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secret courts,secret arrests.welcome to a place that rants about lack of justice in other countries

This is an article so bizarre, so terrifying to contemplate, that I had to stop everything else and share the lunacy.

I understand court orders must be obeyed but this ongoing bit of Stalinist court power just should not exist in our world. At least not in a case like this one.

I am posting most of the article instead of only a short bit.  You really need to read this.

If America has the same system, and I have never heard that we do, then we really need to be looking over our shoulders and be very careful.

Actually, thanks to a book Drew mentioned a week or so ago, (Gold Coast, by Nelson Demille), I got the clearest picture yet of how even our own law enforcement can act against people they want to stick it to.  That reminds me to say to Drew;

It’s your damn fault I lost sleep staying up trying to finish 638 pages even trying to hold my eyes open which in the end didn’t work.
Scary stuff.  I’ve read Demille before but missed this one. 

I don’t suppose I’d be surprised if American courts could do this also.  Makes me uncomfortable to think about it.

I guess I want stability in an unstable world.

Secret court jails father for sending son 21st birthday greeting on Facebook after he was gagged from naming him

Garry Johnson breached gagging order stopping him publicly naming son

46-year-old brought up his son and still lives with him

Judge sent father to prison for contempt at a closed-doors family court

Case certain to fuel concerns about Britain’s network of secret courts

By Sue Reid

A father has been jailed at a secret court hearing for sending a Facebook message to his grown-up son on his 21st birthday.

Garry Johnson, 46, breached a draconian gagging order which stops him publicly naming his son, Sam, whom he has brought up and who still lives with him.

In a case which is certain to fuel concerns about Britain’s shadowy network of secret courts, a judge sent the former music executive to prison for contempt at a closed-doors family court hearing in Essex at the beginning of last month.

He was not arrested by police or even represented by a lawyer.

The order silencing Mr Johnson – which follows an acrimonious divorce eight years ago – means he cannot mention either of his boys, 21-year-old Sam and Adam, 18, in public, even by congratulating them in a local newspaper announcement when they get engaged, married or have children in the future.

The extraordinary gag is set to last until the end of his life, although his boys are now adults. Last night they condemned their father’s jailing as ‘cruel and ludicrous’.

After their parents’ divorce, the two boys chose to live with their father, following a series of rows with their mother over her new boyfriend.

But within a year of the divorce, Mr Johnson’s ex-wife made allegations to Essex social workers that he was neglecting the children and not feeding them properly at his smart family home.

An investigation by social workers cleared him of any wrongdoing and said the boys were fine.

A year later, in 2006, she made further allegations to social workers that he was mentally unfit to care for the boys.

Medical documents shown to the Mail by Sam and Adam reveal that Mr Johnson was examined three times by a local psychiatrist hired by social workers. The doctor wrote to social workers saying:  ‘There is no evidence of mental illness. I cannot understand why there are concerns about Mr Johnson’s mental health.’

Social services refused, as a result, to get involved.

In 2007, the ex-wife started private care proceedings to remove the boys from their father. A judge put the boys under a ‘living at home with parent’ care order.

It meant they would continue to live with their father, but under supervision by social services.

This care order was accompanied by the gagging order to stop an increasingly anguished Mr Johnson talking about the case publicly.

Even naming his sons in the most innocuous circumstances – such as on Facebook – became a contempt of court.
Much-loved: Gary Johnson wished his son, Sam a happy birthday on Facebook. Sam is pictured when he was 15 in 2007

The care order on Sam expired on his 18th birthday three years ago. The one on Adam in October last year when he reached 18. Normally, a gagging order imposed by a family court judge on a parent expires at the same time as a care order on the child. This one did not.

Mr Johnson was imprisoned at the height of the Mail’s campaign against jailings by this country’s network of secret courts.

The secretive family court system, which jailed Mr Johnson, deals with custody wrangles, children’s care orders and adoption.

Mr Johnson received a letter in late April from Chelmsford County Court officials ordering him to go to Basildon Magistrates’ Court building on May 2 for a hearing regarding his children.

He was not warned he might face imprisonment or that the hearing was about his Facebook message, posted on Sam’s birthday a few days earlier on April 23.

On arrival, he was escorted by court security guards to a private room in the building for a half hour hearing under family court rules before His Honour Judge Damien Lochrane.

He was not warned that he might need a lawyer.

At the private hearing, Mr Johnson learned he had breached a gagging order, imposed by the family courts in 2007, by sending the Facebook message.

He informed the judge that he had had four heart attacks and was awaiting a triple by-pass operation. But he was sentenced to 28 days’ jail and sent down to a court cell to await transport to Chelmsford prison.

In the court cell, he had a heart attack caused by the shock. Rushed to a local hospital by ambulance, he was then shackled and handcuffed to a bed while on oxygen and receiving morphine.

A team of prison officers were put on 24-hour shifts beside his bed to make sure he did not escape.

He recovered and was sent to prison two days later, serving two weeks of the sentence before being released. Details of the horrifying case were made public to the Mail by his sons, who are not subject to any gagging order according to their Essex-based lawyer, Alan Foskett.

The jailing provoked a horrified response from MPs last night. John Hemming, the Lib Dem MP who has campaigned against the secret courts, said: ‘This is yet another example of how the secret courts are stopping freedom of speech. I have never heard of a gagging order of this kind going on into adulthood. This is a surreal case.’

Mr Johnson’s local MP, John Baron, said: ‘I have helped Mr Johnson and his sons – who always wanted to live with him – over several years. To find he has been imprisoned for sending a birthday message to one of them is troubling.

Sam, a telesales manager and former professional footballer, said last night: ‘My dad is a good father and has never been in trouble with the police. He was treated like a criminal. This ludicrous gagging order should not exist and must now be lifted.

Both Adam and myself are adults. This cruel ruling is now hanging over my father to silence him about the sons he loves for the rest of his life. That is a terrible thing in what is meant to be a free country.’

Mr Johnson was imprisoned a day before senior judges, on May 3, reacted to the Mail campaign by saying they planned to stop courts jailing defendants in secret for contempt.

Because of the controversial secrecy rules, some have been sent to jail for discussing their case with MPs or charity workers advising them.

read more

So in other words, a person can not even speak to say their congresscritter or senator if this should be a rule in the US. Wow. Here’s the Mail’s comment on the subject.



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whats it take to get arrested is not the question. it’s, whats it take to go to jail

Yeah really.  The first time time I read something similar to this I thought it could be a one off thing. Then it happened again. And then another time.

I think this is the 4th time in recent memory.  Now I do know ppl are being jailed because the papers report that. Maybe the papers report that because it is so unusual.

Take a look at this.  There should be a special moonbat made exclusively for this judge.

Paedophile who abused two girls aged seven and eight is spared jail - after judge says it would be unfair to HIS family

Factory worker Gary Karn sexually assaulted two girls while picking fruit
48-year-old from Norwich gets 18-month jail term suspended for two years
As well as the attacks, extreme and child pornography found at his home
Judge Mark Lucraft accused of ‘living in cuckoo land’ by family of victims

By John Stevens

A man who sexually abused two little girls as they picked fruit at his allotment has avoided jail because a judge ruled it would be unfair to the attacker’s own family.

