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Once Again, The One And Only Post

June 21, 2021

The Other Kind Of Dry Flying

Not This


fly fishing classic, the Royal Coachman dry fly

But This


All it takes is $15000, and you can fly a battery powered hydrofoil surfboard at 30mph with almost no wake or noise

A cross between a hover-board, a jet-ski, and a surfboard, the HydroFlyer™ is the most advanced personal watercraft ever created.

Riding the HydroFlyer™ is a whole new sport.

As one rider describes it, “feels like a cross between deep-powder snowboarding & flying without any drag, bumps or shocks, just pure glide.”

With speed settings that range from mild to wild, and industry leading rider safety features, the HydroFlyer™ was designed for beginners and professional thrill-seekers alike.

Now everyone can enjoy the world’s latest eFoil craze with ease.

Under the board is a little carbon fiber wing. As the motor pushes the board past 4mph, the wing lifts the board up out of the water. The faster you go, the higher up you are. No splashes, no getting hammered in waves, hardly any wake, and almost no noise.

Runs for about 2 hour per battery charge, each charge takes about 3 hours, so you’ll want to pony up some extra gold for a spare battery or two.



June 20, 2021

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!



Curing the 2lb loaf of Italian bread for today’s get together.

Don’t know what happened to yesterday’s posts. Oh well.


June 18, 2021

The Covid thing, sorry. But I’m furious about this one.

Nazis In Kentucky Running Vaccine Trials on BABIES

Recently showcased in the University of Kentucky News, Moderna now works through the 100 trial sites to enroll 7,050 children across North America to commence the study. The study staggers the age cohorts across three study groups, including 1) 6 years to less than 12 years old, 2) 2 years old to less than 6 years old, and 3) 6 months old to less than 2 years old.

The study’s first part involves 1,350 children and will focus on the establishment of an appropriate dose in the children. The second group centers on effectiveness and involves 5,700 children. 

The study involves two doses of the mRNA-1273 vaccine or a placebo, administered 28 days apart. The children are thereafter monitored for 14 months via direct phone call, telemedicine visits, and up to seven on-site visits at the pediatric research clinic at UK HealthCare—Turfland.

This particular trial site is targeting the enrollment of 200 children, meaning it’s enrolling more than the average number of participating children. Note that participants (e.g. their parents) are compensated.

University of Kentucky is taking part in the KidCOVE trials, injecting babies only 6 months old with one of the mRNA covid vaccines, trying to find the right dosages. Which means that plenty of them will be overdosed.

IMO this is Goebbels level psychotic Naziism. These people should be shot on the spot and the parents of the infants sent to jail for a damn long time for sadistic child abuse.

Children are at nearly ZERO risk for this stupid virus, at even less risk from dying of it, and the dangers of injecting them with shitloads of spike proteins far outweighs whatever minimal benefits they could have.

In NJ, the worst hit state in the entire country, 18.591 children under 4 have tested positive for the virus, a mere 2.1% of the overall “cases” in the state. 5 of them have died. Of that 5, 4 were deaths in the very first wave, to sickly children. No information is available on the 1 small child who died last winter. In a similar vein, 89,745 kids age 5 - 17 have tested positive, and NOT ONE of them died from it. Hospitalization data, broken down by age and length of stay, is no longer published at the NJ Covid Dashboard, but given the almost total absence of out-patient treatment, hospitalization has been pretty much the only choice available to anyone, regardless of age. The vast majority of all hospitalized patients in NJ are in and out in less than 6 days.


More Covid stuff. Looks like I was right on the money this whole time with the various supplements I’ve been taking.

•  RCT in India shows that the turmeric spice extract Curcumin, and the black pepper extract Piperine, are effective for early treatment (reducing symptoms), effective at keeping oxygen saturation levels higher in more severe cases, along with keeping D-Dimer levels lower.  Fewer of the study group patients needed the “standard care” medications too. In other words, these two spices, used by Vedic medicine for thousands of years to lower inflammation, actually help. Both have other benefits, often used by arthritis sufferers to reduce pain and swelling.

