Just get Firefox already wouldja?


Posted by Drew458    United States   on 12/17/2008 at 05:15 AM   
  1. Threats in Plain Sight: Bit9 Identifies ‘The Dirty Dozen’ - 2008’s Most Popular Applications with Critical Security Vulnerabilities

    Firefox is top on that list.

    I would have posted the list from but it is blacklisted…

    Take your own time to research what browser you want to use. Dont believe the hype, and who knows, this bit9 could be a front for microsoft to slam firefox…

    Posted by B3    United States   12/17/2008  at  06:44 PM  

  2. Shoulda gotta MAC........I bet Macker will agree........

    Posted by Pixie    United States   12/17/2008  at  08:27 PM  

  3. Err, just read the link, first line of all description-runs on windows. Enough said, we shop all the time with Safari and have only found one site that we could not use, emailed them and went elswhere! Perhaps the faulty code is a requirement by Microsoft?
    How secure is IE on a Mac? how about the raft of windows apps that run on intel Macs under parrallels? By the way we have had a few odd emails with what looks like malicious code lately that slip through the usual protection (our ISp runs protection, we open the ones that slip through to see how much work the weasels put in for me to waste)

    Posted by Chris Edwards    Canada   12/17/2008  at  11:30 PM  

  4. > Especially online shopping sites that need to enable session cookies.

    *scratches head?* Firefox allows session cookies, I use ‘em all the time when I hit a new site and I get asked by the browser what kind cookie I want them to be able to set.  I usually select “Session only” so the cookie goes away when I close the browser.  No need to keep a cookie for a site I don’t necessarily trust (yet).

    When I start visiting a site regularly, or doing business with it, then I’ll usually change the permissions for that site to “ALLOW” so they can set a persistent cookie.

    Drew, I’m betting what you’re running into isn’t a session cookie problem, but a badly coded asp (active server page) site that takes advantages of certain quirks (bugs) in the HTML standards that are specific to IIS and IE, but don’t work with FireFox.  Haven’t run into too many of those, but they do exist.  Most sites care about getting maximum market penetration and ensure their pages at least work with the three major browsers.  Turn away potential customers?  Perish the thought.

    Posted by Argentium G. Tiger    Canada   12/18/2008  at  12:37 PM  

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