Gary Karn, 48, inappropriately touched his victims, aged seven and eight, after inviting them into his greenhouse to help themselves to raspberries as they played at nearby allotments owned by one of their fathers.

But he escaped with a suspended sentence after a judge decided that it would cause ‘suffering’ for his family.

The father of one of the girls, who both had to give evidence to Norwich Crown Court, said the judge’s decision showed no recognition of the impact the assault had on his eight-year-old daughter.

‘He talks about the effect on the offender’s family, but what about the effects on my family?’ he said.

Father-of-three Karn, a food processing factory worker from Norwich, was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault against a child.

The court heard he invited the girls on to his allotment. He told them that he needed to brush spiders off them then put his hands up the top of one girl, and down the trousers of the other.

He was also charged with six counts of possession of extreme pornography and one count of possession of indecent photographs of a child.

Judge Mark Lucraft decided not to proceed with these offences but took them into consideration.

He gave Karn an 18-month suspended sentence, saying an immediate jail term would unfairly affect his family.



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but crime is going down we are told. no, the reports are but the crimes are not.

ok, we’ve had axes and clubs and feet and fists and of course, knives. Even razors.
Maybe this will start a new trend here.
The meat cleaver.
Take a look.


Police are searching for car-jackers who threatened a motorist with a meat cleaver before stealing his vehicle.

Officers said the thuggish duo threw a bottle at a moving car in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

The VW Polo stopped and the 19-year-old driver and his passenger were approached by two men.

Officers said the driver was then dragged out of the car and his passenger was assaulted before the men got in the Polo and drove off.
The cleaver-wielding men abandoned a short time later and fled

The vehicle was abandoned soon after and both men ran off along Tonge Moor Road.

One man is described as being dark skinned, 6ft tall, well built, in his late teens or early 20s and had short light brown hair.

He wore a grey hooded top and dark-coloured jeans.

The other was slim and was wearing a white shirt and dark-coloured jumper.

Police have issued CCTV images of two men following the incident.

Detective Constable Dave Harris said: ‘The offenders showed extreme aggression towards their victims and they are lucky they did not suffer more serious injuries.

‘Understandably, both have been left shaken after this attack.

‘We believe this was a random attack and I would ask members of the community to be vigilant.

‘We are unsure why the Polo was abandoned a short time later and we are asking for witnesses to come forward.

‘The two images we have are very clear and I believe that someone within the local community will recognise them.

So if they catch the miserable punks, what’s the worst?  A year on remand? Community service? A year in jail? Whatever.
Or ....

Victim paralysed in a row over spilled drinks discovers attacker’s Facebook boast about his release from prison after just 15 months

Claire Hilton, 30, suffered a broken neck when she was attacked
She can barely walk more than a few steps after being paralysed
Christopher Towers, 25, has been on weekend weekend release
Topless photo of Towers was published on Facebook
Thug carried out attack after his mother’s £2.80 cider was knocked over

By Rob Cooper

A thug who left a mother paralysed after a petty row over a spilt drink has been out enjoying his freedom just 15 months after he was jailed for three and a half years.

Claire Hilton, 30, broke her neck in three places and was left with a severely damaged spinal cord after being attacked by Christopher Towers, 25, outside a pub in Boldon, Tyne and Wear.

When he was finally locked up in January last year, Claire thought she had seen the last of Towers for a long time.

But he has recently been enjoying weekend release from prison and is set to be let out of jail altogether imminently - just over a third of the way through his sentence.

Claire, who is forced to rely on a team of carers to help her get through the day, was shocked when she spotted a picture of Towers outside prison on Facebook.

After learning he was out, she asked: ‘Is just over a year (in prison) all my life is worth?’

The attacker was pictured half-naked with a comment underneath which read: ‘Finally with my boy’.

Claire believes the picture was posted by Towers’ girlfriend Kelly McKone who was also involved in the attack which left her paralysed.

Distraught, she contacted the police who told her that Towers had been out on weekend licence from jail when the picture appeared on Friday April 5.

The officer explained that he was due to be released shortly and that as part of his preparation he would be spending a weekend on the outside every 28 days.


Tough on crime okay.


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the curse of justice …. lack of

I honestly wish I had the ability to use words to convey in a better way, things that bother me in a major way.  My tendency is to feel and not think and lose my temper.  Or else become so muddled I don’t even understand myself.  And that about covers what I saw this morning.

I’m not even supposed to be sitting here, I was told I had to keep feet elevated for a day or two, do not exert, yadda,yadda, blah.
Well, that ain’t gonna happen.  An extra pain killer and I’ll get thru the day but I have to share this.

Why do people have a problem with the idea of revenge and the law?  Why can’t justice, depending on the offense, incorporate a healthy dose of revenge?

This originally started btw, with a post that Drew did a couple of days ago. A post in which he had:

But ... horry clap ... the way them savage English go at each other with the cutlery!

Man ‘stabbed passer-by to death after having bath-time disturbed’

Man stabs 17-year-old for giving him ‘dodgy looks’

Birmingham woman stabbed by friend in row over ring, murder trial told

Police hunting teenage boy after stabbing outside Barkingside Magistrates’ Court

So I thought, ok.  I have to add something of a non violent nature, but something that shows just how some interpret “justice.”
I’ve since lost the article which doesn’t matter.  The story concerned a burglar with at least 70 previous burglaries.
Because he said he was “sorry” his jail term was cut in half.  Well heck, nothing new in that and we now expect that kind of thing from what laughingly is referred to as the ‘justice’ system.  Which of course it is not and has not been for a long time.  People here and I suspect the USA as well, have little regard or respect for courts, judges and lawyers in general. Most civilians are I believe, left cold by the term criminal justice system. I also think it may be worse here than in the USA.  And for good reason.  Here is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.  Justice?  Uh huh. In a pig’s ass.  Just where is that to be found in this case?
Crime will never be eliminated, I’m not silly enough to believe that.  But since that is the case, then the penalties administered should damn well fit the crimes committed, and never mind the bleeding heart liberals who confuse justice and revenge and opt for ‘humane’ treatment of scum like the one in the following article.

Take a look and take in the miscarriage in this one.  And oh by the way, here’s what the defense had to say.  Look at the photos and tell me that effing lawyer shouldn’t suffer the same.

Moses Tawo, defending Hayden, said: ‘His way of explanation is his alcohol abuse. It isn’t domestic violence, it is a random assault. He would come back from prison full of problems and there would be a vicious circle.’

Any parent and especially parents of girls who do not bring them up trained in self defense to the point of using weapons and deadly force in today’s world, is doing them an injustice.

