Sarah Palin is allowed first dibs on Alaskan wolfpack kills.

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Christopher-Wagner 1988

I’ve finally found some of my old games. This one was played in the last round of the 1988 Gem City Open. I out-rated my opponent by over 200 points. He came on so strong that the tournament director had recorded the game as a win for BLACK before the game was over. Black played well and I sucked.

Black surprised me with 15 … f4!

I never even considered that move. Black continued to surprise me. The next unpleasant surprise was 20 … Nf4!

By the time we got to 25 … gxf3 I was prepared to resign after 26 … Bg4. But Black faltered with 26 … g4 which allowed me to block his attack and even used Black’s pawns to shelter my King.

I did learn something from this game: in the Dutch Defense, the square f4 is a problem for White.

I’m leaving my comments here because if you click on the link, you will go to the game. Feel free to play through it and ask questions. I couldn’t figure out how to post this directly on BMEWS. I think I need ftp access. That’s the only way I got on my own blog.

Christopher-Wagner 1988


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bear right and watch how you go

some of the comments at the Mail are clever and funny. Worth sharing.

Watch out! Astonishing video of California man so distracted by sending a text he (almost)walks into a BEAR
TV helicopter crews in California managed to capture an oblivious phone user walking into the path of a 500lb black bear.

La Crescenta station sheriff’s deputies and the Glendale Police Department responded, according to sheriff’s Sgt. Mark Slater.

‘We did locate about a 500, 600-pound bear in this immediate area,’ Sgt Slater said.

‘He’s been wandering through the residential area for the last several hours.’

‘Department of Fish and Game is en route,’ Slater said. ‘They have ultimate responsibility over it. Our role right now is if the bear is docile and just hunkering down, we’ll let him continue that until Fish and Game gets here.’

A police helicopter has been tracking the bear, which is believed to be the same animal that broke into a garage and pried open a refrigerator to snack on some frozen meatballs last month.

Could have had a bear hug !!
- me, some where beneath the sky , 11/4/2012 13:11

“The simple… bear-necessities..., the simple bear-necessities...! Forget about your worries and your strife...!” People walk underneath oncoming traffic whilst using mobile ‘phones all the time. Why shouldn’t they also bump into bears? I’m sure the poor creature was properly traumatised by the experience!
- Ben Russell-Gough, London, UK, 11/4/2012 13:10

Obviously his sat nav didn’t say ‘bear right ‘ smile
- Silver Lady, Uk, 11/4/2012 13:07

This must be why Americans have the right to Bear arms .
- Gordon Bennitt, Midlands, 11/4/2012 12:57

What a chicken he is , i would have shot the bear for getting on my way . Nobody gets on my way . - Jamal, London UK, 11/4/2012 2:19
Hey Jamal!! Bad duuuuude. You know when you point your fingers and wiggle your thumb like a pistol hammer? That doesn’t actually work. - Original Ray, Liverpool, 11/4/2012 8:59


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Anybody But Obama

Santorum Out, Romney Presumptive GOP Winner

Meh, you knew this was going to happen sooner or later. And it happened just a few minutes ago. The really rich guy the media has been pushing on us for months will be Republican candidate. Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul don’t stand a snowball’s chance.

Better find some things to like about Mittens. He’s all we’ve got.

GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum said Tuesday he is suspending his campaign.

He made the announcement at the Gettysburg Hotel in Gettysburg, Pa., talking about his young daughter’s illness and reflecting on the campaign.

His 3-year-old daughter Bella was taken to a Virginia hospital Friday with pneumonia. Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator, left the campaign trail until this afternoon. The child has a life-threatening genetic disorder known as Trisomy 18.

“She’s a fighter,” said Santorum, standing beside his wife and children. “She’s doing exceptionally well.”

Santorum also faces an uphill battle against front-runner Mitt Romney in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Five states, including Santorum’s home state of Pennsylvania, hold primaries April 24.

Romney is spending $2.9 million in TV ads in Pennsylvania. Romney is far ahead of Santorum in the race for delegates to the Republican National Convention and is the party’s likely nominee.

Romney said after Santorum concluded his speech at about 2:45 p.m: “Senator Santorum is an able and worthy competitor, and I congratulate him on the campaign he ran. He has proven himself to be an important voice in our party and in the nation. We both recognize that what is most important is putting the failures of the last three years behind us and setting America back on the path to prosperity.”


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Here We Go Again

President Janus

The biggest spending, biggest borrowing president in history doing another about face and complaining about deficits. And blaming everyone else of course. Janus, the two faced god.

