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calendar   Saturday - February 06, 2010

Blizzard Blogging?

Yup, it’s still winter out there


Here in St. Clouds ... I mean, here in western New Jersey ... the snow started around 10pm last night. The local snow plows woke me at 6am, and we’ve got about 3 inches. By the time I got out to my car a bit after 7, it looked like 4, maybe 4 1/2. Driving was slow but not too bad as I chugged down the hill to the store for some breakfast stuff. The town has the place about half plowed. As long as you don’t do anything silly like try to stop or turn corners or go more than 20mph then it’s ok. Coming back was a bit more of a challenge. Even though the incline is very slight, my little Satrun with it’s superb all season tires couldn’t manage the little slope outside our condo, so I had to drive around the long way. But I got my parking spot back, which I had just shoveled when I left. That’s a bit score when you live in a community like a condo park. But no one else is out and about yet.

At 7:15 it’s still snowing heavily, and now the wind is starting up. I don’t know where this is going, but the Chicken Little Weather Service is just going bonzo on the TV. They live for this mess. Looks like Washington DC is getting hammered with 2 feet or more maybe when all is said and done. I wonder if Al Gore is in town.

We have food, we have heat, we have underground wires so a power outage is pretty remote. Neither one of us has to go to work today, and there’s plenty on TV since our cable company does this On Demand thing. Which is cool! It’s like a built in VCR, so I can get any recent episode of any current TV show whenever I want, and a huge bunch of old movies for free too.

So let it snow. I don’t care. And if it snows through tomorrow or even into Monday, well, what can you do?

WASHINGTON - A blizzard battered the Mid-Atlantic region on Saturday, quickly dumping large amounts of snow that piled up on roadways and toppled trees onto apartment buildings and cars.

Officials urged people to huddle at home for the weekend, out of the way of crews trying to keep up with a storm that forecasters said could be the biggest for the nation’s capital in modern history.
A record 2 1/2 feet or more was predicted for Washington. As of early Saturday, 10 inches of snow was reported at the White House, while parts of Maryland and West Virginia were buried under more than 20 inches. Forecasters expected snowfall rates to increase, up to 2 inches per hours through Saturday morning.

Blizzard warnings were issued for the District of Columbia, Baltimore, parts of New Jersey and Delaware and some areas west of the Chesapeake Bay.

My sister in law and her man are supposed to fly out of Newark today for one of their vacation trips down to the islands. Good luck with that Gina!

10:30am update:  Looks like about 6” at this point. We’re having a break between clouds, so it’s stopped snowing for the moment.

I just saw a hawk go floating by, gliding along maybe 50 feet up. I didn’t get very long a look at him, just long enough to think “Raptor. Owl? No. Hawk!” Dark head, white under the wings and chest, possibly mottled. Dark head and shoulders. Dark along the forward edge of the wing underside. Tail closed; couldn’t see if it was red. Decent sized bird, but less than half the body mass of the ubiquitous turkey buzzards that thrive here on all the roadkill. But much bigger than a crow; at least twice as big. I thought all the hawks migrated in the fall, but apparently we get Northern Harriers here all year long. Red-tailed hawks live here too. Still, it’s pretty rare to see one, especially in the middle of a snow storm. Kewl!


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calendar   Friday - February 05, 2010

Bye Bye Barry

Why wait? Indonesia to tear down Li’l Obama statue before TOTUS visits

A statue of US President Barack Obama as a boy will be removed from a park in the Indonesian capital due to public opposition, officials said Friday, just weeks before Obama visits his old hometown.

The Jakarta governor’s office confirmed that the two-metre (six-foot) bronze would be removed from Menteng Park and placed at the nearby Menteng One primary school where Obama spent part of his childhood in the late 1960s.


The decision comes after 56,500 people joined a page on social networking website Facebook calling for the statue to be removed and replaced by a memorial to an Indonesian identity.

