Let’s Force This Assclown Out


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler    United States   on 01/18/2005 at 06:41 AM   
  1. More direct commentary from the student in this article, if you’re interested.

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    United States   01/18/2005  at  11:09 AM  

  2. Medved interviewed the lad. What a bright, well-spoken young man.

    Btw Vilmar-I met a 19 year old anti-idiotarian at school today. Like Jen and me she is unafraid and unapologetic . We’ve decided to start Protest WarriorPSC(PSC is the school). I can’t wait.
    *rubs hands together excitedly with a devious look in eyes*

    Posted by Annoying Little Twerp    United States   01/18/2005  at  03:55 PM  

  3. Here’s a couple of direct emails to use.
    Bernadine Chuck Fong:
    Title: President:

    Alan Harvey:
    Title: Vice President:

    Warren Hurd:
    Title: Dean,Faculty & Staff:

    Posted by stan    United States   01/18/2005  at  07:47 PM  

  4. Lawsuit. That’s the word.

    A university professor, with no credentials, is prescribing psychological treatment of a student.

    Sue the bastard! He’s practicing psychology without a license.

    Posted by Christopher    United States   01/19/2005  at  06:37 AM  

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