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Posted by Drew458    United States   on 03/24/2007 at 01:04 PM   
  1. Advocating succession from the Union? Are they unaware of how that turned out last time?

    Posted by Ivar the Barbarian    United States   03/24/2007  at  01:28 PM  

  2. Sheehain? Cold; must be Bush/Rove making the weather bad. Marching like 30 years ago; never learn. For the corporations; not lazy assed blithering morons like, um, them.

    Couldn’t take the shriekery...especially from Cindy Ishitonmysonsgraveanytimeican Sheehain.

    Posted by Rickvid in Seattle    United States   03/24/2007  at  02:55 PM  

  3. ’It’s like being in the shadow of the death star’ once again Ms Sheehan rises to the occassion and proves what a useful idiot she is. . .

    If she not only spit on her son’s grave but insults repeatedly the Gold Star Families who supported their soldier’s decision and honor it but also insults repeatedly and accuses of all manner of stupidity, immaturity, vile and heartless behavior every single person in uniform of the US - I would actually feel sad for her, as amazingly, does my son. But she will not answer simply asked questions (I have written her twice), she will not debate - watch/listen to her - it is never in a debate format, ever. She promised to be a kinder, gentler Cindy and then came out less than a week later calling President a killer again. . .She would not put a headstone on her son’s grave until her ex-husband forced her to in the divorce. She lied about the Casualty Officers, the mortuary - heck just about any one not an anti-war monger like her.

    That is not a grieving mother - it is a political hack out to give ‘good face’ to the media. And fortunately for her - the ‘grieving mother’ status has given her unlimited press time, a pass for her lunacy and stupidity and a big wink at her ‘good face’ limitations.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/24/2007  at  09:10 PM  

  4. This women definitely rides through life on the short bus.

    Posted by Kuso JiJi    Japan   03/24/2007  at  09:32 PM  

  5. man i hate to wish it on anyone, but maybe she could go the way of William Henry Harrison and get Pneumonia and go to get bitch-slapped by her son? or wait.. she probaly wouldn’t meet him where she’s going… and she’s complaining about exxon being 1 of the companies getting rich.. guess she doesn’t get that their profit per gallon is less then the TAXes per gallon.. only democrats get a pass if they are “above the law” in her mind I guess?

    Posted by Infinity    United States   03/24/2007  at  09:58 PM  

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