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Bad Eggs At Easter

English Toddler Goes On Egg Hunt,

Finds Hand Grenade

HOLFORD, England – A child on an Easter egg hunt organized by a pre-school group in an English village stumbled upon an unexpected surprise—a hand grenade.

The hunt was taking place in a field near the town of Holford, Somerset, on Saturday, This Is Somerset reported:

[ Police were forced to close a section of a main road in Somerset this morning after a hand grenade was found during an Easter Egg Hunt.

One of the families taking part in the hunt near Holford raised the alarm after discovering what appeared to be a hand grenade on the side of the road. ]

The area was cordoned off and the bomb disposal squad destroyed the grenade in a controlled explosion, police said. It also resulted in the closure of a highway for a few of hours.

“We were beginning to count up the eggs at the end of the hunt and I saw a boy of three standing on an object,” Stuart Moffatt, who was attending the hunt with his three children, told the Daily Mail.

“It was brown and about four inches high. It looked like an Easter egg, but it was a hand grenade.

“I was shocked. The boy who was standing on it thought it was a rock. The leaders did a great job keeping the children calm.”

The grenade was believed to have been a relic from World War II, according to the Mail.


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calendar   Saturday - April 07, 2012


End of the day here and thought a serious racist thing would be just the ticket.

So here.


In today’s world, for some people, that is “racially negative.”

Baa Baa Little Sheep: How private school abandoned nursery rhyme’s lyrics for Easter show sparking political correctness accusations

Pupils at Park Hill School sang Baa Baa Little Sheep instead of the traditional version at their Easter concert
School said the song had been changed to teach children phonics and to fit in with the Easter theme


Quite what the little boy who lives down the lane would make of it is open to conjecture.
But parents at one school made their feelings plain when they heard their children reciting ‘Baa Baa Little Sheep’.

They accused the ($4,287) £2,700-a-term Park Hill primary school of changing the words from ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ for the sake of political correctness.
The school, in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, insists this was not the reason, and that the change was merely a way of teaching children to read by adding different words. Adults who attended its Easter concert, however, were unconvinced.

Andrea Craig, a councillor whose son sang in the show, tweeted: ‘At my son’s Easter concert I saw a song called Baa Baa Little Sheep which I assumed was new. Not so – not allowed black. Really?’

She said most parents in the audience were concerned about the change of wording.

‘It’s good they want children to think about what different words mean. But this is one nursery rhyme I personally don’t think should be used because it could be so easily misconstrued as political correctness gone mad. They have got to be a bit smarter about it.’

The school uses the phonic learning system to teach children aged three to seven word meanings through well-known songs and rhymes. Its marketing manager Holly Christie said Baa Baa Black Sheep had been changed ‘because it fitted in with the theme of what we were doing. It was about baby sheep.

‘We have always had adjustments to Baa Baa Black Sheep just because the children like to sing different variations of that. It’s a way of teaching phonics so that children understand these words that they are using and then reading.’

Hang on BMEWS. That is not all of the article.  I wanted to separate the following lines to stand out a bit more. And I am certain you’d have picked up on it anyway but ,,,, what do make of the following?  A bit of early brainwashing?  Get em young conditioning?  Ya think?

This is far from the first time the rhyme has been amended. In 2006, children at two nurseries in Oxfordshire were taught ‘Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep’ to promote ‘equal opportunities’.

Some children in London have been taught ‘Baa Baa Green Sheep’.

And in 1999, Birmingham City Council said the rhyme should not be taught at all because it was racially negative.

So then. Question.  Not to get personal but, how did all the rest of you ever get educated and become literate without this?

I suppose then by the lights of the 1999 Birmingham City Council, I can no longer be referred to as my family’s Black Sheep?


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Because I Know She Reads This Blog



Like Obama, we voted “presents”.


We’ll be up there shortly, with cake and ham and wine and stuff, with bells on.


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calendar   Friday - April 06, 2012

Oh Snap

Yo, Your Momma So Loud ...

Florida teen calls police to report mom having sex

A Florida teenager called 911 last week to ask police to place her in a children’s shelter because she “heard her mother having sex.”

The 15-year-old girl felt disrespected when overhearing her mother having sex late one night, so she called Panama City police to report the situation, The Smoking Gun first reported on its website.

