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calendar   Thursday - September 05, 2013

back for a brand new season of laffs and guffaws. the three stooges reborn. thank you.

Seeing this in today’s paper , I wondered what some really goofy looking photos of Cameron and Obama might look like alongside the president of France, shown here.  The Three Stooges, circa 2013.  I’d have liked to make it four but, believe it or not, even tho I searched, I couldn’t find a really silly or stupid looking real photo (not phtoshop) of John “Lurch” Kerry.

Well anyway ....  President Hollande of France says he will not take France into a bombing campaign against Syria all on its own.  He says if America goes in then so will France. 

So here. For your amusement and ridicule, and snide remarks too.  Ladies and gentlemen of bmews may it please you. I present our glorious wartime leaders for the year of our lord 2013.  The Three Stooges are baaaaak.  Yuk,Yuk


Who looks stupid now? Bid to ban picture that made French President look like a grinning idiot backfires as bizarre shot goes viral

Picture of Hollande gurning was released by French agency AFP
It was quickly withdrawn, sparking a censorship row
AFP is state-funded, but insists it was not asked to pull picture

By Daily Mail Reporter


This unflattering picture of Francois Hollande sparked a censorship row yesterday.

It shows the French President with a gormless-looking grin at a school to coincide with the start of the new term.

The image was released by a photo agency. And when the agency tried to withdraw it from circulation, the photo quickly hit social media sites like Twitter and went worldwide.

The photo shows Hollande grinning in front of a blackboard on which is written: ‘Today, it’s back to school.’

The photograph was taken on Tuesday during Mr Hollande’s visit to a school in Denain, northern France, to coincide with the start of term for hundreds of thousands of French pupils. It appears he was pulling a funny face to make the pupils laugh.

The original image came with the caption: ‘During a visit to the school Denain Michelet, September 3, 2013, Francois Hollande smiles, chairing a panel discussion on the reform of school timetables established by the government.’

AFP initially posted the picture on its website as available for downloading but – apparently concerned it was inappropriate for a head of state – both later issued a ‘mandatory kill’ notice, meaning the photo must not be used.

AFP wrote: ‘Due to an editorial decision this photo has been withdrawn. Please remove from all your systems. We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.’

Despite the ban, however, the image quickly hit social media sites like Twitter, and sparked a flurry of comments.

One wrote: ‘Here is the new official photo of François Hollande. Please put up in all town halls!’

Another wrote that no amount of Photoshop editing software ‘can make the president look more intelligent’.

article source


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calendar   Tuesday - August 06, 2013

la blonde parle


The Blonde Speaks Out

A young woman in France gently speaks her mind about Islam in a series of YouTube videos. And finds herself censored, time and again. And buried in an avalanche of death threats and vituperative comments.

Alas, PC and self-imposed Sharia run the show everywhere, even at YouTube.

Follow this link over to Gates of Vienna. There are subtitles, but they aren’t perfect. But not too much is lost in translation ...

I am not totally French. My father is Sicilian, my mother is Italian. They arrived in France 30 years ago. But both worked Both integrated as did my Swiss friends, my English and Portuguese friends. The only ones who will not integrate, and where it is continuously the (brothel?) [ghetto?]

I don’t want to be nasty, but it is always the same ones. It’s time we recognise this.  About a month ago, when there was the “marriage for gays” they said that we, the Catholics were extremists.  I have not seen put fire to a single car. I have not seen a single shop destroyed, okay.  Everywhere it’s the same,

the media hide everything from us. A little example: 2 weeks ago there was a rally against radical Islam it was on CNN, it was in the American and English news papers. One heard nothing in France. Voila: for me our country is in immediate danger. And it’s up to us the French, to wake up. Because what is

happening now is very very serious. When I see in the paper….(title page of “Liberation” left paper)….[muslim French fighters?] have left for Syria and that afterwards they will return to our country, but are you seeerious? We, we let them do this?

I am neither of the Left nor of the Right. I am here for my country, I am a patriot! Full stop! We are forgetting The Republique, we are forgetting the values of France. We are forgetting Human Rights. All this is flouted. Flouted for what? Flouted for an immigration and by an extremist immigration.

Another number just published: 80% of Maghrebins (North African Arabs) don’t work and live off Social Services. [sounds just like the UK!!] When I see in a bus one single (French person) while 50 other individuals shout “Allah U Akbar”. You call that “respect”? I call this provocation. Allah is great.

Allah is the only god and Jews are the enemy of Allah. and Jews are the enemy of Allah. It’s time to put things back into their place and to stop telling us that by having an opinion about Islam we are Islamophobes. Stop it. It’s an excuse for denial of the truth

Vlad Tepes essays an opinion ..

Freedom of speech? Sure. The problem is no freedom of listen.

This is the fourth video of that sweet ‘Blonde-of-Youtube’ I have posted in the past week or so [#5 came along later — BB]. Three of them deal with Islam and its effects on France and Europe. One of them discusses the fact that her videos have been deleted from Youtube, and, if I understand her correctly, she also had a Facebook page deleted because of the content of her videos.

What I find interesting is why. Her material is relatively innocuous. Compared to what imams say in a day about the rest of us on these same forums, the death threats she herself receives regularly and the attendant vulgarity, her videos are simple and obvious observations and analysis that is pretty much watertight.

So why the deletion?

Well I have a guess.

Is that an awesome graphic, or what?