Drunken thug who battered girlfriend in the street making her face ‘explode like an airbag’ walks away with community service despite the fact he was on PROBATION

· Magistrate said NOT sending him to jail would be the tougher option

· Toby Hayden was serving suspended sentence for previous offence

· Also assaulted two police officers and had to pay them both compensation

By Claire Ellicott


A thug who attacked his girlfriend in the street has walked free from court after magistrates told him a community sentence is ‘tougher’ than prison.

Toby Hayden, 27, hit his partner of two years in a drunken rage when a cash machine told him he had insufficient funds to withdraw money.

He repeatedly punched Loretta Butterworth, 22, in an assault that ended only when passers-by heard her screaming ‘please help me’.

When police arrived to arrest Hayden, he spat in the face of one officer and tried to gouge out the eyes of another.

She said she looked ‘like a zombie’ after the attack and still has the outline of a footprint on her forehead.
She added: ‘When I found out that he had walked free my heart sank. I was shocked and angry.
‘He definitely should have gone to prison. He had previous convictions, he had been violent to people before, he was on probation when it happened.
‘He resisted arrest, assaulted two police officers, caused criminal damage and that doesn’t even cover what he did to me.
‘He punched me repeatedly, he didn’t stop – but that wasn’t enough for him so he kicked me in the back of the head as I lay on the floor unable to defend myself.’
Moses Tawo, defending Hayden, said: ‘His way of explanation is his alcohol abuse. It isn’t domestic violence, it is a random assault. He would come back from prison full of problems and there would be a vicious circle.’

Despite being on a suspended sentence for a previous violent crime, magistrates sentenced him to an 18-month community order with 200 hours of unpaid work and ordered him to complete an anger management course.

Think that’s all there is to this story?
Take another look.
At this.

The victim says that the case should have gone to Crown Court.

Magistrates are three people who aren’t legally trained.

‘At least if it had gone to Crown Court he would have been before a properly educated judge and the full story would have come out.

read/see more


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calendar   Saturday - January 26, 2013

law without justice or order, country signs its own death sentence

To be a judge in the UK do you have to go on an “How to rid yourself of all common sense “ course ? Most of our judges seen to have passed with high marks !
- bglad1 , littlehampton, United Kingdom

I’m feeling suicidal by hearing about my poor old once great country being battered by idiot judges who give every lowlife the right to reside here no matter how dangerous but give us no human rights to be safe in our own country.
- fed up taxpayer now a ukip voter

Just a couple of notes from the readers of the Mail, and there are other similar comments.  So what has their knickers in a twist?  The same sort of insanity that people with sense in any country would feel, faced with what the Brits see everyday. How are they supposed to feel when they can do nothing as a weak legal system, systematically destroys their faith in what is supposed to be a, justice system. They see no justice.  You do not have to be a ranting right wing hang em all Nazi to despise what the system has actually become.  A haven for criminals of the worst sort, and employment human rights lawyers as well as for judges who lack any kind of common sense, and judges who feel their hands are tied by the rules as written and so can do little or nothing.  Some judges judges have indeed spoken out. The problem is, nobody is listening who can set things right.  In a country where the death penalty is banned, life in prison for vicious killers should damn well mean life.  But as we know, even in the USA, the death penalty doesn’t discourage would be rapists or killers because it takes so long to execute even the worst. And life does not always mean life in the states either.  Having said that, with whatever complaints Americans justifiably have with the incorrectly named “justice” system, the people of Britain face far worse. 

Here are a couple of examples that belong to a growing list of like examples. And this is not even the worst that I can report on.  So far, sad and frustrating to say, the people here have lost all reasonable means of national self protection or justice through their courts. 

Human Rights laws stop Algerian terror suspect with links to gas plant massacre group being deported because he is suicidal

· The 43-year-old does not dispute he is a threat to national security
· Came to Britain in 1995 on a fake passport and claimed asylum
· Suspected supporter of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat - group involved in deadly attack on Algerian gas plant earlier this month
· Mr Justice Mitting rules he must stay because he has a history of depression

By Steve Robson

An Algerian terror suspect has been allowed to stay in Britain because a judge believes he may commit suicide if he is forced to go back home.
The 43-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, does not dispute he is a risk to Britain’s national security and is believed to support one of the terrorist groups which carried out the deadly attack on an Algerian gas plant earlier this month which claimed the lives of 39 hostages including six Britons.
He is also suspected of providing fake passports and travel arrangements to terrorists.
But in another blow for the Home Office, the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (Siac) has allowed the married man to remain on British soil today because deporting him would breach his human rights.
Making his ruling, Mr Justice Mitting - who recently allowed hate preacher Abu Qatada to stay in the UK - said: ‘We must look at the totality of the psychiatric evidence in the round.
‘We are persuaded by it that the risk that G would commit suicide, especially after arrival in Algiers, is very high.
‘It may be containable in the UK but no special arrangements have been negotiated with Algeria to cope with it.’
In the same judgment, Mr Justice Mitting told six other Algerian terror suspects they must leave.
But the senior immigration judge warned there was still ‘no end in sight’ in attempting to put the men on a flight home because they are likely to appeal the decision.

more to read

Are we to believe that this negro scum thought up the idea of suing all on his own?  Or did some ambulance chasing human rights scumbag attorney tell him he had rights that were violated. Whatever, at least in this case his case was shot down and so he won’t collect “compensation” from the taxpayer. But unfortunately, he is still here. Most likely collecting benefits as well.

Child-sex attacker can’t be deported because his African tribe is ‘persecuted’

· Jumaa Kater Saleh, 24, arrived in UK in 2004 hidden in a lorry
· He was convicted of having sex with a 13-year-old girl in May 2008
· Judge said today it was ‘not possible’ to deport him back to Sudan

· Saleh attempted to claim damages for unlawful detention

By Jack Doyle and Ryan Kisiel

An African migrant who lured a vulnerable schoolgirl to a house for sex cannot be deported – because he is a member of a ‘persecuted tribe’.
Jumaa Kater Saleh, 24, was convicted as part of a predatory sex gang for the ‘deliberate, targeted abuse of a young and vulnerable girl’, who was aged 13 at the time.
But he was allowed to remain in Britain under human rights law because he faced mistreatment if sent back to Sudan.
He claimed he was a member of the Zaghawa tribe, which has been persecuted by government forces and Arab tribe militia.
And it has been ruled he can stay indefinitely, unless a court decides the ‘threat’ diminishes and it is safe for him to return to Africa.
Details of the case emerged as Saleh went to court to demand compensation from the Government for locking him up. He claimed he was unlawfully detained following his prison sentence, when he was kept behind bars to protect the public.
But the judge rejected his claim saying he had posed a ‘substantial’ risk to the public and keeping him locked up was necessary.

The decision to allow Saleh to stay sparked outrage.

Tory MP Peter Bone said: ‘I take the very simple view that if someone comes to this country and then breaks the law then he should be sent back to where he comes from.

‘Any arguments about his human rights disappear when he has violated, violently, the rights of a young girl.’

Saleh arrived in the UK in November 2004 hidden in the back of a lorry.

In January 2005 he claimed asylum but this was rejected.