Holy cats, the audacity of this pretender is just off the meter.

And for the millionth time, he’s using the media to try and scare the public again, and you know what that means: smoke and mirrors; he’s got something sneaky behind his back he’s going to try to push through when the attention is elsewhere.

As the clock ticks on raising the nation’s debt ceiling, President Obama said Tuesday he cannot guarantee that retirees will receive their Social Security checks August 3 if Democrats and Republicans do not come together and reach an agreement to reduce the deficit.

In an interview with CBS’s Scott Pelley, Obama talked about the repercussions of not getting a deal by the August 2nd deadline. “I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd, if we haven’t resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.”

The Treasury Department has warned that if Congress fails to raise the nation’s $14.29 trillion debt ceiling by Aug. 2, the US will default on its debt for the first time in its history.

The White House says it’s pretty clear the effect will be significant and would entail a “Sophie’s Choice situation, where you have to decide what bills you can pay.” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said “We can’t guarantee if there were a default any specific bill will be paid...That’s why the leaders have been clear that we will vote to have the United States fulfill its obligations. And the president feels strongly that that will happen.”

But as Democrats and Republicans turn up the heat against each other, the terms of a big deal appear to be further out of reach.

Carney suggested Congress is to blame for pushing these things up to the very last minute. Comparing the current stalemate to the Continuing Resolution debate which dragged on for months, Carney said this situation is even more inconvenient because if Congress does not act in time, it “could have an effect on markets that...would be damaging to the economy.”

Didn’t the assclown in chief just play this trump a few months ago? Got the media all whipped up, got the old folks all scared (you would think they would be used to it by now, what with the evil Republicans always trying to kill them, starve them, and throw them out in the snow with their evil plans), got everyone riled up for a couple days ... until the Social Security guy came out and said how this was total nonsense, it’s not the President’s job to make such guarantees in the first place, and that the money would continue to flow even if other parts of the government had to shut down for a bit. I guess DC figures that all the seniors have been seriously whacked with Al’s Hammers, and have no recent memory ability. WTF, we know the MSM doesn’t. Not for him. But that’s deliberate.


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the cure for snoring …. ouch?

There’s an old expression that goes bite your tongue before speaking in anger.
I don’t know of any expressions with regard to those who snore, but did see this today and immediately thought OUCH when I read their very large headline.
Good grief. Just the thought of it sends shivers.
Be easier and cheaper to start using that spare room.
Besides, I’m not too sure with no offence intended to the good Herr Doktor, but were I ever to have that sort of treatment or anything close, I want to be fully able to pronounce the doc’s name.  Especially in this case when I first said it wrong and it came out, Gotcha.
I am terrible.  My attitude is guilt inducing.

It’s a rather long article but here are the highlights in a manner of speaking. There’s lots more at the link. Actually, it was interesting. I didn’t think at first it would be. I just kept seeing the headline. But I started reading and got caught up in it.

Want to stop snoring? Cut off a bit of your tongue

Mr Bhik Kotecha is a consultant surgeon at The Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital, London.
Around 40 per cent of the adult population are snorers and 10 per cent of these have some degree of sleep apnoea.
There are two forms — obstructive sleep apnoea is the most common.

This is where an obstruction — perhaps the tonsils, the tongue flopping back in the throat or nasal polyps — blocks the airway.
Sometimes the obstruction is caused by the muscles and soft tissues in the throat relaxing and collapsing so much that they cause a total blockage.
Men are twice as likely to suffer as women. That’s because they are more likely to store excess weight around the neck, which puts extra pressure on the tissues so they are more likely to collapse.

there are serious medical implications. Because it deprives the body of oxygen, the condition increases the chance of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Memory and concentration can also be impaired.
The good news is that GPs are increasingly aware of the condition. 

The condition is diagnosed with a sleep study and the recommended treatment is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP).
A mask connected to a machine blows air into the throat, keeping the airway open — but drop-out rates are high.
In terms of surgery, until now it has been difficult to access the base of the tongue.

But a new robotic technique pioneered in the U.S. means we have 360 degree access to the area and a 3D view. 
The laser shaves off the top layer of the back of the tongue. It works at 300 degrees Celsius and seals the blood vessels as it goes, so there should be no bleeding. The procedure takes around two hours.

The operation costs £12,000 to £15,000 and is available on the NHS, or privately at the Princess Grace Hospital in London.  ($19 to $23,000)

Read all of it HERE


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Unknown portrait by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Look what I discovered in the morning paper.

