The Arrogant, Fat, Bloviated Bastard Goes Overboard


Posted by The Skipper    United States   on 09/06/2004 at 08:13 PM   
  1. I believe Moore’s a Canandian. What is a cannuck doing trying to influence our election?

    And did ya see Kiity Kelly’s book will be
    out in time also?

    All this to counter of bunch of old soldiers, my my my.

    You DO REALIZE that Billious in the
    hopital makes Hillarious more sypsthetic do you not.

    She ain’t out of it yet dude.

    Just watched Beckel. Aw, yes they are
    going to pull out all the stops.

    Hope W has the sandbags filled.

    Posted by Steel Turman    United States   09/06/2004  at  08:44 PM  

  2. I think some of your language is inappropriate, such as:  “Can you believe the egotistical arrogance of this human jackal?” This kind of odious comparison is unwarranted.

    On behalf of the Jackal Anti-Defamation Society, you owe jackals an apology.
    tongue laugh

    Posted by Gary and the Samoyeds    United States   09/06/2004  at  09:00 PM  

  3. OK, just call Mike al-Moor a plain old ASSHOLE instead!

    Posted by Macker    United States   09/06/2004  at  09:14 PM  

  4. Gary, you’re right. I owe an apology to the jackals of the jungle. I meant no disrespect. How’s this: Moore is an abomination before humanity.

    Macker, yep he’s an asshole fer sure. Stinky, full of shit, and generally just passing crap out. His face does kinda resemble a large hemmorhoid too.

    cool smirk

    Posted by The Skipper    United States   09/06/2004  at  09:20 PM  

  5. A real anal flag, He is yup yup. blank stare

    Posted by Gutterman    United States   09/06/2004  at  09:45 PM  

  6. Steel Turman… President Bush has weathered and survived countless MoveOn ‘Bush is Hitler’ ads.

    Dozens of Bush-Bashing tomes, two of them from Michael Moore. Revisionist Biographies of both Bill and Swill.

    ‘Farenheit 9/11’. The September 11th Commission Report. Plus upcoming supposed Tell-Alls from Kitty Kelly and Seymour Hersh.

    If they had actually acquired the desired effect. Would President Bush even be relevent right now?

    All I’ve seen is numerous and very extragant ways to waste George Soros’s money!


    Posted by Jack Deth    United States   09/06/2004  at  10:34 PM  

  7. All it took for Kerry to flounder was a few
    old sailors.

    The assault is on now and this sound bite
    electorate could be swayed by just a little
    bullshit and a long lever.

    The first mistake a tactician can make is
    the under estimation of the enemy.

    The worst mistake he can make is complacency.

    Beware both.

    It is time NOW to uncork the big guns.

    One could be pointing out that Soros’
    company is an ‘offshore Benedict Arnold’

    Better to be firing than to be bunkering
    in at this late stage and it is Kerry’s
    forte to wait until the last minute to
    use nukes.

    Posted by Steel Turman    United States   09/06/2004  at  10:50 PM  

  8. Kerry had no nukes to use, if he goes after Iraq, he flip flops, AGAIN, if he goes after Bush’s National Guard Record, woops, because the facts will backfire on him. If he goes after the economy, woops, getting better all the time, and the corrections coming in are actually higher. If he goes after just about anything, he will be seen as a flip flopper, and don’t think that the Republicans are bnot gonna grab it and shake it for all it’s worth.

    Kerry is done, he has shot his wad, and has been found to be sterile.

    The man will have a major meltdown in the next 3 weeks or so, on NATIONAL TV, and I cannot wait to see it.

    He cannot take the pressure, and he is going to explode.

    Soros has wasted his money, Michael Moore has been show for the shit that he is, on national TV, can you say stupid for being at the RNC? And the rest of these propagandists are being seen, FINALLY as the anal retentive Kerry cheerleaders that they are.

    The American Public is looking at the MSM, the Michael Moores, the Kerry’s and the Edwards, and going WTF, we want people like this in charge? I don’t think so.

    The Grown ups are in charge, and the people running against them are proving to be crying, whining little babies.

    Posted by Jaguar    United States   09/07/2004  at  12:05 AM  

  9. Cocaine, abortions, drunk driving, sweet
    deals, Plame, ... aw the list could go on.

    Kerry doesn’t have to be telling the truth because it is too late to verify and he has
    signed on Carville and Begala. Neither give
    a scintilla of concern for truth.

    You are making a mistake if you think the
    electorate won’t come to the trough of
    the lies and sensationalism that those
    two can generate like the sheep they are.

    There is not enough time twixt now and NOV2
    to dispute the bullshit that’s coming.

    Posted by Steel Turman    United States   09/07/2004  at  12:27 AM  

  10. "Moore’s announcement is a strategic move for his Oscar campaign.”

    And a windfall for ratings, advertising revenue, etc.

    Interesting that F911 will now be competing with all the other fictional works, as it should be.

    In a time when this nation needs truth more than anything else, shit like this movie is viewed by many as “evidence”.

    I was smoking with some co-workers who told me they were going to leave the country if W gets re-elected...because of the economy.


    Not one to keep quiet in the face of such wonton ignorance, I pipe up. “When Bush was elected, we were in a recession. Then we had THE WORST ATTACK IN OUR NATIONS HISTORY (not to mention soil) only 8 months after Bush took office. What buildings did those shitheads knock down? Do you remember? It was only the cornerstone of our FUCKING FINANCIAL INSTITUTION! 3 years later, the DOW is above 1000 and national unemployment is at the same level it was when Clinton WAS RE-ELECTED!!

    I’m glad they are leaving.

    What is it about George Bush that makes otherwise intelligent folks completely stupid?

