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Didn’t think I would be on line today but booted to check things.

I wasn’t going to post the story or pix thinking you folks could see the same thing in any country you’re from while visiting us at bmews.
I haven’t a clue about the laws or systems of justice in other countries.  But justice seems to be sorely lacking in some western countries and especially here in the UK and perhaps the USA as well.

I’ve been here a number of years which doesn’t qualify me as expert in any way. But heck, I read the papers and listen to the radio, and have no TV by choice.
And what I see and hear makes me despair. 
How is it that growing up in a very innocent age, by comparison to today, I still managed to work out right from wrong?  I didn’t need anyone to tell me. I knew. We all did.  Which ain’t sayin’ we always did right when sometimes wrong was fun or just something we knew we could get away with.
But I promise you we never even thought of doing the things I read about today.  Rape? Stabbing ppl?  Sure, it happened even then. But never on this scale.
And of course in those days there was the death penalty.  Emphasis on that last word.  Doesn’t seem to be much of that anymore.

A few weeks ago I saw two stories crime related, never posted cos it was the same old same old. But what did stand out was that in two separate cases the accused when being sent off to prison, shouted out in court, haha. Easy. I can do that.
Another said, “I can do that standing on my head.” Or words similar.  They just don’t care and they know they’ll get out sooner rather then later.

One prisoner with a violent background even took the prison to court AND WON the right to be called Mister by the prison guards.

And here’s this group of sub human life forms who if you read it all will discover that for them, they were merely doin’ what comes naturally.

And speaking of what comes naturally, take a good look at this animal.
He looks like he grunts, ape like, instead of speaking as humans do. And he’s only one of that group.

Six months for boy who raped girl of 11 sparks outrage over 16-year-old thug’s soft sentence for attack in McDonald’s toilet

* Series of attacks took place on three separate dates
* Involved up to eight members of the same street gang
* Only two were convicted, but investigations continue
* Ringleader, then aged 13, was jailed for five years
* Judge said attack had ‘far reaching effects’ on victim
* Thugs beat her up to make sure she kept quiet


A teenage gang member who raped a girl of 11 in a McDonald’s toilet will serve only six months behind bars after an astonishing ruling by a judge yesterday.

The 16-year-old was one of several thugs who preyed on the ‘vulnerable and lonely’ victim over a number of months.

They subjected the girl to a series of horrific rapes before trying to intimidate her into staying silent.

But incredibly, he was locked up for just one year yesterday after the judge said the victim’s unwillingness to have sex ‘may not have been obvious’ to him and he deserved ‘very great credit’ for pleading guilty.

The teenager – who cannot be named – is likely to serve only six months in a young offenders’ institution.

Last night the sentence was condemned by victims’ groups, who said it trivialised the rape of a child. In law, a girl of 11 is deemed incapable of consenting to sex in any circumstances.

Jo Wood, a spokesman for Rape Crisis, said: ‘Victims will be appalled by this kind of sentence. That victim will undoubtedly serve a life sentence after what has happened to her.

‘It will have taken considerable courage for her to come forward. I am very concerned that this sentence does not reflect the seriousness of the crime at all.

‘Courts will need to seriously consider the message that sentences such as these send out.’

Stephen Timms, the Labour MP for East Ham, said: ‘These attacks were horrendous, repeated and committed by young men who seemed to have little remorse for the trauma they have inflicted on this girl. I am shocked, especially given the gang dimension to this case, that their sentences are so short.’

Conservative MP Philip Davies said: ‘For a court to hand down such a derisory sentence for one of the most serious crimes seems to me to be totally unacceptable.’

Mr Davies said such sentences had ‘left the public with no confidence in the criminal justice system’. He added: ‘It certainly won’t act as a deterrent, or encourage victims of rape to come forward.

‘Given how serious the problems with gang culture are in this country, I think it is very weak indeed.’

The victim, who is now 13, stared at the floor in court yesterday as Ibraheem Giwa, 15, and his 16-year-old co-defendant, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were sentenced to five years and one year respectively.

Both had been members of the Say No More gang from the Custom House area of Newham, East London – an area blighted by violent turf wars.

Ibraheem ‘Ibby’ Giwa – described as the ringleader – was just 13 when he carried out the first attack on the girl in September 2009, Inner London Crown Court heard.

He dragged the girl, who had just started secondary school, into the bushes at a park, and raped her while another boy watched. He then invited her to his house, where she asked him: ‘If I do it, are you going to leave me alone?’

Giwa then raped her again, before inviting a queue of up to eight other gang members to do the same.

The victim wept throughout the attacks and asked the boys to ‘stop it’, but they simply told her to stop crying because it ‘made it look like they’d done something’ to her.

She later told police: ‘They didn’t ask me if I wanted it or not.’

Six months later, in March 2010, she was attacked in the toilet of a McDonald’s restaurant in East Ham, East London, by the gang member, then 14, who had heard about the previous rapes.

He followed her into the toilet and raped her while his friends waited outside the door. After the attacks, members of the gang bombarded the victim with texts and phone calls warning her not to tell anyone about what had happened.

On two occasions, she was beaten up as a warning not to report the crimes. When she finally did go to the police, officers seized the defendants’ computers and found that Giwa had discussed the rape with others on Facebook.

In one conversation, Giwa had written: ‘I think the girl we rapped (sic) went to police.’

A 15-year-old, who cannot been named and who was later cleared, wrote: ‘What girl?’ Giwa replied: ‘The girl we bang at my house.’

Passing sentence, Judge Patricia Lees said the rapes had been ‘selfish and debased’ attacks on a vulnerable and lonely child who had been left genuinely frightened of gang reprisals.



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I used to live in England and now I live in the United Nations

A couple of months ago I posted a YT video of a woman losing her cool thru drink, and going on a racist rant on the tube. That’s Britspeak for subway.

So then here’s an update which is interesting and just shows how right, maybe I should use the word correct instead, people accused of the big ‘R’ actually are.
There are valid reasons for their many seasons of discontent.  Mostly the feeling that they are losing their country. Their culture is being buried and they don’t understand how it’s been allowed.  The huge and people I do mean the very huge influx of uncontrolled immigration to this ISLAND.
I just need to emphasize that in case anyone forgot.

About a week ago an MP complained loudly after getting a less then quality sandwich and apparently not what he ordered, because the person who waited on him didn’t have much of an understanding of English. And so he asked why the fast food place couldn’t hire English ppl or at lease ppl who had a grasp of the language, instead of so darn many eastern Europeans.  Naturally the bed wet crowd called for his head accusing him of ... wanna say the word?

If every single person who felt the same way this woman did and spoke out the same way, drunk or sober, they would number in the millions and there would not be enough room in the jails to house them all.

Now then, what has me seeing red this chilly grey morning, is that the lady in question here could face jail because of her drunken rant on that subway.

Seems to me I recall a gang of four black muslim slags who beat the hell out of a white girl but were let off cos .... they weren’t used to being drunk.
I wonder if this woman can use the same defense. Course not. She be the wrong color and religion and race.

Happy New Year 1984.

Secretary, 42, told she faces jail after admitting champagne-fuelled racist rant on train that was posted on YouTube

Jacqueline Woodhouse, 42, abused passengers on the Central Line train
Film uploaded to YouTube has been watched 200,000 times
Sikh man on his way back from funeral who filmed it, said he put it on YouTube to ensure speedy justice


A drunken secretary has admitted hurling racist abuse at fellow passengers on the London Underground after a video of her appeared on the internet.

Jacqueline Woodhouse, 42, directed a drunken, expletive-ridden rant at passengers on the Central Line between St Paul’s and Mile End stations on January 23.

The court was told that Woodhouse had drunk an ‘unknown’ quantity of champagne at a retirement party before getting on the Tube at 11pm.

She now faces jail, after police launched an investigation into a seven-minute long video of the verbal assault that was uploaded to YouTube.

Today at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Woodhouse, of Romford in Essex, admitted causing harassment alarm and distress to the Sikh man who filmed her - Galbant Singh Juttla.

The video clip begins with Woodhouse shouting in a thick Essex accent about ‘foreign s*** heads’.

She turns to her passengers and asks: ‘Where do you come from? Where do you come from? Where do you come from?

‘I would like to know if any of you are illegal? I am sure like 30 per cent of you are.’

She then turns on the Pakistani man sitting next to her, who is singing his national anthem, and threatens to ‘punch him in the face.’