However, because he was under 18, he was allowed to remain until he reached adulthood in October 2006.
He was still in the country in May 2007, when arrested and charged with the sex offences. In February 2008, he was convicted of two charges of sexual activity with a 13-year-old girl.

He was in a group of five immigrants who lured schoolgirls – including three aged 13 and one aged 14 – to a house for sex.

read more


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calendar   Wednesday - January 16, 2013

the only real justice come from the barrel of a gun. or dull garden shears.

What. Me Worry?

Just say you’re sorry gets close to a free pass. Never mind that it’s violent rape. Just say fuckin sorry. Oh wait. Skip the first word cos you might get more punishment for that then for the rape.

Take a good look at this vile filthy verminous scum. Jeesh.  It’s maddening.  How can society protect itself when it allows this? 

A pair of garden shears and chop,chop. That’s how you really make the bastard feel sorry. For life.  Let’s see how many this little creep can rape in the future with no wanker.

Justice my ass.  If he can get it up and knows what it’s for, he’s an adult and I don’t care if he were 10. He is NO BOY!

(note. incorrect date at website. story is current)

Boy, 13, who raped woman in front of his friends is jailed for just three years… because he said ‘sorry’

By Daily Mail Reporter

A boy of 13 who overpowered a woman then raped her in front of his two friends will spend just three years locked away for his crimes.


Balal Khan - thought to be one of the youngest convicted rapists in Britain - targeted the 20-year-old as she walked home.

He subjected her to a severe beating then screamed at her ‘Do what I say or I’ll kill you’, before putting her through the ordeal of a terrifying sex attack.

Then he stole her bag and phone and even took a call from his victim’s boyfriend to whom he bragged about what he had done.

But after pleading guilty to charges of rape and robbery the teenager was sentenced to just three years because of his age - and because he said ‘sorry’.

A judge at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court lifted a restriction preventing the publication of Khan’s identity after hearing details of the horrifying attack.

The judge heard how Khan ran up behind his victim and grabbed her around the neck as she walked through a secluded area near Cobridge, in Stoke-on-Trent one evening in September last year.

He punched and kicked her as she lay on the ground before raping her.

Robert Price, prosecuting, said: ‘She started screaming and attempted to get to her feet.

‘He responded by punching her in the mouth and knocked her back on the ground.

‘He stood over her and kicked her to the side of her face. He started shouting at her and warned that if she struggled he would “kill” her.’

The court heard two boys, aged 10 and 11, who knew Khan, stood nearby and shouted at him to stop

Afterwards Khan, of Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent, took the victim’s bag, containing an iPod and mobile phone.

He then answered a call from the victim’s boyfriend. When asked why he had the phone, Khan bragged about what had taken place.

He later sold the phone and iPod, but not before making a call to his parents’ home. The mobile’s call records led police straight to Khan’s address.

In a police interview he told officers he had tripped the victim and stolen her bag.

The court heard scientists later found Khan’s DNA on swabs taken from the victim.

Naomi Perry, mitigating, said he had shown remorse for what he had done.

He apologised after finally admitting his offence to police and also when he entered his plea at court.

‘We are dealing with a very immature young man,’ Miss Perry said.

‘He has been having anger management classes and he feels these have helped him.’

Judge Paul Glenn told Khan, now aged 14, that his offences were ‘grave’ and that an adult convicted of the same crimes would have been jailed for eight or nine years.

He added: ‘It was a terrifying experience for this young woman and she will be left psychologically scarred.’

By law, anyone under 18 years old faces a lesser sentence for rape than an adult, and for those aged 14 or under the term is reduced further.

Judge Glenn took the unusual step to lift a restriction preventing the publication of Khan’s name because of the grave nature of his Khan’s offences.

He added: ‘In this case I believe there is a legitimate public interest in naming this offender. It may prove to be a deterrent to others.’

Khan was sentenced to three years in a young offenders’ institution.

Just how FUCKING dumb does one have to be to be a judge?  His order to make this vile sub human rapist known to the public will he thinks, deter others?
What god damn planet is that guy on?  How exactly does that deter anything?  Look for more of the same as “young offenders” know damn well their age and an apology will get them off lightly.  And as for his slutbag lawyer, I’d hope the same happens to her.  Lets see what kind of “mitigating” excuses she can dream up.  He had shown remorse, she says. Uh huh. Like the remorse he showed when talking on her phone to her boy friend.

There was a rape and death in India recently, I’m sure you’ve all heard about it by this time.
2,500 lawyers there sent the court a document refusing to have anything to do with the defense of the six rapists.
Can you imagine even one western lawyer that would do that?

Try saying sorry when you have been caught going a few miles over the speed limit or saying sorry to the parking warden when you have had to stop and dash to drop a letter in a letter box, or even saying sorry for forgetting to mail in your tax returns on time and see how much mercy will be shown you. go on..try it for a laugh!! But then of course this is simple old rape and gordon does not stand to gain anything financial from this thug so it is ok for him to say sorry and the judge understands and lets him off lightly!!! However going 33mph in a 30mph zone is tatamount to premedicated murder and do you know how many kids you could have run over and killed doing the extra 3mph??? Right, then, cough up £300+ and hand over you licence so we can impose penalty points onto it too to teach you a valuable lesson you horrible criminal!!!! Tough on crime nulabour style!!!!

- turner , Essex,


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calendar   Friday - January 11, 2013

22 offences including sexual assault, released without sentence due to low iq

Now here’s a load of rubbish.  This is how the system protects the citizen.

It doesn’t. Not in this case.  And I question that the retard doesn’t know right from wrong.  Even if he doesn’t, he should still be deleted. He is of no possible value to anyone.  He will cost the state more than he can ever be worth, and when he grows older and stronger,


Schoolboy, 12, who admitted 22 offences including sexual assault, theft and criminal damage is released without sentence because he has an IQ of just 58

· Because schoolboy has such a low IQ, he cannot understand implications of his actions

· Judge had to allow him to enter new, non guilty pleas under common law

· As child was not convicted, court could not carry out doctor’s recommendations to give him a hospital order
· Judge describes it as ‘perfect storm’

A boy of 12 who carried out more than 20 criminal acts was released without charge - because the courts have no legal way to deal with him.

A judge heard the child’s behaviour has ‘deteriorated beyond control’ but his low IQ means that he cannot properly understand the court process.

The judge described the situation as the ‘perfect storm’ as there is no way that the court could accept a guilty plea from him, as he cannot understand the implications of his acts, and they could not follow doctor’s recommendations, as the boy had not been convicted.

The boy initally entered 22 guilty pleas in July for offences including sexual assault, racially aggravated assault, theft, common assault and criminal damage.

The case has since been back before the courts 15 times in a bid to find a way to deal with the boy, who is originally from Portsmouth, Hampshire.

But psychiatric and psychologists’ reports established the youngster - who is now in foster care - has an IQ of just 58.

That puts him in the bottom three per cent for his age and unable to understand the implications of his acts.

Because of the reports, district judge Anthony Callaway allowed new, not guilty pleas to be entered for all the charges under common law powers.

