All Quiet On The Eastern Front


Posted by The Skipper    United States   on 08/14/2006 at 10:51 AM   
  1. So the french peacekeepers and Lebanese army move in.

    The Lebanese Ambasador to the UN:
    “Hezbollah will just leave the area as armed elements as I understand it, and the Lebanese army will take over the whole region along with the United Nations forces”
    French Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy “We are agreed on the goal, the disarmament, but for us the means are purely political.”

    I’m seeing a wee problem with that plan (the part that involves it intersecting with reality), but as the Lebanese army will ‘take over the whole region’, would that mean any further rocket attacks from the area are simply an act of war?

    Posted by Meathe    United States   08/14/2006  at  10:46 AM  

  2. I think this is about the dumbest thing the UN has ever done, and I’m really peeved at Bush and Condi for pushing this through. You can’t win a war by stopping the fighting.

    Having France in the multi-national force is also stupid. Sorry, but their “practical” approach to diplomacy puts them totally in the pockets of the islamists. And they are about as anti-semetic a country as you’ll find in the West. I can guarantee treachery.

    I would also bet that the Lebanese Army that gets deployed will be made up of at least 30% hezbullshit members, and the rest will be active sympathizers and enablers.

    My take: even if the cease-fire holds, Israel will only be exchanging one enemy force for another.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   08/14/2006  at  10:50 AM  

  3. Did they get the two soliders back?  big_israel_flag

    Posted by bulldog    United Kingdom   08/14/2006  at  11:08 AM  

  4. No they did not Bulldog. It wasn’t even part of the accord. And I’ve already seen on the news that the hezzies are refusing to disarm.

    If I was Israel I would use this time-out to go and smash Hamas.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   08/14/2006  at  12:08 PM  

  5. Israel meanwhile urged the world to apply the UN resolution firmly, warning that Hezbollah must be dismantled and the Lebanese army quickly deployed in the south. “The application of the resolution will depend on the will of the Lebanese government, but especially on the determination of the international community,” Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said in Jerusalem.

    Don’t the Israeli’s know that UN Resolutions only apply to them and the US?  Nobody else gives a damn about them.

    And does anyone see the French shedding any blood to protect Israeli borders or people?  I sure as hell don’t.

    This is just some clusterfuck French diplobullshit to make themselves feel like they are still important.

    No peace in the Middle East.....

    Posted by rudebadger    United States   08/14/2006  at  12:30 PM  

  6. And Nasrallah is already claiming victory - what a punk.  Clusterf*ck?  I think so.  Fighting a “civilized war” is an ideological incongruity.  I’m no West Point graduate, but I thought the point to a conflict is to pound your enemy into complete submission and THEN make peace.  Not throw a few sissy slaps around and then make nice with one another.  wtf

    Is this “cease fire” some attempt by Israel to turn the tables in the PR war?  If so, I think it’s a little too late to try to win that war.

    Posted by shinjinrui    United States   08/14/2006  at  01:39 PM  

  7. I read a comment on another blog that said that the only reason Olmert went for the cease-fire is because the IDF was losing. Granted that they lost in the media - they never stood a chance there - but on the ground? I’d like to reject this idea out of hand, but I think it deserves some thought:

    Did the IDF stop the rocket attacks? No. We did hear that they had taken out 50%, 60%, 70% of the stockpile, but this really can’t be verified absent total victory and occupation; the rockets came in by the hundred every day.

    Did they kill or capture hundreds if not thousands of hezzie fighters? Hard to say, since they aren’t uniformed. Harder to say since they could be kids, grannies, etc.

    Did they destroy huge ammo dumps and secret terrorist infastructures (tunnels etc)? How can we ever know?

    Did they get their own kidnapped soldiers back? No.

    Did they bag Nasrallah? No.

    Having proven that Syria and Iran were directly behind the hezzies, what did they do about that? Nothing. What did the USA do about it? Also nothing.

    When the international force shows up, will the IDF go home? Yes.

    What about the Shaba Farms area? I heard ownership of that was in the dumpster too.

    So ... what did the IDF achieve with this?

    I think this mini-war could be called a draw at best. Maybe next time Israel will actually fight for real. And maybe the USA will actually act like an ally then too.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   08/14/2006  at  05:09 PM  

  8. "there is no future for an Athens without a speck of Sparta”

    Let’s go straight to the source and read what they say themselves.

    Posted by Drew458    United States   08/14/2006  at  07:05 PM  

  9. Every day, I’ve followed this.  Every day I wonder when “Progressives” will finally realize what we and the Israelis are dealing with.  If you really want a scary education - go to the CAIR web site and read their own words.  These people are not our friends.

    Posted by Dr. Jeff    United States   08/14/2006  at  09:47 PM  

  10. Of course France will send peacekeeping troops. They would be happy to hide Hezb’allah ‘insurgents’ from the IDF… and they can probably shorten some supply lines for Iran. After all, we’re not the ones selling Mirages (and other fighter and fighter/bomber models) to Iran....

    I can see the headline now:


    Lebanon (Al-Reuters) The commando, a 12-year old name Ibrahim Mazalak, claimed he was only carrying an imitation rifle, called an ‘airsoft gun’, but the battalion of French troops he held prisoner for three days insist that he ditched his real weapon…

    (story would continue, but its already silly enough...)

    Posted by Draven    United States   08/15/2006  at  03:18 AM  

  11. The French will have trouble. It’ll be hard to follow their standard operating procedure of simply removing the red and blue stripes from the flag before waving it… if they only have a U.N. one.

    Posted by Meathe    United States   08/15/2006  at  09:01 AM  

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