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L’extrémisme dans la défense de votre pays est une vertu.

I’m a few days late but the problem is fresh as ever.
Brits aren’t the only ones, as you must know, with this infection.
The French appear slightly less tolerant of this filth, but they still remain a serious disease for that country, but some are fighting back.  I’m sure there are many actual “racists” among the far right, but I also would guess there are as many who aren’t natural haters, but see how things are falling and view the far right as the only answer. 
And soon there will be even more of this blight that will descend upon other European countries. 
Somehow I don’t think that when they formed the European Union, the powers that were at that time, expected this.

Those of you who live in places outside Europe, reasonably safe (for now), can have no idea of just how bad it is.  Even those of you who read the many stories I share and have been sharing over years here at bmews. 

A week or two ago I posted a story in which it was reported that a dawn raid was made by Brit police on the lice that were camping out in London, turning a park into an open sewer and creating havoc which is what those ppl do wherever they settle.
Anyway, I told you at the time that many took the offer of a paid ticket home, but not all of them.  You see, they had a “right” to refuse the offer.
Well, I just want to let you guys know and no surprise ….  Many who left, have returned. 

Last week I also posted an article about a stolen camper that a couple had £30,000 ($46,000) invested in. Here’s a link that appeared today which includes a very brief video but the comment by the writer of this piece tells you in plain language what ppl feel.  Yet nothing is done.  Take a look at this after you read the post for today.

A BETRAYAL of common sense, logic and most importantly, the victims.

The headline calls them extremists.  There is no such thing as extreme when you are trying to save your country.  I see them as patriots.

How a Roma invasion sparked the rise of France’s racist Right as gangs running riot and an explosion of crime prompted revenge attacks by extremists

· Tourists are frequently targeted by Roma gangs who rob them in public

· Thousands have immigrated to France in search of a better life

· Begging is illegal in the country but police are powerless to stop it

· Backlash against crimes has seen far-Right thugs targeting Roma groups


Two young tourists stroll lazily across Place Sainte-Opportune in Central Paris, using a map to navigate the quiet backstreets linking the Louvre with Notre Dame Cathedral. Halfway across the picturesque cobbles they are approached by a group of teenage boys, who appear to be the children of Roma gipsies.

There are eight of them, smiling manically and blowing kisses.

The tourists, both American men in their 20s, attempt to wave the beggars politely away. But the youths refuse to leave: instead, they crowd closer. Within seconds, the two men are surrounded. Hands grab at their pockets, or reach for their rucksacks. Voices are raised and a scuffle ensues.

It takes perhaps 20 seconds for the confusion to clear. By that time, the shocked Americans have been relieved of their bags, which lie torn open on the pavement, surrounded by personal belongings. At least one camera has been stolen, along with a wallet. Mobile phones are missing. A pair of designer sunglasses lie twisted in the gutter.

Police are called, but the criminal gang is long gone. A detective shrugs apologetically as the victims dust themselves down and gather what remains of their belongings. We can safely assume that their summer holiday has been ruined.

The incident occurs at breakfast-time, at the start of another busy day in France’s capital, where the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and other famous attractions draw 16 million overseas visitors each year.

read more

When a body is cursed with a deadly cancer, often surgeons will operate and cut out the cancer in hopes of saving the patient.

Europe has the double curse of islamic terrorists AND the traveller to contend with.  The authorities are doing what they can re. the terror threat, but not enough from the threat of that other curse.

To those far right wing French patriots I say bless you and good luck.  Strike hard and often while you can. 

L’extrémisme dans la défense de votre pays est une vertu. (Extremism in defense of your country is a virtue.)



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Dedicated to the BMEWSettes…

Guys… either wear dark underwear or nothing at all! grin


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calendar   Tuesday - July 30, 2013

Cocking A Snoot At Jerry

Ah, those wonderful lovable Fwench. Always ready to extend a happy welcoming hand to their neighbors.

French ban on Mercedes cars provokes German fury

A ban by France’s socialist government on the registration of several top-end Mercedes-Benz models has infuriated the German luxury carmaker and forced Brussels to step in to try to defuse the growing dispute.

Sales of thousands of the most prestigious Mercedes cars have been halted in France since Paris last month refused to allow the registration of four new models that include a refrigerant in their air-conditioning systems that has been banned by the EU on environmental grounds.

The dispute has highlighted the marked contrast between the state of the car industry in the two countries. PSA Peugeot Citroën, and to a lesser extent Renault, have suffered heavily from a big slump in demand for their mainly small and medium-sized cars.

Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen have, meanwhile, surged ahead, profiting from their premium models that have proved highly popular in emerging markets.

So, protectionist legislation (wasn’t the whole idea of the EU supposed to do away with that kind of thing??) because there are no quality French-made high-end cars. (using “quality” and “French-made cars” seems oxymoronic) Oh, and it’s a chance to screw over the “evil rich”.

The Mercedes issue revolves around an air-conditioning coolant called R134a which the EU outlawed from January for new model approvals because it is a highly potent global warming gas. But KBA, the German automobile authority, allowed Daimler to continue to use R134a – as all pre-existing models are allowed to do until 2017. Daimler argues that the replacement coolant is dangerously flammable.

The European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, was already contesting the KBA decision when France decided to act.

Jean-Claude Bernard, head of the Association of Mercedes-Benz dealers in France, said the action was politically motivated “to please the greens and damage a German manufacturer”.