When police arrived at the home in the early hours on Jan. 19, the girl’s mother explained that she was with her boyfriend and didn’t intend to wake her daughter. But their bedrooms are right next to each other, according to the police report, which was obtained by

At some point, the mother and daughter had an argument, the police report said.

The teen, who told police that there was no abuse, originally asked to be taken to the Hidle House, which is a temporary home for children who are homeless or abused. But after speaking with a representative, she decided it was almost time for school and decided to stay put.

Disrespected? I think she was just jealous.


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Semper Paratus

Target Practice For The Anacapa

Coast Guard Sinks Drifting Tsunami Ghost Ship

image image

A U.S. Coast Guard cutter poured cannon fire into a Japanese ghost ship that had been drifting since the last year’s tsunami, sinking the vessel in the Gulf of Alaska and eliminating the hazard it posed to shipping and the coastline. The cutter’s guns tore holes in the 164-foot Ryou-Un Maru on Thursday, ending its long, lonely journey across the Pacific that began when the deadly tsunami set it floating more than a year ago.
japan-tsunami-ghost-ship.jpgU.S. Coast Guard, The Associated PressA plume of smoke rises from the derelict Japanese ship Ryou-Un Maru after it was hit by canon fire by a U.S. Coast Guard cutter on Thursday in the Gulf of Alaska. The Coast Guard decided to sink the ship dislodged by last year’s tsunami because it was a threat to maritime traffic and could have an environmental impact if it grounded.

The crew pummeled the ghost ship with high explosive ammunition, and the derelict Ryou-Un Maru soon burst into flames, and began taking on water, officials said.

This is all over the news today. The derelict ship had a couple tons of fuel oil aboard and was drifting into US waters. It was a hazard, so the decision was made to sink it. Some Canadians tried to claim the wreck for salvage, but when they couldn’t tow it they left, and the Coasties got to work, shooting the thing full of holes with their 25mm Mk38 chain gun. The target caught fire, and once most of the fuel had burned off, the cutter put the fire out, then sunk the ship. Minimal harm done to the environment, yay.

The Canadian boat left, and once it was about 6 miles from the Japanese vessel, the Coast Guard began to fire, first with 25 mm shells, then a few hours later with ammunition twice that size.

Great work, and a job well done.

But I’m pissed off at the media.

It’s too easy to find the choppy video of this event online. And everybody is running the story and the pictures, all over the world.

And while everybody credits the Coast Guard for the pictures and the video, and while everybody mentions the name of the derelict ship and how it was in the scrapyard awaiting the breakers when the tsunami hit and washed the hulk out to sea, almost nobody mentions the name of the Coast Guard ship involved. That’s not right.

So I went digging. And it was a lot of work. But finally I found that the ship that did the job is the Anacapa, WPD-1335, a 110 foot Island Class patrol boat based out of Petersburg Alaska, in service since late 1989. Here she is:


So kudos for a job well done.

But the news stories all share the same problem. “then a few hours later with ammunition twice that size” is kind of impossible, unless every article on the Island Class boats is out of date or just plain wrong. The Island Class boats are only armed with a single 25mm gun. There hasn’t been a Coast Guard ship of any size with 50mm or larger guns on it in service since the early 60s. Oops. Those things weigh tons. So whatever they used to finish the wreck off and sink it, it sure wasn’t a larger mounted cannon. But it is entirely possible that the Anacapa now carries the Mk19 40mm grenade launcher. They aren’t very big, nor very expensive, and the 40x53 shell has a range of about a kilometer. Plenty enough for a little patrol boat like this. And such a gun would be awesome against small pirates or drug runners. Even the M203 launcher would do it, and those mount to the M16 rifle. So I guess 40mm is close enough to “twice the size” of 25mm. It’s just that as a firearms enthusiast, it always bugs me that no reporter ever asks “hey, what kind of gun is that?” and just copies off the government press release.

I don’t know if the Anacapa is an “A” class, “B” class, or “C” class model of the family. The “C” class boats have the one chain gun, a pair of .50 BMGs, and a pair of 7.62 LMGs. So it’s possible the journalists got their guns wrong, as they almost always do, and that the initial fire into the wreck was with .50 bullets. API rounds would go right through the rotting metal walls of the ship and could easily set the fuel on fire. But trying to sink a ship with 25mm guns? Oh sure, lots of fun, and about the only chance the crew will ever get to use their MK38 so who cares if it takes all day? SHOOTEX! SINKEX!! Waa hoo!! But we’re really talking a 1 pounder here, and that isn’t very much boom, no matter how many rounds you can cook down the barrel on target. Whereas a 75mm gun would take about 3 rounds to do the job, maybe 4. So I’m guessing they’ve got a grenade gun on board.

