Death In Languedoc


Posted by Drew458    United States   on 02/23/2012 at 09:21 AM   
  1. Done it again Drew. You have. Great post. I couldn’t have done all that.

    Been working my butt off for hours, but got sidetracked here.

    Been trying to put together that Texas story and never thought I’d be so long about it. Of course, there was a week or two when I did nothing I confess. Took quite a bit from a lib site which of course doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. Not going to tie in with UK stuff but will do the UK separate. There’s just too much.  I took a break and came here, saw this and then clicked on just one link and began to read. And read. Now it’s late, I’m tired and will hope to have the other posted tomorrow. Old tho it is, it’s still quite a story even left on it’s own. Sick freekin world Drew. Really sick.

    Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   02/23/2012  at  03:22 PM  

  2. Have you read “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”??

    Posted by Chris Edwards    Canada   02/23/2012  at  07:36 PM  

  3. Sang real Chris, the blood royal, becomes san grail? Yes, the grail was rumored to be held in this castle. Dan Brown stole totally from that book. Not sure how much of that I believe, but I do feel that some core essence of spirituality was probably lost with the genocide against the Cathars and the Bogomils before them. Not so sure about what the Manichaeans may have ever had, or the Zoroastrians at about the same time.

    The main gist of my post, which I didn’t actually write, was that what we think of as Christianity is an offshoot of Catholicism, a flexible faith that was changed and adapted to fit the times, with texts added and deleted at the whim of popes, kings, and certain big shots in the hierarchy (Augustine of Hippo is my #1 example) for centuries; and so much that was practiced - widely practiced - in the early days of the faith has been suppressed and lost through their violence and politics. And that is a HUGE amount; the Cathars and other dualistic and gnostic (secret knowledge revealed to the elite) faiths were the norm in the early days of Christianity, yet what they believed and practiced is nearly foreign to us today. We can hardly recognize it as Christian. And they were only removed from Jesus by a couple of centuries; their early members knew the disciples personally. Knew them, knew the men. Not just their writings. How can they have got the details wrong if they were that close to the source? It really makes me wonder if we haven’t been heading down the wrong path for more than a thousand years. To truly study these lost faiths, and to study the eastern Orthodox faith that survived out of Byzantium, may be to uncover something seriously missing, which would influence and improve all our lives.

    Being a rather lapsed Presbyterian that was raised in a super liberal hippie Presbyterian church where months would go by without the mention of Jesus or the reading of any parables, has left me in a religious void. Being married to an Italian, with her cousins by the dozen and various rabbits and relations, I’ve been to more Masses in the past 14 years than anything else ... and let me tell you, Catholic Mass sucks. There is no magic in it. No conviction. No feeling. No unity. Even the songs are lame. Some young numbnuts in a robe just rattles off the words of the liturgy, here’s your biscuit, see you next week. It’s empty.

    So I read, and I search.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/23/2012  at  11:11 PM  

  4. Funny, I always thought the catholics were an offshoot of real christianity, I saw a BBC cover up discrediting the holy blood/holy grail theory, it made me believe there is a lot of truth therein!  there must have been something that drove the crusades . The book says that the pope who started the expunging of the cathars knew the leader was a descendent of Jesus for sure, the book was given to me by a catholic girl who was too scared to finish it so she must have found it credible .  High church of England for obvious reasons is the same as catholic and so elitist, im sure the older and now called alternative versions were purer, just not as good at bending the will of the people to its unholy will!

    Posted by Chris Edwards    Canada   02/25/2012  at  02:59 PM  

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