Indonesia put the thing up as an attempt to form a cargo cult. Since it didn’t work, and not a single extra dime has come their way since the inauguration, they’ve given up. The statue will be moved to a schoolyard, where specially trained pigeons will roost on it. Yeah, roost. That’s what they’ll do. Fer Shure. LOL


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Such a Brain

Barack Obama meets with the Queen of England. He asks her, “Your Majesty, how do you run such an efficient government? Are there any tips you can give to me?”

“Well,” says the Queen, “the most important thing is to surround yourself with intelligent people"…

Obama frowns, and then asks, “But how do I know the people around me are really intelligent?”

The Queen takes a sip of tea. “Oh, that’s easy; you just ask them to answer an intelligent riddle.” The Queen pushes a button on her intercom. “Please send in Tony Blair in here, would you?”

Tony Blair walks into the room and says, “Yes, my Queen?”

The Queen smiles and says, “Answer me this, Tony, Your mother and father have a child. It is not your brother and it is not your sister, who is it?”

Without pausing for a moment, Tony Blair answers, “That would be me”.

“Yes! Very good,” says the Queen.

Obama goes back home and asks Joe Biden the same question. “Joe, answer this for me. Your mother and your father have a child. It is not your brother and it is not your sister. Who is it?”

“I’m not sure,” says Biden. “Let me get back to you on that one.” He goes to his advisers and asks every one, but no one can give him an answer. Finally, he ends up in the men’s room and recognizes Colin Powell’s shoes in the next stall over.

Biden asks him, “Colin, can you answer this for me? Your mother and father have a child and it is not your brother or your sister. Who is it?”

Colin Powell says back, “That’s easy, it’s me.” Biden goes back to speak with Obama. “Say, I did some research and I have the answer to that riddle. It’s Colin Powell!”

Obama gets up, stomps over to Biden, and angrily yells into his face, “No, you idiot! It’s Tony Blair!”


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Our Allies, The Turks

Sick Mother Effers


Turkish girl, 16, buried alive for talking to boys

Turkish police have recovered the body of a 16-year-old girl they say was buried alive by relatives in an “honour” killing carried out as punishment for talking to boys.

The girl, who has been identified only by the initials MM, was found in a sitting position with her hands tied, in a two-metre hole dug under a chicken pen outside her home in Kahta, in the south-eastern province of Adiyaman.

Police made the discovery in December after a tip-off from an informant, the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported on its website.

The girl had previously been reported missing.

The informant told the police she had been killed following a family “council” meeting.

A subsequent postmortem examination revealed that M.M. had a significant amount of soil in her lungs and stomach, indicating that she was buried alive and conscious, forensic experts told the news agency. “The autopsy result is blood-curdling. According to our findings, the girl – who had no bruises on her body and no sign of narcotics or poison in her blood – was alive and fully conscious when she was buried,” one anonymous expert said.

How’s that for a Zero Tolerance Policy? To hell with being a tramp, merely talking to a boy gets you horribly killed. Hey, where’s the statement of outrage from NOW? [crickets chirping]

Publicly drown the entire family in boiling pig diarrhea and then impale the entire village on giant bacon wrapped skewers as a lesson to others. ISLAM DELENDA EST.

h/t to Atlas

minor update: comments at the second news site say this may be an act done by Kurds. So what? They’re still in Turkey, therefore Turkish. And most Kurds are muslimes, whether Shafii Sunnis or Alevi Shia. Name your favorite flavor, but still islam delenda est.


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Pious Prius may be in trouble! Toyota can’t catch a break, since their holier-than-thou mobile doesn’t seem to have any.

DETROIT — No sooner had Toyota dealerships begun to repair accelerator pedals on millions of recalled vehicles than the carmaker said it was considering yet another major recall, this time for problems with the brakes on its Prius hybrid.

Safety regulators in Washington said Thursday that they would open an investigation into the brakes on the 2010 Prius, which had been spared from the recall lists.

Other branding experts feel that even if safety fears about the Prius prove to be unfounded, the car will not escape the bad publicity which has dogged Toyota as a whole following the safety recall on other cars in its portfolio.