USCG photostream here.


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Light Daze

The holiday is upon us, so my posting will be light from now until Monday. Happy Easter, happy Passover to everyone.

Another so-so week in bowling league. We got 5-2 on Greed League to maintain our lock on 3rd. I threw a 575 series. We’ve fallen from 1st to 3rd in Cheap League, and we split 3-4 last night so we’ll probably fall further. No worries, that one is fun league and we did hold 1st place for 4 weeks. Good enough.

Here are some fun bits and links sent in by Doc Jeff, and another video by Steven Crowder, and some stuff I read this morning you might like ...

Total change of subject: the government’s war against US manufacturing.


Next up, it’s Hammer Time. Charles Krauthammer takes on Teh Won’s inane remarks the other day concerning Obamacare vs SCOTUS. Hit him again Chuck, hit him again!!

Lastly, John Fund has fun with it too, and the whole darn thing can be summed up in one magnificent Ramirez cartoon (stolen from Theo’s of course):


Whadda maroon. (both dark red and stupid!)
That’s all folks!


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calendar   Thursday - April 05, 2012

Chess Problem from April’s Chess Life

Thought I’d switch sources. I got my April issue of Chess Life today. GM Andy Soltis has a column every month on some obscure chess facts. He also features problems from fairly recent tournaments, like the 2011 World Junior in India. American GM Robson tied for fourth place. This position is from IM Priyadharshan-GM Robson, 2011. Black to move and win. If there’s a theme, I’d call it sacrifice. Or possibly attraction. Oh hell, it’s both!


I suppose I should explain: IM is an International Master (2200+), GM is a Grandmaster (2400+). The difference is like me (an 1800 player) going against an Expert (a 2000 player).

UPDATE 4/8/12
JW solved this one too. I’m beginning to think JW is either very good and/or a subscriber to Chess Life. Or both.

1… Qxa2+!

and either:

2. Kxa2 Ra4+ (White can’t take because of the pin by Black’s e6 Bishop)
3. Kb1 Ra1#


2. Kc1 Bf4

Resulting in what we used to call a LOQA (Loss Of Queen Accident) in my chess club.


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Bear With Me On This One

An Inconvenient Truth: Polar Opposites

I know, I’ve said it before. Al Gore’s “oh noes, all the polar bears are drowning!!” was such a total crock. Said it then, said it before, saying it again. But it’s always nice when a bit more research hits the media.


Healthy polar bear count confounds doomsayers

The debate about climate change and its impact on polar bears has intensified with the release of a survey that shows the bear population in a key part of northern Canada is far larger than many scientists thought, and might be growing.

The number of bears along the western shore of Hudson Bay, believed to be among the most threatened bear subpopulations, stands at 1,013 and could be even higher, according to the results of an aerial survey released Wednesday by the Government of Nunavut. That’s 66 per cent higher than estimates by other researchers who forecasted the numbers would fall to as low as 610 because of warming temperatures that melt ice faster and ruin bears’ ability to hunt. The Hudson Bay region, which straddles Nunavut and Manitoba, is critical because it’s considered a bellwether for how polar bears are doing elsewhere in the Arctic.

The study shows that “the bear population is not in crisis as people believed,” said Drikus Gissing, Nunavut’s director of wildlife management. “There is no doom and gloom.”

The debate over the polar-bear population has been raging for years, frequently pitting scientists against Inuit. In 2004, Environment Canada researchers concluded that the numbers in the region had dropped by 22 per cent since 1984, to 935. They also estimated that by 2011, the population would decrease to about 610. That sparked worldwide concern about the future of the bears and prompted the Canadian and American governments to introduce legislation to protect them.

But many Inuit communities said the researchers were wrong. They said the bear population was increasing and they cited reports from hunters who kept seeing more bears. Mr. Gissing said that encouraged the government to conduct the recent study, which involved 8,000 kilometres of aerial surveying last August along the coast and offshore islands.

Mr. Gissing said he hopes the results lead to more research and a better understanding of polar bears. He said the media in southern Canada has led people to believe polar bears are endangered. “They are not.” He added that there are about 25,000 polar bears across Canada’s Arctic. “That’s likely the highest [population level] there has ever been.”