‘I wouldn’t mind if you loved our country,’ she adds.

She then turns to Mr Juttla’s camera, as he assures her he would rather be listening to his music than to her.

She goes on: ‘Why don’t you tell me where you’re from?’

He replies: ‘I am British.’

She gets her phone out of her black handbag and looks as if she is filming him too.

Mr Juttla warns her: ‘Watch what you are saying.’

She replies: ‘I used to live in England and now I live in the United Nations.’

As he tells her to keep her mouth shut, informing her that she has had too much to drink, she becomes extremely agitated and starts screaming.

‘It’s not your country anyway so what’s your problem?’ she yells. ‘It’s been overtaken by people like you.’

The court heard that Mr Juttla decided to film Woodhouse after she started berating an unidentified black female. She then sat down between two men and began another barrage of abuse.

Woodhouse told police she could not remember the rant but recognised it was her in the video.

She attended court today wearing a black suit and white shirt. She sat in the court with her brow furrowed and her head bowed as the magistrate was shown the video clip.

Ms Campbell said Woodhouse verbally abused a male passenger while on a train to Stratford. She asked whether he had paid taxes, adding: ‘I have had enough of it, why don’t they go back to where they come from?’

Outside court Mr Juttla, who runs a print company, said: ‘I found it very distressing.

‘I uploaded it to YouTube because I thought that was the fast-track process to catching this person.

‘I also needed to show the public that kind of person is out there and not to put up with this kind of behaviour.

‘My kids have seen the video and they are disgusted by it. They don’t expect for someone to shout abuse at their dad.’

Adjourning sentence, District Judge Elizabeth Roscoe said: ‘Bearing in mind the level of abuse, the persistence of the abuse, the number of people on the train unable to leave without aborting their journey, and the children present, means that I think the court has to have a pre-sentence report.

‘I make it clear that all options are open to the sentencing court, including committal or immediate custody.’

The judge imposed stringent conditions banning her from the Tube network (for two years it’s reported elsewhere) and she was ordered to keep to a daily curfew between 10pm and 6am, which will be monitored by electronic tag.

She will be sentenced at the same court on May 29.


If you go to the link, take a look at the comments below the story. 


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evil makes its own rules and calls it ‘honor’

Here but not really up to much last few days.

Came across this a week ago, should have posted earlier but better late then .....

This is an obit that appeared in the Telegraph.
If one picture is worth a thousand words to describe the demented low life that caused this, then I shouldn’t even have to post the obit itself.

I can’t recall where I saw this quote but it sure applies here and I believe throughout the islamic world. And not just there either. But this sort of thing is endemic to them. 



Fakhra Younus, who has committed suicide aged 33, gave a face to the thousands of Pakistani women who are disfigured as a result of acid attacks, typically carried out by husbands who accuse their wives of dishonouring them; her attacker has not been brought to justice.


That photo may look pretty bad but there’s worse that wasn’t included in the on line version.  For the sub human life forms that think there is ‘honor’ in this kind of thing, it’s just business as usual.

Hers wasn’t a nice story to begin with.  It should never have happened and in a more civilized culture, it wouldn’t.

Born to a heroin-addicted mother on Napier Road in Karachi’s red-light district, probably in 1978, Fakhra Younus was 18 and working as a “dancing girl” (a euphemism for a prostitute) when she met Bilil Khar, a former Member of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab and son of a former Punjab governor, Ghulam Mustafa Khar. The Khar family owns vast swathes of farmland in the province and is a major political force in Pakistan. A cousin of Bilal’s is Pakistan’s current Foreign Minister, Hina Rabbani Khar. When he met Fakhra, Bilal Khar had already been married and divorced three times and was married at the time to a fourth wife with whom he had two children, facts of which Fakhra was unaware.

The two married after six months, but, by her account, from the very start her husband subjected her to a sustained campaign of sexual, physical and verbal abuse that lasted three years before she eventually escaped and moved back to live with her mother. But her peace did not last long.

On the afternoon of May 14 2000 she was disturbed by an intruder. She later said she had been asleep in her drawing room when she heard a man’s voice telling her: “Fakhra ... Fakhra wake up!” “I jerked as he held me by my hair and opened my mouth. Because I resisted he couldn’t get me to swallow. But then he threw something on me. At first I thought it was a joke. I did not understand what had happened to me. Then he left, so I ran after him. My house was on the second floor and by the time I got to the first floor, I realised I could not see.”

Feeling her clothes melting to her body, she collapsed on the floor, screaming. By the time the acid had done its work the hair had been burned off her head; her lips had fused together; her left ear was obliterated; she had been blinded in one eye; and her breasts had melted to the bone. She could breathe only with extreme difficulty. When her four-year-old son, Nauman, first visited her in a crowded public hospital, where she remained for the next three months, he ran away crying.

Fakhra’s family sought to prosecute Khar for attempted murder and the case came to court in 2003. Although four witnesses testified to seeing him enter Fakhra’s home on the day of the attack, all later retracted their statements. They had complained of receiving death threats, but the judge in the case took no notice and in December 2003 he dismissed the charges. Khar continued to protest his innocence, claiming the perpetrator was a pimp with whom his wife had been having an affair.

After her release from hospital Fakhra Younus found that she had become a liability to her family, for whom she had once been a source of income. She and her son were subsequently taken in by Tehmina Durrani, a stepmother of Bilal’s and a women’s rights activist who had chronicled “the Khars’ way of treating women” in her book My Feudal Lord, in which she described the abuse meted out to her by her ex-husband, Ghulam Mustafa Khar.

In 2001, after some difficulty (the government, concerned about Pakistan’s image abroad, dragged its heels over issuing a passport), Tehmina Durrani helped Fakhra to move to Rome where, over the next 11 years, she underwent 39 major operations. By the 38th operation, in 2011, she could move her mouth and one eye, and her face, though still badly disfigured, had regained some of its shape. By this time she had learned Italian and co-written a memoir, Il Volto Cancellato (“The Erased Face”), which brought in some income to add to a monthly disability allowance from the Italian government.

But the operations exacted a heavy psychological toll, and she was said to be depressed by the impossibility of returning to Pakistan, where friends were worried that her life would be in danger.

On March 17 Fakhra Younus climbed to the sixth-floor balcony of her apartment building in Rome and jumped. In a suicide note she gave her reason as “the silence of law on the atrocities and insensitivity of Pakistani rulers”.

News of her death arrived in Pakistan as the country was celebrating its first Oscar — awarded to the Karachi film-maker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy for Saving Face, a documentary focusing on victims of acid attacks. As Fakhra’s coffin arrived for burial, protesters were demanding that the case against Bilal Khar be reopened.

But Khar continued to deny that he bore any responsibility for his wife’s death: “My hands are clean,” he told interviewers. Fakhra Younus is survived by her son, who is in the care of an Italian family.



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calendar   Wednesday - March 28, 2012

this is the result of not belonging to a pc religion or color. jail for nasty tweets.

No surprise that there is one law for foul, miserable Somali nigger sluts, and another for de white folks.

You may recall this episode from last year and these skanks, these filthy black slags, who beat the hell out of a girl for the crime of being white, and the idiot judge who let them off. Remember that?
Well if you don’t, here’s a damn reminder.

James Bide-Thomas, prosecuting, said Ambaro Maxamed, who started the violence, had called Miss Page a ‘white bitch’ during the incident.
The women, who are all Somalian Muslims, were not charged with racial aggravation.
Victim Miss Page said: ‘I had gone for a drink after work and then I met my boyfriend for a couple more before heading home.
‘We didn’t want to stay out too late so we went to get a taxi and all of a sudden I heard these women shouting abuse at me.

‘We were just minding our own business but they kept shouting “white bitch” and “white slag” at me.
‘When I turned around one of them grabbed my hair – she literally wrapped her fingers in my hair – then threw me on the ground. That’s when they started kicking me.

‘They were taking turns to kick me in the head and back over and over. I was lying on the ground the whole time, crying and screaming. It was terrifying. I thought they were going to kill me.

‘Eventually the police came but it felt like ages. Afterwards I was covered in blood and hair.

‘I had a bald patch on my head where they had yanked my hair out and I was black and blue all over.

skank photos here



Now then …. this unfortunate (cos he’s a white boy) is going to jail. Did he beat up anyone?
His crime was racial abuse on Twitter.

What he said was uncalled for. The things he wrote were hateful, there is no excusing his actions.  However, because he’s the wrong race and or color, he is in handcuffs and off to jail.  And even his college has dropped him.