He added: “This coolant is used in 95 per cent of cars in France with air conditioning. If it is so dangerous they should take them all off the road.”

1. Why would the French care if the new coolant is flammable? That would just help all their cars burn faster and cleaner when torched by all their “dissaffected youths” in Sharia ruled areas where the police and fire departments are already afraid to go.

2. R-134a is now evil and bad? Crivens, this shit is used in every single car and truck sold in America. It’s what we were forced to shift to years ago, because the previous stuff, CFCs or fluorocarbons (aka FREON), were “damaging the ozone”. So, what are we supposed to do, just not have any A/C at all? Well, dud, that’s what the Greenies want, right?

PS - the big scare over the Ozone Hole is long over; it’s mostly healed, and seems to be a natural part of seasonal global weather. It was only scary because nobody knew it was even there before the big CFC scare of the late 70s.

PPS - banning CFCs caused Global Warming.

3. Soap pollutes the water. Why doesn’t Fwance make that illegal too? Not that it would make much difference ... do they even sell soap in fwance?

4. Oh, and another duh: the implication here is that NO American cars with A/C (ie all of them) are no legal for sale in France. Hey Obama, whachu gonna do bout dat, eh??


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calendar   Wednesday - July 24, 2013

french mayor is quoted, hitler didn’t kill enough gypsies. but is that exactly what he said? Or …

Is it what the left and other bedwetting fellow travellers wanted to hear?

Our regulars here at bmews know I have said as much, and more than once.
With me, it is not a figure of speech or a statement to make a point.
I mean it sincerely. 

The Germans spent too much time and resources going after the wrong group.

Had they only eliminated Europe’s cancer, and even with a lost war, there might be statues erected to them today.  I am of course referring once again to Gypsies.  A miserable, low life species who are no more than rats in human form.  First cousins to another sub species who bring hate down on their own heads but of course, those of us who despise them are all racists and wrong.  Well, I am a racist. They have that right.

This story is about the soon to be former mayor of a French town, who has said almost as much and damn well had reason to.  And for the record, there is a reason so many people do not feel kindly to this group of grasping, thieving SOBs.  It isn’t like they don’t bring it upon themselves on a daily basis.  They do.  But in a world where up is down, what else can we expect? 

The headline in the Mail this morning read as follows.


Well now, the headline sure looks provocative but there’s a bit behind it as there always is.  The unfortunate part is, the MP now faces criminal charges because he is quoted as saying that, to a group of these lice.  Another newspaper reports he may be kicked out of his party.

Here’s what happened.

H/T Erica Ritz, The Blaze

Gilles Bourdouleix, a member of parliament and the mayor of the town of Cholet near Nantes, apparently had a confrontation with the Gypsies on Sunday when he visited a field where the group was illegally living in caravans.  He asked them to leave.


The Courrier de l’Ouest newspaper, which had a journalist at the scene, reported that some of the Gypsies made Nazi salutes at Bourdouleix and that he responded by saying: “Maybe Hitler didn’t kill enough of them.”

He also accused the gypsies of incest, according to the Telegraph, saying: “The other day, they called me a pedophile, even though half of their children are from fathers and grandfathers.”

The paper released a recording on its website in which lawmaker can be heard making the remarks.

But Bourdouleix told the French television station iTELE that he was merely repeating a statement the journalist who recorded the scene had made with regard to the Hitler comment. The lawmaker, who threatened to sue the paper, also said that if he meets the reporter, “I’d want to give him a couple of punches.”

France’s Interior Ministry said Tuesday that it has already asked prosecutors to investigate whether Bourdouleix could be sued for excusing crimes against humanity. “Nothing can justify, or excuse, that an elected representative of the republic dares such a reference to the worst barbarism of the 20th century,” the ministry said in a statement.

“I’m appalled,” said Socialist Party spokesman David Assouline. “That’s far beyond all limits, once again. … There are ideologies with which no compromise, no concession can be made, no indulgence from any politician can be possible. I hope – if it is confirmed that these words were said – that there will be legal proceedings,” Assouline said at a news conference.

source for unedited version

I find it appropriate that David ASSouline’s name begins with those three letters.
How fitting.

So now all those who are outraged and all those who fake it because they think they should feel that emotion, are not at all interested in just what it is that that those insects who infest so many countries in Europe do, that brings on so much hate.

And from our morning edition of the Dail Mail there is this excerpt.

Mr Bourdouleix, who represents a constituency in the Maine and Loire region of west France, was visiting an illegal Roma camp in the town of Cholet, where he is deputy mayor, when he made the incendiary comments.

Surrounded by armed police, Mr Bourdouleix was trying to persuade the new arrivals to move on.
But as he began to speak to community leaders, some of the Roma gypsies standing by began to make Nazi salutes in his direction.
Mr Bourdouleix was recorded by a local journalist saying: ‘Like what, Hitler didn’t kill enough’.

Challenged about his comment by some of the Roma men, Mr Bourdouleix said: ‘You compared me to Hitler, do you think that’s nice?’

Mr Bourdouleix denied any accusations of racism, saying his words were ‘totally skewed’ and that he intended to take legal action against Mr Leduc ‘and all the media outlets who repeat this false quote’.

Mr Bourdouleix said what he really said was: ‘If it was Hitler, he would have killed them all’.