Maybe if we could teach them to eat environmentalists and biased scientists their numbers would increase even faster.


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Al Qaeda Takes Over Mali

AQ Rebels Take Northern Mali, Impose Instant Sharia

Mali, West Africa. A landlocked mostly desert nation about 2/3 the size of Texas. Shaped like a reversed L, looking like a baby buggy going to the left. Northern Mali is mostly empty sand, with few people and fewer towns. One of these is the fabled city of Timbuktu, a small place where many homes and mosques are built of mud, yet the buildings are more than 1,000 years old. It’s a walled city a mile and a half long and a mile wide, home to 50,000, located near the only sources of open water in the region. Once upon a time it was a trading nexus, the place where the caravan trails crossed.  No more. Now Timbuktu and most of the north has fallen to Toureg rebels, nomadic mercenaries who fought for Ghadaffi in Libya, then looted his armories at the end and headed south. Looks like they caught a big dose of Jihad Fever when they were there.


Islamists impose sharia in Mali’s Timbuktu

Mali’s crisis deepened Wednesday, as officials in the fabled northern city of Timbuktu confirmed that the Islamic rebel faction that seized control of the town over the weekend has announced it will impose sharia law.

Rebels in the country’s distant north have taken advantage of the power vacuum created last month when renegade soldiers in the capital of Bamako overthrew the nation’s democratically elected leader. In the chaos that followed the March 21 coup, they advanced on strategic towns in the north, including the ancient city of Timbuktu, located over 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) from the capital.

The ethnic Tuareg rebels included a secular faction fighting for independence, and an Islamic wing, Ansar Dine, whose reclusive leader called a meeting of all the imams in the city on Tuesday to make his announcement.

“He had the meeting to make his message to the people known, that sharia law is now going to be applied,” said the Mayor of Timbuktu Ousmane Halle, who was reached by telephone. “When there is a strongman in front of you, you listen to him. You can’t react,” he said, when asked what the reaction was of the imams of a historic town known for its religious pluralism and its moderate interpretation of Islam.

“Things are going to heat up here. Our women are not going to wear the veil just like that,” said the mayor.

Don’t bet on it. They’ll veil up soon enough when the rapes and beheadings begin.

The rebels launched their insurgency in January, saying they wanted to establish an independent Tuareg homeland in the north, known as the Azawad. They only succeeded in taking small towns until March 21, when disgruntled soldiers stormed the presidential palace in the distant capital of Bamako, overthrowing the democratically elected president.

In the confusion that followed the coup, the rebels launched a new offensive and succeeded in taking the capitals of the three main northern provinces, including Kidal, which fell last Friday, Gao on Saturday and Timbuktu on Sunday.

“The NMLA has reached the end of its military operations for the liberation of the territory of the Azawad,” said Assarid, speaking by telephone from Paris.

“Since the day before yesterday when our units reached Douentza which we consider to be the frontier of the Azawad,” he said, referring to a town some 375 miles from Bamako, “the military offensive is declared over.”

Assarid’s group is the largest rebel group involved in the offensive, but it is not the only one, and in the three main towns in the north, local officials say they cannot be sure which of the rebel armies has the upper hand. Western observers have expressed concern over the presence of an Islamist faction called Ansar Dine, which planted its ominous black flag in all three of the provincial capitals. This week, the group announced it was imposing Sharia law in the ancient city of Timbuktu.

The mayor of Timbuktu said nearly all of the estimated 300 Christians based in the city fled after Ansar Dine’s spiritual chief Iyad Ag Ghali gave an interview on local radio outlining the tenets of Sharia law: Women are to be covered at all times, thieves will have their hands cut off and adulterers will be stoned.

On Thursday, the Ansar Dine faction attacked the Algerian consulate in Gao and took hostage its employees, including the consul, according to an Algerian diplomat in Bamako who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak the press. It was unclear why the faction had attacked the consulate, though Algeria has aggressively fought Islamic extremists on its own soil, including AQIM, which has its roots in Algeria.

In Abidjan, where the military chiefs were meeting, the head of Ivory Coast’s army said that the possible link between the rebels and terrorism is reason enough for a possible military intervention.

