end.  Yes, I know that you already know what these folks have planned and in store for us all.  But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

At the end of the video there’s a link to continue on to another video which I haven’t seen myself yet. 

I read a short blurb in a morning paper by Sarah Vine.

The joystick Jihadists

Desperate to make some kind of sense of the madness of ISIS, I’ve been glued to an online news channel called Vice News, which has had a reporter embedded with the Jihadists.

His mini-documentaries give a terrifying insight into the mentality of these young men with big guns and crazed ideals.

They seem to think it’s all some huge game. In one bit, they’re filmed doing wheelies in a stolen tank. In another, they laugh and joke about what they’d rather be, a fighter or a suicide bomber.

Then it dawned on me: this is a generation that grew up on ultra-violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto and Soldier Of Fortune.

Many of these young men spent their teenage years locked in their bedrooms, eviscerating their rivals with chainsaws and torching prostitutes.
Of course, not every- one who plays violent video games turns into a murdering Jihadi.

But it might go some way to explaining how a bunch of second-rate British hoodlums can rejoice in seeing men’s heads hacked off in cold blood.

Vice News?  I just had to see what she was referring to.
Got a lot more than I bargained for.  Sure thing none of this is new.  But it’s the extent of it, the deep hatred and the absolute assurance among these creepy looking bearded vermin and the next generation of their carbon copies, who say they will break America, and they believe it, and finish off Europe too.
It’s a hell of an education.
I think you’ll want to share it.


At the end of this video you will see a link to another video marked Pt.1.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 09/03/2014 at 08:20 AM   
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calendar   Tuesday - September 02, 2014

a muzzie idea of freedom means the freedom to dominate the thoughts and words of others

The following is part of a recent article by a muzzie slag who is described as a Brit for some reason. Okay … she’s lived here a long time, married to a Brit, is a lefty liberal, her words, and a general hate Bush, hate America libtard.  Just seeing her face makes me wish I could whack her with a Louisville Slugger. 
Her name is Yasmin Alibhai Brown and she was born in Uganda. Must have come here very early cos her accent is pure Brit.  She isn’t and she never will be.
What she is referring to below is the call for breaks on immigration, illegal immigration and the terror threat whereby those (muslim) Brits who went to Syria and Iraq, not be allowed to return tom the UK. Some other issues as well re. pulling passports.  All of which is a conservative plot and a racist plot as well, anti-muzzie don’t ya see.

David Cameron is exploiting our fears so that he can take away our freedom

Yasmin Alibhai Brown
We know Britain has been complicit in the rendition and torture of Muslims picked up around the world. Edward Snowden has exposed the lengths to which our intelligence and security services have gone to spy on ordinary citizens. And Muslim men are in prisons today without being charged or even told what it is they stand accused of.

In 2010, the all-party parliamentary committee on human rights concluded the following: “Since 9/11, the government has continuously justified many of its counter terrorism measures on the basis that there is a public emergency threatening the life of the nation...we are concerned that the government’s approach means, that in effect, there is a permanent state of emergency and that this inevitably has a deleterious effect on the public debate about the justification for counter terrorism”. The last part is the most important: this perpetual state of high alert means public consent is brushed aside.

When one looks at the way IRA violence was dealt with the contrast is striking. Between 1974 and 2000, counter-terrorism laws were strengthened only twice. Though IRA bombs were killing and maiming people, our parliamentarians did not overreact the way so many do today. Irish residents in England were put under pressure but they were not all judged to be covert or overt enemies of the state. Politicians then did not lose their heads completely.

Perhaps because even the wildest Irish were white Christians. When confronted by enemies who are dark, manic Islamists, our leaders seem to experience psychological disorientation, deeper fears.


And that last part is what really makes me see red. True, even her continued breathing does that, but using the IRA example to make her point just shows what mush her brain is.  While I can’t think of anything good to say about the IRA, one thing I know they did not do.  The IRA didn’t declare war on all of western civilization, in fact, I never heard of them flying planes into buildings, and you can bet your last dollar there were plenty of times back in those dark pre computer social network days, when plenty of Irish were likely to have been ill treated by angry cops. Ppl who may have had nothing to do with killing or bombing, but who perhaps had a family member who did, was taken as being guilty as well.  Human nature at work.  Not saying hassling innocents a good thing, but just that it happens and it had to have happened back then too.  But she wouldn’t know that, not being a real Brit and coming from a third world alien culture and religion and all.  Of the very many bad things both sides did to each other during , The Troubles , I do not recall ever reading that gangs of Catholics or gangs of Protestants, targeted young girls of opposite religion for the purpose of rape and forced prostitution. 

She just annoys the hell outta me.
She annoys the hell out of lots of people.  I do not wish the bitch well.


Video one good example of how easy it is for a consv. making a Twitter remark is twisted into a racist rant which it wasn’t.
Interesting debate if you wanna call it that.  It’s dated as it happened months ago.