The whole fuckin episode makes me see red.  I am not saying he shouldn’t be called to account if the charges are true.  He’s accused of inciting hatred, the bad boy.  Oh, like ppl who ordinarily don’t hate anyone, are suddenly going to become haters based on his words. I think the judgement against him might incite more hatred then his ill chosen words.  Worse yet, the charge of “racially aggravated harassment” hardly matches racially aggravated assault. But in his case, he has been sent to prison to, “reflect the public outrage at his comments.”
Well shit. There ya have it.  Outrage over nasty words trumps a nasty vicious physical beating by a gang of filthy criminal scum who happen to possess the politically correct color and religion.  Hey, come to think about it, there wasn’t much outrage over the beating of that girl and her boyfriend. Yeah there were many angry people, but not on this scale. And that is damned bothersome.

There are folks and conservatives among them, who have joined the bandwagon in the judicial lynching of this guy.  They demand equality and an end to race hate, but play right into the hands of ppl who are haters, by this lopsided lack of punishment. Or in the case of the somali slags, no punishment at all. Bet ya they didn’t even lose their benefits.

This fellow may have acted stupidly, but he tore out no hair, kicked nobody, sent nobody to the hospital.
His crime was, “vile racist tweets.”

I have long thought the system in the USA was pretty well fucked up, especially after the OJ trial and even before that.
But this takes the prize for sure for a double standard, which the right is always being criticised for. 


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calendar   Tuesday - March 27, 2012

somali pervert to sue brits and obl’s right hand man alive and happy at txpyer xpense

Idiots. Absolute and totally irredeemable too late to save legal eagle idiots bowing and scraping to the human rights court of Europe while England sinks further into the world of pc make nice and lets try and be fair to all.

Never mind the duty to protect the law abiding and the overall security of the country.
Heaven help the USA if the libtard fools who pray (it seems to me) for a one world lets all hold hands and kiss have their way.  As they often seem to. If this were an isolated thing we could write it off and hope it wouldn’t happen again. But that is not the case. This case is one of many.


Oh and btw …. as long as I’m ranting about the bizarre and stupid, that Qatada fellow (pictured here with his lovely bride) that the govt. just couldn’t deport (his human rights) even though the govt. says he is a danger and a terrorist.
Just so you readers know who I am referring to.

Only a man described as Bin Laden’s right hand man in Europe is all. Right now, he’s the happiest man in England.

The man who owns the property this vermin was living in (at taxpayer expense) did not know who was living in the property until the news broke about him.  When he found out he blew his top and told the powers that be here to take the scum out of his property. He wanted no part of him.  Soooooo …. said terrorist was moved and is he pleased, according to his brother.
He now has an even larger abode and a more expensive too. With compliments of the taxpayer as usual.
His deportation was halted by European judges.

What a fracked up world I tell ya.
The Brits gave their all and stuck it out all through the blitz.  They were brilliant with code breaking and propaganda and a never say die attitude.

And that was just the women. 

They could beat Hitler at his own game, they helped save Europe and now without firing a shot they’re occupied by a Euro-weenie liberal court.


By Anil Dawar
A SOMALI sex offender who sidestepped Home Office attempts to deport him yesterday won the right to sue the Government for failing to release him quickly enough.
Bashir Barrow, 51, was originally allowed to stay in the UK after fleeing his war-torn homeland.
But instead of repaying the favour he ended up costing the country hundreds of thousands and went on the run to avoid being sent home.
Now the pervert – who once turned up to an immigration hearing so drunk it had to be abandoned – could be in line for a cash payout after the Court of Appeal gave him permission to continue a taxpayer-funded bid for compensation.
The UK Border Agency paid out £4million in compensation in 2010 for 152 cases – including many unlawful detention claims – at an average of £26,600 each.
Ukip Euro-MP and home affairs spokesman Gerard Batten hit out at the farcical situation. He said: “It is getting crazy. Not only can we not deport foreign criminals we don’t want here, but we are finding we have to pay them for the privilege of staying in the country.
“This is exactly the kind of reason that we have to get rid of the Human Rights Act.” Yesterday the Court of Appeal heard how Barrow arrived in the UK in 1995. He was refused asylum but was granted exceptional leave to remain that year and indefinite leave to remain in 2002. Within a year he was jailed for indecent assault, theft and breaching a community order. He went on to commit a string of driving offences and returned to jail in 2007.
Home Office staff had wanted to deport Barrow after his first jail term but he went missing.
By the time of the second deportation attempt, in May 2008, he had written to the European Court of Human Rights pleading for help.

Strasbourg judges then ruled that sending the criminal back would violate his human rights. He was later granted bail from an immigration centre in September 2009, when a judge ruled that – although he was “a pest” – he had to be released.

Barrister Shivani Jegarajah told the appeal judges her client’s criminal record was “not serious” and he should have been released soon after the European Court ruling. Lord Justice Davis, Sir John Thomas and Mr Justice Black ordered a High Court review of Barrow’s case.



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calendar   Friday - February 24, 2012

when rape isn’t rape but only sexual assault

This is going to take a wee bit of doing.  I started out on Feb. 6.

I came across this story while searching for something totally unrelated. In fact, it’s been a few weeks since I discovered it, and I’ve been trying to get more info and figure out if a story that’s at least three yrs old is worth posting. I discovered while searching that while the story isn’t new, there’s still quite a bit of interest in it. 

Either rape was committed or it wasn’t.  Do we assume it didn’t happen because the guys were not found guilty of rape?  Wasn’t there any DNA testing, assuming the girl reported it quickly enough?  Why isn’t sexual assault, with the emphasis on the word ‘assault,’ seen as seriously as rape itself?  Surely the intent is there even if the act of rape did not happen.  But there’s some evidence it did, depending on who you read perhaps.  One thing seems clear though.
Sports are very important in the great state of Texas and especially in the town this sorry story takes place in. Because reading all I have read and there are million links it seems, rape takes a back seat to sports and a lesson for girls in Tx.  Don’t go accusing sports heroes of sexual assault.

The story in a nutshell is, a cheerleader refused to cheer on a player who she claimed raped her. She was 16 at the time.  So she was thrown off the cheer squad, of which she was captain.  Her alleged rapist admitted sexual assault but not rape, at least that was how it ended.  The girl’s parents now must pay out $45,000 as you will read.  The courts say her dad brought frivolous claims.
I suppose not many men get raped often enough to impress law courts.

Wouldn’t you think that the school authorities could have used some common sense and shown a bit of humanity (gasp) toward the young lady and allowed her to remain silent rather then cheer the sub human who assaulted her?  There were four, we are told but only one rape with the others holding and or groping.  Two are unnamed due to their tender age.

It was reported that she was seen kissing someone and that she’d been drinking.
If we choose to accept that she was a bit high, and I doubt it but then that’s just me, is it any less rape?  Is it okay to assault a woman if she’s drunk? 
Of course it isn’t.  Well, unless you’re a high profile athlete.  Then rape is downgraded to assault.  ????

This article is one of very many.  I first found the story while surfing and landed on a newspaper web site. The story wasn’t a long one but what I read lead to much more. In fact, I got in touch with the writer of the article which dated to last year, and have found more since he wrote of the episode.

The town the girl lives in has turned against her in the most frightful fashion. I could hardly believe what I was reading. She’s been verbally abused and those who have come forward to defend her, have themselves been abused. You can read all of it but I’m just venting here. And I repeat, there is evidence of rape.

In between reading the above and reading the local papers here in the UK, I came across a story of a 13 year old rape victim. Not a case of he said she said at all. In fact, her 14 year old rapist bastard was free after doing the same to another girl only recently.  But the girl was horribly bullied on line by people who for whatever reason, seemed to believe the damned rapist was the victim. Or they wanted to.  The girl’s mom had to drive her to school, and the car was pelted with,, I forget what it was. Threats were made to attack the home etc. Names called, you can imagine. Girl gets raped so she becomes the slut.
What a rotten totally empty headed and cruel place this advanced planet has become.

Oh, and in yet another rape case here in the UK, a rapist was finally deported back to the land of monkeys and apes, and it only took NINE YEARS! Ah. Progress.

Forced to Cheer for Her Attacker

A Texas girl accused her school’s star athlete of rape—and was kicked off her squad for refusing to cheer for him. Jessica Bennett reports from a town still divided three years later.

