germany closes border with austria as they now confess to being overwhelmed


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 09/13/2015 at 05:15 PM   
  1. Looks like most of those suffering directly are getting buyer’s remorse, from Putin’s ogres to the West’s limpwrists....

    That said, let’s look at the big picture and talk movements.

    So they “temporarily” shut down the Austrian border. Ge-Reat. Wonderful. How much time do they expect that will buy them? A week? A few days? Hours?

    This is the country that codified Blitzkrieg and refined Operational Maneuvers. And one of the key lessons of that is more or less this: “If you can’t get through one way, Find Another One.”

    Now, even the Jihadist organizations on the ground there (nevermind the “normal” parts of the horde) are no Wehrmacht, but I’m very sure they can understand that much. Or that they would if they spent three plus days standing in line without moving. It’s basic human intuition. And they’re fooling themselves if they believe these “migrants” won’t figure it out. Even if they hypothetically aren’t tied to a terrorist organization )and I am sure many of them aren’t), Mexico and Central America have been pouring in by the millions and the cartels and Mexcian government can’t explain all of that.

    So it’s only a matter of time before the hordes and the terrorist organizations piggybacking on them like plague fleas on a rat figure this out. Which means they’ll almost certainly start going around, from Austria through Hungary or Switzerland or the Czech Republic. Assuming they don’t decide to start making their own holes in the oh so secure Austro-German border.

    But one way or another, they’re going to find ways through or around, and we’re right back with the same old question: “What’s the plan NOW?”

    Posted by Turtler    United States   09/13/2015  at  08:09 PM  

  2. I think you nailed it perfectly, and it’s maddening. Meanwhile, one of the M’s, as in Mi5 or 6, has told us there will be an IS sponsored attack here in the UK. They don’t when but believe there folks here who came over with the migrants. Everyone here figured that one from the beginning, except the far left bed wetting, bleeding heart libs. Turtler, I really honestly think the west is in far more trouble and far more doomed because the govts. that face the problems are cowed by PC thinking.
    Meanwhile, a far left loony tune, a leftist in the style of Marx and company, has come from almost nowhere, been elected as the leader of the liberal left Labour Party.
    A good many Labour Party members have resigned saying they would not serve under him.
    He believes the UK should have closer ties with Putin than America. He now believes he has a good chance of running for PM in next national election. Heaven help us all if he should manage to pull that rabbit out of the hat. I find it hard to believe that the majority of Brits or Europeans are basically dumb enough to buy this we are the world crap. Something else is at work here.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   09/13/2015  at  09:38 PM  

  3. I would feel better about the crackpot you speak of ,Jeremy Corbyn, causing a meltdown in Labour support for the next few cycles, except for one thing; Obama won in 2012 with everyone knowing he is the problem.And now we have HRC and an avowed Socialist running for the seat at the head of Our table.
    Next twenty rounds are on ME.

    beerparty  banghead  3stooges  mickeymouse

    Posted by Rich K    United States   09/14/2015  at  07:51 AM  

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