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Posted by Drew458    United States   on 05/07/2011 at 04:26 PM   
  1. Yes, it is interesting how our ‘news’ keeps beating the hope and change drum while America burns - while during the evilbushitlerburtonco years (which any honest person would give their right arm to be back in NOW) were the edge of doomsday. Bias - I don’t see no stinkin’ bias.

    It’s all a game to them - but right now the GOP is more culpable than the DNC - the Left at least admits what they believe and are acting upon it - The GOP ‘claims’ to be against it - but has let it pass (you know even GWB could have welded the veto pen) - and thus are more dangerous as they do the opposite of what they ‘claim’ they believe. And they sure don’t even attempt to point out the Wrong and Danger of what the Left is doing.

    I’m so damn sick of all this ‘election’ & ‘candidate’ stuff. Damn the country’s on fire, there are no jobs, no money, just rising taxes, impending inflation and lies from DC - who gives a damn about something that is not happening until next Nov? Deal with the economy, jobs and TWMBR and the moronistration and all their lies and deception NOW.

    WE THE PEOPLE need to stop playing along - and tell them to get back and do their jobs. I don’t care that The Won has a billion in his ‘war’ (how freudian of them - as if the majority of them even have a clue what ‘war’ is) chest. Start the damn election in IOWA and STFU before that. No ads on tv, no reporting until IOWA. That will cut the ‘need’ for such massive ‘war’ chests (besides what is going to be done with that billion - grease the Unions for votes - or buying the ‘right’ disclosure that will eliminate his opponents - or simply to allow him to slink away gracefully (and with lots of extra taxpayer money) after he is trounced?). The Won has proved over and over again since he stepped into sordid, corrupt Chi-town politics that he isn’t new, isn’t about hope nor change but simply politics as dirty thuggery (i.e politics as usual) but on steroids and intent on destroying the Constitution with every thing he does. And everyone who should have been calling him out (from the days of ‘release’ of divorce records) to the Senate ‘vetting’ him on a ‘Certification of Live Birth’ (like we don’t know he’s alive?!?) are part and parcel in the destruction of America as we know it.

    Illegals have a higher crime rate & kill more innocent civilians in America than the Armed Forces have in Afghanistan - but the evil ‘baby killers’ is the subject of a Sunday NYTs magazine article. The Defense of America (i.e. a Armed Force) is in the Constitution but all the warm, fuzzy feel good social do-gooding programs are shove down taxpayers throats under the ambiguous ‘general welfare clause’ - and most Americans don’t understand the difference. They clamor for the end of the zillion dollar ‘waste’ of the military while ignoring the real ‘waste’ of criminal illegals and the destruction they are doing here at home. Also - conveniently I must add - ignoring that all those ‘great’ societies and countries they (the Left) extol - have conscription which all must serve (worse than the draft, there are almost no way - as usual left to only those with ‘connections’ - to avoid).

    The stupidity and ignorance of Americans is appalling, the duplicitous nature and lies of the crapweasels in DC is a disgrace but the fact that so many people and Institutions allow it to continue - is going to destroy America.

    And sadly I can only blame it on the lack of God, civics and the continual attacks on the Constitution - so We (nor even The Won) didn’t start the fire, it’s always been raging - it is just the question - are there enough true Americans with enough brains left to fight the good fight? Since it only took 56 to start America - it would be sad to think that America in 2011 couldn’t even find 56 Americans to fight the good fight.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   05/08/2011  at  12:46 PM  

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