“The advance of the National Liberation Movement of Azawad, associated with terrorist groups like AQIM and Ansar Dine and others, gives sufficient reason to the entire region to be put on notice,” said Gen. Soumaila Bakayoko.

I would be quite amazed if any West African coalition, aided by French logistical support, moves into Mali to push back the rebels.

Meanwhile, 2 of those 300 Christians who got out tell their story to the UK press:

Mrs. English’s Wild Ride [ apologies to Mr. Toad ]

A British couple have made a dramatic escape from Timbuktu after the town fell to al-Qaeda backed fighters following the military coup in Mali, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Neil Whitehead and Diane English fled across an 850-mile expanse of desert with the help of nomadic militiamen and African soldiers to reach Nouakchott, the capital of neighbouring Mauritania. They are now hoping to take sanctuary in the city’s French embassy.

The couple, who owned and ran a budget hotel in Timbuktu, were caught up in the fighting as the Malian army fled and Islamic extremists took control of the city following a coup that overthrew the country’s government.

They decided to make their perilous escape after learning that al-Qaeda had put a price on their heads.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph after reaching Noukachott, Mrs English said: “Its been a very long journey with barely any sleep. We’ve moved across the desert in three old army trucks but we are very lucky to get out and very grateful to those that helped us.

“We are tired and desperately need a shower but we have our dog with us and we hope our truck with all our possessions is going to follow us soon.”

Reports from Timbuktu said al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and local hardline clerics of the Ansar al-Dine movement had imposed strick Islamic law on the town. The black flag of al-Qaeda was flying on the turrets of its ancient mosques and women had been ordered to wear burkas outdoors.

“My friends say they have been ordered to stop smoking and the women have been told to cover up,” Mrs English said. “I don’t think we’ll be going back anytime soon.”

Good for them for finally getting out. And for taking their dog.

Last week:

The Tuareg force planted its flag in the ancient city, a day after it took control of the garrison town of Gao, which hosts the largest military base in Mali’s north. The Azawad National Liberation Movement (MNLA) has capitalised on the lack of national authority after a coup last month when Mali army officers ousted the president, Amadou Toure.
On Friday, the rebels took Kidal, the regional capital. If Timbuktu falls, they rebels will control most of Mali’s Sahara desert region.

They have vowed to rule the area with Islamists in opposition to the junta in Bamako, the national capital. The city of Timbuktu, famous for its mud-walled mosques, is more than 1,000 years old and was the main trading centre for Tuareg nomads bringing salt from the desert, and selling ivory and slaves. Once a centre of learning, the town, with 50,000 people, has become synonymous with mythical places, with a third of Britons even unaware that it is a real place, according to a recent survey.

So there are at least 3 or 4 different groups fighting in Mali. Typical African muddle. Expect Al Q to come out on top. With the loss of Mali, nearly all of northern Africa is in the hands of islamists, from the borders of Nigeria to the Gaza Strip. Caliphate anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


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Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos

Queen Elizabeth distributes Maundy Thursday alms in York


The Queen received a rapturous welcome in York today as she prepared to hand out the traditional Royal Maundy money to pensioners from all over Britain to mark her Diamond Jubilee.
Dressed in an aquamarine and grey tweed overcoat and aquamarine hat, the Queen had to touch a ceremonial sword and mace before passing through the 12th century gateway to the walled city, Micklegate Bar.

The Queen was given the time-honoured Monarch’s welcome to the city in a medieval atmosphere conjured up by traditional musicians and musketeers.

She met the Lord Mayor David Horton and the town clerk, Kersten England, read out a proclamation of welcome.
Usually, the Maundy money is given to pensioners from one diocese each year. But this year, 86 women and 86 men - one for each of the Queen’s 86 years - will receive the money in recognition of their services to the Church and their communities.

The Royal Maundy ceremony traces its origins to the Last Supper when, as St John recorded, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.

The royal party arrived at York Minster in bright sunshine cheered on by thousands of well-wishers.

The distribution of Maundy money is associated with the ceremony held on the Thursday before Good Friday which remembers Christ washing the disciples feet before the last supper. At the end of the meal Christ gave them a new commandment ..... “to love one another”.

The word maundy is derived from the Latin “mandatum” which means command.

The opening words of the Maundy ceremony are “ A new commandment give I unto you “ [ Mandatum novum do vobis ut diligatis invicem sicut dilexi vos ]

In England the Maundy ceremonies date back to the 5th century, but the first royal ceremony was held in Yorkshire in 1210 when King John was at Knaresborough.