A doctor’s report recommended giving the youth a hospital order under the Mental Health Act.

But they could not do this because he was not convicted.

The only option was to give the youth absolute discharges on all counts.

David Tongs, from the youth offending team, told Fareham Youth Court the youth’s behaviour had ‘deteriorated beyond control’ in recent weeks.

He said: ‘Since his last appearance, his behaviour has become rather worrying.

‘He’s become abusive, he’s been running away almost on a daily basis, and running away from school almost as soon as he’s taken there.

‘He’s been breaching his curfew. On one occasion he was just standing outside and refusing to come in.

‘We worry that he’s out with other young people who are known to us as criminally active.’

Mr Tongs said the boy had recently tried to stab a teacher with a pen, and has damaged several windows at his school.

He added: ‘His behaviour over the last two to three weeks has been appalling. It’s deteriorated beyond control.

‘We don’t know where he goes when he runs away.’

The boy has been living with the same foster carer since July, and until recently had behaved well.

His foster carer said: ‘It has escalated to a difficult level and I don’t know how to keep him safe.’


Gee, happy to know the focus is keeping the worthless retard safe.  We wouldn’t want to spoil the public or teachers or other school kids, by keeping them safe too. 
What total nonsense.  The more I read about crap like this, the more convinced I am that the Nazis did not have everything wrong.  Or any other system that simply hit ctrl/alt/delete on these sub species.  What possible good are they?  They cost the earth to maintain, and for what?  For the mistaken belief that there’s a chance they are really human after all?  Bah.  If deleting them seems too much for the kind hearted, then for safety’s sake, toss them in a cage and feed them raw meat once a week and otherwise forget about them. They will only do great harm.  And there’s enough of that now with criminals who do have all their wits about them. 


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calendar   Saturday - January 05, 2013

justice brit style. no. lack of more like. but then, heck. he only killed her.

Just another one of those things that make the blood boil.


Why?  Why is this piece of walking filth out free?  Jeesh, he gets 8 yrs but is out in 4.  What he do? Oh nothing much by today’s deplorable standards.

He only strangled he wife to death.  Hey, he had a good excuse.  He was angry or he might not have done it.  She cheated on him and wanted a divorce and so he complied by giving her a permanent one.  Ah, the fact that he was playing house also is okay.  It’s just that damn it, wives are not supposed to do that.
Only guys have a license to cheat.  And he didn’t simply strangle her.  She had 43 separate injuries, 18 to her face.
But Brit justice deems is okay to let the slime free after 4 years.  Well, I guess that’s all a life is worth in this country.  Not certain it’s any different in the states either.  But this is an outrage to end em all.  AND .... he moves right back into the same house he murdered her in.  Sensitive fellow what.

Take a look.  Brit justice in, inaction.

Millionaire banker who killed wife in a jealous rage is back in the home where he strangled her with their two children after just three years in jail

Neil Ellerbeck, has moved into the smart suburban house where he took his wife Kate’s life after she asked for a divorce

By Stephen Wright

Just four years after he killed his wife in a jealous rage, a millionaire banker is out of jail and back living with their two children at the family home where he strangled her.

Neil Ellerbeck, 49, has moved into the smart suburban house where he took his wife Kate’s life after she asked for a divorce.

Mr Ellerbeck, who earned £170,000 as HSBC’s global chief of investment, feared losing his two children, £650,000 home and £1.3million fortune in the break-up.

He lashed out after bugging her phone calls and reading her texts, discovering she had been having an affair with her son’s tennis coach as well as having ‘close friendships’ with a childhood sweetheart and a chef at the Ritz.

She received 43 separate injuries in the attack in November 2008, around 18 of which were on her face.

After his furious assault, Ellerbeck collected their ten-year-old daughter from a school entrance exam.

He later insisted his 46-year-old wife had been alive when he left her.

During his Old Bailey trial three years ago, it emerged he had been having an affair himself during the troubled 14-year marriage.

He was acquitted of murder but jailed for eight years for manslaughter after a jury accepted he did not intend to kill his wife.

Time spent in custody awaiting trial and his good behaviour means he served a total of four years behind bars.

Before the killing, Mr Ellerbeck, described by police as a jealous and possessive man, was having a long relationship with a former colleague. But then he spied on his wife and found out she had been having an affair with tennis coach Pat McAdam.

Mr McAdam, 50, last night hit out at the legal system that has allowed Mr Ellerbeck to begin rebuilding his life after just four years behind bars, adding: ‘He destroyed Kate’s life, left two children without a mother and caused untold anguish to Kate’s sister, family and myself.

‘Yet when I asked victim liaison questions about his release, I kept being told the probation service was trying to make his life as “normal as possible” now that he is out.

I had hoped he would not be allowed back to the home where Kate died.’ Mr McAdam has been campaigning to change the law to make it harder for people sentenced for serious crimes to be released early.

He said: ‘Because he’s served half of his sentence, he has no need to wear an electronic tag, or report regularly to police, all apparently because of this desire to let him lead a normal life.

‘I will never be able to lead a normal life again and nor will other people involved in this case who knew and loved Kate.’

photos and source

I have read someplace today, that some fellow cheated on some tax(?) or maybe it was embezzlement, and got 6 years.  I didn’t pay too much attention to that story cos I was so taken up with this one. But it seems like killing someone if angry plus being a millionaire, becomes an out.  That just isn’t right.  Why should anyone who has so badly affected an entire family by the taking of a life as he did, be allowed to go free?  Sorry gang. I just do not understand.

I have no problem with criminals who are only killing each other, as Ben Siegel once famously said.

Interesting times indeed.  I was researching something early today and ran across someone who was charged with and prosecuted for, Grand Theft.
The year was 1910 the theft was a bicycle.


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calendar   Wednesday - December 26, 2012

cops frighten bad guys by using the dreaded …. “CAUTION” penalty.

Steve says:


Hey, that’s us okay. Oh yeah. Why we’re so aggressive that when we can’t find someone to pick a fight with, we beat the crap out of ourselves.

Sure thing.  We’re sick and we’re aggressive.  I guess Stevie forgot about this sick story that held the country’s attention for a year. Steve may have been asleep while this was in the news.
He became known as Baby p. He wasn’t even two years old.

Treated like a dog, used as a punchbag: The life and death of a baby boy called ‘Smiley’

By Vanessa Allen and Colin Fernandez

Baby P’s happy smile masked months of pain and terror inflicted by his mother and stepfather.

The toddler was speaking his first words and had already learned to call his mother’s boyfriend ‘dad’.

In return, he was used as a punchbag by the sadistic thug who trained him ‘like a dog’ - the child instinctively put his head to the floor when the brute approached.

Known to family as Smiley, the toddler would be wrapped in layers of clothing until he began sweating and gasping for air.

This image doesn’t even show a quarter of what was done.

When police searched the family home, they found dog mess and human faeces on the floor and rat holes burrowed into the walls. The bodies of dead chicks, mice and a dismembered rabbit were strewn around along with items of pornography.