French politicians from both Right and Left have launched an onslaught on Roma gypsies in recent years, destroying their camps and deporting them back to countries including Romania and Bulgaria.

Despite this, shanty towns regularly spring up around major cities such as Paris and Lyon.

full version here

Now just to hammer home the point of origin for so much hate filled oratory regarding these filthy, scummy, unwanted intruders who refuse to obey any law but their own , who invade and infest and occupy land illegally and abuse villagers who’ve lived peacefully until their unwanted arrival, creating havoc and filth in their wake, take a good look at this.  Speaks volumes.

Children given police escort to school after village goes into ‘lockdown’ when gypsies threatened parents and ‘attacked teachers’

· Around 15 caravans moved onto land in Pilning village, Gloucestershire

· Parents joined teachers and police to flank entrance and protect pupils

· Children kept home by parents ‘too frightened’ to drop them at school

By Tara Brady
Police had to stand guard outside a primary school after a group of travellers terrorised parents waiting to pick up their children.
Pupils leaving the school had to be shielded from stick-wielding itinerant youngsters waiting outside.
Problems started when around 15 caravans moved on to land near to St Peter’s Primary School in Pilning, Gloucestershire on Friday.


see all photos and read the rest of it at the source

And of course, all the folks who are impacted by what these slime do and resent it and hate the group(s) who cause so much trouble, are all racists. Bigots. Haters.
Well gosh. If they are, I wonder what made em that way.  Must be the water.


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calendar   Saturday - July 20, 2013

parts of france where one is no longer in france. we know why, still nothing done about it.

I should start posting stories about euro culture and civilization under OBITS!  The way things are going, it seems appropriate.

Must close for the night. All done in.

Keep the powder dry ladies and guys.  You just may have need for it one day.

Geo. in Canada
Europe should serve as the canary in the coal mine for North America but I’m afraid too many of us are deliberately closing our ears to her singing.

H/T islam versus europe

Marseilles Doctor: “In this district, you’re no longer in the Republic”

Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

“I never imagined that in 2013 I would be kidnapped in an apartment surrounded by a dozen people demanding that I draw up a certificate of virginity for one of their daughters.”

...It’s ten years now since this indefatigable woman in her forties started her consultations in this district which has been called the poorest in Europe. A few months ago she took over the practice of a colleague. “It was a conjunction of circumstances,” she explains. And adds, a smile on her lips: “At the same time, there wasn’t exactly a queue. Fewer and fewer doctors want to set up here. While here...”

In this district where silence is golden, this mother of three children has chosen to break the silence. No names, no photos or details that could identify her: that is the price of her peace of mind.

...Several times, she explains that she notified the social services about the worst cases. But sometimes, faced with the reticence of some families, she admits she backpedalled. “I want to stay alive,” she says, admitting that she feels fear every day during her consultations. “You know, in this district, you’re no longer in the Republic.”

...Since her arrival in Belle de Mai, Marie has learned to deal with violence, often verbal, sometimes physical. “At the start, they insistently demand prescriptions from you and then you’re faced with a Kalashnikov,” she continues. One unusually violent episode occurred after she refused to oblige by supplying prescriptions. “I’ve stopped home visits for safety reasons. The episode with the certificate of virginity convinced me,” she says. She recalls having gone to the home of a family who contacted her under the pretext that a young girl was sick. “Once there, I realised that the people present expected me to supply a certificate of virginity for the future bride. No doubt a way for them to provide assurance of their honour,” she specifies.

When she is not the victim, Marie is the witness of this violence. “I am confronted with situations of sordid intra-familial violence, concerning abused children and kidnapped women,” she acknowledges. Thus she reveals the case of wives who have come directly from North Africa, not speaking any French, transformed into “slaves” by their husbands, who justify this treatment by their religion.



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calendar   Thursday - July 18, 2013

muslim youths loot train wreck and corpses as well as the living

Not in my wildest imaginings in the past would I have ever dreamed that Europe would fall into this morass.  Is there anywhere that is free of the cancer of migrating muslims?

We may loath him for the crimes and the mindless brutality, but Hitler once spoke of what happens to a superior culture that accepts and enables a sub culture to settle among them.  He said that it will always be the better culture that suffers and in the end will fall.  How did he know that in 1930?  I think he targeted and had the wrong culture in mind, but I also think he was correct about a sub or inferior culture infesting the west. And to him at that time, the west meant Europe.  I can see no good, no positive outcome for western civilization as long as muslims are allowed free reign, as they appear to have.  And that would also include others from eastern Europe like the Roma Gypsies.  They are a disease, and a fatal one at that.

I am a few days late with this (unavoidable) and must thank the blog site Blind Naked Islam for the story here.  And none of it will surprise any of you.

EUROPE: Muslim ‘youth’ mobs loot train wreck corpses in France, attack police in Germany

When you see a story about ‘youths’ anywhere in Europe now, it’s a good bet they are talking about young Muslim thugs, thieves, and general troublemakers.

This French news video provides a follow-up to yesterday’s post about the looting of injured people and corpses by Muslim ‘culture-enrichers’ after the wreck of a passenger train on Friday in Brétigny-Sur-Orge. There were too many witnesses to the robberies and the stoning of police, so the media couldn’t entirely ignore what happened. But, as you’ll see from this report, the reporters downplayed, minimized, explained away, and generally whitewashed the incident.

