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Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler    United States   on 01/20/2005 at 06:37 AM   
  1. Florida Rolf says, “Because of my depression I must get more and live in Florida, der wienersnizchtle der sausage makers.”

    Where is that lost shaker of salt?

    Some people say there is a woman to blame, but I know........It’s ALL womens’ fault..

    20% Social Security tax in Germany is insane.

    Posted by Z Woof    United States   01/20/2005  at  10:58 AM  

  2. Dr. Jose Pinera told those crazy Spainish that they have gone over the deep end with Socialism and the Tax Free Personal Savings Account (PSA) probably wouldn’t work for them in their Social Security because their “transition cost” would be much too large.

    But a bright American said, ”Hog wash - anytime you stop doing something that’s stoopid and start doing something that is smart it can’t cost too much.”

    Dr. Jose Pinera was educated in Chicago before he changed Social Security in Chile.  I think it was one of Pinera’s old teachers that is the “bright American.”

    Hell, even Slovakia has upgraded and beat the USA with PSAs in Social Security.  The EU will have to switch if they are to remain competitive with the Red, White and Blue.


    Posted by Z Woof    United States   01/22/2005  at  10:00 AM  

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