Boswelia may work too. It’s on the list of supplements you take if you have RA, reducing swelling, pain, and cartilage loss. Boswelia is actually frankincense, used to reduce swelling for thousands of years. Guess those cavemen and ancient Babylonians weren’t so dumb after all, licking up sap from a bush when they were feeling bad. The aromatic smoky vapors of it may also be beneficial, which could explain it’s use in church services for many centuries now.

•  N-Acetyl Cysteine, aka NAC, works, strengthening your immune system. After 57 years on the OTC market as a supplement, and an ingredient in over 1500 other medicines and supplements, the FDA is trying to ban it. Big long medical video at the link showing what it is and how it works. Difficult to understand, but NAC gives your body a chemical it needs to make another chemical (glutithione) necessary for your immune system processes.

NAC is so effective, so helpful, that it has 17 clinical trials underway testing it as a direct treatment for the But Covid.

Based on the FDA’s unreasonable demand, Amazon pulled NAC off their shelves a couple months ago. Major legal wrangling going on. Luckily, Walmart still sells the 250 count jar of the NOW brand for a much better price than Amazon had, with free 2 day shipping.


Oh No He Didn’t?

Oh Yes He Did!

Sleepy creepy pedo Joe Biden* sippy-cup take-a-lid, asterisk of the United States:

“ We don’t derive our rights from the government.

We possess them because we’re born. Period.

And we yield them to a government. “

Joe made the comments during his [ Swiss ] press briefing where he screamed at some woman and took time out to lay his jacket on the ground.

I could perhaps forgive him a tiny bit if he was talking about the concept of Agency, but he wasn’t. And none of his handlers has come forward to make that rationalization. Actually, no one has come forward to make any kind of clarification about this remark at all. Perhaps because they don’t see it as a problem?

Crivens. My head is spinning.

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June 17, 2021

Doing my best to post things non-Covid.

An Old Cock Up Down Under?

This is a simple map of Australia, showing the states:


With great common sense, they named the west chunk of the island Western Australia, the northern part in the middle is the Northern Territory, and the southern part in the middle is called South Australia.

Now, as a quick aside, Australia does things their own way, and good for them. Instead of having a whole bunch of different time zones in each state, what they did was to give each state it’s own time zone. And to keep things from getting boring, this time zones aren’t each an hour apart. Some are just half an hour different, and not all of them do the Daylight Savings thing.

Australia has three time zones, but from spring until autumn when New South Wales and South Australia adjust their clocks for daylight-savings, two additional time zones appear that horizontally break up the country’s two easternmost time zones into four. These time zones, which differ from each other by 30-minutes, meet at three different places. The most popular of them is Cameron Corner in the outback of eastern Australia, where the boundaries of states of Queensland, South Australia, and New South Wales meet. The other ones are Poeppel Corner (located at the corner of Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory) and Surveyor Generals Corner (located at the corner of South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory). Standing at any one these locations allows any person to be at three different points of time at the same time.

About a century ago the common border was agreed upon between West Australia, Northern Territory, and South Australia. It’s a straight line running north to south, exactly on the 129th meridian of longitude, proposed as the longest straight line on Earth. Good for tourism, eh mate? Right!

The 129th was chosen because two markers had already been made on that line long before; the Deakin Obelisk not far from the southern coast, and the Austral Pillar not too far from the northern coast. And as We Do Not Make Mistakes; two points define a line, so let’s connect the dots.

In the same vein of convenient exactness, the border between Northern Territory and Southern Australia is the 26th parallel, a line along the 26°S latitude line.

The ironically named spot where the 129° longitude and the 26°S latitude lines meet is called Surveyor Generals Corner, after the several mean in charge of the national surveyors who plotted these borders, as it took quite a number of years to do the job.