Chances are that there’s only two or possibly three of us here who will be excited or at the least, impressed by the find.
That’s okay.

And anyway, how often do you catch me posting high culture or any real culture?  Or any art of any kind. 

I’m going to Amazon to buy a book on the subject, because for all that the net is free, it’s easier to read a book.

And this was “Art” when art was nice, imho.

I always liked this art form or as I now understand it’s called, a school.  Didn’t know why except that it appealed to me but knew zero otherwise.
Getting caught up in living and problems and sidetracked by things in general, it was a case of out of sight out of mind.
Until Drew’s post last week with the links.  It’s funny how something I know I enjoyed wasn’t pursued, until someone else put it up in front of me and as an added treat, gave me places to surf and expand.  I don’t know how else to word it but thanks Drew and thanks also to Christopher for his input and the link he sent me.

Unknown portrait by Dante Gabriel Rossetti emerges

The portrait, unknown to scholars for over a hundred years, depicts Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s muse Jane Morris.
By Colin Gleadell


A portrait redolent of one of the most famous romances of the Victorian era has surfaced for sale from a private collection in Scotland where it has been, unrecorded and unknown to scholars, for over a hundred years.

Painted in 1869 by the pre-Raphaelite artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti, it represents his muse, Jane Morris, who was married to Rossetti’s business partner, the artist and designer William Morris.

Artist and sitter first met and were attracted to each other in 1857, but as Rossetti was already engaged to Elizabeth Siddall, she married Morris instead. However, after Siddall tragically took her life in 1862, and the Morris marriage appeared to flounder, the relationship was rekindled.

The year 1869 is generally thought to be when Rossetti reconciled his grief for Siddall with his love for Jane Morris. Though gossip levels ran high, lack of documentary evidence has left historians guessing at the degree of intimacy achieved between them.

Each destroyed the correspondence with the other during those crucial years. The title of the painting, ‘The Salutation of Beatrice’, associates Jane with Dante’s Beatrice, the incarnation of beatific love and the object of Dante’s courtly love. A sonnet by Dante pinned to the wall extols the virtues of courtly love: ‘My lady looks so gentle and so pure…’

The highest price for Rossetti is the £2.6 million paid by Australian collector, John Schaeffer, in 2000 for a pastel drawing of Jane Morris entitled ‘Pandora’, also dated 1869. He subsequently re-sold it in 2004 for £1.7 million. The rediscovery, which is a rare oil painting, is estimated to fetch between £1 million and £1.5 million at Christie’s next month.

Coincidentaly, three previously unknown drawings by Rossetti including one of Jane Morris, have been discovered in Hampshire.
Another subject is thought to be Marie Spartali Stillman, who was the artist’s model for A Vision of Fiammetta, one of his greatest paintings.

The drawings in pen and ink were presented by Rossetti’s brother William in 1905 to Effie Ritchie, the daughter of Marie Spartali and have come down by descent from the family.

They have stayed with the family ever since, but have now been put up for sale at Duke’s auctioneers in Dorchester on Thursday when they are expected to fetch £20,000.
The earliest drawing is titled 18th Century Ladies Meeting and shows the women holding fans and grasping each other’s hand.
The next from 1855 is called Lady Having Her Hair Combed Out and the subject here is believed to be Marie Spartali Stillman.

The third from 1870 is called Venus With Two Doves for which Jane Morris is the subject. On an accompanying note William Rossetti wrote that his brother had “thought about painting this.”

Andrew Marlborough from the saleroom said: “What is interesting is that the dates range from 1849 to 1870 and show the progression from traditional styles to a more Pre-Raphaelite technique.

“The subjects are also very important because Jane Morris and Marie Spartali Stillman are both key figures in the Pre-Raphaelite movement.”




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no dye no lie


See More Below The Fold


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law and order?

Now how is this for a great defense?

My client has suffered persecution.

Judge didn’t buy it which is a surprise, as the gremlin found guilty happens to be a member of a special species.

Discrimination is no excuse to commit burglary, judge tells gypsy

The discrimination suffered by gypsies is no excuse for them to commit burglaries, a judge said as he jailed a serial offender.

Naturally, the folks who always cry race and prejudice never seem to ask why ppl treat em that way. Like, they never bring hate upon themselves.
Here’s the rest.

Viorel Dumitrascu, 43, a Roma gypsy who was convicted of rape in Romania, has now been jailed for breaking into six homes in a single day.
He admitted targeting elderly residents in Crewe, Cheshire on Jan 25 at Chester Crown Court. He previously served seven years in a Romanian jail for rape, five years for robbery and three for aggravated larceny.