“If the corporate halo becomes stained , it is inevitable that it will pollute the Prius,” said Milorad Ajder is managing director of IpsosMORI Reputation Centre.

“In fact this will be accentuated on the Prius because it is positioned as being benevolent and ethical.”

Of course the Prius is exempt from the gas pedal recall. Like the human appendix, that device serves no purpose on a Prius. As Jeremy Clarkson put it, ”What about speed? ... ... Nope, it hasn’t got any.”

Other fun news about greenie bashing ...

Business Week cuts the mustard and asks “Is Global Warming a Crock of S*%t?” and concludes ... that you should come back for Part 2 and Part 3 next week. But in the meantime,

But after two centuries in which technology and science were key to creating our modern world, we’ve put the quest for honest, open, and rigorous science on the back burner, because widely publicized and aired “pundits” blame the advancement of science and technology for putting the planet in danger.

Things on the planet are warmer than they used to be, just as in the 1970s things were colder than they once were. The industrial revolution and greenhouse gases were rising in both of these periods, so the spirit of impartial scientific inquiry demands that one look for other factors that may have changed in the equation.

That is not denying things are different from the way they once were. No. The people being labeled deniers are simply asking why the nearly 15% of respected scientists who don’t agree with this climate hypothesis can’t be heard or are quickly dismissed as quacks.

UK’s CRU chief data faker Phil Jones could get 10 years in the pokey for fraud. Can we extradite Hansen while they’re at it?

everything in this post was stolen from Theo’s. He’s like the new Instapundit, only with hot chix instead of blended puppies. But mostly his place is a link dump. I try to write at least a few meaningful words about stuff and drop in a quote or two.

UPDATE: Not from Theo’s!
India Pulls Out Of IPCC: Says They Can’t Trust UN

India forms new climate change body

The Indian government has established its own body to monitor the effects of global warming because it “cannot rely” on the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the group headed by its own leading scientist Dr R.K Pachauri.

The move is a significant snub to both the IPCC and Dr Pachauri as he battles to defend his reputation following the revelation that his most recent climate change report included false claims that most of the Himalayan glaciers would melt away by 2035. Scientists believe it could take more than 300 years for the glaciers to disappear.

The body and its chairman have faced growing criticism ever since as questions have been raised on the credibility of their work and the rigour with which climate change claims are assessed.

Guess they looked at the data and said Sari, sarong numbers? [oops, that was so easy and bad it was cliche] I bet Pachauri is just Mr. So Popular over there right now, and is finding his name becoming the new Hindi verb for telling a lie.

[Indian Environmental Minister Mr. Jairam Ramesh] announced the Indian government will establish a separate National Institute of Himalayan Glaciology to monitor the effects of climate change on the world’s ‘third ice cap’, and an ‘Indian IPCC’ to use ‘climate science’ to assess the impact of global warming throughout the country.

“There is a fine line between climate science and climate evangelism. I am for climate science. I think people misused [the] IPCC report” [he said].

Good for you India. Way to go.


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fractured someone’s jaw?  you’re clear to go coz you’re a religious man.

A blurb of an inch or so of space was given to the village of Kings Worthy this week because ... get ready bmews, The local environmental group is launching it’s Kings Worthy Action on Climate Change (KWACC).
They are to discuss what this little village can do to combat the warming of the planet. Their words, not mine.  Meeting set for 7:30p.
LOL!  Poor,deluded, pathectic little pp.

OK so the above is pretty damn stupid. Well it is.  But they aren’t hurting anyone, yet.  They’re just good members of the church of gorebal warming is all. They’re just wasting their time and hey, it’s theirs to waste.  But this article is really off the wall.  Nothin’ religious about fracturing a person’s jaw.