And when they were done, they installed this lovely commemorative bronze plaque:


Do you see it? What appears to be a small problem? Somehow Northern Territory is north of not just South Australia, but West Australia too, when the whole idea of West Australia was that it would be west of both those states.

Well ... it isn’t actually in error. As I said, it took a long time to do the surveying. They started at the north coast and headed south. And I think they started at the south coast and headed north, expecting to meet somewhere in the middle. Over these years, the technology of surveying improved, along with figuring out exactly where the meridian was. Meanwhile, properties on both sides of the line were claimed, surveyed relative to this line, and entered into the books in the states. Too much work to remap all of them.

By the time they got down to the 26th parallel, they realized that the upper part of the north-south line was a stone’s throw too far west, and the lower part of the line was a slightly shorter stone’s throw too far to the east.  Both of the earlier markers where off a little. So they compromised, and there’s an east-west jog in this north-south line 127.4 meters long. And thus the “longest line on Earth” idea had to be shortened by quite a lot.

And this means that there are actually TWO points where one straight line intersects another straight line which is at right angles to it.

And the eastern one of these points is called Surveyor Generals Corner, and the bronze marker there is actually correct. (see page 14 of the original documentation)


This is only a surprise because it took 25 years to happen. I was going to run this yesterday, but my never ending ‘rona research and commenting got in the way.

Recreated Iron Age crannog house in Scotland burns to ashes in 6 minutes

image  image

The great wooden thing was exactly the shape of a teepee campfire, the easiest kind to get burning quickly, and the great roof of the building was thatch; a massive pile of kindling.

Plus the whole affair was up on stilts, letting lots of fire nourishing air come in from below. One small spark and it was a fireball.


A recreated Iron Age house on the shores of Loch Tay has been gutted by fire. [ video at link ]

The Scottish Crannog Centre, which is also a museum of life in ancient Scotland, was hit by a devastating blaze on Friday evening. The Iron Age roundhouse stood on stilts on the loch shore at Kenmore in Perthshire.

Video and pictures posted online by people nearby showed the Iron Age house engulfed in flames.

Mike Benson, the director of the Crannog Centre, said CCTV footage showed the fire took hold and destroyed the house in minutes.

He told BBC Scotland: “It’s just a devastating blow. It’s such a much loved icon, you can’t think of Loch Tay without thinking of the Crannog Centre. It’s been here for 25 years and has been so incredibly loved.

“The main thing is nobody has been hurt, the crannog has gone but it is not the end of the story.”

The Scottish Crannog Centre, which houses a museum of ancient life, burned down on Friday night.

The main building — a crannog — was a roundhouse built on Loch Tay, Kenmore, in Perthshire in the 1990s. Its design was based on findings from an underwater excavation of a 2,500-year-old crannog found nearby on the north shore of the loch in the 1980s.

The recreated structure was made of wood and sat over the water atop stilts. It had a hearth made from stones and clay in the centre of the building, and was covered in thatching with reeds from the River Tay.

A crannog is a wee island in a loch. They are man-made, a very long time ago, either from piling up stones, or from centuries worth of garbage piling up under the stilts.

Most of them are a bit off shore, a little further than you could throw a spear or shoot an arrow. Hmm, wonder why they did that 5,000 years ago?

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June 15, 2021

another vaccination screw up


NEW YORK—Nearly 900 people received expired COVID-19 vaccine doses at a vaccination site in Times Square this month, health officials said Tuesday.

The 899 people who received doses of the Pfizer vaccine at the former NFL Experience building in Times Square between June 5 and June 10 should schedule another Pfizer shot as soon as possible, the New York City Health Department said.

ATC Vaccination Services, the company that administered the shots under contract to the city, said in a statement, “We apologize for the inconvenience to those receiving the vaccine batch in question and want people first and foremost to know that we have been advised that there is no danger from the vaccine they received.”