The tradition started with the monarch giving out food, clothing and wine.  The first recorded instance of the monarch giving out Maundy money was in Rochester in 1213 when King John gave 13 pence to 13 poor men.

In the early days the reigning monarch washed the feet of the poor in imitation of Christ’s actions. This became less frequent in the 17th century with the outbreak of the plague, when the monarchs used to get people to deputise for them if there was any sign of possible health hazards. The washing of feet was discontinued by the 18th century.

Over time, additional money was substituted for the clothing and other items that had once been distributed.

The commandment, or mandatum, ‘that ye love one another’ (John XIII 34) is still recalled regularly by Christian churches throughout the world and the ceremony of washing the feet of the poor which was accompanied by gifts of food and clothing, can be traced back to the fourth century. 
Henry IV began the practice of relating the number of recipients of gifts to the sovereign’s age, and as it became the custom of the sovereign to perform the ceremony, the event became known as the Royal Maundy.

Today’s recipients of Royal Maundy, as many elderly men and women as there are years in the sovereign’s age, are chosen because of the Christian service they have given to the Church and community. At the ceremony which takes place annually on Maundy Thursday, the sovereign hands to each recipient two small leather string purses. One, a red purse, contains – in ordinary coinage – money in lieu of food and clothing; the other, a white purse, contains silver Maundy coins consisting of the same number of pence as the years of the sovereign’s age.


The red purse will contain a £5 coin commemorating The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and a newly minted 50p coin.

The white purse will contain uniquely minted Maundy Money of silver one, two, three and four penny pieces, the sum of which equals the Queen’s age.

Although all the coins are legal tender, they are minted of sterling silver (92.5% pure) and are not for general circulation.

England: Keeping Christian tradition alive since before the fall of the Roman Empire. Nicely done. And the crowd goes wild ...

Following the prayers and singing of the national anthem, the processions moved through the Minster to exit as music by Bach was played.

The royal party was greeted with rapturous applause and cheering as they emerged on to the steps of the Minster.


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useless info that is certain not to make you feel any better for knowing

A tourist asked by the officer in passport control at Athens airport:
What is your nationality?
Tourist replies:
The officer then asks: Occupation?
Tourist replies:
No. Only visiting.

It’s been a crappy month so that’s my contribution to humor for the rest of the year. Maybe.

Don’t wanna bore readership with health issues but my posting has been nil to none with mostly none of late.  Wife still having a problem which naturally affects me cos I love her and hate to see her hurting.  As for myself, I’ve had a short spell of something I think was self induced.  In an effort to get rid of one pain I went about creating another which has plagued me for a week now but I must be better since, at last, for now, I’m back.  Yawn. I heard that! 

Now just cos I’ve been away in a manner of speaking, should not imply that I haven’t been reading the papers.  And the goofiness always manages to get to me.  Sometimes anger and sometimes a laff but almost always frustration, because I can’t take in how easily educated people let themselves be taken in by this world of the politically correct.  Many of them are I know way smarter then I am, or anyway, they’ve had enough on the ball to pass college exams. Or maybe they’ve excelled in easy courses.

There have been some suggestions I have read by these people like, and I kid you not, the suggestion to drop the terms husband and wife as those terms are dated here in the 21st century and haven’t the same meaning they once did.  HUH?  Yeah, the suggestion is that the word “partners” be used in place of.
I read that weeks before April 1st. Just thought I should mention that.

Then of course another write up on the suggestion to let boys wear skirts, because clothing that is too gender specific can cause distress.  A commissioner for kiddies says that with regard to school uniforms, young ppl with “gender variant issues” who are forced to wear gender specific uniforms could be in violation of the UN Convention on the “Rights of the Child.”
OK, I see what he’s saying.  Little boys and girls who somehow believe they aren’t really little boys and girls but instead are little girls and boys deep inside, will somehow be harmed by being made to wear a uniform that doesn’t fit with how they see themselves.
I have a lot on my plate right now so I’ll let you figure that one out all on your own.  I know you can.

