And The Winner Is ….


Posted by The Skipper    United States   on 11/19/2004 at 01:15 PM   
  1. If you’d allowed CHICAGO style voting Brian Z woulda won!*whine*-no offense Steel wink

    Posted by Annoying Little Twerp    United States   11/19/2004  at  03:28 PM  

  2. As my Democratic Friends (if I had any) might say, there have been massive voting irregularities.  This is worse than Ohio. Still following their logic—the only honest election is one that I won.

    (and I didn’t) Q.E.D.

    Posted by Guy    United States   11/19/2004  at  04:18 PM  

  3. Congrats, Steel. 

    I was hoping for a last minute voter rally from my constituants but I guess they were turned away at the polls. 

    I told them to make sure their fake IDs at least SORT OF resembled themselves. 


    Posted by beermeanie    United States   11/19/2004  at  06:45 PM  

  4. HEY, I suffer from multiple personality
    disorder AND post-election stress trauma
    elatiion relapses, but I always find a down
    and out to share my turkey with and the
    spoils will go to that end. And I’ll send
    10 bucks to the wounded warriors in the name
    of BMEWS.

    Posted by Steel Turman    United States   11/19/2004  at  07:15 PM  

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