Getting Ready For The 4th of July


Posted by Drew458    United States   on 06/22/2009 at 11:05 AM   
  1. Not only high altitude missile interceptors, but also a bunch of counter-battery missiles, so that if that miserable mini-freak does fire at Hawaii, his launch site can be immediately obliterated.

    Posted by Siddhartha Vicious    United States   06/22/2009  at  05:16 PM  


    Something makes me feel like the SBX is just window dressing.

    Posted by GrumpyOldFart    United States   06/22/2009  at  09:43 PM  

  3. Fuck the Associated (with Terrorists) Press!

    Posted by Macker    United States   06/23/2009  at  10:02 AM  

  4. Nice to know, but this isn’t the most important thing.

    Weapons are worth NOTHING without the will to use them.

    With the will, equipment shortfalls can be overcome, even with difficulty.

    Without the will, you can have the ultimate weapon in your hands and have it be no more useful than thin air.

    The Poles, in their bloody struggles for freedom, gained an infamous reputation during their generational revolts for bum-rushing the major Russian arsenals in Poland using bladed weapons, agricultural tools, and other melee weapons.

    The KMT’s main armies on the Chinese mainland from 1945-49 had perhaps the largest and most advanced array of weapons and supplies any Asian power had at the time, with reinforcements and equipment flowing in from Thailand and ecconomic and material support coming in from the West.

    And yet entire ARMIES would surrender or change sides without firing a single shot.

    This comparison should weight heavily on what will happen should Kim push Obama further. Let us hope it is for the best.

    But let us also prepare for the worst.

    Posted by Turtler    United States   06/28/2009  at  05:33 AM  

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