Something a lot of you in the US may not know about this woman.  Cherie Blair.  Besides being the wife of Tony, the former Prime Minister here, she is also a highly successful trial lawyer.  A civil rights lawyer.  Think aclu type and you have it.  She’s also ugly and the least photogenic woman I’ve seen in awhile.
NO ... please don’t send samples of your personal favorite uglies.  I’m just sayin’ is all. OK, she’s a lawyer and she it was not long ago who went to court on behalf of a muslim girl who insisted on wearing that whole cover up dark ages thing, IN SCHOOL.  School said no way.  We have to be able to communicate and see who we’re talking to.  So, Mrs. Blair took her case (AND LOST) in the name of civil rights and whatever.  I’m telling you all this so you can get a picture of her.  Well BMEWS, she’s also as it turns out, a judge.  A part time one at that I am told.  So she has this case below as a judge ok, and , read the blurb for yourself and the rest is at the link below. Click the ugly photo.

Judges’ watchdog investigates Cherie Blair after she spares ‘devout’ man from jail

By Anny Shaw

A secularist group has made a formal complaint against Cherie Blair after she spared a violent thug from jail because he was ‘a religious man’

Cherie Blair has been reported to a judges watchdog after she spared a violent thug from jail because he was ‘a religious man’.

The National Secular Society complained to the Judicial Complaints Office after Mrs Blair - a devout Roman Catholic - suspended a six month sentence on Shamso Miah for breaking a man’s jaw.

Miah , 25, broke another customer’s jaw during the violent ‘queue rage’ attack after a row erupted about who was next.

She told him: ‘I am going to suspend this sentence for the period of two years based on the fact you are a religious person and have not been in trouble before.
‘You caused a mild fracture to the jaw of a member of the public standing in a queue at Lloyds Bank.
‘You are a religious man and you know this is not acceptable behaviour.’

image image image



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Just For Fun

Lovin’ it!

- if you got my OTOH email - she’s SFH!
- regarding my email from a couple months back - see the phenotype? A very fine example of Russian Girl #2.

Oblique cultural reference: SPOON!!


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give us your tired and really poor and even aids infected coz conservatives care about votes

Sure they do. Just like all politicians. 

Hey, since I don’t vote here my opinion is worth less then nothing.  I’ll give it anyway.

I think the head of the cons. party here (Tories) is dreadfully wrong if he wants to force faith schools to teach that homosexuality is OKAY.
I don’t want to get into an argument on the subject of sex or odd ppl but come on.  There are folks who are not necessarily haters of anyone but believe that homosexuality is a moral and religious issue.  Their ministers are not preaching jihad against those people but don’t believe it’s a normal lifestyle and certainly do not want to teach children that it’s simply another of life’s choices.  So when the head of the Conservative party here says he would ” force faith schools to teach pupils there was nothing wrong with being gay,” I’d say he was skating on pretty thin ice.  I might be dead wrong on that but it’s how I see it.

I’m not trained in the field and so shouldn’t spout opinions on things I’ve no experience with.  Like parenthood. But it just seems to me that if I were a parent and had a child in a faith based school, or any school for that matter, I would be darned uncomfortable having strangers “teach” my kid that homosexuality was an okay and normal thing.  I’m not convinced at the same time however, that telling a kid it’s normal will turn him or her into that state of being.  I mean, wouldn’t they have to be oriented that way to begin with?  Sensitive damn subject and glad I’m not and never was a parent.  That is a MAJOR responsibility I was happy to pass on.  But I sure do sympathize with people who are parents in todays world.  I think their job is far harder then it ever was before. And much harder to supervise their offspring too.  Kudos to those who manage it well.

Cameron: Gay refugees from Africa should be given asylum in UK

By Daniel Martin

Gay refugees from Africa should be granted asylum in the UK, David Cameron has said.

The Tory leader suggested that homosexuals should be allowed to stay in Britain if their lives would be put in danger were they sent home.

Under immigration rules, gay men are often sent back to countries with homophobic regimes - and advised to keep their sexuality a secret in case local police attack them.

But in an interview with gay magazine Attitude, Mr Cameron said the rules should be changed to protect homosexuals fleeing persecution.

