Is The Reichstag Burning Yet


Posted by Drew458    United States   on 03/12/2016 at 06:18 AM   
  1. The libtards have been pulling this shit for over 30 years. I remember back in my college days being a member of the college republicans trying to get at least one event without someone screaming or pulling the fire alarms.  At least we were able to get Reagen elected.

    When they act up smack them down, hard. It is time to take our country back from these idiots.  The talking heads are trying to blame Trump, but anyone can see it is not him or his supporters who are doing all of the shit.  I just saw Bernie blaming Trump with a couple token negro bobble heads behind him. Pretty hilarious actually.

    Posted by StephanA    Unknown   03/12/2016  at  02:32 PM  

  2. Only one thing wrong Drew - the college aged ‘citizens’ - Don’t vote. Look at the track record on Rock the Vote etc. Should be overwhelming (especially since the CONTINUALLY go for the bern and the pauls) - but alas, those guys never win. Proof is in the nomination.

    Except for the dnc - they always cheat to win and corrupt every system that they get their grubby little hands into.

    November is going to be interesting - IF we can get there.

    Posted by wardmama4    United States   03/13/2016  at  09:34 AM  

  3. Good God. These people really are nutjobs like I’ve rarely seen even in Cali. This is really bottom of the barrel. It’s one thing to deal with aggressive hecklers or naysayers. That is the price of being free, and I helped lead a vaunted “Heckling Section” during middle school Student-Teacher games, dedicated to trying to distract the teachers and get them to make mistakes in the game.

    But this is different. This was a relatively well coordinated attack on a rival’s political meeting by a broad number of groups. I’d call it paramilitary if any of these groups seemed remotely military. But the fact that it’s thuggish is bad. But if there is one thing it does, it gives Trump and those who suffered because of these thugs the right to wear the martyr’s crown, and they should. Publicly and Frequently, whenever Bernie tries to parrot his line about being democratic.

    Irony is that this comes right after the farrago where one of Trump’s people almost certainly manhandled a friendly reporter and she wound up with bruises (which Trump’s campaign replied to by basically denying everything and Breitbart’s group have been put between the devil and the deep blue sea over it). So in addition to making Trump the victim, they probably helped distract from some of his dirty laundry.

    Well done chuckleheads, what have they been teaching you in school anyway? Obviously not much.

    Posted by Turtler    United States   03/13/2016  at  10:21 AM  

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