The baby’s cot and bedroom walls were stained with his blood. He weighed as little as a child five months younger and had been inflicting pain on himself by headbutting walls and floors.

Social workers and doctors had seen many of his bruises and other injuries and raised suspicions that he was being abused. Police even arrested his mother twice but decided there was too little evidence to prosecute.

Crucially, none of them knew that she had moved her pain-obsessed lover into her home. She was desperate to keep her son - and the £450-a-month child benefit and other pay-outs - and kept the man’s presence a secret.

Dear reader, if that sickens you let me tell you it gets worse from there.  If you need more, simple Google Baby P.  But hey, Americans are sick and aggressive. Right?

Both mother and live in friend were jailed. But not life. And if ever the death penalty was warranted, this has to be it. Oh damn. There I go again getting all aggressive.

Thug who blinded university student in one eye in random attack is let off by police with a CAUTION

. Matthew Noblett, 20, from Chorley, Lancashire, was hit outside a pub
· He needed 170 stitches in his right eyeball to stop it collapsing
· He will never regain vision in the eye and is now registered disabled
· Noblett said his 16-year-old attacker should have gone to court

By Becky Evans

A university student blinded when he was beaten in the street said he is ‘shaking with rage’ that his attacker has been let off with a warning.
Matthew Noblett, 20, was hit in the face with such force that he needed 170 stitches in his right eyeball during surgery to save it from collapse.

Doctors have warned Matthew he will never regain his full vision and could still face losing his eye altogether.
A 16-year-old admitted assaulting Matthew in Chorley, Lancashire, and escaped court action when he accepted a caution.

The student victim, who now has to register as disabled, said he will never forgive his attacker.
‘This lad was just given a police caution and anyone can see it’s not enough.

‘I will never forgive him for what he’s done. His actions are going to have a massive effect on me for the rest of my life but he appears to have got away with it.
‘Police say he has already been reprimanded and that he’d admitted punching me - but then they and the lad only thought I’d been scratched above the eyebrow. The truth is very different.

I’ve gone through an awful operation and may even lose my eye forever. He needs to go to court for what he’s done.’

His father Joseph said he has ‘no respect for what the police have done’.
He said: ‘I had to go to court and got a £60 fine for having the spacing on my private registration plate wrong. Yet this lad has left my son blind in one eye and gets off scot-free. Where’s the justice in that? Matthew will now be affected for the rest of his life.


Yup. We sure are an aggressive people. And maybe the only ones.

I could fill this page with a lot more as you all know. No need to add any more then this item. Boy those “cautions” the cops give out must really scare the bad guys.  But then, at least they aren’t aggressive about it.



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calendar   Thursday - November 15, 2012

man gets 5 years in the slammer for not being pretty. see the link, you’ll understand.

Here one hell of a problem story and ppl arguing both sides.

Pretty 16 year old girl out partying with friends and as usual for these times, the kid gets stoned and is three sheets to the wind.
She also had some kind of drug in her system.  But it’s all the fault of a guard with 20 years experience under his belt.

Her friends board a subway train, she’s left outside (see the link below) and is leaning against the carriage. 
The train is about to leave but the silly girl is seen leaning against the train’s car.

Now it’s my assumption that anyone seeing her would have assumed that as soon as the girl saw the train moving, she would back away. But she didn’t.
And so she died.

But, it’s the fault of the train guard who gave the signal to the driver to start.
And so the guard gets five years in the slammer as the judge comes down on him like a ton of bricks.
I think the judge is an idiot but unfortunately for the poor hapless guard, the only opinion that counts here is the opinion of an idiot in the form of a judge.
People have killed other people while driving drunk and often do not even go to jail. Or else they get no more than this guard did. Let me tell you what the guard’s crime was. And he is surely guilty as sin on this score.

The poor man is NOT photogenic!  His image is NOT media friendly.

See him at the link and you’ll understand.  He is guilty okay. Of looking goofy.
Meanwhile, the grieving mother says, “Georgia was my entire family.”
Well mom, your entire family was dead drunk at 16.
Of course, that was solely the fault of a guard who isn’t pretty. 

‘An appalling disregard for safety’: Railway guard jailed for five years over death of teenage girl who fell under carriage

Georgia Varley died after falling between a train and the platform on a night out in Liverpool

Train guard Christopher McGee, 45, gave the signal for the driver to depart as the 16-year-old was leaning against the carriage

McGee was sentenced to five years in prison today after being found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence

The teenager’s heartbroken mother said: ‘Georgia was my entire family’

‘She paid for your criminal negligence with her life’ a judge said

By Jaya Narain and Sam Webb

A railway guard found guilty of manslaughter following the death of a teenage girl who fell under a train was jailed for five years today.

Christopher McGee, 45, took a ‘terrible risk’ by giving the signal for the driver to depart as Georgia Varley, 16, was leaning against the carriage, a judge said.

The sixth-form college student, who was drunk on a night out in Liverpool with friends, fell between the train and the platform at the city’s James Street station in October last year as a result of McGee’s ‘appalling disregard for her safety’, a court heard.


Georgia, who was leaning against the train when the railway guard gave the signal for it to leave, was seen to stagger and fall into the gap as it moved away from the platform.

McGee was found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence following a two week trial at Liverpool Crown Court.

Jailing McGee for five years today, Mr Justice Holroyde said: ‘You did not intend to kill or even injure her, but you displayed an appalling disregard for her safety and she paid for your criminal negligence with her life.’

No you fuckin idiot! You and the dim jury. She paid with her life for being drunk and stupid!  And stoned on drugs as reported here.
And anyway, why should a subway train full of people with no tie to her be inconvenienced just because she was stoned?  Lets take another look at sweet 16.


Passing sentence, the judge said: ‘In my judgement, the CCTV footage is unequivocal, Georgia Varley was not moving away and she was not showing any sign of moving away.

‘She only moved when the movement of the train deprived her of support and caused her to lose balance and fall to her death.

‘I am satisfied that you merely hoped and assumed she would get out of the way when the train began to move, and on that wholly inadequate basis you took a terrible risk,’ he added.

‘You must have known that a passenger who falls between the train and the platform is likely to be killed,’ he told the defendant.

‘As the guard of the train, you were in complete control of the movement of the train. That control carries with it the direct and personal responsibility for the safety of passengers.’

Georgia, from Moreton, Wirral, had gone into Liverpool for a night out with her friends when the incident happened on October 22 last year.

A blood analysis following her death showed she had 236mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood in her system - the legal driving limit is 80mg.

She also had 0.083mg of the drug mephedrone, or Mcat, in her system at the time of her death.

And here’s a thought. Good thing she wasn’t a muzzie or he’d have gotten life without parole.



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calendar   Tuesday - November 13, 2012

another pig ignorant brit judge says fuck you to his country as common sense takes holiday

Here is a PRIME example of what belonging to a foreign union in writing brings a nation to. But as bad or worse yet, the home grown liberal ass-wipe pig ignorant and insane judges who make decisions that will impact a nation.