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calendar   Thursday - August 21, 2014

the right to protest somehow turns out to be the right to deny you shopping unhindered

This isn’t the only business to be picketed by these meatheads.  And they are everywhere. Like insects.

Another supermarket targeted and closed for four hours over fear of crowd demanding “justice for palestine” by idiots who don’t seem to realize that most if not all the products come from places other than Israel. Poland for example.
Another source is Egypt for typical Jewish item called Matzoh. Crowd of fools would not be interested in the facts anyway as their agenda for the most part I think, is a desire to belong to a movement of almost any sort, where they can wave placards and shout slogans and look really cool. To themselves. That doesn’t hold true for all of them course.  The rest are also idiots and most likely have a score with not simply Israel, but Jews anywhere.  However, afraid of being arrested by the police who are ruled as all here are, by a slavish devotion to political correctness, they can vent against Israel as a blind in place of …. JEW! 

This is from The Birmingham Mail.  Interesting they way adults use the kiddie too young to know what anything is about. Stick a placard in a young hand and tell em what to do.  Not long before they’re told what to think.  Be sure and see all the photos.

This was really a (mostly) happy pleasant land once.  That ended with the first muzzie allowed to live here. Of course, as shown here, they also have their enablers.

Btw ....  someplace in London has actually had leaflets being handed to various ppl encouraging them to join ISIS and go to Iraq and fight.
Interesting times indeed.

Take a look at this.

Birmingham MP Shabana Mahmood hauled in by Labour bosses after this video of Sainsbury’s Gaza protest

By Jonathan Walker


A Birmingham Labour MP who took part in a pro-Gaza demonstration which forced a city centre supermarket to close has been hauled in for talks with the party leadership.


she posted a video to her YouTube account, filmed as the demonstration took place, boasting that the store had been forced to shut and lose business because it sold goods from Israeli settlements.

She said in the film: “We’re calling on Sainsbury’s and all other stores that trade settlement goods that they stop doing so.”

Labour has now issued a statement saying that Ms Mahmood, a Shadow Treasury Minister, does not support a boycott. Instead, she supports “proper labelling of goods”, the party said.

In the film, Ms Mahmood appears to be calling for a boycott of goods produced in Israeli settlements in the West Bank, an area of land effectively under Israeli control but which should be part of an independent Palestinian state, according to United Nations resolutions. She does not call for a boycott of goods made in Israel itself.

Speaking at the Birmingham protest, Ms Mahmood said: “A peaceful protest outside of a Sainsbury’s store in central Birmingham.

“It’s half past three and the store has actually just shut as a result of the peaceful protest, that’s about four and a half hours worth of business that Sainsbury’s is losing for supporting goods from the Israeli settlements which are illegal under international law.

“So we’re calling on Sainsbury’s and all other stores that trade settlement goods that they stop doing so, that they do not support people who have broken international law.

“There’s been a huge response today just here in central Birmingham, incredible to see, and the passion here of all of the people campaigning is incredible to see.”

In another film on her YouTube account, taken outside the BBC headquarters in London on August 9, she calls for “a two state solution”, which would mean Israel and Palestine both existing as independent states in line with United Nations resolutions.

A Labour Party spokesperson said: “Ed Miliband has been clear that Labour does not support boycotts of Israel and we resolutely oppose the isolation of Israel.

“Labour remains committed to a comprehensive peace based on a two-state solution, international law and a secure Israel alongside a secure and viable state of Palestine.

“Having spoken to her, Shabana has made clear that she does not support calls for a boycott of Israel but supports the proper labelling of goods from the region as per the DEFRA guidelines.”


I guess she now receives a get out of jail card.

Peaceful protest. Sure.  As long as no customers even try to get into the store.  Judging by the photos at the link, they have a protest right, but you don’t have a right to shop unhindered by vermin laying in isles blocking your path.

see the photos/birmingham mail


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/21/2014 at 01:11 PM   
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calendar   Wednesday - August 20, 2014

cheer up america.  help is on the way for you and ferguson

Caught in the paper this a.m.

The American branch of a rights organization with home in Europe, is on the way.

As Drew already mentioned, amnasty intl. is going there to “observe police and protester activity.” Isn’t that sweet of the turds?
Like it’s their business.
They are also reported to be going there to ...  “train local activists” in non violent methods.

I don’t think the majority of the sort of animals I have seen pictured, would be much interested in the non violent part.
After all .... what the hell good is a protest and demonstrations unless you can enjoy yourself.  Yeah. Burn and loot and vandalize places. Maybe get to beat up on someone. Hey ... maybe one of em will shoot one of the amnasty creeps.  Ohboyohboyohboy. Ah-hope-ah hope ah-hope. (with apologies to Disney, taking that last way outta context)


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 08/20/2014 at 09:05 AM   
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