    What the fuck is wrong with our country?

    Posted by Animal    United States   09/07/2004  at  12:35 AM  

  11. <blockquote>Kerry doesn’t have to be telling the truth because it is too late to verify and he has signed on Carville and Begala. Neither give a scintilla of concern for truth.<blockquote>

    Especially Gollum. That’s where US BLOGGERS come in. Since the Mainstream Media won’t do the job they are supposed to do in on OBJECTIVE manner, WE WILL.

    Posted by Macker    United States   09/07/2004  at  12:37 AM  

  12. LOOK HOW LONG IT TOOK SBVFT TO MAKE AN IMPACT. I recall they set up in the spring.

    I mentioned complacency before ... the bloggers have done an admirable job. But
    no amount of blogs can stop the likes of
    Carville/Begala in the time left. You’d
    better be storing up all the shit you can find germain and firing substantiated
    salvos in every direction you can ....
    ‘cause that’s what gonna be coming in.

    Posted by Steel Turman    United States   09/07/2004  at  12:53 AM  

  13. Anybody that doubts the veracity of my
    assessment of the other side need only goto
    arianablog these aren’t stupid teens or
    children. These are adults with money and
    their heads up their asses JUST as far as
    a pimply faced teen or child of the 60s

    I’m telling ya, this is going to go badly.

    Posted by Steel Turman    United States   09/07/2004  at  01:12 AM  

  14. Nah Steel, they’re a bunch of fringe kooks. Nobody takes their shit seriously, they are a small minority, and most of them are armchair liberals who don’t know politics from pork chops. Hatred doesn’t win elections or sway swing voters.

    Bad bad baaaad example of the fearsome left.

    Posted by Animal    United States   09/07/2004  at  02:02 AM  

  15. Don’t make Vilmar change your alias to Chicken Little.

    Posted by Animal    United States   09/07/2004  at  02:03 AM  

  16. Phi,

    You’re not reading my posts very well.

    I ain’t running around bleeding from the
    stump of my neck.

    If my guess is right, this election won’t
    be decided by what we assume it might or should be.

    THIS election will be decided by the likes
    of Carville and the 9th circuit.

    I’m tellin’ ya dude, these people are NOT
    going to accept ANYTHING but a Kerry win,
    or a Clinton win.

    And they will stop at nothing.

    I’ve seen blurbs in some fairly widely
    circulated rags that suggest an all out
    war in the streets if they don’t get
    what they consider the ‘correct’ outcome
    of the LAST election.

    This election could turn out to be the
    defining crossroad for another century.

    I’m not afraid of it because I won’t live to see the end result. But I AM concerned
    that the right UNDER ESTIMATES the value
    that the left assigns to this election.

    It is MUCH MORE than W now. It is a war
    to validate their actual BELIEFS.

    And besides, even Chicken Little could
    be right given the right set of conditions.

    Stranger things have happened and I am
    not going to sleep too well until this
    coming contest is done, ruled on, argued,
    hashed out, recounted, ruled on, tested,
    ruled on, appealed, etc etc ad infinitum.

    Don’t rest on the laurels of recent ....
    success. That would or could be fatal.

    Posted by Steel Turman    United States   09/07/2004  at  02:29 AM  

  17. "I’ve seen blurbs in some fairly widely
    circulated rags that suggest an all out
    war in the streets if they don’t get
    what they consider the ‘correct’ outcome
    of the LAST election. “

    There’s gonna be a lot of dead lefties in the streets in that case. If they WON’T except anything but a Kerry win, and Bush wins, then I suppose they need to die, go to jail, or move out of the country. Fine by me. If Kerry wins, I’ll salute him and hope for the best.

    What is the point of this worrying? Let them riot, let them sue, let them bark. Snore.

    Posted by Animal    United States   09/07/2004  at  02:50 AM  

  18. What if Hillary Clinton wins?

    Posted by Steel Turman    United States   09/07/2004  at  03:04 AM  

  19. Joined this late so here goes:

    1.  The best part of Micahel Moore ran down his mother’s leg after his father porked her

    2. Phi:  take down the names of your co-workers and tell them you expect them to stay true toi their word to leave the country.  Let them know you are setting up a fund to pay their one way ticket on the condition they STAY THE FUCK OUT!

    Steel:  if you are correct about them taking to the streets should Bush win---good!  Let them start shit.  We can arrive with our CCWs and rid the world of a few fucktards all in the name of self-defense.

    Posted by Vilmar    United States   09/07/2004  at  04:36 AM  

  20. What if Hillary Clinton wins? And what if
    it was SCOTUS that allowed it? You folks don’t see how adamant the opposition is.
    THIS IS NOT ABOUT W anymore. This about
    the BELIEFS of the opposition. THEIR ....
    RELIGION if you will. And we all know how
    hard religionists are willing to fight to
    impose their will.

    Posted by Steel Turman    United States   09/07/2004  at  04:56 AM  

  21. Wouldn’t it be nice to go to a Hawaiian Luaw (sp) and see that fat little pig Michael Moore roasted on a platter with an apple stuck in his fat little mouth??

    Posted by texman0000    United States   09/07/2004  at  07:07 AM  

  22. Texman, we can then feed the carcass to the Muslim terrorsists as pork rinds.

    Posted by Vilmar    United States   09/07/2004  at  08:26 AM  

  23. I would not be suprized to see F9/11 win the Oscar for Best Picture. This is HollyWeird we are talking here, and those Liberal AssMuchers would do something like that just to make a statement. Yeah, they would vote for F9/11 versus The Passion of Christ which was a true incredible movie.

    Mr Minority

    Posted by Mr Minority    United States   09/07/2004  at  03:29 PM  

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