Here is an example America, of a western country looking at itself in a mirror and with raised middle finger saying to it’s image,
“Fuck You.” And so far, this damn fool piece of pig shit judge has done just that. And all in the name of the new religion foisted on the west by, it own damn and stupid self.  The religion of human rights in whose name all manner of insanity and illogical actions are now taken.

Here’s another example.
Of 11,000 foreign prisoners, many with records of violence, only 62 have been booted out of this country in the last few years.
Killers have been allowed to remain because they have a ‘RIGHT’ to a family life. Or they might be ill treated if returned to their home country. 
It insanity and it has truly run amok.
So who is seeing to the rights of the law abiding citizen to justice when preyed upon by the filth that infests society?
It sure as hell is isn’t any judge. And especially not the responsibility of defense council.

There honestly are some people who really should not be breathing.  Like the crud who broke into an old man’s home this week past and stabbed him to death. Wasn’t enough he broke in to rob the house. He had to kill the poor guy while his wife upstairs and recovering from surgery, heard his screams.
If and when they catch the guy who did it, I’m sure all of his rights both real (if any) and imagined (of which there will be loads) will be strictly looked after.

The system stinks to high heaven.  Justice is a joke told by a very bad self appointed comedian usually referred to as a judge.

Abu Qatada back on the streets within hours

Abu Qatada, the extremist cleric, will be back on the streets of Britain today and allowed to roam free for eight hours a day after a court ruled he cannot be deported.

By Tom Whitehead, Security Editor

The decision means that the security services and police will now have to watch him around the clock in a surveillance operation that is likely to cost the taxpayer more than £5 million a year.

The terror suspect was granted bail by a senior immigration judge yesterday after ruling that Theresa May, the Home Secretary, had failed to satisfy him that he would face a fair trial in Jordan. “ We are absolutely determined to see this man get on a plane and go back to Jordan, he does not belong here. “

“He should not be in this country, he is a dangerous person. He wanted to inflict harm on our country and this coalition Government is going to do everything we can to challenge this every step of the way to make sure that he is deported to Jordan.”

Mr Justice Mitting then ordered Qatada be released from a high-security prison and imposed bail conditions that only placed him under a 16-hour curfew.

Conservative MP Peter Bone told ITV’s Daybreak today that the interests of the public should be put before the European Court.

He said: “Enough is enough - put this terrorist on a plane and send him home and worry about the European Court afterwards.

“There are times when we need to put the public interest in front of the European Court and this is one of them.

“The highest court in this land, our Supreme Court, has said he can go back. Now, if the highest court in this land says he can go back, then he can go back.

“We should not be kow-towing to this ‘Mickey Mouse’ European court.”

“The Supreme Court should be the ultimate court.”

The ruling by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (Siac) is a humiliating blow for Mrs May, who personally travelled to Jordan to obtain assurances that Qatada would face a fair trial.

She sought guarantees after the European Court of Human Rights ruled earlier this year that he could not be deported because there was a risk he would face evidence obtained by torture. But yesterday Siac dismissed those assurances and allowed Qatada’s appeal against deportation.

It is the latest twist in a legal battle that has run for more than a decade and cost the taxpayer more than £1 million in legal fees and benefits.

Qatada, who was once described by a Spanish judge as Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe, will now be under less stringent bail conditions than when he was last released earlier this year, when he was required to stay at home for 22 hours a day.

Under the new conditions he will be allowed his freedom between 8am and 4pm, although he will be tagged and restricted on whom he can meet.

Security and police sources are concerned over the level of monitoring that will now be required. It would be hugely damaging if Qatada gained access to the internet or video facilities to send out a message of hate or to inspire others to act, even if it meant him being returned to prison.

The Home Office plans to appeal against the decision but if it fails Qatada could remain here indefinitely, with increasingly lenient restrictions on his movements.

Qatada’s lawyer, Edward Fitzgerald QC, said there was “no justification for continuing to deprive Mr Othman [Qatada’s real name] of his liberty”.


Oh btw bmews.  Just to let ya know.  This dirt bag isn’t any old run of the mill mad mullah. Oh no.

His hate videos were found among the belongings of one of the 9/11 hijackers who flew into the WTC.  But his lawyers take no note of that and neither did this shit faced judge.  He and others are soooooo worried his trial wouldn’t be a fair one if returned to Jordan.  And of course he’s really innocent. Makes ya wanna grab a gun. Or toss something at him that goes boom. Pity nobody around who can do that.


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calendar   Wednesday - November 07, 2012

punches cop and then says, you can’t do anything to me.  the usual thing.

The teenager already has a string of convictions, including several assaults dating back to 2008.

Oh gosh. How is that possible?  After all, this version of a white man’s burden attended a, “Young Offender’s Institute.” Surely to goodness that should have straightened the slut out. Yeah. Like it does the others who pass through the gates.  They all become so frightened of the law that they all become model citizens.

The really sad and bad that comes out of this article, is that society couldn’t be rid of her in an accident after this latest stunt.  She and the future curse she’s carrying.

Oh well, all she did this time was punch a cop in the face.  Probably his fault. Right?  You know, maybe he was doing his job.  What was he thinking?  She has rights, especially as she’s a member of a favored group.  Fat & ugly slag.

Typical. As some have asked here at bmews before.  What’s it take for judges to actually jail lice like this skank? 

Five months pregnant teenager, 18, ran along electrified Tube lines to dodge her fare after punching policeman in the face

Elesha Proud-Miles, narrowly avoided being hit by train
Dashed across the rails at Finsbury Park Station, in north London
Punched a police officer in the face during a foul-mouthed tirade
Five months pregnant and already has a string of convictions

By Jill Reilly

A pregnant teenager who risked her unborn child’s life by running along electrified tube lines to dodge her fare was spared jail today.

Five months pregnant Elesha Proud-Miles, 18, punched a police officer in the face and taunted ‘I’m pregnant, you can’t do anything to me’, before running across the rails at Finsbury Park Station.

The jobless teen narrowly avoided being hit by a train as she dashed across the rails at Finsbury Park Station, in north London, bringing rush hour Tube trains to a standstill for almost an hour.

Several trains had to be evacuate as the Victoria Line was brought to a standstill.

Sparing her jail at Blackfriars Crown Court today and ordering her to attend anger managements classes Judge John Hillen said: ‘You caused enormous disruption, described as undoubtable chaos, and that was due to your act.’

‘I’m pregnant, you can’t do anything to me’

He should have used his club or whatever they carry, and rammed it into her gut.  But of course, as you see, she has it right. Apparently nobody can do anything to her.  Maybe society will get lucky and she’ll become a statistic of gang violence.

see the slag here and read more


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update to earlier story, boy walks mostly free after assault on 4 yr old girl

Sometimes reading the comments that usually follow a story that relates to the USA, (THIS ONE DOES NOT) there are always people usually on the left I suspect, that in a manner of speaking ask why we can not be like the civilized ppl of Britain and Europe.  Which is gag inducing and not from laughter.
Right, we really wanna start thinking this way.