She was blonde and blue-eyed, captain of her high-school cheer squad, headstrong, but shy at times, too: she made a point not to call undue attention to herself. He was tall and strapping, an outgoing African-American kid, a church-going boy with the swagger of a star athlete. Their paths crossed mostly on the football field where she rooted for him every week, but that changed one night in October 2008 when, Hillaire says, Rakheem Bolton raped her.


The accusation dropped like a bomb in Silsbee, Texas. Rumors flew that Hillaire made up the story, ashamed of a consensual act because Rakheem was black. The footballer insisted the sex was consensual and was cleared of rape—only to plead guilty to simple assault. His lawyer suggested that Hillaire (whose name Newsweek and The Daily Beast has published with her parents’ permission) had been “asking for it.” Hillaire was kicked off the cheer squad for refusing to cheer for Rakheem on the field. A petition was started in her favor, and former NFL cheerleaders spoke out.

The small town became a cauldron of racial and sexual hysteria.

Three years on, the case remains unresolved, the wounds not yet cauterized, the bitterness still palpable. Yes, most of the protagonists have moved on: Rakheem to a local college, according to his lawyer; the school principal out of the district; Hillaire, now 19 and living at home, no longer speaking to the press. (She spoke only through her parents for this article.) Her mother, Christena Soignet, continues to work—albeit somewhat awkwardly, as a teacher in the school district that her family has now sued.

Craig Soignet has not moved on. Hillaire’s father has filed a seemingly endless raft of lawsuits, some of which have been dismissed as “frivilous” actions. He’s even appealed the matter to the U.S. Supreme Court. He seeks justice, vindication, peace of mind. But there will be no harmony in Silsbee—population 6,600—anytime soon.

It all began on a cool weekend night in October 2008, when, police documents state, 16-year-old Hillaire got drunk at a house party with some classmates—buzzed on Bud Light and vodka shots. According to police reports, Hillaire had kissed a different boy that night, and had been captured on a cellphone camera kissing another girl. Sometime in the early morning hours, records state, she ended up in a dark room with four boys: Bolton, a 17-year-old running back, his wide-receiver teammate, and two minors. The minors told police they fondled Hillaire while she kissed Bolton. They claim she helped them take off her clothes.

From outside the door, a friend heard Hillaire yell “stop!” and “no!” With the help of two others, he kicked in the locked door, finding Hillaire curled up under a pool table crying, naked from the waist down. Police documents state there was a condom wrapper on the floor, and a broken window: three of the four boys had fled, one leaving behind his pants and cellphone. “They raped me,” Hillaire cried, as the owner of the house—the mother of a student--called 911. Hillaire had never had sex before.

But the most humiliating moment for the teen came not on the night of the alleged assault, or even on her first day back to school, where shrieks of “slut!” ricocheted in the halls. It came four months later, as she stood on the sidelines of a tournament basketball game, clutching a pompon in each hand.

Rakheem Bolton, charged with sexual assault after the attack but no-billed by a grand jury, headed to the free-throw line—he was a two-sport athlete. The cheer squad began its usual chant: “Two, four, six-eight-ten!” they yelled, bouncing in maroon and white. “Come on, Rakheem, put it in!” Hillaire winced, and stepped quietly out of the cheer line. She couldn’t bring herself to cheer for the person she regarded as her attacker. “As a team, I cheered for them as a whole,” she said later. But “when he stepped up to the line, it didn’t feel right.”

At half time, her coach berated her, and a shouting match erupted. She was told she had to cheer “for everyone,” or go home. She chose the latter. The following Monday, she was kicked off the squad. An irate Craig Soignet appealed to the superintendent; 11 days later, she was reinstated. But a war had begun.

The boys, though, dispute that Hillaire went through anything. They say it was she who pursued Bolton; that he and his friends fled out the window because they were scared—“the only blacks,” as Bolton’s lawyer puts it, “in a house of all whites.” When Bolton returned that night to retrieve his clothes, police documents say, he shouted that, “I didn’t rape no white girl!”

Hillaire spent the early morning hours of that night at a clinic with her mother, having a rape kit administered. The nurse who treated Hillaire, Brenda Garrison, says she found trauma to the vaginal area and bruising to the girl’s hymen—all consistent, according to Silsbee Chief of Police David Allen, with sexual assault. Hillaire’s mother says a bruise in the shape of a handprint would later form on the girl’s upper thigh.

Even so, when Hillaire returned to school the following Tuesday—determined to keep her life as normal as possible—it was amid whispers that she “didn’t look like a girl who’d been raped.” “He could have any girl he wanted,” one commenter wrote of Bolton on a local blog. “He didn’t need to rape no white girl.” Craig Soignet says the school told Hillaire to “keep a low profile,” and she spent more time at home than usual. She went to see a rape counselor weekly.

Under Texas law, a minor can’t legally consent to sex—nor can a person who is intoxicated. But for a jury to believe that, says David Barlow, the special prosecutor on the case, a woman “practically has to be unconscious.” According to police reports, Hillaire was sober enough to recount to officers what she said had happened, and Rakheem was within two years of her age. He would later tell the local press the whole thing was a big “misunderstanding.” He has not spoken publicly since then, and did not respond to requests for comment.


The Cheerleader Rape Case Ends Horribly in Texas

A high school student who refused to cheer on her “rapist” has been ordered to pay $45,000 for filing a “frivolous” lawsuit. Where’s the justice in this?
By Cord Jefferson
Posted: 05/05/2011 02:54 PM EDT

The story begins in 2008, when a 16-year-old high school cheerleader called only “HS” was gang-raped at a party. Three young men ended up arrested for the assault, one of whom was Rakheem Bolton. Bolton ended up pleading guilty to misdemeanor assault, for which he was given two years probation and a fine, avoiding jail time.


Because the felony charges were dropped, Bolton was able to return to school and participate in all the regular school activities, including varsity basketball. As if the awkwardness of seeing her attacker at school everyday wasn’t bad enough, HS was a cheerleader, meaning that when Bolton played basketball, she was expected to cheer for him. One day, HS had had enough.

“I didn’t want to have to say his name and I didn’t want to cheer for him,” she told reporters in 2009. “I just didn’t want to encourage anything he was doing.”

To that end, HS refused to cheer for Bolton when he stepped up to take some free throws during a game in January 2009, four months after he had pleaded guilty to the attack. When she folded her arms and stood silently, however, her school’s superintendent, Richard Bain, ordered her outside and told her she had to cheer for Bolton. When she refused again, HS was kicked off the cheerleading squad.


Here’s something to munch on.

From another link.


The girl says she was pushed into a room and sexually assaulted while the door was locked.
“I believe they’re innocent,” Morrison told KFDM News, in reference to Bolton and Rountree. “I believe they’re not guilty of sexually assaulting the young lady. I don’t believe it occurred the way I heard it on the news.

Fine. Then why was she found cowering under a pool table half dressed while others heard her screams and had to break into the room.

Whereupon the three guys jumped out a window, and Bolton minus any cloths, swearing and threatening the home owner with violence if she didn’t toss his cloths out to him.

And will someone please tell me why sexual assault is treated so lightly? If it wasn’t rape but short of it, and rape wasn’t intended, and come on people.

Take a good look at this girl. Gonna tell me intent wasn’t there? Uh huh.  And another thing.

If Mr. Morrison believes those guys were innocent, well that is his right and opinion.  But I have thoughts and opinions and rights as well.  And here’s my raaaaacist thought on the subject.

I can not bring myself to believe that this beautiful young girl, tipsy or not tipsy, would have been tempted to kiss JUMBO LIPS. In his dreams maybe. But not hers. No way. 

Oh, and then of course the naacp had to get in on the act with a fat spokesman who could barely speak English.  Take a look at this.

Rakheem Bolton’s great uncle.  The video of the Reverend’s criticism of the indictment ends with appeals to God and Jesus.

I can’t embed the video but take a look at this and let me know if you can make out most if any of what he’s saying. I didn’t know they still spoke like this.
I mean, I thought since forced integration and all, they’d have learned a little more by now. Many have but apparently some were left in the trees.