Each vial of the Pfizer vaccine is good for 6 doses; there are 195 vials on a tray, and a freezer shipping container can hold 5 trays. This means that the workers went through ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY vials before anybody even looked at the labels. And the stuff has to be diluted with individual little vials of saline for every vial. So 150 + 899 = at least 1049 times the vials were handled, and nobody noticed. And you betcherass the tray has the expiration date on it too.

I think ATC Vaccination Services should find some more alert jabbers.


And a lively time was had by all

We had our monthly condo park meeting last night. For the first time in 16 months this meeting was not on a wobbly, participant limited Zoom call, but actually in person. We all met around the pool outside the clubhouse and had an open air meeting. And it was very well attended, and people were actively involved and speaking up about all kinds of issues. The board members for once had to speak above whispers, and the audience demanded details on all the little measures they were passing. Usually the 6 or 7 residents who attend one of these things just sit there in silence as the board members go through the motions at a barely audible level, droning on with some monthly reports, seconding them, and then adjourning.

So this one was more like a Town Hall, and the residents would not allow themselves to be abruptly silenced. I’m so proud of them. It wasn’t mayhem, people weren’t shouting or rude, but they were going to have their say and get answers. I love when the sheep bare their teeth and unite against the wolves.

And it was nice seeing lots of familiar faces again, nobody wearing a mask. I say we should do outdoor meetings as much as possible. We should bring food and drag out the clubhouse grill too, even if that’s against this year’s pool rules. Screw that; we wern’t using the pool, and since we own the place, so we set the rules. Go freedom. USA. USA. USA!!


Covid stuff

•   Novavax’ Coronavax (NVX-CoV2373) aces large scale Phase 2/3 trials, almost ready for EUA. 100% effective.  This one is NOT mRNA or DNA based.

•   Retired Eye Doc sounds off on Covid treatment repression. Yeah, no kidding, but thanks for speaking up.

The biggest sin of all of this is that HCQ was known to work since the first SARS epidemic years ago, and that Ivermectin was found to be effective in March 2020. At least 5 months ago it was found that the combination of Fluvoxamine and Ivermectin was even more effective as a cure, and also greatly reduces the Long Haul aspect. Both HCQ and Ivermectin also work well as preventatives. Numerous other treatments exist that prevent or mitigate the illness, at least in the early stages. Carageenan nasal spray (on the OTC market for years as a flu remedy), and this new SaNOtize nitric oxide nasal spray are just two examples. Adjusting your diet and taking supplements that boost your immune system will lower your risks as well, and hundreds of published medical papers attest to this, many of them describing specific recipes to lower your Covid risks. Yet government has dragged its feet, completely ignoring the early treatment aspect of good medical care, MSM has ignored these stories, and social media has actively censored them. It sure makes me wonder why, as they can’t all be sold out to Big Pharma, can they?

It is nearly impossible not to conclude that a highly sinister cabal is pulling all the strings. This is far beyond typical beuracratic incompetence and mindless rule following; this did NOT happen in innocence.

Most of the people who died after the first wave probably could have been saved, and prophylactic use of HCQ (the US had many 10s of millions of pills stockpiled by March 2020) would have reduced the size of the first wave significantly.

“WTF has been going on?”, I ask, for the millionth time since this all began.


Bowling Blogging !!

Touching, But Weird

Guy bowls perfect game with custom ball containing his father’s ashes

Illinois bowling champ John Hinkle is no stranger to a perfect game.But recently, he bowled a very special 300 paying homage to his late father—with a custom ball of deep personal significance.

As a two-handed bowler, it’s illegal for Hinkle’s ball to have three finger holes, so he had the idea to fill in the thumb hole with his father’s ashes.

On league night at Peoria’s Landmark Lanes on April 12, Hinkle’s perfect score was memorable.

“I was talking to my brother and told him, ‘I’m shooting a 300 with this ball,’” Hinkle, 39, told CBS. “And Joe said, ‘Do it!’”