For three nights in a row there have been heavy Muslim riots in Hamburg-Altona. A mob attacked policemen on the first night and the next night, they burned cars and hurled stones. About 150 young Muslim rioters gathered Friday night, where they went from lighting firecrackers to torching cars.

In Karl Wolff Street a car was completely gutted. Another car was set on fire in Hospital Street, but was able to be extinguished. Some time later the tires of another car were burning. More than 100 police officers were out in force. They used pepper spray against the rioters. In response the mob hurled stones at the officers. A 21-year-old man was arrested.

The riots started on Thursday night when a group of youths blinded car drivers with a laser pointer. The police moved in – and suddenly saw a group of over 150 people moving towards them.

16 rioters were detained. There was an aggressive mood and the situation escalated. In the media, not much was said about the cultural background of the rioters, but in the photos and videos it can be seen: There are Muslims and women with headscarves. Also, the battle cry “Allahu Akbar” can be heard in the video.

H/T BNI for videos and more


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calendar   Wednesday - July 03, 2013

Liberté, égalité, fraternité ?  Not these days.  and God bless Marine Le Pen!

Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Unless you happen to be a French right wing conservative who recognizes what the socialist left SOBs try to say is not happening.  That your country is being over run by immigrants, many who will never fit in, do not want to anyway, and do not even approve your values and culture.  And most important, not only must one NOT be critical of immigrants, above all, one must NOT be critical of muslims.  You do NOT have the liberty to speak out and anyway, the laws in France as in Europe in general, are drawn so broadly that almost anything you say about other people can and will be taken to mean whatever the left wants it to mean, for the sole purpose of shutting you up.  You can NOT openly say your country has been invaded or say what Marine Le Pen, bless her French soul, has said about muslims praying in the streets or them and immigrants in general.  Anything those appeasing bastards on the left declare racist is prosecutable. 

Not everyone will agree with everything she says or believes or stands for.  But to give her her due, she is a French patriot and those may be thin on the ground at this point in time.  And since the left also controls the education (brainwashing really) pretty soon saluting their nation’s flag might be considered an insult to former colonies and a racist act as well.

For those who do not know.

Marine Le Pen

French Political leader

Marine Le Pen is a French political leader, who is a lawyer by profession, a French right-wing politician and the president of the Front National, the third-largest political party in France, since 16 January 2011

H/T BBC News

Here’s the charge and the high crime she committed.

France’s Marine Le Pen loses immunity as MEP

BBC News

The European Parliament has removed the immunity of the French far-right leader and MEP Marine Le Pen, paving the way for her prosecution in France.
French prosecutors opened a case against Ms Le Pen in 2011 after she compared Muslims praying in the streets to the Nazi occupation of France.
Ms Le Pen, leader of the National Front (FN), is accused of incitement to hatred and discrimination.

The vote followed a move by a committee of MEPs to remove her immunity.

The request to do so came from the chief prosecutor’s office in Lyon, the city where, in December 2010, Ms Le Pen told FN supporters that the sight of Muslims praying in the street was similar to the Nazi occupation in World War II.

In her speech, broadcast by French media, she said that first France had seen “more and more veils”, then “more and more burkas” and “after that came prayers in the streets… I’m sorry, but some people are very fond of talking about the Second World War and about the occupation, so let’s talk about occupation, because that is what is happening here… There are no tanks, no soldiers, but it is still an occupation, and it weighs on people”.

Ms Le Pen took 17.9% of the vote in the first round of the French presidential election last year.

Praying in the streets was banned in Paris in 2011 in response to growing far-right protests. And in the same year France became the first EU state to ban public wearing of the face-covering Islamic veil (niqab).

By some estimates as many as six million French people, or just under 10% of the population, are Muslims, most of them from France’s former North African colonies.

Speaking to the French broadcaster LCI on Tuesday Ms Le Pen defended her remarks, saying she would lose her parliamentary immunity “because I’m a dissident”, adding: “I’m not at all afraid of it, I’m scornful of it”.

She described the move against her as “intimidation” and said she had “dared to say what all the French people think”.

Under European Parliament rules, immunity covers MEPs for any opinions they express within the parliament.
But the rules say that “immunity cannot be claimed when a member is found in the act of committing an offence and shall not prevent the European Parliament from exercising its right to waive the immunity of one of its members”.

The Labour MEP Mary Honeyball, who sits on the parliament’s legal affairs committee, told the BBC: “Quite rightly, Marine Le Pen will now face prosecution following today’s vote. It’s taken a long time, but she must now defend her actions in a French court and follow the proper legal procedure which almost nobody else in France has immunity from. She is not above reproach.”

And another committee member, Conservative MEP Sajjad Karim, said Ms Le Pen “is, and always will be, a polarising politician who seeks only to divide rather than unite”.

“It is disappointing that she tries to hide behind her EU immunity as she espouses anti-EU and anti-immigration sentiments. Using Nazi occupation in France as a comparison to Muslims praying on the street is appalling, insulting and highly inflammatory,” he said.

The deck is stacked and the brave and true Marine Le Pen is being stitched up.  Anyone doubt that?

The Labour MEP Mary Honeyball, who sits on the parliament’s legal affairs committee

Labour ... LEFT!

Conservative MEP Sajjad Karim, conservative?  May be but, I think we can see where he comes from.