This is an update to an earlier article regarding the assault of a four year old baby.  They are still babes at 4, aren’t they?
Pretty damned disgusting and the law and the judge and whatever powers that be who don’t burn the bastard’s balls off are as rotten as the kid in the story is.  And the excuses made for him are sickening too.
I think the parents of the little girl should take things into their own hands, break every single bone in his body, then cut off his dick.  They can always claim diminished responsibility due to extreme mental stress. And, they can probably get the very same professionals as those here.

Professionals who dealt with the sick teen advised the Attorney General that the best way of addressing his behavior was by educating him within the community.

Well hell, the parents can be “sick” too. No? 

The same “professionals” are probably overjoyed that America re-elected Obama. Dumb shits!

Parents of girl, four, raped by babysitter, 14, who was never sent to prison fail in appeal bid to see him jailed

The teenager blindfolded her with a Hello Kitty apron and used chocolate to lure her into the sex attack

He was let off with a community order as the judge blamed ‘the world and society’ for his porn addiction

The child’s parents appealed to the Attorney General who says,

A new hearing will not be allowed because the case was ‘difficult to sentence’

By Martin Robinson

The parents of a four-year-old girl raped by a teenage babysitter who was never sent to jail for his crime are in despair after their appeal against his paltry sentence was blocked.

The unnamed mother and father had demanded a tougher sentence for the 14-year-old who tricked their little girl into being abused when he was meant to be looking after her.

During the sickening attack he blindfolded their daughter with a Hello Kitty apron and promised her a ‘chocolate’ but then raped her.

The teenager walked free from Cambridge Crown Court earlier this year and still lives a few doors away from the poor child he abused.

The victim’s parents understood he would receive a three-year custodial sentence – but he was let off with a community order instead after a judge blamed ‘the world and society’ for his porn addiction.

Judge Gareth Hawkesworth sparked outrage by deciding he should not go to prison, instead giving the rapist a three-year community order.

The girl’s devastated parents claimed the judge’s comments had ‘cheapened’ their daughter’s ordeal and said they would appeal.

But the Attorney General has now confirmed the appeal will not be allowed to go ahead because the case was ‘difficult to sentence’.

It concluded that the Court of Appeal would not regard the sentence as ‘unduly lenient’ and the case will not progress further.

The victim’s mother - who cannot be named for legal reasons- said they are ‘angry’ and ‘disappointed’.

She said: ‘It is coming up the anniversary of the attack we don’t wish to drag it all up again.

‘Now the decision has been made, we can not appeal, we are now going to move on with our lives.

‘It is disappointing, but as ever our priority is our little girl and her happiness - we just have to move on.

‘We want to keep her life normal, we don’t want to reinforce the memory and we want her to remain as content as she is now.

‘We hope it doesn’t effect her relationships in later life.’

The abuse took place at the girl’s Cambridgeshire home in December last year - the first time her parents had let the teenager babysit the girl alone.

They trusted him to watch her for a couple of hours in return for £10 pocket money and said he was a quiet but ‘normal kid’ who they completely trusted.

But when they got home the victim’s Dad was getting her ready for bed when she revealed the babysitter had played a game, promising to reward her with chocolates.

She explained how he had covered her eyes with her Hello Kitty apron and ‘put his willy in her mouth’.

The victim’s tearful mum blasted Cambridge Crown Court for letting the attacker walk free - when he lives just a matter of doors from their family home.

Professionals who dealt with the sick teen advised the Attorney General that the best way of addressing his behaviour was by educating him within the community.

His progress and whereabouts will continue to be monitored by police for the next two and a half years.

A sex offences prevention order was also made for five years, stating he must not access or seek to access pornography of any kind and must not use any mobile devices or computer without suitable filters to prevent the viewing of pornography.

The offender - who at the time of the case appeared in the dock in his school uniform - was told he had only been spared six-and-a-half years in jail because he was still a minor.

The Solicitor General may have concluded against appeal but he did promise that the babysitter’s period of supervision will be ‘tough’ and ‘challenging’ and will ‘force him to address his behaviour’.

A spokesman for the AGO said: ‘Following complaints from the victim’s family as well as members of the public, the former Solicitor General, Edward Garnier QC MP asked the Crown Prosecution Service to send the case papers to him for review.

‘After very careful consideration of all the factors in the case, he decided not to refer it to the Court of Appeal as he did not believe they would increase the sentence.’


I think it’s rubbish. What do you think? Am I wrong?
Come on.  Any boy of even 12 or 11 would know better.  Any youngster reaching 10 knows right from wrong and sure as hell a boy of 13 or 14 knows well the difference between right and evil and assault.  How many of you have ever assaulted a baby because you saw a good looking woman in a bikini? Or even porn for that matter.  This little creep simply got away with what he did with help of stupid do-gooders. 


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calendar   Sunday - November 04, 2012

is society creating these monsters or have they always been here in this form?

I had another more interesting article to share with regard to this crumbling culture and country but this stopped me in my tracks. This convinces me beyond any doubt that the folks responsible can’t spell justice much less administer it.  And I greatly fear that based on some things I’ve seen from home in the US, we might not be too far behind.  Thank heaven for gun ownership and the right to keep arms.  It might not have saved this victim but then, we’ll never know. 

Take a look at this. 

Sadistic woman, 26, made teenage boy drink his own urine and lick up blood

Kerry Howle subjected her terrified victim to a two-hour ordeal
Thug, with a ‘history of violence’ imprisoned for four years

By Anna Edwards


A woman who sadistically tortured a teenage boy and made him drink his own urine during a terrifying two-hour ordeal has been jailed for four years.

Kerry Howle, 26, forced the defenceless 15-year-old schoolboy to eat a mouldy sausage roll which she had spat on and coated in cigarette ash.

She smashed a glass ashtray over the head of the cowering teenager and made him lick up his own blood during the brutal attack on August 2, this year.

Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard that tattooed Howle subjected the teenager to the degrading ordeal after accusing him of talking about her mother who was battling cancer.

Howle, from Chesterton, Staffordshire, even made other youths attack the schoolboy and told him to lick his own blood up after one sickening blow.

Prosecuting, Heather Chamberlin said: ‘She told him he was dead and threatened to have him kidnapped, kill his mum and cut her tongue out and stitch it to her own mum.

‘She then hit him to the back of the head.  ‘She told him he had to lick the blood up.’

The court heard the victim asked to go to the toilet and Howle told another youth to go with him - where he was made to drink his own urine.

Howle also mentally tortured the boy by calling him explicit names and forced him never to talk about his horrific ordeal before finally letting him go.

She was jailed for four years after pleading guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm on the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Sentencing Howle at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court on Friday, Recorder Stephen Lowne said the prolonged assault was ‘one of the most dreadful offences of violence towards children’ he had ever come across.

He added: ‘This is not simply an assault occasioning actual bodily harm, it is both mental and physical torture.

‘An exercise of sadism on your part.



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