Bowling with tears in his eyes through the 11th and 12th frames [ they mean throws not frames ], Hinkle recollected, “I couldn’t tell you where that last ball went, I had so many tears just throwing it.”

A Peoria Public Schools counselor, Hinkle became an NCAA bowling champion at Western Illinois University before continuing in the league—on the same team as his father and twin brother, Joe—for over 13 years.

It was John Hinkle Sr. who introduced his boys to the game when they were young.  John passed away in 2016.

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June 14, 2021

big_us_flag  big_us_flag It’s Flag Day. big_us_flag  big_us_flag

Be patriotic and put out the Red White and Blue today. If nothing else, it will upset a liberal.


Listen my son, said the whale with the gums
There’s room for you inside

(apologies to Pink Floyd)

Diver Nearly Gets Krilled By Whale


PROVINCETOWN — At a little before 8 a.m. Friday, veteran lobster diver Michael Packard entered the water for his second dive of the day.

His vessel, the “Ja’n J,” was off Herring Cove Beach and surrounded by a fleet of boats catching striped bass. The water temperature was a balmy 60 degrees and the visibility about 20 feet.

Licensed commercial lobster divers literally pluck lobsters off the sandy bottom, and as Packard, 56, dove down Friday morning, he saw schools of sand lances and stripers swimming by.

The ocean food chain was in full evidence, but about 10 feet from the bottom Packard suddenly knew what it truly felt like to be part of that chain.

In something truly biblical, Packard was swallowed whole by a humpback whale.

“All of a sudden, I felt this huge shove and the next thing I knew it was completely black,” Packard recalled Friday afternoon following his release from Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis.

“I could sense I was moving, and I could feel the whale squeezing with the muscles in his mouth,” he said

Initially, Packard thought he was inside a great white shark, but he couldn’t feel any teeth and he hadn’t suffered any obvious wounds. It quickly dawned on him that he had been swallowed by a whale.

“I was completely inside; it was completely black,” Packard said. “I thought to myself, ‘there’s no way I’m getting out of here. I’m done, I’m dead.’ All I could think of was my boys — they’re 12 and 15 years old.”

Outfitted with scuba gear, he struggled and the whale began shaking its head so that Packard could tell he didn’t like it. He estimated he was in the whale for 30 to 40 seconds before the whale finally surfaced.

“I saw light, and he started throwing his head side to side, and the next thing I knew I was outside (in the water),” said Packard, who lives in Wellfleet.

The whale spit him out, his fishing buddies rescued him and got him to the hospital, and he’s Ok. A bit bruised, probably rather freaked out,

Same story, other links: here and here.

It wouldn’t be much of a story if it read “Diver gently mouthed by whale and spit out”, but a Humpback whale couldn’t actually swallow a man. Or even a sea lion, which are a good bit bigger than people. So “almost swallowed” it is.


Whales are huge. Humpback whales are actually only mid-sized ones, 30 tons and 48 feet long, and they are in the group called baleen whales, along with Blue whale, Sei whales, Fin whales, Right whales, etc. What this means is that these giant sea creatures are filter feeders, living on the tiniest little creatures, micro shrimp, called krill. Lots and lots and lots of krill. And the occasional tiny fish that comes with it. A baleen whale has a lower jaw covered in a thick, muscular, accordion pleated mass of skin. Instead of teeth, the upper jaw has thousands of tough, rubbery, feather like fronds called baleen, which do the actual filtering. When the whale feeds, it scoops in phenomenal amounts of water - about 20,000 liters, nearly 5,300 gallons, almost exactly the amount of water that fills a 15 foot diameter, 4 foot deep backyard swimming pool - and the lower jaw pleats expand like a giant barnacle crusted balloon. Whale shuts his mouth and squeezes all the water out past the baleen filters, then presses the krill up against the roof of his mouth with his tongue, which weighs more than a ton, then swallows the squished up shrimp mess, down a throat less than a foot across. So people would easily fit in the whale’s mouth (so would a car, even a Packard), but they couldn’t actually be swallowed.