He also promised to do more to stop rappers whose songs contain homophobic lyrics from performing in Britain, and said he would force faith schools to teach pupils there was nothing wrong with being gay.

However, he insisted there was no need for further legislation to protect homosexuals. It follows Harriet Harman’s attempts to push through her Equality Bill, which would put a duty on companies to promote the employment of gays.

Mr Cameron’s comments are the latest example of his conversion over gay rights.

Once a supporter of Margaret Thatcher’s Section 28 law, which banned the ‘promotion’ of homosexuality in schools, he changed his position after becoming Conservative leader in 2005.

Mr Cameron also called for an end to the ban on gays giving blood, saying: ‘Logic would dictate that it’s time to change.’

He promised to put in place ‘ground rules’ to make sure religious schools ‘teach equality’. But he came out against further equalities legislation, saying: ‘I think it’s much more about culture than about law now.’



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Armed bank robber enveloped by hot pink smoke ….  still gets away ….

Just can’t stay away when there’s stories like this ...


Armed bank robber enveloped by hot pink smoke as security dye explodes following cash raid

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 7:56 AM on 05th February 2010

This is the moment a bank robber’s plans went up in a puff of bright red smoke.

The raider, who held a knife to the throat of a customer paying in money and shouted at the female bank teller to hand over cash, had clearly not accounted for the hot pink security dye in the cash bag exploding.

Rather than blending into the crowds as he ran down Bedford High Street after committing the crime, the tuxedo-wearing armed raider was followed by a trail of hot pink smoke.

But despite the obvious luminous cloud hanging over his head the smartly-dressed criminal managed to evade armed police and escape the scene with the cash.



If he say sorry does he get Kompensation and get to keep the money?

- toto kubwa, Cyprus, 05/2/2010 10:03

Despite police being on the scene, this man covered in a cloud of pink smoke walks calmly past CCTV cameras, which are unable to provide a picture that could identify him, and makes his getaway. The only thing thats missing is an unmanned drone to give him a lift home.

- Paul, Rochester UK, 05/2/2010 11:05

No doubt he will now be suing the bank for embarassing him and covering him in pink dye.

And knowing this country, he will win a large payout!

- L. G., Berkshire, 05/2/2010 09:50


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calendar   Thursday - February 04, 2010

It’s not porn for once

There seems to be a web page for everything. Every strange, weird, unusual, oddball niche you can imagine. And many that you can’t. And that’s outside the solid half the internet devoted to pictures of people without their clothes on doing random acts of a possibly sexual nature to anything.

I mean, come on already.

What really strange pages have you run across?

How about this one?


I dunno - if it has it’s own catalog, how strange can it be?

[ I blame this post on McGoo who blames his post on Stoaty the Weasel. I know my links may be lame in comparison. I never said they were awesome strange links, just strange ones. ]


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Good Data, Bad Conclusion

Inside the modern Leftist Brain: Jim Crow is a great idea!

The Violence Policy Center, a leftist anti-gun “think tank”, is aware that nearly half the violent crime in America is committed by black people against other black people. Their solution? Disarm the black folk. They aren’t “advanced” enough to responsibly own firearms.

Calls to limit the access of African-Americans to firearms specifically echo the “black codes” adopted immediately at the end of the Civil War. These laws were passed in southern states in response to the Thirteenth Amendment’s outlawing of slavery, and were specifically engineered to circumscribe the civil rights and liberties of newly freed slaves and freemen. The codes assured the second-class status of African-Americans, and were a forerunner to decades of “separate but equal” segregation under Jim Crow laws — which were only overcome during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Among the codes commonly passed were laws that forbid or restricted the ownership of firearms by African-Americans. The codes were “justified” with the explanation that African-Americans did not have the same rights as white citizens.

