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Posted by The Skipper    United States   on 05/11/2006 at 03:51 PM   
  1. ah, the old goat on a pole trick, what wonders i have to look forward to in LondonLOL ,i aint stopped LOL  LOL you might see a guy in London with a goat with a pole up its ass,blank stare  thats me, how the fuck do you make them stand on a pole?  confused

    Posted by bulldog    United Kingdom   05/11/2006  at  03:25 PM  

  2. You make them an offer they can’t refuse.


    Posted by The Skipper    United States   05/11/2006  at  03:29 PM  

  3. the goat slipped off the pole and it went up its ass, daaa daaaa, goat with a pole up its ass, not me shaging the goatrolleyes ,thats wales skipper, get the map oh forgetit smile

    Posted by bulldog    United Kingdom   05/11/2006  at  03:36 PM  

  4. i hope ken dont see this, it might give him idears, the 2012 games, people from all over the world came to London to see the games, world records where broken, GB got 1 gold, but the one thing that will stand out is the fucking goat on a pole, i can hear ken now,"goats on poles? weve been doing it for years” LOL is super gluing a cat to a broomhandle the same? or is that cheating?  grin

    Posted by bulldog    United Kingdom   05/11/2006  at  04:12 PM  

  5. Three words for you:  Middle.  Eastern.  Pinata.  (swing away, kids!) tongue rolleye

    Posted by shinjinrui    United States   05/11/2006  at  04:35 PM  

  6. I gotta admit, I would be entertained by that. Seeing someone try to balance a goat on a stick would amuse me to no end, but mainly seeing the goat fall on them.

    Posted by CodeMonkeyMike    United States   05/12/2006  at  07:30 AM  

  7. This guy truly places his “girlfriend” upon a pedestal… rasberry

    Posted by Rat Patrol    United States   05/12/2006  at  09:08 AM  

  8. I would pay money to see something like that.

    Posted by Yellow Dog    United States   05/12/2006  at  09:15 AM  

  9. Usama must be getting a boner looking at this one.

    Posted by jeffwyke    United States   05/13/2006  at  09:35 PM  

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