Dumitrascu, a father-of-three from Birmingham, stole jewellery, laptops, digital cameras and items of sentimental value from six elderly victims in the town.

In one case Dumitrascu stole around £1,200 worth of jewellery from the room of an 80-year-old woman at a Crewe care home. He also targeted addresses in Wells Avenue, Wrexham Road and Vine Tree Avenue, smashing windows to gain access to the properties.
The court heard how all properties were empty at the time.

Dumitrascu, who also has five previous convictions for seven offences of dishonesty in this country, was arrested on the M6 later that day on his way back home to Birmingham.

Defending, Andrew Fitzpatrick said: “He (Dumitrascu) faces the difficulties a Roma gypsy when travelling around Europe.”
However, Judge David Hale rejected that claim and said: “I don’t like that at all. It is no excuse to go and burgle people’s houses.”

Mr Fitzpatrick added: “It is an inappropriate way to provide for your family. The jewellery has been returned. He wants to stay in this country.”
Sentencing him to 32 months in jail, for which he will serve just half, Judge Hale added: “Burglary is very serious in this country and I suspect it is in Romania too.

“You wouldn’t want your parent’s home rifled through. These were quite deliberate offences and your culpability is high.”
Speaking after the sentencing, DS Andy Mcgillan, from the Crewe burglary team, said: “This is a great result for the team who worked hard to bring a file of evidence to court that would prove his guilt.

“All of the houses were unoccupied but secure at the time and when the occupants came home discovered they had been broken into and numerous items, some of which were sentimental, were missing causing them great distress.
“Being able to reassure the victims that the person who violated their homes is behind bars is very satisfying and part of the reason why we do this job.”

So our gypo hero gets to serve only half the time. Good. That’ll teach him. Half the time will put the fear of god in him alright. Jeesh.
He’ll get out and be doing business at the old stand as usual.



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Good Enough

Iranians Capture Pirates, Rescue Chinese

Iran’s state TV says the country’s navy has rescued 28 crew members of a Chinese ship hijacked by pirates.

The Saturday broadcast says the Iranian navy also detained nine Somali pirates in the operation in the Arabian Sea in the north of the Indian Ocean.

The pirates attacked the ship Friday but they surrendered after Iranian navy sent warships to rescue the crew and free the ship. The freighter was carrying iron and was heading to a port in southwestern Iran.

So, will their group beheading be shown on TV? Surely piracy must be a crime under islam, right? Don’t hold your breath. I wonder if Iran is practicing Catch ‘n Release with these guys, fellow muzzies and all, right?

h/t to Rich K


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calendar   Sunday - April 08, 2012

Chess Problem: GM Robeson-Aditya Udeshi 2011

Sticking with my April issue of Chess Life, here is another position from the 2011 World Junior in India. White to move and win.

GM Robeson-Aditya Udeshi

UPDATE: 4/11/12

This is a one move answer, several got it, starting I think with Al_in_Ottawa.

1. d5

That is all. Black resigned. I wouldn’t have personally. I know I’m lost, but I rarely get to play a GM. I’d keep going just for the instructional value.


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Easter Goodies

Just a few Easter goodies. Posted below the fold due to NSFW.

See More Below The Fold


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The Other Approach

Natural Gas Cars And Trucks?

The Road Less Traveled By?

Ha, This Road Barely Even Exists Yet!

America is swimming on a sea of natural gas. We have so much of it we don’t know what to do with it. The gas companies are running out of places to store it, and shutting down exploration and drilling rigs all over the place. The price of natural gas is dropping like a rock, and may fall below $1/Mcf. Why in heaven’s name don’t we run our vehicles on this stuff? It burns clean too; far cleaner than gasoline or diesel even with the best catalytic converters and scrubbers we can design.

The U.S. natural gas market is bursting at the seams. So much natural gas is being produced that soon there may be nowhere left to put the country’s swelling surplus. After years of explosive growth, natural gas producers are retrenching.

The underground salt caverns, depleted oil fields and aquifers that store natural gas are rapidly filling up after a balmy winter depressed demand for home heating.

The glut has benefited businesses and homeowners that use natural gas. But with natural gas prices at a 10-year low — and falling — companies that produce the fuel are becoming victims of their drilling successes. Their stock prices are falling in anticipation of declining profits and scaled-back growth plans.

Some of the nation’s biggest natural gas producers, including Chesapeake Energy, ConocoPhillips and Encana Corp., have announced plans to slow down.

