Fighting Back is not an Option


Posted by Drew458    United States   on 04/19/2007 at 11:32 AM   
  1. Excellent article and some very thoughtful analysis in the comments, especially from lisan about the nature of what I studied as Collective Behavior, or as some might say, group dynamics.

    If confronted with a single point of pressure, a group behaves differently than an individual might. We, as individuals in a group, fear acting alone due to group pressure to act in concert, fear that we will be in error and later ridiculed, or we just expect that someone else, especially an authority, will step in and guide us.

    I read of a study done some years ago that investigated the best way to get verbal information to a random crowd of people. The result was that a female voice calling people to pay attention, followed by a male voice giving direction was the most effective at getting people to follow directions, for instance in an emergency evacuation.

    Gotta wonder if that result was acceptable, even though it was true.

    Posted by Rickvid in Seattle    United States   04/19/2007  at  05:00 PM  

  2. Skipper’s Rule: All you need is one deep male voice screaming at the top of his lungs ....

    <font size="+5" color="red">CHARGE!</font>


    Posted by The Skipper    United States   04/19/2007  at  05:10 PM  

  3. What is really sad, if the students had done it, if they had charged the killer and taken him out, the media would have reported the deathtoll, but not the heroic actions of the students.

    It’s not proper, it’s not the way to deal with such things.

    Maybe I am just a little too caustic when it comes to the media whores, but that is what I believe they would do.

    Report the death tolls, but leave the heros that stopped it, out of it.

    Sad for me to think that, but it is truly what I believe.

    The media doesn’t want heros, they want victims, and lots of them.

    Posted by Jaguar    United States   04/20/2007  at  12:46 AM  

  4. I asked the question in an earlier post “why didn’t anyone attempt to attack the attacker?” All it would have taken is for some of the coeds to flash their breasts while some of the guys attacked the bad guy.  Ladies, believe me it would work.  Guys, it would work.  A moment of distraction and the perp is down.  Instead, we have groups of people who did nothing, while waiting to die.  Even stacking desks in front of the classroom doors would have been better than attempting to hide under those same desks.  Do something besides quietly waiting for the executioner’s bullet.

    There might have been casualties, but nothing like what we witnessed.  Who to blame?  Blame the schools, churches, government, liberals and whoever else paints non-violence as being the answer to all of mankind’s problems.  We have situational ethics coupled to there are no absolutes coupled to if it doesn’t concern me personally then I won’t get involved (think of how long Kitty Genovese screamed out for help before dying).  Violence is an appropriate response when dealing with those who would have us dead.

    Posted by Kirk    United States   04/20/2007  at  09:20 AM  

  5. When I first heard about the attack, I wished I’d have been there to do SOMETHING to stop the shooter, even with just the knife I keep in my pocket at all times(I own more potent weapons, but do not take them to school and church out of respect for the law - I’d prefer to face that kind of butcher with a .357 loaded with hollowpoints and a broadsword).  To flee or hide when others are dying is so dishonorable that it makes me gag.

    Posted by Zebster    United States   04/20/2007  at  12:34 PM  

  6. I’ve briefed my students on the facility critical incident plan—what to do and how to help me deal with the alert.  I’ve talked to my students about what we should do in the event that some murderous troll shows up at our classroom door.

    As a body, they have promised me that they will bombard him with every loose item in the classroom—textbooks (some weigh 10 pounds), shoes, backpacks (30 pounds or more), purses (don’t even ask), thermos bottles, etc.  They have promised not to be sheep awaiting the knife or bullet.  They have promised to deflect, delay and (if possible) destroy the murderous troll.

    My students will not be listed among the honored dead at some candlelight vigil.  We will not be victims.

    My school administrators agree with my emergency prep.  No word from the parents.

    Posted by MAJ Mike    United States   04/20/2007  at  01:15 PM  

  7. Maj. Mike, good for both you and your students.  They won’t easily be led to the slaughter either now or ever.  Thank you for teaching them responsibility of the strong defending the weak.

    Posted by Kirk    United States   04/20/2007  at  01:33 PM  

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