Then there’s something else with the kids in mind.  In one school anyway and forgive me but I have lost my link and notes, even the hard copy I had. So from memory now, apparently kids should not be encouraged to form the kind of friendships that will lead to emotional distress and hurt.  Hmmm. Kay, so far a parent reading that might well say yes. You know, like the wrong influences at school that your child may encounter.  But the advice went beyond that. No longer must kids develop friendships where the friend is referred to as, “A best friend.” Kids should not it is claimed by some dim light, have a best friend, because either due to a falling out or a move away or illness, accident or the worst, losing someone regarded as a best friend will emotionally damage a child and cause much hurt.  I could never in my wildest imaginings make that up.  And just to give you an idea of how goofy our world is, not just goofy but actually unreasonable as well, take a look at this letter to an editor of the Mail.  No link so I copied out what the person wrote. 


WHAT is it with our schools?  First they aren’t allowed to have “a best friend,” only groups.
Now, at my grandson’s school in Kent, the words ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ are taboo.

When he and two friends were heard saying these words, they were kept in class.  They’re eight years old. Is this brainwashing?
B. White, London SE9

And as if that is not bizarre enough, what do ya make of this?

A drug dealer served five years in prison and was to then be deported. But first, he dumped his wife and his children for another woman. With me so far? Good.
Because it turns out the govt. can not deport this fellow because he has “family rights.” Yeah but … he deserted both wife and kids.
Yes. But he now has a child by the mistress, AND, an immigration appeal found that an earlier tribunal did not take into consideration the “detrimental effect” deporting him back to Jamaica would have on his mistress and their child. 
Then why not send them all to Jamaica to keep him company?
It isn’t as if there’s a shortage of that minority group in this country.
Stay Tuned


Posted by peiper   United Kingdom  on 04/05/2012 at 07:36 AM   
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Ultimate Recycling

Soylent Brown

Poop. It’s what’s for dinner in the near future?


Japanese scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda from the Okayama Laboratory certainly doesn’t believe in human waste.

He thinks that’s perfectly good protein you’re sending out to sea, and he’s found a way to extract it, mix it with steak sauce and create a fecal feast fit for a king.

And despite the downside of having to add soya to bind it all together, Prof Ikeda thinks there’s no reason why we shouldn’t all tuck into his turd burgers.

Why would he even think of it, you might ask.

Because Tokyo Sewage asked him to. Tokyo is swimming in sewage mud, it seems, and there’s only one way it can save itself and that’s eat it.

Prof Ikeda found the mud was loaded with protein due to the high bacteria content. Combine it with reaction enhancer and put it in a magical machine called an “exploder” and artificial steak comes out the other end.

Ah so desu ka! He’s got it backwards: steak goes IN at one end. What comes out ... isn’t steak.

According to Digital Trends, it’s 63 percent protein, 25 percent carbohydrates, 3 percent lipids and 9 percent minerals.

It’s colored red so you don’t know it’s poo.

“Initial tests have people saying it even tastes like beef,” Digital Trends reports.

Processed poop taste testers? I want to give out the golden award for best advertising copy ever written to the person who wrote that Help Wanted advert. And you thought you had to swallow a lot of shit on your job and smile??

Couldn’t they just find some kind of algae to eat this stuff, and have bio-diesel come out in the end? 


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 04/05/2012 at 06:52 AM   
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calendar   Wednesday - April 04, 2012

Cutest Redhead Ever



Posted by Drew458   United States  on 04/04/2012 at 01:00 PM   
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Biggest And Oldest Redhead Ever!

Well-preserved strawberry-blond mammoth discovered in Siberia


A juvenile mammoth, nicknamed “Yuka,” was found entombed in Siberian ice near the shores of the Arctic Ocean and shows signs of being cut open by ancient people.

The remarkably well preserved frozen carcass was discovered in Siberia as part of a BBC/Discovery Channel-funded expedition and is believed to be at least 10,000 years old, if not older.

If further study confirms the preliminary findings, it would be the first mammoth carcass revealing signs of human interaction in the region.

The carcass is in such good shape that much of its flesh is still intact, retaining its pink color. The blonde-red hue of Yuka’s woolly coat also remains.


“It appears that Yuka was pursued by one or more lions or another large field, judging from deep, unhealed scratches in the hide and bite marks on the tail,” [curator and director of the University of Michigan’s Museum of Paleontology Daniel] Fisher said. “Yuka then apparently fell, breaking one of the lower hind legs. At this point, humans may have moved in to control the carcass, butchering much of the animal and removing parts that they would use immediately.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 04/04/2012 at 12:50 PM   
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