“They’ve gotten way ahead of themselves, and winter got way ahead of them too,” says Jen Snyder, head of North American gas for the research firm Wood Mackenzie. “There hasn’t been enough demand to use up all the supply being pushed into the market.”

So far, efforts to limit production have barely made a dent. Unless the pace of production declines sharply or demand picks up significantly this summer, analysts say the nation’s storage facilities could reach their limits by fall.

That would cause the price of natural gas, which has been halved over the past year, to nosedive. Citigroup commodities analyst Anthony Yuen says the price of natural gas — now $2.08 per 1,000 cubic feet — could briefly fall below $1.

Natural gas burns much cleaner than either gasoline or diesel, and produces far less CO2. So why not use it to power our cars and personal trucks? Any number of cities now use NG powered buses. Why not cars too?

Did you know that there is only one natural gas powered car for sale in the USA? Honda makes it. Of course. It’s the Honda Civic GX. It sells for several thousand dollars more than a regular Civic, and at full tank pressure it has a range of about 250 miles. It also has a trunk so small that it’s volume is only envied by Corvettes and Miatas; you’ve got room for a couple bags of groceries and a briefcase, and that’s about it. And given an equal engine size, it only makes about 2/3 the power of a gasoline engine.

That’s the problem - or one of the problems - with natural gas powered vehicles. Gasoline and diesel are pretty energetic mediums. Natural gas only has 65% of the energy of gasoline, 58% that of diesel. And it’s a gas, not a liquid. At maximum pressure, 3600psi, which only a few of the rather rare natural gas filling stations can provide, natural gas is just under 4 times the volume of liquid gasoline (3.92:1). So to get a vehicle with the range of 15 gallons of whatever gas powered car you’re driving, you would need a tank that could hold the same volume as 60 gallons of gasoline. And built tough as a scuba tank as well. And to match the power, you’d need an engine about 25-35% larger. So your 2.5L 4 cylinder would have to become a 3.2L V6. So for the tiny little cars our masters in government want us to drive, it just doesn’t make much sense, unless you NEVER take a drive more than 100 miles round trip. For mid-size vans, SUVs, and pickup trucks though, natural gas could work. These vehicles are larger to begin with, often sit higher off the ground, and usually have pretty big gas tanks. Some of them come from the factory with two gas tanks. And most of them are already available with a selection of larger engines. So they could be built to run on natural gas, with a tank big enough to give them a reasonable range. People would have to stop thinking in terms of miles per gallon, and start thinking in terms of dollars per mile. Or 100 miles. Whatever. It’s an apples and oranges thing, but the bottom line is that while gasoline seems to cost more every day, natural gas gets cheaper by the hour. And you could fill up you NG pickup for about half the cost you’re now paying for diesel ($4.15/g down the street here). And you’d be making any rational hippies smile (forgive me that oxymoron), creating far less pollution than even one of those PZEV cars you see zipping around.

All you need is a place to fill them up. Or invest several thousand in a home compressor to use the natural gas your house runs on (assuming that gas is clean enough for your state’s CARB equivalent). Too bad Obama did all his alternate energy investments in unicorn circle jerk companies, and not in the one field that we actually have a major advantage and a tremendous abundance in.

GM, Chrysler to Launch Natural Gas-Powered Pickups

As gasoline prices continue to climb, automotive manufacturers GM and Chrysler are transitioning to natural gas-fueled heavy duty pickups. Among the top U.S. compressed natural gas (CNG) companies, Clean Energy Fuels (NYSE: CLNE) supplies its customers with CNG equal to a gallon of gasoline for $2.59, while the current national average of gasoline is $3.79 a gallon. Americans haven’t seen gas prices even close to $2.59 since late 2009.

Honda is currently the only manufacturer of a CNG fueled car, selling roughly 2,000 of its Civic GX natural gas models last year in a limited number of states. Honda is expanding this year to offer the Civic GX in 50 states, expecting to double sales nationwide.

But with soaring gas prices and heightened interest in clean-burning, domestically produced natural gas, Detroit automakers join Honda in recognizing the potential gains in manufacturing CNG fueled vehicles.

At the 2012 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, General Motors disclosed its plan to produce its Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra bi-fuel pickups later this year.

Chrysler followed suit with the launch of its Ram 2500 heavy duty pickup that can run on both CNG and regular gasoline. The bi-fuel Ram 2500 costs roughly $12,000 more than a gasoline-powered pickup, Chrysler assures buyers that the initial higher payout costs of a natural gas powered pickup will create “significant cost savings over the life of the truck”.

