London newspaper reports drop in Obama support


Posted by Drew458    United Kingdom   on 05/02/2008 at 11:42 AM   
  1. Oh like she’s gonna help? This is the woman who complains about the cost of sending her kids to private school and cost of piano lessons to people who are living at the poverty level. A little bit of a disconnect there, I think. The one who has only been proud of her country once in her entire life, trying to connect to the common folk who may not have much but they do have patriotism? Can he find a stupider idea? The woman is a first class stuck up snot nosed bitch.

    A “Modest situation” huh? Like going to the finest, most expensive, and most exclusive school in Hawaii, and then on to Ivy League colleges? That’s sooo modest. Screw off Osama. I mean Obama. His grandparents may not have been rich, but they managed to give him every advantage a rich kid would have. Her “modest situation” included going to Princeton. Oh yeah, poverty row for her too for sure.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   05/02/2008  at  12:36 PM  

  2. Did anyone go to the linked article and read the last paragraph?  If the U.N. is upset with Hillary...then she may not be so bad after all.  Wouldn’t that be a cool consolation prize if Hillary wins the white house?  She may suck on many levels, but four years of an ineffective female president in return for a nuked Iran might be worth it.  I mean really, what is McVain going to do for us that could top that?

    Posted by sdkar    United States   05/02/2008  at  03:00 PM  

  3. Maybe Mrs. Obama had to buy used secondhand schoolbooks from her college bookstore.  Oh the horror of a “less than modest” upbringing.  the label of “SNOB” is an insult to snobs...her as first lady scares me even more than him as the president.

    Posted by sdkar    United States   05/02/2008  at  03:04 PM  

  4. Michelle Obama is yet another Racist Bitch!

    Posted by Macker    United States   05/02/2008  at  07:40 PM  

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