Calls to limit the access of African-Americans to firearms specifically echo the “black codes” adopted immediately at the end of the Civil War. These laws were passed in southern states in response to the Thirteenth Amendment’s outlawing of slavery, and were specifically engineered to circumscribe the civil rights and liberties of newly freed slaves and freemen. The codes assured the second-class status of African-Americans, and were a forerunner to decades of “separate but equal” segregation under Jim Crow laws — which were only overcome during the civil rights movement of the 1960s. Among the codes commonly passed were laws that forbid or restricted the ownership of firearms by African-Americans. The codes were “justified” with the explanation that African-Americans did not have the same rights as white citizens.

From VPC’s report:


America is facing an epidemic of homicide among young black males.

According to a recent study conducted by Professor James Alan Fox of Northeastern University, one of the nation’s leading criminal justice researchers, from 2002 to 2007 the number of black male juvenile homicide victims rose by 31 percent. The number of young black homicide victims killed by guns rose at an even sharper rate: 54 percent.

This study examines the growing problem of black homicide victimization at the state level.

The devastation homicide inflicts on black teens and adults is a national crisis, yet it is all too often ignored outside of affected communities. This study analyzes unpublished Supplementary Homicide Report (SHR)2 data for black homicide submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The information used for this report is for the year 2007 and is the most recent data available. This is the first analysis of the 2007 data on black homicide victims to offer breakdowns of cases in the five states with the highest black homicide victimization rates and the first to rank the states by the rate of black homicides.

Of the 7,387 black homicide victims, 6,345 (86 percent) were male, and 1,042 (14 percent) were female. The homicide rate for black male victims was 37.59 per 100,000. In comparison, the overall rate for male homicide victims was 8.56 per 100,000. For white male homicide victims it was 4.63 per 100,000. The homicide rate for female black victims was 5.62 per 100,000. In comparison, the overall rate for female homicide victims was 2.11 per 100,000. For white female homicide victims it was 1.61 per 100,000.

Six hundred seventy-four black homicide victims (9 percent) were less than 18 years old and 150 black homicide victims (2 percent) were 65 years of age or older. The average age was 30 years old.

Most Common Weapons
For homicides in which the weapon used could be identified, 82 percent of black victims (5,743 out of 7,011) were shot and killed with guns. Of these, 73 percent (4,204 victims) were killed with handguns. There were 701 victims killed with knives or other cutting instruments, 247 victims killed by bodily force, and 200 victims killed by a blunt object.

Victim/Offender Relationship
For homicides in which the victim to offender relationship could be identified, 72 percent of black victims (2,474 out of 3,431) were murdered by someone they knew. Nine hundred fifty-seven victims were killed by strangers.

Blacks in the United States are disproportionately affected by homicide. For the year 2007, blacks represented 13 percent of the nation’s population, yet accounted for 49 percent of all homicide victims.
As noted at the beginning of this study, the devastation homicide inflicts on black teens and adults is a national crisis, yet it is all too often ignored outside of affected communities. For blacks, like all victims of homicide, guns—usually handguns—are far and away the number one murder tool. Successful efforts to reduce America’s black homicide toll must put a focus on reducing access to firearms.

Not one word about figuring out a way to teach these young men respect for human life, or anger management, or anything positive like that. Nope. Best to just disarm them all, since they’ve proven they can’t be trusted with a gun.

Like eugenics, the other left wing “solution” to a problem, this one draws the wrongest possible conclusion from otherwise accurate data. And this from the camp that is made up of our superiors, the folks who know better and believe they should be empowered to tell us what to do. For our own good, right Hillary?

[ to be completely fair to the VPC, they are for disarming everyone. But this paper of theirs speaks specifically about the violence endemic among black people. So their call to reduce access to firearms must be taken in context: they are talking about disarming black people. Later on they’ll get around to disarming everyone else. ]

One commenter at Pajamas Media put the proper solution in a golden nutshell: ”Laws don’t prevent crime, civilized culture prevents crime.” Darn shame we live in such a PC-delimited world. Once upon a time, in a more forthright age, the task of permeating civilized culture to the black races was called ”the white man’s burden”. But even then the perils were known:

Take up the White Man’s burden--
The savage wars of peace--
Fill full the mouth of Famine
And bid the sickness cease;
And when your goal is nearest
The end for others sought,
Watch sloth and heathen Folly
Bring all your hopes to nought.