And there is this edited bit which you can read in full

Did Hardin County District Attorney David Sheffield do a good job there?  The victim and her parents thought not.  Neither do I.  Neither should you.  The victim was told that preliminary results from the rape kit showed some DNA evidence that could inculpate the defendants.  Yet the victim kept hearing that due to case backlogs, the full rape kit analysis results wouldn’t be ready for four months, five months, one year – depends which report you read.  There is an appearance that the can kept getting kicked down the road for the date the victim was being given for when the rape kit results would be ready.  The victim now says she wants to study forensic science, motivated in part by the delay in the processing of her rape kit.
Does it sound right, that a community taking in $35K, $40K per home game football match can’t get a rape kit processed any faster than that?  I called the public information department of the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory DNA Section.  I asked “Is it possible for somebody to get expedited rape kit results from the DNA Section of your Crime Lab?” They told me “Yes.  If a prosecutor or investigator says they have a case coming up and need results promptly, we can have the complete rape kit results for them within three weeks.”

Ignoring Sheffield’s warning that retaliation against the victim could result in felony prosecutions, the Silsbee schools community started retaliating against the victim for daring to make an accusation against a football hero.  If there was any effort to educate the school community about Retaliation, how serious it is, and how it would not be tolerated, there is no documentation of such an effort available online.  Online, in fact, you can find the most outrageous, vicious and ugly gossip, spread by members of the Silsbee community against the victim, seeking in every possible way to undermine her account of the crime, to drag her name through the mud.  Much of that gossip centered on how drunk she allegedly had been.  The vicious gossips should remember to send D.A. David Sheffield a tip at Christmasfor tacitly authorizing them to demean the victim on that basis.  At the school, fellow students would yell “Slut!” and “Bitch!” at her, but nobody would report them to school administration.  She was repeatedly harassed in the school cafeteria — but instead of disciplining those who were retaliating against her, the school administration told her to stay away from the cafeteria.  For good measure, they told her not to attend homecoming.  (She had apparently received threats saying that if she attended the homecoming, she would be shot with a gun).  This is to say, the school administration itself retaliated against her but was never held legally accountable, despite that previous statement from David Sheffield, the prize-winning District Attorney who didn’t bother to get an expedited rape kit result.  Various students claim Bolton threatened to shoot them.  The implication is that if they as witnesses said anything to incriminate him, they would be killed.  Silsbee schools never investigated these allegations.


Above and below I should warn bmews readers are from liberal blogs. But that doesn’t mean their arguments are not valid in this case.

Hillaire is no longer the carefree livewire she was once was. She is still harassed by some in town, including students who recently threw ice at her car as she dropped her younger sister off at school. She went from A/B grades to barely passing high school. She received counseling until her therapist passed away from breast cancer last year. In remembrance, she got a tattoo on her right hip of two ribbons–one for sexual-assault prevention and the other for breast-cancer awareness–along with a Bible quotation she heard from her therapist: “Perfect love casts out fear.”
“She’s broken,” says her father.  “I think she’s still fighting on some levels, but I don’t think she has the determination that she used to have. Just don’t see that fire, that ambition in her anymore.”
Craig lost his refinery job last year and spends his time building the family business and working on the case. Larry Watts is working pro bono on the case because Craig can no longer able to afford legal fees. Nonetheless, Craig insists that the case “hasn’t destroyed our business, It hasn’t destroyed the family. We’ve gotten closer as a family.”
The family is divided about whether to leave Silsbee, but, despite everything, Craig and Hillaire both want to stay.

read more


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calendar   Monday - January 23, 2012

the entrepreneurial spirit, with a boost from the brit taxpayer

Don’t ya just love the entrepreneurial spirit?  Start with $2,335.75 and watch your profits grow.
Especially satisfying of course when that 2300 comes not from you, but the taxpayer. Free money. Hey,hey.  What could be easier.
That’s kapitalism. Right?

I’m wondering if I can leave this place and then sneak back in as an illegal. Wonder what they’d pay me to leave?  On second thought, even one hour in any jail does not sound like an inviting introduction to the world of the entrepreneur. 

Illegal immigrant who arranged sham marriages leaves jail with £1,500 rehab money - and sets up business in Pakistan offering UK passports

Ashar Rathore served 7 months of two-year sentence
Given taxpayers’ money to get out of jail and leave UK
He used cash to set up shop offering passports, visas… and ‘any enquiry related to the laws of cricket’


An illegal immigrant and sham marriage ringleader who left prison early with a huge pay-off has used the money to set up a new business in his homeland - offering UK passports.

Ashar Ali Rathore, 33, came to the UK with his wife Nadia Qadri, 34, on student visas then faked marriages to two Polish people to gain residency.

The fraudster was jailed for conspiring to breach immigration law, but was then handed £1,500 of taxpayers’ money - on condition of leaving Britain and returning to his native country - as part of a Government scheme for rehabilitating foreign nationals.

He had only served seven months of his two-year sentence.

Today, it emerged Rathore has used the money to set up Xpress Solutions - a company providing UK passports, visas and driving licences in Kotli, Pakistan, his home country.

Among its other services, it also bizarrely offers ‘any enquiry related to the laws of cricket’.

He is not currently under investigation by the Pakistani authorities.

Jonathan Isaby, political director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, branded the payout a ‘sick golden goodbye’.

He said: ‘When all of us are having to tighten our belts and watch every penny, pay-offs for fraudsters like Rathore at British taxpayers’ expense are an utter disgrace.

‘Ministers must urgently review the operation of the Facilitated Returns Scheme to ensure that we are not being taken for a ride.

see more

Oh, you’re being taken for a ride alright. And this is only one case of very many.


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calendar   Friday - January 13, 2012

muslim councillor in court for expense fiddling. for the second time.

A small blurb in this morning’s Telegraph caught my eye. Not cos it’s a super exciting kind of thing. Really dull in it’s own way but no surprise.

A councillor has admitted being a benefits cheat. 


Jeesh. What sort of incentive did the powers that leach give her to convince her she’d committed a crime. It’s stealing. Period.

Her name is Shelina Akhtar, but I’d guess where she originally comes from that kind of thing is par for the course.

Take a look.

councillor convicted of second benefit fraud

By Andrew Gilligan

A key supporter of Tower Hamlets’ extremist-linked mayor, Lutfur Rahman, today pleaded guilty to three counts of dishonestly claiming housing and council tax benefits – the second time she has been convicted of such offences.
Councillor Shelina Akhtar failed to turn up in court at the start of the case today, claiming that she was unwell and unfit to stand trial, but the judge dismissed her claim and issued a warrant for her arrest. When she finally appeared this afternoon, Judge Platt told her: “I make you no promises today. This is the second time you have committed fraud against the state regarding benefits to which you are not entitled. The court needs to know more before deciding on the appropriate sentence.” Akhtar cheated the taxpayer of just over £1100 in benefits. She will be sentenced next month.

The prosecutor, Michelle Fawcett, said: “She is a local councillor and the case, therefore, was more serious. This defendant has previous convictions for identical matters.”

In 2010 Akhtar, of Blackwall Way, was handed 100 hours of unpaid work and ordered to pay £250 costs after being found guilty of dishonestly claiming jobseeker’s allowance, housing benefit and council tax benefit during a case at Thames Magistrates’ Court.

Akhtar is one of eight Tower Hamlets councillors who were expelled from the Labour Party after deciding to support Lutfur, who was sacked as Labour’s candidate for mayor for his close links to an extremist Muslim group, the Islamic Forum of Europe.  Lutfur took the Telegraph to the Press Complaints Commission - and lost – after we described Akhtar as a “Lutfur Rahman councillor.” He tried to claim that she was not connected to him. (He has also tried to claim that he is not linked to extremism – he lost that complaint, too.)


To be fair now, cause we don’t wanna be accused of islamophobia or nuttin’ like it, she comes from a different country and a different culture. And like others of her ilk, many others in fact, (way,way too many) the rules of the country they move to of course does not apply to them. Neither do the laws.
So I guess some slack has to be cut to insure fairness and understanding. Not that these folks would reciprocate of course.

Yesterday, coming under much criticism for a law in Israel regarding pals, an Israeli politician whose name I can’t recall but whose statement I can, said that “human rights was no excuse for committing national suicide.
I think many Brits would agree with that. Now if only they could get their leaders to understand.


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calendar   Thursday - January 12, 2012

law without justice as killers walk free but bored.

It’s 11:19 and this damn cold has settled into a raging cough. So I came downstairs and booted to see what tomorrows headlines will be.
This bit of soft justice (justice? where?) immediately caught my eye.  I guess it was meant to.
It’s this kind of thing that makes ppl see red and causes so much frustration and anger.  There really, really should be vigilantes at work here to settle the hash of vermin like these thugs.  But what gets everyone up in arms are the light jail times for an act like this.
Meanwhile, a few days ago someone was given seven years for stealing £7,000.
There is no way to make sense of that. Oh I forget. Except among lawyers.
Here. Take a look.

