Mud Wrestling In Iraq


Posted by The Skipper    United States   on 02/07/2005 at 03:21 PM   
  1. MEDIA BULLSHIT! The MSM seems to think they cam hold our MILLITARY to civilian standards even though they are on a different continent and FIGHTING A F***ING WAR!
    Sometimes it is just fun to shoot people.

    Posted by Tyler    United States   02/07/2005  at  03:35 PM  

  2. Why in the hell is anyone even considering this an “incident”? question
    This is just innocent fun. No one was forced to do or see anything.
    And these poor kids get whacked with a moonbat stick for having a little fun. LOL

    Posted by DR@HDfixit    United States   02/07/2005  at  03:59 PM  

  3. Actually the SPC who was demoted flashed the crowd and let them take photos of her unrestrained tatas.

    Posted by Bullshark    United States   02/07/2005  at  04:14 PM  

  4. Uh Oh...flashed her tatas…
    ...isn’t that still only PG13 boobies?

    “Thank you for risking your lives in the name of Freedom...sorry about the tata flashing.”

    Posted by DR@HDfixit    United States   02/07/2005  at  04:24 PM  

  5. I’m guessing that such an event was contrary to ‘good order and discipline.’ Does that sound familiar Vilmar? 

    On a personal note, it’s not much different from a lot of what we did in KSA.  They should have taken better steps to avoid getting caught.  Didn’t they learn anything from Aby Ghraib?

    Posted by prairie biker    United States   02/07/2005  at  04:34 PM  

  6. shoulda read “Abu Ghraib”.

    Sorry, my bad.

    Posted by prairie biker    United States   02/07/2005  at  04:35 PM  

  7. You want media BS? How about The Boston Globe running a story proving gang rape of Iraqi women by US troops - blasting their front page with a graphic photo.

    OOPS -I guess it was a downloaded image from a porn site.

    Liberal whackjob politicians and liberal news media are a volitile mix.

    Posted by tuffbeingright    United States   02/07/2005  at  04:35 PM  

  8. "Flashed her tatas?” BFD! (Big Fuckin’ Deal!)

    Good order and discipline, my ass! It’s a morale booster is what it is. As long as they were off-duty, did nothing to impact the unit’s performance and involved voluntary participation only, I fail to see the rationale for any penalties.

    Except for the shit-fer-brains who later sold the pictures to the NY Times. He deserves a firing squad. Patton would have shot him.

    Posted by The Skipper    United States   02/07/2005  at  04:39 PM  

  9. Sorry, fellas, but Prairie Biker had it right.  It violates the “good order and discipline” rule.

    If these folks were doing this in the barracks and got caught, same thing would have happened.

    Military folks are supposed to know better.

    Now, I am NOT defending the media brou-ha-ha on this.  They are dirtbags that should be shot.  But the military disciplines its own.

    Another example:  if you get caught DUI, on your own time, lose no AF time, etc., it is basically the kiss of death in the AF.  Promotions will not occur and the person, if not kicked out will TOPCAP out because promotion scores are based on performance reports and anyone getting a DUI gets a shit performance report.

    On the other hand if I get caught DUI and work for Wal-Mart they can’t touch me.

    So, the military is held to a higher standard.  Theese folks should have known better.  The only thing in this gal’s favor is that she’s not in the AF.  The Army and Marines are much more tolerant.  They promote faster.  They demote faster.

    You may not like it but them’s the facts.

    OBTW, Bob is right.  With the advent of digital cameras shit that used to take place with only the mind’s eye to remember it now is digitized for the world.  These people will be the victims of this technological break-out but will others will adapt so that it occurs less and less.

    Posted by Vilmar    United States   02/07/2005  at  05:12 PM  

  10. What was it Marlon Brando’s Col. Kurtz said in Apoclypse Now? “A soldier can’t write the word “fuck” on his helmet because it’s obsene”.

    Now our soldiers can’t see nekkid breastisis.

