Just Who Do They Think They Are?


Posted by Ranting Right Wing Howler    United States   on 03/31/2005 at 07:35 AM   
  1. Yeah, and when China finally pisses us off, all we have to do is tell WalMart to shop elsewhere and China is toast. China’s GNP is 25% to WalMart. I find that comforting. The only other country I can think of with such a centralized economy is Sweden. Volvo and Erickson comprise 28% or so. Turn WalMart off and China starves.

    Posted by Steel Turman    United States   03/31/2005  at  08:01 AM  

  2. I don’t shop at Wal-Mart.

    Why? you may ask…

    Geography… the local Sam’s Club is closer. grin

    Posted by Christopher    United States   03/31/2005  at  08:18 AM  

  3. Funny Christopher LOL

    Your Liberal Google ads are tooo much Vilmar and Allan.  I bet they don’t pay you squat to put that crap here.

    I’ll do anything for $0.40 LOL

    Posted by Z Woof    United States   03/31/2005  at  08:23 AM  

  4. I love my Wal Mart. Damn socialist fuckers, hands off!

    Posted by LC Geno    United States   03/31/2005  at  01:47 PM  

  5. Ayn Rand referred to the whining over large stores driving smaller ones out of business as “the divine right of stagnation.” There was a chapter on it in either “Capitalism, An Unknown Ideal” or “The Virtue of Selfishness.” At this point, I don’t remember which it was, but it was an interesting read.

    Posted by lisar915    United States   03/31/2005  at  01:59 PM  

  6. They can’t shut down Wal*Mart! That is the only climate-controlled place where young people like me can hang out at 0100, both where I am and where I am from. Just about everything shuts down by 2200 or 2300. Wal*Mart and Del Taco - the sanctuaries of the night owl.

    And the whole shutting down other business is a load if crap. Both of the Wal*Marts near my home-town have competitors in the same bloody structure. There is a brand-new Target maybe a mile away from a Wal*Mart that has been there for over a decade - and they are both packed. The only place that I see that has suffered any is the local “mall,” and that has always been crap anyways. The good stores that have been there forever are still there, though.

    The only thing you have to do to survive when Wal*Mart is nearby is provide something wanted that they don’t, or something at a comparable price. If your products are a dollar more, but your store is significantly closer to the residential areas than the Wal*Mart, you will survive. People aren’t going to go very far to save a buck, unless they are tightwads or really poor. Hell, I have walked to the local Wal*Mart, ~4 miles away from here, and then walked out and went another half-mile to another store, not because they were cheaper (Hasting’s is anything but), but because they had different stuff.

    Funny, the people that complain about Wal*Mart are generally not the people affected by what Wal*Mart is doing - not the displaced small-businessmen, not the mistreated workers. Rarely do you get those.

    Posted by Dac    United States   03/31/2005  at  03:08 PM  

  7. Wal-Mart always gets my vote simply for two reasons:

    (1) Low prices

    (2) The NY Times hates them


    Posted by The Skipper    United States   03/31/2005  at  03:20 PM  

  8. Ditto Allan.  Let the folks who want to spend a hundred dollars per shirt (or even for a bloody necktie) go where gloating sales clerks are only too glad to take their money.

    The buttons will come off the shirt too soon anyway, no matter how much it costs.


    Posted by Tannenberg    United States   03/31/2005  at  09:56 PM  

  9. Testing new e-mail notification settings. Testing one-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten. Is word-wrap indeed turned off now? Are smileys displaying text instead of confusing link info? Inquiring minds want to know.

    LOL  gun  bomb

    Posted by The Skipper    United States   04/01/2005  at  01:10 PM  

  10. Yup, Allan. smurf

    Posted by Z Woof    United States   04/01/2005  at  01:36 PM  

  11. Cool!

    Posted by The Skipper    United States   04/01/2005  at  01:43 PM  

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