by the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea


Posted by peiper    United Kingdom   on 02/20/2013 at 07:36 PM   
  1. Love it, and love the spotty approach of Elf & Safety. Can’t use a ladder cuz you might fall, but this place, where a simple misstep on the narrow walkway could lead to a stumble and then a fatal fall, is A-OK. No need for a fence or anything.

    Interesting tricky pictures at the article too. You can just barely NOT see that there is some kind of embankment behind this building, with some much larger building on it just feet behind this cottage. ... Ah, I’ve got it. The whole cliffside is covered with little vacation cottages.

    And to my frustration, for once Bing maps does a poorer job than Google; 50.341236,-4.241026 shows The Edge, not 10 feet from another home 15 times larger. Guess them Enlgish is mighty neighborly. I know I’d be pissed off.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   02/21/2013  at  12:25 AM  

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