Sperm whales, on the other hand, are meat eaters (giant squid by preference, which are bigger than you are) and have a long narrow lower jaw filled with teeth the size of a beer can. They could chew you in half easily, and probably gulp you right down. Lucky for most of us, unless you’re the crew on the Pequod, this doesn’t happen, as Sperm whales dine at great depths. Mostly.

The far smaller and much nastier Orca, or Killer Whale, is the one that might actually hunt you down and chomp you to bits, as they have a known affinity for Eskimo Pie. Ok, no, “science” says this never happens, which may mean there were no surviving witnesses. ” Leave the gun Leave the kayak, take the cannolli , eat the Inupiat. (Cult Ref)

Hope you enjoyed all the little tangential links in this post. But please play it safe, and the next time you’re scuba diving for lobsters, wait 30 minutes after the whales are done eating.

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June 13, 2021

How I Spent My Summer Vacation Sunday Afternoon


Put in the new garbage disposer and replaced the filters on the water filter under the kitchen sink. I went at it slowly and carefully, and did the job right. Fully grounded, stress relief connector for the wire, switch is on a GFI circuit, all the clamps are oriented so I can get to them from the front if ever needed. New disposer is very quiet yet powerful. Sells at Walmart and Amazon for half the price of Home Despot. It also has a connector for the dishwasher drain, so I could take out the rat’s nest of plastic pipe bits that the previous owner had put in to hook up the drain hose. I’m happy, and it only took one extra trip to the hardware store for a slip fit extender for the disposer outlet elbow. Wound up cutting nearly all of it off, and then sawing off 1/2” of the outlet elbow. Original elbow came right up to the lip of the P-trap; it really needs to go 1 1/2” inside it. Had to cut down the outlet pipe because the plastic nut is 1/2” thick so it was too long. I solved it. No mess, no stink, no leaks. And let’s hope using this disposer this keeps the damn drain from glomming up every 6 months. I’m tired of taking everything apart and running the auger down the drain line.


The fawn didn’t make it. It’s very sad, but life in the wild is pretty harsh. The doe that was in our yard may not have been its mother. I’ve contacted one of the condo park employees and will leave a message on the office phone.


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June 12, 2021

Life Here In The Friggin’ Jungle

Doe, a deer!


Oh deer, now what do we do?

Shawn the fawn, hanging out on our sidewalk. He was napping in the grass behind us, but decided it was less exposed under our hedges. Who knows? He’s walking around in the parking lot now. Hope mommy deerest is around somewhere.


Yup, she’s just lying around in our backyard. The baby is behind the garbage corral, maybe 100 feet up the hill. Hope they find each other.

Backyard drama.


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June 10, 2021


A jackass with a teleprompter. And a knight with no brain.


yeah, guess who dindu it?

I’m sure they were only trying to feed their children*

A manhunt was underway in California this week for a “coordinated group” of 11 suspected thieves who ran into a Louis Vuitton store and fled with more than $100,000 in handbags, according to authorities.

Police said the incident occurred around 5:30 p.m. Monday at a shopping center in Palo Alto, about 30 miles south of downtown San Francisco. The group stormed the store, grabbed 36 handbags, and fled the scene, an investigation revealed.

“They exited the store quickly, ran through the mall, and fled in five vehicles prior to police arrival,” according to Palo Alto police.

Witnesses described the suspects – who were all wearing face coverings—as Black males and females, possibly in their late teens or early twenties, police said. The suspects caused no injuries, and no weapons were used during the alleged theft, authorities added.

The suspects’ vehicles were described as a gray Lexus sedan, a gray Infinity SUV, a white Audi sedan, a black four-door Hyundai sedan, and a red two-door Honda sedan, witnesses told police.

A Lexus and an Audi. Yeah, poverty row for sure. 