Thug who killed for kicks released after just two years… and whines that he’s BORED

Attack by Warren Crago and two mates ‘worst case of mob violence imaginable’

Leaves pitiful message on Facebook: ‘nuthin to do out in the big world for me’
Also spouts hatred of police and threatens to punch ‘black boys’
Victim’s father: ‘These thugs have evidently not learned their lesson’


What lesson?  What they have learned is simply that they can easily get away with it and will more then likely do it again.

A sick thug who killed a Big Issue seller for kicks has been released from his custodial sentence after just two years and has taken to Facebook to tell of his ‘boredom’.

Warren Crago was 16 when he and two teenage friends beat homeless man Ralph Millward, 41, to death after finding him asleep on a pavement in Westbourne, Bournemouth.

Although a judge described the brutal attack as the ‘worst case of mob violence imaginable’, Crago and accomplice Craig Real were jailed for four years.

But after serving half of their sentence they are now back on the streets.

Crago, now 18, has gone on Facebook to write about being bored after getting out of ‘pen’. He is even using his police mugshot photo as his profile picture.

Mr Millward’s grieving father Ken, 78, said he was sickened by the teenagers’ conduct.
He said: ‘I would have hanged them. I have always believed in life for a life.

The victim suffered 10 broken ribs, a ruptured spleen and bleeding on the brain. His injuries were said to have been consistent with being involved in a car crash.

The teenage trio were found guilty of manslaughter at Winchester Crown Court last year.

read all here


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calendar   Thursday - December 15, 2011

a justice (?) system in the toilet. well hell. no wonder it stinks. and it damn well does.

Ever have your eyes opened for the first time?
But late in life rather then early?

It isn’t that I’ve never been sceptical about the law or the injustice system.  It’s more like I hadn’t discovered just how unjust it can be.  Until late in life.

So I’m up all night reading a book impossible to put down called “The Color of Law.”
There is a line, one among many, that stands out and strikes a chord.

It reads as follows.

The law is just a business, a game we play with other people’s lives and money.

Another line says

Check your conscience at the door each morning or you won’t last long in the law.

Coincidence that I’ve read the book at about the same time as the tilt against justice was made in a court last week, and which was reported on here as well as many other blogs.  You may recall I posted a story about four black muslim slags who beat the heck out of a white girl while calling her racial names.  For those of you who missed the article, although I can’t see how, the judge in the case decided that since the four were drunk for the first time (they claimed), then he would not jail the sluts because as muslimes, they were clearly not used to drinking and so acted contrary to their normal behavior.  So they got a get out of jail card.  Now any white that in anger or not would use the ‘N’ word would definitely find themselves in a cell and fined heavily since words do more harm then a severe kicking and beating. 

Well as the old song went, “The Beat Goes On.” and “Ain’t That a Shame?”

This old man, age 79, was hit with what you see him holding. It was thrown by the vermin shown here on the right.


Of course, it was just all in fun and yoot being yoot. It was done by this piece of worthless shit who had this to say after appearing in court.
“HaHa, Got off with a tag.” In other words, he was spared jail time by the system in place here.

He was part of a gang of feral youths that threw a 40lb paving slab at the old man shown, leaving him writhing on the ground in agony.
Ryan Girdlestone walked free from court with a curfew and an electronic tag after his lawyer convinced magistrates the 18-year-old was full of remorse for the incident that ended with Bernard O’Donnell, 79, with a suspected broken leg.

But that is not how he appeared just minutes later, as Girdlestone boasted on his Facebook page: ‘Jus got out off court wiv a 4 mouths [sic] tag hahahha d**ks!!!’

Last night, his victim, a retired deputy head teacher, said: ‘Clearly he has no care for the damage he has caused. If they are laughing at the consequences then it’s hardly a deterrent.’


So why should this miserable thug worry about the law?  There’s no teeth to bite the bastard with.

And there’s this insane example of justice not done. Another case of fuck the victim.
Maybe it’s almost well that guns are hard to come by here. I have a feeling that otherwise there’s be running gun battles in the streets with 12 year olds armed to the teeth.  On the other hand, the feral shits already own the streets.  The law abiding should be armed with permission to shoot to kill. 
Here, take a look at this dumbo ruling.

‘Only a tyrant would tag someone on their 21st birthday’: Judge spares man caught with keys to stolen car so he can celebrate his birthday

· Corey Brown, 20, who was caught with the keys to a £30k car, repeatedly failed to turn up for unpaid work
· Recorder David Hall refuses to give him an electronic tag - and instead adds an extra seven hours to his community punishment
· Brown says he saw punishment as a ‘bit of a joke’

Corey Brown had been ordered to do 150 hours of community service for his role in the theft of a pensioner’s car, but when he failed to turn up for the work sessions five times he was hauled back into court to be given a curfew and an electronic tag.
But he was spared after complaining that the punishment would ruin his plans for a night out on his 21st birthday.

Turning to Brown– who had sat smirking throughout the hearing at Warwick Crown Court – Recorder Hall then said: ‘If I give you seven more hours [of community service] to do, and you keep out of trouble, is that a fair deal?’
Brown, from Bedworth, Warwickshire, simply nodded, and then walked free from court.

And Brown – who has already been to prison three times – admitted that even he was surprised he had been let off.
He said: ‘I was expecting to get a tag for missing my probation dates. Technically, they should have activated my prison sentence. But the judge told me I’d done well so far. He said he didn’t see the point.
‘Thanks to the judge, I can enjoy a few drinks for my birthday, instead of being stuck in with my gran or in prison.’
When asked why he had not turned up to do his community service, he replied: ‘I don’t know; just didn’t think about it. I didn’t care.
‘I suppose I did see the whole thing as a bit of a joke.’
As he prepared to celebrate his 21st birthday yesterday, Brown added: ‘I’ve been to jail three times and I haven’t learned a thing.

more at the source

Well of course he sees it as a joke.  Because it freekin well is a joke. Not a very funny one either but it proves my constant point.
Nobody will fear laws and punishments with no teeth. No one will have a reason to fear being caught for any kind of crime. There will always be a lawyer ready to play the game. And judges and magistrates with no common sense and less brains then god gave a tennis ball aren’t a big help.

Since liberals have achieved a choke hold on the criminal injustice system world wide, we can all look forward to more of the same.
I’m sure by now you have all been made aware of the killings in Belgium over the last 24 hours. Drew posted the story.  Here was a man, another scum sucking bit of worthless flesh with a record. A violent one.  What was he doing out on the streets?  Oh right.  His human rights.

The papers said he came from a North African immigrant background, also had convictions for drug dealing, handling stolen goods and sex abuse.  An immigrant background?  Does that mean he was born of immigrant parents, or that he was himself an immigrant?  Because here in Britain, there are thousands of criminal immigrants and so far, no way or no will to deport them.

For example:

Rapist asylum seeker who dumped victim on rubbish tip is released after being TWO hours away from deportation
· Alphonse Semo, 54, was allowed by judge to marry girlfriend so can stay in Britain
· Father-of-five was jailed for eight years for rape in 2002

An asylum seeker who raped a woman and dumped her on a rubbish tip when he was ‘finished’ has been freed despite Home Office attempts to deport him.
Alphonse Semo, 54, was jailed for eight years for the rape and at the end of his term was due to be sent back to the Congo.
However two hours before his flight he was given permission to marry his girlfriend and stay in the country.
Now a judge has allowed the father-of-five to be released from an immigration detention centre.

read more here

And btw, for a crime of this sort where there is no doubt about guilt, why was the sentence so small?  A crime like rape deserves the death penalty after first ripping off the rapists parts or burning them off.  Wanna bet this non human bit of shit will be on benefits?

In Italy, a man opened fire on some Senegalese merchants killing two.
He was described as being a Fascist and belonged to a right wing Fascist party.
Not that killing a couple of innocent merchants is justified. Ever. But I keep waiting for the violent backlash against the liberals who have brought us to this state. The guy in Italy was angered by immigration and I suppose (no supposing about it ) he was acting on race based ill will.  But if he had to kill anyone, why not the liberals who are responsible for the situation that led to his anger and hate.