While GM and Chrysler’s success in expediting the shift toward making natural gas fueled vehicles a mainstream reality is a significant step in the right direction, further progress is crippled by environmental concerns about natural gas extraction methods and limited access to refueling stations.

I would want some decent engineers to take a look at a variation on this approach. Natural gas may not be the best thing for reciprocating engines; gasoline and diesel are petroleum products, so in addition to burning they also provide a bit of lubrication to the upper cylinder area. You don’t get any of that with natural gas. Perhaps the best approach is for a steady RPM gas turbine that drives a generator that powers electric motors that drive the vehicle. Kind of like turboprop aircraft, which are extremely efficient as long as you don’t want to fly too fast, too high, or too far. Run the generated electricity across just a couple of smaller batteries, so you’d have some cranking power around to start the vehicle in the morning, and the ability to limp home a dozen or so miles if you ran out of fumes. Could it work? Try it and see. Even Paris Hilton knows that the best approach is all approaches. Well, assuming those are genuine approaches, and not phony money laundering payback schemes for your big money bundlers.


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Mega Bunny

No matter how large a chocolate bunny you got your kid for Easter, the real deal puts it to shame.

Meet Darius, the world’s largest rabbit. He’s the size of a dog. Nearly 4 and a half feet long, and currently weighing 49 pounds ... and he’s still growing.


Darius consumes 12 entire carrots per day, plus 3 apples, an entire head of cabbage, several cups of rabbit chow ... and snacks on hay and grass between meals.

A spokesman from Guinness World Records said: ‘This is the biggest bunny in the world.

‘Darius is bigger than all the previous record holding rabbits.

‘It’s unbelievable that a rabbit could grow to over 4ft long.’

read more, with pictures.

Oh, and speaking of big bunnies and interesting Easter Egg hunts ... there’s always this one. Ha, that hunt is for the big lads only!


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Fair And Balanced?

I can’t say if Fox News is getting on the gun control bandwagon again, or if they’ve decided to report more stories of violent crime in the wake of the Treyvon story, or if it’s just been a busy week for the shooters, but I did notice that today’s news has quite a lot of these stories. Maybe it is a good thing, maybe not. Depends on how you want to spin it. But people shoot each other every day in America, for a variety of reasons; some groups of people are more violence prine than others seemingly, and some areas are far more violence prone than others, no question about it. Perhaps if Fox were to just report them all, it would open everyone’s eyes to the reality. Raise their awareness. The stories are out there, locally. And many could be written if reporters made a tiny bit of effort. Perhaps it would be best not to categorize them at first, and just let a pattern emerge. You can see it already if you know how to read between the line a little: “Police in Gary are looking for a purple PT Cruiser and a white Cadillac involved in the shooting.” Gangs and ghettos and felons, oh my. And crazy psychotic evil people.

5 Detroit men charged with kidnapping, torturing, killing 2 women.

Texas flash mob beach party shooting, 1 dead, 3 wounded.

Shot dead in the street for his sneakers.

Father dies as human shield shot many times, protecting his 8 year old son Tre.

violent felon Nakwon Foxworth shoots 4 cops in Brooklyn shootout.

AZ Taco Bell drive-through customer shoots special needs pedestrian.

Possibly hispanic guy in hoodie robs Walmart, shoots and kills manager.

and the list goes on. And on. Albert Rodriguez Arias stabs his elderly father 6 times with knife, turns himself in. Maybe it’s high time the news groups started running the stories. There is a lot more crime going on than most of us realize; don’t just report the most sensational cases.

Speaking of sensational ...

Taking it up a notch? Florida prostitute borrows idea from “McNuggets hooker”, will have sex for 2 double cheeseburgers. And a $40 tip. Busted!

No word on what she’d do for fries and a Coke.


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Vietnam Homecoming
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The Brownshirts: Partie Deux; These aare the Muscle We've Been Waiting For
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西安电加热油温机 香港盛吹“环保风” 专家指市民已从被动变主动 中新网9月29日 淮安导热油电加热炉 电 据香港中通社报道,9月29日晚由香港某环保团体举行的“无冷气夜”,吸引了5万名市民及超过60间企业承诺参加。这是香港最近环保活动不断升温过程中的大型活动之一。 进入九月,香港各界环保活动渐入高潮,层出不穷。特首高官与各界市民齐齐参与,是其中一个最大特色。…
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meaningless marching orders for a thousand travellers ... strife ahead ..
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a small explanation
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