OTOH, maybe this kind of store should be gated, shop by appointment only, or have just one or two bags on display, the others in a locked strong secure area behind several locked doors in the backroom. This has happened so many times before, and it’s always the same MO and the same people.

* = famous AOC dingbat quote of course


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June 9, 2021

A bit of normalcy before I delve into today’s Covid Crap.

It’s allergy season!!



Bridge Post !!


The sort of all new, ancient brick bridge over the Adige River at Castel Vecchio in Verona Italy, the Scaliger Bridge

Known as both the Ponte di Castel Vecchio or the Ponte Scaligero, this well fortified bridge was built in 1354. It has 3 arched spans of decreasing size. The longest span, 48.7 meters (160 feet) was the largest in the world when it was built.

The bridge is very well made, brick clad with marble underpinnings. It survived just fine for over 400 years until the French invaded in the late 18th Century, but they were only able to shoot down one of the towers on one end. Sadly, the Nazis blew the whole thing to bits when they retreated in 1945. A few years after the war the bridge was rebuilt. The roadway is wide enough for horse drawn wagons to pass in both directions, and both sides have raised fighting platforms behind the crenelations.



Bowling Blogging !!

We have the Bye tonight, which means we have nobody to bowl against. There are only 7 teams on this tiny summer league, and this is the 4th week of it. So we’ll be one of the lucky teams to get another Bye later on in the season. With a Bye, your team has to throw at least as well as your team’s average minus 10 pins per human bowler. We have a vacancy, which always scores a 140, so this works to our advantage. Let’s hope we don’t totally suck this time, and we’ll win. Last week we lost 2-5 against Frank and John’s team, the guys I’m hoping to team up with for Old Guys league in the fall. One woman on their team throws a really fast ball. No hook, not even playing the angle much, and she isn’t some great big bruiser. Just a normal sized woman. AFAIK she’s using a normal weight ball for a woman, 13-14lb. She just has a fast approach and swings the ball hard and throws it down at about the 18 board. Just off center. But she throws it at 17.25 mph, so it has explosive impact at the pins. She was in the 180-200 range in all her games. Impressive!!


The Fauci Who Cried Wolf?

Saint Anthony is warning about the new Indian variant that’s coming. It’s dangerous. You need to get vaccinated RIGHT NOW. But will anyone listen to him at this point?

Dr. Anthony Fauci warned Tuesday that the dangerous Indian COVID-19 variant could become the most dominant strain in the US — as the mutation has rapidly spread among younger people in the UK.

The White House chief medical adviser said he feared that the so-called Delta variant, B1.617.2, could overtake the highly contagious UK variant, known as B117, in the country — an alarming prospect we should prevent.

“We cannot let that happen in the United States, which is such a powerful argument … to get vaccinated,” Fauci said Tuesday at the White House COVID-19 task force briefing.

He is mostly correct. The Delta variant is already here. A few days ago it was at 2.5% of all cases. Now it’s at 6% according to Fauci. The UK variant, Alpha, B1.117 went from 0 to more than 75% of all cases in the USA in less than 90 days. Delta is said to be far more virulent. Reports I’ve read in The Hindu and other news sites in India show that it is fairly resistant to immunity, either naturally acquired or via vaccination. OTOH, that the media is not telling you is that India is beating their latest wave, and beating it with Ivermectin. The same Ivermectin that works very well as a preventative, especially if you’ve been taking your vitamin D3 and other immune system boosting supplements for some time now. So be prepared.

He didn’t say anything about the Mexican variant, which is already dominant in Mexico and is making it’s way here. Having sleepy creepy pedo Joe open the borders because Trump closed them isn’t helping. Him having ICE take those untested untreated illegals and deposit them all over our country is helping even less.

But this is probably too little too late. After all the emails and evidence of the last week or two, who is going to listen to this guy? I’m not, but I’ve been watching the Delta variant for more than a month now.


I’ll try to keep this one short, but the preprint report is a good read if you’re into this kind of thing.