“she espouses anti-EU and anti-immigration sentiments”

Oh dear ... and I guess she has no right to say anything but the prescribed line. Immigration is good and muzzies are all welcome and great folks. We all want them for neighbors. Sure thing.  In the same way we want Gypsies next door. uh huh.  And god forbid anyone voice anti-Eu sentiments.  That’s a think crime too.

Another woman with more balls than the men running the country is Brigitte Bardot, who has been in court and has been fined I don’t know how many times, not just for what she said out loud in interviews.They even went after her when she wrote a book and was critical of homosexuals for their behavior and critical of muslim immigration.  You can NOT do that in France.

In her 2003 book, “A Scream in the Silence”, she warned of an “Islamicization of France”, and said of Muslim immigration:

Over the last twenty years, we have given in to a subterranean, dangerous, and uncontrolled infiltration, which not only resists adjusting to our laws and customs but which will, as the years pass, attempt to impose its own.

In the book, she also made comparisons of her close gay friends to today’s homosexuals, who

“jiggle their bottoms, put their little fingers in the air and with their little castrato voices moan about what those ghastly heteros put them through” and that some contemporary homosexuals behave like “fairground freaks”.

She has paid fines in the THOUSANDS and I really think they’d jail her but for age and health and possible public outcry.

Being right and telling the truth as you see it is Verboten in France today. You can’t even say it in a book.


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 07/03/2013 at 11:01 AM   
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calendar   Sunday - June 30, 2013

élèvent dans le ciel, juniors hommes oiseaux!*

Up In The Air, Upside Down


france_flag_2  france_flag_2  france_flag_2

Ten years ago, Airbus Military began working on a new transport aircraft that would take Europe into the next century of aerial warfare.

Backed by seven European members of NATO: Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, the aircraft program suffered years of delays and cost €20 billion ($26.1 billion).

Now, the A400M Atlas is almost here.

Scheduled for first delivery to the French army in time for July 14 Bastille Day celebrations, the turboprop plane is designed to be capable of everything its new owners need, from midair refueling to paratrooper drop-offs to landings on short and unpaved runways.

It can even carry more than 80,000 pounds of cargo, while remaining remarkably agile in the air.

Well, yay for Airbus. Seriously. This looks like a great airplane.

Except for the T shaped tail, the A400M looks quite a lot like the Lockheed C-130 Hercules turboprop aircraft that the US has been flying since the 1950s. But while the two aircraft have similar wingspans, the A400M’s fuselage is half again longer (cargo bay is 13x13x58 vs 12x9x40), and it has engines with nearly three times the power. So it can carry about 210% more cargo mass (80,000lb vs 37,216lb), and do it while flying a third faster (485mph vs 366mph), fly just as far (2000 miles), yet land on the same kind of rough short runways. The A400M fills the niche between the C-130J and the massive jet powered C-141 Starlifter (retired).

Word for the day: anhedral. Dihedral is the upwards “V” profile of the wings of an airplane when seen from the front. Anhedral is that same kind of “V”, except the wings tilt downwards, like “^”. The A400M has anhedral wings. Dihedral wings are most often used on low wing airplanes, and help the aircraft fly smoothly with minimal rolling. It’s a pendulum thing. Think water in the bottom of a cup. Anhedral wings are most often used on high wing airplanes, like the B-52 or this A400M. Works the same way, just backwards. The airplane hangs from the wing, like a pendulum weight on a Steadi-Cam. Either way, as the picture above shows, the new A400M is quite agile, considering it’s a turboprop cargo plane that flies nearly as fast as a jet airliner.


Not bad. And it only took them 60 years to build a possibly better plane than the C-130.

See More Below The Fold


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 06/30/2013 at 07:07 AM   
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calendar   Saturday - June 01, 2013


Americans don’t emigrate, at least not very many of us do, and the few who do don’t do it well.  We have created our own land and culture, and we simply don’t fit anywhere else, not even in the lands of our ancestors, who can barely tolerate us on two-week holidays.  In truth, while I admire Europe, I find the Europeans a bit tiresome, especially when they complain about Americans. 

Taken from Nelson Demille’s book, Gold Coast

Which is pretty much how I feel only more so at the present time.

A neighbor’s dog is barking again and I still have not figured out a way to kill the F***** thing.  I suppose killing the neighbors would accomplish the task as someone would then have to take away the dog.  Problem of course will be I’d be taken away too.  Not a pleasing prospect.  So back to sq. 1, how to …….

But the number ONE thing that has me going today is the god damned anti American article in the form of a book review by a fool named Guy Walters in the Mail.

He’s writing about the same subject I shared with you the other day, the so called “academic” who wrote about all the rape and slaughter and mayhem our GIs visited on the poor French after the invasion and liberation of Paris.  I have been to Paris, years ago, and have maintained ever since that we should have let the Germans keep it. Would have served them right.  Anyway, what did the French and the Brits expect when France declared war on Germany FIRST?

I’m just pissed because he (Walters) seems to buy the whole story as she wrote it. He seems to question nothing. And there isn’t any way I could have avoided the article today, because the damn headline ran all the way across the top two pages in a centerfold review.  So there it was staring at me in huge print.


US academic reveals American troops committed thousands of rapes on French women they were ‘liberating.’

His review goes on to paint a picture I had not read last week.  He is either quoting the bitch who wrote the book or it’s his opinion, hard to tell, but he says, “many French felt that their towns had been needlessly destroyed in a macho display of American firepower.” The article goes on to claim that there were an estimated 20,000 civilians killed in the battle for Normandy and in LeHavre alone 3,000 had died.  While thousand of French dead were taken from the rubble, there were no more than 10 German bodies.