So who will tame the savage breast? The “savages” themselves. It’s a bootstrap lifting thing that has to come from within. Damn shame that 60+ years worth of “free footwear” has only given the “abos” more desire to go barefoot.


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A quick one for Peiper

Ah, the joys of applying for passports in the UK.


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I’m not even supposed to be here at the moment. I can’t begin to explain the work I’m involved in between passports (and an American Embassy that could be a bit more helpful. heaven forbid we can’t have that.) and computer stuff urgently needs doing, continue the precess of trying to clear out the house of unwanted items, the list is forever.  So I thought I’d try and get caught up on things. Or as caught up as I ever get which is hardly ever completely.  I caught this over breakfast and said to myself, self, you HAVE to post this interesting thing or you’ll lose it or forget it. In fact, this is only one of two stories, the other is one of those RCOBs.

A lot of this is already known to us, but .... well here.  See for yourself.  I’ve cut out a lot so see the link below for more.

Traditionally they’ve been painted as a noble mission. Now, two new books tell the gruesome reality of the Very Unholy Crusades

Last updated at 10:03 AM on 04th February 2010

Jerusalum is lost! Fly, fly for your lives! July 15, 1099, and the Holiest City is at last in the hands of the Crusaders.

Piles of heads, hands and feet lay in the streets.’

The City of Jerusalem, holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike, was turned into a slaughterhouse.

‘There was so much killing that our men waded up to their ankles in enemy blood,’ boasted one warrior for Christ.

Another observer, less impressed, wrote of ‘the very great and cruel slaughter of Saracens.

‘They spared absolutely no one’.

The massacre was accompanied by voracious looting. Bloodshed, greed, gold and the Christian faith weren’t mutually contradictory to the medieval mind.

For many, it was a religion of unfathomable violence and mysticism.

Yet as historians point out, the Crusades are often subject to serious misrepresentation.

Left-liberals have shown themselves peculiarly eager to accept a standard Islamic view of the Crusades as episodes of unprovoked Western aggression against peaceful, tolerant and vastly more civilised Muslim lands.

Ex-Python Terry Jones’s television history of The Crusades was an outstanding example of this, as was Ridley Scott’s movie Kingdom Of Heaven. Bill Clinton even apologised for them. But does this make any sense?

(Hey wait. Clinton said sorry for Crusades? He did? When?  I don’t remember that. If he did, what an ass. Total jerk if true. Even he couldn’t be that stupid. Could he? Yeah generally I know the feeling being no fan myself but this seems like a new dumb low. Don’t know why I never heard about it. ??)

It is vital to understand that, before the Crusades were ever dreamed of, Islamic armies had struck many times at the heart of Europe.

Jerusalem itself was never ‘conquered’ initially by Christianity or the West, of course: Christianity simply grew there, spread by preaching.

But it was conquered by the armies of Islam in 638, erupting out of the Arabian peninsula armed with scimitar, shield and, above all, a fanatical new faith that urged them to perpetual jihad with all unbelievers.

By 715 they had conquered most of Spain, and soon they had got as far as Northern France, only stopping with their defeat at Tours by Charles Martel.

Shortly afterwards, the Caliphate of Jerusalem ordered all Jews and Christians to bear a special symbol on their hands - the first instance in history of such a measure.

Another Muslim army ravaged France in 848 two years after they had attacked Rome, sacked St Peter’s itself and extorted promises of tribute from the Pope.

In 850, Caliph al-Mutwakkil forced all Christians and Jews in his territory to affix wooden images of devils to their houses, and to wear only yellow garments to mark them out.

And a century later, Muslims went on a rampage through Jerusalem, plundering and destroying both the Church of Calvary and the Church of the Resurrection

In this same century before the Crusades, Muslim armies captured Crete, Cyprus and Sicily.