New super analysis of early pandemic treatment at Saint Barnabas finds weight based high dose HCQ and Z-pack more than doubled odds of survival for severely ill patients on ventilators

Which means Dr. Zelenko was right, President Trump was right, Fauci lied, the Oxford study was a shame, the FDA’s “concern” about HCQ Qt effects was crap and nothing more than politics to get Trump. Raise your hand if you’re surprised by any of that. Bueller? Bueller? Bueller??

This was a very diverse, very ill group of patients, most with multiple comorbidities in serious amounts. Super high BMI, diabetes, heart disease, kidney transplants, hyperlipidosis, super high cholesterol, etc. 1200 sick, with 255 patients going on ventilators. Of those 255, 78% of them died.

Convalescent plasma didn’t do much. Tocilizumab helped a bit but not enough. Steroids didn’t do much. But the patients who got hydroxycholoroquine and azithromycin fared better.

Later on it was found that just giving them a couple pills wasn’t the best, and that an HCQ dose of 82mg/kg worked better, and that a cumulative dose (these people were in the hospital a long time) of more than 3gm of HCQ and 1gm of AZM worked best.

This combination more than doubled their survival rate. More. Than. Doubled. Still, only 48% of this group of patients survived, and few were able to walk out of the hospital upon discharge. But that’s a lot better than the 22% of the others in this group who didn’t.

A new study has found that the use of weight-adjusted Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Azithromycin (AZM) improved the survival of ventilated COVID-19 patients by nearly 200 percent.

The observational study, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, was based on a re-analysis of 255 patients on invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV) during the first two months of the pandemic in the United States.

The researchers found that, when the HCQ/AZM combination was given at lower dosages to treat ventilated COVID-19 patients, the risk of death was over three times higher.

“We found that when the cumulative doses of two drugs, HCQ and AZM, were above a certain level, patients had a survival rate 2.9 times the other patients,” the authors of the study noted.

My notes from reading the analysis paper:

1200 patients, 255 go to vent. 206 died. 78%. 163/255 over 60, 146/206 over 60 died. 63.5% had high blood pressure, most were obese, 31% had hyperlipidemia (which includes high cholesterol). 45.5% diabetes. Other comorbs to lesser extents. The under 60 group was fattest, with twice as many BMI>30 and 2.75x BMI>40.

The ATE (treatment efficacy) increases suddenly between 40-50 mg/kg and reaches a maximal ATE = 46.2% at 82 mg/kg. This means that weight adjusted HCQ cumulative doses had far higher survival rate than just HCQ cumulative dose total.

The results (Table 5) reveal that patients receiving ≥80mg/kg HCQ and > 1g AZM were 14.18 times more likely to survive than those who did not. Rubin analysis showed that >3gm HCQ + >1gm AZM cumulative increased the survival rate from 1.65% to 39%, an 136% increase.

Each patient got between 6 and 11 ECGs. There was no correlation between QTc (heart valve wobbles) and HCQ cumulative dose.

“On April 24, 2020, the FDA issued a warning about the possible effects of low HCQ on QTc interval. Since 2010, the FDA has approved over 150 clinical trials, which include HCQ treatment. The FDA did and does not require monitoring for cardiotoxicity. In each of these trials, the total HCQ dose and expected tissue levels are markedly higher than used or seen in Covid patients. This discrepancy lacks logic or explanation.”

“Causal modeling establishes that weight-adjusted HCQ and AZM therapy improves survival by over 100%. QTc prolongation did not correlate with cumulative HCQ dose or HCQ serum levels.”

It also showed that Dr. Zelenko’s HCQ/AZM combination works even at end stage Covid, and that the FDA’s cautionary smokescreen about HCQ and QTc was all BS.

Trump was right, The Lancet lied, the Oxford study was a sham, Fauci is a mass murderer, and the FDA left people to die because they hated Trump.

No word in this study on whether the patients were given supplemental zinc.

There ain’t enough lampposts or rope in creation.

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