    What could be more proof of the mass medias liberal bias than attacking our troops just like Ted (If I’d bought an Aquacar I’d have been President) Kennedy.

    Posted by Jack Crevalle    United States   02/07/2005  at  05:16 PM  

  11. Oh, mighty Benevolent Dictator .... as Secretary Of War, I declare that one of the first things we change after the revolution is (1) Hooters restaurants on every military base, (2) Mud-wrestling will be a new MOS, (3) flashing tatas will be treated as a sign of respect to fellow soldiers, and (4) cameras and reporters will not be allowed withing 500 miles of a military installation or war zone - on penalty of death.  cool grin

    Posted by The Skipper    United States   02/07/2005  at  05:34 PM  

  12. Sorry, disagree on number 1.  It should be TWO Hooters at every base (and a Chippendales for the gal soldiers)

    Number 2. is fine.

    Number 3. I disagree in the sense we need to add “crotch grabbing” by guys to be a sign of afffection towards female soldiers.

    4. Disagree.  Cameras not allowed---too extreme.  Anyone PUBLISHING photos from cameras (after all not everyone would be able to participate in fun ceremonies so this way it can be grabbed digitially and then shown to the shiftworkers) will be shot.  Plus having the cameras around make it a good tool for “persuading” reporters to STFA (stay the fuck away) when you use the images taken of those reporters who broke the “rule” having their nuts ripped off and shoved down their throats.  Good deterrent, eh?

    Other than that, perfect!

    Posted by Vilmar    United States   02/07/2005  at  05:47 PM  

  13. I don’t see a problem with what the gals did.
    Fuck the MSM!

    Posted by Annoying Little Twerp    United States   02/07/2005  at  06:22 PM  

  14. But but but… they’re TORTURING each other!

    Posted by Yogimus    United States   02/07/2005  at  06:54 PM  

  15. Ok, one other thing.

    All the ground-pounding services, Army, Marines are having trouble meeting recruiting quotas while the Air Force and Navy itself are not. Now how hard would it be to meet recruiting quotas if pictures like these showed up on say a monthly basis (minus the liberal finger wagging)?

    New slogan: An Army of two.

    Posted by Jack Crevalle    United States   02/07/2005  at  07:02 PM  

  16. Ok in the old days there where times CPO initiations, crossing the equator, the international date line, the artic circle, when you were in some sort of intiation.  And things went down sometimes that did not need the camra’s clicking.  The word was out..unless it was sanctioned (for cruise books and the like) there were to be no camras allowed.  If yours was there...and for some reason it was not either tossed overboard or smashed on the spot the photos better not be seen by anyone outside of your shipmates.  More than one Sailor was taken in a back room and *consouled* when unauthorized pictures found there way back to the civilian side of the street (wives/girlfriends/parents/other family memebers).  What goes on det stays on det...and let your conscience be your guide as to what you personally get envolved use the Mash anology, yes you had your Hawkeyes but you also had your Col Potter types (regardless of rank) who were well respected and not a stick in the mud by a long shot...but personally did nothing they could not look themselfs in the mirror for.....this should be no more then a tempest in a tea pot...but the media and our pc commandos in the pentagon are going to shaft somebody...and that is very sad in this time of war...the damn REMF’s should stay in the back where they belong and shut the fuck up!!!

    Posted by Guy S.    United States   02/08/2005  at  02:38 AM  

  17. You’re right Guy.  I think I also said above, they should have taken better measures to protect their fun.

    That said.  The US military command structure is selling soldiers to the American people as Platonic Philosopher Guardians.  And while it is true that the average soldier is better trained and better educated with better tools and a higher standard of living than they have ever had in history or any other soldier in the world has, they are still people.  They are still hot-blooded, young men and women who need to be allowed to blow off steam.  The American citizen should look the other way, no one was injured, raped or molested.  No officers should have been involved.  And the idiots (like you said) should not have had a camera there if nothing more than to protect the image the command structure is trying to sell to the public.

    Posted by prairie biker    United States   02/08/2005  at  09:00 AM  

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