Can’t anyone on the far right with violent intent ever get it right?  There’s loads of lawyers for example, on the left, who specialize in civil rights cases. There are so many legitimate targets to choose from but no.  They always seem to shoot the visible result of liberal policy, instead of the liberal ‘activists’ who are the cause. 

Machine-gun thug killed ‘blameless’ pair in a row over parking

An argument over parking led to a ‘completely good and blameless’ businessman and his nephew being machine-gunned to death by a drug dealer.


Khan, who has previous convictions for robbery and possession of crack cocaine with intent to supply, looked ‘furious’ as he drove away. About ten minutes later three Asian men returned and started to damage the van which had blocked the road. One pulled out a gun from a bag and opened fire, killing both Amarjit and Rajinder.

Harjinder Tiwana watched in horror as the gunman aimed the gun at her, before the gang fled with hoods pulled over their faces. In February 2004 she identified Khan as the gunman. She told the court: ‘I will never forget the face of the man who murdered my father.’

Mobile phone evidence revealed that after leaving the scene Khan repeatedly phoned another man, Abu Bakr Mansha Khan – who was later jailed for six years in 2006 for plotting to kill a decorated British soldier, Corporal Mark Byles.

Jurors heard that Abu Bakr Mansha Khan was arrested in September 2003 but released and has not stood trial in relation to this incident. It also emerged that the MAC-10 gun used in the murders had been used in another shooting that year, in Coventry.

Prosecutor Nicholas Hilliard said: ‘Nobody hearing about this case could have been anything other than horrified. Two good, blameless men shot dead in broad daylight with a machine gun. It raises a whole host of issues that people feel strongly about – the availability of firearms,

more to read and see

Seems to me they should worry more about criminals who can’t be deported and the abuse of the human rights industry by civil rights lawyers and a too soft approach to punishment.  When there’s any of that, that means anything.  Firearms are NOT easily available to the law abiding, and those who don’t abide don’t care.  What is it they (officialdumb) don’t understand?  If you read the comment by Brits it’s pretty clear they are tired of all the BS.  But the powers that be just are not listening enough.  They are letting technicalities and loopholes put the law abiding in ever more danger with no hope.

If I’ve bored the readers here with all this, it hasn’t been intentional. I’m just so damn sick of seeing this kind of thing so often, and so often the criminals getting off lightly and laughing their way out of court. And if you think the little bit I have posted here is all of it, you’d think wrong.  These are just a few examples of a justice injustice system that is broken.
And here’s the last bit of proof of that.  This is fuckin sick and it isn’t even the very worst of what I’ve seen over the last 7 years. But it’s damn well bad enough.

Gang of nine who beat autistic teenager so badly she was off school for 10 months escape without ANY punishment
· Sophie Russell, 16, was punched about 20 times in the face
· Four girls and five boys let off and police handed just one of the mob a caution

Sophie Russell, 16, was attacked by the teenage yobs who left her seriously injured with a broken nose and shattered face at her school in February. 


The teenager from Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, had to have facial surgery and was forced to take 10 months off school to overcome traumatic panic attacks and rebuild her life. 
Her mother Helen, who owns a heating ventilation company with husband Iain, 45, in Louth, Lincolnshire, has criticised police for not prosecuting the youths, saying ‘there has been no justice.’
Sophie, who has Asperger’s syndrome, said: ‘What I went through was really traumatic and ripped the family to bits. I was just walking to my boyfriend’s house and wasn’t expecting to be attacked.

‘Because they are juveniles they have got away with it. If the main offender does it again she will end up in front of a judge, but why give them a chance to do it again?’

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said the case was passed to the Youth Offending Team who decided not to press charges but to give a caution for common assault.

read and see more

Gee, if this is a “common assault” I’d sure hate to see what they regard as uncommon.  See the link and read the comments. She’s been patched up and is a pretty girl. But inside the damage will last a lifetime.  And the punks walk away free.  Justice would demand that the very same thing be done to them, as they did to her. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/15/2011 at 11:55 AM   
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calendar   Saturday - December 10, 2011

transgender education for five yr olds, and laws that prove the law is an ass

This is an update to an earlier post along the same line.  Sex ed for toddlers. Or so I view 5 year olds.  OK, maybe not strictly speaking toddlers but kind of young I would think for this.  Transgender classes for five year olds?  What next? 
Glad I’m not a parent.  I’d really be stressed. Above and beyond my present state.

Something else in the article here that proves how stupid things can get.  Apparently if you kill a transgender person due to hate of that state of being, you will get 30 years in the slammer.  I guess as opposed to just killing someone cos you felt like it or were angry at them. Or killing in a robbery or home invasion. BUT,
if the crime were done out of hate, that’s much worse.  WTF?  Dead is dead period where the victim is concerned.  Talk to the families of victims and it’s doubtful they’d feel any better knowing their kin was murdered but hey, the killer didn’t hate the victim. Oh, well that’s alright then. 10 years off in five for good behavior.

A 19-month-old toddler called Fletcher was punched to death by his father, because he would not stop crying in his cot. Daddy was sentenced to nine years. Presumably, if he’d killed a transgender person his sentence would have been much higher.

Fraken idiots.

Transgender lessons for pupils aged five: Classes will ‘overload children with adult issues’, say critics


Children as young as five could be given lessons on ‘transgender equality’ under Government plans.

Information about transgender people is set to be included in the curriculum for personal, social and health education lessons, which are taught in thousands of primary and secondary schools.
The proposal is part of a Coalition policy programme entitled ‘Advancing transgender equality – a plan for action’, which was published yesterday.

In it, ministers warn a wide range of steps are needed to combat ‘transphobic bullying’, which is defined as the taunting of children who express ‘gender variant behaviours’.

‘Tackling transphobic bullying helps to address unacceptable behaviour and ensures that our society becomes more tolerant.’
As part of its review of PSHE, the Department for Education will consider adding ‘the teaching of equality and diversity, including transgender equality’ to the curriculum.

But critics said there was a danger that children were being overloaded with ‘adult issues’ as a result of such lessons.
Margaret Morrissey, founder of campaign group Parents Outloud, said: ‘These are adult issues and we should leave it until children are older or until they ask.

‘The problem is we are overloading our children with issues that they should not have to consider at a young age. PSHE is already overloaded with other issues.
‘We have given them sex education and teenage pregnancies have risen year on year.

‘We have told children about drugs education and we have a serious problem with drugs. We have told them about drinking and cigarettes and we have more children with alcohol problems and smoking.’

Also announced yesterday were longer jail terms for murderers who are motivated by hatred of transgender people.
The basic sentence for anyone convicted of such killings will be 30 years, Kenneth Clarke said. 

Similar attacks on disabled people will also face the same tough minimum term.
The Justice Secretary said that offenders ‘should be in no doubt that they face a more severe sentence for these unacceptable crimes’

see read more, source

Here’s a comment from a Daily Mail reader.

The basic sentence for anyone convicted of such killings will be 30 years, Kenneth Clarke said. The public want the basic sentence FOR ANY KILLING TO BE THIRTY YEARS not just those motivated by some sort of hatred towards a particular group. By making these comments he is effectively saying that a transgenders death is more worthy than an heterosexual persons death. I could not care less what a persons sexual orientation is but equality does not mean treating these groups more favourably or punishing those who commit crimes against them more severely no matter what the motive.If I was mugged the police would simply give me a crime number and that would be it but under Clarkes new rules If I was transgender and stated the crime was a hate crime more effort would be put in to catch the mugger .
- Rolf Kitchingr, Gosport Hampshire,


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/10/2011 at 01:44 PM   
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calendar   Wednesday - December 07, 2011

One rule for them, different one for us

Further to my earlier posting of that attack on the white girl by a gang of (we are told) muslim girls.

Paul Weston over at The Gates of Vienna has an editorial on the subject and more.  A couple of items I overlooked or was unaware of.
For example, I wasn’t aware of the wording with regard to hate or race crimes. He’s worth seeing and so I’ll just copy a sample here and let you read the rest at

H/T Gates of Vienna

One Rule for Them, One Rule for Us

by Paul Weston

Someone holding governmental authority badly needs to tell the British public why there appears to be one rule for them, and one rule for us, when it comes to racially aggravated crime and murder.

Today’s article about Rhea Page is a case in point. Kicked unconscious by a girl gang of drunken Somali Muslims, screaming ‘kill the white slag’: one would have thought this would be labelled a racist incident. Ms Page stated: ‘I honestly think they attacked me just because I was white. I can’t think of any other reason.’