Under Caliph al-Hakim in the early 11th century, thousands of churches were destroyed throughout the ancient Christian heartland of the Middle East, and when the Seljuk Turks captured Jerusalem in 1077, just 22 years before it fell to the Crusaders, they too massacred some three thousand inhabitants.

All these Islamic attacks on the West occurred before the First Crusade. Some scholars even argue that the very idea of ‘holy war’ was learned from the example of Islam on the march.

Of course, nothing justifies the hellish atrocities of 1099.

And once the Crusades were raging, atrocities were common to both sides without distinction.

Indeed, the great Muslim leader Saladin still enjoys a reputation for chivalry, in contrast to the brutish Europeans - yet this wasn’t always the case.

After his great victory at Hattin in 1187, he followed to the letter the instructions of the Koran.

‘When you meet the unbelievers on the battlefield, strike off their heads.’



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calendar   Wednesday - February 03, 2010

Pay Your Taxes

Revenoors Re-arming

IRS needs another 60 tactical shotguns

I guess they WORE OUT the $200,000 worth of shotguns they bought just over a decade ago???

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) intends to purchase sixty Remington Model 870 Police RAMAC #24587 12 gauge pump-action shotguns for the Criminal Investigation Division. The Remington parkerized shotguns, with fourteen inch barrel, modified choke, Wilson Combat Ghost Ring rear sight and XS4 Contour Bead front sight, Knoxx Reduced Recoil Adjustable Stock, and Speedfeed ribbed black forend, are designated as the only shotguns authorized for IRS duty based on compatibility with IRS existing shotgun inventory, certified armorer and combat training and protocol, maintenance, and parts.

Submit quotes including 11% Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax (FAET) and shipping to Washington DC.

Hey, aren’t they coool? Aren’t they the shizzz? They have to have the super dooper Knoxx Stocks, $150 each, all tactical and adjustable, and double spring loaded to absorb 95% of the recoil. Just wait till they have to bash in a door or smash a still with one of those things. Ain’t gonna work.

And while it’s interesting that the IRS sees fit to remind their vendors to include the special gun tax, do they grant themselves special Class III SBR status now? Because none of us can own a scattergun with a 14” tube on it.  Ain’t legal. Or did they just spend a big pile of our scratch getting 60 Class III permits from BATF? Transferable ones, so anybody in the department can use these weapons?

The sights are nice, good stuff. The forend is a bit of a silly specification, since the Remington comes with a nice grippy forend to begin with. But the “only shotgun authorized for IRS duty based on compatibility with IRS existing shotgun inventory” is pure horse shit. Because they just bought 200K dollars worth of Remington model 11-87 shotguns 12 years back. The model 870 is a pump gun, the model 11-87 is a gas powered semi-automatic. Two entirely different guns, with very few parts shared between them.

Richard Bachert, Georgia CATS
July 29, 1998 Richard Bachert

The IRS is contracted with several vendors to obtain various specialized
and covert surveillance materials. Please see: For example, Remington Model 11-87
Shotguns (a $200,000 contract) are a special model made exclusively for the
IRS, holding 8 cartridges instead of the normal legal limit of 3.

How the hell do you wear out a Remington in 12 years? This is something no one else has ever been able to do. You’d think the IRS is in constant gun battles or something? Or at the range busting clays 40 hours a week? About the only thing that ever wears out on a gas gun is the gas seals, and that’s a $5 fix once a year if you shoot constantly!

Why the IRS can’t buy Mossbergs like every other police department in the country is beyond me. Or why they have to come up with their own spiffy standards when the FBI and the military are already procuring tactical shotguns in a very workable design. And then they need fancy fast acquisition sites on their choked sawed off barrels? Sounds to me like they’re building drive-by rigs, or long range buckshot blasters they can hide under their black leather trench coats.

No, let the IRS get their shotguns from the leftovers from the other branches that have an actual need for such things. If they really have to have new ones, go to Walmart like everyone else.


Posted by Drew458   United States  on 02/03/2010 at 09:37 PM   
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