NEWSFLASH:  Vilmar Flip-Flops!! Encourages Conservatives To Do So!


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler    United States   on 09/29/2004 at 07:57 AM   
  1. Vilmar,

    If you play with the sorting on that poll a little more you’ll see that better educated people are for Bush/Cheney while high-school dropouts are for Kerry/Edwards. And the South and Midwest are for Bush/Cheney while the far East and far West are for Kerry/Edwards.

    Conclusion: all the doofuses on the coasts are for “The Great Pumpkin” and “The Ambulance Chaser” while REALLY smart people in the middle are about to get pissed off and drive the numb-nuts on the coasts into the ocean .... provided they don’t abort themselves fast enough.
    cool grin

    Posted by The Skipper    United States   09/29/2004  at  08:26 AM  

  2. Yes Grasshopper nature has a way of keeping all in balance.

    You are wize on this one Vilmar, but don’t make a habit of the old flip-flop…

    I seem to remember from my history studies it was simular problems that undermined the Roman Empire…

    Posted by Ric    United States   09/29/2004  at  02:19 PM  

  3. I am alternating between hysterical laughter and deep thought after this post.

    FUCKFACE! My favorite nickname, it’s all in affection, really…

    Posted by DeoDuce    United States   09/29/2004  at  02:34 PM  

  4. DeoDuce, it DOES roll off the tongue rather nicely, doesn’t it.

    Saying it three yimes in a row quickly is hard though:  Fuckface!!  Fuckface!!  Fuckface!!

    Try it.

    Posted by Vilmar    United States   09/29/2004  at  02:59 PM  

  5. My age group,31-44, is tied for second highest among Kerry/Edwards supporters.
    most of us weren’t children of ‘boomers’, many of us were children during the late part of ‘Nam,and we were lucky enough to come of age during the Reagan era.
    We were that last group of teens to grow-up with a “Berlin Wall” and a “USSR"-I was a month short of 19 when the wall fell-yet more of us support Kerry.
    Call me clueless, but I don’t get it.

    Posted by Annoying Little Twerp    United States   09/29/2004  at  06:24 PM  

  6. It’s good to see that MY Age Group is 53% Bush. I knew I was smart.

    Mr Minority

    Posted by Mr Minority    United States   09/30/2004  at  01:46 PM  

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