But no, in the eyes of the perverse British judiciary this is not a racial incident, of course. Even worse: Judge Robert Brown allowed them to walk free because he accepted that as Muslims they were unused to drinking… Judge Brown also thought the women may have felt they were the victims of unreasonable force from Ms Page’s partner Lewis Moore, 23, who tried to defend her from the attack.

In the wake of the terrible Stephen Lawrence murder, the Macpherson Report defined a racial incident very clearly: “A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.” Is it not a little odd that such a straightforward statement, eagerly embraced by the British police, is open to question only when the victim is white? Ms Page clearly believes this was a racial incident, so why don’t the police or the judiciary?

And this is not a solitary case. Only last week 19-year-old Danny O’Shea had his throat slashed by a gang of black youths outside his mother’s front door in Newham, east London. The police are not treating this as racist murder. Why not?

That last is only one of a growing list. See the link above. I hadn’t realized it was so long.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/07/2011 at 10:41 AM   
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girl gang attack white woman, gang a protected group and go free. SEE THE IDIOT REASONING by judge

You will no doubt recall a post from a week ago with regard to a racist rant in public by a white woman.

She should have known better.  White folks do NOT have a right to express publicly what many think.  That white woman is going to spend Christmas in jail for her own protection, as she’s received death threats, and her home address has been posted to Facebook and Twitter. And all not for what she did, but for what she said.

A woman accused of launching a vile racist rant on a tram is to spend Christmas behind bars after she was remanded in custody for her own safety.
Magistrates took the decision to refuse Emma West’s bail application after they heard she had received death threats and that her address had been circulated on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter.
There were outbursts from supporters of Miss West, who shouted ‘treason’ as she was denied bail at Croydon Magistrates’ Court.

‘Woman on a tram’ to spend Christmas behind bars

And the only reason I am bringing up her case now and here again, is because of the action of four filthy Somali niggers who beat hell out of a white woman, calling her white slags, and suggested killing her.  Of course, we are not surprised and expect this sort of thing from this particular group of life forms, as in general they are not capable of the thinking and feelings of a more civilized world.  You can dress a pig up in a tux, call him friend and invite him into your house but .... it will still be a pig. Won’t it?

The young women who are all muslims it is claimed, were drunk. Take a look at the defense these filthy black and brown sluts put up and the fuckin idiot judge who one can only hope becomes the victim (hopefully a close family member as icing on the race cake as well) of some drunk black muslim. We can only hope.
And yeah, I am pissed.  Imagine how the victim must feel.

Here’s a statement from the stupid idiot mof***er judge about the boy friend trying to defend his girlfriend. PLEASE see the video bmews. What’s it look like to you?

he accepted the women may have felt they were the victims of unreasonable force from Mr Moore as he tried to defend his girlfriend, and handed the defendants a suspended sentence.

Everybody is now the victim.


Girl gang who kicked woman in the head while yelling ‘kill the white slag’ freed after judge hears ‘they weren’t used to drinking because they’re Muslims’

· Yobs ripped lump of hair from Rhea Page’s head during High Street attack

· Three sisters and cousin escape with six-month suspended sentences

· Maximum term for assault occasioning actual bodily harm is five years’ jail

· Judge: ‘Those who knock someone to the ground and kick them in the head can expect to go inside, but I’m going to suspend the sentence’


A gang of Muslim women who attacked a passer-by in a city centre walked free from court after a judge heard they were ‘not used to being drunk’ because of their religion.

The group – three sisters and a cousin – allegedly screamed ‘kill the white slag’ as they set upon Rhea Page as she waited for a taxi with her boyfriend.
Miss Page, 22, was left with a bald patch where her hair was pulled out in the attack and was left ‘black and blue’ after suffering a flurry of kicks to the head, back, arms and legs while motionless on the pavement.

Ambaro Maxamed, 24, students Ayan Maxamed, 28, and Hibo Maxamed, 24, and their 28-year-old cousin Ifrah Nur each admitted actual bodily harm, which carries a maximum sentence of five years’ imprisonment.

But Judge Robert Brown gave them suspended jail terms after hearing mitigation that as Muslims, the women were not used to being drunk. The Koran prohibits Muslims from consuming alcohol, although Islamic teachings permit its use for medicinal purposes.

After the sentencing, Ambaro Maxamed wrote on her Twitter account: ‘Happy happy happy!’, ‘I’m so going out’, and ‘Today has been such a great day’.

Yesterday Miss Page, a care worker, called the sentence ‘disgusting’ and said the gang deserved ‘immediate custody’.

free pass for black muslim scum because of who they are. pix and video and more to read.

And here’s a bit of afterthought from one of the gang of sluts.

‘I’m not proud of it, it’s not something I want to talk about. I just want to get on with my life.’

When asked if she wanted to apologise, she replied: ‘What, to the public? I really don’t care.

A couple of years ago I posted an article about a fellow who grew tired, frustrated and finally very angry with his black neighbor. At issue was the neighbor blocking his driveway on a number of occasions.  He complained but that got him nowhere.  Well, one day the black bastard parked across the driveway, the white guy couldn’t get out until he got him to come out and move it and losing his temper, referred to his neighbor in terms that accurately described exactly what he was.  Namely, a black bastard.
He was arrested and charged with anti-social behavior and race hate. He was fined a goodly sum although I don’t now recall how much.
I only mention it here as one example of I’m certain many more, where one set of sub-human life forms seem to have the judges and the law on their side.
And I’d apply that equally to white criminal scum as well.

Everybody is now the victim, except the victim. 


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 12/07/2011 at 07:50 AM   
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calendar   Sunday - November 20, 2011

protecting the law abiding.  well, not quite. maybe not at all.

One of the many self inflicted wounds as the result of a country giving away it’s sovereignty. Maddening. And that’s putting it mildly. Notice please how I’ve controlled my bad language. 

The link to this no longer is available. Doesn’t matter. It happened. The sub human gave so many false names no wonder the authorities held on to him for longer then usual. Of course, another idiot judge see criminal rights as more important then the rights and the safety of the citizens here. 

Stowaway illegal immigrant who committed 20 offences is awarded £17,000 compensation after being ‘unlawfully’ jailed for four months

An illegal immigrant who arrived in the UK as a stowaway and then committed around 20 offences has thanked a judge after being awarded more than £17,000 compensation for being falsely imprisoned by Home Office officials for four months.

Judge Stephen Stewart QC concluded that 28-year-old Joseph Mjemer - who had used at least five aliases and claimed to be from four different countries - should be freed and paid damages by the Home Office for ‘loss of liberty’.

And yet another case of a country that doesn’t seem able to protect itself from low life animal scum.

The problem has been that creeps with long records have no deterrent.  How many times do innocent ppl have to suffer before the system takes steps to put scum like this away forever?  He should have been put away after he killed that woman in 91.But no … sub humans like this always survive. It’s the innocent victim that pays the price.  And it won’t stop. Ever. And that’s a crime in itself.
Maybe western civilization has a death wish. Ya think?

Too sick to serve time: Killer motorist with 50 convictions spared jail after judge says his hands ‘are tied’ because criminal wouldn’t get care he needs


He once killed a mother of two while speeding.


Yet the tragic consequences of his actions meant nothing to Kevin Bracken.
In the subsequent 20 years, he has racked up more than 50 driving offences.

But even now he will not face the full force of the law after a judge said he could not jail him because his local prison would not provide the round-the-clock care he needs for his physical and mental disabilities.

His latest offence came in January this year when the 46-year-old led police on a terrifying chase on the wrong side of a dual carriageway.
He had already totted up five convictions for dangerous driving, 29 for driving while disqualified, and 15 for taking a vehicle or allowing himself to be carried in a vehicle that had been taken.

Judge William Morris said that Bracken had ‘a complete disregard for the law’ and ‘deserved’ to go to prison for 19 months for his sixth dangerous driving offence, close to the two-year maximum sentence.

‘This is a shocking case of dangerous driving – how many times has that been said to you by judges?’ he asked.
‘I have never seen a record so bad for driving offences. You deserve to go to prison and you know it.’

However, having receiving guidance from Forest Bank prison in Salford, the judge admitted: ‘My hands are tied. I have had a letter from the prison to say that the medical services there simply could not cope with you, so what can I do?’

so what can I do?
simple. let the bastard die so others might not.

see more


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 11/20/2011 at 12:14 PM   
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