It gets lots worse as this ass wipe would be journalist quotes actual conversations between a prostitutes and our GIs. The problem is, even though he uses the names of the girls, turns out they were murdered and raped by these killer Americans.  OK, could have happened and does in every war. And no war at all. Question here is, if the GI in question murdered the prostitute, how does this jerk know what exactly it was Elisabeth said to the “handsome American soldier” who he does not name.  Why not? If he knows the victim’s name he must know the killer or how else would the piss ant reviewer know the soldier was handsome?  He claims the soldier raped her corpse.


Lying fucks!


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 06/01/2013 at 10:39 AM   
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calendar   Sunday - May 26, 2013

copy cat terror attack in France

I have only just come across this in the last minute, having booted to check and clear inbox.

French anti-terror soldier has throat slashed in Paris by ‘man of North African origin in Woolwich copy-cat attack’

President Francois Hollande to investigate the ‘theories’ behind the incident
Attack occurred in area packed with shoppers in busy area of Paris
News of Woolwich murder has dominated French press since it happened

By Peter Allen

A uniformed French soldier on anti-terrorist duties in Paris had his throat cut by a knife-wielding man tonight.

The savage attack follows the murder of a British soldier by two men using weapons including knives and a meat cleaver. One of the suspects said they were acting in the name of Islam.

Today there were fears that the Paris attack was a copy-cat crime and that a radical Muslim might once more be responsible.

Police in the French capital described the attacker as a being ‘bearded, of North African origin and wearing a light coloured jihab’ under a jacket.

He pounced on the 23-year-old soldier outside a Virgin store in La Defence, the business district of the city which was packed with Saturday afternoon shoppers.

The attack on a soldier in Paris was being treated as a ‘terrorist incident’, said a source at the Paris prosecutors office.

‘The anti-terrorist branch of the prosecutors office is dealing with the matter,’ the source added.

The soldier was knifed as a he patrolled around the suburban railway station for RER A service which links the French capital with the suburbs.

Pierre-Andre Peyvel, prefect of the Hauts-de-Seine district, said the soldier’s wounds were ‘serious enough’.

The soldier is currently at the nearby Percy hospital.

‘Thousands of people were in the area at the time of the attack,’ said Mr Peyvel. ‘It would have been quite easy to blend into the crowd and then disappear.’

‘The attack happened just after 6pm,’ said a police source. ‘The soldier was stabbed repeatedly, most notably in the throat.

‘The attacker ran away and the military are still looking for him, supported by the police. He is around 30 years old and of Arab appearance.

‘The wounded soldier was taken to a local railway station for treatment and then on to hospital.’

The source said that the soldier’s life was not in danger, but he was ‘badly hurt’.

And here is what the French President had to say.  Nobody here at BMEWS will take surprise at the comment. He is after all, an avowed lefty and this is how they think.


French President Francois Hollande has said that ‘theories’ must be explored as to why the attack happened

Well DOH!


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calendar   Monday - December 17, 2012

amusing but a waste of time so skip, if time this morning is important

Be sure and explain this to me if you understand it all. Yikes!  This is the most convoluted article I’ve seen in a long time.  Or maybe it’s just me.  Too many pills at bedtime etc.

Naturally race just has to come into the picture.

First, some group claims it’s race that is keeping members of their group out, then they say it’s all crap anyway.  If that’s the case, why should they care?

Well anyway, have fun with this one and please note, it is not listed under eye candy.

I think I need to add a new category to our list. Call it total waste of time. Something like. I think this is mildly amusing but I suppose there are folks who take the whole thing very seriously.

‘White as snow’ Miss France beauty queen gets caught in racism row and catfight with previous winner

· Ethnic minority group bemoans lack of black and Arab contestants
· Miss France Company MD refuses to allow bitter rival to interview winner
· Newly-crowned queen Marine Lorphelin reveals her plastic surgery past

By Alex Gore

A newly crowned Miss France beauty queen has become embroiled in accusations of racism and a catfight between previous winners just days into her reign.
The Representative Council of Black Associations (CRAN) denounced medical student Marine Lorphelin, 19, for being ‘as white as snow’ and criticised the lack of black and Arab contestants.
The organisation labelled the contest outdated and an insult to the country’s ethnic diversity - but the attack has prompted an angry backlash from Miss Lorphelin’s supporters.


CRAN president Louis-Georges Tin said in a statement jointly issued by Miss Black France creator, Fred Royer: ‘The failure to represent the contemporary French population in an event such as this is obviously serious.

‘It amounts to denying the very existence of French people of African origin.’

But Didier Maisto, editor of Lyon Capitale, a website based in Miss Lorphelin’s home region of Burgundy, told The Times: ‘These types of comments, which are violently anti-Republican, seek to set French people against each other.’

The victory was followed days later by a mixed-race contestant, Auline Grac, 21, winning the dissident competition Miss Prestige.
Miss Lorphelin was due to appear on the Faut Pas Rater Ca talk show on public television station France 4 to be interviewed by Elodie Gossuin - who won Miss France last year and is a supporter of Miss Prestige.

But Miss France Company managing director, Sylvie Tellier, who won the pageant in 2002, refused to allow Miss Lorphelin to be interviewed by her bitter rival.
Television executives gave in and sent Miss Gossuin home despite accusations they had failed to defend editorial independence.

Miss Lorpehlin was instead interviewed by presenter Isabelle Morini-Bosc, who asked her guest about a small scar on her nose.

She replied: ‘You noticed it. It was plastic surgery. I had a little crust on my nose when I was adolescent and it wasn’t very beautiful.’

Miss Lorphelin saw off competition from 32 other finalist - eight from ethnic minorities and six of those from France’s Pacific and Caribbean territories - to win the crown last weekend.

The CRAN statement added: ‘In the antiquated world of Miss France, blacks apparently can only come from overseas departments.

source for this waste of time


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calendar   Monday - December 10, 2012

we were supposed to be their ally! I dread to think who they send to countries they don’t like

While on the subject of America. Briefly.
Obama wins friends and influences people?
Have to think about that.

This little aside made in the Amanda Platell column, refers to rumours that Wintour would come to London as an ambassador. For those who do not know who she is, well, it seems to be common knowledge that the Movie The Devil Wears Prada, was based on her. She is the editor and absolute ruler of Vogue.

As a reward for raising millions for his election campaign, President Obama is said to be considering making Vogue’s reviled editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, U.S. ambassador to Britain.

And I thought we were supposed to be their ally!

I dread to think who they send to countries they don’t like.

From Platell’s People, Daily Mail

Now however, it’s said she’s being considered for Paris.
Have to wonder how this can be the truth. Firstly, it is Mail gossip so far. I think. But more importantly, what experience does she have AND even more important.
If any of you know anything about the French, you already know the following.

I’d go so far as to say the French can not abide anyone, anywhere, who can not speak French. LOL

Here’s a taste. Bon appétit

‘She presides over the fashion business with the imperial hauteur of a Prussian general and expects instant, unquestioning obedience.
‘It’s hard to imagine a personality less suited to the world of international diplomacy. She left school at 16 and has been working in fashion ever since. Obama’s chauffeur probably knows more about international relations than her. It’s like Caligula making his horse a senator.’
One fashion editor in London said: ‘It’s incredible the most powerful nation on Earth should even consider appointing the least diplomatic woman on Earth as an envoy. She is joyless and intimidating.’

How Michelle Obama is backing fashion queen ‘Ambassador’ Anna Wintour all the way - to Paris, NOT London (despite the fact she speaks little French)

By Daily Mail Reporter

Anyone doubting the veracity of Washington rumours that Anna Wintour, the famously icy fashion queen of New York City, will soon become a high-profile American ambassador in Europe should look no further for substantiation than the archives of Vogue magazine.


In March 2009, the magazine – ruled by Wintour as her personal fiefdom – devoted its cover and eight glossy pages inside to an interview with the new First Lady Michelle Obama alongside a fabulously glamorous set of photographs shot by legendary portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz.

The ‘Michelle Obama Edition’ hit the newsstands with the glowing headline The First Lady The World’s Been Waiting For – and transformed her public image at a stroke.

When she first appeared on the political stage, Michelle was dismissed as a slightly awkward, intellectual lawyer: an angrier, African-American version of the young Hillary Clinton. But when Vogue was finished with her, Michelle was recreated as a softly elegant global fashion icon and role model: a perfect Jackie to her husband’s JFK for a multi-racial age.

The Vogue cover was the culmination of a year of hard work by the ambitious and hard-working Ms Wintour, a committed Democratic Party fundraiser who spotted the White House potential of the Obamas when Barack was still regarded as a rank outsider.

Now highly placed diplomatic sources in Washington have revealed Michelle is driving the campaign to reward Ms Wintour by making her an ambassador to Paris. The move has been greeted by astonishment on this side of the Atlantic, particularly because of Ms Wintour’s reputation as a capricious ice maiden.

Indeed her legendary frostiness, which earned her the soubriquet Nuclear Wintour, seems at odds with the art of international diplomacy.
She is known for frequent angry outbursts. Her chilly demeanour is made all the more intimidating by her love of dark glasses – even indoors.

British journalist Toby Young – who satirised his five-year stint in New York with Conde Nast, the magazine company that publishes Vogue, in the book and film How To Lose Friends And Alienate People – said: ‘She presides over the fashion business with the imperial hauteur of a Prussian general and expects instant, unquestioning obedience.

‘It’s hard to imagine a personality less suited to the world of international diplomacy. She left school at 16 and has been working in fashion ever since. Obama’s chauffeur probably knows more about international relations than her. It’s like Caligula making his horse a senator.’

One fashion editor in London said: ‘It’s incredible the most powerful nation on Earth should even consider appointing the least diplomatic woman on Earth as an envoy. She is joyless and intimidating.’

Tales of Wintour’s capriciousness are legion. When she hosted the Evening Standard theatre awards in London last month, she demanded gold chairs, gold cutlery and a 22ft yew hedge be installed inside the venue. She asked for the temperature to be turned down, that a guest who arrived with her baby be removed and summarily cancelled dessert.

At a New York fashion ball at the Metropolitan Museum she asked to be informed about the size of the knots on the ties of the waiters.

She put noses out of joint two years ago by giving a speech at a London Fashion Week soiree at No 10, rather than leaving it to a British fashion leader. Samantha Cameron was said to be so terrified of her that she acquiesced immediately. (Samantha Cameron is the wife of the Prime Minister)



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